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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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that the military leaders responsible for atrocities and recommend state acted it said with genocidal intent the secretary general did not give any specific direction to the security council as to how it should proceed however it did say that the report must form the basis of its negotiations i believe these reports findings and recommendations these are of serious consideration by all relevant united nations bodies effective regional cooperation will be critical to ensure that the come to believe the mechanisms are credible transparent impartial independent and comply with myanmar's obligations and the international law but the british ambassador indicated that no immediate action is imminent she said it's likely that the report must first go to formal debate within the human rights council which commissioned the report in the first place before the security council takes a decision this is a report by the fact finding mission it will go in september for
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a formal debate in the human rights council and then we hope we will debate it or deal with it in some suitable way in the security council but many members of the security council insistent that action must be taken sooner rather than later strong words from the u.s. ambassador we are now all armed with the devastating eyewitness accounts of the rohingya which lead us to the following conclusions children they be women and men suffered unspeakable crimes the attacks were planned premeditated and coordinated the perpetrator was the burmans military and security forces. the whole world is watching what we will do next and if we will at the one point of agreement that the security council must act in a united magna part of the issue the problem of china it is perceived as being
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against immediate action based on the un report earlier the chinese foreign ministry issued a statement saying that myanmar does not cope well with pressure in the news ahead storm damage in puerto rico is the governor admits hurrican maria many more than. i'm listening that has venezuela where filling your tank doesn't cost a thing but that is about to change. hello there is a rather quiet across the middle east at the moment is generally hot and it's fine but towards the northeast is not quite as hot here mafia maximum temperature probably of around twenty two degrees as we head through thursday and do expect
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maybe a few showers particularly in the afternoon another area we've got a bit more in the way of clouds here on the coast of the black sea this drifting its way eastwards and will be more showers popping up here as we head through the day on friday so the south of that though it's fine enjoy just pretty hot at the moment as you'd expect at this time of year say for baghdad expect a temperature of around forty seven and forcing kuwait will be around forty six but it's not the whole here in doha temperatures for us to hovering at around forty to forty three degrees but that's because it's far more humid the humidity really has risen over the past few days and it's going to stay very very sticky as we head through to day and friday for the south from us and you can see that all cloud around parts of a man that could just squeeze out one or two showers at times but for most of us it should stay dry down towards the southern parts of africa is largely fine and settled for most of us here you can see the winds feeding in from the seas though so around the coast of madagascar they could be one or two showers and ditto for
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surround parts of mozambique towards the west there is looking fine and dry eighteen in capetown. orgon.
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here with al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. president has announced the white house lawyer john mccann will leave his post he played a key role in the appointment of federal judges and has been a central figure in special counsel robert muller's russia approach the un refugee agency estimates around million children refugee children missed school last year and the problems only getting worse the u.n. says two out of three refugee children in primary aren't going on to secondary school. and un run schools for palestinian refugees in gaza or in the occupied west bank of reopens despite the united states costing two hundred million dollars and eight the un's refugee organization says it only has enough money to keep the schools open until next month. a cartoon competition in the netherlands is provoking protests in pakistan the dutch far right party leadership villas says he's had hundreds of entries showing caricature of the prophet mohammed protesters
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in lahore denounced what they called the blasphemous insult to islam pakistan's prime minister is being urged to cut diplomatic ties and to expel the dutch ambassador. the brazilian government may restrict the entrance of venezuelans at the border in the remote northwestern state of michelle tamar says it's to keep border in and to ensure the safety of people there the brazilian army will double its contingent of soldiers at the border to two hundred with more than one and a half thousand refugees already in the state capital of vista the government is moving some venezuelan migrants away from border towns as they try to reduce tension with locals so let's check in with our latin america editor lucien humans who's following developments for us to see. hello indeed well this is just going from bad to worse the more and more venezuelans tried to cross the
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different borders into other parts of latin america to escape the economic crisis at home the more governments are beginning to put restrictions on them through in ecuador have already stated that from now on venezuelans need to have a passport and those who don't then are moving clip clop more quickly countries like colombia and brazil and this has caused a lot of tension in brazil most of these migrants actually come out don't want to stay there they want to go into other countries but now the stepping stone that was brazil is becoming a sort of an unwanted a home for men even israel and because they're being stopped from going to other places you may remember that a couple of weeks ago some brazilians began to attack the migrants who are the refugees who had crossed over into a roth ira after allegedly of an israeli migrant had attacked or killed a brazilian citizen president of brazil says that this is a crisis that is becoming that has gone way beyond of course venezuela's borders
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and that it is threatening the harmony in fact of the entire continent in the meantime president my little says that he's trying to stop another kind of flow into a neighboring country and that is the flow of fuel into colombia this is the report that we just filed from our trip to venezuela. in an oil rich countries like venezuela it's one thing to subsidize feel quite another is to give it away. it's a gift without pay is not even enough to. thanks to hyper inflation today you can theoretically buy one million liters of petrol into one u.s. dollar and imagine this if you can a one thousand. point zero zero one of a cent which is why the government took them out of last week except at petrol stations and there's incredible is that i can still use it here to buy a hundred and sixty six liters of the highest. at the venezuela
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colombia border where small and large scale smugglers operate in broad daylight the price distortion feeds a lucrative black market with billions of dollars but now in an attempt to rescue venezuela's drowning a commie president. has announced a plan to stop the leak. one more leader of four pets will know more. than this whalen's have until the end of the month to register their cars for an unspecified amount of subsidized petrol before prices go up dramatically for everyone else. this would put the lucrative black market out of business but there's a problem. you can stop the government controls the members of the national guard stationed on the border patrol and allow tankers to cross the border
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. venezuela could certainly benefit from cracking down on corruption on its side of the border and selling the petrol it's been losing at the international prices just as necessary to finally seem serious about raising prices at the pump. we don't know how much it's going to cost. that generates confusion. historically raising the price of petrol has been a controversial and explosive issue. in venezuela. yes even the most skeptical admit the giving away petrol is less of a gift than the symbol of an economy in freefall. but come on you know this is only this is just one measure but economists say it's just simply not enough to stop the hyperinflation the hunger the unemployment and the shortages that are still driving thousands and thousands of venezuelans across the border into different countries including ecuador ecuador has more than two hundred
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thousand venezuelans there they have called the state of emergency and they are also calling for an emergency meeting next week with leaders of latin america to try to come up with the border needed response to this refugee crisis which is the largest latin america has ever seen in its entire history come out stronger stuff isn't it the soon human alas in america thank you it has been revealed a number of puerto ricans killed by hurricane maria is almost fifty times higher than originally admitted leading to criticism of the u.s. government the most powerful storm to hit the u.s. territory in ninety years was reported to have killed sixty four islanders back in september the white house said the relatively low number of deaths was actually a good news story but now the caribbean islands governor admits mistakes were made and the estimated number of dead is almost three thousand. it is time to show solidarity with all those who've lost the family and friends it
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is also time to reflect on what you have done well and what we did we need to find it hard to correct what we didn't do well so that we can respond in future. now french fishermen have been accused of in danger in the lives of british fishing crews after a violent confrontation in the english channel by the skull ups forty french fishing boats through smart bombs and rammed the british vessels british boats are allowed to fish in the scalloped rich area but french fishermen say it's depleting the shellfish stocks paul brennan has our report. the encounter began before dawn when the french fishing for tele confronted a handful of british boats fishing perfectly legally in international waters first came the verbal insults. then as the french boats crowded the british and began hurling smoke bombs metal shackles and flag as the situation became progressively more violent an extraordinarily dangerous.
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rocks from the us shackles. balls of all. eggs in nine it whatever the advice for a shot brides across the front of us the song foul up problems while the french navy was royal long saw it didn't intervene. so. they called the coast guard no answer from the coast guard. not very good but the french crews are unapologetic aggrieved because their government prevents them from fishing for scholarships until october the first while the british boats have no such restriction and i think good idea. we have courses we have restricted ours the british don't have anything like that they come there they fill up and then they go home there you go. it's symptomatic of the simmering tension created by the imminent breck's it despite contributing less than north point five percent of the
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u.k.'s g.d.p. the fishing industry has become totemic in the debates. repatriating the fishing rights currently held by other e.u. fleets will be complex and face stone resistance but the british government insists bricks it will mean u.k. fisherman keeping a larger share of the fish caught in u.k. domestic water once we take. a united nations agreed. what that's. our. take as much as they are a group and it's only the sacraments that can be made for other members it's not just the new member states it's other nations to come in and. french and british fisheries officials are urging calm and have agreed to talks to try to diffuse the tension but this was just the end of one battle not the end of the war
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brennan al-jazeera. or the production of palm oil biofuel in malaysia is one of the key drivers of rainforest destruction and with demand for palm oil set to increase threefold by the year twenty fifty the rate of deforestation of course can be devastating torrence those looking about from companies in sabah state militia. in east malaysia is renowned for the beauty of its natural landscape one of its joys is the tropical rain forest dense undergrowth told majestic trees rich in plants and animals divest city. it's also a way of life for some like you hadn't been jobless for generations the people from his community in settled and they have relied on the jungle for much of the needs of the one community many things that we use come from the forests we use raw turn to make and build things some plants are used in traditional medicine the insects
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too useful and we take honey from the bee it has medicinal qualities. even the water they drink used to come from the forest but not since the area around it was cleared for development to harden and some villages fought against the encroachment but to no avail logging in this forest and the landslides that occurred as a result of that have affected this stream it's a trickle compared to what it used to be and the water is no longer clear but muddy . since two thousand and thirteen much of the forest has been wiped out the trees replaced by a single crop palm sabah is the top palm oil producer in malaysia which in ten is the second largest exporter in the world after indonesia demand for the commodity effect to grow driven apart by the push for biofuels particularly in china and indonesia that could spell a disaster for forests as land is cleared to make way for plantations but the round
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table unsustainable palm oil. says alternatives to the commodity may be even worse bottom oil has a year that is four to ten times then all that oil is so it requires four to ten times less land to make the same amount of oil out of that and it is utilized so their solution is not to say let's stop palm oil let's go to something else but he's to make sure that whatever we produce is blue sustainably and that's where the out of fuel comes into play the r s p o is a voluntary organization and while it sets standards on palm oil production it has not committed to zero deforestation. for the people in said village what they lament is the loss of the forest they say the land belonged to their ancestors and should be that is for generations to come florence louis al-jazeera subtle than h. saba state malaysia just before check the headlines some live pictures from phoenix
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arizona almost ten thirty in the morning the body of john mccain has arrived at the arizona state capitol rotunda there to begin five days of events and ceremonies to mark his passing this we believe a private event the public will be able to come later on in the day and pay their respects to john mccain to which i believe it's on thursday he will be flown to andrews air force base outside washington for proceedings in the nation's capital john mccain the u.s. senator who passed away a few days ago lying in state in phoenix. so here's a run through of the headlines now on al jazeera the u.s. president has announced that white house lawyer donald mccown will leave his post he played a key role in the appointment of federal judges and has been a central figure in special counsel robert muller as russia probe it was revealed recently him again has spent months talking with investigators from those team
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looking into wrongdoings in the twenty sixteen presidential election can we help with morphy from washington it's important because this as you point out follows a string of associates that seem to be turning on trouble in terms of their departures as you pointed out the white house counsel don mcgann has really made headlines in recent weeks because of his interviews given to the special prosecutor robert mueller who's looking into possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election and whether there was collusion with donald trump's presidential campaign . the un's refugee agency estimates around four million refugee children missed school last year in the problems getting worse the u.n. says two out of three refugee children in primary school aren't going on to secondary and once governments are made agencies to make education a critical element of their response to refugees meanwhile un run schools for palestinian refugees and guards are in the occupied west bank of reopened despite
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the u.s. cutting two hundred million dollars and eight the un's refugee organization says it only has enough money to keep the schools open until next month. to open the school today was a very strong message that owner of believes in its services that we will not abandon our mandate our mandate is not for sale it's something that we believe in very strongly and today we could see it here we are very determined to keep this schools open i told the students they should focus and concentrate on their studies we will concentrate on getting the money to ensure they can continue their studies and a dam has collapsed in myanmar forcing fifty thousand people from their homes at least one hundred villages have been flooded in central me in my region water levels are expected to keep rising after part of this watching dam burst following monsoon rains that's a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera inside story starts right now.
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war crimes in yemen and strikes by the sound iraqi coalition caused most deaths but a u.n. report also blames for the rebels do reports are cheap and if thing and will anyone ever be held to account this is insightful. hello and welcome to the program hashem. non have clean hands that's the conclusion
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of a un human rights act spurts who say all parties in the three year long conflict in yemen may have committed war crimes very report says the governments of saudi arabia united arab emirates and yemen are guilty of human rights violations and strikes by sandy erotic coalition are responsible for causing most civilian casualties of the host the rebels are also blamed for recruiting child soldiers and using sexual abuse as a weapon more than ten thousand people have been killed in the fighting but many more have died from disease and starvation the u.n. experts are urging the international community to stop supplying weapons to those involved in the war since two thousand and fifteen when jose fighters overrun yemen's capital sana'a and forced present a little muscle handy to flee abroad saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have led a military campaign to restore his united nations backed government to power
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individuals in the government of yemen and the coalition including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates may have conducted attacks in violation of the principles of distinction. proportionality and all precautions which may amount to war crimes the u.a.e. as minister of state for foreign affairs a responder to the panel's findings with this tweet which should review and respond to the x.-press report the coalition is fulfilling its role in reclaiming the yemeni state and securing the future of the region from iranian interference now let's bring in our panelists joining us in some are saying allbaugh haiti a yemeni journalist in london elizabeth kendal senior research fellow at pembroke college of the university of oxford from border in france by
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a skype martha monday is a retired professor of anthropology of the london school of economics a warm welcome to you all elizabeth i would like to know whether this report is a turning point in the three year long conflict in yemen. i certainly think that this latest united nations report takes the rhetoric up a notch in terms of calling out the coalition our allies in the ways in which they've been practicing and conducting the war in yemen there has been a previous u.n. report in january which was also quite outspoken in criticizing the saudi led coalition it mentioned violations and abuses but this report actually says that they may have committed war crimes and that is something that is going to be
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a huge unease to the publics which elect the governments which are supporting and supplying weapons to the saudi led coalition it raises huge questions so yes it's a turning point. the report says that the parties to the conflict may have committed . some of that committed by those parties may amount to war crimes now the question is what would be next are we going to see more independent inquiries or would more institutions now step in to stablish this as a fact. rill. that is that is a difficult question because you are asking me to read the future the report itself . that. mechanisms of reporting to the un human rights council be made permanent they are in their recommendations that it is also
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that they ask the allies of the coalition to cease. armed sales and to support the peace efforts of the new un relatively new un appointed special envoy for yemen and martin griffiths so i think those are the kind of mechanisms that they are calling for. immediately visibly. and i agree with dr kendal that this is a turning point but i would emphasize that this is a turning point because this is a report of written by international lawyers with a large reason a sizeable team that was able to do research. for this report so it's far more documented than anything previously furthermore it puts the responsibility on the internationally recognized government of yemen that is to say
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that had a government to be providing for the people in yemen and not participating in it does not use the word starvation that i've seen but it is in. depriving the population of health and of a reasonable standard of living and i think that that wider emphasis is something really new and should be brought to the publics in the west those governments are supplying. the russians and the chinese and the brazil we also sell arms. to your in son our which is under the control of the earth is what the general perception of. the report was announced. here in sanaa. i spoken to some of the hotel leader what they
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said about the report that most of the violation on crimes that that committed by the saudi that coalition in this report most of it. actually did this strike and they have not deny it before but what they say on the other hand you see that the violation was very poor documented about the whole most of them is like collected by eyewitnesses is not the specific a certain information on the x. but it also has not visited the terrorists they did visit us on our visit some of the area that would hit by the coalition of the lesser what i think that this report will be a total and point only if it will be will be followed by. a total investigation into all crimes done by all party and those be able to sponsible all
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the crimes have been done to yemeni civilians from all parties must be brought into justice otherwise this report will just be put on the shelf of the u.n. and the same like that list that blacklisted the saudi for killing their children so it must be a mechanism to bring those people responsible and do think of the who things will allow the u.n. investigators access free access to places like. to look into the atrocities that were committed by the rebels. they. host the movement and they many government in sanaa has welcomed many time from the beginning of the war for any investigation team to visit it any area they wish and we remember that the one that has refused to allow. independent investigators say there is this idea that coalition remember in geneva in two thousand and sixteen they believe there was a draft by that that's government too for independent investigative team to be sent
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into yemen and it was blocked by the united kingdom and united states after pressure from the saudi led coalition elizabeth the report says that the strikes by sandy arabia are to blame for most of the civilian casualties in yemen could this lead to a new momentum among the international community to say finally enough is enough to this military campaign. yes i think the report has credibility it is being picked up by the international media and therefore it does raise questions in the west especially in the u.s. and the u.k. about whether we should be supplying arms to the saudi led coalition and whether we should be supporting them logistically so i think the fact that the airstrikes are called out as causing most civilian deaths most casualties and deaths of civilians
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is is absolutely crucial information for the public to start to to campaign against the supply of weapons to the coalition now if you look at the end of the report there are eleven airstrikes that are investigated in some detail now just i basically taught it up the figures those eleven airstrikes themselves and they're only a small sample resulted in two hundred thirty four civilian deaths including sixty one children this has got to hit home those in the west who have elected their governments and it's inconceivable that we should be supplying a coalition which has such such now proven disregard for civilian life in yemen martyr the reporter. has been using has been damning in different ways talking about the arbitrary detentions mistreatment brave recruiting
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of child soldiers. is there something that could push the international community now to provide support for an immediate end to the war in yemen again i get i seem to get the proper future questions as to what the international community. will react to. certainly the report is very strong on not arbitrary detention and torture and rape and all the ancillary cry and under get in detention facilities and it covers the three parties in this war it is actually strongest on the m a rotty forces in the south where the numbers that it did it did it describes far transcend and at least any data they have and it seems if one looks at the a.p.
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reports two that are coming out perhaps are the most grievous in terms of scale so that is a very close. collaborator of the western governments and they are. the details are i think the most shocking in the report in that section of the report so hopefully this will prompt public outrage i mean as they did for example because once reading about exactly the same kinds of insects that were usually on an even greater scale and some of these accounts. that were quite a reaction you were a member when it was the us itself in can now and also reactions because of the what went on british centrism detention in iraq so i i would certainly be hope for that if this those sections of the report i mean known that it would be it would
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prompt some very serious reaction and question yeah hosain you have been saying basically earlier is are distancing themselves from any wrongdoing in places like thais but we've seen footage day after day through our of the last three years where the houthi is backed by. elite military units loyal to the former president ali abdullah saleh pounding civilian areas using disproportionate force that led to the death of thousands of people into itself which has been the focal point of the fighting for quite some time now in yemen and you're saying the whole thing is are in a sense of what's happening over. no i mean we are talking about what what what was in this report all the information that has been collected about. the so-called
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violation for the whole movement even as you mentioned from footage. not specific information like examine an exact like violation what kind of like weapons has been used is totally different what they what they wanted the nation expert has found about this let's call it and it is that ike in areas where there is no clashes at all and if we see two there are two sides fighting in that area and it will be a really really difficult to be specific who was fired for example those says i'm not saying that the host is innocent but but but for the you and report to it like to bring anyone to just as they have to send an investor an investigation team and all parties in yemen has to allow all this investigation to investigators to go ok any area and yemen and then we're going to see anyone who would try to block them it means that this part of the is that i thought something it doesn't but i was
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that the u.s. has faced widespread criticism for its support of the saudi erotic coalition but defense secretary james mattis has defended america's well we are constantly reviewing what support we are given yes we also had an army lieutenant general in riyadh almost immediately following the early august credit to convey our concern to gnash for. complete investigation and we will continue to do everything we can to limit this kind of tragedy but the most effective way is to get this to a u.n. brokered negotiations. as the u.s. support has conditions is not in condition. what is the condition that they do their everything humanly possible to avoid any initial loss of life and they support the un brokered peace process elizabeth i don't know about. your
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take about the statement from secretary of defense about his but on one hand he's been saying that the american support is not without conditions but at the same time he's been saying that the saudis have been sort of receptive to the american concerns how would you qualify this. i think mattis has to be very careful in his wording at the moment the u.s. like the u.k. wants to show that it continues to support saudi arabia and what after all let's be clear it was an invitation from the so-called digital its government of yemen to intervene and and so it wants to continue to voice that support and yet with the horrific events that have occurred including the forty plus children killed in the school bus bombing earlier this month he cannot voice unconditional support and
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indeed he hasn't and so what he's trying to do is to take into consideration what voters are clearly going to be appalled by and yet try to marry that to an ongoing u.s. policy of supporting saudi arabia and its coalition in yemen but i think what has really sharpened the focus now is that school bus bombing and the fact that the latest u.n. report really mentions children on on on every couple of pages it's it's so clear that the biggest victims of this war are innocents and that the war is not achieving the aims that it had set out to achieve in the beginning saudi arabia has said that it's aimed to restore head his government to prevent yemen from fragmenting to protect its southern border and to contain the influence of iran none of those things have happened in fact quite the reverse has happened and so the u.s. and the u.k. and others do need to reconsider their policy of supporting the coalition in its
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ongoing war barter we've seen entire neighborhood one of we've seen thousands of people evicted from their homes to billions killed and many people ask you the question why there's been this lack of action from the international community is it because of yemen is one of the most one of the poorest nations on earth or is it because these are these the amenities have been using the financial clout to silence and is sort of discontent of the international arena. well clearly they have been using their financial clout. but i do believe that the u.s. and the u.k. . and to some extent france are truly and are is in this and that there are geo strip strategic dreams at stake that relate to controlling the straits of them and. to preventing. it would be very difficult at this point with preventing
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a strong united yemen since that is their wish of saudi arabia who is the main ally but i do think that. this report. correctly it doesn't not really for its own purposes does not go is into what are the motivations beyond the money the flow of money in the sale of arms which are clearly enormous in our giving that level of commitment by the u.s. and the u.k. and hundred of turning a blind eye by france and to some extent germany and the european less the european union but it doesn't have a unifying force. to what it has been clear since really very early on one of the very first places that was struck was a refugee camp. i mean it is you know if you've been following the bombings which of course the general public doesn't for
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a long time this is not. in any sense new in their peak this can be charted when there are the peaks on civilians targets and why finally the international powers through the u.n. and see with the u.n. security council resolution two two one six essentially demanded of us are all of the who thieves and at that time that he. was in league with them to surrender their arms and to withdraw from sun and before any political talks could take place in short they were asking for a condition of observation there before political negotiations so that effectively blocked. her saying return to what i think is so important about this report it is that they do hold responsible hardy's government and they are by those who are backing him for the welfare of the yemeni population as
2:42 am
a condition of being recognized as the legitimate government of yemen and that has not been done elsewhere say lismore for were very still have the upper hand in the northern part of the country of a survey of the term and to continue to fight. b. does the whole thing movement see any way out of this crisis in yemen any time soon . i dunno if the saudi led coalition will continue their blockade in yemen will continue the campaign in yemen i don't think that the hoti will see fighting because we have seen most of you in any shit if they are brought by we'll decide how the new invoice they always ask in one side two to hand over its who have been which is the whole thing and in this report you only report it says that all side has violated their human rights or as they say my
2:43 am
committed war crimes so this means that all side must hunt their weapons and then it must be a blockade not only on though i was coming into the hold it must be a blockade from the united nations security council to ban weapons flow into yemen to any side including the saudi backed forces and militia. elizabeth was started in two thousand to fifteen as a military campaign by the saudis are there are lies to stem the rise of the who thing and in one of the messiest situations in the middle east a fragmented country different warlords different factions for different agendas what knowing the very future the very unity of yemen if the situation possessed in yemen how would you see the future of the country. highlights see the future of the country to be pretty much as bleak as you've just painted it i think that yemen will fragment i think it already is fragmenting i think it is
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a failed state the government does not have great control over large areas of the country especially given that most of the government ministers are sitting in riyadh and that even inside yemen we already have three would be governments we have the southern separatists in the south we have to who sees and son are and we have the so-called legitimate governments in riyadh i think we'll see many more breakaway faction it's actually i don't believe that the current war despite being waged. allegedly for the right reasons to try to prevent yemen from fragmenting its achieving its aims and therefore i think it would be far better to take a much more long term grassroots approach trying to bring in people from regions all around into representative structures that build government institutions really from the bottom up and meanwhile however i think it may be true to say that coalition aims and ambitions are not solely focused on the current war and that
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they have perhaps other agendas in yemen which may help them to make back some of the vast fortune they've spent and in the war it will be interesting to see whether this report were trigger more debate to put an end to the conflict in yemen unfortunately running out of time elizabeth cohen. monday and has thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program thank you two for sure you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter there is a j inside story for me on the whole team here by phone or.
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when the us has all collapsed this university professor became a millionaire and a criminal on the lawn. fifteen years old his daughter embarks on an extraordinary journey to find him. my six million dollars father a witness and documentary on all dizzy or. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you
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know it's very challenging live but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. full of struggles. look at it yeah if it came over i said today i'm full of pleasure. out of the goodness of we wouldn't get around us about that but i mean come on the attitude of what if an intimate look at life in cuba today is what a mom there would be like us saying a cable but but the comment that made a year to my cuba on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is. already
2:48 am
a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr evil like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. this is al jazeera. color from joe harvey when i'm come all santamaria this is the news hour from al-jazeera there has been another exit from tame trump the u.s. president says his white house counsel will be stepping down. first troops and now border controls brazil steps up its efforts to stop venezuelans from crossing the
2:49 am
over. a clash at sea of the scholarships british and french fishermen find out of the english channel and farewell to the queen of soul fans lining up for a last glimpse of her brief to frank. i'm polar a solar sports coming up including south korea move within reach of a title that could mean much more than just a gold medal for the player. so it's happened again another member of the trumpet ministration is leaving about three hours ago u.s. president donald trump announced on twitter that white house counsel down the gang will step down later this year and it was revealed recently my dad has spent months talking with investigators from robert mullins team which is of course investigating the alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election off we go to the white house is kimberly how to talk through this one the
2:50 am
timing it would seem kimberly crucial on this one. yeah we started hearing rumors back in june that donegan the white house counsel would potentially be leaving reportedly then it was because he was getting pushback from the trump administration and recommending to donald trump that he not fire the special counsel robert muller looking into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election but also whether or not there was collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia but those sort of rumors and circulations in the media seem to grow ever louder in recent weeks after reports surfaced that in fact again had been cooperated with the special counsel robert muller and had given not one but three interviews totaling about thirty hours of testimony this seems to sort of fuel the speculation that many of donald trump's close associates we've seen in recent weeks seem to be turning on the president cuban he is the white
2:51 am
house counsel how does he defend or maybe i should say how should he differ from the president's legal representation people like rudy giuliani. right this is a blurry line that the president you know not a polished politician before entering the white house seemed to sometimes misunderstand that dom again because he had worked for donald trump previously when he was appointed special or rather when he was point of white house counsel back in november of two thousand and sixteen he was called a brilliant mind by the president but he was not the president's personal lawyer he was representing the white house at that point and that's where donald trump seemed to have some misunderstanding now what's interesting is who's been recommended to replace him again as the white house counsel and that is some of by the name of emmett flood why is this interesting well it flood is a name that many remember from representing president bill clinton back in the one nine hundred ninety s. during his impeachment hearings why is this timely well we have some very
2:52 am
interesting congressional elections coming up in november this could potentially sway control of the house of representatives two democrats from republicans if that happens democrats have said they would move forward with impeachment proceedings against donald trump right now white house correspondent kimberly helka thanks kimberly in the past few days as kim is been alluding to been some dramatic developments involving trump's close advisers that has put new pressure on the president over the investigation into alleged election meddling last week transform a campaign bus pullman a ford found guilty on eight counts of fraud involving millions of dollars in foreign money that same week trump's former lawyer michael cohen admitted he was directed by trump to pay hush money to two women who claimed extramarital affairs with him and cohen's lawyer has been saying he's willing to disclose all he knows to special counsel robert muller of course looking into any links between russian government and people associated with trump's presidential campaign let's expand on all of this with bill schneider political analyst all for all of the book standoff
2:53 am
how america became governor believes with us from washington i bill what do you make of doma guns department. well it's yet another problem for the president they've clashed in the past the president doesn't seem to understand that there's a difference between a white house lawyer and a personal lawyer he expects them all to do his bidding and in fact john mccann has been associated with the clinton side with the trump operation since the campaign and he's worked for mr trump a long time and he knows a lot well the fact is he has given it is a reported thirty hours of interviews to the miller special counsel no one quite knows what he said although there's no indication he said anything damaging but once you let someone like this go and he becomes independent well you don't know what's going to happen because they know a great deal how big a call go how important a cog what someone like me again in this current administration in this machine i'm
2:54 am
sorry couldn't change what how how how how important a figure if you like was and again in this particular administration oh he was an important figure he is he's still the white house counsel until after the cabinet confirmation which the president expects shortly before the election he's been influential he's clashed with the president on numerous occasions particularly when the president kept talking about his desire to fire the special counsel john mueller a robert mueller which he's entitled to do and it is known that mcgann opposed that and persuaded the president not to do it so they've had a lot of pretty fiery clashes in the past the point is the mcgann knows a lot about the entire case about the investigation and the question is will he now become even more cooperative with the special counsel. bill you've looked at american politics for many years now i've got a sort of big broad brush question for you here how how is it that this
2:55 am
administration is still holding together when you think about all the departures that they've been you know this is just the latest one and all the controversies and the investigations you feel that almost any other administration would still be standing and yet this one is the reason for that is very simple president trump has a base your base so the people who are with you when you're wrong that's the definition of a base he has an army outside of washington and to some extent in washington which exercises discipline over republicans who are in control of congress and in most states they were in power and they are very very loyal that base is very loyal to mr trump and he even with all his troubles they remain loyal to him through all adversity as long as he has a base like that he terrifies congressional republicans who with other presidents the party would be ready to desert and abandon the president but congressional republicans are standing by him because they are very fearful that terrible things
2:56 am
could happen in their careers could be over if they defy or even criticized mr trump says that to say that they don't care about. a president who lies or a president who makes stuff up or a president who might have been involved with a foreigner is that just say they just don't care about those things that's not important. well they do think it's important to imagine many of them do care if this were normal presidential administration many of them would be openly critical of a few of them have but they're not running for reelection what they're worried about is their own careers they've seen what happened representative mark sanford from south carolina was defeated in a republican primary because the president endorsed his opponent at the last minute just yesterday a candidate whom the president indoors for governor of florida won a very strong victory even though he wasn't favored to win because he was in to us by president trump that message gets through loud and clear to elected republicans
2:57 am
all over the country defy president trump even criticize president trump and your career could be over fascinating times as always and always good to talk to you bill schneider in washington d.c. thank you sir. now brazil's president says he's considering significantly curbing the number of venezuelans entering the country on choose day michel tema deployed troops in the border state of rhode island where hundreds of visit venezuelans are entering every day he says it's to improve security at the border with have been incidents of violent confrontations between locals and venezuelan migrants chillers another country hosting thousands of venezuelans who were fleeing economic hardship back home in d.c. and newman is there for us in the capital santiago. high the city tell us about the brazilian developments first of all. hello come on well what we're seeing in brazil as in other countries in the region actually is an increase in xenophobia
2:58 am
a really very sometimes violent reaction to this extraordinary unprecedented influx of venezuelan migrants and we saw that less than two weeks ago in brazil in the state of rhode island which is on the border with venezuela because of the large influx of the a very very poor venezuelans into a very very poor state in brazil these some of these venezuelans were attacked in their camps that was sent back across the border into their own country and so the government has reacted it's reacting to internal pressure but also to the reality that it simply cannot deal with this large number of venezuelan refugees economic refugees because other countries in the region are also making it more difficult for them and so there's a bottleneck now both in venezuela and in colombia and speaking of colombia the government of venezuela is also trying to stop a flow but not of refugees but rather of fuel into that neighboring country. in an
2:59 am
oil rich countries like venezuela it's one thing to subsidize quite another is to give it away. it's a gift without pay is not even enough to. thanks to hyper inflation today you can theoretically buy one million liters of petrol with equal into a one u.s. dollar and imagine this if you can a one thousand. which is worth point zero zero one of a cent which is why the government took them out of circulation last week except a petrol stations and there's incredible as it may seem i can still use it here to buy a hundred and sixty six liters of the highest. at the venezuela colombia border where small and large scale smugglers operate in broad daylight the price distortion feeds a lucrative black market with billions of dollars but now in an attempt to rescue venezuela's drowning a commie president. has announced
3:00 am
a plan to stop the leak. one more leader of four pets will no more. than his wayland's have until the end of the month to register their cars for an unspecified amount of subsidized petrol before prices go up dramatically for everyone else in theory this would put the lucrative black market out of business but there's a problem. you can stop the government controls the members of the national guard stationed on the border patrol and allow tankers to cross the border . venezuela could certainly benefit from cracking down on corruption on its side of the border and selling the petrol it's been losing at the international prices just as necessary finally seem serious about raising prices at the pump.


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