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you can yell at the wall. and i mean politically that would be doing a walk was what i said yeah he had me at mission but i'll wait till i want to miss that would be anyway and then my legend yeah in my ear and the foot out to be you back and welcome but among the cars that i am i would be among the catalog a lot of words have a while but then men have ten minutes i'm having me yeah and i now when i am going to school and that would have been going to solve well i would look to solve the left little theory of that all idea to talk to all the time even shallow she think you know and should be more acutely aware. well you know that up there with me ten
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minutes and i will struggle i don't much like a little i'm going to school for the inevitable fended you know. everyone here had to store. up with a kind of was no exception. then that i learned that another suit. going to get it done gaped an equally. well i can if i went in as it were to my all to look like one and misfit i was there when i go out on the political. walk a job also on the huddle sot on going as he did the mid to going to was a lot in the face. and i'm a dog and a little conflict got a full bore about the one others. about on solid form of young muslim allah thirty
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god and balanced i will sit in the hand. consider. what. will thomas must. and what. we did was to set the digit that did the. letters in that there. were many. missteps be it that. almost. the palestinian authorities limited power stems from the wording of the oslo accord signed in one nine hundred ninety three and one thousand nine hundred five the
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accords controversially divided the palestinian territories into three distinctive administrative areas known as a b. and c. area constitutes about eighteen percent of the west bank in theory the palestinian authority exercises full civil and security control here area b. constitutes twenty one percent of the west bank here the palestinian authority has civil control but shares security control with israel jewish settlers have taken control of land in area be in violation of the oslo accords. area c. constitutes approximately sixty one percent of the west bank it's under full israeli civil and security control and the five year to. go with. abu suckered and the meds
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both live in area c. to purchase supplies they have to travel through several israeli checkpoints. checkpoints are a frustrating feature of daily life for most palestinians. under the. following the one nine hundred sixty seven war many palestinians of the jordan valley were uprooted from their homes and became refugees in neighboring jordan. since then israel has refused their right of return or rights to pilate had by international law. only ten thousand were able to remain.
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today the total population is around sixty thousand with ten thousand of these in areas south where the settlements building is concentrated it's. shortly after the war israel began to build settlements on the land that had captured and occupied one such settlement is missing built on land confiscated from the villages of and i know in one nine hundred sixty seven. is a security officer in the settlements he agreed to be filmed but not to speak on camera we asked if he thought the jordan valley would be returned to the palestinian peace agreement. from other true it's a look at those who look everywhere skimmed over. with so little over the top dozens of those alerts that because it shows up with whatever this is going to hit
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the local sources on its own as an article like england school it will just go to school. get the guns in oil get dollar let's us to lie by story that he was a scam general just like let's just find the locals in. the israeli palestinians building your own as house in the settlements also refused to speak on camera when. they knew they would be considered traitors for the work they do. with. this man david was an israeli soldier stationed here in the one nine hundred sixty seven war. he decided to start acting that. he became an agricultural consultant in charge of exports and the settlements produce.
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maybe you meant a brianna not a mom. really cure all when we can. lead you to. learn to call a male a call out sort. of a. in the oven. italia in the ghetto money in yugoslavia. totally missed but what mission amish and i. or the arts or vicky came without my name or has been a little. thing. but if these dates were produced in an israeli settlement why did their packaging say they were made in jericho palestine after hardly anyone will buy are wrongly muslims taught by old. botany carnival call also the last.
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of. a. long list of is a flame and i count on. her as on water i call a theme. which ran across from him for a club which we don't. no the. whole of. the whole are traditionally put on. took city in her d.d. two thousand of. a palestinian hamlet isolated since two thousand and three when
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the israeli army sealed off the village behind earthen walls. the only way in and out was through a steel gate which the israeli soldiers opened only three times a week. the room with. them under guard. houses. your mother. and i was. a member. member. rugeley.
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yes nine massive. car bomb outside of had enough and had to. run one on trial and how many. when i want to mention. all the such i know what i said about michele in oh my gosh what if i do wonder how i don't know and i'm not a. military has confiscated large areas of the jordan valley to use this firing ranges and for training exercises.
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despite the numerous checkpoints her and city made a point of visiting neighbors in the sealed off village of monday. including a booth in a man an old friend and neighbor. he had to be since he'd been released from an israeli prison. cell. in the us killed at least the minute he looked a little similar yannick on the. bus in the. form of them and us about their going to.
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see when paid a visit to a farming tommy who live next to a. valiant if not most of the informant dinon had a way of an underwater palestinian family and that part of benevolence i and then fell away when most good month look at the clock not in the one m. i'm noah adams i think of it the whole mumu our love. for the nurse is that we do in our nation a moment let me ask again by the month of years about oh yes i'm also been my boss might be that irish or woman enough of your you live. in twenty nothing volunteer campaign worker city including lady was documenting reported threats against the family by nearby armed settlers.
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i had the same again remember you were interested in reading the post and it was some article from our learned oh ok i don't look at the lynette i love my younger sister and i like the star of the nation marion in the bathroom well you can really are you have to let you know honestly as you will a bit and then walk through them you will yell shroom into the kitchen if you have a major issue go ahead and show her son a little of what i did and i was simple idea and love your little one i didn't know who or next minute you know not going to mass i also feel the need to get a little support and in many fields i would have gotten a yes and you more no doubt i would do without it just simply now you have catch a fish mark from your mind and it has to end has a love affair with us a business position over him and you have taken over for him no did you. right up.
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to. it yes our feelings mean i mean i mean what i mean you've been there for her and her share from the stock and everything i would have cared only on you so if you have very you know i guess i was here from ok i feel i'm doing nice well the heck am i like and you know have the sun me. as an assignment house i am sure that many of us has f.f.f. many of. the families horse was later found it had been killed. a man said the man who took the horse was an israeli setter called tommy from the nearby settlement of mesquite.
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but all his wife said her husband was busy working on a new construction nearby. so the old geezer of producers went to find anya to ask him if he had anything to do with the death of a men's horse. but also it isn't anything worth it any time. soon again isn't good enough. for me to hold you to think of it and we could call it a happy. but i'll be denied any knowledge of the horse. but his friend was willing to answer questions. still. but that's left out that when they come i put on
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a commercial go source. then it come up. as a b. to a letter just short of the last that long to come even even a come. volume no i mean my you with emotional development with your ship point an issue as well although they did a very very very low lean loss will see the whole only the fourth i think there is a shoot down. on the sheen. this settlement workers talk of first trains by local it's we believe contrast it sharply with the palestinian view of the aggressive spread of the illegal settlements and the behavior of their residents. they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade where you are so i'm consistent
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and insurance companies there's no way to separate that kind of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that that move to produced. that ass in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take full on from sugar to rebellion episode to have slavery when it's on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks they study math are going to be holding on for this right as they watch the bugs for about an hour to haul off in that direction with detail coverage that you know make a never before seen such as factoring in number of refugees living in one country from around the world the projects raised questions right from the very start that this entrance cost two hundred thousand dollars to build. unless we have new generations growing up to understand that other nations that
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ship the natural then soon you know will be nothing left and will suffer primatologist and conservationist dr jane goodall told to al-jazeera. and i have a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera more than fifty thousand people are being evacuated from their homes in myanmar after a dam breach at least one hundred villages have flooded in the boggo region and central myanmar along a major highway part of these dam broke after a heavy monsoon rains and water levels are expected to keep rising a column was of military trucks carrying boats on their way but the army chief says
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the overflow channel can't be controlled. in other news the un's refugee agency estimates around four million refugee children did not go to school last year it says enrollment is failing to keep up with the growing number of displaced people that want the government and aid agencies to make education a critical element of the international response to refugees meanwhile un run schools for palestinian refugees have reopened despite huge cuts in the u.s. aid for half a million students resumed classes in gaza and the occupied west bank but the un body responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to keep the schools open until september the u.s. has already cut two hundred million dollars in aid and there are reports it's considering ending all financial assistance. to the school today was a very strong message that believes in the services that we will not abandon our mandate our mandate is not for sale it's something that we believe in very strongly
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and today we could see it here we are very determined to keep these schools open i told the students they should focus and concentrate on their studies we will concentrate on getting the money doing sure they can continue their studies u.s. military drills look set to resume on the korean peninsula and they have been suspended since the summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un in june both countries are going to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula but the u.s. says there's been a lack of progress now the international criminal court is hearing closing arguments of the crimes against humanity trial of a former congress warlord known as the terminator bosco ntaganda was a rebel militia commander in the democratic republic of congo fifteen years ago he denies providing drugs and alcohol to child soldiers before sending them to rape and kill people but those are the headlines al-jazeera world continues next.
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palestinian residents of the jordan valley are mainly farmers and bedouins. most live in enclaves now hemmed in by closed israeli military. or illegal israeli settlements that were built up to the one nine hundred sixty seven war. palestinians movement is restricted and increasingly unsustainable. the number of jewish settlers in the jordan valley has nearly doubled from twenty eleven to twenty eight teen. israel has repeatedly said the jordan valley is essential to its long term security. israeli leaders often refer to you
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alone a former israeli general and deputy prime minister one thousand nine hundred sixty seven outlined a plan to control all of the jordan valley. threats and dangers are part of the everyday life of palestinians in the jordan valley. volunteer campaign worker and city and for daily visited the home of her seen a boyhood stepped on a landmine in the jordan valley. and is the married and having a say. yes there was silence there and this is they are now what perform there are only. all a couple we have has time and the fact is what has. concerned and homemade. this and this and lot of women and i and i have somehow in tears
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not. telling someone who asked course. it's. such. almost well there was something in the book at the heart of it. so forget it. i want to ask you. something this is this is. what other shows thought about. funding for citizen what i asked is why do i want to sit in that. last home alone why i don't want to say i don't want to listen what's going on what's. the. same was the ninth member of his family to be an on line victim his uncle died after stepping on one. and several other family members live with their injuries
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caused by land mines the case by israelis in the one nine hundred sixty seven war. next to the family's home the israeli army had built a new training camp. you know you do not have a bit of good jewish shave all alike and there's a myth that it could be. we're going to get rid of our butts off and leave you want i'll bet a. little all that good enough without a and horn are going to forbid it and i'm going to going to be shot when i get on with incredible no one and they're going to have more than that i don't know when they're going to be jewish. syrian headed to trial and by the. look of mohamed that asked me i was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in the back by an israeli settler.
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and by. the sea. then in. the article. by there were just one of the more useable one. a draw either years so i didn't. and then i. was about a. third of the. so out of the whole is there. but who knows what i'm good luck with the fighting. with the one you have with the north or with that would not. want to come top of our hot us sobbed on our way out of. the set there on our night in their. home or follow the stars when i didn't have. to but. there's
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only. the slayer idea of darkness a whole. words i'm stuck on i can barely. i don't govern as. all cool i want a lot oh yeah i'm going to die i'm a movie because i was. just. the shepherds and farmers of the jordan valley match to the t.v. then head of the palestinian water authority. comes to the city. from cuba from choice and. it did him she. said. it doesn't make any if i'm not going to look to listen was that i said
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nominee i don't wish my school to be able to go on the off with my you and what you . and the men are going to eat lobster what is it i need the most open mouth. i didn't have now i'm effect one at the thought of through some i was thinking to let some sort of being beside me as i said to jim i said shoveling to which i like about called my mother asiana from the fact you know you're not afraid to go out and live it but i did you come in at the number you need then didn't have a hitch. let's hear more you want to hear what i feel i would have you got to know when i when i went out for a quadruple up and it is not looked at by the club membership fee and that i didn't feel and not much good and about good luck and well yeah i was and i would keep that in the tenets and i think mr. fear and i walk like a fish now if you i think i'm not in the puts you at the at the now i get into below and let me have now into something that would not have i the someone i mean
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you know. nothing modicum of. what i have no idea when i saw them in the book about that one and just tell me who i have been moco because i know you're on the offer. because well because i'm a boy already didn't get that from ok we didn't get it done i'm not sure i think you know you know when if you listen if you're not going to let you know why you know they'll put up goodness. i don't know i don't know. if i lost my mind of the night and you know let me just you know i know how to come when you're not well how do you know what i do what is it to do when you're not is that's right today i did and that sad much. fun of them thought. you knew what i did madcap in. that way they kind of
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a member of the in the momentum required. to be on this has been my longest opening will remain ben in pm and on our own was covered in digital. the jordan valley has them of the most fertile land in all of the occupied territories arable farming is deemed a lifeline for many rural palestinian communities yet israel controls most of the water resources in the area. passes the bay dad is still mayor of the village of the bay to. the villages with an area c. of the jordan valley. credits
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with. my other thirty when i was an invalid never did i. come to the same for me got them and he had us and as there are many of the should cannot not. have been an animal got to listen to what officer. sureness of our material must open for so i built a submarine with them when i can honor them for the stunning stuff that's an awesome about them some method of a star other. than a mythical blood an animal that i call a knot and i'm going to save us at the end then you come to learn to feel free of this without the what is not in the merger what i thought a judgement how when you open about the neck of a bad the service of the nurse that didn't deserve a second big no i heard the one that came. when i went in for your month and if you are not and you are not in the night the nights are limited to the law
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what motion had you not what you had to live in a lower. you know sort of. a lot in the band. i am unsure and so can you. a month or a third of it and i. headed the jordan valley solidarity campaign a community group supporting palestinian farmers in the jordan valley against israeli land seizures. fashion it kind of and then been implemented more subtle dualie minimize. them and then been the theme.
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at the phenomena without them is that the most. minute nablus a lot of talk about. the need for the. war. to have. had. a lot of them. for the for being.
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and. no one in the future and i think the. minute that i didn't. mean. i'd be. any more of a. i want to be. rather than. the little out of the world a little gun how one. could be insane will tell you one wouldn't about. a small fry do the minimum but the thing but he did it alamo had the bit in god. did seem to
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have a need to go out that is somebody is looking into the middle so you sort of got me on that a little bit more but there's not a lot of the oh my didn't receive a mug or mother saying that missy is. not a little me again a living. yet the good the street where the mad meanness is the in. a lot of money but in the jersey. city was traveling with five bus loads of people from the jordan valley to dom on the seat of the palestinian authority to demand better living conditions including. a lot of his stuff in a. city in. the car coming up ever. wonder how i have never.
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talked about. you know me i'm one assigning. were really the most highly enough lever when i got up well sure we have that. the mother the house. up the top of the already. have the first i does the out of here are off. i assume. the not loving them as it is the never knowing from the thunder mr can you come down to something you know who is going to. come over. what a job center cut out of a one minute opening ton of stuff feel sad and caught up in a monarchy can you feel has got about been done in cement the condo might end up if the lives lost in your exact dollar uncle is that all you want was send it to them
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or that fed us to you for my is it on that says i mean you didn't a lot of money will soon come what funny in a magazine yeah misfit how did it get him well it's just a little book filled with in the tub and more up to have. two weeks after the demonstration and on one long the israeli army turned up to demolish a post suckers home. it wasn't the first time a post a car had had to watch his home and his life uprooted.
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living had a million living in it i know him about the long haul and lost on him before donahue's you know i didn't have much. of either though about you a bomb attack on a bottle of all my second in and out of them a second that we had a gun out in public so i. got the model home from. work and now why they hate. within a week of the demolitions volunteers from the jordan valley solidarity group arrived
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to help with soccer and his neighbors rebuild their homes. between twenty eleven and twenty eighteen four hundred fifty eight housing units were demolished in the jordan valley districts of two of us and jericho by the israeli army. during that same period three of her sons and up a sucker himself spent time in israeli prisons all but one son were held without
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charge or trial the. eldest son sucker was charged with possession of a weapon and sentenced to nine months in jail. sucker has filed for a dismissal of the case. his home compound has been destroyed three times. the little fakir i bet god or. get him again. well some of it. since al jazeera first filmed the palestinian hamlet of what in twenty eleven it's been completely sealed off to its residents by the israeli army.
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a bullet fee and his family have also had to leave the hamlets and move to i had to deal. a bullet people at his flock with a hammer and continues to earn a living as a shepherd. dolphin ahmad was further heads in july twenty eighth when the israeli army removed all the water pipes. a man and her family have similarly moved further away from the israeli settlement of mask yards in order to avoid confrontations with the starters. at army the settler and security chief of mask yards has been caught on camera threatening palestinians with expulsion from the jordan valley.
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the entrepreneur and exports her david's still works at the israeli export company in the jordan valley. city in her daily revisited the family of land mine victim has a narrow cobb who's now nineteen and learned that he'd recovered from most of his wounds but has now quit school and is working illegally as a cook in israel and has a hundred. yes only or also send them all of a devil as they end all this stuff then that's. a big advantage and i've seen em move just way on ok because. most of the seven hundred landmines in the jordan valley the dated back to the one nine hundred sixty seven war were removed by the israeli army in twenty twelve. in iran and
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by a dog mohammad that asma is now thirty five and with the help of physiotherapy he has learned to use a wheelchair. almost better for us for those gov ok we're sending people. only a little local already. since twenty seven thousands more palestinians have been injured by gunshot wounds from the israeli army. some things have not changed the palestinians in the jordan valley still pay seven u.s. dollars per cubic meter of water and travel up to twenty seven kilometers to get to the closest water source. but since twenty eleven the number of military checkpoints in the jordan valley has doubled. the israeli policy on
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settlements has also hardened in twenty eighteen it announced plans to expand fourteen of the twenty existing illegal settlements and build three new ones thereby doubling the israeli settler population. that will have a. new business head you. my father left my wife maggie my me out malcolm all got off the list i would call malta oh yes. but since al jazeera first filmed with her sitting her daddy got married had a baby boy and moved to better the harm in the occupied west bank but was significantly arrested for threatening the safety of the state of israel and jeopardizing its economy. she spent nine months in prison including three in solitary confinement. tellingly part of the case
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against her during her interrogation in prison was this program. had the form of that is if the cliffy at the end of it i would have an admin with sort of site about it off and on that i was just listening to said look. or love at the end that i look at it a lot of little seven. s. and i can move the whole family left that. it's striking how sitting on a bull stockard and all the other palestinians in this film are just as determined now as they were in twenty eleven never to leave the jordan valley.
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from brisk news and fuel. to the war trying to those of southeast asia. hello there there's plenty of dry fine weather to be found across the south america at the moment we are seeing a bit more cloud their work its way across parts of southern chile as nudging is way northwards toward sense iago say one thousand degrees the maximum temperature for wednesday and then as the cloud of rain rolls its way across us it will be cooler as we head into thursday we're also going to see some rain for the east as well that will be gathering over some parts of argentina and across europe why as well but to the north of that is still going to stay really quite hot with asuncion all the way up a thirty seven degrees and remember this is still supposed to be winter further towards the north and we've got plenty of showers here across many parts of the central americas and some of the showers have been particularly heavy over parts of
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cuba more still to come here as we head through the next few days more also seeing plenty of heavy rain through parts of panama and through costa rica rosewell further north for the temp and into the be a bit more sunshine here and just the occasional shower and further north of course it's been very hot in the eastern part of the u.s. recently that's all ahead of this system here the arizona feeding up from the south bringing that hot and humid with it this rain though is working its way eastward so eventually it will reach us and bring us a bit of a light relief for now though on wednesday stay hot with a maximum temperature in new york of thirty three. there with sponsored by the time he's.
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zero. zero zero and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters and with me elizabeth around them coming up in the next sixty minutes a dam is breached in myanmar flooding villages and forcing thousands of people to flee. education in crisis for refugee school children a new study says four million are getting an education and i think to really take
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it is then to give a lot of people. think it's a very serious george and donald trump who goes after google accusing the search engine of unfair practices and had to get regulation on paul reese with all the sports including the new olympic discipline of skateboarding gets a preview at the asian games as the first medals are handed out in jakarta. more than fifty thousand people are being evacuated from their homes in myanmar after a dam burst at least one hundred villages have been flooded in the balgo region and central myanmar along with a major highway all part of the. broke after heavy monsoon rains and water levels are expected to keep rising convoys of military trucks carrying boats are on their
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way but the army chief says the overflow channel cannot be controlled with senior meteorologist. joining us for more on this it is monsoon season in myanmar. is this out of the ordinary or rather has anything out of the ordinary been happening this month so stressful let's have a look at the monsoon season i've got a little graphic that will show you what we expect rain rain wise every month so we can show the little picture there you can see exactly how much rain you're expecting so january february barely any at the beginning of the year but then june july august those are the big rain months in july and august you expect over four hundred millimeters of rain each month incredibly wet london only get six hundred new year so that's really wet and then it tails off in september so if there was going to be a breach of a down or any problems it's likely to be at the end of the monsoon season which is where we are now and how your other question whether or not there's been anything out of the ordinary just a couple of weeks ago was the beginning of august the end of july that sort of time there was quite
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a large flood issue in the coastal region of me and ma and in the south and one hundred fifty thousand people were displaced during the those floods so clearly the monsoon has be more active than usual in the southern locations in the coastal locations where this is actually happened this breach of the dam i would say is just on the northern edge of that so probably the monsoon has been heavy and then this is the end of the monsoon season so that's why there's been major problems at the moment steph thank you very much for that thank you. now the myanmar government is calling them false allegations that international pressure is growing for military leaders to be prosecuted for the genocide of one hundred muslims at least ten thousand were killed and around three quarters of a million fled during an army offensive which began a year ago the un secretary general said that suffered horrendous persecution as the security council debated mass killing and gang great detail by investigators
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mike hanna has more from the un headquarters in new york. this meeting was before the release of the un report but it was the subject of discussion of many of the speakers in particular as the report held that the military leaders responsible for atrocities and recommend state acted it said with genocidal intent the secretary general did not give any specific direction to the security council as to how it should proceed however it did say that the report must form the basis of its negotiations i believe these reports findings and recommendations these are of serious consideration by all relevant united nations bodies you fact of regional cooperation will be critical to ensure that the come to believe credible transparent impartial independent and comply with myanmar's obligations and the international law but the british ambassador indicated that no immediate action is
9:53 pm
imminent she said it's likely that the report must first go to formal debate within the human rights council which commissioned the report in the first place before the security council takes a decision this is a report by the fact finding mission it will go in september for formal debate in the human rights council and then we hope we will debate it or deal with it in some suitable way in the security council but many members of the security council insistent that action must be taken sooner rather than later strong words from the u.s. ambassador we are now all armed with the devastating eyewitness accounts of the rohingya which lead us to the following conclusions children they be women and men suffered unspeakable crimes the attacks were planned premeditated and coordinated the perpetrator was the burmans military and security forces. the whole
9:54 pm
world is watching what we will do next and if we will accept the one point of agreement that the security council must act in a united manner part of the issue the problem of china it is perceived as being against immediate action based on the un report earlier the chinese foreign ministry issued a statement saying that myanmar does not cope well with pressure. now you're a month call for palestinian refugees have a go and despite u.s. aid cuts half a million students resume the toughest in gaza and the occupied west bank the un body responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to keep the schools open until september though after washington flashed funding earlier this year there are reports that the u.s. are considering ending or financial assistance to the agency this is just days
9:55 pm
after an elf two hundred million dollars in cuts how a force that has more from west to oversee them. well as making good this wednesday on its pledge announced last week that it would open its schools in the occupied palestinian territories and in its other three areas of operation on time despite the huge financial pressure that it's been under this year after the united states decided to withdraw three hundred of the three hundred sixty five million dollars that it was to provided to the agency this is come in the light of a great deal of political pressure that's been applied to iraq and to the palestinians under the administration of donald trump and there's been reporting in the israeli press in recent days the israeli media that the united states intends to go further by restricting the definition of palestine refugees to only those who came out of what was then how a stein in one hundred forty eight before the creation of the state of israel so restricting the number from more than five million to five hundred thousand and
9:56 pm
indeed permanently cutting off all u.s. funding. for the agency the agency's head was at one of the schools reopening today in the occupied west bank he said that the un run mandate was not for sale the palestinian leadership have actually rejected this position which is being reported has yet to be thought formally confirmed by the united states it is something though that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for both the restriction of the definition of palestine refugees and also the disbandment of entirely although there are those in the israeli security establishment former military officers and the like who have been telling the israeli media that they are concerned about restricting or preventing iran from operating because of the security implications that could have don't forget it provides education to some five hundred thousand palestinian children it provides food aid to many of the more than one million refugees inside gaza so there is no much by no means
9:57 pm
a total acceptance of this plan in the israeli establishment although it is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for. iran's representatives have told the un's top court that time is running out the iranians suffering economic turmoil under u.s. sanctions the government so as are making their closing arguments on the third day of hearings at the international court of justice in the netherlands if i was asking you and judge us to want the u.s. to lift sanctions the u.s. has the court doesn't have that jurisdiction lawrence live reports from the hague. it's known as the peace palace but the chance of the court here the highest legal body of the united nations bringing an end to the hostile environments between the u.s. and iran was never going to be high. lawyers from both countries presented their cases to the course iran arguing that the american decision to pull out of the nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions broken agreements of friendship between the
9:58 pm
countries dating back to nine hundred fifty five traced the moment to a corner make pressure. sense to certain that this view through diplomatic means did not succeed. iran had no other choice but to seize the international court of justice with the president's request on sixteen to lart two thousand eight hundred and they said sanctions were crippling the iranian economy in areas ranging from investment in renewable energy to aircraft parts oil exports and the iranian currency itself the measures are intended to and do bite deeply into the key areas of iran's economy and they also bite into the health well being and safety of its citizens as well as of its companies but in response the us said that the iranian claim that it was guilty of unfriendly
9:59 pm
actions was deeply hypocritical given the empty american sentiments and actions taken by iran since the islamic revolution of nine hundred seventy million and that the iranians were deliberately confusing legal and political issues mr president iran's request warrants another observation before i proceed it rests on the basis of a treaty who central purpose friendship with the united states iran has expressly and repeatedly disavowed since nine hundred seventy nine in its words and actions by sponsoring terrorism and other malign activity against united states citizens and interests. in other words the situation that the parties find themselves in today is nowhere near what was contemplated when the treaty was concluded in one nine hundred fifty five for all of the american attempts here to destroy the iranian case there is an argument that suggests that politically speaking this might be quite a useful exercise for the american government because the people arguing that the
10:00 pm
u.s. was within its rights to withdraw from the nuclear deal and that the sanctions imposed on iran owns anything like as harmful as the iranian side says are not hard core supporters of president from their lawyers working for the state department's panel of judges will not make a decision this week on iran's case and whatever they do decide may easily be ignored by the united states. the hague but. a suicide car bomb in iraq has killed at least seven people and others the attack. the border with syria the target was a checkpoint manned by the iraqi army and allied fighters. the u.n. security council has discussed syria and the threat of a government offensive in the last remaining rebel held province.


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