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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 249  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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iranian oil would continue and. should not be treated as a crime. i. it's . punishable by up to ten years. still ahead.
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in an instantly shifting news cycle the listening post takes balls and questions the world's media exposing how the press operates and why certain stories take
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precedence while others are ignored the listening post on al-jazeera. there are unfortunately not a lot of good economic stories coming out of south america these days and what we've got two more for you right now argentina and chile in argentina the government's making a series of spending cuts trying to stabilize the currency but cutting back on government ministries is led to big protests by hundreds of health care workers will be affected meanwhile in chile the peso there is taking a hit too because of argentina's problems to reports coming up the scene human in santiago in a moment first to reza both in buenos aires. doctors nurses and health workers
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gathered outside the health ministry went outside to protest against the government's decision to reduce this ministry into a smaller department with a smaller budget. the government wants to dissolve the health ministry and it's a risk which is not only a change in name but also a budget cut in the amount of workers and in the programs that depend on the ministry. a message for the government of haiti who is pushing austerity measures to reduce the fiscal deficit that has put argentina's economy on the line these people fear that the government's measures will have a direct impact on public health which in argentina is the universal right to say that budget battle between the right crucial health programs like those treating people with hiv and the regular face. is proud of argentina's health care system he has hiv and has always been able to receive free treatment for his
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disease every month he comes to this hospital to get free medication. they recently finally i'm being tested negative and they treat me in this hospital and as for free we don't want anyone to change that we've already started gathering signatures so they don't close the schools and we don't lose access to the medicine we get. the health ministry plays a crucial role in a country with large levels of inequality and high poverty rates forty medical associations have requested a governmental reverse its decision saying that vaccination plans and the treatment of chronic diseases shouldn't be affected by the ongoing economic crisis. and the health center in argentina has problems even as a ministry what worries us is that these messages of us territory that argentina's showing do not have a human rights agenda any public policy needs to have human rights at its core the
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in spite of the problems argentina has long prided itself of being able to provide free and universal health care that's why people here claim that health costs are the one issue the government of. shouldn't dare touch. centavos cost and that a center is one of latin america's largest and most modern shop. until recently it was full of arjen tines conspicuous because they'd come with suitcases to shop til they dropped now they're still conspicuous by their absence. argentina represents fifty two percent of our tourism maybe we've been too dependent on them because when they fall into their periodic economic crisis the impact here is very strong. the fallout from argentina's currency crash has already reached chile arguably latin america's most stable economy. at
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a five star hotel but. for us the drop in tourism will be terrible but especially now that the summer is coming we callen are going to give us work and the so-called tangle effect goes further. there is a direct impact on a large number of chilean companies who've invested significantly in argentina their stocks have dropped and so will their profits it also affects trade because now it has become more difficult to export to argentina. while the overall impact may not be devastating it comes at a very bad time chile's currency has dropped to a two year low because of the international trade conflict and that sharply push down the price of copper chillies primary export from like argentina the economy here and much better place to ride out adverse international conditions but in these times of global economies when
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a neighbor like argentina gets pneumonia at the very least catches a bad call. anything to talk sport well actually since i talk sport talk sport and politics who would have thought they wouldn't make very clever marketing as well yeah absolutely super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles host the atlanta falcons as the new n.f.l. season starts a little later on it comes a sportswear company nike released the next phase of their campaign with colin kaepernick. believe in something. even if you mean sacrificing everything. happening of course the first n.f.l. player it's a nail during the national anthem to highlight racial injustice he's been without a team since opting out of his san francisco forty nine ers contract last year u.s. president donald trump has criticized nike or basketball star le bron james has lent his support to cap and there are just there for anybody there believe in change are there for anybody that believes in a positive added to in
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a positive matter. and i believe in us there would be every day of the love. our correspondent christine salumi is live for us in philadelphia ahead of the game between the eagles and the falcons christine give us an idea is just how divisive that nike campaign has been. well indeed the nike ad campaign has really reignited the debate over the national anthem protests among fans here at the pre-game festivities and filthy out in the country we've seen critics of the protesters stripping a key property and posting videos of it on social media whether they're burning their sneakers burning their shoes or cutting the switches off their socks many people feel that this act of kneeling during the national anthem is disrespect it's respectful to the flag and american ideals but collin capper nic has
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a lot of supporters as well so borders particularly among his fellow athletes he was attending a tennis tournament in new york recently as a spectator and got a standing ovation from the crowd there he's been honored by the american civil liberties union for standing up for free speech so this is a very divisive issue as divisive as american politics itself right now and now it's all coming out and being reignited all over again right as the season of football is about to start in christian terms with a new season about to get on the way what new rules regarding cards from those being brought in. while. the national football league the n.f.l. hasn't decided on a new policy back in may they announced that players would have to either stand for the national anthem or stay in the locker room during the national anthem or face of fine but the players' association wasn't having that they protested and filed
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a grievance since then the players and the team owners have been trying to come to some sort of compromise about what it except of a behavior whether there should be a punishment the fact that president trump has been a vocal critic of this movement was weighing on the n.f.l. as well and here we are opening day and they still don't have a policy in place a bit of a wildcard as to what's going to happen during the game tonight christine salumi with us in philadelphia thanks so much for its own crystal. well the world surf league has announced that male and female pro surface will get the same prize money from next year becomes one of the first global sports league to achieve prize money a quality surfing set to be a part of the twenty twenty olympic games in tokyo what earlier on we spoke to the world surf leagues women's commissioner who police female surfers will play a key role in the commercial growth of the sport. we want to keep everybody happy and no one's going to be unhappy with something like this so it is and has been a great day for women surfing having said that they do have you know really great
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social presence and there are a lot of women who have a right great rage so we definitely see the potential in the women for sure we're really excited to be out to take the stand for them and to give them equal pay because you know they're not complaining it's the men we think that where we are now is is probably the most equal as we're going to be right here at surf ranch but you know we will always continue. to progress the sport to time your side can champion of a joke of it has made it through to the semifinals in new york in a step closer to that fourteenth grand slam title the serve knocking out john millman of australia had beaten roger federer in the previous round very high humidity again an issue for the players despite this game finishing just before midnight local time djokovic kept his time courts were minimum facing the world number fifty five in straight sets on i asked the term player would you know would have there using some form of ventilation or air conditioning on the down of the court level side and he says that he's not the where you normally would comes
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through the hallway type of thing i think that this tournament needs to address this i mean because whether it's night or day which is don't have air down their fields like sauna i mean. it's. i don't know what i want to add to that. waiting for jack rich in the semifinals his car misha curie of japan to the rematch of the twenty four team u.s. side can follow one issue curry beat four champion croatia chile chair in five sets there much lasted just under five hours. last year's runner up in the women's final madison cases into the last four again the american number fourteen seed beating colace forest navarro in straight sets six four six three the twenty three year old still looking to win her first grand slams so. i'm doing whatever i can to put myself in the position to go deeper into slams and i think i'm feeling more
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comfortable in those big moments like matches like tonight so i think just you know training hard the week before and trying to not put too much pressure on myself it's really helped me do that and i mean i saw her becoming the first japanese woman since chemical darts a in one thousand nine hundred ninety six to reach a grand slam single sammy the twenty two year old beating basis around kohei for the loss of just two games. an england caps in jared says he was taken by surprise that i was the cook's decision to quit the international game the country's highest ever run score will start its final test against india on friday the thirty three year old former captain has made more than twelve thousand runs in a one hundred and sixty test career twelve years at the top of the order to have a record like that is is some feat especially in these conditions for the majority of it. there's not many openness around the world that can match that never mind english english players. he's he's going to be very hard to replace
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ok but it's high school so for now come all the way thank you for adding about that from the news are taking more from the team in london in just a few moments time. whether online this isn't some abstract issue we need to pay attention to their stops or if you join us on sacked rather than stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just our community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has
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a voice i thought of civil society i did offer that i never get listening to by those in the corridors of power joining the global conversation. on out to zero. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. inscribed in the wild west previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been said on height or in some why does this updated now if there have the kind of support that he needs we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict so you don't really care after all well about palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but
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you just don't care at all but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure you call him you go crazy man show the government of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. it's not mine. senior trump administration figures deny being behind an opinion piece claiming advisors are actively working against the u.s. president as the hunt for its author intensifies. and on top of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. is burning more government buildings a satellite across the iraqi city in violent protests over
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a lack of jobs and essential services. the u.k. and russia clash at the united nations security council and the poisoning of a former spy. no amount of brutality among the pressure. is going to call us down defiant words from ugandan opposition politician bobby wine as he speaks out after being beaten up in police custody. and i would begin in washington where one after another senior officials from the trumpet ministration denying they wrote an anonymous article that criticizes the u.s. president if union peace and the new york times describes a revolt inside the white house where members of the administration are actively working against donald trump the president is not calling for the author to be revealed for national security reasons. according to the new york times
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someone close to the president wants the world to know they think he is unfit to hold the highest office anonymously writing this op ed describing the president as a moral and his leadership style as impetuous adversarial petty and ineffective they also say the cabinet considered invoking the twenty fifth amendment which could have removed him from office but say they chose not to provoke a constitutional crisis this is an extraordinary step and the label of senior official means it was likely written by someone close to the president he was quick to lash out so when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration probably was failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons now and the new york times is failing if i weren't here i believe the new york times probably wouldn't even exist the white house spokesperson issued a statement calling on the author to quit labeling them a coward meanwhile some republicans were quick to try and downplay this
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unprecedented editorial but i didn't think that anything was relayed in that op ed that was you know the thing this is what all of us have understood to be the situation from they want so again it's not very it didn't reveal much to me i understand this is the case the president took to twitter casting doubt on the existence of the source but then said if they do exist they must be turned over to the government for national security tweeting a simple word treason this is a president in many ways under siege under pressure from multiple investigations and now undermined by a member of his own staff in a most public way pedicle hain al jazeera washington is going off to a white house correspondent can really help get secondly the search still going on presumably for who might to mean behind this. yeah washington in
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a frenzy lauren trying to figure out the identity of the person who authored the anonymous op-ed to the new york times socially making the argument that he's trying to reassure he or she is trying to reassure the nation that things are under control within the white house but the first lady malani a trump is come out with a statement to the writer saying to the writer of the op ed you are not protecting this country you're sabotaging it with your cowardly actions and that reaction to mirror the one of the press secretary who is also deny that she had anything to do with that editorial saying he want to know who this got less loser is call the desk of the failing new york times and ask them they are complicit in this deceitful act well their number of administration officials denying they were the author of that ad is mounting in fact we've had denials now from the secretary of defense the u.n.
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u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley as well the vice president mike pence the director of national intelligence dan coats and also the secretary of state mike pompei oh if it is what it is purported to be it is sad that you have. someone who would make the choice come from a place where if you're not a position to execute the commander's intent you have a singular option. to leave. and this person instead instead according to the new york times. shows not only to stay but to undermine what president trump and this administration are trying to do and i have to tell you. i just i find i find the media's efforts in this regard to undermine this administration incredibly disturbing. and i'll answer the question directly because i know some will say gosh you didn't answer the question is not mine. now it certainly appears that this
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white house has been rattled by this op ed in the new york times just judging from the sheer number of denials the different coming out but it's the fact that there are still many members of the cabinet and have not denied that they were behind the editorial and so washington continues to speculate and attempt to unmask who the author might be in the midst of all of this well there was an attempt by the author to reassure many americans what it's also done is provided proof for many americans of what they have long believed and that is that there is a so-called deep state working within the u.s. government potentially sort of the establishment democrats and republicans who essentially run the government regardless of an election outcome and now this seems to be sort of a narrative that donald trump is picking up not only is he talked about it in a tweet but he's also expected to talk about a very shortly when he leaves the white house here this is an open press event where he may talk about that but where we expect that he will pick up these themes
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is in his make america great again rally in billings montana that takes place in just a few hours can be how kids thank you very much. for the services and the iraqi city of basra have started burning several buildings during the fourth consecutive day of violent protests there set fire to the offices of political parties and iranian backed on group and the state run t.v. channel public anger has been boiling for weeks over a lack of employment essential goods and government corruption in the last forty eight hours at least nine people have been killed in the polls. the burning of buzz was provincial council headquarters cell phone footage shows smoke and flames pouring from the windows of the fifth official building to be set alight in the last four days it's not known how this fire started but local sources say al to
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government protesters have been close by. hours earlier their influence of a key ports was blocked by iraqis demanding the attention of a government they say is failing them and there's not much there is no more trust in anyone neither in the leadership nor in any party. security forces have responded with tear gas iraq's prime minister says he didn't order security forces to fire real bullets martin your because he wants to create a rift among our security forces after all the sacrifices we made to get rid of terrorism he wants to take us from bad to worse to create rifts among our citizens in order to pass or under threat many of. iraq's human rights commission reports more than one hundred wounded including security force members of. the protesters who were injured were peaceful they don't have rifles pistols or any guns they only have banners and signs this inquiry forces use excessive force. has been
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simmering for weeks in basra and other cities in southern iraq considered to the shia muslim heartland of the country the region is oil rich and the port is vital for iraqi imports and exports despite the oil revenue iraqis complain they're forced to live with the daily indignities of unclean water and no elektra's city government corruption and unemployment are also high in the list to protest his grievances all the more up and down why are the police humiliating i mean i'm from basra asking for my rights. as protests continue around the clock the ministry of transportation is appealing to demonstrators not. to target the ports and other public facilities which government ministers say are not connected to their frustrations it seems the protesters have succeeded in forcing the government to listen to their grievances now they want action rob matheson al-jazeera
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russia and the u.k. have clashed at the un security council over the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter on british soil russian ambassador to the u.n. ben zia accused the u.k. of using the nerve agent attack on saturday and u.s. cripple to spread quote disgusting anti russia hysteria to russian suspects have been charged in obsession with attempted murder of british officials say it was the work of moscow's military intelligence and a geisha which the kremlin has denied. diplomatic editor james bays joins us live from the u.n. headquarters in new york james quite a dramatic exchange between these two but it doesn't bring us any further in terms of what happens next as it no it doesn't it was some drama in the security council certainly with the u.k. which called for this meeting calling out the russians and again presenting evidence that had been presented to the british parliament some twenty four hours earlier very say it is compelling evidence of the involvement of these two spots
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auspex who they say are russian agents but that also according to british ambassador karen pierce there are a wider wider aspects of this or to be brought into mind they work in a parallel universe where the normal rules of international affairs in thirty eight . this is a direct challenge back in president to the rules based international system which has kept all of us safe including russia since one thousand nine hundred forty fine in the face of such behavior the international community needs to continue to defend the laws norms and institutions that safeguard our citizens against chemical weapons and safeguard them against the threat of hostile foreign interference this is why the british prime minister yesterday set out the importance of using transparent multilateral mechanisms to identify and hold the line actors to account
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you might not be surprised to hear that the russian ambassador. really did not agree with any of that he had a complete rebuttal of all this is what he had to say i want to make the student has not been good luck months in london means this story for just one purpose to unleash a disgusting and to russian he steria and to involve other countries in this hysteria the number of inconsistencies and under solved issues in connection with the new british so called quote unquote evidence out of the charts one would go with these words it was because i believe this new episode is just as invented and produced out of thin air as the previous episode. so what happens next well i can tell you nothing really at the un security council the u.k. says it was right to bring up this issue because it's a breach of the international convention.


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