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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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to recruit big families from the slums in order to create a climate of insecurity and trump spots throughout the country. something the leak of government. is this necessary to shits human prop a second five five successive to create. one. certainly not this is fish. i go home for the. books it was very very bad that this was to be afraid. of the way i wish its way from me they were. a true pos of all this and then come up in my room and be a point. gotta make for saying if you're old. we should you. know why the vote for the pigeon pigeon.
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when. he has the cottage to tell you where it runs there this house is good to get it buckles human he see. this. and this and want to get it it's good it's cool. to cuss kids yet and he put this on some model money. and when you bust a good number of people in the malls. who didn't throw to put. up with you know it.
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if you go on about. a young. man is annoying about their own post your first job because the lady of the picture of you is your first visit because you don't want them to follow all the photos they can like that. this is a party. i look forward to being home. mayfield country men and women. true democracy imagines nothing less the reality is that brazil is and is in control of the country when you arrive there is a very strong possibility that you will be arrested how do you expect to lead your dialogue if you will jail this is time for me to pull back that's not the on yes this is not bad but the most important thing for me is they ask us another democracy but what about you but my half. i.
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just knew i don't is going to all of them from the ira it's the un new service sometimes that form of power such as france still wield. a long due to strong influence madagascar's is that true it is so important for our health mother got to get up from this crisis because of the plea to your. system to she. is concerned about you talk about this but to say. good place just because to something good for the country you don't need to war. not this terrorist have to be brave we have to love the courage to do it to do so if i why do you think people here i cannot be any more for they put it that's it and so i have to make a choice. about how many years i have to how many years he's made this of my life.
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to live with google to marry. but to create. a meet and a mother could be would mean. some of the sad things that are taking a moment from spilling some might have. been the most don't think we need to be able sit. where we want to speak sundays when you're. on the market for a bit from him yes. a hard. different than me to come from
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a desk i'm visiting the son of a monk but the. problem for me is to be appointed go see people because they are. there. don't come up in the sky oh that's democracy not. the most classy boots on the lawn at city hall to the tune. of it's put up to the victim want to see most of what seemed to do good stuff so that's good to me small simple see my gosh all such a symptom oh not so please don't say. nothing we need these fools we need these fools even mother has gone.
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to full sufferer. most joy. i mean and. it's very difficult for people. all leave falls running for power no. come take profi to our country and you'll see the situation. my sister says. it's a message for people say you got. ryall here. for the french we're definitely not in this for the fish of it and you're the province's influence in africa is being corroded all the time by the chinese by to make them by south africa and they want to keep medicare french yes and they felt if they had to choose between. they would choose right to be there because he's
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french. to understand the process was the call that you. if you just go and you know it goes can you look at me to go see everything and he goes history from. from the cause the language of the people the business and everything well present drove him alone to do it's been explained to me and this is just my understanding of it is that. he then began to open the economy engine on french interest so he would say the creed for example is change the constitution so that america's short and she speak english is the first language a.j. . he began to open the economy to just about. all of these tourist signals from still but some of the power she was. ok and was free have been something as you know is that the crew is from. and we lost to the non-negotiable french position is that the rubble of the literature.
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since the coup the president has been part of international negotiations mediated acetic the southern african development community. said it has drawn up a road map to lead america out of the crisis. but the road map fails to mention the president's rats return home. and we are missing mr president have from the from the road met the labor. leader again say i want to do think clearly the good to be able to say indeed but we cannot say if the lad who by him of the best. set excess lead negotiator is just santa the former president of mozambique. man and i want his son sit down see him the right to go home and take part in future elections. you can get to the unity with.
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that me as someone people who know that you know who knows what they owe you if you have. that. or two but yes have great to see them do this because if they get the. upper. this is a difficult time for everybody. to. play with my teacher said the king but. i seem to exist to be of no use to raise in the discussion above the roadmap not. to fish for the president over the line is his return to
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madagascar. if we can draw an analogy with the house president and i will anon that was chased out of his house this is doug if the deal was it would have solved the problem and be able to tell you i'm going to make the point if you want to go this be safe give it up and she doesn't work and we are asking the president here to show good faith and generosity but i also expect that as well to show good faith and generosity he is living someone out of his that was ok but he has to start all over this which way the tacos. he could manipulate them and so on and he is not alone. jarvis is outside and inside with him but the president yes what i'm saying.
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is that it's of no use to. my. district that listen to me exactly and it's just a paid a whole lot of video to take can't be in the context of this is no yes yes is a big tent from the first vision and the basic one who said it then decided big battell you saying that that road map is not a for any further. discussion on negotiation i'm telling you i said that you cannot in the solution in modesto by trying to impose it on the road map again is up to you because the e.c. didn't listen to this in the link with him that he was lousy blood is the quote deal so i was going to snipe with a clever idea but i think it is it's how you. get we save lives when we want to do my little one way or look at the real we are we
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didn't work the battlefield. and i'm not so hot on the not and you aren't using the solution is not for me myself i can stay here by the ship up before appointing me dumping i don't expect you to be happy because you see you out here playing for me don't think anyone that has a famous one. paragraph attempt to. please don't think i'm some. they trying to peddle bad things about the of our mother but almost think
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oh a president of mother gets god or. ever down something to . improve and things to create a very just of mother guess god nothing noble deed. that said team was done what's done now that's in the old fields they have every day been helped in their daily life and day to day. hope for a. better future. to heal. the.
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on. on on on. christmas. this is. not think. i'm not. change. now. gins is in paris to not be the french authorities says. he wants to reopen negotiations on the route map. and every army major city of who wants to.
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see. the students it is. certain see. this information and. some will see happening. is the resistance and its young. people who knows shit about. you have a clear course is receptive by you know about modeled on all they would say do. a fake with oil or do away with what we. see. first hand information from the french are saying that the french are economically interested is accepting our direction as a future president that means he has to support active what i don't like that is absolutely no. willingness to listen whatsoever and they have
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closed the case the fight is close to compete in what you can stay out ok. and then as the manifest population has grown one possibility to react to this and that is why being on the streets and you are white thing for that than you and why i think for the regime to kill innocent people in order to come down he said yeah you know this. and you feel people he quits just don't they don't bow down to. chinese of the making events it's not necessary but now let me. thank you why this full of. millions of dollars is being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe when his days
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exclusive access to this cutthroat underworld through a criminal turned whistleblower on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera in germany's capital there's a barber like no other sort of what it is the harm done by mark goes from cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the times. and going on the road. the stories you don't often hear told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is erupting on al-jazeera. police suspect a lone gunman is behind fifteen unsolved shootings in the city all targeting
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immigrants an ethnic minority and an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out in a cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution and the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused unless his two serial kana and a witness documentary on al-jazeera. well i mean clark and one of the top stories here on al-jazeera don't trump former campaign chairman has previewed guilty to two criminal counts and a deal struck with the special counsel robert mueller as investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election pulled out of ford has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy against united states and conspiracy to
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obstruct justice has to go high in its ripple in court they said he's already been telling us information and that will likely continue for weeks if not months this is a huge development and of course we heard from the white house they said he had nothing to do with the twenty this is nothing to do with president trump and his victorious election but we don't actually know that because the charges if you look at the document they stand up until and through the time man afore it was working with the trunk campaign who the rebels in yemen say fifteen people have been killed in saudi emirate he led coalition asteroids in the port city of her data fighting that has escalated as the coalition tries to take a data from the rebel forces if you sides are battling for control of the sixteen highway the main supply route from the port city to the capital sana and the government demonstrations have been held across syria the protesters are angry at plans to launch a massive military offensive to retake italy the united nations says it could
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unleash the biggest humanitarian crisis of the war while the three million people remain trapped at least three protesters including a fourteen year old boy being shot dead by israeli fire during friday protests new gaza's border with israel the health ministry in gaza says dozens of others have been injured more than one hundred seventy palestinians have been killed since week the protests began almost it's yours. three people are confirmed dead off to hearken florence made landfall on the east coast of the united states in north carolina hundreds of people who ignored evacuation advice are waiting to be rescued the catchcry one harken is expected up to eight months worth of rain in the next few days. and on the other side of the world super typhoon man could has made landfall in the northeastern philippines more than five million people or risk from two hundred forty kilometer an hour winds which make man could equivalent to
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a category five can right up to date back now to return of a president. negotiations have to shoot at last and we are on our way to acetic meeting in prague. and they say the sounds like. the president and the coup leader hundred as for me to preside over the set of hits of states to discuss the real. faculty want to speak from this meeting with actually. you don't
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know. we do wish dogs know what ok. there's a seal is quite important right now you know so it's not just a little meeting it's my hope so here goes you know. if it could go to my house last night you should hear. this on the property just to prove it through which. a lot of it. didn't last and it was a show there who should be able to knock it out of that made me but they don't do more because your mother has got to leave the mobility and the other man live in vision dump another guys get. deal now tell me what your name is new what would you make up. the tornado on the back of. a bus like the false in some of the
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london. movies one of those is that you have got one for the mob i was asking if octomom a fluke in. the next meeting. doubts about someone but you get the bottom of this what's up to. you that's the steep norm these days posted with the phone this is a movie to give to those lips nothing nothing we give them is to give them to him when out of love and he get it out and he was as you want who won the vote of any no nothing is a good enough to. let the law do you know you will find with more nose in again oh thank goodness i'm serious yes it would have nothing to blow up your leg but enough i think you're looking very much right you want to go she will make the best crude oil and i am without
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a deal yet i trust big just now but you know the metrodome admitted that she thought i are both ok big things about it not to be a good idea that i'm getting late no jacket and yeah you get to get to. know jesus. and good lord in the choice being seen as for the city. you have guided us since this morning. don't destroy who's not here to put a better future ask. your
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prayers here today signal for a vision. for the solution to the problem that people want to. visit genitive care. home only if you will place the interests of your. whole family interest. exordium it is a meeting of heads of states and government of the southern african development community such. as the hives and seasonal put it took
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a lot of. people in time for political reasons to be allowed to return to the country and condition including my problem i don't. think it's a good because they mean additionally. it is sick and they say. we must be more like that. and that's really the must find a way to freshly painted. it. that's so you are allowed to return as. it were to think of just how this is great i want to see it for this decision. it was a pretty i don't know idea goes to a match is appropriate but then my feeling is yes betty's
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received my vaccinations to come for if they just forget she's so busy for a first date that we would see the next but i just got up and hopefully we've booked that this week good. fish thing he had thank you. way from might. be better but i'm katy perry and you don't want this process because. it's a sort of no fee showed the. trend. i would say for people who are deeply angry. and pretend these news had been recounted. in face to want to have hands on but. if this is all you want about the president. it's so this responsibility is show the future. so
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what is there a difference is friends give a chat room and say well we don't accept that so we'll say the french troops are going to go in support for a zero but they probably do that but i think it's game over for them you know i really think it is. going to get medigap back to being a productive country instead of being a busted so i don't foresee it as a vice i suppose you can still expect they go to space i'm saying. if progress is seeing the reality that the reality is they came up and said i think your return to my gas can have to go for the next election frost no sex sex. that you will be in the new. seduction but i'm just asking the question mark if it's like why don't they approach us. because
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felix it was either not me but i guess there's undoubtedly you just do not get up to discussion the simplest been a good all stamp response by a clever man and very easy to feed. it a secret keeping the force. x. pretty good it did me no stroll around to be squished honest to say i love you so no very good a place on think about it. i was immediately. going to sue the drug out of the. you easier on you are you a g.'s to prove david and the bone. disease end of the world when he. sees wrong the three norm is being kept out of the country because of the interests of the small t. two people on the farm pond that is so strong that it has to be wrong.
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and sick and strange people and again. don't believe if you don't stack lluvia be county if you don't any of that was about who should use. the hands remake and most of all keep it would not feed because you don't fuck with these would be good if you don't stand. in the interrogation process this floor all this is being achieved or a lot is for music to extend above the kid at all no i think. i actually moved to be taken to politics and got all you both my sons while you are secular show me all the violent critter talk because he would be by the nose at bunker's for a surrogate. his first term i mean people this is it could go with that you have put in place this is an illegal go to share but true now you just love them trick and i want you to come see as they see something i thought they want to transform
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something illegitimate into. it was earlier it. was what most nearly already is a. discussion i guess if you're going to. put it in more. to reprint in the security guy. but this master creased. oh. can i phone. case you get my m. i should miss you if it isn't for the ticket i should have soon see if you.
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think this was. a president thank you if you can do. to fifty could. be a sitting room secure to give. anybody who's going to be a security code student who can keep computers because it is a multitude of evidence of meat on a video you put your new found you're going to be able to you know evolution even if you give them a few good would be should. not enough on them votes on all things that the sneers of not the mother say. i mean that in the back of the brain. that is it is not going to play the bed ready for people who want to hear them as. much as
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a girl i'm going why my kids. come have to want the. effect to be able to take up today expect to be able to take up. a twenty seven a boarding so i will be at the post office is actually. to
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speak with anything because the only people. seem to have small impulse is to. see some small. live close to the customer i. think most of us getting. is. if you turn it on. to me show you. want to. take action on a. change. to. keep on going on and off. the want to. say.
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yeah we. must do this picture yet not. be. on the top of the. building. located. nothing to me. level forty five. they will put some of the motion up. it dumb to clean so to do. nothing but. love all of the pretty good movies of the
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program mother just got. picked to smoke to smoke yes do you smoke know. that incest situation but back when you do think we'll get back within a few things just time perspective. i want my opinion here so much up here just my opinion so to opinion of the president no political liability no doubt. i think that. if we just trust diplomacy. and. we've got purses we can never. never. never
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that's why. because. france us many just thinks. enough to prevent us to come. in and i was there to. meet all things also. in the. patient care. and. it. will take. the bus the bus bus to a section. of the world. about . the ultimate if not. it
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was for instance a bag. directly to people to react most strongly to refuse this thing. is they always say remain quiet remain while you remain peaceful. peace initiative is in shatters. i don't think that they will be a democratic. sort of affluent and them creation of a of
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a properly. elected new regime and. so i think it'll be a disaster. in the meantime elections have taken place medic aska. neither have elemental or no actual well outearn been made to many community community but no action. story of my. my country my life. will sort itself out. thank you.
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and it hasn't the thing for. it. that you are there last night.
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the. mood. so close they think please don't is there they think so they think so and they tend to like these sixty military some easy around. there and after that they ship to my door bit and the giftes so we're not at all we don't turn off interviews they like this and they come in there but it does say that i'm pewter and there's a gun it's with risk to do this no risk is not not that it is nothing for us not as. because if you are scared for risk it's mean the you accept what they do for you.
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the president's sister has died mrs cabell a man in a hoax the regime would allow the president to it's him to feel full and i'm sure even soon on the phone people find opinions found one. gift on funding and the end of the yeah. it's my mother and i go on the run you're going. to. the same with. some outside my theater khatami's. live.
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here. on. the misty. but i do not know where you. just sort of see you saw people. still you know way. different ways she said. from the. right.
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if it or not but it ultimately. is given by the by by luck feel you feel. it is to destroy the spoken to that they decided to keep in exile during five years. who live the process with the same thing. and. put pressure on city france. isn't to pull it off but martin bobby. who. are into mr kaminski behavior in poor countries. couldn't.
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hello we got some pleasant sunshine across not just australia and all we have some clouds and some rain just easing for the by blustery conditions here and that will fade into havoc toria i speak through west sax day that's only sixteen celsius in
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melbourne fourteen degrees that fall adelaide ahead of that don't see bad in sydney twenty nine degrees and most of it as we go and see sunday you'll be lucky to see a hive around fifteen say you may well notice that chinese to some fresher weather dry and bright dry and right soon to the southwest of australia perth around sixteen degrees and dry right soon so a good part of new zealand is generally set fair ahead of had weather system making its way through the tasman as we go on through the weekend to seventeen or eighteen celsius for you as we go through sas day in the city bad for sunday as well but the wet weather will actually make its way in for the early part of the new working week meanwhile wet weather has been lingering across a good pos of central japan at least in a still wet hair into a good part of honshu brightest guys coming back into a socket with a high of around thirty one celsius on saturday we go on into sunday similar conditions for a saka there and prices for them though. the
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cost this week ten years later why young people are picking up the bill for the global financial crisis could a seismic economic event be brewing at emerging markets plus behind gated walls bubbles and crashes in the global housing market counting the cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every viewer.
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really makes a good dog. to have empathy at canada's pioneering medical school we follow the young trainees walk into the school and race and explore how the experience prepares them for life and death decisions. there's a possibility that she could be burying her. canada's new doctors on the people's health on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and they're on the clock this is the line from london coming up in the program donald trump's former campaign chairman pleads guilty on two criminal counts
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agreeing to cooperate with a special probe into russian meddling. by the rebels in yemen say more than a dozen people have been killed in saudi emirates the coalition air strikes on the data. at least three palestinians including a teenager killed during protests along the gaza israel border. and more than five million people at risk a super typhoon man could makes landfall in the northeastern philippines. with the sport as the umpire who made serina williams angry in the u.s. open final gets back in action colace ramos takes charge of a davis cup tie and gets the support of the u.s. a team captain. so the u.s. president's former campaign manager has pleaded guilty to criminal charges as part of a deal with special counsel well manifold has agreed to cooperate with miller's investigation
5:50 am
into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election he's pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy against the u.s. and conspiracy to obstruct justice in return ten criminal counts against him have been dropped pedicle hain that's the latest. he always walked into court with that kind of swagger promising he would fight till the end but the end came today a subdued paul man afore told the court he would plead guilty to two felonies and cooperate with special counsel robert muller in hope of getting a lesser prison sentence suffered from this dramatic corpus accepting responsibility. and. he wanted to make sure that his family resample you remain safe and live a good life he's accepted responsibility and this is for contact that dates back many years the charges date from a decade ago but run through twenty sixteen when metaphor was working to get donald trump elected president they involve work he did for the pro russian government in
5:51 am
the ukraine and ties to russian oligarchs he is the highest official yet to flip he once had the title of trump's campaign chairman and he was in the meeting with the kremlin linq lawyer who promised dirt on hillary clinton the president's son and son in law were there too they say there was no dirt man afore it will now tell prosecutors if that is true bruce fein has worked in the justice department and says this could be very bad news for the president they would only accept a plea if they thought they were getting something serious in return and we know that the primary target really of the polar investigation is president trump the president had called man of fort brave for resisting and not flipping and somewhat unusually he has yet to tweet about this development but the white house released a statement saying quote this had absolutely nothing to do with the president or his victorious two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign muller will ultimately decide if that is in fact true and now he has one more key witness to
5:52 am
help him figure it out patty calling al-jazeera washington. the rebels in yemen say fifteen people have been killed in saudi emirate he led coalition air strikes in the port city for data fighting there has escalated as the coalition tries to take her data from rebel forces andrew symonds has more now from djibouti. hooty rebel forces say these are civilians caught in the saudi a morality led coalition's line of fire in her data the hooter's say at least fifteen civilians were killed on thursday evening and twenty injured. this man asks why have these people being killed and who to say this is kilo sixteen in the main road link between the red sea port of her data and the capital sana'a controlled by hutu rebels if fully verified these deaths and injuries will add ammunition to a different battle one that was waged this week in the united states congress u.s.
5:53 am
politicians convinced by a report that blame the coalition for unnecessary civilian deaths failed to pass a resolution to stop u.s. support for the saudis. further down the road in sabine hospital where supplies are meant to go different images burnt into the fearful thoughts of parents and would be mothers and fathers all across yemen there's no need for confirmation here the most vulnerable suffer in war in yemen it goes to extremes aid agencies warn that if a supply line of food medicine and other aid stays cut then mounted fission could kill more babies than weapons do it's the united nations official though who explains what's at stake. the conflict has made yemen the living hell for its children or were eleven million children or about eighty percent of the country's under eighteen population id need of humanitarian assistance they face the threat of food
5:54 am
shortages displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services hutu rebels have posted video which they say shows an ambush on government fighters in the saudi amorality led coalition near her data saudi reports say hooters have been fleeing the battlefield the rebels deny that and there is a warning that food could come under attack on the pretext of coalition claims that weapons are stored there whatever the truth in this war the attempts to bring calm and some hope of dialogue still rests heavily on the shoulders of the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths he met the hooty delegation that should have been in geneva last week in the yemeni capital muscat on thursday it appears martin grover's isn't giving up on his attempts to try to build confidence as he describes it between the two sides but they don't appear to want to give up the fighting now
5:55 am
mr griffiths has had talks with the rebels in amman they say those meetings ended up with no agreement whatsoever he plans to come to start with what will take place remains to be seen but he will end his trip in the saudi capital riyadh but time is ticking on this whole process he knows that under a summons zero djibouti. or sixteen is the main highway heading east out of the port city for data this is it to see why it has such strategic importance as it's the start of the road supply route from yemen's main port to the capital city sana which is hundred forty kilometers northeast amanda bryden from save the children says killer sixteen is critical for humanitarian aid. the port is a lifeline for the rest of the country say over eighty percent of the country's commercial imports are coming through this country through this ports ari and what
5:56 am
we're seeing with the fighting is the critical junction sixteen is the artery towards summer and there are other parts of the country and so really this is a situation of life and death for yemeni children and their families they can't access their food fuel a medical supplies though the huge numbers are critically at risk and only based on coming months so for us what we're seeing is that. four hundred thousand children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition so the most severe form of my interest in by the end of the year if we see this lifeline cut off so the arabia says it has intercepted a missile fired by the rebels in yemen a statement published in saudi state media said the military forces say the ballistic missile was fired towards as. they say the rebels have so far fired one hundred ninety five missiles toward saudi arabia killing one hundred twelve civilians. antigovernment demonstrations have been held across syria the protesters
5:57 am
are angry at plans to launch a massive military offensive to retake it live the united nations has repeatedly warned an assault could unleash an even bigger humanitarian crisis in syria's seven a half year war seventy deca has more now from antakya near the turkish syrian border. careful scenes not seen in egypt for years. because. if. we won our freedom they sing these scenes a reminder of the early days of syria's revolution before the violent government crackdown before the arrival of countless foreign backed armed groups before russia
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got involved and changed the course of this war before millions were forced from their homes hundreds of thousands killed before homes in cities were leveled for the fabric of syrian society was arguably destroyed. the chant the same as it was in two thousand and eleven the people want the downfall of the regime i don't know how but today we're here to fight for the demands of this revolution that the regime must go will not reconcile with them whatever promises they make whenever trust issues seem the media lies and they say we're terrorists but it's a people's revolution just like when it started when i was there. but so much has changed seven and a half years on it live is the last province under opposition control representing the final hopes of syrians opposition. syrian government forces and their allies are expected to recapture the province that will be done remains
5:59 am
a subject of intensive negotiations between turkey and russia one of the issues how to separate the so-called terrorist groups and the so-called moderate opposition. formerly known as the mr front is one of the groups labeled a terrorist organization and accused of being affiliated with al qaida turkey is trying to get the group to disband with no results so far. some sources say the operation will go in phases and could take many months more than three million syrians live in italy a province their stories often forgotten among the military and political developments but this friday it's the people who came to the streets to say no to military offensive and to say no to living under a government they have sacrificed so much to remove stephanie decker jazeera and taqiyya what we're going to return to our top story former trouble come pay manageable benefits guilty plea and his decision to cooperate with the special
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investigation being conducted by rula let's speak now to a political analyst who joins us from washington d.c. mr ham welcome to the program first of all what's your reaction to this news were you surprised no i was not surprised and actually i know many my find what i'm about to say surprising but this is actually i think a win win for bob mahler paul matter four and donald trump ok well that is a surprise do explain. well there is no i think it's a win win as most people do not understand that paul man of four was actually going to trial for something a little bit different in this upcoming trial than what he was recently on trial for back in virginia this was a trial that big on the on the charges that he failed to file as a foreign agent and so what we were going to see in this upcoming trial was many of the men much of the dark underbelly of lobbying and the work that paul manna for
6:01 am
was doing as a foreign agent particularly given his.


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