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at this time. this is zero. hello i'm still rob and you're watching the al-jazeera news our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes waves of unstoppable water after part of a dam collapses more than sixty thousand people evacuated from their homes. and appealed for calm in libya after days of fighting breaks between rival groups in tripoli. also confronting a dark history in the philippines will take a closer look at the disappearance of political opponents never to be heard from again. and in sport
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a standoff between mohamed gyptian football federation gets more hostile a senior official from the. threatening the family and the country's most player. welcome to the news of the collapse of part of a domineering man has unleashed giant waves of water and force the mass evacuation of villages and towns more than sixty thousand people have had to flee their homes and major roads have been flooded from possible. this is the swatch town dam in region central myanmar the spillway of the dam collapsed early on wednesday morning after days of heavy rain sending torrents of water into nearby towns and villages in some places the surge of water reached nearly two and a half meters the military the police and the myanmar red cross are taking part in
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the rescue and relief efforts. the water came so fast into our village and we didn't have time to run we have never been flooded before nothing like this has ever happened the rains don't cause flooding here. eighty five villages have been flooded and more than sixty three thousand people affected for some they've lost more than just their homes. and soon after we got there were already rising behind us we lost a cart's pigs and engines everything including our rice bags by wednesday afternoon flooding at the dam site had begun to subside although transport remains disrupted and a badly damaged bridge will need to be replaced. we are going to build another bridge right away in place of the damaged bridge. only days people living around the area had raised concerns about the dam but authorities reassured them it was
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safe this accident now puts the spotlight firmly on the issue last month a dam collapse in neighboring ours killed at least twenty seven people and displaced thousands of us lawrence lee. well our meteorologist kevin corriveau joins me now here in the studio kevin it's good torah fix it for those in me involving when will this monsoon end in the region well they are looking at the peak of the monsoon right now between july and august and actually in the in the end of july as well as the beginning of august that's when we've seen some of our worst rain in the area but for miramar we're going to see a drastic job drop as we go towards september but it's not completely over until mid october is it is a unique monsoon this year we see some terrible weather in southern india and generally across asia pacific that's what we've seen in carroll of course we've talked about that before we've seen. definitely above average in that area for most
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of india though we've seen a normal monsoon for the western sydney for the eastern part of india as well as into the northern areas of myanmar they've actually had a deficit but it has been this particular area in central maine mar that we've actually seen quite a bit of just above average rain just in the last several weeks you say that the weather will sort of dip by that time but what is that long range forecast in the us maybe even it's couple of days here in the next couple days actually in this area here in central memoir we are actually looking at better weather over the next few days in terms of the rain so they're going to have time to try to repair that spillway in that area it's really to the northern part of myanmar that work spectum to see probably some of our heaviest rains there so we need to keep an eye on for the time being thanks very much kevin thank you. well also in myanmar while global attention is focused on the brink of crisis a human rights group is warning that another ethnic group is facing persecution forty five writes as the government is blocking aid to tens of thousands of
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civilians displaced by conflict in kitchin state in the north has been fighting in the region since a cease fire between the military and the kitchen independence army broke out in two thousand and eleven. the forty report sounds that to find that there are more than one hundred six thousand ethnic civilians displaced by war living in more than one hundred forty camps they face government imposed restrictions to food health care shelter and sanitation and so far in twenty eighteen only five percent of the five hundred sixty two applications to deliver aid to the group have been approved david bull is the forty five rights group from the group and came out with a report he is calling for the international community to take action. well the government of mir miles worked hard to get international attention away from the conflicts in kitchens state an organ shan state up near the china border the chinese authorities are worked in concert with with the government have met him. to
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the same end and that's a problem because when you restrict human rights groups humanitarian groups human rights monitors the media and others from from going to these areas. you really limit the amount of information that can come out of them but they have a good reason to try to keep international attention away from kitchen state because we see continued evidence of mass human rights violations there. and we see avoidable deprivation to aid as a direct result of government policy in their mind and most recently the report from the u.n. fact finding mission this week. said that the minimum military should be investigated for crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide those are not terms that people use lately and we're well past the point now where the mystic remedies are still to be taken seriously and frankly the government of myanmar both civilian and uniformed have demonstrated they have no interest in holding
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themselves to account for mass human rights violations in this country whether we're talking about the ring your community in the west or the kitchen population in the north. the international community act which is why us and many other groups are calling for the u.n. security council to refer the situation in myanmar to national court otherwise we worry that the parts of impunity the types of crimes that we document will just continue a fragile cease fire in libya seems to be holding a turn appeal for calm by the government the three days he came into effect on wednesday after days of fighting in libya's capital tripoli between rival armed groups at least twenty six people including fifteen civilians were killed in the clashes that began on monday. mahmoud of the way he joins me now from the libyan capital what seems to be the reason for this upsurge in the clashes in the capital . will. generally speaking it's.
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a conflict for control over strategic locations in tripoli and that includes military camps that were previously controlled by the seventh infantry brigade and also the international airport of tripoli which is currently controlled by an armed group affiliated with the backed government of national accord now the this latest conflict is between the seventh infantry brigade from the city of god who now which is around one hundred kilometers to the east in the south of tripoli on the one hand and its affiliates and on the other hand are with groups from tripoli which are fully aided or backed by the backed government of national accord now the seventh emf into brigade claims that those groups into pally are unofficial and
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their birth blackmailing the state institutions in tripoli which is partly true on the other hand the national accord the government has recently this owned simmons infantry brigade and calls it and its affiliates are laws now the recent conflict in the southern suburbs of the capital tripoli has led to twenty six twenty six dad that includes fifteen civilians their humanitarian situation has been worsening during the last three days days also the migrants were getting reports that more than one hundred. african migrants they were kept in detention centers in the southern suburbs of the capital tripoli and some of them were transferred to other detention centers away from the clashes area and many of them are. could be unaccounted for there is no there is no official comment on them. grants issue so
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far but recently a ceasefire agreement has been reached that. there is effective. last night and that should be lasting for three days and it calls for composing a neutral force from the west and central military. to intervene in the gap to tripoli to put an end to this conflict and also maintain order in the capital tripoli but the question now is will the conflicting. groups will will be committed will they be committed to the current cease fire agreement or not especially as we know that two days ago another cease fire was breached by both parties or for the moment i will leave it there thanks for the update when we don't overheat there in tripoli argentina's president has asked for billions of dollars in emergency cash and made a televised address to the nation amid fears of a new economic crisis prices have been rising rapidly and its currency falling fast
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there are concerns it may not be able to meet loan obligations but many fear an international bailout after the last ones that millions sliding into poverty paltrow durgin has. the international monetary fund has agreed to speed up bailout payments to argentina president maurice your mockery made the request as the argentine post or drop to record lows it's a good thing they actually is here to step in but you have to keep in mind also that the perception of the i.m.f. inside argentina is very negative for what happened in two thousand and one. two thousand and one is when argentina defaulted on its ninety three billion dollar loans turns of thousands of businesses closed unemployment skyrocketed and a huge number of people were left in poverty but i'm not going to get a lawyer and i must either but i mean the new generation net did not live through to two thousand and one crisis like me as i was still a kid we see what's happening now and there is less and less trust in government.
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lack of trust has stemmed from the government's inability to cut deficit spending it's also failed to address pension reforms or create revenues from taxes all that and the spiraling global investors and argentinians who want to take their money out of the country in. most of the country is a problem which is that due to all the government's lack of credibility we think a lot in dollars and it is logical to think in dollars with inflation it's thirty thirty five percent per year. workers who've had enough are planning strikes and protests and as argentina prepares for elections next year president crean must stabilize the economy or lose control of it. john al-jazeera. the us is easing quotas on steel imports from south korea and brazil argentina was given relief on steel and alum indian president donald trump signed the measure on thursday the us uk levies on steel and aluminum imports from e.u.
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countries mexico and canada in march well trump justified the move on national security grounds tyrus on u.s. goods were also imposed in. separately the u.s. and canada i mean to reach a deal by friday revamping the north american free trade deal known as nafta negotiators from both sides have been meeting in washington d.c. trying to hammer out an agreement keeping nafta intact speaking to reporters on wednesday leaders from both countries are paid optimistic a deal could be reached. there in the white house right now we're negotiating with them right now they want to be a part of the deal and we gave till friday and i think we're probably going to track we'll see what happens but in any event things are working out very well we recognize that there is a possibility of getting there by friday but it is only a possibility because it will hinge on whether or not there is ultimately a good deal for killing a good deal for canadians i said from the very beginning. no news to deal is better
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than a bad news to deal. from washington d.c. at the beginning of the week it looked as if the replacement for the north american free trade agreement or now after would be a buying national deal between the united states and mexico hedging mostly on revised terms on how many automobiles and automobile parts could be exported from mexico into the united states however there is now the possibility that this deal could end up including canada one of the members of the north american free trade agreement that's because canadian negotiators led by the foreign minister chrystia freeland are currently meeting with their u.s. counterparts here in washington to see if they can hammer out a similar export deal as well as work out other issues including such things as agricultural trade between the two countries more than half of u.s.
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states have a robust direct trade relationship with canada and they don't want to see that imperiled there's also considerable pressure from by partisan members of congress to see any replacement for now to include both mexico and canada now the question is can the united states and canada reach a deal before the end of the day on friday that deadline is important because that might be the only way that the top administration could get an approval of at least a binational deal with mexico approved before the new mexican president takes office on december first. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including germany faces growing calls for to apologize for genocide in the maybe a more than a hundred years ago. also british and french fishermen fight it out on the high seas and it disputed over shellfish and in sports arena williams says the paper round clash with the older sister venus or the u.s. open those details coming up in the hour.
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russia's ambassador to the united states is warning against what he calls groundless and illegal aggression in syria and fears the americans are planning air strikes the u.s. has warned of retaliation if syrian government forces attack opposition areas with chemical weapons. the doctors in iraq say u.s. sanctions are endangering lives physicians are worried they won't have enough drugs to treat patients foreign companies can sell medical supplies to iran but banking restrictions are making that harder than ever before so the reports from tehran. here at ash has been struggling with hemophilia since he was born it's a blood disorder that his parents know means he will never live a normal life. but the medical treatment he gets at this clinic gives him a fighting chance. he's
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a boy he should play with his friends and. if he does he has to go to the hospital to get an injection so it affects his spirit and he cannot enjoy. seven he seems too serious his father says his condition makes him a little weak but like any other kid his age he has dreams. he wants to be a police officer when he grows up he says because then he'll get to catch criminals for a living. his parents are hopeful that the treatment he's getting now will make him strong enough to take care of himself and turn his dreams into reality and. i have something to tell the american they shouldn't exist with patient issues they must separate these things from each other the iranian care center treats thousands of patients in dozens of clinics across the country. in the past blanket sanctions on banking made it nearly impossible to find companies willing to sell medicine and
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equipment to iran. and so iranians began domestic production taking matters into their own hands half of the medicine views to treat many of the patients in facilities like this is made right here in iran the other half is imported from pharmaceutical companies outside the country but it's the second half that has medical professionals worried once again iran can't make all the medicine it needs on its own. as governments play political games aid workers say civilian lives hang in the balance. i'm saying this to the leaders of western states and americans you may have political conflict with our government but your methods actually hurt people in classic war when it's guns that there are some rules but with sanctions we have no rules i call it a silent battle without sound of guns the first victims in this war are the civilians it's women it's children u.s. president donald trump and his administration say they will impose the most
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stringent biting sanctions on iran the world has ever seen the white house says sanctions are designed to weaken iran's government but people in this clinic want donald trump to know that at some point that means fighting kids who are fighting for their lives. the philippines as a long history of people who disappear apparently abducted by police song government agents never to be seen again some have been missing since the one nine hundred seventy s. when martial law was imposed but just changed since then but filipinos continue to vanish from manila jamila a window you can reports. the paris you dos or the disappeared is a theater play in manila that aims to remind young filipinos of the horrors of their recent past. the scenes here hope to recreate the atmosphere of fear
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and brutality during the time of the late dictator president for didn't mark last. month civilians brother her money man was a human rights lawyer he was abducted by military agents and has been missing for more than forty years the loss is immeasurable she says not just for her family but also for the country the political dissenters during their marcos with their dictatorship where on long the finest men and women our country has ever produced they were really conscious live the liberate the silence by the agents for this because they were very critical. rights groups say the practice of enforced disappearances by state agents started during martial law and continues to this. almost two thousand people are known to be victims of enforced disappearances but rights groups believe the number of unreported cases is even higher. power
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longs for her daughter surely the pardon was deliberate activist who was abducted in two thousand and six by military agents when gloria macapagal arroyo was president and linda feels that even if a case reaches court the odds against people like her are much higher because they are poor and get very little government support the building. when a phrase that perpetrate or general will be toppled by iran in court there were so many soldiers protecting him but there we were the teams with no one on our side and then i realized this government to protect women knows these are relics and memorabilia of filipinos who were abducted tortured and killed over the years it may seem like the horrors but curators say it is necessary to preserve the
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memory on these recent historical tragedies. there's been a resurgence of protest art in recent times but really i mean we hear it over and over again never forget always remember. because history is a cycle and we have to break it families all mourn for their deaths about it see to see even though they are no longer there there's juggle for fundamental freedoms continues if anything their absence has only made it stronger. zero. and of course that story links to the fact that it's the united nations marking international day of the victims of enforced disappearances know they are commonly carried out in internal conflicts by governments trying to repress political opponents or armed opposition groups forced
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to disappearances are a serious problem in many countries from mexico to sri lanka from egypt to zimbabwe amnesty international rates syria among the worst offenders it says some eighty two thousand people have been subjected to enforced disappearance there since the war began in two thousand and eleven while the majority of those who've disappeared in syria have vanished into government tension centers this is not to be confused with the two thousand people who have gone missing after being detained by of groups. sarra is a serial researcher with human rights watch and joins me now from beirut good talking with us live on al-jazeera in terms of inforce disappearances what makes that definition different from a missing person just to reinforce it for our international audience. so enforce this is the disappearance is the primary difference is that it's a state or with the knowledge and consent of the state a third party would would
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a doctor kidnap or detain an individual and then deny that they have done so so the nexus of the state to being involved is the primary difference with an enforced disappearance and force disappearance is always a crime under international law so let's focus on those that have disappeared and what sort of numbers are we looking at what circumstances circumstances because many have disappeared before the war began during the syrian war by all sides so let's just talk about those that have disappeared during the war there are tens of thousands tens of thousands that are current that have been disappeared in the in the syrian conflict since the start of the war the syrian government and security services have practiced in force disappearances prior to two thousand and eleven but after the crisis this escalated majorly and you found that they were arresting dozens and disappearing dozens at a time what type of people are we talking about as of been disappearing what types
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of people what walks of life do they come from. human rights watch has actually documented the enforced disappearances of human rights defenders of journalists of humanitarian workers of doctors a peaceful political activists among others i mean what does you a day like this do to sort of highlight the issue i mean are you looking to try and help the loved ones find. missing relatives or does a day like this also put pressure on governments to release those they may be holding illegally or even bring those to book and see them in a court of law of a chile and you and the like this actually is an opportunity to really raise awareness of this issue that's been prevalent for seven years that there is no solution has been to and to provide additional support to families of loved ones it's also an opportunity for organizations that work on this issue such as ours to
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be able to spotlight this for governments that are committing these abuses and urge them to reveal the whereabouts of those that have been disappeared what's been interesting talking to you so we speaking to various representatives around the globe through the day for the moment sara. beirut thank you. and a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still ahead here on al-jazeera a rain forest the size of france is at risk in the democratic republic of congo also lights camera action and it's rolls out the red carpet for its film festival we look at this year's contenders for the top award. for the unified korean team guarantees a fourth medal at the asian games. from dusk the sunset over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. this hour we're going to start here in the southeastern
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portion the china and you know this is a very big dense area of clouds right here kind of just sitting on the southern shore and the southeastern coast of parts of southeastern china will take a look at some video that has come out of one jew the excessive rain in the sweden has been incredible just in the last twenty four hours and it wasn't just the city where we're looking at rescue recovery efforts all along the southeastern coast all the way down towards hong kong where in some locations they received over seven hundred millimeters of rain we'll get to that in just a moment but the rain is going to continue unfortunately over the next few days and with already saturated ground and with areas receiving one hundred eighty three millimeters there over towards hong kong we saw three hundred fourteen millimeters of rain just in twenty four hours the forecast looks like this we're going to be seeing more rain across that region so flooding is going to be easily established along that area and as we go towards the weekend notice the rain continues along that coast and it's not really until we get towards saturday evening into sunday do
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we start to see those breaks in the rain across that area so it's going to be rainy mostly cloudy partly due to turning partly cloudy with thirty two degrees f. a taipei rain in your forecast as well at thirty two. the with sponsored by cat time riis. closer to. september on al-jazeera with the u.s. midterm elections just over two months away we'll explore the mood of the nation as american celebrates labor day on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by
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a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to hold its seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september up on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour with me so ho robin a reminder of our top stories the collapse of part of a dam in miramar first forced the mass evacuation of villages and towns more than sixty thousand people have had to flee their homes and major roads have been
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flooded rescue teams are the military have launched a huge operation. a three day cease fire's come into effect after days of fighting in libya's capital tripoli between rival groups at least twenty six people including fifteen civilians were killed in the clashes that began on monday. in argentina the value of the peso has plunged to a record low after the president appealed to the international monetary fund to speed up a fifty billion dollars budget see bailout with inflation above thirty percent arjen times are heading for the second recession in three years. u.s. president donald trump has announced another top white house aide is to leave his post donegan will step down as counsel in autumn is to began has been cooperating with the inquiry into alleged russian meddling into the twenty sixteen elections that's reportedly made trump uneasy our white house correspondent kimberly held it has more. when he was appointed as white house counsel donald trump called lawyer
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don mcgann a brilliant legal mind but now he's leaving the white house adding to speculation that another member of trump's inner circle is turning against him a lot of affection for done until the movie and probably the private sector maybe a great change here in the well but he's. done an excellent job but it's been rumored that mcgann had been threatening to leave for weeks after getting pushed back for advising trump not to fire special counsel robert muller who's heading up the probe into possible collusion and russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election truck is reportedly furious mcgann is cooperating with muller giving thirty hours of testimony to the special counsel's team the. more. he follows a string of close friends and advisers that are now reportedly cooperating with the investigation those include his long time personal attorney michael cohen who pled
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guilty last week to campaign finance violations they also include alan weisel burke chief financial officer of the trump organization and longtime friend david packer who was involved in hush money payments to women during the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election with u.s. voters going to the polls for midterm congressional elections in november a democratic takeover of the house of representatives would mean trouble for trump the most damaging thing for the president is going to be the impeachment hearings and the investigations that the democrats have been likely have over the course of the entire sort of twenty nineteen here perhaps that's why rumored to replace john mccann is someone who knows a lot about impeachment proceedings lawyer emmett flood represented president bill clinton during his impeachment hearings in the ninety nine can really help at al-jazeera the white house. french fishing boats of collided with british vessels
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in what's being described as a war over scholarships british crews are allowed to catch the shellfish off the coast of france but their french rivals say the rules aren't fair paul brennan reports. the encounter began before dawn in the french fishing fla till a confronted a handful of british boats fishing perfectly legally in international waters first came the verbal insults. then as the french boats crowded the british and began hurling smoke bombs metal shackles and flat as the situation became progressively more violent an extraordinarily dangerous. place that rocks from us shackles. but was about oil. i guess you nine it whatever the advice for it and they shot bribes across the
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front of us to try and follow problems while the french navy was roy along so i didn't intervene. so. i called the coast guard no answer from the coast guard. yeah not very good but the french crews are unapologetic aggrieved because their government prevents them from fishing for scholarships until october the first while the british boats have no such restriction and i think good idea. we have courses we have restricted ours the british don't have anything like that they come they dredged they fill up and then they go home there you go. it's symptomatic of the simmering tension created by the imminent breck's it despite contributing less the north point five percent of the u.k.'s g.d.p. the fishing industry has become totemic in the debates. repatriating the fishing rights currently held by other e.u. fleets will be complex and face a stern resistance but the british government insists breaks it will mean u.k.
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fisherman keeping a larger share of the fish caught in u.k. domestic waters once we take back control operating and a united nations agreement. work that. out. as much as they are. and it's only plants that can be made by the other members it's not just the new member states it's other nations to come in and. french and british fisheries officials are urging calm and have agreed to talks to try to diffuse the tension but this was just the end of one battle not the end of the war over in an al-jazeera. according to hubbard he has extended the detention of former opposition leader for another six months the leader of the dissolved national rescue party has been in custody since september last year on charges of
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treason the accusations are widely regarded as politically motivated will go on trial at a later date. india's top court has stopped police from jailing five human rights activists and lawyers who were arrested on monday those detained are accused of supporting band leftist rebels but also accused of inciting violence between those at the bottom of india's caste system and right wing protesters the supreme court has ordered that the five be kept under house arrest karunanidhi is a lawyer and india's supreme court she says the community needs to stand by the activists. point of course is that in the first instance it's governments that must behave constitutionally and in accordance with due process and the rule of law because once you start there's. just the sheer force of the inertia juggernaut that keeps going to some extent so i think the point you're making is great great but it seemed time i am proud to be part of the legal
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system because not only have two high courts now the supreme court itself to do said that dissent is an essential part of democracy that it's britain that a church service has been held in germany for what's described as terrible wrongs committed in southern africa more than a century ago seventy five thousand people were killed for resisting german colonial forces in namibia some remains of the day finally being repaired treated but there's no german apology from berlin dominic a report. this was a moment more than a hundred years in the making remembering one of the darkest crimes of the early twentieth century center stage where the last remains of proud people's imperial germany sought to exterminate on wednesday democratic germany expressed its remorse
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. i bear down in the greatest sadness i cannot undo the table ones our ancestors caused but i beg you from the bottom of my heart to accept my apologies. those terrible wrongs took place in southwestern africa in the one thousand nine hundred six when colonial german forces suppressed uprisings by the herero and the nama peoples those who survived the fighting worked to death in concentration camps it's thought eighty percent of the herero and fifty percent of the nama people perished today the collective memory of their ordeal motivates the communities to seek reparations something the federal republic of germany will not give which is why the namibian government is suing berlin in a us court. why . some people cannot understand why the german
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state paid reparations to victims of the nazis but will not do so to the herero peoples in the now maybe in case you have no victims who were hurt suffered personally we are traveling through the arch arch grandsons and greg got us and therefore we have to look far different raised three older ones. but as well meaning as those thoughts are they clearly aren't enough for the government of namibia for many of the congregation in the church and indeed for the protesters here outside who believe that the only real restitution would be full reparations and recognition of the devastating effect wrought on the herero and number of people today where i am making the last minority group one of the smallest ethnic group in memory in this because of the guinness right. for the last twenty
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eight years germany has been the largest international investor in the libyan economy in part perhaps an expression of the lingering guilt many in modern germany feel dominic can. barely. a rainforest the size of france is at risk in the democratic republic of congo it's the world's second largest rain forest but the government is not planning to end the ban on industrial logging concessions all from malcolm webb. it takes about eighty years for a tree like this to grow in just a few minutes to cut it down. and hardly any jobs here in the east of the democratic republic of congo when he was a teenager to starve upon by learn to use a chainsaw and how to survive working. fine dining this is my life it helps me to feed my wife and my two children and pay for their school fees it's the only job i know the forests provide
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a small income for thousands of people who live in and around them each of these timbers sells for about two and a half dollars out of the whole tree they'll get about one hundred dollars worth of timber five dollars has to be paid to the landowner as an annual license fee for using a chainsaw the rest of the money is divided between the five people that it takes to do the work it's low key and it's informal the government gets very little revenue the environment minister says the government could be making a lot more timber they carried out to the forest and exported congolese hardwoods of demand all over the world most end up in china europe and the us. the government hasn't granted any industrial logging concessions for sixteen years supposedly to preserve the disappearing forests but it now plans to welcome back industrial loggers he says to fund development projects moved from don't fall we sell what we
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can it can be mineral resources it can be any resource it can also be the resources of the forest they are ours we want to turn them into resources that help the wellbeing of our people. the forests are also home to about half a million indigenous people who've lived in them sustainably for thousands of years lower misnomer he says they'll be among the many victims if the government goes ahead with its plan. the government has been lying for a long time about development which was never realized the big companies would just take the profits from the forest and leave the population in poverty the government should abandon this plan to benefit the local population not only for ecological reasons the authors know logging is supposedly regulated but widespread corruption mean it's not the world's second largest rain forest is disappearing steadily and it's loggings industrialized it'll get a lot faster and it'll never grow back. malcolm webb
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al-jazeera it's hillary and the democratic republic of congo. follow. after the break.
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whole. thing it's how you.
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welcome back fans of a recent frankland have been paying their final respects to the queen of soul as she lies in state in detroit on friday and a private funeral will take place for the singer with an all star list of performance including stevie wonder hundred is that the pioneers of rock and soul are fading away. in popular music might never feel the same. the latest is a read of franklin who took an old is reading song about respect and turned it into an anthem for feminism and civil rights of the captured it's era and endures today in one hundred sixty seven when everything came along nobody is listening to music from one thousand seventeen. but we're still listening fifty years later to read the franklin aretha franklin is such an overwhelmingly forbidden almost comically magnificent figure. a huge swath of influence. across the last fifty years that makes you wonder how that could have been possible.
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that. the catalogue of global musical giants is thinning not just the twenty seven club jimi hendrix janis joplin jim morrison who long ago died at that age but the original icons you might never be replaced are also fading away elvis chuck berry john lennon now a second generation of unique pop voices from david bowie to whitney houston is going silent. a few from this generation of greats the who in the rolling stones among them live on miraculously in some cases. aretha franklin is the latest of the original stars of rock and soul to be laid to rest in her fans have come here by the hundreds. but also to remember their own younger lives with a wreath of franklin as the soundtrack. to use. some fear the originals will all one day be gone never to be replaced looking at today's music and since
1:47 pm
it's there we might be in trouble the quality of these of these people's music is and that they're good you know and seeing it in the young generation that everything is school of thought was. that my record or better than my record and that's the end of it in terms of former us forming there's no way to could compare you know everything to today's young folks no way. musical optimists like eric lott believe the passionate fires of rock n roll will renew themselves with each generation hop music like any art. form will certainly call on past gestures and remake of earlier moves but i don't think it's it's run its course in any way major stars beyond say size stars carry on but here in the motor city where thousands of descended for four days of celebration of the
1:48 pm
passing queen it's beginning to look like the end of an era john hendren al-jazeera detroit. is his fourth so thank you so much tina fine korean team is guaranteed to add to their haul one gold and bronze is at the asian games after they qualified for the women's basketball final parties to scored ten points in her first outing for korea since arriving from her club the las vegas aces the joint to korean side share the scoring with three players each getting seventeen points in their eighty nine to sixty six when over taiwan much to develop to the delight of their families. when they're playing. it's more like. the local political issues but here i see only focus on playing basketball so it's all
1:49 pm
a. war how can i say it's so. easy to communicate with each other. and they have good communication each other getting to know each other the unified korean side will play china in the gold medal match after they be japan eighty six after for the chinese won't be looking to go one better than the silver they changed in two thousand and fourteen when they were beaten in the final by south korea. south korea into the final the men's football competition at the games the semifinal went over the anonymous setting up a title decider with japan for south korea's players it's a tournaments where sporting achievements is only part of the story as any richardson reports. more than just a gold medal is at stake for south korea's male footballers at these asian games this three one win over vietnam putting them into the final i a gold medal would see south korea's players including top install some human being
1:50 pm
given an exemption from up to two years of military service i closed when. if i thought that i thing. i don't need to say anything at all i'm ready for that oh. yeah i'm ready for them. to make it so. south korea will face japan in the final. twenty ten champions beating the united arab emirates for milk in their semi . a new games record was set in the women's twenty kilometer race walk where young j u of china won the title the day saw her country has seen three figures in their overall gold medal count i on the track bahrain's a d.d. young again edged out india is due to chance to complete the one hundred six hundred meter sprint double i under rounds as she and her daddy took gold in the
1:51 pm
discus. the olympic silver medalist winning his fourth consecutive asian games title and the richardson al-jazeera. the growing dispute between muhammad salla and the egyptian football authorities has escalated dramatically in the egypt and liverpool star has been increasingly vocal of his country's federation over its poor handling of the recent world cup campaign he was a senior official with the f.a. is accused of sending a tweet following the criticism that said quote i'd like to remind you most about your mother is still in the egypt you were abroad and can do as you wish those who understand understand the head of the egyptian football association claims that the accounts of the t.v. and others were all fake and have been closed down tennis now and former world number one andy murray has been knocked out in the second round of the us open by fernando verdasco the spaniard she was seeded as number thirty one twenty twelve champion and forced out after grueling three hours and twenty three minutes murray
1:52 pm
had previously been very task going thirteen out of their fourteen minutes. and when i got the injury i was running the right number one in the world twelve months later you know things completely changed and. so. you just you just don't know exactly what's wrong in the corner if things keep going smoothly and physically continue to improve i believe that i will. be competing for the biggest competitions because there's no reason why. you don't know. well it was pretty much move for current world number one rafa nadal the defending champion sealed a straight sets victory over the last so canada the spaniard faces russia's karen catching up in round three. in the women's draw former world number one serina
1:53 pm
williams has set up a third round meeting with older sister venus that will be their earlier showdown at a major tournament in twenty years serino overwound one hundred first ranked corrina with all of germany's six two six two in just over an hour to set up the highly anticipated match the thirty six year old is aiming for a record equalling twenty two grand slam titles. it's obviously a tough match and you know it's so young in the turn in there but it is what it is you know it's not the end of the world we would rather have met later but you know we're both going to come out per usual do our best play in front of you guys. go our way i would say cheer for me. but you know whoever you feel like you know cheer for me or beat me or been to see the one what will work. and here she is venus williams look nothing like her thirty years i should be in straight sets a crowd pleasing victory over the italian six four seven five. defending us open
1:54 pm
champion sloane stephens had to overcome a scare to reach the third round and he. took the first set six for the world number three battled back to the second seven fine and was back to her old self in the third racing through six two. she's obviously playing well so i just kind of weather the storm and with her my opportunities obviously i wish i could have been playing a little bit better that would help the situation but i just found a way to and sometimes it's not going to be the best but. going to battle through england's decision to bat first in the fourth test against india has backfired early on try just. keaton jennings l.b.w. for undocking just the second over of the match very nearly had joe root the next ball the english captain surviving another five overs before he went for four england struggling at twenty one for two as they look to wrap up the series. aaron rogers of the green bay packers has become highest paid player in n.f.l.
1:55 pm
history the thirty four year old quarterback has signed a four year deal worth more than one hundred thirty million dollars rogers led the packers to the super bowl championship in two thousand and eleven. and that all your sport for now more later back to you thanks very much for. day mooches old film first man has officially opened the seventy fifth annual venice film festival many oscar winners in the past have premiered at the festival the barber is in venice and gives us a sneak peek to the vying for this year's top order. going through you in venice is the celebrities arrived for the start of the seventy fifth will first of all there was plenty to get excited about whichever film goes on to take the top prize here in venice what's clear is that is a great depth in the great variety of films on offer here is saying this is one of the strongest selections in many many years. the opening film comes courtesy of damien shell whose last movie la la land also kicked off this festival two years
1:56 pm
ago before winning six oscars. first man is the story of how nasa astronaut neil armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon the risks that we have every intention coming here there are strong performances from ryan gosling in the lead role and from clear for you he plays armstrong's first wife janet and. now the true story in the running is peterloo by british festival favorite mike lee it's a historical drama set in one thousand century northern england but should resonate with audiences around the world when cavalry rode into a huge crowd had gathered to demand democratic reforms it became known as the peterloo massacre. by alfonso quattrone set in the more recent past it's about a nine hundred seventy s. family in mexico where coral grew up like his last film gravity which won the oscar for best director it's visually stunning and it's one of twenty one titles
1:57 pm
competing for the venice is top prize the golden lion will probably start speaking to each other because the selection this year is incredibly rich an incredibly powerful or task is not easy but i believe that we are like midwives are showing new life into the world of cinema and i know that i'm off all the festivals in the world men is one of the rare ones that can actually change your life or filmmaker no matter what point of the career that filmmaker maybe and. to the next week and a half there's a world of sin of our own offer here for big blockbusters to the most intimate documentaries proving variety in venice go hand in hound. al-jazeera at the venice film festival. and it's nice for the time but don't go away with another full half hour until it's your time and your company.
1:58 pm
full of struggles. police look at it yeah is it him or what i said pretty much full of pleasure. out of the goodness of the word on the wrong foot about the bottom right of what if an intimate look at life in cuba today is working mom there will be like i say your kid but but but the comment that little year to my cuba on al-jazeera. lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by
1:59 pm
armed men as they ransacked a home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and as usual we can't let the men to imitate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who've been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. a journey both dark. there's a very for everybody and there's a lot of corruption and a beautiful lake the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and order is also the same as ascended you can see how i was introduced to. my father and my most or our king for king for how the personal story to discover the source of one of the. most expensive commodities sent from heaven on.
2:00 pm
a dam collapse since waves of water through central me and more and forces the evacuation of more than sixty thousand people from their homes. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. an appeal for calm in libya's capital after days of fighting between rival groups. argentina appeals for a multi-billion dollar advance from the i.m.f. as inflation source and fears a new economic crisis. and rain forest the size of france at risk as the democratic republic of congo decides to let loggers back and.


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