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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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for publicity purposes it appears but nonetheless does not. that doesn't mean that the british were acting illegally it's just an expression of the frustration of the individual friendships. i'm wondering if anyone's looking at a kind of an explanation behind this increased tension i mean obviously these rules have been place for a while could this have anything to do the fact that as we get closer towards you know some sort of agreement around break say that we can see some of these rules changing could that be an explanation as to why there's a high tension yeah i think i mean there's two two aspects to it first of all the has been a deal this tension has been going on over the sculler scalloped feels for around five years now and there was an agreement that british boats long longer than fifteen metres wouldn't fish that area until october the first smaller boats would be allowed to that was agreed but it wasn't agreement that fix this year so it's been a free for all this year and that's raised the tension in the background of course is brecht's it and the tectonic plates are definitely shifting as to the fishing
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grounds who is entitled to what the british government says that it could be that some eighty percent of the fish in british waters would be allocated to british boats after bricks it so all e.u. fishing fleets are wondering where are they going to stand by the middle of next year and the tension i think it's a was an existential fear what's going to happen to our fleet after breakfast are we going to have enough fish to fish. thanks very much. well you're watching al jazeera live from london still to come on our program. neal if this flight is successful you go down in history we'll tell you about the new film by la la land director dave mentioned sal and other contenders at this year's venice film festival plus. i'm florence we in sabah state malaysia where the demand for land development and biofuel is frightening not just forests but a way of life. hello
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there we still got plenty of wet weather over the southern parts of china at the moment this region has been incredibly wet over the past few days this cluster of thunderstorms here in the southeast is going to stick around so for the southeastern parts of china and across into taiwan staying pretty wet here as we head through the day on thursday that area towards the west is going to slowly begin to work its way westwards and break up a little bit so here in the southern parts of china in through hainan should be falling and drawing just the occasional shower for friday the wetter weather making its way across the northern parts of vietnam instead they're working their way towards us here remember desperate for now it's following enjoy just the occasional shower here or more wet weather across the central belt of india and this is where it's going to be a person who at it's we had three thursday and friday we've got
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a little circulation developing here and that will in haunts the rains to the south largely draw it just the occasional showers here most of those across that west coast and further north it should be fine for as kharaj there at around twenty eight degrees now here in doha there's a fair amount of cloud today which is ensuring it's actually not too hot temperatures generally around thirty nine degrees but they'll be rising as we head through the next few days probably around forty two as we head through thursday and friday but staying very humid. capturing a moment in time snapshots of the lives of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's without inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to go well we did sacrifice.
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or own. witness on al-jazeera. a very quick remind of our top stories here on al-jazeera brazil's president says he may restrict the number of venezuelans entering at the border in the northwestern state over all day now it comes amid growing tensions between locals and migrants which has forced brazil to send troops to ensure security. the u.s. president has announced the white house lawyer donald gamble and his post say he played a key role in the appoint a federal judge just and has been a central figure in the special counsel robert moses rush of hope. maritime
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authorities are calling for calm after french and british fishing vessels clashed in the english channel in a dispute over scholarships for she french fishing boats to on the territorial battle north of normandy and choose to. russia's president vladimir putin has and i'm see is suffering an unpopular draft legislation to reform the pension system the proposals have pushed it since popularity dances lowest level and more than four years or a challenge as more from moscow. after months of avoiding russia's deeply unpopular pension reform proposals like it had nothing to do with him. has just stepped right into the middle of it this had been anticipated speculation had been that putin would play the kinds are watering down the proposals to make them more palatable and perhaps stopping his sliding poll figures at the moment is less popular than he has been since the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen of course
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that's not how putin himself framed his intervention. the main goal of this deal is to provide financial stability in our pension system for many years to come which means not only keeping the same rates but also increasing them for current and future pension riches goals pension reform bill apart from the provisions and visitors a gradual raise in pension age currently women in russia retire at fifty five and minute sixty the plan had been to raise this to sixty three for women and sixty five for men the compromises that putin has offered are to lessen the increase in retirement age for women to just sixty years old men will stay the same at sixty five women with particularly big families will get to retire early and for the transition period for the five years prior to retirement they'll be
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certain tax breaks and extra benefits also employers that discriminate against russians because of their advancing age will face punishment will this take the sting out of the pension reform process movements but will have to wait and see who's in though says the time to act is now he insisted that perhaps the country hadn't been ready to do this before but now he says there is no room left to postpone it any longer. u.n. run schools for palestinian refugees have reopened despite u.s. aid cuts half a million students resuming classes in gaza and the occupied west bank un body responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to run until september after washington slashed funding for it earlier this year and there are reports the u.s. is going to end all financial assistance to the agency. to open the school today was a very strong message that all raw believes in its services that we will not
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abandon our mandate our mandate is not for sale it's something that we believe in very strongly and today we could see it here we are very determined to keep these schools open i told the students they should focus and concentrate on their studies we will concentrate on getting the money to ensure they can continue their studies will have a faucet has more now from west to receive them. well a is making good this wednesday on its pledge announced last week that it would open its schools in the occupied palestinian territories and in its other three areas of operation on time despite the huge financial pressure that it's been under this year after the united states decided to withdraw three hundred of the three hundred sixty five million dollars that it was to provided to the agency this is come in the light of a great deal of political pressure that's been applied to iraq and to the palestinians under the administration of donald trump and there's been reporting in
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the israeli press in recent days and israeli media that the united states intends to go further by restricting the definition of palestine refugees to only those who came out of what was then how a stein in one thousand nine hundred eight before the creation of the state of israel so restricting the number from more than five million to five hundred thousand and indeed permanently cutting off all u.s. funding for the agency the agency's head was at one of these schools reopening today in the occupied west bank he said that the un run mandate was not for sale the palestinian leadership have actually rejected this position which is being reported and has yet to be formally confirmed by the united states it is something of that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for both the restriction of the definition of palestine refugees and also the disbandment of entirely although there are those in the israeli security establishment former
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military officers and the like who have been telling the israeli media that they are concerned about restricting or preventing iran from operating because of the security implications that could have don't forget it provides education to some five hundred thousand palestinian children it provides food aid to many of the more than one million refugees inside gaza so there is no much by no means a total acceptance of this plan in the israeli establishment although it is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for. false allegations that's the response of mia mars government to a damning report by u.n. investigators on the military crackdown on the hinge or other minorities on monday a u.n. panel called for the prosecution of me and mas top military generals including its army chief for genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists is also demanded accountability for what he called the horrendous persecution or ranger at least ten thousand people were
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killed and more than seven hundred thousand fled the army crackdown began last year . refugees and migrants from the italian coast guard ship could see altie have been met by crowds of protesters and supporters near rome about one hundred migrants have been taken to a catholic church run reception center after a ten day standoff with the italian government for all migrant supporters and protesters greeted their buses with flags and signs migrants are mostly from eritrea were only allowed into the country after the catholic church arland and albania all agreed to take them in. venice film festival to get underway with the premiere of dame inches else film first man in recent years the festival showcased many movies that have gone on to win big the oscars for the festival for us high then a dream so what are the series hot films then. obviously the film you are talking
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about the opening film first man directed by damien who many people will know as the director of la la la in that film which for a few minutes we thought had won the oscar for best film but in fact didn't win the year that it came out but it did win six oscars overall unlike lalala and first man stars ryan gosling it's a very very impressive performance by him a very psychological study of neil armstrong the first astronaut to set foot on the moon but also strong performance by the british actor claire for playing his wife janet and it really looks at how the death of their daughter affects see him and plays into his career and their family life i think it's a very strong biography and then something of a local favorite says spira. is a horror film remake and it's directed by luca why don't you know he came to
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prominence by directing call me by your name a film which was actually nominated for the best film oscar despite not being in the english language quite unusual but a lot of the r. hype surrounding a star is born lady gaga is going to be in venice in the next few days she stars in that film it's a remake of the classic which sees a. musician fall in love with a singer who lady gaga plays itself also the directorial debut of the hollywood actor bradley cooper it's not in competition it's not one of the twenty one films competing for the golden lion but it's certainly causing a lot of buzz at the moment and then one of the. other films being tipped to win is roma now it's by alfonso choir on two years ago a few years ago rather his film gravity premiered here and then went on to win him the oscar for best director it sees him go back to the mexico where he grew up it's
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a look at family life in mexico in the one nine hundred seventy s. it's visually very impressive lots of people are talking about that as a possible prize winner but the critics are saying that it's possibly the strongest selection in ten years and it's wide open and there are also. fierce criticism. of the organizers over the number of women directors. absolutely before this festival got underway a europe wide network of women working in cinema issued a letter demanding really that i'll bet it'll barbera and the who's the director of the venice film festival and his colleagues start to do what festivals like khan and some other festivals around europe have said they'll do which is to introduce gender parity a lot of them appointing this year's official competition here at venice noticing
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that the odds of twenty one only one film which is the nightingale is directed by a woman director the first of all organizers here say it really is just a coincidence and if you look at the spread of films there are around twenty five percent of all films here directed by women which reflects the number that we're actually presenting to the festival they say that there is a problem but it doesn't lie here and some critics agree that it needs to start really with people. graduating from film schools and the like to actually get the chance to direct those films others though saying that's not good enough you need to give them the prominence by putting them in the main competition to. mean they've been filmmakers jim bob they're joining us live from venice and jim thank you. now biofuels have been time today as a green alternative to fossil fuel and global demand for biofuels containing palm oil looks set to grow but it's coming at a cost so i think station forests have been cleared to make way for oil palm
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plantations and with demand for poem all set to increase threefold by twenty fifty the rate of deforestation could be devastating florence new reports. sabaoth in east malaysia is renowned for the beauty of its natural landscape yes one of its draws is the tropical rain forest dense undergrowth told majestic trees rich in plant and animal diversity it's also a way of life for some like to hide in been jobless for generations the people from his community in settled and they have relied on the jungle for much of the needs of the one community many things that we use come from the forest we use right turn to make and build things some plants are used in traditional medicine the insects too useful and we take honey from the bee it has medicinal qualities. even the water they drink used to come from the forest but not since the area around it was
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cleared for development to harden and some villages fought against the encroachment but to no avail logging in this forest and the landslides that occurred as a result of that have affected this stream it's a trickle compared to what it used to be and the water is no longer clear but muddy . since two thousand and thirteen much of the forest has been wiped out the trees replaced by a single crop oil palm sabar is the top palm oil producer in malaysia which in turn is the second largest exporter in the world after indonesia demand for the commodity effect to grow driven apart by the push for biofuels particularly in china and indonesia that could spell a disaster for forests as land is cleared to make way for plantations but the round table unsustainable palm oil or r s p o says alternatives to the commodity maybe even worse bottom oil has a year that is forty times i hear than all that oil was so it requires ten times
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less land to make the same amount of oil out of that ended in utilized so their solution is not to say let's stop all. more oil let's go to something else but to make sure that whatever we produce is pure sustainably and this will be out of your comes into play the ours is a voluntary organization and one that sets standards on palm oil production it has not committed to zero deforestation for the people and so do advantage what they lament is the loss of the forest they say the land belonged to the ancestors and should be that is for generations to come florence louis al-jazeera substate malaysia. a quick reminder now of our top stories here on al-jazeera brazil's president says he's considering introducing
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a daily cap on the number of venezuelans allowed to enter the country through the remote northwestern state over of a mouth michel to masses the number of migrants may be limited to one or two hundred a day tensions are high between locals and migrants and troops deployed to the border to ensure security following the outbreak of violence earlier this month while our latin america editor lucy newman has the story. just a couple of weeks ago there were clashes between brazilians and some of the refugees when they were not apparently one brazilian was attacked by one of the venezuelans and people were sent fleeing back across into venezuela for their own safety the government sent two hundred soldiers in to try to protect them but clearly that is not enough because more and more people are being diverted polaroid i am i to brazil as other countries like ecuador and cruel make it more difficult for the venezuelans to get in demanding that they have passports and so this is just spiraling out of control us president has announced the white house lawyer
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again will leave his post he played a key will in the appointment of federal judges and has been a central figure in special council well but most russia. well the fifty thousand people have been forced from their homes in central mean ma after a pause of a dam burst flooding towns and villages government officials say the swatch on dam spillways structure broke due to moms and rains maritime authorities are calling for calm after french and british fishing vessels clashed in the english channel in a dispute over scholarships for two french fishing boats to on in the territorial battle north of normandy french fishermen through small bombs and rammed the schools russian president vladimir putin's analyses something unpopular plans to reform the pension system the proposals of his popularity dent to its lowest level in more than four years well those were the headlines witnesses coming up next we'll see a little bit later. fairly
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