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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 148  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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warning of what. johnson calls constantly to pry more money from one brown. that will never be bought shoplifters you know he. shall be well and when i might be able to get my hair talks a little sheriff so tell me about this man your johnson. scrub a few bikes he will sell for more or he still probably a member of it also intervals is there a certain arrogance about him you know does he think he's a big shot in the philippines. only a certain urgency he thinks who rules the philippines it's like a month or two. well he's american he lives here with his wife and has children to her he's been in the philippines for years and he's probably one of the mind characters who who plied probably one of the logic parts in this fraud.
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the crime syndicates victims from around the world were instructed to make payments to bank accounts in hong kong. the money is sent to the philippines and within a very short period talk on the money is usually taken out in cash here in the philippines by. like a bank account holders who have control of the accounts on behalf of the fraud gangs for the syndicates and the money is then laundered it ultimately into cash buy now wine brown believes his portfolio is valued at five million dollars and he wants to cash it in but there's a catch the scam is in manila tell him before he can sell he is he needs to pay us tax. the tax money was granted right how to thales them us both of us had all of the pie before you get that get this cash back for a while before that one swine started to ask for money that i have to constantly
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come up with new why explaining why they're not i would buy the money it's just an ongoing. clever scheme to continue to g.p.m. by. the charade continues why news passed on to yet another manila based american criminal again pretending to be on wall street he's an alias jeffrey cohen. different time when all is close like every happen there is a cause it can't why can't you get a wife on jeffrey said you can apply this sponsor money for example and then we'll give you the funds we can release your funds to you. and. we shall mention place for you change but you can't get all the you know the amount that you need the product is forty seven thousand dollars ok. on finding. your body will be released. the scammers are trying to squeeze
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a final payment from wayne different area it was very hard to deal with it was very full on. it all aside from not going to do this tell whale and the fossil to sit there while they would get on. with wine brown's last now tell you the one million dollars informant to x. moves against the gang. when i saw. the report for this much food source for the day i just restart can do something about it and i think the system are we doing something about it. so inform schools private investigator can gamble he's willing to hand over the suitcase of evidence and forensic d tao of the fraud against wind brown the investigator is wearing campbell who spent years busting organized crime gangs in this region and has made many enemies. one of the steps necessary to get rid of a person like me that's going to cause
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a lot of trouble to the city get an operation so heavy now can. one group actually came to me and. they're rebuffed came to get rid of him if i have to kill and kill him you've done some pretty bad things haven't you already done a lot of bad things we regard still came. when i saw what he was doing i just knew i couldn't get rid of him for the simple fact that he's hoping out a lot of people in order to get very low spec in the order what do you make of the fact that informant x. the man who's helping you now was once played ninety thousand pesos to get rid of you it was certainly a strange feeling talking to the person who had been instructed to to get rid of me and it sort of reiterated my belief that there's a lot more good people in this world than there is bad. so you contacted wind to tell him he'd been scammed what was his reaction well he was pretty shocked.
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a little bit baffled at. what was going on but. he was also relates he had suspicions that something wasn't right he just didn't know what was going on he didn't know who to talk to. when brown high's private investigator can gamble to track the scammers and recover the money he's lost. or invested one point four million u.s. dollars with these blocks it was sickening actually addresses that much money into my future and then to follow it out there wasn't any cash the. it was real sitting. more than five thousand kilometers away in manila the criminals are unaware the victim knows he's been combed. the tables are about to be turned. i said first thing the first and most importantly
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thing to do is not to let on to them that you know you being scammed because i'm going to have to use you to continue to communicate with them together evidence that will be vital for them because. one keeps getting calls from the conmen jeffrey cohen more appeals for him to pay money to three he is one plays along with him on the job there was to keep them on the hook as every don't want to me for the last three years or destroy maternal tiles keep them in a conversation i tell em i'm always going to give them the cash to formalize these deals. oh. oh gosh we know you know. it's so hard talking to people that you know this ripped you off and you got to talk almost just to keep them on the hook it's just so hard knowing that they're on the other so one. of the world wallace. sin that laughing at you.
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the fraudster jeffrey cohen is becoming disputes and aggressive to extract a final payment from his victim. is giving him the runaround. you're not going to want. to say i don't care you're going to enjoy your fun within seventy two hours. or were the people being scope were to small amounts bigger most. they have no mercy have any syndicates do you think would be one of the one time. i would say this about sixty groups in the police. have a need to vigils. hundreds or. i would cite that they would be tens of millions of dollars involved in these frauds we have found cole said as the rising money through securities fraud have been directly linked to terrorist organizations in indonesia. after almost two years of
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investigation can gamble leaves ready to take his one thousand page brief to the makati police chief so you know since you've done the detective work for them haven't you you both the brick people the case to them yes we've done more than just call it compliant we've done investigation we've gathered evidence would probably fall the suspects they are not skilled in financial crimes particularly cross border crossings where where i bring where i bring expectations in the area across border forward and how to work with bridge oh you're. going to see the police will need time to assign their own investigators and conduct their own surveillance but the case against a syndicate of foreign criminals is compelling. and we have identified a number of persons of interest actual suspects involved in dealing with mr brown those three mine guards that actually dealt with him on the telephone. the mccarty
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police chief is convinced it's a serious case and i think it's time for us. he says it will be nice nice trick of them in the bins to take on the talents. it will help. those ugly party to recover the money. not knowing the noose is tightening around them the crime group is still trying to draw more cash from wine brown he's paid them nothing for fifteen months but they persist in the manila police finalize their investigation. paranoid actually stop trying to rush action as we speak right now so or make a great sacrifice. on the wide but surely nobody published article on. you don't expect your hard earned cash to be taken away from you or to sell my house. and of course i go back a lot of it up my back which i've given
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a fable. i need that money back so i can have a last all. in manila he's hard earned cash is being spent by fools to friends daniel johnson and jeffrey cullen. jeffrey often posts on facebook where he's doing he's a prolific poster he's even got his on food blog. because you. expect . bush. to be brought up aeration is about to come to a crashing in. investigating can you get this final surveillance for police. in this high security gated community he searches for the home of the criminal who goes by the name is daniel johnson this is what you got to. ask you
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because you struck. before dawn a team of officers gather including specialists cyber crime police. it's the final briefing before a newly morning raid. we would have together enough intelligence to track down where the money what assets being purchased and and work out a strategy on how to recover the money. going to what came up. the moment because a right there at the house of daniel johnson's the man who allegedly scammed most of the money from way around. really there are.
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always i don't know. this is the man who calls himself daniel johnson his real name is richard recchi obi jr and he's a fifty six year old new yorker. richard you left a message this morning last night for white brown on the money on his voice miles under the name of daniel johnson. you call that two of the main also live here one of them barry rosen is the brother of the alleged fraud stood known as jeffrey cohen what's been going on in this house is about to be exposed in the state. of the state you guys work or you. want. abstain is the police find evidence of want to use to be a sophisticated food operation scripts to entice the best who's left talks and a list of dozens of names of investors most of whom don't know they may be the
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victims of a scam. but there is one name can gamble needs to find hard. this is day to day executive office and this is day to day tax which is. the company that wind around investing the money here the a miles of wind brand name now is a right here on the computer. but there's the evidence right there there is this one of these e-mails was just sent last night richard notice you not it should be in touch with mr brown this morning so alas not. on the mouth they're ok you know you know everything go off way up so yeah yeah i just gonna stand like yeah ok we could do it you know that was ok this one dish i laid out for my wife which will reach in the morning is getting worse by the minute with a strike to help register who will not i bought it but all yeah there is no war
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immunization. up to so many months of investigation today is a very special weekend and one. of a lot of the and i think you all are going to put him in prison. give me cash back . or at least let people know that all people have a lot of. it's. richard appears calm and cooperative so i want to thank you guys so what you're looking at why don't respect the white house is that it richard recchi opie and he's two housemates formally arrested accused of cyber crime. as you guys who know a little push my teeth and call might. be alleged chief fraud stories now in custody if you can gamble much work lies ahead. every pressure point that we can hit we will apply pressure they in order to get out clause money back that my involved falling criminal cases of my involved falling civil cases whatever it
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al jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters and. pran i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes. bass's the u.s. state of north carolina as it threatens to cause billions of dollars of damage to the east coast. and i'm meteorologist haven't korver we have all the latest on
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hurricane florence with the newest update as well as why the storm is expected to be catastrophic. a lifeline for the lire turkey hikes interest rates are giving its currency a boost from its recent downfall. spain decides to go ahead with an arms deal with the arabia despite concerns over their use of the conflict in yemen and a whale of a tale from the hope to change the perception of japan's whaling practices. how can florence and started to better the east coast of the united states its has it has a category two storm before cost as warm that will still cause catastrophic flooding across america southeast posing a grave threat to life and property winds and waves are already slamming north
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carolina with thousands of power outages reported along the coast beachside homes and neighborhoods are being swamped with water while the north carolina governor has warned residents that this is only the beginning. wind and waves are driving seawater through some coastal streets like rivers nearly thirty thousand people in north carolina already over that power that number drives the worst of the storm is not yet here but these are the early warnings of the days to come surviving this storm will be a test of endurance teamwork common sense and patience when we're joined now by cost on into and the galahad life arise in wilmington north carolina a so what are the conditions like where you andy. well elizabeth they are deteriorating slowly and that really is the key word for hurricane florence because
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this storm is moving incredibly slowly and forecasters are fearful that once it makes landfall it will not move inland but linger over this spot for perhaps a couple of days giving us sixty hours of rain the other big concern is the storm surge that is expected to hit the coastlines of north and south carolina it could be as high as four meters that would basically it's one of the first of all these buildings here behind me as you heard there forty thousand people already without power one point seven million people under a mandatory hurricane evacuation order most have left we've met plenty of locals here in wilmington that decided to ride the storm out of course the storm is now a category two storm not a category four as before so that is some good news but forecasters say this is not something you can take lightly this is the storm of a lifetime that surge if it comes in as high as four meters will cost will cause billions of dollars with the damage will be a threat to life for those people
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a character wide storm out but the authorities are ready there's about four thousand national guard troops on standby to help people out once the storm hits sometime tomorrow but those people who have chosen to stay there really are taking a serious risk you can see the rain coming down right now but you combine this rainfall that is predicted with those surges but are predicted and those high winds as well something like one hundred seventy five blocks as per hour and we have the potential for a disastrous storm and we were those conditions expected how how can people get ready and prepared for something like this other than evacuating to those are many shelters that have now are kind. i mean the authorities have made it pretty clear is if you haven't left it's too late if you have left there are plenty of shelters there are plenty of places to go where other people will be safe of course the storm is predicted to move inland to places like virginia bringing lots of rainfall as well if you've chosen to stay here in places like wilmington imagine this time tomorrow if the buildings behind me are submerged in water if you're
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inside one of those buildings or you're in an upper floor you're basically trapped and there will be no emergency services on the ground for that period of time they've cleared out they've evacuated as well so people who've chosen to stay you know they taking a massive risk but they also know they won't get the help they need if they get into trouble that's why the majority of the people that we've seen here have taken those warning seriously and have left but as i said the two key things that focuses here are deeply concerned about is that storm surge up to four meters and all that rainfall because typically hurricanes they hit the land it sucks the power out of them and they move inland and they dissipate that's not the case with this storm it seems like it may stick around in this area for a full two dates pretty all that rainfall with it that as i said before could be potentially catastrophic and it thank you very much for that for now that's sponsored and gallagher live in wilmington north carolina let's go to our meteorologist kevin corriveau now and you touched on this briefly kevin but just
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tell us more about you know exactly what it is that makes florence so dangerous you know storm of a century of a lifetime as it's being called a monster storm that's right now at one point this was a category four storm and we were looking at the storm potentially becoming a still stay a category stores as it was making landfall this is an image of the radar from weather underground that we're using here to loop the satellite you can see the well defined eye off the coast and what you'll notice and as we'll go through the next couple of hours while i'm here you can notice of the storm is not going to be moving and that is going to be the biggest problem with the storm is the. very slow movement or the stalling of the storm just off the coast or when it makes landfall so the reason being is a category two storm once it goes through on a normal cation will see the storm for six hours or twelve hours and then it pushes out this storm is not going to be doing that we're going to be seeing storm surge lasting for days we're going to to see winds lasting for days and we're going to be
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seeing actually also the the waves last for days so i want to show you the bigger picture with the storm right now take a look at what is happening with the storm of course we're seeing a lot of this rain extending all the way up here towards north towards our north as well as down towards charleston right now the winds are one hundred kloc one hundred sixty kilometers per hour category two very slow moving northwest at seven miles seventy kilometers per hour now i'm going to show you actually increment by increment as the storm makes landfall let's pushes into motion and you can see by two am friday making its way close to the coast still no landfall there as we go towards friday at two pm local time then we do expect to see a low land fall but you notice how close these icons are after this we have a big question mark on to where is the storm going to go when storms like this slow down that means it's even harder to predict where they're going to go next after this we think that the storm is going to become a tropical storm come down and. come down in intensity but still
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probably be over myrtle beach by then then as we go towards saturday two pm still very slow we're talking forty eight hours here a very little movement with this storm and of course in this area we could be seeing over six hundred millimeters of rain after this we do think the storm is going to be pulling out quite quickly across much of this area and then up here across parts of west virginia quickly i want to show you the amount of rain were affected see in this area and where you see this bull's eye where that red is that is over six hundred millimeters of rain liz so we're going to be watching this very very carefully over the next few days and like i said i think. a question mark on where this is going to go that is going to be probably one of the hardest things to forecast about the storm and before it moves on it is because kevin that forty eight hours that it's going to stay still that's right that people are estimating out of the system is in that this is going to be at least tens if not billions of
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dollars in damage caused that's right when you take all of the storm surge and wind it is going to weaken the infrastructure it is going to weaken a lot that those buildings in the area a lot of the outer islands are going to be affected so we're going to be watching this very carefully kevin thank you very much for that. now facing criticism over his handling of the hurricane that devastated puerto rico last year president has accused vial democrats of inflating the number of people killed and independent study commissioned by the puerto rican government had concluded about three thousand people died while trump has rejected that death toll has more. as hurricane florence barrels toward the east coast of the united states president donald trump is in the middle of his own storm. feuding the official death toll in the aftermath twenty seventeen's hurricane maria the puerto rican government says nearly three thousand people died there but trump disagrees and thursday morning
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tweets he not only disputed the numbers but without any evidence claimed they were being inflated by the democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when i was successfully raising billions of dollars to help rebuild puerto rico trump is faced heavy criticism for his response to maria starting the day he visited when he tossed paper towels to displaced residents the initial death toll was in the dozen but the governor of puerto rico recently raised that number to nearly three thousand after an independent study still this week trump was defiant when discussing the response i think the puerto rico was credible and show of success the mayor of san juan a vocal critic of the response disagrees he wasn't up to the task and the neglect and the way that he neglected our lines gave permission to other people in his administration to look the other way translator this is
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a political move by opponents comes during a chorus so alexion campaign november's voters go to the polls to decide which political party will control congress and whether they wish for trump's agenda to continue can really help get al-jazeera washington. now over in southeast asia people are bracing for super typhoon man court which is gathering strength near the northern philippines thousands have been evacuated from coastal areas of the philippines the main island luzon the typhoon is expected to make landfall on saturday when the wind speeds of up to two hundred forty kilometers an hour it's expected to be the strongest of fifteen storms which have had the country this year now turkey central bank has raised interest rates from seventeen to twenty four percent and of a destabilize the economy and stem a currency crisis the move helped to strengthen the lead against the u.s. dollar by nearly three and a half percent the central bank says it will keep interest rates high on till
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inflation starts to ease despite a president ever once calls to cut trades meanwhile the government issued a decree on thursday banning the use of foreign currency and the property market and car rentals. you may determine interest rates but you don't determine inflation and inflation is a result of the wrong steps the central bank has taken and who pays the price the people the trades mean sitting in front of me we cannot be an intermediary to the usage of an exploitation tool like interest rates my dear friends to biggest advantage is that its problems are not caused by its finances our banks are solidly standing tall our president ever the answer is turkey will not turn a blind eye as civilians are killed in syria's province the turkish convoy made up of tanks and other heavy heavy vehicles as it reached an observation point in the town of mordecai.


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