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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is your. analogy. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is the new life from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more children among the dead in yemen's war as the saudi led coalition intensifies airstrikes against the rebels. a battering for hong kong this typhoon course pushes the city to its highest alert. the death toll expected to rise and many lives to rebuild in the philippines after the typhoon wrecks homes and leaves many towns cut off. and why malaysia is attempting to revive the language spoken fluently by only three thousand people. and i'll have all the.
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faith and one of the most highly anticipated fights of the canal alvarez the man known as beth pound for pound fighter. to become middleweight champion of the wild . fighting has intensified in the yemeni province of her data who the rebels are reporting at least thirty five saudi m.r.c. coalition air strikes since early sunday morning they've been targeting the highway donors chios sixteen which runs east out of the red sea port it's one of the main supply routes to the capital sanaa which is held by the rebels at least two children were killed and five others injured by a strike inside a province which is also on the hooty control. the victims and their families fled
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the village on the border with saudi arabia u.a.e. saudi state media posted this aerial video dismissing claims that they targeted the world food program in who data they accuse the hooty s. of setting the world food stores on fire last friday let's go live now to djibouti just across the red sea al-jazeera is andrew symonds is that for us so andrew it looks as the battle for her data is intensifying tell us more about these air strikes on sunday morning. well i look at the total of thirty five s strikes in a matter of hours on sunday morning that number is bound to have increased considerably from the reports we're getting none of this can be fully verified on the ground because there are no neutral observers media observers on location so what we have is this a radio station that was targeted these claim that a total of four civilians were killed that is disputed immediately by the saudi
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u.n. a led coalition which is. escalating its attacks it says that this was in fact to come on the installation for the who's the rebels and therefore a military targets so whether or not they were civilians who were killed remains somewhat unclear there is also a suggestion that more attacks it's taking place around a whole variety of locations in who data but centrally it's key those sixteen the main supply routes between the red sea for the city of data and the capital the rebel held capital but the damage being done and the loss of lives does appear to be increasing there is a commitment it seems very much so on the part of the coalition to really try to take data whether that means actually take it which would be would mean numerous lots of civilian deaths undoubtedly all besiege it totally it's almost under siege
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already according to some unconfirmed reports but right now the escalation is there for all to see no matter which side you might be listening to and of course this makes you wonder about the that the fate of. the vulnerable people who are trapped in these areas that are coming under attack what's happening with the u.n. attempts to try to get a dialogue between the two sides. well let me answer the first part of your question first adrian the situation away from the battlefield isn't disputed the situation in just the not far away in fact is one hundred kilometers but not far away in yemeni terms in an area called. there are people actually eating vine leaves in order to survive now this is an acknowledged way of trying to keep going in rural parts and this is now led to a situation where malnutrition is increasing all the time there is
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a desperate situation we've seen images of babies that are really on the edge of death who have been trying to doctors and nurses are trying to revive them and trying to give them the medication and the therapy they need but they're not always successful because they get too late to the hospitals and so really what we're seeing now is really two levels of suffering the fighting and the injuries and deaths that that leads to with civilians and then bigger perhaps but in fact certainly according to some reports bigger is the need for food and the right sort of medication and therapy for young people the vulnerable in areas like many of them while the fighting goes on as far as a danger is concerned the second part of your question it is now key not only key on the battlefield but also key to the talks because what we're hearing now is that the un he is mounting
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a big diplomatic offensive to suggest that they have to take and i say take reservedly whether that's a siege or whether it's a total invasion of the city where they have to take the coalition the coalition has to take that city in order to force the these to the negotiation table that is the line being taken by the coalition now the who thing is have met the un in a major meeting of the delegation that was meant to go to geneva more than a week ago. and the result of that was a memorandum of understanding with the least ground who is the top u.n. official in yemen and she signed on the dotted line to a deal which meant we don't have the precise detail confirmed by the un yet that meant according to reports that injured people whether they're civilians or fighters we're not sure yet will be transported by reportedly now to cairo egypt not as some people thought earlier so this is
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a methodology perhaps to try to get a breakthrough under way but a week is a long time on the battlefield and advances made by the coalition they may now want to stick to their plan to take a day to all seal it off in their will to be a better position on the negotiating table that is pure speculation but that is military logic as well and then you have a situation where the who thing is appear now to be less resistant here to this business and to having talks what is the truth is unclear but one thing is certain this is escalating beyond all proportions that were originally imagined and are many things anderson it's that live in djibouti. the storm that's already left twenty five dead in the philippines is now threatening hong kong with huge waves the city is in complete shutdown with the highest level in place of typhoon signal number ten for only the fourth time in twenty years typhoon man could has blown
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down cranes and shattered windows in high rise buildings across the city many main roads have been blocked by trees felled by winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour but the storm is slowly leaving the territory and heading towards the southern province of guangdong al-jazeera sara clark joins us now live from hong kong sara what's the situation there now. well as you mentioned the worst of it has now. we still have a t ten in place which as we've discussed before is the most powerful signal on the right so we're still feeling strong winds there's still storm surges across the harbor and offshore and now i think people are starting to emerge to have looked at the destruction that this typhoon has caused today we were prepared we were told to prepare for the worst however this has taken many people by surprise we've seen. windows blown out in huge residential and commercial buildings we've seen massive
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flooding intensive flooding in hotels waterfront hotels and low lying areas in the new territories so as you can see and as you can hear it's been quite an extraordinary typhoon and certainly one that no one expected to be as damaging as it has been so the worst of that the winds have passed what about the storm surge is that we're expecting. the storm surges have possibly some may just swells across the harbor which i can see in front of us the winds have weakened however having said that we're still getting big bursts of strong winds which is still causing damage so i expect the tea table study in place for tonight or for a few more hours at least as you mentioned before it has left it on its why hurtling towards my land china so they'll certainly be hoping that it weakens by the time it does hit the mainland but having said that they'll be looking to see what the experience was here in hong kong today which has been extraordinary
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powerful ceremony thanks to dodge their circle up their lives in hong kong in the philippines at least twenty five people were killed by the same weather system typhoon month we could slightly made landfall on the largest island of luzon in the early hours of saturday it's left though a trail of destruction in the northern province of. al jazeera. is that. typhoon monk arrived just as predicted vicious with its force pounding over most of northern luzon the early hours saw power and phone lines cut off in the ghetto city in calgary and province incessant rains and strong winds crippled many of the operations planned by emergency teams. but the destruction here is nothing compared to what we saw when we ventured out of the city. through out to rural communities we saw homes and farmland destroyed access into these remote
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areas is difficult which means eight may be slow to arrive to. like so many places here the town of bugout bore the brunt of the typhoon spirit marine commanders say many people here lost their homes. property and with crops in the power lines so we expect that be. over soon people here tell us they were aware of the forced evacuation order by the government but following it is easier said than done that is because often their homes and their livelihoods are just in one place and this is all what they've got these are their lives possessions they went through something similar already two years ago a super typhoon hit their community and they've barely recovered. julio salah says her small cafeteria was your only means to support your family now it's gone and
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that's it it really hurts us we don't know where it's back and everything happened so fast and now my business is gone the destruction is similar all across luzon the largest island in the philippines the majority of typhoon victims are from small farming communities the impact has yet to be fully assessed and the cost counted. the philippine government says efforts to help are well and do we but from past experience filipinos know it's never enough they barely had much space for the time feeling now they have even less. similarly dug an al-jazeera book out today in a province north of the divisions let's get more on the science behind these storms and where this one is headed next meteorologist kevin corriveau is with us once again kevin that's right we have a land fall with the storm with men could and is still in fall just about forty
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kilometers to the west of macau take a look at the satellite image from the hong kong observatory you can see where the storm the center center of circulation just over there towards the western part of macau now i want to show you the bigger picture because i want to show you how large this system is to begin with to show that image right now of the large image of the storm there it is right there this is when it just left the philippines notice to the north we had rain all the way up towards taiwan and to the south into the central parts of the philippines put this into motion and you can see why we are so concerned because as the system makes landfall yes it is going to weaken considerably but we are going to see quite a bit of heavy rain as it makes its way towards the west right now one hundred fifty seven kilometers per hour winds gusting to one ninety four it is moving quite quickly about to the northwest at thirty three kilometers per hour now this is going to be the track of the storm over the next few days weakening down to about a tropical storm intensity but really anything along that path or north of that
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path is where we're going to be seeing the stronger winds as well as the heavy rain over the next few days and speaking of heavy rain this is what we do expect to see as that system makes its way over here towards the northern part of vietnam the bull's eye where you see just to the west of hong kong there we could see another two hundred millimeters plus of rain and then as it makes its way towards the northwest we are going to be seeing still some very heavy rain show. across that region so we'll be watching this very carefully to the threat now is going to be flooding and mudslides and landslides anywhere along that path of the storm as for the philippines as a system pulls away things there will get better the storm surge will better along that western seaboard as well as in hong kong the winds will begin to die down as well the rain will start to ease up but as those feeder bands pull away we could still see the occasional heavy rain showers across hong kong traffic air traffic probably will be coming back for probably the next twenty four hours there. kevin
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many thanks north carolina is bracing for even more destructive flooding a storm florence continues to dump heavy rain on the eastern u.s. fourteen people have died since it made landfall on friday as it was kristen salumi reports. florence arrived in the carolinas and like an unwanted guests refused to leave the storm continues to pound both states with a brain swelling rivers you know somebody said the other day it's like being stuck but turtle this thing will now move up the coast to a nice get out of the way and we continue to just get copious amounts of rain the rescue of trapped residents continued in new bern north carolina a city that sits on a peninsula between two rivers residents elsewhere are being warned not to get complacent the risk of catastrophic flooding and mudslides remains remember most storm deaths occur from drowning in fresh water often in cars. don't drive across standing on moving water emergency management is sharing flood
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projections with local officials if they tell you to evacuated please do so immediately you can save your life the national weather service says more than fifty centimeters of rain have fallen in some areas with more to come this is one major source of concern the cape fear river meteorologists predict that it could reach flood levels as soon as sunday morning cresting two days later and the flood waters they could linger for weeks with businesses closed and close to a million people already without power some restless residents ventured outside to get a look i am a little surprised at how high it is. it's different like i was wondering like how high can they get can get pretty high for now there's not much they can do but watch and wait kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina. this is the news hour from out zero still to come on the program. they call themselves. they
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lived in this neighborhood for centuries and now they say local authorities want to throw them out i'm natasha butler reporting from southern france. all than six million people in south sudan are desperate for food we'll tell you why it's sport lewis hamilton produces a stunning performance in qualifying for the singapore grand prix the f one title leader surprisingly outpacing his ferrari rivals to take pole position. iran's foreign minister says that europe must take action to relieve the impact of the u.s. withdrawal from the twenty fifty nuclear deal serif says that iran will act if the european union fails to compensate for us sanctions serif warned of possibly increasing your radium enrichment activities e.u. leaders strongly oppose u.s. withdrawal from the agreement of trying to salvage the deal. iraqis could finally
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be getting a working parliament m.p.'s elected a new speaker on saturday ending months of political deadlock following may's election. reports from back that. after months of political deadlock since the last election iraq's parliament may be growing into gear m.p.'s have finally elected a new speaker of the house he's mohamad a sunni muslim with strong support from the parliament's pro around the shia coalition and. though he did you we need to unify our efforts some members of parliament can reach political consensus and choose our government capable of facing the serious security and economic challenges ahead other posts are expected to be filled soon including the president who will be kurdish according to political tradition he will ask the leader of the biggest parliamentary bloc to be prime minister and to form a cabinet there are three main blocs to choose from the pro iran shia coalition
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headed by former prime minister nouri al maliki and how the other merely who's head of the fetter bloc the umbrella body for shia armed fighters the pro-u.s. bloc of prime minister high that and the iraqi nationalist bloc led by the influential shia cleric knocked out al assad or he won a majority in the may elections but the result wasn't accepted by the rest of the parties there are two countries who are going to be very interested in what happens in iraq's parliament iran and the united states it's well known that iran has a lot of influence in iraq's politics and in its daily life but in recent days there's been a backlash against the level of that influence the u.s. has supported by mr hyde at all about it because he is in his turn pro united states but also because the u.s. sees him as a moderate the can pull together a fractious iraqi government. if however high that all about he loses his power within the iraqi government it may come that the u.s. two loses its influence. iraq. and the government riots recently in basra
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were directed at politicians including prime minister buddy protesters in the oil rich south blamed political corruption and negligence for failing to provide jobs as well as the collapse of the water and electricity supplies. the offices of local shia armed groups backed by iran were set on fire. iran has been pushing for a consensus to choose the speaker and his two deputies that would guarantee its interests in iraq the u.s. wants an independent iraqi government and a stable political process away from iran's influence there is an apparent conflict of interests between iran and the u.s. over iraq's political future iraq's political problems are far from over but the apartment of a house speaker is a step towards a solution rob matheson al-jazeera baghdad. polls are open in government controlled
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parts of syria in the first local election since twenty eleven state television showed voters casting their ballots in damascus and other mostly coastal areas the government says that more than forty thousand candidates are running for almost eighteen and a half thousand seats for the first time the syrian government is promoting decentralization newly elected members will be expected to have more responsibility particularly in areas like reconstruction and urban development syrian troops now control around two thirds of the country after scoring a series of military victories over recent months including around damascus and in the country's south wasn't is a syrian government's expert and research of the london school of economics and political science he joins us now live from gaziantep in turkey near the syria border good to have you with us. first of all who's standing in this in these local council elections what political entities to they represent and secondly who's who's voting with so many internally displaced people and and people who fled syria
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all together who's going to vote in these elections. ok so in order to to turns that question we need to understand the regimes reasons of holding such elections right now i think the regime has two main reasons for doing so politically under just a good reason for politically the regime is trying to send this this elections are an integral part of the regime's propaganda and saying that syria now is heading towards a recovery the communities healing. the damascus government is that a functional government and we're heading toward a poor earth but a place which is obviously not true i mean these elections have lifted the lathe the lead off the obvious inability for the regime to run the country the second reason is a risk a reason the after of the regime has militarily regained a vast territory as after the forced displacement agreements in the east and water
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boarded our homes etc there is trying to increase its limited presence in these areas and also is trying to. to to to hijack the service provisions. in these areas by appointing a local council members now who's running for these elections well. for for the past fifty years i mean the. old bath lead's national progressive france. and there are their parties are the ones who was always winning these elections and these elections the current ones are are not an exception so now we have something called the national unity lists which mainly consists of members of the of this national progressive france and usually it's sixty percent bathurst members and forty percent for the rest of the. parties but in these
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elections surprisingly enough. we haven't acim in a lot of areas we have. ninety to ninety five percent of these candidates are bathurst so are part of their birth party we've seen this lists in that a you know we've seen this in suede or and in other areas so i'll bath has dominated again all of most of the the electoral lists also the state media is saying that these national unity lists is the leadership preference so they're saying in a way. if you don't vote for this list if you don't vote for these candidates you're kind of acting against the will of the leadership bashar lessard so that's usually that's more of the candidates of course we still have some independent candidates outside of these lists but these candidates are just a facade or just cosmetic surgeries and so you can hardly describe these elections
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as free or or fair and who's going to vote for these candidates who are the internally displaced people within syria allowed to vote. oh well actually you know they're nuts and that's according to the law i mean the law prohibits them from from voting and let me spend this the sadia so the general election law in syria are what's called the law number five for two thousand and fourteen it's the right to vote for local elections are based on something called the electoral look ality which means that you can only vote physically in the place when you were born or in the place that you have. so if you're a from born real living for in damascus for thirty years you cannot vote for the misspell of the mask is you have to physically cast your ballot in a liberal in order to to be able to participate in these elections so these these
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the law hasn't changed so in a way that we have now six million more than six million i.d.p.'s they don't have the right to vaults. unless the kents physically cast their ballots in their areas and we all know that's that's the sub possible for a lot of areas there's no safe ways to reach into areas in order to put speed in this process so all of the most of these six million i had these are not allowed to vote forward based on this the syrian law of elections also prohibits absentee voting or voting by proxy so all four local elections also refugees or people living outside of the syrian borders also going to vote so we're saying we we are we're facing a very strange elections when half of the people they cannot participate freely in these elections so who's voting morse of the people voiding who are living in their areas right now but they cannot avoid for the municipality s. in their original homes must go to turkey many thanks indeed it mustn't go. the
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syrian government says that it's intercepted israeli missiles fired at damascus airport state television aired this video apparently showing ed offenses at work israel has neither confirmed nor denied the report it says it's carried out more than two hundred attacks against iranian targets in syria over the last two years. israel is expected to begin demolishing a palestinian bedouin village any day now despite fierce international criticism the european parliament has warned that destroying the village of khan amal could be a war crime earlier this month israel's supreme court approved demolition to make way for settlements which are illegal under international law to zero cimarron com reports. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has issued a statement ahead of the u.n. general assembly he says there are two important issues the issue of qana whose population are at risk of displacement this issue besides the increase in israeli
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settlement construction of the utmost importance and danger now in the village of han park at the moment it's under threat of demolition of the high court ruling that came down now we don't know when the demolition will take place you can see behind me the activists and the residents are waiting they will try and defend this village against any attempt to try and bulldoze it now the palestinians have a few options if this bill village is bulldoze they can go to the international criminal court certainly that's one of the things that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has suggested that might happen when will this village get pulled out of the israelis haven't said these residents these activists are simply waiting to see when there's bulldozers will come in inclement weather there's a lot of it about speech are all just kevin corriveau back with us next. with an update then. celebrations in ethiopia as leaders are once banned opposition group return home plus. fears that one of europe's biggest refugee camps could be shut
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down unless living conditions that are addressed actually improve. and later in support of a match of the now a monster hit from las japanese superstar tatiana here with all the details a little later. from. this to an enchanting. you're. well we are watching tropical storm florence becoming a tropical depression right now you can see all the clouds on the satellite image right there we have seen a lot of rain with this storm in the rain is going to continue right now we have over sixteen million people that are going to be under the flash flood watches or warnings across this area i want to give you the latest on what is coming out with the storm currently a tropical depression it is just to the south south west of myrtle beach fifty five
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mile for my kilometer per hour winds right now now we are finally starting to see the storm pick up in speed we are up to about thirteen kilometers moving towards the west this is what we expect to see in terms of where the storm is going to go over the next twenty four to forty eight hours it is still going to be quite slow as it makes a turn to the northwest and then the north across parts of tennessee as well as kentucky and then it is going to move quite quickly and as you can see it's going to go very close to washington as a depression with a lot of rain with it as well over new york and then out over parts of cape cod i want to show you how much precept we do expect to see with the storm over the next few days as the system makes its way out still very heavy rain is expected across parts of the carolinas and that is where we expect to see that flash flooding occurring but rain all the way up towards parts of new england over the next few days. the with sponsored by the time race.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha but the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour the rebels are reporting more than thirty five s trikes in the data province in yemen since early sunday morning the saudi embassy coalition has been targeting the highway heading east out of the red sea port it's one of the main supply routes to the capital sanaa which is held by both the rebels have also been in that coalition air strikes in saddam profits. a storm surge with waves of boredom three and a half meters is pushing into hong kong as typhoon martin quote passes close by the city is shut down with the highest alert level in place for only the fourth time in
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twenty years. at least twenty five people were killed as the typhoon hit the philippines the homes of hundreds of people have been destroyed in all the provinces of. some remote areas cut off. he years of conflict in south sudan has left more than twelve or more than half of its twelve million population in need of food aid many have been displaced from their homes and farms and aid organizations say that fighting makes it hard to reach those in need of a morgue and reports. this is a regular scene at some hospital in south sudan's capital juba children suffering from through the amount nutrition come to this word every day to be treated one of them is agnes a russia's baby girl. she's been sick since she was six months old i try to feed her but be well i find food you have to buy food you can't farm if his money i. buy food to feed my kids if not we go to bed hungry agnes's daughter is just one of the
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hundreds of thousands of children unicef says are suffering from severe malnutrition here five years of civil war has left seven million south sudanese relying on relief supplies tens of thousands have been killed since president salva kiir accused his then vice president riek machar of attempting a coup the weren't economy makes daily meals and affordable to many including millions of children says the outbreak of war in twenty that we have never seen this number before in twenty eighteen was demitted two hundred seventy thousand children suffering from severe human additional this is a huge number and if we don't respond quickly we will lose all destroyed but aid groups have complained repeatedly to the government about being blocked from reaching those in need by the worrying sides. the latest peace deal has been signed to end the fighting and pledges made to allow humanitarian access. would listen to signing say much needs to be done to ensure that happen safely with
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a signing up of revitalize agreement we should publicly acknowledge it is but one spear on the road to peace but one which lies the plantation for all their followers. agnes hopes that the peace deal works so she doesn't lose her child to hunger a hope shared by many mothers whose children are starving he will morgan al-jazeera . malaysia is attempting to revive a language that only three thousand people are able to speak fluently welcome portuguese came into existence in the sixteenth century desirous florence li louis reports now from a lock up. the ruins of a fortin malacca stand as a reminder of the portuguese presence in malaysia in fifteen eleven they captured the coastal city and ruled for over a century before the dutch defeated them when the portuguese left they left behind more than just buildings filomena singh who is descended from the portuguese she
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still speaks the language of her ancestors malaccan creole portuguese derived from the portuguese with words borat from other languages and a grammatical structure similar to the mill a language all here to do was in year zero two of the second it's also known by its colloquial name poppea christan but it's in decline spoken mainly by the older generation so seeing host art and using social media to pass on her knowledge when i was a model for work with the people of various forms in the same yonder. was then war crime bomb young soldiers good morning how are you so giving. yourself courage to carry your new window to lend a simple few words into something. her brother michael wrote a book together with other language experts to help people learn christan. formal
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instructions are rare it isn't taught in schools and exists mostly in oral form we have survived for many years we've got our culture yelling breach religion and our and identity and saw we cannot lose in your with elements. like many other malaysians of portuguese descent the singers have their roots in this neighborhood in malacca this is the portuguese settlement home to about one thousand eight hundred people descended from the portuguese academics say the community here has provided a haven for the language the children grow up hearing it being spoken if not at home then maybe at a neighbor's house. on weekends children come for classes at cerro santa maria as house was herself and brought up in the portuguese settlement . she teaches dance and cooking too with instructions in popular christan to preserve not just the language but other
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aspects of her culture the language is also caught the attention of academics we've got to think beyond we go to think about the perhaps they can omit value but done by the people who write the community can find ways to share their knowledge their language their own perspectives just doris' i think a very important. the older generation of malaccan portuguese are counting on the younger generation to keep the language alive florence li al-jazeera. malaysia. very briefly in that report stephanie play who is the dean of the faculty of languages and linguistics at the university of the land she joins us now by from london stephanie good to have you with us why is it so important to preserve this minority language. like any other language. and language is so much tied into our identity and who we are and in the case of malacca. being it being such
1:39 pm
a minority community and we consider it as you know in the racial categories of malaysia so the language is very much an important part of the identity of the people as we were hearing and that carries going down. even before it before i go and i'd just like to correct you i'm no longer the dean of the faculty of languages and sticks ok don't worry the world will correct that it just about me but make it look like it's not written down this language there are no books it's not taught in schools so how do you go about preserving a language like this ok it's actually written down i mean people used to write it even even in. one thousand nine hundred but everyone spelt it the way they liked so we've been me together with some of the community members that michael singh has sarah santa maria we've been working together to produce materials on the language and even before us people have produced materials in the language so there are
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there is you know there are lots of materials on the language but it's probably not systematically done and we are trying to systemize it by having we produced a book where it's like a learning book like a textbook to learn like a party so that was the first kind of major initiative and sarah uses the book to teach the children in the settlement ok it's a creole is made it's got about ninety percent of its vocabulary comes from from from not modern day portuguese but old portuguese yeah so. why if it's so similar as a portuguese white why does it need to be preserved. because i mean this is this is somebody is language isn't it i mean it's it's not a matter whether it's portuguese or english or whatever but it is someone's language it's not even all parties by the time it came to me it would have already been. of form of mixed portuguese because the parties were coming in from from africa from south america africa india from from india before it actually came to
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market in malaysia so you know some people say it's an old form of portuguese it's got traces of that all portuguese but it's all it was already a kind of pidgin pretty nice language when it came to malacca so why is that important because this point is it seems so cut off right when malaysia and you have the all portuguese but this is the people who speak the language are descendants of a hybrid community when the portuguese came and they married local women so this is a community who who still retain this language and everywhere else in asia it's disappeared or disappearing and we're almost like the last bastion of it and it's important because it's where they are. already a multi lingual country so. what are the the other languages that are that are competing for attention what's the biggest threat to been accomplished. ok from
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a local portuguese people i mean from the from the time the british were in malaysia english has been the biggest threat you know the malays are national language most of them are like a portuguese speak very very fluently almost native like this is a threat because people saw it as a way for them to move up economically socially. during the british time when they introduce in this medium education that was the way to go so people switch to english very quickly from the sort of from the eighty's from eighteen hundred new it's so that's why it today you find that most budget is region speak english as their first language and not like a party so the biggest threat is a flea in this yeah in present day malaysia. stephanie good to talk to you i got it wrong at the beginning but i think the the caption we put up underneath you was right professor of languages many thanks indeed stephanie that's right now
1:43 pm
the largest refugee camp in greece is facing closure at the end of the month public health officials describe conditions on less process unsafe from there johnson reports. this is a bus room in morea camp there's a laboratory for every seventy two people and the water doesn't always run the streets between the tents and housing units smell of fetid waste water this iranian woman shares a tent with an afghan family and gives the children lessons in fussy since there is no education for some three thousand children in the camp the government provides one doctor for moreas nine thousand residents but doctors without borders have set up a surgery outside the camp for women and children the government could move sick and vulnerable populations off the island but this year hasn't done so we had a most of them. cut that. part of the problems. that have been problems. about what he had even when they have betty some months
1:44 pm
ago a medical report from there must be that. they need the remove and in the tent city beside the official camp the aid group movement on the ground has built terracing and drainage and provided wife and elektra city but new arrivals are spilling beyond into the olive groves surgeries can provide them with only a top pull and the rope about twenty thousand asylum applicants have arrived on greek shows this year all of them forced to remain on east asian islands while their applications are processed at the moment new arrivals are looking at waiting periods of fourteen months before their first interview because like others here this afghan family has stripped all of trees to cook forced to forage refugees create problems for local farmers one of them shows me his carpentry workshop looted and burned his house was stripped of plywood refugees used for shelter you
1:45 pm
know longer picks the olives that used to give him half his income at a public that had come every day and i catch them inside i called the the police. nothing they can do greece cannot protect us greece is like a vineyard without offense but the refugees don't want this any more than he does job is here because the taliban nearly killed him he just wants to finish his degree in psychology this country don't anything. we don't want hot water we don't want anything we don't want their feet we just want to let us leave if i could lift this camp to be ok you know if i could find a job for you could could orencia house ok no problem. living on the jungle the scorpions yet this is the foreseeable future for ali and eleven thousand refugees on the island. lesbos. in the french city of pop in young
1:46 pm
a gypsy community is historic neighborhood is threatened with demolition soundtrack is one of the poorest neighborhoods in france and local officials say that it's in need of renewal the tasha butler report. the santa shack neighborhood is a maze of narrow streets and colorful buildings for more than one hundred fifty years it's been home to a unique catalan speaking people who call themselves the gypsies of pappy but now they say the city council is demolishing the area and trying to push them out the brutal rip why destroy our history this is our neighborhood we've always lived here together it's a beautiful district so why not make it like granada was seville somewhere that tourists could come and not be scared of us instead no one helps it's dismissed as a ghetto. in the past three years local authorities have demolished more than fifty houses part of a hundred million dollar urban renewal plan they say many of the buildings are unsafe but people here disagree with the middle i've lived in this house all my
1:47 pm
life i was born in it and they want to destroy i'm scared because if this room in the street i wouldn't know what to do campbell is part of a group of residents who say the neighborhood needs to be regenerated not demolish he says the councils ignored the area for years providing few services or patooties for people rubbish israeli collected there are no play areas for children three quarters of people are unemployed the longer what we want is to work with the council we want better home easy to stay in the neighborhood a contractor back to whole community one general going economy some residents say city officials haven't consulted them about the plans but the deputy mayor says they've been dozens of meetings on the project. of wanted and there's never been a desire to gentrify the area chased out the poor population those who want to stay can and we will help those who want to move out we're not get a wise in there about building homes that are clean and safe people here safe not
1:48 pm
only about breaking buildings it's also about breaking up our community tearing apart generations the family and friends. this woman says local officials also total eva house she thought she'd be gone a few days when she returned the home she'd lived in for forty years was gone and she's not been offered another. they demolish my whole house with all my furniture everything i thought was only leaving a few days so i'd left all i have inside most here agree that son jack and his people are in need of attention it's one of the poorest neighborhoods in france but what they want is to hold on to their rich possed and have a say in their future natasha al-jazeera. just ahead on the news out of towners here with the sport and this kenyan marathon legend who set a new world record.
1:49 pm
overthrown and exiled point can say through all of this race. an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth is fished by and we do not think he is the. need for change this return of the president on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where if you.
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look at you fly right over the years you're going to try to support his taxi thank you very much j.j. in las vegas was the stage for one of both things most highly anticipated fights on saturday mexico's canelo alvarez inflicted a fast career defeat on the man known as boxing's a best pound for pound fighter going to go last can to become middleweight champion of the wild the to battle it out a draw a year ago and there was some serious tension in the build up gloves can come calling canelo an insult to the sport this rematch was supposed to happen a may canelo failed two drugs test blaming it on eating contaminated meat the
1:51 pm
mexican now coming out on top in a gripping twelve round encounter taking a majority decision a points loss could have been on defeat and thirty nine fights. it was a seriously content to put it i did everything i did to complete my objective unfortunately we didn't get the knockout but thank god we walked away with a victory because we still need i don't think he really demonstrates some super great mexican boxing style yes he was not running away from me or running around this time it doesn't mean that he won this fight he didn't do anything special but most importantly i would like to congratulate him with the winner. while joining us now from manchester is boxing journalist chrisma cannot chris do you agree with the judge's decision was a fair result and i actually had to fight it down as a draw and it was a very close fight if i if i was forced to pick one winner and i would have favorites for koloff can and but we can say that it was there was some cries of
1:52 pm
robbery and disgraceful decision but it's sad to say that because it was a very close fight it was a lot of close friends and and cannot alvarez box brilliantly at times in a fog i think that a lot of concetta got the nod on the cad i don't think this is the same controversy as the first fight last year do you think there's a mistrust among fans in the judging of high profile about. i think there has been for a long long time in the nuts the nature of box in the problem with the sport is that it's on what the judges see to perceptive s'pore some judges like to see different styles and judges school fights differently there is that has been one of the big problems of boxing for years now that the fans that don't truly love this for kind of lose interest in it when there's controversy and they don't feel like they've got a decision that they does it have to and it can make time to watch in a big big big big fight when especially when it's on pay per view and it's big
1:53 pm
ticket prices but there is a mistrust but i don't think this fight particularly adsit at this time because it was secure codes for you it's had to be too critical of the judges even though piers and i feel they got it slightly wrong triple j canelo three fame the never the ball but with mayweather thing he wants to fight again could you think i'm taking on canelo for a second time round. i can't see and in that it's time emmy speaking about clint back in december to fight manny pacquiao again now the fire at welterweight twenty four you know first time it was sam back in twenty. and there it was i catch way just below the light middleweight limit which is one hundred sixty two and booked the problem a genetic get it canelo is moved up to middleweight he's one hundred sixty pounds he's eased big a lot to get any was down when he was younger and he couldn't come back down to that weight and may what has always said he would go to middleweight he would never go to middleweight to fight the love can a few years ago so he's not going to say gone now commando in his prime as may what
1:54 pm
is new for you one he's getting on in age you might come back for a big money for it you can never real that with him but the one thing he won't do is take a huge gamble and that's what would be stepping up to meet a white face some guy can i know he comes back it would be against takio because that would be the biggest money for you know for him ok chris thank you for your insight. formula one world title leader lewis hamilton is in pole position for the singapore grand prix after a stunning performance in qualifying. this year for clapp. the street circuit was expected to favor the ferrari of hamilton's title rivals vettel but the miss eighties driver was able to claim the seventy ninth pole of his career while vettel finished down in third fred postmaster saw from the start funding to race second on the grid. wow wow that was a hard core of my existence. that felt like magic. i don't really know where it
1:55 pm
came from but it all came together. naturally want to say a huge thank you to the to the team back in a factory you know everyone's working so hard really really so hard to pull out of the actual bits and today i just can't manage just for that one lap just to get it right. but i feel it was never going to get cold we didn't think yeah boss it was a bit of a mystery qualifying session but you know there was too much time missing so. you know better than thought. real madrid have dropped their first points of the spanish league season during one one at athletic bilbao but boss i now have kept up their one hundred percent record the defending champions went a goal down to rail seat and. scoring for the basket side but goals from luis suarez and as mundane ballet got boss up all three points. on saturday
1:56 pm
chelsea moved to the top of the english premier league table of eight liverpool on goal difference after beating cardiff four one and has are scoring a hat trick in that game liverpool themselves beat spurs two one reigning champions manchester city down to finland three nil and what fed lost their one hundred percent record after a two one home defeat a man to see united were down and i. feel a bit beatrice ready because. there is in the first of two cue the game a sink if you play the second of the way we did in in the last box of the first of we would. we would be in this moment. complete different result of major league baseball's inflation japanese tani hit his twentieth home run of the thieves and although the los angeles angels fell short against the seattle mariners on thursday los angeles got off to a good start quickly on to the scoresheet fast after
1:57 pm
a two run home run in the first inning a tony added to the tally number twenty giving is five to three nothing a lead but despite his achievement it with seattle he ran out fix a five point zero on this occasion. and an emeritus and wild record has been set by kenya's elliott could choke he won the ballon marathon with a time of two hours a one minute and thirty nine seconds that means he shaved seventy six seconds off the previous record this is also the third time the kenyan has won this very race in berlin. and that of all with both are now more life it at the a.t.l. many thanks indeed there's plenty more sport along with the latest news and analysis of the websites take a look at al-jazeera dot com that's it for the news out thanks for watching b.t.w. here to update you on the day's top stories in just a few moments see again. an
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. my engineer is a place where this is going truly calling down home. you have to friend google springing up wanted me to once you know you all ends up with money manageress resilience and is just sort of surprising the planet here yes there is yes to every normal. mind nigeria. on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter of three big challenges facing human primed in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there for fear is not in me it is in the
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people of your god and hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. more children among the dead in the war in yemen as the saudi led coalition intensifies strikes against who see rebels. here in doha you are watching al-jazeera these are the other top stories voters head to the polls in syria's first local election since the start of the seven year long civil war. a storm surge sends huge waves into hong kong as the city is forced into shot by typhoon plus. they call themselves helping you and they lived in this neighborhood for centuries and now.


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