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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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leader called it the m.b. per the is relevant but i could see it subtly lottery's territory it becomes own us i got to. say the protestants. would name a today as pretty aston's and set the target of us it out there particular spot is going to mark him. because he and the two corps. but there was spot to be a master of delight. finally oh i. think i've said. we're not going to show you right now. as though our sins got a little better this at r.t. or telephone myself enormous for a little more than sixty outward elisaveta maybe sky this is now now i. shall be my own paid business because. we've used years got here followed without
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guilt but of also the lord. as an act all skills are a special and. the unlike stead se. cos it's made you know there get out those eva gabor look but the very position are so long cut at their claiborne longboard bed there now is no cod mom supper. but who they're going to rest thinks them knowing they're going to shrink and not nodding to the symptoms and going down some. sort of not boots and locked them on their own. to acknowledge beyond the margins nor of the. touch of the mound. raised in those or gene.
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but there's measure interest in the advance but it was very much substance imo state has delayed speech to a leather shock thread to my mast but it broke the shout of marty to shout. but a man may need more days more driving out of it out when i asked your b.c.'s which welcome to you number of him becomes me because that's b. those. mean italy's grads and says in. yes that it's meant that i'll sometimes make it into that in the novel and also yes that i know i sound like i'm dori it out but it's probably shut up not. no not not what i was there. to mock. up not even to see it not see. our.
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big that's not. the house floor to all the old. courts i think also. blonde. standard the. date for sake of. the student died. last least i'm. about us. but they say by certain saturday at the age bottoms having commentating hospital said i'm seeking them to plot a method of our school a mathematical interest but now i suppose caught out a book. comes. out the study beat
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the slides got the osbourne we're going to stay it's. a double track. it it only commits do it isn't stand. that was the dania beach date subduction seem to last a mantle and cigar i was measuring richmond as we call it becoming you know writing in the thick dust there right meg mellons to us it does go she said nope it didn't go so not our last day. asked me so but that is now out so. say look there is that worse mess of data which i now brock's to look at the bottom of the. cup is demanding now was met but there's still guarded there with the people like i'm. on sale. televisa are among the fan buddie our party now this movie so i'm so ready in your diet i can speak your name at the
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docks she. has been special. be a day in shocks is the very rare thing of. yeah if you know. me to deny. they were that they are down there to the. middle of the bears coco subnormal is compared to men there to munch on as we snap a thick bedstead the money to get in by devil to smother nam need are to be docked wanted at the mall to come by a go to discard. those damai that were not up sides and bald. go. down are answered as the curtain rods rather in the room and often than.
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the about now the comics out by the straight is began. business leader. mana sexpert was killed but they had been this partnered council down to andro only good. or hot at all or some russian. for sure sort of although they will go. to brazil chile for the brewers you sure hope you were as you sure sort of broke. is the state. bam you'll be bush mate ya can begin to separate out sky algonquin. their friends beg us young. man they think.
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the lottery to kill not craig. bieber's that needs lead to call hold the school day . come get on speedy was banned by a belt of makes me you must pay. their wings and do it they are good out there but audience buzzing lines long die go to an office buzzing and maybe an expense but most. bank the expense and. soul of a. sense does big boss a bank style be they called us through. president other guys as the. second hours dean siennas coffee was gold but a call to scam already and. potentially dawson's been really very proud there have been. of sauce luke on the problems. the. new result looms
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a. lot of good years ago. well as long as they're out of the it's going to worsen borders and movement on top of rosegarden nor are going to the structures though his books and. starts bringing norton old bob grayson down the dod to send what if they do joins in now to ask a storm don i told still that godly also woman knows the recipe. was doug's door shockley cost normal date now the bank cost was bought and the. banks not died and they close us prophecy and i'll stop ourselves but. the end up it all the. bank up. now it seems but and then gotta be is penalty to the police some us only called business on the block db is my good painter. fashionable if you actually believe this was appropriate for d.c.
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to get you been suckered russian exclusionary in a series shipping if you didn't that was the way they are either and they're a little bigger for occupation by a relation but if you know it's a given here if i come off on the abortion. and she's from the. producers are you prepared to for the crew to pick you. right shouldn't the. younger set of them to. be fantastic. can i but i'll to mankato that. bluewater diago be stuck on corporate movies cozart salahi systema. the spell a arming him leads. they bind. donald wish we could rise of
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a common sense but president make. kanya has put us nased that's no not easily. an outgoing stance but be sure to have. my seniors out losing her someone but couldn't show it's presenting in the bandung the enough dome of thought to go into solos or your story you will surely you know the story. to stall. this so. you will have heard those words and are sure rebel crazy will. die go being looked at can take to the lungs and they all thought with a dose uplifting during the internet it belittled an effort broke. the words moods numbs global dismiss called card the receiver the end. when it is in those dead we could he said recently would naysay be. statesboro stick to her mask but machine
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a diagnostic clock as do marketing heads because we need our cars and pay to use in order to see indulged and to minister to being god's. it's in such a change that it is it it's. just not the moon's a location at least. for now the debate over the up with his. own take on the house is a lot. or let me and i believe that it has been this is the absence of a frenchman who likes to buy stuff he's the offical cos then he. really doesn't want to be she doing the research it also means. i.
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probably sometime bombard it. showed him just like them bangs the rings and up the one to see what the bank i'd snipe at benson has no goalie called by pollock the young. man's missing son back arms there was this going to be said to be among a growing number of victims. when all these knocks out never. never broke the endless. parties bank. believes one day of these mannish donald has dementia to. be thousands died from session million mobile data and nods. to be part of. it so that i know i don't like a in our survey percent name's not supposed to put out but a box b. section now this name be homebodies and. they'd
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sell it eyes and be take screen business novels legalese but never going to conduct . interpol's by getting a big public interposed mrs nixon but i've just got enough not according to the. promise on bad just now. my stepson again mostly because the got close to get that it's uppity can endorse him on extent. calls its guys mustafa i don't se mannish. she could bolt. mining because the north its residents are not the implements mas there's a little billions of dollars each of them there goes that a boy with long slacks. but we some listen task b. tampa connla you must notepads evolving passion one of the mama used as the bill clinton nigger by paranoid delusional real crappy oh. i must be or do my own cult whose
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cadets got to do the dishes page now brock's. book immediately because believe me i'm with beacon of the seas. that's. larry asked us to bring every it's us but as this girl goes some of the mummies it's something they do this so that's obviously not go the. orange was the sayes or that in fact what's going on at the. door i took the firm out of the bloke kind of clear all of that those are still in the. shade the days that i wrote this but dork are they in for an arctic average boresome rather than now they said oh it's especially out and it's not but look at him in the cuddly man's mote disconnect when the big day it's the ski but add the two is this in the
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beguiling state in the wood peach abscess needles a having never a up to it god will detonate it the trash in the car the good mom i am aussie stars take away those films but there'd be cut to go and quite. honestly back to it still not but that's the beauty of just about good dog valuelessness the story is that he could live it up like a snake is that it's a snake the old man beside us to be happy is not asleep it is a bad must have a she shut it down the cats never obviously supermarkets come here the best that pleasure articles about her outlook all. that their heads may say have made its next summer but in fact many adults in the think yelling men are slim on the head photographing them to the nitty googlies look at their has been modified not be it but money in my religious case that nic on top least in the us presence in the beast as grounds coming ashore because either the rush went out at
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city times feel my supper asleep was eaten brought him to walk. cus easton e by a month stats by to shankly manana as an excuse other guys check the. because east north it's. clear they're then they squarely in most of em canali and b.'s betty's. status was never a lady by. committee sexist and their videos but their gods are. clean. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just
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different places but it's one that gives that gives us the ability to identify. the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. unless we have new generations growing out to understand all the nations of the natural world then soon there will be nothing left and will suffer primatologist and conservationist dr jane goodall told to al-jazeera. september on al-jazeera with the us midterm elections just over two months away will explore the mood of the nation as americans celebrate the pretty on television and online history continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for
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a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to build its seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september on al-jazeera. hello i'm david palin in london and these are main stories knowledges their u.s. president pass announced that the white house counsel don mcgann will be leaving in the autumn some say it's because mcgann has achieved his goal of getting conservatives named as federal judges other observers believe it's because he's been complying with special counsel robert miller's investigation into the alleged collusion between the tram campaign and russia. brazil's president says he's considering introducing
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a daily cap on the number of venezuelans allowed to enter the country through the remote northwestern state of her i'm a michelle to mary says the number of migrants may be limited to one to two hundred a day tensions are high between the locals and migrants with troops that deployed to the border to ensure security following the outbreak of violence earlier this month. maritime authorities are calling for calm after french and british fishing vessels clashed in the english channel in a dispute over scalloped forty french fishing boats took part in the territorial battle north of normandy on tuesday french fishermen threw smoke bombs and rammed the british bezels and three boats were damaged french fishermen say the rules which allow british crews to begin trolling earlier in the year are depleting stocks of the shellfish un run schools for palestinian refugees have reopened despite u.s. aid cuts half a million students resume classes in gaza and the occupied west bank the un body
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responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to run until september after washington slashed funding earlier this year more than fifty thousand people have been forced from their homes in central mian mar after part of the dam burst flooding towns and villages government officials say this war dam spillways structure broke due to monsoon rains in the bag-o. region at least two people are missing after being swept away india's top courts has topped pleas from jailing five prominent rights activists who are accused of supporting left-wing rebels the five are also accused of inciting violence between those at the bottom of india's car system and right wing protesters the supreme court had ordered they be kept under house arrest and not transferred into police custody well those are the headlines stay with us now for the rest of witness.
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the. god the god of your office or the boss he says that he got. us out of the headache . and what's all this all got back by he's got the album out but it's not in the mother's name because most of the week old dog. days ahead but father. has made some awesome drugs the bad may have meant moves on to that. is that the bus to the event of a move above is going to be the goodness of god being my bad mother have a modicum
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a bit as the feeling of the moms. make it will delve a person just see if. they are as if most of the steps of the thing all of. these days shows god's love each was got the old joke my ass i will think i'm a demon. you know my a sign that was due to be two of those gold small sage special ed said a month of say. went by how much scope of this god's bios city it shot did a mock on election last puzzlement. to smile said custom to leave. the buggy schickel exists a bit this month but gotta tell ya know. and
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it. will so many things the about when i was a young buck if i'm going to come to this and he was making us think yesterday that's a. movie rental company thanks. we really hope that if he's. that good looking for a book and it's quite the same thing. so let's see how we are going to go is always here because all right because i like it's my stable my stable. right and you'll see for yourself that mr jim scandalous steps and it wasn't pretty because i can read it all because i'm a guy by the autobiography of our men to boys they would think what they would even to us is a link that but how does he have the way i was going to talk about. the mind being like you want to i mean greasewood in this and maybe you. votes
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oh i must be like take them with anybody tendency because it is stable now that if you speak with him in malaysia the language wasn't i mean what is it about what's the timing not the relations i'll focus on the spending to the missions i try to get in the direction that i guess maybe make you know that he's not this. ok but my him. i think put the man. put to make all their suspicions the news that we're going to get. michael i'm going to get him.
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these crimes are if. this is. what i think. it is but if you sense that falls do you think it's going to be just i mean. you're not going to get something for them but not enough to get rid of not. just those lots of couples the risk is not the. slightest but as for going to the left yes the dutch. he thought it was ok never mind that i might never he's definitely going to the distance it was your last christmas it was ok because he has had never asked me for it. and i know
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really i think not you don't know his indifference. approved they have this office that investment oh. oh. oh oh oh you can do a good guy no no it's you know let him live and then we. did have build ups. when there were only one which is the end of the elite. group. you what you think. you know. now i never see you know that. how do you know i think that you might wonder if you are not everybody else you know that you're getting that i didn't want it to be good for us or is that ok with you don't do it right it's religious very kind of a good. thing was great but. since you're. not
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in this community. this is what you do. well this is what you were doing this is the most is that there is no doubt that. you are a good girl but maybe. they can do for you a quick enough induction i thought that we've been going to give you this question this bit because you know us. here. is a bit low just melissa collectives given it's not as noticeable. blood to my thumb but the resistance of the mysteriousness and. then i don't understand where you're coming here. love. the divinity of the make up.
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coming so. it's you know there's just a man that proceeds. to announce that it's not the stuff of the skittles that you cannot doubt. that it is not good luck despite his illness because most cats once a day that's not as good as the one present now exists here i superior this is where they don't know most of the stuff against mr mom elite by the us and up into the good bit about these dogs what you just never have something to sprout and most bust but they've got us just don't buy anything to give up we need to finish the job yeah i need one pill because nobody gots one of ours you can use him then up in the bucket. that this is not going to make it will be so to walk to the intervals doesn't mean. it's not suspicious. not just about to check
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out the that's not a chance it simply was but this is the end that if you change your state's little and only set up. every night that they need that money to. help anybody much are we. really have nothing about it to say that we know it but there are not the bell phone but most of us business guy. because it's a do it guy think of its limits because it's there but there's that it's. actually to build things not just them with it and see how to do with more knowledge of this atmosphere looks like it's. good for. some kind of. a need to do i need to. do a little cruise ship project which is the deal because i think jake i think you know at least if you look at these guys it was like i knew. yeah you know
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it me to my knowledge it's at that somebody is looking at it then you know i think it was a smart thing else is now well i guess there's no. other things issues just climbing the snail. sliming is god's day to me admits dating me. at the. time but it could be a policy. but they. caught it but they see barack obama died. so they had in space as deadly machine now. last now do
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not mix out the bomb. i am. heading up to the ticket. make out a million and maybe even the bus space paddle could you not a machines but now dot has bad ass card like not the were john doe's knocked him play abs i got the solace but grooves especially. the united lucky. crowd make him. think no singapore has. made nice to go with. the thought of am but. but be that of a lots of anti-c. genius crazy middle class and could lead. to lots of. these god see that is evil to the eighty start. with bleeding good schools that go talk like a binge lost the. right
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for given your record the right thing out. and stick around. for. us it never gives. rise to. so shit for sale if. it is broken it's just for. the good stuff. but i. will be. sure. there. are indeed. who would do. you if you didn't agree should it. be true why. don't you go ok bridge rated you. do. it was little i really meant to all of us to.
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be seen enough. to have to build it all of them and. create a. very tense nasty please dancing r.b.s. on a separate country the so-called. tax. cuts. not just but if you see the song looking into one of my eyes you not be sure not presenting pfleger. took a massive disagreement. was guy speaks not of. god since i'm really sick. of the recession. this is. so and this is right in you before you walk into your i am thinking you are the princess and david to me. it's god says to
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me you do a woman it will be a council you're not good you if you believe so but he's also cancer so it's maybe you should give it a friend because a. lot of i thought it might not have it health initiative if the computer. says. this is. my boss and. how is she going to do morally to. kabul the amount put and international countries the route you want you want to go back not now i go after one year at the french project. at the beach i do a film you can copy and it will be. printed. on. them i don't like you don't want it so. let's get introduced to the. outside
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here all you gave us you want a little. money because it was the result of how much well that's not a model of the stuff that's out of my production operator. not not in my office and that you don't need to go to the station. that's that that's able to fly on people or so we can talk in oh yes to be sure we got to be a fact if you want a sore thumb what your parents are going to chew on is that our feet are pretty good grasp of it they're ok base he'll only open up and date all of these key d.d. . and d.s. what i would think katie. who didn't he take advice to go easy on very good eating so you did it all with this feeling you are not we got i don't quite doc i don't know because i mean. so i know what he did. george that's why i'm getting you
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look because he did or does did i say. chicken far far so receptive to our viewers this chicken meat part that i doubt. for a good fit to print and i think you should. be good yeah i thought about it the best. press referred for our chicken restaurant my prawn is told for i start down must i cook with marc bekoff made you know site market but actually it's good for their markets it's medium sized market after going rolling their money for them i need to develop and as a project worker they're far. on what you call organic food production down there and above. all to do great for jack for their cup or my needs food will do its job and everybody benefits if a horse just for golly if he were. we don't know their audience and i don't mean
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that i think that's a big i don't. have all they need to look at it than that it's. but now it does get this. in very good everything if it in. got to got put the debt in that. any. of the other parts of life you. know but this national debt. and deficits because because they are so said here so there was that good job. ok i get i saw your eyes on. the shirt there but it was so not out there maybe a. noble bordered on commitment mainly misgivings that this is
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a good. day it's going to be eyes and coffee percent and pro-u. mallorcan these other blokes so pretty maid now share least. my own pockets. but this is it if this if the payment is not a thing that's just. thought out says it was said. that it was that the. chief. could get a place as if. she were to put up. this money to give the baby a fig leaf if you want. to fight this by fifty three sheep and. if this is something that is amiss if you believe
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that the bill that compete with lots. of things helped us think up and up i could feel the same i could take up a sympathy for this and if you know it's. good to change my place for i sees that i know it is it's got me and make it something of a story i didn't. think doesn't seem like it's the stuff if it's legal but a good faith if i put out a few if any faith i don't support the facility as you do place if it's a good if. i did.
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each. other. to. lose.
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good. to. see you. never did explain the doubts. to last us because this is not love that we know we subvert so but if we should lie and makes mention that he is easy on the man then right misses him basically wasn't that i was saying he still mostly had them so that son in philadelphia has no much heard recently about this is about the comics that have made them up this first good that we should probably be sort of a probably nancy melich but are these places like the negative but are still up
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because of the want to believe this thing in mob bosses into building business on the other built out of themselves and could of the ills. but cool em is that i'm so most annoyed not at mr melich there's the scenes the message i think the paid leave us fail a economist but a bug's old. the domata look like. that is you know the out of the. is no more than true of all the head of. the music or not but i would like. to know god's more guts crock of you know what the hell or how this is bottomless it. tell me how much. money they give you. bring. pressure to. the bank. if you get a very expensive gift they can help with the project for. your future then that
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extent that they get i'd be all right that they get cover your good. work work. be in lee it's monday it's here they'll leave dobby bastille by gosh could se died stadol adult last the beach but it's us that should be a build good as we had the us tell us nasa but. is it out doesn't it get there it's not that he died these shows got the ships he had discussed kleenex but the entity . this is meekly to me what a move called i'm called could be chinois as nixon but then one. day it's. one of my develop as his de what she said to me not out not a snake on constrictors business as income as the good lesson this addiction is like on this one will. be as tidy as me
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a solution sale normalizes struck on my second. day of my ask. thank you relation to. working. with you forthwith. my girl now is really ought to look at fig if i can or maybe so i really relate to all folks belief me or even my family again. it was the. focus.
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desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and tossed hannity drive them home. in the second of two films on these contrasting experiences people and power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same path. to gambia back home on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you read every your. how you probably know there's huge tribes on the eastern side of australia but judging by the amount of cloud you couldn't really apply the epithet to the west and you'd be right not to there are parts of west australia where it is dropped and haven't but perth is not one of those parts nor indeed is the wheat belt in fact it's been raining to break records now the storm system will run through the bite towards adelaide bringing rain here on the cold front probably bring rain through victoria and i think we'll see some in new south wales some in queens and not enough to break the drought but it was a bit of welcome rain will say in the head of it all is down to tasmania and of
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course this system will eventually move towards new zealand but that will take a day or two in the immediate past and in the immediate future got this circulation here quite a windy one bringing big swells the western side of both islands the clouds just going to the east as they should have been sunshine for a while but shall seem likely in science out across churches and shelter here then as we wind things up the temperatures dropped to christ church and the rain is left as a few showers in autumn now it's been very wet in new caledonia recently in this line up the western pacific is cause an active one of the moment there's rain at the top end been causing flooding in seoul right in the forecast now is running towards northern honshu such a pattern is in for a persistently wet time. in an instant in shifting news cycle the receiving change a number of tweets the listening post takes pause and questions the world's media
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double will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it in their language of their culture and their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how the news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is listening post on al-jazeera. this is. hello i'm devika pollin you're watching the news hour live from london it's good to have you here with us coming up another member of president trump's inner circle on his way out and this time it's white house counsel tom mcgann. brazil says it may limit the number of venezuelans entering as it sends troops to calm tensions at the
5:49 am
border. guards free fighting in the libyan capital leaving hundreds of migrants trapped in detention centers with no food or water. and calls for calm between french and british fishermen now after a dangerous skirmish at sea for scalloped. on corrie sindo all the sports coming up including the defending the u.s. open champion avoids an early exit we'll have the action from new york so this news hour. so another member of the u.s. president's top team is on his way out the white house donald trump has announced on twitter that his counsel don again it will be leaving this autumn some say it's because he's achieved his goal of getting conservatives named to federal judgeships
5:50 am
other suggests it may be because mcgann has cooperated with the special counsel robert miller's investigation into the alleged collusion between the trunk campaign and russia our white house correspondent kimberly halakhah test more get on the bed when he was appointed as white house counsel donald trump called lawyer don began a brilliant legal mind but now he's leaving the white house adding to speculation that another member of trump's inner circle is turning against him a lot of affection for a done deal the movie probably. the private sector may be a great change in the world but he's. done an excellent job but it's been rumored that mcgann had been threatening to leave for weeks after getting pushback for advising trump not to fire special counsel robert mueller who's heading up the probe into possible collusion and russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election trump is reportedly furious mcgann is cooperating with muller giving thirty hours of testimony to the special counsel's team.
5:51 am
he follows a string of close friends and advisers that are now reportedly cooperating with the investigation those include his long time personal attorney michael cohen who pled guilty last week to campaign finance violations they also include alan weisel burke chief financial officer of the trump organization and longtime friend david packer who was involved in hush money payments to women during the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election with u.s. voters going to the polls for midterm congressional elections in november a democratic takeover of the house of representatives would mean trouble for trump the most damaging thing for the president is going to be the impeachment hearings and the investigations that the democrats have been likely have over the course of the entire sort of twenty nineteen here perhaps that's why rumored to replace john mccann is someone who knows
5:52 am
a lot about impeachment proceedings lawyer and that what represented president bill clinton during his impeachment hearings in the ninety nine can really help at al-jazeera the white house. well primary elections in two u.s. tate's are being seen as an important test of the so-called trump effect and florida democrats have picked the state's first african-american candidate andrew guillen for governor and he'll take on rhonda scientists who was behind in the polls until president trump tweeted his support and he gallagher has more from miami. even before november's all important midterm elections tallahassee is man andrew guillen has made history the thirty nine year old is florida's first african-american candidate for governor backed by bernie sanders gillum defeated his more moderate opponents we're going to make clear to the rest of the world that the boat believe that we've been underperforming out of washington. that. that
5:53 am
road soon and then zoom in that is big coming out of our white house that right here in the studio move the are going to remind business are good is just a little american right. for republican voters ron dissenters was the clear choice for president trump tweeted his support to scientists was behind in the polls now his political fate is closely tied to that of the president's dissenters is already causing controversy after he said florida should not monkey this up by electing andrew gillum it's a comment seen by many as racist and i was able to talk to the president i want to thank him for his support i want to thank him for entrusting me with viewing me as somebody who could be a great leader for florida so thank you mr president. in our zone as primary elections to president trumps influence played a decisive role often accelerate when the republican nomination for a vital senate seat by aligning himself with the president something all the states
5:54 am
conservative candidates were keen to do if there is a race to watch it then it's the one for florida's next governor a republican backed by president trump will take on an african-american democrat who. the victory on the wave of liberal support the differences between these two candidates will make for a colossal political showdown the battle lines in this nation's most important swing state of already been drawn to gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. in other news brazil's president says he's considering limiting the number of venezuelans allowed into the country which has a matter says he may introduce a daily cap from the current eight hundred allowed in to one or two hundred day tensions are high in the border states of roraima which has seen an influx of migrants who are trying to escape the political and economic turmoil back home more brazilian soldiers have been deployed to the border following an hour outbreak of violence earlier this month and groups of migrants were driven out of the states by angry locals the authorities in or i want the federal government to do more to help
5:55 am
them deal with the neuron evils more than fifty thousand venezuela's are living in brazil well our last an american editor newman has been in venezuela and he knows more from the capital santiago on the crisis. a mass exodus of refugees is placing extraordinary stress on neighboring countries like brazil that is why president of brazil says that he has ordered more soldiers to the border to guarantee order but also he says to protect the venezuelan refugees you may remember that some of them were attacked a couple of weeks ago by brazilians beginning to see them as a threat to their country. putting the blame on venezuela's president. he says that this has become a quote not just a problem for venezuela but also for the harmony of the entire continent on the other hand is trying to stop another kind of flow into another neighboring country
5:56 am
colombia the flow of fuel which is costing venezuela billions of dollars. in an oil rich countries like venezuela it's one thing to subsidize quite another is to give it away. it's a gift not even enough. thanks to today you can theoretically buy one million liters of petrol. one us dollar and imagine this if you can a one thousand. point zero zero one of a cent which is why the government took them out of. except at petrol stations and there's incredible as it may seem i can still use it here to buy a hundred and sixty six leaders of the highest. at the venezuela colombia border are small and large scale smugglers operate in broad daylight the
5:57 am
price distortion feeds a lucrative black market with billions of dollars but now in an attempt to rescue the drowning a commie president. has announced a plan to stop the leak. this wayland's have until the end of the month to register their cars for an unspecified amount of subsidised petrol before prices go up dramatically for everyone else. this would put the black market out of business but there's a problem. you can stop. the members of the national guard stationed on the border patrol. to cross the border. venezuela could certainly benefit from cracking down on corruption on its side of the border and selling the. international prices just as necessary finally
5:58 am
seem serious about raising prices at the pump. we don't know how much it's going to cost. raising the price of petrol has been a controversial and explosive issue in venezuela. yet even the most skeptical the giving away petrol is less of a gift than the symbol of an economy in freefall. the raising of fuel prices may help a little but economists say it is not the. end of the hyperinflation would some forecast a million percent before the end of the year nor is it expected to stop the mass exodus of. trying to escape hunger unemployment and shortages. necessary good and that is why latin american countries called ecuador will be meeting next
5:59 am
week to try to come up with a cold war they needed response to what is certainly the biggest refugee crisis in all of latin american history. meanwhile changes to venezuela's pension scheme have sparked angry protests from the early large crowds have been rallying outside the social security. the institute in the capital caracas from september pensions will be issue through a state issued identification card that the government contracts it will also be run through an online portal even though many retirees say they don't own or even use a computer. russian president vladimir putin has announced he's softening on popular plans to reform the pension system which have also sparked protests on the day the world cup kicks off in russia it was announced that the retirement age for men would go up from sixty to sixty five and for women from fifty five to sixty three but putin now says the age for women is being scaled down to sixty the reforms cost
6:00 am
outrage and a country where the life expectancy is just sixty six for men and seventy seven for women according to the world health organization the proposals pushed put in its own popularity ratings down from eighty percent to sixty seven its lowest level in more than four years while we challenge has more details from moscow after months of avoiding russia's deeply on popular pension reform proposals like it had nothing to do with him for the i'm a person who's just steps right into the middle of it this have been anticipated speculation had been the putin would play the kinds are watering down the proposals to make them more palatable perhaps stopping his sliding poll figures putin at the moment is less popular than he has been since the annexation of crimea in two thousand and four to.


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