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the book. it's only one minute a long long road to follow along the same line if i may it's to honor my niece lived in warsaw and that's in the awful fault line and the thought now it's almost to enough if i sing the movie for the live my long talks more on. what. to do. with. the. things. so these games are really important because
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that it's an option for these girls either on trial and we salute being we're looking for twelve girls to travel to doubling to trying to qualify for the olympics is probably more satisfaction than you know against her trial proceeds and earning the right to wear the jersey and that's all should be a should never be given to anybody there's just so much the profile of mccomas like don't drop your head ok but just counterfeits a wealthy. what was it one war. one. that was going to let. go of. the railing on the one. if. you
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didn't. hear. me. because i'm not going to beat around the bush it was actually really embarrassing i'm not expecting us to be perfect but i am expecting that you can still make a tackle ok you can still use your voice you can still catch a high ball from kick off because if we don't talk that's what happens if you're a really trying to put your hand up and say how i want to go to dublin some of you want to just keep your head down ok you know what they're going to do they going to put their evidence in it we just saw more forty something points and you guys feel about that simple little things like the funny not clearing the ball from straight away trying for puss to go if we're not going to talk then don't ask to go on. tour. he writes if i don't go up leave.
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it in my mouth and that's all right so. ok i don't mean to complain if i become if i can make good because when. you were so slow it's a good beginning because that's what america by the end of the people is going. down a little bit of the same with away from the eagles the rights to the people. down the line to. the concept. of missing out. on. the field all good in your ability to work counts not push each other along help each other out war hurting your time going to push out of in your position or the other people. that a flood of b.s.
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will. really taking twelve people. play one more let's. look it. up on the concept of. going to court because someone else is going to take the easy way out. the women run fast food yeah. without us here. just. for weeks now from someone on a depressed do you think you're slow. or you just feel the pain to push. and push. to. move
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on you could have been in washington or name michael. because there wasn't a group of people look at a final four. from a long life if you want to go i want to walk along with infinity ward. what can the saying people get on them it's a pull out but when you don't communicate that we can only think the worst you know like ah she's not fit enough for her editor's note right then find out she's going to sue the sun so they need to understand how to live on and buy a horse needs and the same how to live in the world of being someone and also live in the world of being an athlete ok he's your father samuel these are the changes that you have to have when you want to become an if we win you warning to strive to go and play on international saying. you're. a valley mix with a few options or where you can have
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a game here before you get back as well. that's ok i'm always. focused on ways and warm. winning the whole thing trying. to focus on the game you see when you see the stimulus and. you go see the scheme you get in here so it is a man it in fantasy going to be out in miami having a good to see the crowd not believe that i'm going to the studio one of them is going to isabella a seattle michael you've got a good looking guy mark was looking one hundred eight getting feel good going to food money was
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a good follow i don't believe you would speak to meet on monday when you were going to it was in me. too but out way for you physically for you at all of the city i mean if i be afeard my god you do you have a bit of good if i want to be you look if you see me if you're more simian with the city for you know what's going on i'm giving up so we have i think i get you in on the most of us out we're not going to be the pattern have gone only and could help us out one of the way if you're going to go passing got my thing in my life i'm allowed to go feel what i feel but also i want the good for it go what could be in the ball my opening you for sorry it was fighting me i know if i you know if would fall if i could make it my day i got my award got i would look at you know old age you know young love mississippi got an idea in final for your fellow fall in final of the bee in my life illegal for your money and i would if i make more you being.
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me. you're. poor. mom. or are.
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living the funny thing someone feeling the lunacy of iraq online banking on the sun. just. as. oh all possible solution final boil a new. form of hong. kong on the menu on the skin. in the most. anyone.
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with my bottle. for you guys ready so goes i just obviously it's a trial like i said the same thing to them like a go to put your pistol for good luck.
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and thank you. to the first guy for his response was good but you have to constrain must. persist looking to don't let me remind me. that some life. i might want to follow is going right yes and what a stink the skin around you. has given an appropriate outlet certainly in the nuclear family. oh my god. we're going close it off so i guess i just never come and go say i thank you thank you for today the fact that we've got nineteen goals years is awesome opportunity to for the
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someone to qualify for them pick somebody might think that's not achievable i believe it is achievable and if we have to aim for that goal. the following up was very pleased with how you guys played this welcome to paul and finally today ok. both paul and the folly of coming to fiji to follow any questions on this then show and you make sure if you don't you need to to talk. ok for the girls i say if they both want to help would you really want to find. her body.
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i really. want. to move up and feel quite a feat. in . law local kids who need it if i saw more more you could follow sam moore come on i'm on my bus i'm with inflated enough awesome.
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there are news he made me so it's a mouthful for one if i saw something someone place on the front. of it so it's and that's on the top of it that's him enough to find i mean a fossil it's on my. back . just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. one when used investigates why so many
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filipino children are having babies. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks these thirty american be holding on to this rope as they watch the boat for about an hour knockoff in that direction with detail coverage left in america never before seen such as factoring in number of refugees living in one country from around the world the project raised questions right from the very start that this entrance cost two hundred thousand dollars to build. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment drive them home. in the second of two films on these contrasting experiences people and power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same path. to gambia back home from al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. another departure donald trump announce on twitter that his white house counsel down them again will step down. eleven joe harvey what i'm come all santa maria this is the world news from al
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jazeera education in crisis for refugee children you study. four million i'm not going to school. the call for accountability over the range across as a report alleging genocide in me and it goes before the un security council of the us. i'm florence lee in sabah state malaysia where the demand for land development and biofuel is frightening not just for us but a way of life. so it's happened again another top adviser to the trumpet ministration is leaving the white house two hours ago donald trump announced on twitter that white house counsel don mcgann will step down from his post later this year it was revealed recently them again and spent months talking with investigators from team this is of course looking into wrongdoing from the twenty sixteen presidential election let's get some more on this and the implications of it with kimberly how could
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a white house correspondent hi kimberly how important is this one it's important because this as you point out follows a string of associates that seem to be turning on trouble in terms of their departures as you pointed out the white house counsel don mcgann has really made headlines in recent weeks because of his interviews given to the special prosecutor robert muller who's looking into possible russian interference in the twenty six thousand u.s. election and whether there was collusion with donald trump's presidential campaign but it wasn't just one interview that he gave it was three and it totals about thirty hours of testimony now the president says that he allowed this to happen and says he has nothing to hide but certainly many believe that this may have played a role in dom against departure is there an obvious replacement kimberly. yes and it's very interesting the name that is being floated about apparently don
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began recommending that the president replace him with a man by the name of emmett flood why does this matter well couple of reasons we have the congressional elections coming up in november this will determine control of the house of representatives typically the pendulum swings that's controlled by republicans right now very possible it will go to democrats who vowed to hold impeachment proceedings for donald trump essentially trying to sort of use that maneuver to rein in the president even try to remove him from office well the reason and floods name is appropriate in terms of a recommendation or is interesting is the fact that he represented bill clinton in the one nine hundred ninety s. during his impeachment proceeding the i would yes kimberly just for clarity's sake white house counsel versus the presidents of the lawyers because you see rudy giuliani his personal lawyer appearing on television in the media all the time
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speaking if he's speaking for not just donald trump but for the white house. right and it's a very important distinction that sometimes it appears donald trump may not understand blurring those lines if you will the white house counsel deals with legal affairs of valving the white house his job is not to defend the president and there appears many times that donald trump has misunderstood that you're right the president does have his own private attorney representing him with regard to the special counsel and those proceedings that his name is rudolph giuliani but again the president doesn't always seem to understand that perhaps that may have contributed to the frustrations of don mcgann who also we should point out was rumored to leave it was this was percolating in the news back in june because of some pushback he was receiving from the president with regard to the president's desire to fire the special counsel robert muller began suggesting that was not a good idea oh it's only when stories will listen that can be think you can't help
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it so white house correspondent. moving on millions of children around the world are beginning a new school year but the united nations refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. is worried about the growing number of refugees who won't get anywhere near a classroom and they say the problems getting a lot worse last year four million refugee children didn't go to school half a million more than in twenty sixteen compared to ninety two percent globally only sixty one percent of refugee children attending primary school and as they get older it doesn't get any better two out of three children in primary never make it to secondary school schools in lebanon cater for hundreds of thousands of refugees but some teachers are now having to work overtime just to ensure everyone gets to class has more on that from the bekaa valley. the school year starts in the next few days but according to the united nations up to three hundred thousand syrian children of school age will not be attending classes that has been the number of syrian refugee children who haven't been given an education among them these
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children they live in this camp in the big valley many of them are born in lebanon all they know is a life in exile the life of a refugee. the united nations says it is doing its best to enroll the highest number of syrian refugee children as possible but it hasn't been easy the lebanese government for example is under a lot of strain its resources its infrastructure has been strained as a result of the influx of over a million syrian refugees into the country but three hundred thousand children do attend classes over three hundred fifty lebanese public schools operate double shifts shifts in the afternoon to accommodate these children but of course there aren't enough spaces to accommodate the remaining three hundred thousand syrian children of school age and it's not just that syrian refugee families have little choice but to send their children to work to be able to provide for the family so
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there's also a question of child labor they cannot afford to send their children to school and instead their children work and there's also the issue of transportation many parents here will tell you that we can't afford to pay for transportation to send our children to school even if there are places in school so a very very dire situation for syria's children the thoughts now if i to say he who is a senior education advisor for us she knows more about the future impact on millions of refugees children missing out on an education right now. at this time of the year when you know across britain across the world families and children are preparing to go back to school and if we think about what is any parent's aspiration for their child every parent wants an education for their child so if you look at the implications of the current station where only twenty three percent of refugee youth are in enrolled in secondary school that's seventy seven percent
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are not enrolled in education and in five years time in ten years time what will become of those young people if they have not received an education hopefully many of them will go back to their countries and help to rebuild them but you do that they need the skills and the knowledge and the confidence and the leadership that education will give to them so that's why it's such an imperative for far more efforts to be made to make sure that all of these children get an education or un run schools from before palestinian refugees have reopened despite huge cuts in u.s. aid half a million students resume their classes in gaza and the occupied west bank but the un body responsible for palestinian refugees so that only has enough money to keep the schools open until september the u.s. has already cut two hundred million dollars in aid this year and there are reports it's considering ending all financial assistance hard for so with more from west jerusalem. well a is making good this wednesday on its pledge announced last week that it would open its schools in the occupied palestinian territories and in its
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other three areas of operation on time despite the huge financial pressure that it's been under this year after the united states decided to withdraw three hundred of the three hundred sixty five million dollars that it was to provided to the agency this is come in the light of a great deal of political pressure that's been applied to iraq and to the palestinians under the administration of donald trump and there's been reporting in the israeli press in recent days and israeli media that the united states intends to go further by restricting the definition of palestine refugees to only those who came out of what was then how a stein in one thousand nine hundred eight before the creation of the state of israel's are restricting the number from more than five million to five hundred thousand and indeed permanently cutting off all u.s. funding for the agency the agency's head was at one of the schools reopening today
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in the occupied west bank he said that the un run mandate was not for sale the palestinian leadership have actually rejected this position which is being reported and has yet to be foot formally confirmed by the united states it is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for both the restriction of the definition of palestine refugees and also the disbandment of our entirely although there are those in the israeli security establishment former military officers and the like who have been telling the israeli media that they are concerned about restricting or preventing iran from operating because of the security implications that could have don't forget it provides education to some five hundred thousand palestinian children it provides food aid to many of the more than one million refugees inside gaza so there is no much by no means a total acceptance of this plan in the israeli establishment although it is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for.
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more than fifty thousand people are being evacuated from their homes in maine mara after a dam burst at least one hundred phillips's have been flooded in the banker region in central me and mar along with a major highway part of the swat chung dam broke after heavy monsoon rains and water levels are expected to keep rising convoys of military trucks carrying boats are on their way but the army chief says the overflow channel cannot be controlled and still with me and my international pressure is growing to prosecute military leaders for the genocide of revenge of muslims at least ten thousand were killed around three quarters of a million fled during an army offensive which began a year ago the un secretary general said both suffered quite horrendous persecution as the curate as the security council debated mass killing and gang rape details by investigations me and my government leaders it's a very these are all false allegations my canon with more from un headquarters in new york this meeting with before the release of the un report but it
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was the subject of discussion at many of the speakers in particular as the report held that the military leaders responsible for atrocities in rec and state acted it said with genocidal intent the secretary general did not give any specific direction to the security council as to how it should proceed however it did say that the report must form the basis of its negotiations i believe these reports findings and recommendations these are of serious consideration by all relevant united nations bodies effective international cooperation will be critical to ensure that they come to believe the mechanisms of credible transparent impartial independent and comply with myanmar's obligations and the international law. but the british ambassador indicated that no immediate action is imminent she said it's likely that the report must first go to formal debate within the human rights
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council which commissioned the report in the first place before the security council takes a decision this is a.


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