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activity by the israeli troops in the vicinity but if they tried to get into the village and try to demolish the village they would do everything they could to defend the territory of the village itself and so yes i mean i've been there myself in the past when activists and villages have tried to eat bulldozers not using. any sort of violent tactics that i store but certainly doing everything they could to put their bodies in the way and there were clashes with israeli forces at that point of eastley if and when there is a concerted effort to try to get into the villages and that is the point in which such concerns will be the highest harry thanks very much. the city of fallujah is struggling to recover two years after the iraqi army defeated eisel fighters now their battle left the city in ruins as well as reconstruction and creating jobs the government's in anbar province in handing out compensation but some complain the
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process is unfair right matheson from baghdad. for two years the people of fallujah have been struggling to rebuild much of the city was destroyed in twenty sixteen years iraqi forces battled eisel fighters some residents who live through the devastation say little has changed. electricity and services the so weak in the city as for the compensation there is now neighborhoods are almost entirely devastated my house is completely destroyed but i haven't received any fair compensation. that compensation is vital for people who've lost jobs businesses and homes they say the money isn't always fairly distributed. we haven't had fair compensation so far our house was destroyed and the entire neighborhood was leveled to the ground compensation is being granted only for those who have ties with the corrupt officials who have no connection or sometimes getting half the compensation
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they should get volusia in the center of iraq has been a battleground for decades suffering some of the highest casualty numbers in the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war in two thousand and four u.s. forces invaded and fought gunman for control of the city after the fall of saddam hussein. by spring twenty fourteen large areas have been seized by ice all fighters . two years later fallujah was freed after a long seized by the iraqi army but much of it had been destroyed the local government says it's rebuilding as fast as it can and that's giving some iraqis hope for the future but they're different than when we got back to fallujah after the liberation we saw so much destruction and we estimated at least five you. as for the total reconstruction of fallujah now we're seeing some sort of efforts to rebuild the reconstruction of fallujah as part of a bigger building program in iraq which is being managed from here in baghdad at
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the ministry of construction and housing budgets are tight and it's up to the individual cities to manage the money to get. new projects are needed to improve things after i sold and also to fix the huge damage that affected the city as a whole this would require much support from the central government. but getting the proper compensation would help more people than pollute just live from day to day rob matheson. back to. plenty more ground still to cover for you here on al-jazeera including the world's richest man makes his biggest charitable donation ever. hello the rain doesn't seem to want to stop in japan though it's a bit small sporadic now as you can see the cloud is nicely broken up as viewed from space by satellite but it's still produces rain on the ground and that raised
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cross the middle of honshu probably including tokyo it's not necessarily have a bit heavy a burst but it is still fairly persistent it's their day off today with a little break and it's looks like it will still be around on sunday but not necessarily in tokyo which is warmed up with such degrees he may have noticed the showers colt south korea's well that's a brighter day still twenty eight in seoul come sunday now to the action and it is action this here just on the edge of your screen is a category five equivalent typhoon a huge beast almost covering the northern philippines luzon now is going to a lot of wind and rain damage of course and it runs across the philippines a sas china sea heading towards well look at it somewhere in southwest china but maybe avoiding hong kong you'll just catch the outer bands of rain and increasing wind of course no nobody should be out in the water i wouldn't have thought under those conditions to the south this to the trainer showers that runs away from the
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middle of thailand towards the central philippines the fuchsias the south that if at all way down through sumatra. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot . the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how is negotiations with him helped to save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're without a zero live from recapping the top stories for you so far today hurrican florence is inching closer to the u.s. east coast and is due to make landfall in north carolina very soon it's now we can however to a category one storm but it is still expected to cause widespread damage. super typhoon one corpse is gathering strength near the northern philippines winds gusting up to three hundred twenty five kilometers an hour are expected on friday night thousands of filipinos on the biggest island persons on the island have already been moved from their homes and the israeli army has been deployed to the occupied west bank village of qana the move is to prevent the gathering of activists at the site the israeli government has announced plans to demolish the village to make way for the building of illegal settlements. ok let's take you back now to that developing story the very real effects that have just started to be felt florence just making landfall and no more on the coastline of north carolina
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south colored carolina and as far north as the state of virginia jay gray is there in the carolinas joining us live so structural damage is already happening jay and also power outages too so florence very much telling people i'm here arrived. no absolutely peter and intensifying here where we are tara line of beach north carolina i want to give you a look at the conditions right now see the wind pushing those sheets of rain i should say a big push by what are extreme wind got there and really this storm has been relentless attacking the coastline through the evening into what is now early morning here you can people daybreak you won't see the sun obviously because of the cloud cover and the conditions but this thing is going to continue just like this for a day or more so we're going to continue that the driving rain we've had
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a storm surge and that's going to continue to build and the wind will drop a bit but still be gusting. even longer. very difficult for a lot of people here considering some are already dealing with severe flooding and we're going to drop a lot of water on top of what is already there peter so this is really unfortunately just the beginning of what is going to be a very long very difficult go and as far as some of the residents are concerned jay are they going to get like a one two punch it because if you're slightly inland you've already got the heavy rain you've got the wind but if you're too close to the coastline you're going to get the storm surge as well but not quite yet. no you're absolutely right peter and that's exactly what it will be one then the other and it's going to continue to rise because of this rain for quite some time so you're right not only coastline here and the storm surge could reach into areas
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there are a lot of homes and businesses built right along the beach here but then you've got the inland flooding in you've got the rivers in different from who carries that are going to be overflowing some already are and add that water to that and it's just going to be a long difficult struggle for you know millions up and down the strike zone here. we've got those reports as well jay tens of thousands of people who have already kind of reserved a place inside one of the hundreds of shelters that the local authorities have set up how many people have already been displaced and how many people do we think will be displaced by this. while we we know that call for a million evacuated some have been moved to shelter during the storm mode though who decided to ride this thing out had not and they were told well before conditions intensified here that if you decide to stay after we've issued these
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evacuation orders you do follow if your own peril so knowing how many will be in those both dorm it's hard to determine because we don't know how many people actually stayed to try and ride this thing out what we do know is that both teams that are faced in ready to move in can't do that until more and food vout and then they take them both in high water vehicles and through those areas hardest hit do what they can to help those who are right now dealing with these intense conditions jake we'll leave it there thank you very much. human susie rebels say fifteen people have been killed in saudi emraan he led coalition airstrikes in the port city of data lighting has escalated recently as the coalition tries to take the data from the rebels under simmons has more now from. the rebels say that at least fifteen civilians were killed and twenty others injured in an attack on cuba sixteen that's the main road between santa and the data the data is under attack by
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the saudi led coalition and this incident appears to be a clear. clear attack on the road the main highway the hootches say that these civilians were in their homes and their stores when they were struck now it ups the ante really in concern over civilian deaths in this conflict after the congress had received a report highlighting that the level of hits on civilians was far too high and a course of the u.s. decided nevertheless not to take any action to stop its militias military support of the coalition elsewhere we have hoochie reports that they have successfully mounted an ambush on military hardware moving on the road by government forces backed by the coalition are also major concerns now growing by the day about
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the humanitarian situation because if this supply line is cut then malnutrition could get much higher almost certainly would get much higher unless the saudis. can come up with some formula to get big supplies through to the enemy areas now he's all classic military tactics in attacking the data however there are hundreds of thousands of civilians at stake here and there is a real level of concern for mounting griffis and his negotiations attempts to get some sort of dialogue going however in the mon he met the delegation that should have gone to geneva and after that meeting is a saying nothing happened that will lead things forward that effectively the u.n. has stalled the situation and they have no hope of regaining any efforts to have dialogue. turkish military reinforcements have arrived on the border with syria near the province of it lip the military convoy consisting of tanks and vehicles
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follows a similar deployment on weapons day as an observation point in the syrian town of morocco in hama the position is close to the dividing line between opposition fighters and government forces. the world's richest man is giving two billion dollars to start a charity fund jeff bezos is funding a network of preschools and helping homeless families the boss of american retail giant amazon has been criticized for not being generous enough with his personal fortune of around one hundred sixty billion u.s. dollars full tuition preschool montessori inspired i'm very excited about that because i'm going to operate that that's going to be an operating nonprofit i'm going to hire an executive team that's going to be a leadership team we're going to operate these schools and we're going to put them in low income neighborhoods i'm going to identify with the help of a team i'm going to identify that we're going to hire the full time team. identify
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and find that and find. family homeless shelters. in mexico city thousands of students from its biggest university have been protesting to demand an end to campus violence earlier this month two students from the autonomous university of mexico were seriously injured in an attack and in april three students from western mexico were killed and their bodies dissolved in acid protesters say the attacks on students are a symptom of a surge in violence across the country. in the nicaraguan capital managua thousands of people have taken part in an anti-government protest more than three hundred people have been killed in violent demonstrations which began in april to oppose planned pension reforms. in costa rica's capital san jose there's been a fourth day of protests there against tax reform demonstrators say the proposal would unfairly affect the middle and lower classes the protests of the first major test for the president carlos of arago he took office in may german police served
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destroyed an activist encampment close to a coal mine protesters had built tree houses there to try to prevent the mines expansion into a neighboring forest they've occupied sixty structures in the forest close to the border with the netherlands for the past five years the activists had asked the mining company to delay development until the government updated its coal policy later this year. saturday would have been a decade since the collapse of the lehman brothers investment bank triggered a global recession while the crisis played out on wall streets and in government ministries its roots lay in small towns and cities across the united states where families pursuing the dream of home ownership fell victim to unscrupulous banks and predatory lending schemes. reports now from paris in california. was the why just before the crash life was good for betty nikka nor her parents and
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her kids they'd recently bought a brand new house our house was just huge it was a really big house it had five bedrooms four bathrooms all of all of that it just seemed so perfect but the dream house proved to be a cruel illusion a salesman had convinced her father may nardo to sign an adjustable rate mortgage on a property worth seven hundred fifty thousand dollars but the family's income was only sixty thousand dollars a year in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine the area's housing prices plummeted like they did nationwide and their home payments rose higher and higher unable to make the monthly payments they reached out to their bank and we tried to refinance they wouldn't help us three weeks later menard zero lost his job and the dream house was sold what was the home worth by then three thirty you bought it at seventy seventy thousand dollars yes and it was worth less than yes
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the family wound up nearly broke with their credit ruined i would get her for three years i know this area of california riverside county was one of the hardest hit during the housing collapse and the recession it had the third highest rate of home foreclosures in the entire us. fabian casarez his organization helps low income people with home ownership it was chaos here we were ground zero the market was just you know upside down here it was it was it was chaos it was total chaos and you know it took years to get out of that and i was there and i still did say that was the limit the nikken orse struggled to get back on their feet my mom was the one who took it the hardest she went into depression you know my dad was displayed broken into he was like you know i can't believe this happened to was gloria nikken or suffered
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a series of strokes and heart attacks and earlier this year may nardo and nick and nora was diagnosed with colon cancer he's had surgery and has to wear a portable chemotherapy pump but he continues to work every day the nikken ors have saved some money and are now in the process of buying a modest house nearby a step toward security after a decade of pain robert oulds al-jazeera parents california. this sounds as if these are the top stories let's take you straight life to wilmington in north carolina because what you're looking at right now as florence begins the process of making landfall starting to batter down on the east coast of the united states three states affected north carolina south carolina and a little bit the upper edge the leading edge of the hurrican just making the state
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boundaries between the carolinas and virginia battering the east coast of the united states is bringing with it heavy rain strong winds and a coastal so to those states one hundred fifty six thousand people already minus electricity for cost as a warning the slow moving storm system will cause major damage great with the latest now from north carolina. things are really starting to pick up with this storm i want to give you a firsthand look at what we're experiencing right now. with rain and the wind look at it right now really intensifying beyond that you can't see it in the dark but the waves are growing as well and this is a situation that's going to intensify as the storm moves closer to the shoreline and then in some areas these conditions are going to continue for two days or more this is setting up to be historic flooding in some of the areas across the strike zone and really places that are going to be inundated with water some areas it may
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take weeks if not more for that clear out and teams to get in in the philippines thousands of people have been moved away from coastal areas there as they brace for the arrival of a super typhoon it's called monklands the storm is expected to make landfall on saturday with wind speeds of up to two hundred forty kilometers an hour is forecast to be the strongest of fifteen storms for shit the country this year. is in the northern province of. the claims that the government is well prepared only be felt basically once the type we have been as you know even here in this evacuation center with just a rain there is already plodding and it is expected though that the impact of this will be about much more a much later months later after. the israeli army has been deployed to the occupied west bank village of khan the move is to prevent the gathering of activists at the site sami will keep you company in the coming hours i'm back from seven g. tomorrow up next it's inside story by for now.
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it's unprecedented in the history of the european parliament to vote to polish a member state. flouting rules on the look or see civil rights and corruption the government's attacks on courts and media is seen as a threat so what's next for hungary and indeed europe this isn't says story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm adopted hamid for the first time ever do european parliament has voted to sanction a member state hungary's accused of eroding the principles of democracy and civil rights the allegations are so serious it triggered a vote on article seven of the e.u. treaty which means hungary it could be stripped of its voting rights viktor orban government says it will challenge a decision that has more from sizable. there was applause as members of the european parliament voted to punish hungry for breaching values for the first time they agreed to move towards article seven a procedure that could lead to put a past losing its voting rights it was nice dodge lawmakers report on hungary then led to the decision we've seen democrat. since two thousand and ten. press freedom. is not guaranteed. in the
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academic freedom. is falling down the vote is unlikely to surprise hungary's far right anti immigration prime minister he and the e.u. have clashed repeatedly over the years. victor brand has accused the european parliament of trying to blackmail him to change his ways and in budapest his foreign minister has dismissed the vote saying hungary is being unfairly targeted who like you for your own parliament today should appear in part of a decision was nothing else but pet revenge of pro immigration politicians against hungary outside put a press parliament anti government campaigners protested. all by mean there are open talks about everything on tuesday but not the reality here in hungary everything is always about migration it's to full heard gary ns and they swallow it by going through their own fears is true it's not
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a distortion the government has been trying to the last step by step i think because they want to hold on to power. the e.u. will issue hungry with a formal warning before deciding whether to strip it of its voting rights such a move would damage hungary's international reputation but this supporter says it could actually bolster leadership in the long term mr obama be a winner of this procedure because he can establish a new platform video in the european peoples but the can make new alliances in europe and through that it can increase its influence on the european domestic politics for now pro european politicians are celebrating but their victory may be short lived the vote has highlighted the growing divisions in the e.u. that threaten the bloke's very existence and its future natasha butler al-jazeera stroudsburg france. ok so let's
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introduce our panel in brussels peter klepper head of the brussels office for the think that open europe in berlin martin michel ski director of public affairs at the polish based open dialogue foundation and in revenue in france but is all jellicoe the co-founder of. group of geopolitical studies welcome to you all but please let me start with you when when the e.u. says that there was a serious breach of european values what does it mean exactly. but there are two to be sure it's quite hard to interpret it's it's a very wide concept the e.u. law used to sign and an article in the second article of the treaty of lisbon and they cover a wide ranch of values which are human dignity the human rights the rule of law and when you look at the order it was written by this dodge lawmaker you there was interview you can see that there are actually quite
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a bunch of those values that have been breached at one point or another by the hungry in government and so but the main problem being that those that are using their white and white on this find it's also pretty hard to know exactly pinpoint where the issues are so it's mostly a question i think of political willingness rather than strictly like a strategic issue approach ok so martin on the contrary viktor orban says that actually he is the offending european values and i'm going to quote him here he says that this is the first case in the history of europe where a community can then it's own border guards so what what does he mean by that of course i'm looking from the polish perspective and yet to really think how you define european values there are four different perfect there are been there are different for that change but if you look at the treaty. through upload democracy.
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human rights that are being violated violated by those states by hungary by by poland of course far from the rubble reflected from the youth of the perspective they are in violation of what we all agreed on and of course poland was also had by article seven but this time it was a european commission who voted for that now and let me just bring in peter. you know all this obviously at the core of it is the e.u. . it's something that was created several decades ago do you think brussels has also maybe have to change a bit adapted it. didn't use the reality in europe. well if you look at the criticism on hungry i think you can agree with a lot that is being criticised in danger in the rule of law corruption with you
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fronts the fact that the government tried to politicize the process to point to judges so all of this is pretty justified but it's these are problems that you have in many other member states for example in romania there has been there have been mass protests against corruption in spain the treatment of the catalan movement think there you can also point at some some problems and put the zation of should issue appointment is i think in many countries a problem so the question is is the european union really the right forum to deal with that and frankly i have my doubts i think the core business of the e.u. is to scrap barriers to trade to open up treat from the moment it starts meddling in these more sensitive issues it always opens the door for criticism that it is it
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is using two different standards there are other international organizations as for example the council of europe that is based in straws burke that for decades now has been criticizing all countries for many of the problems that exists in hungary. ok. do you agree or what's your reaction to what was just said that maybe the european union has double standards to. i mean i could have done the fact that there is some sort of double standard in the sense that no measure of this sort i think it would have been more complicated for spain or italy or france to be. condemned like this by the e.u. parliament however. i do think that given the
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number of features from the home going government this particular act of particular activation of article seven was actually made sense and more than that i do think that the you should not only be concerned with the opening of free trade but also with defending its core values and if i might say so you pointed that. you has has existed for many decades now it is true and in this maybe you were so surprised by the fact that article seven was used only for the first time right now because it should have been used many times before the fact is that therefore ban has been in power for many years right now and that he's been slowly building his own doctrine his own approach not only to hungary the also to europe which you can see it completely contradicts the core values on which the has been found
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equivalents which are defined or at least identified in article two and i think it was about time that you or at least those who believe in. the liberal construction of european union did something about it the question is now what are going to be that the political consequences of such a rash action because no one is actually used to the european parliament acting so swiftly and actually making such a strong statement why it's a swiftly but their pay and parliament position is that it has actually so. of discussed with hungry several times. their concerns and that nothing happened some actually say that the and i'm putting that question to peter some actually say that the european union let it go for so long to probably with hungry thinking that by keeping viktor orban within the fold they could influence him more
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. i think it's a wise decision not to rush into action here and actually article seven or the whole procedure is sort of designed to encourage that is so. it's possible for any country to ultimately veto any sanctions poland has already said that it will and also politically it looks like many governments or quite wary to go to go there ok and. martin of course viktor orban and i think the case is more or less similar in poland the government there also say that it has nothing to do with sibylla civil liberties or core values it has to do with being punished for the anti migration policies of hungry. but there is also a fear i think that viktor orban talked about it during his electoral campaign
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about spreading this kind of in liberal democracies around europe which would basically could have a huge impact on the european union wouldn't it. i think that just on their very some point the way that they're trying to frame it or. so then you have the authoritarian. dictator one of these in europe they want to say that they are actually. giving back their position of their country that they should be all big within the e.u. remember all and there's a very proud european country you know seventy five percent. all these people who are pro european so they're walking a very thin line and they're saying that actually europe of course shouldn't be centralized and shouldn't be governed from brussels from or from berlin but they're saying that this actually the true europe is with poland holding a strong position while telling the people.


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