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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the u.s. ambassador to israel under george w. bush president george w. bush says these tactics the truck administration is taking that jared kushner is defending simply won't work and i think with cushions comments reveal is a basic ignorance about how to negotiate a complex deal he thinks as he said in the article that this is another real estate venture and maybe this kind of activity works in real estate but it's not going to work here when you have a party that has independent decision making on the part of the palestinians just as the israelis do that party is doesn't see any benefits and only is seeing the pain being inflicted by u.s. policy but jerry cushion or for his part in this article is defending once again the tactics of the position of the trumpet ministration saying this is a radical break with the past it certainly is a radical break with the framework that's essentially existed for decades the oslo accords which has been the framework that has been sort of used to try and broker
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peace but still he insists pieces achievable in fact the trumpet ministration says that we can expect the plan that they have been working on for some time to be unveiled in the coming months kimberly how cats in washington thank you kimberly. in syria several demonstrations have been held to protest against the government one was in hama the other in neighboring province of course the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria the protesters are angry at the government's plan to launch a massive military offensive to retake the territory the u.n. has repeatedly warned against the military assault saying it could unleash a humanitarian crisis unseen throughout syria's seven and a half year war there are now more than three million people in italy most of them civilians displaced by conflict in other parts of the country so that was a day of this is how how the protests look there rebel positions have been targeted by government and air strikes lots of people there gathering hundreds to demonstrate and condemn the continued shelling by government forces the u.n.
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estimates nearly forty thousand people have already fled the area as air strikes intensified over the past to us yemen's hooty rebels say fifteen people have been killed in the amorality led coalition airstrikes on the port city of her data findings escalated recently as the coalition tries to take the area back from the rebels he's under symons in djibouti with more. hooty rebel forces say these are civilians caught in the saudi amorality led coalition's line of fire in her data to her to say at least fifteen civilians were killed on thursday evening and twenty injured. this man asks why have these people being killed who to say this is kilo sixteen the main road link between the red sea port of her data and the capital sana'a are controlled by hutu rebels if fully verified these deaths and injuries will add
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ammunition to a different battle one that was waged this week in the united states congress u.s. politicians convinced by a report that blamed the coalition for unnecessary civilian deaths failed to pass a resolution to stop u.s. support for the saudis. further down the road in sabine hospital where supplies are meant to go different images burnt into the fearful thoughts of parents and would be mothers and fathers all across yemen there's no need for confirmation here the most vulnerable suffer in war in yemen it goes to extremes aid agencies warn that if the supply line of food medicine and other aid stays cut then mounted fission could kill more babies than weapons do it's a united nations official though who explains what's at stake a conflict has made yemen a living hell for its children over eleven million children or about eighty percent
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of the country's under eighteen population id need of humanitarian assistance they face the threat of food shortages displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services hutu rebels have posted video which they say shows an ambush on government fighters in the saudi m.r. r.t. led coalition near her data saudi reports say who it is have been fleeing the battlefield. the rebels deny that and there is a warning that food could come under attack on the pretext of coalition claims that weapons are stored there whatever the truth in this war the attempts to bring calm and some hope of dialogue still rests heavily on the shoulders of the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths he met the hoochie delegation that should have been in geneva last week in the yemeni capital muscat on thursday it appears martin griffiths isn't giving up on his attempts to try to build confidence as he describes it between the two sides but they don't appear to want to give up the
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fighting now mr griffiths has had talks with the rebels in mom they say those meetings ended up with no agreement whatsoever he plans to come to start what will take place remains to be seen but he will end his trip in the saudi capital riyadh but time is ticking on this whole process he knows that under symons zero djibouti. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour north and south korea open up a permanent channel of communication why japan's whaling practices are back in the spotlight. and in sports the world of boxing counting down through an eagerly awaited rematch of the backstory about ten to the. florence has made landfall on the u.s.
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east coast it did weekend to category one but still expected to cause widespread damage forecasters warning of catastrophic flooding and storm surges in states south carolina and north carolina which is where we're headed right now and gallagher in wilmington i last spoke to you about. three hours ago i think danny and we reckoned you were in the eye of the storm then what of things like you know . a lot to say conditions have improved considerably right here the eye of the storm is somewhere south of us some of the other coastal communities in the northern part of northern carolina have not done as well as things of played out here in wilmington but there is still dire warning said i just took a walk down to the cape fear river at the end of the street here off to my right and that river is actually flowing in the wrong direction as the ocean is the sea water is being pushed by the storm up into that river it's close to bursting the banks down there we don't know if that is going to happen there is talk of there
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being a mandatory evacuation order put in place around that river if that does flood that will cause major issues here in wilmington but the winds have died down the rain has died down the governor of north carolina was talking about a thousand year reign storm that hasn't happened here hopefully that's good news for the residents of all the states that have been affected of course one point seven million people were placed on mandatory evacuation order many of them have left but over the last couple of hours i've seen plenty of people milling around you know even just sauropod a medic crew off the street here we weren't expecting to see those kinds of things given the warnings that were put in place but it is important to note that hurricane florence is a very slow storm it's moving at around walking pace it's still lingering over this entire really are and those those warnings are still in place to tell people to take extreme caution and certainly something akin to see north of here the flooding has been far was. i was looking at the shot behind your little bit earlier and it looks like a family saying it now the sort of boarded up shop fronts and things behind you i
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guess that speaks to prepared as people do take the warning seriously now they they do listen to their authorities. and they do they have not a storm of this strength in about thirty years of think there was a wind blasted earlier of about one hundred sixty kilometers an hour at the airport that was the highest recorded since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight and generally people. especially in this part of the united states take these warnings very seriously and the authorities will be would pulling any punches they would telling people if you stay you may lose your life and we've already heard about one hundred fifty to two hundred rescues having taken place shelters a filling up with people whose homes have been inundated with floodwaters so people are being affected by this those that chose to stay kind of know what they're going to deal with the problem is when they want to be rescued disservices on so it's there but it seems to me at the moment at least here the last some emergency services on about it so you know shelters north of hill are filling up all right that is empty gallica in wilmington north carolina thank you we've also got super
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typhoon monkhood which is just made landfall in the northern philippines powerful winds gusting up to three hundred twenty five kilometers an hour expected thousands of people on the line just on the loose on have already moved from their home to milan and diving with the latest now from northern province the government says that preparations are well underway for the more than five million filipinos expected to be affected by this guy who would they come from agricultural communities their farmers and fishermen who basically work in their own farms all across the region of move on which is really the food basket of the country with spoken to farmers who say they had to harvest whatever they could they went through a similar situation in two thousand and six that you are less stronger typhoon and it took them here through recover residents up to get more and we are now they are more adaptable to. the possibilities of the back so that they can see inside the
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air war informed. nervous we're very nervous because our house might get blown off again or lose everything that we have. we are one of the local communities here that have been turned into one evacuation center for over one hundred families. they were evacuated just a few hours ago and they are taking temporary shelter here most of them come from low lying villages and from communities near calgary and river with spoken to some of them who say that there are still family members who decided to stay behind to look after their cattle and to look after their farmland basically they don't know how long they can see here but what they know is that they are still fine for now there is electricity there is a running water there is so food but they the know for how long north and south korea have opened a joint liaison office in case song just north of the border this establishes
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a permanent channel of communications of the two sides just days before south korean president moon jay is due to meet the north korea the call korean leader kim jong un in pyongyang the details from florence louisiana. another step towards cooperation and perhaps business officials from north and south korea officially open an office in the border town of in north korea. from today south and north korea and discuss issues regarding the improvement of israel relations peace and prosperity of the three in ten years loathsome you know for twenty four hours and three hundred sixty five days we will meet face to face and to exchange ideas and solve difficult problems together. it's a first for the two countries who are technically still at war when the korean war ended sixty five years ago they signed an armistice but not a peace treaty and went into korean relations with the west officials had to
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communicate using loud hailer across the border. by opening the north-south jointly as an office candidly discuss issues regarding into korean relations and take necessary measures relations between the two countries have improved this year there was a historic summit between south korean president. and north korean leader kim jong il and that led to another first a summit between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader which brought renewed optimism that north korea may dismantle its nuclear weapons program but things haven't quite progressed as hoped a recent report by the u.n. nuclear agency says north korea is still developing new obs last month u.s. president donald trump canceled secretary of state visit to pyongyang at the last minute citing the lack of progress in denuclearization talks but south korea is
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still committed to improving ties with the north leaders from the two countries will meet next week and the white house has said it's open to holding a second summit with north korea and understanding perhaps that the best way to neutralize. the nuclear threat from north korea is to keep the lines of communication open florence to al-jazeera. the fourth out of items off the counter has a korea analyst and an on everything your research fellow at leeds university he told us the pace of cooperation between a country that's positive and the twenty year history of interpreting relations or you can take it back much further when they have to question it took the bet a lot of ups and downs and we had a pretty lean decade for a while under conservative governments in the south and of course because the north under kim jong un i had this massive program in twenty sixteen and seventeen of nuclear missile tests but now south korea has got a pro sort of center left government which they were they were was wanted dialogue
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and engagement like the sunshine decade some people might remember in one thousand and eight twenty two thousand and seven that a lot of what they've been doing may have a texas back to the russians and medics it's good to see it like sports cooperation joint teams family reunions but some of it is new and yes the slash'em of this we've not had anything like that before and the pace of summits you know that we're just to have a seventeen s and a moon alone has had three and yes start including the ones he's about to have so yeah i think things are going forward and it's rather different from the u.s. will represent us there's a huge agenda that the two koreas have with each other by definition that goes beyond the stuff that the rest of us fixate on the stand to be like north korea's nuclear threats and so on the trouble is that all the processes interact i mean because of the nuclear issue north korea is now hemmed about by very big sanctions which prohibit most forms of economic interruption that's a huge difference in the area sunshine era when the south koreans could pretty much do what they like economically that's going to be a big constraint moon with very much like to move forward with economic cooperation
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read linking roads and railways for a start so this it moon is a bit hemmed in the two koreas come to no longer do exactly as they please and then you have the trump factor which is something else again. still ahead for you on this news hour it is the end of the road for the iconic v.w. beetle odds we'll be looking at that also a group of aid workers arrested in greatest day are accused of smuggling refugees in sports shop exit by formula one world title contender after a not so shop maneuver on the ground. had others a hint that to the might be a few showers running into afghanistan set in the satellite picture you got tired in the general area it's not going to be wise for the have to say more significant she has been showing in turkey and just catching the finals to syria as well but if
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anything it they're going to stay near the black sea not accompany foeticide so thirty in aleppo forty four in baghdad it's still hot down this part of iraq and surprisingly on the western side of iran things haven't changed very much recently there's not much of a breeze really not taught as science so it's fairly high humidity for bahrain down towards us with temperatures hovering around the forty mark and still gotten the heavy flooding which is the the monsoon age a lot of cloud some just a beautiful and the green on the land now the rain is going to start time the year and you just catch and here rain falling and and the very science of d.r. see now that could be repeated is not really in the forecast so we look for the sas cloud is gathering going in the western cape i remember four or five days ago a huge amount of rain fell welcome the housing on the eastern side of south africa but this may not develop into much more than an occasional shower if you're lucky.
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overthrown and exiled they appoint and can say it will all miss me she knew an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth is fish and we may not be good if you think she is all the along with nutrition taste return of the president on al-jazeera. the past past. travels the roads of mexico raising ecological the wind. and sharing creative solutions to the country's most remote. demonstrated course is a by deep in the struggle for a better speech. past passed by
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a. couple of the you find in latin america seen on al-jazeera. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.s. president trumps former campaign manager paul metaphor has pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy and he agreed to the plea deal as well as planning to cooperate with special counsel robert muller is investigating possible russian interference in the twenty six election. three palestinians have been killed on friday by israeli fire on the gaza border fence with israel one of them was a fourteen year old boy palestinian ministry of health says dozens of people have
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been injured as well and super typhoon has made landfall on the northeastern coast of the philippines powerful winds up to three hundred twenty five kilometers an hour expected thousands of people on the largest on an example already moved from their homes. in iraq the city of fallujah is struggling to recover two years after the iraqi army defeated eisel fighters the battle of the city in ruins as well as reconstruction and creating jobs the government down by provinces handing out compensation and some are complaining the whole process is just unfair matheson has this report from baghdad. for two years the people of fallujah have been struggling to rebuild much of the city was destroyed in twenty sixteen as iraqi forces battled eisel fighters some residents who live through the devastation say little has changed. electricity and services is so weak in the city as for the compensation there is now neighborhoods are almost entirely devastated my house is
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completely destroyed but i haven't received any fair compensation. that compensation is vital for people who've lost jobs businesses and homes they say the money is in gold is fairly distributed. we haven't had fair compensation so far our house was destroyed and the entire neighborhood was leveled to the ground compensation is being granted only for those who have ties with the corrupt officials those who have no connection or sometimes getting half the compensation they should get volusia in the center of iraq has been a battleground for decades suffering some of the highest casualty numbers in the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war in two thousand and four u.s. forces invaded and forced gunmen from control of the city after the fall of saddam hussein. by spring twenty fourteen large areas had been seized by eisold fighters. two years later fallujah was freed after
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a long seized by the iraqi army but much of it had been destroyed the local government says it's rebuilding as fast as it can and that's giving some iraqis hope for the future but they're different and i'm against it but when we got back to fallujah after the liberation we saw so much destruction and we estimated at least five years for the total reconstruction of fallujah now we're seeing some sort of efforts to rebuild the reconstruction of fallujah as part of a bigger building program in iraq which is being managed from here in baghdad at the ministry of construction and housing budgets are tight and it's up to the individual cities to manage them. begad. new projects are needed to improve things after i sold and also to fix the huge damage that affected the city as a whole this would require much support from the central government. but getting the proper compensation would help more people that pollute just live from day to day rather mathison. tempers flared at
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a gathering of the international whaling commission in brazil japan their proposal to lift the thirty two year ban on the commercial hunting of whales was rejected by the global conservation body that move backed by forty one members with twenty seven voting against two member states russia and south korea abstained monaco did not participate well programming countries say the practice increases the net ocean productivity it boosts fisheries it provides jobs in areas of high unemployment it even enables groups to keep their traditions and central lights and says lifestyles these programming countries include places like norway ice and then japan in fact japan alone killed up to twelve hundred whales every year since one thousand nine hundred six including young and pregnant animals despite the moratorium they gets around it using a so-called scientific whaling permit which has really been described as commercial whaling in disguise because some of the meat does end up for sale in high class japanese restaurants where latin america editor of the sea and human is in florida
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and openness with a vote took place. there were many contentious proposals here at the sixty seventh international whaling commission meeting in friday and all but by far the most controversial was the proposal put forward by japan with the support of countries like norway and iceland and in fact a lot of small this if it island nations as well the idea was to allow for what they call sustainable commercial whaling to end the band that was imposed in one thousand nine hundred eighty six japan argues and it's time to revisit the whole thing says that the whales are no longer in danger of extinction that science would you. kate that this is the case of course those opposed vehemently to lifting the ban say exactly the opposite in the end japan's proposal was struck down by a quite large number of votes but japan has come back saying that after this it may withdraw from the i.w.c. altogether which means that it may be a very short lived victory for conservationists in mexico city thousands of
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students from its largest university have been protesting to demand an end to campus violence earlier this month two students from the autonomous university of mexico was seriously injured in an attack and in april three students from western mexico were killed and their bodies dissolved in acid protests to say the attacks on students are a symptom of a surge in violence wide across mexico and in the nicaraguan capital managua thousands of people have taken part in an anti government protest more than three hundred people have been killed in violent demonstrations which began back in april opposing planned pension reforms and this is costa rica's capital san jose a full day of protests there this is against tax reform demonstrators say the proposal would unfairly affect the middle and lower classes the protests for the first major test for president carlos alvarado who took office in may. an armed robbery in a supermarket is a sign of the times in argentina food prices are soaring along with one of the
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world's highest inflation rates unemployment is rising ever higher as well and the pace has lost half its value this year and it's to reservoir approach all that is combining to make life difficult for many arjen times including its indigenous communities. struggling to recover from her son's death last week she belongs to the indigenous community in check or one of argentina's poorest provinces. he was a good boy he was always smiling always playing he did not deserve what happened to him we are good people we work in what we can and do not have much but we are honest my son would never steal a looter supermarket he was a good student. if my in was thirteen years old he was going to meet his mother in a nearby neighborhood when a group of people allegedly tried to rob a supermarket. in the killed a foreigner his mind was full. attention has been on the rice in argentina as food
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prices have increased because of the financial crisis. was still enough to my says the incident in science pena is an example of the difficulties indigenous communities face every day i don't know who i know but i look at us and say those dot disgusting indians from the north a useless and come to steal but that's not what happened argentina's government gives cash handouts through a card scheme to help poor families silenus says on this occasion the card was withheld by the shop owner and those who went to the supermarket wanted it back. what happened is that you leave your card at the supermarket because we can only buy the basics so they kicked it as a guarantee to make sure we pay the problem is we never know what we are being charged and he keeps on mocking the prices up and that's a big problem when it affects those who come barely make enough to survive indigenous communities in northern argentina have historically been neglected by
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the states they're suffering from high levels of undernourishment lack of basic services this is the place that members of this community get their water from and that's why in times of economic crisis very desperate need of help. we went to talk to the owner of the shop where the shooting happened he denied any wrongdoing. but within the margin he's having repercussions on the prices because of the devaluation so it's confusing for us too so we try to catch up to those who came here wanted to rob us and had no excuse. but the communities insist that is not the case the economic crisis is affecting the poor in every possible way and while the government tries to contain the impact for some it is already too late. they disable. pena i did tina it is ten years since lehman brothers investment bank collapse triggering a worldwide recession and while the crisis of course should wall street and
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government its roots lay in the small towns and cities across the united states families accused unscrupulous banks and predatory lending schemes of dashing their dreams of owning their own home rob reynolds went back to one such town in california one was the one just before the crash life was good for betty nikka nor her parents and her kids they'd recently bought a brand new house our house was just huge it was a really big house it had five bedrooms four bathrooms all of all of that it just seemed so perfect but the dream house proved to be a cruel illusion a salesman had convinced her father may nardo to sign an adjustable rate mortgage on a property worth seven hundred fifty thousand dollars but the family's income was only sixty thousand dollars a year in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine the area's housing prices plummeted like they did nationwide and their home payments rose higher and
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higher unable to make the monthly payments they reached out to their bank and we tried to refinance they wouldn't help us three weeks later minard all lost his job and the dream house was sold what was the home worth by the three thirty and you bought it at seven hundred seventy thousand dollars yes and it was worth less than yes the family wound up nearly broke with their credit ruined i would give you credit for three years i know this area of california riverside county was one of the hardest hit during the housing collapse and the recession it had the third highest rate of home foreclosures in the entire us. fabian casarez his organization helps low income people with home ownership it was chaos here we were ground zero the market was just you know upside down here it was it was it was chaos it was total chaos and you know it took years to get out of it
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and i was there and i was still going to say that was the limit the nikken orse struggled to get back on their feet my mom was the one who took it the hardest she went into depression you know my dad was just like broken into he was like you know i can't believe this happened to was gloria nikken or suffered a series of strokes and heart attacks and earlier this year may nardo nick and nora was diagnosed with colon cancer he's had surgery and has to wear a portable chemotherapy pump but he continues to work every day the nick ignores have saved some money and are now in the process of buying a modest house nearby a step toward security after a decade of pain robert oulds al-jazeera parents' california. a renewed appeal is being made for hundreds of millions of people who live on less than two dollars a day the overseas development institute
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a london based think tank is warning won't lead is a need to change the way they give aid to the world's poorest countries the world bank defines extreme poverty is living on less than a dollar ninety per person per day eight hundred million people survive on that now and the goal is to cut that number in half by twenty thirty but this think tank says extreme poverty will persist without increased investment in things like health education social protection it calls for immediate changes in how international aid is distributed for the most vulnerable. you know fourteen million south africans know all about extreme poverty and it's predicted the country country will be one of sixty countries which will fail to meet the twenty thirty reduction target for minimal has our report from johannesburg. the sprawling township of soweto is rich in contrast while there is a growing middle class in a vibrant economy many here live in poverty one of those people is rosy. she's unemployed and looks after four grandchildren with
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a government pension of one hundred dollars a month and knowing that. it's too little money to feed for growing by the money runs out before the month is over we struggle to survive she brings the children to this community center with they have what is often their only meal of the day government statistics show that poverty levels have increased since twenty eleven with fourteen million south africans now living in extreme poverty surviving on less than a dollar a day thirty million south africans live in poverty that's just over half the population most of those affected are children while the government launched a national development plan to eradicate poverty by twenty thirty levels are still rising the poorest of the poor live on just thirty five dollars a month spending a third of that on food reported by the overseas development institute says that up to sixty countries are unlikely to eliminate extreme poverty by twenty thirty
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almost a third as of africans are unemployed often relying on the government social grants to survive but with low economic growth economists say this is not sustainable progress singular on direction and the moment of population growth is higher when are we can on the growth of population growth rate is more than one and a half percent and there are economic growth records we all know you see they get there if we are in a recession and are sort of salt of that on the back up. but the price of surfer africans people who are according to the o.d.i. the world is managed to more than half the number of people living in extreme poverty still hundreds of millions like rosie continue to be at the burden of hardship for me to al-jazeera johannesburg three carmaker volkswagen has announced it's going to stop production of the beetle next year but off hitler came up with the idea of the v.w. beetle back in the one nine hundred thirty s. but it wasn't mass.


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