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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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i don't come. for five years. china's democracy experiment. there is a perfect storm based on warning counter warning. growing fear for civilians in syria's region as the government has to go all the way to retake the area from rebel fighters. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up argentina raises a key interest rate in an effort to restore confidence but it's little to stabilize the country's currency hopes for peace in south sudan rebels sign
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a deal with the government aimed at ending a five year civil war. over all star tribute to the u.s. to celebrate the life and music of the queen of soul aretha franklin. the u.n. special envoy for syria is warning of what he calls a perfect storm in the province if the government pushes to retake the last rebel stronghold staffan de mistura is calling for a humanitarian corridor or to free three million people trapped there the syrian government backed by its ally russia is vowing to go all the way to groups they consider terrorists rory chalons reports from moscow. the question of if they'll be an assault on has faded recently now it's more a matter. when that shift has been hastens by hardening language coming out of
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moscow. with voting and constitute a list of the militias it was with satisfaction that we know to the majority of the syrian arab republic is now freed of terrorists what we need now is to wipe out those terrorist groups which persist particularly in the deescalation zone in italy . sergey lavrov was meeting his syrian counterpart. in the russian capital said they'd finish the groups they call terrorists but also try to protect civilians. here this would be the decision of the syrian leadership is to fight al nusra front whatever the sacrifices are we are ready to exert every possible effort not to harm civilians. but civilians have paid a heavy price in previous russian backed syrian government pushes to recapture rebel areas the siege is in bombardments of aleppo guta and.
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turkey is urging russia to take more care to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe ankara wants extra time to persuade any armed groups in open to a deal something the un special envoy to syria also advocates one thing you would be do not accelerate military escalation and give a little bit more time for this type of discussion to allow him facilitate a credible credible humanitarian corridor to a lot civilian population to temporarily create to a safer area moscow says it will consider demister as humanitarian corridor or suggestion and it needs to show its listening to turkey if moscow decides to push for a massive offensive on. that will produce another huge wave of us who are in record use maybe hundreds of thousands fleeing to. turkey which
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which is counted to russia's interests and russian parrott is there and also. that's tonight a scenario which is not very. affordable for turkey as well. it live is the largest remaining rebel stronghold if the syrian government takes it to rascasse will claim the war is effectively over. and that's one. but there are an estimated three million people trapped there ten thousand of which the u.n. estimates to be nuestro or al-qaeda linked fighters and the severity of the onslaught that they all receive depends largely on how much force the russian and syrian military is willing to use richelle and al-jazeera masacre well here's what's at stake in the province the last major rebel on clay of russia's called it a hotbed of terrorists u.n. envoy staffan de mistura believes that ten thousand dollar qaeda linked fighters are there it's home to close to three million people almost half of them displaced
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from territory that the government has captured including aleppo eastern guta and dead a province nato has reported a russian naval buildup in the mediterranean sea where russia is holding exercises from saturday not a is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he's highly critical of the u.n. envoy proposal for a humanitarian corridor or out of it lip. it makes no sense to me at all the question is where are they going to go they're certainly not to not going to go into syrian government regime territory they've all fled from there and they are opponents of the assad regime and turkey is the only place they can go there's a long border between in the province and turkey but turkey has explicitly state stated that they have maxed themselves out in terms of hosting refugees there's three point five million syrian refugees in turkey already turkey has said it will not open its border so i don't know what stephan demister is talking about and i think it really does not help when he sort of advances arguments about humanitarian
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corridor that simply make no factual or sort of political sense and it live it's a very complex picture of multiple rebel groups of course the dominant rebel groups are the extremist faction that is there they have no none of the rebel groups have any sort of significant international backing or regional backing so there's no way that they can really i think we stand a military onslaught that russia seems to be organizing the one unknown however are these rumors that if diplomacy doesn't work between russia and turkey perhaps turkey might try to organize and mobilize some of the more moderate rebel forces we think in the get delayed that are not affiliated with. the insta stage some sort of resistance and to try and prevent the onslaught from taking place. argentina is struggling to prevent its currency falling further despite the central bank raising
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a key interest rate to sixty percent the pace a loss to a further thirteen and a half percent against the us dollar on thursday its value is heart of them against the dollar since the start of the year of wednesday president reed c.e.o. mockery asked the international monetary fund to speed up the release of money from a fifty billion dollars bailout speak peter hachim is a senior fellow with the into american dialogue think tank he says that argentina's economy could collapse. well what's going wrong in argentina and part i think the government was a little too cautious in reforming the fundamentals of the economy but it had political. challenges in front of it as well in the try to balance the politics and economics and clearly in the end it didn't quite find the right balance maybe the right balance didn't exist. but right now it's in the midst of
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really an economic. downturn that is very reminiscent of past arjen pine anomic collapses virtually so there's really a trap there that the economics and politics are working at each other and very hard to see an easy solution. you see the value of the currency is plummeting which keeps inflation very very high. leaves investors and anybody who would lend the argentina money a little bit more wearing. terrible loss of confidence among the argent prime population who see much of their. earnings and there are a savings linked to the dollar. the global economy is not as vibrant as it might be argentina in side is facing
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something of a poor harvest for its main export crops i mean there's a lot of things going wrong and one hopes or i think mark really is depending on some of the really argentina's best economists and managers. but this is now going through a very tricky phase where people are very nervous. two children have been killed in an air strike in libya's capital but they offer a cease fire began their they were reportedly playing in a garden when a missile struck a house in tripoli that follows days of fighting between rival armed groups twenty seven people most of them civilians have been killed since monday the ceasefire is in place until saturday al-jazeera is mahmood of the walk and reports from tripoli . the situation is still tense in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital
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tripoli despite a cease fire agreement that has been recently reached and it's to be lates that a force should be composed from the central and western military legions that belong to the national accord government should come to tripoli and put an end to this conflict and maintain order in the capital tripoli now the question is the question now is will the arrival of the competing groups well they will they be committed to the cease fire agreement or not we know that on tuesday then was a fittest cease fire agreement but it was reached by both the conflicting groups especially was more deployment and in force and force meant coming to both sides now this latest conflict in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli is between the seventh infantry brigade and its affiliates
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from the one hand and they come from the city of who are now which is around one hundred kilometers to the. east and south of tripoli on the one hand and other armored groups from tripoli which are backed by the u n backed national accord government on the other hand and this conflict is for power for control over strategic locations in tripoli that includes military camps and also the tripoli international airport now according to informant sources on the ground at the humanitarian suffering has been worsening during the last three days so many families have been forced out of their homes because of the clashes and there are many civilians who are among the casualties in these clashes. south sudan's
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opposition leader reg mashad has signed the peace accord to end nearly five years of civil war he agreed to sign after receiving assurances that a power sharing deal would be honored the agreement with president salva kiir followed discussions in sudan's capital khartoum tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced since violence broke out in twenty thirteen michael bus a-q. is a former unicef spokesman who observe the humanitarian crisis for himself in south sudan he's not up to mystic the deal will deliver a long lasting peace. i can't help but be skeptical and a big reason for doubt is welcome or why you have a lot of several dozen nothing or groups that still are very uncertain about this deal and secondly i noticed in reading the kind of reservations if you will of the smaller opposition groups they had four main concerns one was about the decision making mechanism and the other one was about the number of states and their ethnic different case and because don't forget we went from something like ten states to
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twenty eight states to thirty eight states and now it seems the opposition groups want them brought back to ten and then of course concerns over the constitution making process and transitional security arrangements it seems to me that they want kenya and ethiopia of course the big regional power brokers involved and finally a lot of these issues are going to be discussed openly in the coming weeks and you've got the east african regional bloc so we'll see how that works out but at the moment very tough to be optimistic especially because a lot of this depends on oil revenues as well now it's really really important that the united states were engaged in this issue. if i know i'm trying to be diplomatic here but i hope that president trump even knows where it's also down is what you're sure because as you recall a lot of the birth of this state africa's youngest nation was the result of work by people like obama and susan rice but i don't see that engagement there right now
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the un's atomic watch talk is found that iran is complying with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with world powers a new report from the international atomic energy agency says that teheran is sticking to limits on stockpiling and enriching uranium the agency says it's had access to all sites it's the second reporting to iran's atomic activity since the u.s. withdrew from the agreement in may. a weather update next year i was here at the end waves of unstoppable water out of part of a dam collapse is. more than sixty thousand people evacuated from their homes will tell you that a tense stand off in germany as the far right rallies against immigration. by the skyline of ancient harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hello there heavy rain continues to pound the southern parts of china spain way for a good few days now and you can see the area of cloud is still with us that is now giving us a problem with flooding for some places including hong kong and including the fujian province which is where we've got these pitches from you can see the flooding there is about five waist deep in places and it's causing quite a few problems now as we head through the next few days it looks like it's going to stay wet for some of us here but the rain shouldn't be quite as heavy as it has been so still plenty of dark blues showing up on our charts for friday and saturday indicating some areas still expecting some heavy rain further towards the west though the rain is breaking out for us in the northern parts of vietnam just a few will isolated showers here the heavier rain from this region is edging its way towards the west and towards the northern parts of me and ma now to further towards the south and we've plenty of showers here but also some good spells of sunshine coming through in between those showers generally as well i think one of the wetter places is going to be across the philippines staying that way for friday
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and saturday and we're also expecting plenty of showers the k.l. and singapore to those showers them pushing a bit further southwards as we head into saturday so i think for the northern parts of java we're likely to see quite a few showers during the day we could even catch a few in jakarta there. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. when the us has all collapsed. this university professor became a millionaire and a criminal on the run. fifteen years old his daughter embarks on an extraordinary journey to find him. my six million dollars father a witness and documentary on al jazeera. again
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the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the u.n. special envoy to syria is warning of what he calls a perfect storm in the province if the government pushes to retake the last rebel stronghold staffan de mistura is calling for a humanitarian corridor free three million people trapped. argentina's central bank has raised the key interest rate to sixty percent it's trying to stop its currency from continuing to tumble the pacers lost more than fifty percent of its value against the dollar since the start of the year and south sudan's opposition leader reg mashad has side the peace accord and nearly five years of civil war he agreed to it after receiving assurances that a power sharing deal would be on it. several people are still missing in myanmar
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after a dam burst and flooded dozens of towns and villages sixty thousand people were forced to leave homes florence louis reports. this is the dam in. the spillway of the dam collapsed wednesday morning after days of heavy monsoon rains sending torrents of water into nearby towns and villages in some places the surge of water reached nearly two and a half meters the military police and red cross are working on the rescue and relief effort and. water came so fast into a village and we didn't have time to run we have never been flooded before nothing like this has ever happened. eighty five villages have been flooded and more than sixty three thousand people affected. they've lost more than just their homes.
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and soon after we got there waters are already rising we lost a cart's pigs and engines everything including our. flooding at the dam site has receded all the transport remains disrupted and a badly damaged bridge will need to be replaced. we're going to build another bridge in place of the damaged. days before the disaster villages raised concerns about the debt but the government leaders reassured them it was safe and said there was no sign of anything wrong because the hydraulic hydrologic is not only we can see we're going to see only. we're going to. be people one day before one hour before we're going on this accident now puts the spotlight firmly on safety concerns about dams in south east asia another dam collapsed in neighboring laos last month killing at least twenty seven people and forcing
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thousands from their homes florence italy al-jazeera. the range of refugees in neighboring bangladesh are also vulnerable to the region's extreme weather nearly a million of them are living in camps in cox's bazar to escaping a military crackdown in me a correspondent to have a job is that. we talk a lot about how are hindu refugees living here in could to prolong refugee camp are very vulnerable when it comes to the rains let me try and explain why first of all they live in huts mostly like this this is a hut that's made entirely of tarp of plastic and of bamboo some of them are tied down with rope there are some of them have bricks and wood on top to try to to try to keep it from flying away and some of them have these sandbags at the base but still these huts are extremely extremely vulnerable when it comes to the bad weather that affects this area this is already an area that is prone to natural
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disasters flooding mudslides and most of the other hand to live in these huts that are on this forest land that has been deforested so you're talking about these structures that are already rickety on muddy hillsides on on sandy slopes and when it rains that means that these areas are prone to flooding and to mudslides happening that's why it's so dangerous today is a day where it is only rain intermittently throughout the day some of the raining today has been quite heavy some of it like right now it's been light but the skies here especially during the season they can open up at any time and that's why this population that is already so vulnerable already so marginalized is is so concerned when rains happen because it can be so extruding lee dangerous for the. nearly one hundred twenty thousand suspected cases of cholera have been reported in yemen since january the u.n. is warning that the increasing rate of infection could lead to another epidemic
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it's described the outbreak as the most serious on record nearly four hundred thousand people have been vaccinated against the disease brazil's health ministry is reporting an upsurge in the in cases of measles in two states bordering venezuela seven people have died so far among over fifteen hundred reported cases brazil's health system is struggling to provide vaccinations to stop the outbreak the collapse of medical services in venezuela and the surge of people arriving from there is being blamed they've been more far right rallies in the eastern german city of camden following violent confrontations there earlier this week thousands of people have been protesting against foreigners and the government's immigration policies it follows the arrest of two men with syria and iraq e backgrounds on suspicion of fatally stabbing a german man on sunday dominic came reports. the demonstration that took place here in chemist's has now broken up peacefully the demonstration was loud but it was
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a sit first protests by people from the pro chemist's movement which has predominantly appealed to supporters of the far right they came here to protest against the meeting that's been held by the christian democrat prime minister of a state of saxony and by his social democrat colleague the man of the city why were they here well because of the events that took place at the weekend and then on monday the weekend a person was knifed here in an altercation involving two people of migrant origin and then on monday there were thousands of people basically supporters of the far right clashing with the police and clashing with the left wing protesters who opposed them the point to make here politically there has been developed there has been suggested that there was a degree of collusion between elements police here and chemists and the far right that there was a leaking of information about those suspects while this evening a person has been suspended from their role in the justice system here as a result of an investigation finally the question is what does this sort of
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scenario playing out here in chemists mean for germany at the political level while angela merkel looking on from berlin will see that this minority of people is receive for us and it's not going away and they say she must leave and she must be radically changed the way migration is dealt with here in germany austria has proposed using european union armed forces at the blocks borders to keep out undocumented migrants the country's defense minister mario could affect the plan at a meeting of e.u. ministers in vienna it suggests placing soldiers at europe's borders to support the several hundred e.u. guards already stationed there austria's government is currently led by a coalition that includes an anti immigrant far right party germany and other countries have expressed concern over the proposal. thousands of people are paying their respects to soul singer aretha franklin and a hometown detroit fans are attending a tribute concert that's one of the last chances to say goodbye before
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a private funeral on friday coskata spent taken to the new bethel baptist church where she worshiped all life i was there as john hendren is in detroit this is where that concert has been taking place so this is day three john of four days of celebration the life of a wreath of frank to what's happening right now. right now patti labelle is singing she's on tape so we're just seeing her on the video streaming benches one of thirty acts almost all of them here live because in detroit and they're all paying tribute to the queen of soul we heard at the jazz tribute to start on the show then there was a last exhibit in the house was a rock and they really opened up a church here in detroit and then now we're in the r. and b. section after they do an r. and b. tribute and it's going to be the stars of all of those genres getting together and singing songs for and about aretha franklin probably i'm guessing ending in the
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best thanks. thanks thanks thanks thanks even the african-american history and then to. that think about. she began her father. each of those three days she's been laying in repose she's had a wardrobe change she was the queen of soul but she was also the style in her family wanted to keep her in that style so she wore all red on monday. before. she will be tomorrow at this star studded funeral that will be held for bill clinton will be speaking there smokey robinson will be speaking there as well. faith hill will sing there along with nineteen other musical acts so this has been a whole week here in detroit not every rhythm and blues singers gets this kind of
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tribute but she was one of those my emirs of r. and b. but it really changed the genre very active in the civil rights he said she's well beloved here in detroit and you can just see. people remembering her right now what's the mood been like in in the book the wide detroit region shawn. you know it's funny generally you think of funerals as a sad occasion but this is not one of those and neither has the whole week of events that we've seen here if you look just past the stage you might be able to make out the boats that are out there in the water there people on jet skis they're sort of the festive mood people are celebrating five decades of music with a wreath at franklin she lived until she was seventy six years old and people here in detroit really feel like they had a part of them she attended church regularly in the same church where father preached she went out in the community and she contributed a lot to civil rights and other organizations and so we may see
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a museum dedicated to her in the near future that is something that people are taught by so many thanks john hendren that lives in detroit. thursday was the international day of the victims of enforced disappearances that's a practice which sees people arrested detained or abducted against their will they're often held without charge and without anyone knowing where they are for their relatives it means anguish and uncertainty mexico is one country that's been highlighted in a report by human rights watch it's believed that many of the thirty thousand people have gone missing since two thousand and six could be enforced disappearances of a serious john holdren reports from mexico city. to the relatives just a few. minutes go. by organized crime. authorities are. the real it is an. incredible this is all it. has been. a trying home to turn
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news not have the eye today and help these people i want to find their missing relatives instead there's a homeless heartbreaking story from those who serve in their own deal with other civilians here equally stunned by police. investigated and. we've had to be the investigators that check to see everything we produce our reports to the growth or eighty's and they're just shelved they don't use them a tool that makes us very sad because we're putting ourselves in danger. but it's been exhausting painful and sad like you're drowning it finishes us sometimes you don't even want to live. with those missing courage. earlier this year we do things to help. and an incoming government willing most during the interim is a problem will take power. really what they're. really
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going to torture and looking for their lost loved ones the final you know it is. what happened to them. there is plenty more video along with the latest news analysis and comment at the web site and zero dot com. good to have you with us hello bedridden for going to hear and other top stories this hour the u.n. special envoy for syria is warning of what he calls a perfect storm in the province if the government pushes to retake the last rebel stronghold staffan de mistura is calling for humanitarian corridor to free three million people trapped. there is a perfect storm based on warning counter warning which is gathering around and do today lemme which is the true date limit on how to defeat terrorists in need
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leap in at the same time avoid affecting a huge number of civilians so widely are aware that efforts in discussions are taking place to avoid the worst case scenario one can not ignore that miscalculations me indeed occur leading to i'm foreign thien collations and we are all very much concerned. argentina's central bank has raised the key interest rate to sixty percent it's trying to stop its currency continuing to tumble the pesos lost more than fifty percent of its value against the dollar since the beginning of this year. south sudan's opposition leader raked mashad signed a peace accord to end billy five years of civil war he agreed to it after receiving assurances that a power sharing deal would be honored brazil's health ministry is reporting an upsurge in cases of measles in two states bordering venezuela seven people have died among over fifteen hundred reported cases brazil's health system is struggling
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to provide vaccinations to stop the outbreak the collapse of medical services and the surge of people arriving from venezuela is being blamed been more far right rallies in the eastern german city of candidates following violent confrontations there earlier this week thousands of people have been protesting against foreigners and the government's immigration policies and thousands of people have been paying their respects to soul singer aretha franklin and a hometown detroit fans are attending a tribute concert it's one of their last chances to say goodbye before a private funeral on friday a casket has been taken to the new bethel baptist church which is where she worshiped all her life the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story next.
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china is accused of detaining more than a million muslims u.s. politicians have called for sanctions against the chinese officials responsible. and indoctrination in secret so are the basic religious called so why it's on the entire people on death watch this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the international day of the victims of.


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