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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the waters of the english channel one of the most expensive shellfish making them a lucrative catch a trench fisherman in the bay of sen off the coast of normandy say the british are depleting their stock paul brennan has more. the encounter began before dawn when the french fishing for confronted a handful of british boats fishing perfectly legally in international waters first came the verbal insults. then as the french boats crowded the british and began hurling smoke bombs metal shackles and full as situation became progressively more violent and extraordinarily dangerous. brock's try not. eggs. for a. shot bribes across the front of us to taunt foul up problems with the french
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navy royal long saw it didn't intervene. from the coast guard. not very good but the french crews are unapologetic aggrieved because their government prevents them from fishing for scholarships until october the first while the british boats have no such restriction and i think good idea. we have courses we have restricted ours the british don't have anything like that they come they fill up and then they go home there you go but. it's symptomatic of the simmering tension created by the imminent breck's it despite contributing less than north point five percent of the u.k.'s g.d.p. the fishing industry has become totemic in the brics it debates. repatriating the fishing rights currently held by other e.u. fleets will be complex and face stone resistance but the british government.
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insists brix it will mean u.k. fisherman keeping a larger share of the fish caught in u.k. domestic waters once we take back control of protein and a united nations agreement. what that says i would. take as much as they are able to and it's only the surplus that can be made available for other member states and it's not just the new member states it's other nations to come in and. french and british fisheries officials are urging calm and have agreed to talks to try to diffuse the tension but this was just the end of one battle not the end of the war over in an al-jazeera and plenty more still to come this hour. a dam bursts in myanmar forcing more than fifty thousand people from their own lives. and president putin watered down proposals to raise russia's
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retirement age after his poll ratings slide. how do you probably know there's huge drives on the eastern side of australia but judging by the amount of cloud you couldn't really apply the epithet to the west and you'd be right not to there are parts of western australia where it is dropped and they went but perth is not one of those parts nor indeed is the wheat belt in fact it's been raining to break records now the storm system will run through the bite towards adelaide bringing rain here on the cold front probably bring rain through victoria and i think we'll see some in new south wales some in queens and not enough to break the drought but it was a bit of welcome rain all saying the hymn of it all is down to tasmania and of course this system will eventually move towards new zealand but that will take a day or two in the immediate past and in the immediate future got this circulation here quite a windy one bringing big swells the western side of both islands the clouds just
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going to the east as they should have been sunshine for a while but shall seem likely in science out across churches and shelter here then as we wind things up the temperatures dropped to christ church and the rain is left as a few showers in autumn now it's been very wet in new caledonia recently in this line up the western pacific is cause an active one of the moment there's right at the top and been causing flooding in seoul right in the forecast now is running towards northern honshu such a pattern is in for a persistently wet time. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of century are realized but sometimes disenchantment drive them home. in the second of two films on these contrasting experiences people and meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same.
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gambia back home from al-jazeera. get his mind our top stories on al-jazeera president trump has announced the white house of lords on mccown will leave his post this fall as reports he cooperated with robert miller as part of the investigation into the collusion between the trump campaign and russia. brazil's president says he may restrict the number of venezuelans entering the country he's also sent more troops to the border of to growing tensions between locals and migrants in the northwestern state of arrive.
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and aid workers in libya say thousands of migrants have been abandoned without food or water and government run detention centers after guards fled the fighting in the capital tripoli. that more than fifty thousand people have been forced from their homes in central me and mar off to part of the dam bursts flooding towns and villages government officials say this war trung dam broke due to monsoon rain that's actually going to him has more. a torrent of water from this war chung dam surged into villages in the bugaboo region on wednesday morning a major road was also flooded a bridge connecting me and mars two biggest cities gone and mandalay was damage thousands of villagers have been moved from their homes to emergency shelters in all sixty three thousand people are said to be affected convoys of military trucks carrying boats are on their way to reach the stranded the dam collapsed after days
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of monsoon rain and weeks after heavy rain caused flash floods forcing one hundred fifty three thousand people from their homes natasha does iraq saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have dismissed a un report accusing them of possible war crimes in yemen as inaccurate the report by un experts said there is reason to believe that the governments of yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are responsible for human rights violations it also says who may have tortured prisoners because a report did not mention iran's role in the war and its support for who the rebels . iran's supreme leader has advised president rouhani not to rely on europe to save the nuclear deal as he comes under growing pressure of the economy this as the government's lawyers told the un's top courts that time is running out for iranians first suffering economic turmoil under u.s.
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sanctions they were making their closing arguments on the third day of hearings at the international court of justice in the netherlands iran is asking u.n. judges to order the u.s. to lift sanctions reports from the hague. it's known as the peace palace but the chance of the court here the highest legal body of the united nations bringing an end to the hostile environments between the u.s. and iran was never going to be high. lawyers from both countries have presented their cases to the course iran arguing that the american decision to pull out of the nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions broken agreements of friendship between the countries dating back to nine hundred fifty five. traced the moment to economy crozier and sans attempt to settle the dispute through the parted means did not succeed. iraq had no other choice but to seize the international court of justice with the president's request on sixty two
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large two thousand and two and they said sanctions were crippling the iranian economy and there is ranging from investment in renewable energy to aircraft parts or lex pours on the iranian currency itself the measures are intended to and do bite deeply into the key areas of iran's economy and they also bite into the health well being and safety of its citizens as well as of its companies but in response the us said that the iranian claim that it was guilty of unfriendly actions was deeply hypocritical given the anti american sentiments and actions taken by iran since the islamic revolution of nineteen seventy million and that the iranians were deliberately confusing legal and political issues mr president iran's request warrants another observation before i proceed it rests on the basis of a treaty who central purpose friendship with the united states iran has expressly
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and repeatedly disavowed since nine hundred seventy nine in its words and actions by sponsoring terrorism and other malign activity against united states citizens and interests. in other words the situation that the parties find themselves in today is nowhere near what was contemplated when the treaty was concluded in one nine hundred fifty five for all of the american attempts here to destroy the iranian case there is an argument that suggests that politically speaking this might be quite a useful exercise for the american government because the people arguing that the u.s. was within its rights to withdraw from the nuclear deal and that the sanctions imposed on iran on anything like as harmful as the iranian side says are not hard core supporters of president trump their lawyers working for the state department's panel of judges will not make a decision this week on iran's case and whatever they do decide may easily be
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ignored by the united states have you. come to hate on a. u.n. run schools for palestinian refugees have reopened despite u.s. aid cuts half a million students resume classes in gaza and the occupied west bank the un body responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to run until september though after washington slashed funding for it earlier this year and their reports the u.s. is going to end all financial assistance to the agency. to open the school today was a very strong message that owner believes in its services that we will not abandon our mandate our mandate is not for sale it's something that we believe in very strongly and today we could see it here we are very determined to keep this schools open i told the students they should focus and concentrate on their studies we will concentrate on getting the money to ensure they can continue their studies. people in the state of arizona are paying their respects to the republican senator john
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mccain the latest politician is lying in state in phoenix on what would have been his eighty second birthday earlier family and politicians attended an emotional private ceremony at the capitol with the senator's flag draped cross casket the former vietnam war hero died on saturday of brain cancer he was one of trump's fiercest critics and often publicly clashed with the president. and fans are queuing to say goodbye to the queen of soul aretha franklin whose body is on display in her home city of detroit she died two weeks ago of pancreatic cancer at age seventy six our correspondent john hendren is at the charles h. wright museum of african-american history. hundreds of people have come to remember the queen of soul is she lies in state at the museum of african-american history here in detroit these are the placards that people are being given when they go inside and they transition from soul out here songs like respect and think to her
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gospel sounds inside where yesterday she was lying on her first day lying in state all in red all the way down to join shoes and today she had a costume change the queen of soul doesn't wear the same outfit two days in a row so now she's wearing blue she will be remembered for her music but you will also be remembered in the lives of these people for whom her life was a soundtrack now on thursday there will be a major sponsor for. thirty other bands and then on friday there will be a funeral where the queen of soul will be laid to rest. russia's president vladimir putin the house announce he saw spinning an unpopular draft red legislation to reform the pension system now the proposals have pushed putin's popularity down to its lowest levels in more than four years already talent has more from moscow. after months of avoiding russia's deeply unpopular pension reform proposals like it
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had nothing to do with him. has just stepped right into the middle of it this had been anticipated speculation had been that putin would play the kinds are watering down the proposals to make them more palatable and perhaps stopping his sliding poll figures at the moment is less popular than he has been since the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen of course that's not how putin himself framed his intervention. the main goal of this deal is to provide financial stability. for many years to come which means not only keeping the same rates but also increasing them for current and future pensioners two issues goals pension reform bill apart from the provisions and visitors a gradual raise in pension age currently women in russia retire at fifty five and minute sixty the plan had been to raise this to sixty three for women and sixty
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five for men the compromises that putin has offered are to lessen the increase in retirement age for women to just sixty years old men will stay the same at sixty five women with particularly big families will get to retire early and for the transition period for the five years prior to retirement they'll be certain tax breaks and extra benefits also employers that discriminate against russians because of their advancing age. punishments will this take the sting out of the pension reform protest movements well we'll have to wait and see who's in though says the time to act is now he insisted that perhaps the country hadn't been ready to do this before but now he says there is no room left to postpone it any longer. team inches of film first man has officially opened
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at the seventy fifth annual venice film festival renowned for premiering many oscar winners the eleven day event marks the official beginning of the awards season but who will win this year's top honors the golden lion is anyone's guess but the bubba has more from venice. going for a view in venice as the celebrities arrived for the start of the seventy fifth film festival there was plenty to get excited about whichever film goes on to take the top prize here in venice what's clear is that is a great debt from the great variety of films on offer here critics are saying this is one of the strongest selections in many many years. the opening film comes courtesy of damian shows zell whose last movie la la land also kicked off this festival two years ago before winning six oscars. first man is the story of how nasa astronaut neil armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon the risks that we had every intention coming back there
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were strong performances from ryan gosling in the lead role and from claire for he plays armstrong's first wife janet and. other true story in the running is peterloo by british festival favorite mike leigh it's a historical drama set in one thousand century northern england but should resonate with audiences around the world when cavalry rode into a huge crowd had gathered to demand democratic reforms it became known as the peterloo massacre. by alfonso quattrone set in the more recent past it's about a nine hundred seventy s. family in mexico where koran grew up like his last film gravity which won the oscar for best director it's visually stunning and it's one of twenty one titles competing for the venice is top prize the golden lion will probably start speaking to each other because the selection this year is incredibly rich an incredibly powerful or task is not easy but i believe that we are like midwives are showing
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new life into the world of cinema and i know that i'm off all the festivals in the world men is one of the rare ones that can actually change your life or filmmaker no matter what point of the career that filmmaker maybe end. but over the next week and a half there's a world of cinema are on offer here for big blockbusters to the most intimate documentaries proving variety in venice go hand in hand with al-jazeera at the venice film festival. again here are the main stories and there's been another change to the us president's top team donald trump has announced his white house counsel john mcgowan will be leaving some say it's because my dad has achieved his goal of getting conservatives named to federal judgeships others suggest it's because he's been cooperating with the special counsel robert motors investigation into alleged
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collusion between the trump campaign and russia. brazil's president says he's considering introducing a daily cap on the number of venezuelans allowed to enter the country through the remote north western states for. results america says the number of migrants may be limited to one or two hundred day tensions are high between locals and migrants the troops deployed to the border to ensure security following an outbreak of violence earlier this month. are lots in america at a term used the scene even has more. just a couple of weeks ago there were clashes between brazilians and some of the refugees when they were not apparently one brazilian was attacked by one of the venezuelans and people were sent fleeing back across into venezuela for their own safety the government sent two hundred soldiers in to try to protect them but clearly that is not enough because more and more people are being diverted to the road i might to brazil as other countries like ecuador and cruel make it more
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difficult for the venezuelans to get in demanding that they have passports and so this is just spiraling out of control. aide workers in libya say thousands of migrants have been abandoned in government run detention centers after guards fled fighting in the capital tripoli the migrant services sub-saharan africans including women and children have been left without food and water. more than fifty thousand people have been forced from their homes in central man mark after parts of a dam burst flooding towns and villages government officials say this war trying dam spillway structure broke during monsoon rains. and maritime authorities are calling for calm after french and british fishing vessels clashed in the english channel and a dispute over scalloped forty french fishing boats were involved in the territorial battle north of normandy on tuesday of those are the headlines stay with us now for people and power china is keen to win friends and
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influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the long term plan of china to secure its resources for the future the i.m.f. said sub-saharan region as a holdout is expected to grow we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on which is era. desperate for a safer more prosperous life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams have come true sometimes disenchantment interest in the city have driven them. in the second of two films on these conflict experiences people in power has been for cambodia where disillusioned received a trying to persuade others from following the site.
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their dream was of a better life in europe. their return to gambia has put an end to all such aspirations. pecksniff. as you know she says are very you know one of the numbers in the world i don't want any were there no more than a more than a group of one hundred forty would be migrants all of whose journeys have gone badly wrong being repatriated find international n.g.o.s about it other than. five more and six more said one of the lawyers and even opening well i will see if i thought that would be awesome market i'm in development so it's just
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a business. to do that i don't want to know the amount of the funding on. a live vase i'm quoted and made to be played a joke was that it doesn't have a high pleased that it had the self i love the life and i haven't then because and the only guy who lives in danger actually does he has excellent food and all of those things that i love that cannot be said out. imprisonment exploitation violence drowning at sea just a few of the hazards migrants face when trying to get to europe. and even for those who make it the reality of life as an unwelcome arrival can be far from ideal. in two thousand and seventeen over twenty seven hundred gambians gave up on their dreams either because they couldn't get beyond libya or because public hostility and increasingly tough immigration laws deterred them from trying to stay in the e.u.
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they had no option but to come back and try to rebuild their lives. but with democracy beginning to function here again after years of autocracy and the economy also now showing signs of life some gambian return needs a rediscovering their faith in their homeland. the outskirts about jewel capital of the gambia. love would show. going to homosexuals in the most awful and karama first met in a libyan prison together they endured violence and privation and became close friends they also made each other a promise to one day one others who might be tempted to fun of the same path actually just get one life just like to be that we already know should get destroyed because the truth is very very hard on them the problem is that we take
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between them to leave the problems to be officers who know they are not discouraging them from my exit in one way i discourage in them from working days but when it will let it go into someone's going to get out and you know because i experience that as a foreigner in living in a foreign calling to be with us nobody in day even dead nobody will identify you it was thrown over from a failed migrants have signed up with the association all of them volunteers preparing to join mystify and karama on a remarkable mission crisscrossing the country that aim is to discourage anyone who might be considering the perilous journey that's known to all here as the back way how people are going to see the mystery. it depends because like out of five minutes enjoying the advantage of just getting to know my friends i knew how to
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farm and these who are suffering from don't want to see if one of the unfair but i was. just land. based. so i was sent on with or somehow being done to the last one though not just going to. jail. one buys it you know i mean i just don't think. one should be. mystified grew up pat and sarah kunda the eldest of six children. his family amassed large debts to help fund his attempted migration in the hope that most of her and ninety technician could find a good job in germany today this still paying a high price for the sacrifices they made going to be our own love of. his life these visits that season the kind of. money. despite his faith and the family's many problems his mother refuses to turn her
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back on him i'm going to my access i think they have got one now what do i mean one of them would get us and they are going to let you know them. and would like a something i am that i did not just not something i do yeah like i do beginning she was still didn't mean like you have to go under for a job because this is not bringing anything for you underfunded it you know some of the family will have to i know it as you would you have to look for job yeah in order to help us yeah so what i used to dunwoodie you discuss the sea is an alaskan b.j. yeah because you know also trying to create a job what you do is for the users and i'm showing you how proud i do business yes . today most of karama dream is finally coming true on
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a ferry heading across the mouth of the river gumbi to the country's northern shore . with them off fifteen volunteers from the association all former migrants like themselves after months of planning and trying to get financial backing for the trip and mood is upbeat i have yeah yeah i love it. you know i mean here's a look at ways for the local talent to take a day or interval the language of this is a moving city eggs all the news in jails and. blood gets past the singing ones. and i think. that's the most yeah i mean there's this you know that i'm not saying it is they're going and it's something that i just. can't take. food for five days that convoy will tour through areas where years of burnett most public see and unemployment up close people to take desperate measures. to gambia
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is the smallest nation in west africa but it's been one of the largest contributors to the my current flow across the mediterranean. and there. was. the first stop to st michael's school and am going to one of the biggest in the northern territories . to raise awareness amongst students most often his team have written a play based on their own experiences. he. migration is a tradition going back decades a much traveled route to much. value going. public here but
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my. living to go with what i thought was because it is one i would join in a deadly journey my brother the fathers of those of us that you're going to spend with this journey if you put it into business we can would you become a billionaire could do that but my agent told me that he will help me within two weeks then i'll be absolutely serving maybe. august i get some ice because most of those tickets will never tried it but we will keep sending you do you know how many friends and this is the topic eight thousand two hundred dollars in the number you didn't get and some of this is just gum downs our governors brought us. if you owed one as they always send you to but people after they got up to get them together we can. all who enjoy the drama. so i won. the course and although it is sort of fortunate here so unless
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those of wanted to stay on track to benefit from it. later that afternoon the schools economics and social sciences teacher reinforces the message international my vision has become a very serious problem really we see many people living in africa and some somehow i think a particular now one important question for all of you is there anybody who has someone who was ever involved in this illegal migration. right here in the past i mean because the way yes they have and see them did work and they didn't even know. why do you have to move and it wasn't. you know if he got an issue and irresponsible migration got a job that would be. just they should we all johnson his dad you know so we said we
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have a you got to get in you got your hands must be responsible you know this time son when i was to bend down on the ground walk to the development of our country never the less higher education is very expensive in the gambia and even for those who get it well paid professional jobs are extremely scarce aspiration and rhetoric have yet to be matched by opportunity once you says it dies then they need to see something tangible in the country they need to see. the government being responsible enough to was creating employment for youths they need to see into government response well enough towards this didn't move tasha to school years revenue would be able to study law study medicine study or decisions of education in the uk country you know some people no matter how you slice it does that once
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they don't see these things in place they will leave. the same challenges are found throughout the country the convoy's next stop is s.-o. a small town with a population of around seven thousand. him mystified and his team plan to use a different kind of presentation based around a large open at projection screen. as elsewhere in the gambia people here get much of the news and information from social media but it's also the medium which spreads most of the myths about how easy it is to get to a better life in europe. the truth is that for the vast majority of migrants those minutes will turn sour margaret from north africa very often from britain for example here and correct. images like these will be very familiar to view as of western media but for many here it's the first time they've been seen.


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