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tv   Basketmouth - Trash Talking  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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we are encouraging the chinese government through diplomatic channels to ensure that they allow the practice of freedom of religion they respect human dignity but this is a hearing on sanctions are we going to say yes congressman when it comes to sanctions rollouts we are not able to preview what we might do but i can tell you we are looking at the situation and global magnitsky is a tool that we use to curb human rights abuses around the world afghans are suffering from a drought so severe that a quarter of a million have abandoned their homes so far this year and search of water and food the u.n. says more afghans have left their homes because of drought than war but toyah gate and the reports. when the rain stopped falling earlier this year many afghans knew the trouble was coming but they never imagined that the subsequent drought would be so bad they'd be forced to leave their homes to survive the u.n. says in the first week of september one hundred twenty thousand displaced people
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arrived in kalon now the provincial capital of bog province others ended up in this camp for displaced people in neighboring hereat. i'm a widow with two children who came here because we were starving destroyed our crops of wheat the land is to try to grow anything. in scarce rains in northwest afghanistan have caused the drought disaster there's a shortage of drinking water and grazing land for cattle. the u.n. says a quarter of a million afghans have abandoned their homes so far this year in search of water that's five times the number displaced by fighting between government forces and taliban and i still find it is during the same period more than two million people are at risk of not having enough to eat the u.n. says one hundred fifteen million dollars is needed to help those affected we've now got a quarter of a million people who have been displaced almost certainly because of the drought
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and this is the number that we thought we would see by the end of this year so we're currently revising our figures but my main message is the situation's extremely serious and we need to act faster now many families in the camps to surviving on a single meal a day many get by on just bread and water. we've been here for four or five months and as you can see no one has helped us life is miserable we have no flour no sugar nothing the u.n. and its partners are planning to deliver thirteen thousand tons of food to six hundred thousand people in the coming weeks but reaching these relatively remote provinces is another challenge they'll face picture a gate and be al jazeera german planes have destroyed and activists and cap and a coal mine protesters have built tree houses to try to prevent the miles expansion into a neighboring forest they've occupied sixty structures in the hand that forced close
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to the dodge border for the past five years. the international whaling commission has approved a declaration to restore whale populations to the levels before and dust trail fishing began it's also advocated whale watching as the only commercial use off the animals the non-binding declaration is a major blow for japan which is trying to end a thirty three year ban on commercial whaling now a new film aims to change the perception of japan's whaling practices gabriel elizondo reports. when the cove was released in two thousand and nine documentary won widespread acclaim and even an academy award but for the japanese in the tiny village of taj. it brought unwelcome world attention vilification for hunting dolphins and whales. now a new documentary is showing a different side of the people. in a film called a whale of
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a tale these killers have nor care in the world today is the villagers are for traders being besieged by foreign activists using strong arm social media tactics to get them to stop whaling the film's director is make says saki when it comes to whaling in hunting we must play here only one side which is against whaling and often hunting the core problem was a lack of information. so this is not to propose support the whaling with off in hunting but i just wanted to show the whole picture whale hunts in thai she can be traced back to the sixteen hundreds it's a part of their heritage and religion and they need to survive one will kill could be the entire community for months even today they say the dolphin and whales and sustain a community for survival bringing in food and also helping the economy but saki
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says it's also about something more and that people are so proud of their history they are so that's their identity that town as a whaling home or the town the whales and dolphins and that's something that the inherited from their own sisters it's so important for them to continue whatever the tearing japan is pushing hard to lift the ban on commercial whaling at the international whaling commission's meeting in brazil but for now the people of thais she feel like at least their side of the story is being told gabriel's onto al-jazeera. they have. or will be. on a mountain bike. thank
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you very much well it's been five months since sixteen members of a canadian youth ice hockey team were killed in a bus crash on the way to a game and now the humboldt broncos have played the opponents they were meant to face in april. we. hand. while some of the thirteen survivors from the accident attended the game as the team made its return to a packed out arena in the province of saskatchewan the game began with the survivors dropping the puck in the ceremonial first faceoff humble scored the
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opening goal against the nitro and hawks but went on to lose the game two to warm the team will travel to nicole in for a rematch on friday but it's been a lucrative few days for u.s. open champion niamey osaka less than a week after beating serina williams to claim the three point eight million dollars winner's check in new york she's now partnered up with japanese car companies on a three year deal as their new brand ambassador the twenty year old was presented at their headquarters in yokohama japan's first grand slam winner is also reported to have signed a deal with adi das worth ten million dollars a year so new means had probably the best week of her life earlier we spoke to simon chadwick professor of sports enterprise at the sulphur business school on why she's so appealing to sponsors. i really think her japanese nurse's is significant but i also think her mixed heritage background is also important and if you look at tiger woods for example tiger woods too was of mixed heritage and essentially what
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he did was to appear to my eyes the age at the time when he first appeared but i think also that they with words and it will do the same with a soccer is not just appealing to for example white anglo-saxon europeans or for that matter not just appealing to african-americans in a sarkis case in europe a appealing to an asian marketplace but also to a northern and central american market place as well given haitian background but there's something to i think about the age profile of of nisson buyers and you got to look at two i think the age profile of tennis followers they tend to be a little older a little richer. a little more highly educated and so in those to respect of a soccer being as almost as a sar a soccer is the vehicle for something more significant and more tangible in terms
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of the aligning alignment between a son and tennis so in some respects providing us african maintain a level of success and performance i would argue that she's a marketer's dream. olympic champions brazil made it two wins out of two at the volleyball world championship but not before they were given a scare by france the french went two sets down to the brazilians in the bulgarian setting of. what they fought back to force and tie break brazil have won this tournament three times though and they held their nerve to win what's likely to be the hardest match or in. the dominican republic are playing their first world championship since one nine hundred seventy four but they couldn't get their first win as they played japan the japanese had lost their opener to co-hosts italy latest came a spirited for the weekend just like three nil base in florence. or the usa won their second five setter in two days this time against australia who also fought back from two sets down in bari but the americans are second ranked in the world
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they showed their pedigree to win the tiebreaker of next for them twenty twelve olympic gold medalists russia. africa's top eight football clubs are getting ready to meet in the champions league quarter finals on friday algeria's chief are at home against defending champions wade at casablanca in the first leg american strolled through the group stage and beaten but their fellow two time when a city for had a tougher time of it qualifying behind t.p. mazembe day of the congo luis philippe scolari's hopes of winning the cup with the brazil on his return to power met us took a dent as they lost the first leg time to cresent zero the man who oversaw brazil's seven one world cup exit to germany four years ago is hoping for a damp in in his third stint with the south paolo club but the visitors went ahead in wednesday's much and unbar course scoring just five minutes then puts cruzeiro firmly in the driving seat for the return in belo horizonte of the month.
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a fair few fans turned up in rio de janeiro as flamengo hosted corinthians the visitors goalkeeper cassio was at full stretch to keep out. flamingos shot in the first half would prove to be crucial flamengo had twenty four shots on goal but don't know the final score going into the return like in south how light. france is world cup winning captain hugo lloris has been backed by his club manager. luis was handed a hefty fine and banned from driving for twenty months after being found guilty of drink driving tottenham boss punch attain i says his goalkeeper will learn from the incident. and we made a mistake. the dismissive listen listen fully everyone. is the first though he told me this is a massive listen for me i made a mistake i know i need to play like i'm in that he's is going to be an assembler
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and now some proof for you that practice makes perfect have a look at polish mountain bike trickster god siac trying to become the first person ever to pull off what's called a quadruple tail a whip. well that's attempt number one. this one looks the same but it's trying to tell you third time lucky. close but no quadruple tail whip there was good news in the end that. he finally landed it well worth seeing this one again in super slow mo it does of course mean that's triple tail whips and no longer the best we can aim for. i haven't really thought about doing quite the way on mountain bike because it was pretty hard for me but the jump here is so much bigger than i'm riding at home so it was both fuel it wasn't easy it was really tough one. if.
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my body is the throw it but definitely warford that's always pull for now. thank you very much paula and that does it for the back in just a couple of minutes with another full of those.
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cards finish. and the latest news as it breaks these people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with detail coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today by this on no longer exceptional. he doesn't see me at all if you look.
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at. my nigerian. bashes the u.s. state of north carolina as a threatens to cause billions of dollars of damage to the east coast and. we're watching the storm very closely as it makes its way towards carolinas but i will tell you why the storm is expected to be catastrophic.
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and unwelcome to al-jazeera headquarters in doha with me in his approach also ahead a lifeline for the turkey hikes interest rates given his currency a boost from its recent downfall spain decides to go ahead with an arms deal with the arabian despite concerns over they use in the conflict and gehman and a whale of a tale a film that hopes to change the perception of japan's whaling practices. to better the east coast of the united states it's making landfall as a catholic. two storm forecasters warn that will still cause major flooding across america southeast a grave threat to life and property where high winds and waves are already slamming north carolina with thousands of power outages reported along the coast or beach
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side homes and neighborhoods are being swamped with water. a north carolina governor has warned residents that this is only the beginning we ended waves are driving seawater through some coastal streets like rivers nearly thirty thousand people in north carolina already without power that number roger the worst of the storm is not yet here but the easier the early warning of the days to come surviving this storm will be a test of the durance teamwork common sense and patience and the gallagher has more from moment to north carolina and what conditions here in wilmington north carolina are deteriorating slowly and slowly is the key would in the most fearful would that forecasters here are using because they think that once hurricane florence makes landfall here in north and south carolina sometime on friday it will not simply move inland but it will linger over this spot for
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potentially forty eight hours bringing with it up to a meter of rain the other big concern porpoises have here all the storm surges that i'm predicting something up to four meets is in storm surges that would basically mean all the buildings here behind me all the first floors would be submerged under water now about one point seven million people in this region are under mandatory evacuation order most have left we've met plenty of locals here that have chosen to ride the storm out when that storm hits they will have no help they know that they will be on their own but this is a life threatening storm but as it draws closer it's getting wider bigger and wetter that's what's really concerning forecasters here they're predicting billions hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage for the people accused to stay here in wilmington north carolina and all the other places that are affected by florence they are taking their lives in their own time because there will be no help once this storm hits so again those two key concerns all that this storm will linger and dump lots and lots of rain that hasn't been seen here in decades and of course that
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story. up to four meters and potentially deadly. but we're joined now by our meteorologist kevin corriveau to tell us more kevin about is exactly what makes law and so dangerous and what it's going to do that's right it is what's happening now is the slowing down and because it's slowing down that is what's making this storm particularly dangerous over any other storm of this category i want to show what's happening right here this is the one whether under ground radar imagery that is coming out you can see the well defined eye but if you notice as it loops around we're not seeing too much of a movement with this particular storm i want to show you the bigger picture of what is happening here let's take a look at the satellite image here is the storm right there over and put this into motion and you can see that we are looking at the storm a lot of clouds up to the north as well as down to the south we're having rain right now and showers all along the carolina coastline as well as inland flooding has begun across that region one hundred sixty cloner proper winds we are looking
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at moving to the northwest at seven kilometers and that is the factor right there it is moving so slow that what you see there is really going to be staying there over the next few days this is the movement we expect to see over the next few days is the path but we are expecting to see a new advisory coming out they do come out every three hours now and what's going to happen is the big question mark is what happens at the end as the storm makes its way towards south carolina we have a lot of flexibility and a lot of unknowns about where this is going to go what we do know though we're going to have sustained storm surge widespread power outages in the flooding as well as over six hundred millimeters of rain across that area so we will keep you informed as this goes in terms of what happens afterwards we think it's going to make its way towards the south carolina area and then quickly move up here towards the north but really until we get a good movement on this then we do not exactly know but what we do know is the next forty eight hours it is going to be north carolina that is going to get the brunt
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of the storm thank you for. much for them as they want while the news now in turkey central bank has raise interest rates in a bid to stabilize the economy and stem a currency crisis the move helped the lira to gain three and a half percent against the u.s. dollar the central bank says it will keep interest rates high until inflation starts to ease they're now at twenty four percent up from seventeen the decision was made aspired to president. opposition to rate hikes meanwhile the government issued a decree on thursday banning the use of foreign currency when buying or renting property or renting cars. you made it through an interest rates but you don't determine inflation and inflation is a result of the wrong steps the central bank has taken and who pays the price the people the trades mean sitting in front of me we cannot be an intermediary to the usage of an exploitation tool like interest rates my dear friends two biggest
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advantage is that its problems are not caused by its finances our banks are solidly standing tall well interest rates are now at their highest level since two thousand and four the lira has plunged in recent months and is down almost thirty nine percent against the dollar this year the currency crisis has been driven by many factors including investor concerns about the president and the ones influence on monetary policy more recently a growing trade and diplomatic dispute with the us has had a major impact washington double that of many i'm imports as it calls for detained american pastor to be freed or joel rubin is a former deputy assistant secretary of state he's now president of washington strategy group that's a consulting firm in washington d.c. and he says the interest rate increases is a strong signal showing turkey has an independent central bank. the fact that the central banks raise interest rates in order to stem inflation so you deal with that
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change rate with the united states and straight nuclear that that's a strong sign and western economies need to have independent central banks can't have presidents a controlling monetary policy that's when economy is really going through its else and so while the economic situation is difficult and certainly is a good signal to international markets that central bank is taking seriously the fiscal house given that in order and demonstrating that the management of the economy isn't strong enough that the people leaving the finance ministry as well and those devices around the president they really need to demonstrate that they have a plan to rescue our service economy from this period if they don't that will decrease international cautions the turkish military convoy has reached an observation point in the syrian town of doc and hama district that's one of the closest point to the line dividing opposition fighters and government forces in the country's northwest the deployment comes of preparations continue for a government offensive against
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a neighboring province so when president bashar assad says he's determined to retake the province turkey is against an offensive but the president and the one warning that he want turn a blind eye if civilians are killed and limp the u.n. humanitarian coordinator and yemen says hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance as fighting again picks up between the saudi and the rhotic coalition and what the rebels in the port city of what they are the commanders of the south they have erotic coalition so they remain in control of a main local supply route which links what they that to the rebel held capital but what they fight is the spirit that anderson has more from neighboring djibouti. it's now becoming clearer that the fighting is escalating around the red sea port of data and hooty rebels have tried to repel the u.a.e. saudi led attacks but without success it seems armed there has been a cut in the supply line between the port and the rebel held capital sana'a
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now that has massive implications because say the children say millions of children's lives are at risk because of this with food supplies not getting through and other supplies medicine along with the vital supplies for the hoochie rebel fighters as this fighting goes on the attempts at getting some sort of dialogue revived by a lot of gryphus the u.n. special envoy goes on he's in the amount of capital muscat and he's been talking to a delegation of who is the delegation that was meant to go to geneva led by mohammed abdul salam and he has said that some sort of dialogue will continue there is nothing substantive coming out of these talks publicly anyway whether or not he goes on to sign or is unclear but he is destined for riyadh and time is going by at a rapid rate with all this fighting escalating and this critical situation the
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griffiths himself warned about the economy plummeting and the danger of more deaths not through fighting but through famine right there for everyone to see but then what does everyone do it is a very very dangerous situation. spain has decided to go ahead to put the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia last week's decision to cancel the order and that is angered activists who say that the weapons will be interest in the killing of civilians and yemen the whole thing of the day and that to concerns about fetish jobs and the future of a more lucrative contract to supply wash it well michael page is the deputy director for the middle east and north africa division at human rights watch and he says spain's justification for going ahead with the deal doesn't add up yes well it's a deeply disappointing decision to start out if spain had followed through with suspending or cancelling the sale they would have followed other e.u. countries like germany netherlands belgium and sweden and neither restricting or
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suspending completely arms sales to saudi arabia you know in spanish media there are reports that political pressure was put on them by the saudi arabia by saudi arabia quietly in the justification that the spanish government gave namely that these are precision guided munitions is something that we've heard for years from the u.s. the u.k. and is completely false i mean you don't need even if you have rescission guided munitions or weapons doesn't mean that they will be used lawfully saudi arabia already has an arsenal of high tech weapons and they've continually use them to bomb schools mosques. markets and continue to carry out civilian casualties in apparent unlawful strikes so you know human rights watch alone has documented the death of nearly a thousand civilians over the last several years in apparently eighty seven unlawful airstrikes.


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