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tv   Swindle Kings Of Manila  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2018 8:33am-9:02am +03

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country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truth was forged by and we will not negotiate french position is that all along with an interesting case for the return of a president on al-jazeera. it's a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe. investors are promised the opportunity of a lifetime they all ideas they get you on the hook. but instead are left with shattered dreams and financial ruin the white i buy a ticket saw it and steve check out on this up sort of one on one east we reveal how organized crime is making millions in the philippines.
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it's the business hub of the philippines where multinational corporations turn over millions in annual profits but then the country district of manila has a dark underbelly they sun news making a fortune in duty cash by trading fake shares. just a lot of surveillance report. in secrecy destroying private investigators in cyber crime expert can gamble is in the final days of an operation to blow open an organized crime ring run by expect roots in the city. we want to document all the people that they're talking to whoever they have contact with take photos of them we need to figure out. shouted members of the syndicate gliders. the fraudsters have gypped investors around the world is why selling them shares
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the don't exist then stealing their money so who obvious goss what are their nationalities. they're americans i come from. from new york area new jersey. for almost two years can gamble has been watching them he has the only mails the bank account details and recordings of their voices he knows everything about them. to have any idea that you're on to them not now and hear this tone that stays like that for a walk. oblivious to this covert attention the gang operates business as usual the scam is pretend to be from investment houses in america in real life they called manila. some have filipino wives and children into have lived here for twenty years well a very clever at at what i do at the securities fraud but they're not very clever covering the tracks. the crime ring is about to be exposed because one of their own
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his taking a courageous calls informant x. will call him is about to turn on his associates except they don't know it i meet him in a discreet location on the edge of manila. for your good first. informant x. is a man with friends an influence on both sides of the law. with the little guy i'm a freak sort of that's what i do for these guys there are some problems that come to a try and accommodate it most of the time i'm able to do that now informant takes is planning to help engineer the downfall of the organized crime gang he works fall and along the way i reveal to me the in a workings of an international fraud syndicate it begins with him secretly recording gang members discussing their cut of profits from the scam.
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then his decision to inform on the gang takes an extraordinary new dimension for his suitcase what's in it so hold people document the most damning evidence is here x. is uncovered a trove of hundreds of documents belonging to one of the fraudsters it exposes every aspect of a criminal operation evidence of transactions even. logs or whatever money comes even though the documents name the victims investors from the netherlands south africa hong kong singapore papua new guinea new zealand and
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australia. one stood out the most where he got scammed for a whole lot of. store windows and say what we. found from the bustle of manila the provincial center of rockhampton in the australian state of queensland. it's here i find wine brown a hardworking coal mine electrician who should be enjoying financial rewards. right about home on going and that whole every day is hard work i don't see any family for four died out of seven. in early twenty feet. into cash to what he believed was a new york based investment broker he thought he was buying shares. what i do of the model i don't want to keep doing with. there are
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other sort of title shares. but if you get. the never bought in ones money was pocketed the so called broker went by the name of john paulson. didn't know it at the time but was not a licensed trader even his name was an alias in real life he was an american criminal living in manila. this is the fraudster talking recorded on wind brown's voicemail. by the way john died a short break here because. gerry thought it taught him as far as our ship outerwear. so that's john polson john polson bring up there was no one on the world or thought and he was wrong because. but our gimme a lot on a seven or no reason to think it was
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a scam. the man who calls himself john polson is sticking to a script scammers like emus well proven psychological techniques to entrap the victim's investigator can gamble has seen it all before they're required to get the investor on the hook so the very first calls they mike designed to get that potential investor to to make a small investment. there's the fear script to reassure nervous investors and one code you need to know who i am i'm going to make you very very rich you need to know who i am because on the man that's going to change your life and that of course you know are coming with someone who's very well spoken with an american accent that sounds like he's calling it a wall straight and then you know the average person is going to believe that. the swindler john paulson is stealing not only money but an identity there is
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a real john polson he's a successful multi billionaire investor and philanthropist from new york. but the imposter to those who know him is a thief and a thug he's a heavy drug use and. when you see him in you think. i better get out of discourse face or else because it's one of those intimidating guys who say one role something bad will happen to you. over the next few months sitting at his computer in manila the fight john polson works on his victim whine brown the australian is persuaded to buy more bogus shares to the value of seven hundred thousand u.s. dollars his portfolio appears to do well there however it's legit gentleman. that old knowledge of the market any given you put forward to me was
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a good case in the case of wind he. he was led to believe that these shares were valuable and that they went up in value and then that leads into another deal which is even more lucrative and so on and so on a lot of these guys have worked as brokers they have with from major firms some of the biggest firms in the world and that come out of those firms and they've gone to the dark side. to bolster his image is a corporate heavyweight the pertained to john paulson makes up another company name with a grand time to at least seem global partners its headquarters supposedly on wall street it's another lie concealed behind a fake website. so this is the police here website. let him go about us oh i thought it was legitimate it was not written for way today they use this nine because alyse m. is the same name with a number of other organizations as well so again when you google the name you
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actually come up with all these legitimate companies then this scamming of australian wine brown steps up a notch after john polson hooks him into the scam and now the gang member takes over he's job to keep wind spending money polson was just the start of the the scam is that it contacted me john paul's disappeared probably twelve to eighteen months after i first started talking and then again. you know it would he come on the scene. there is now a new broker in the picture going by the alias of daniel johnson but he too is an american criminal living in manila not the us. going. for nothing what. johnson calls constantly to pry more money from one brown.
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that will never be bought shop interest cost might. not be a shall we. get going i might be able to get my hair talks a little shamash so tell me about this man. scrub a few blocks he will sell for more or he still probably a member of it also into this is there are certain arrogance about him you know does he think he's a big shot in the philippines. only asserting that he thinks he rules the philippines it's like. well he's american he lives here with his wife and has children to her he's been in the philippines for years and he's probably one of the mind characters who. probably one of the larger pots in this fraud. the crime syndicates victims from around the world were instructed to make payments to bank accounts in hong kong. for the money is sent to the philippines and within
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a very short period of time on the money is usually taken out in cash here in the philippines by like oh like a bank account holders who have control of the accounts on behalf of the fraud gangs for the syndicates and the money then loan and ultimately into cash. by now whine brown believes his portfolio is valued five million dollars and he wants to cash it in but there's a catch the scam is in manila tell him before he can sell he is he needs to pay us tax the tax money was granted i two hundred thousand us dollars that i said i'd apply before you get that get this cash back from. one swine started to ask for the money that i have to constantly come up with new why explaining why they're not i would buy the money it's just an ongoing. clever scheme to continue to
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g.p.m. by. the charade continues why news passed on to yet another manila based american criminal again pretending to be on wall street he's an alias jeffrey cohen. different guy marriage most clothes like every happen there is a cause it came out more i can't get all my funds jeffrey said you don't apply this much money for example and then we'll give you the funds we're going to release your funds to you. and. we do have a shadow mention twice for you changed your whole deal the amount that you need to find it was forty seven thousand dollars of carried up on finding. your body will then be released. the scammers are trying to squeeze a final payment from wayne jeffers area it was very hard to deal with is very full
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on. it all aside if you know how to do this tell me dale and the fossil just that they will never get on. with wine browns lost now tell you the one million dollars informant x. moved against the gang. when i saw. the repo for this much of that sort for the guy i just restart can do something about it and i think the system are we approving something about it. so inform a day excuse private investigator can gamble he's willing to hand over the suitcase of evidence and forensic d town of the fraud against wind brown. the investigator is wearing gabble who spent years busting organized crime gangs in this region and has made many enemies. usually type what are the steps necessary to get rid of a person not made it's going to cause a lot of trouble to the city get an operation so heavy now can. one group actually
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came to me and also to get rid of came to get rid of him if i have to kill and kill him you've done some pretty bad things haven't you already done a lot of bad things we regards to came when i saw what he was doing i just knew i couldn't get rid of him for the simple fact that he's helping out a lot of people in order to get their lives back in order what do you make of the fact that informant x. the man who's helping you now was once paid ninety thousand pesos to get rid of you it was certainly a strange feeling talking to the person who had been instructed to to get rid of me and it sort of reiterated my belief that there's a lot more good people in this world than there is bad. so you contacted whining to tell him he'd been scammed what was his reaction. well he was pretty shocked and. a little bit baffled at. what was going on but. he was
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also relates he had suspicions that something wasn't right he just didn't know what was going on he didn't know who to talk to. when brown high's private investigator can gamble to try to scam is and recover the money he's lost. or invested one point four million u.s. dollars with these blocks of sickening actually addresses that much money into my future and then to follow it out there wasn't any cash the. it was real sitting. more than five thousand kilometers away in manila the criminals are unaware the victim knows he's been combed. the tables are about to be turned. i said first thing the first and most importantly thing to do is not to let on to them that you know you being scammed because i'm going to have to use you to continue to communicate with them together evidence
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that will be vital for that because. one keeps getting calls from the conmen jeffrey cohen more appeals for him to pay money to three he is one plays along with him on a job there was to keep them on the hook as every do want to me for the last three years or just trying to turn the tiles keep them in a conversation i tell em i was going to give them the cash to formalize these deals . oh. oh gosh we know you know. it's so hard talking to people that you know this ripped you off and you got to talk almost just to keep them on the hook it's just so hard knowing that they're on the other soward of the world wallace. said that laughing at you. the fraudster jeffrey cohen is becoming desperate and aggressive to extract
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a final payment from his victim. is giving him the runaround. you're not going to want. to say i don't care you're going to enjoy your fun within seventy two hours. or were the people being scope were to small amounts bigger most. they have no mercy have any syndicates do you think would be one of the one time. i'd say this about sixty groups. at least. have a need to vigils. hundreds or. i would say that they would be tens of millions of dollars involved in these frauds we have found coal centers that are rising money through securities fraud that have been directly linked to terrorist organizations in indonesia. after almost two years of investigation can gamble leaves ready to take his one thousand page brief
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to the makati police chief so you know since you've done the detective work for them haven't you you both the brick people the case to them yes we've done more than just call it compliant we've done investigation we've gathered evidence that would probably fall the suspects they are not skilled in financial crimes particularly cross border crossings where where i bring where i bring expectations in the area across the border for and how it'll work. bridge oh yes. i need to see if the police will need time to assign their own investigators and conduct their own surveillance but the case against a syndicate of foreign criminals is compelling. and we have identified a number of persons of interest actual suspects involved in dealing with mr brown there's three nine guys that actually dealt with him on the telephone. the mccarty police chief is convinced it's to see this case and i think it's time for us.
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he says it will be nice trick of the in the bins to take on the talents. will help. those ugly party to recover the money. not knowing the noose is tightening around them the crime group is still trying to draw more cash from wine brown he's paid them nothing for fifteen months but they persist in the manila police finalize their investigation. paranoid actually stop trying to rush action as we speak right now so or make a great sacrifice. on the wide but surely nobody tried to call. you don't expect your hard earned cash to be taken away from you or to sell my house. and of course i go back a lot of the high back which i've given a stable yard i need that money back so i can have a lost all. in manila he's hard earned cash is being spent by fools to friends
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daniel johnson and jeffrey cullen. jeffrey often posts on facebook where he's blamed he's a prolific poster he's even got his on food blog. because she thinks it's funny. but. to be brought up aeration is about to come to a crashing in. investigating kenny gamble to get his final surveillance from police . in this high security gated community he searches for the home of the criminal who goes by the name is daniel johnson this is what you got to . ask you because you struck.
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before dawn a team of officers gather including specialists cyber crime police. it's the final briefing before a newly morning right. we would hard together enough intelligence to track down where the money what assets. and and work out a strategy on how to recover the money. going to what came up. the moment because a right there at the house of daniel johnson's the man who allegedly scammed most of the money from way around. really. you always don't know. this is the
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man who calls himself daniel johnson his real name is richard recchi obi jr and he's a fifty six year old new yorker. richard you left a message this morning last night for white brown on the money on his voice miles under the name of daniel johnson. you call that two of the main also live here one of them barry rosen is the brother of the alleged fraud stood known as jeffrey cohn what's been going on in this house is about to be exposed in the state. of the state you guys walk off. one. abstains the police find evidence of want to use to be a sophisticated fruit operation scripts to entice investors laptops and a list of dozens of names of investors most of whom don't yet know they may be the victims of a scam. but there is one name can gamble needs to find
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a heart. this is day to day executive office and this is day to day tax which is. the company that wind around investing the money here the a miles out wind around a mouse a rock here on the computer. but there's the evidence right there there is this one of these emails was just sent last not richard not issue not a should get in touch with mr brown this warning us of a loss not. on the mouth there ok you know you know everything i go off way so yeah yeah i just kind of stand like yeah it was ok we could do it you know that was ok this one i dish i laid out for my wife it's for richard the morning is getting worse by the minute so it's striking how the register hopeful that i bought it but all yeah there is no war emulation. up to so many months of investigation today is a very special weekend and one. of
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a lot of the and thinking of all are going to put him in prison. give me cash back . or at least let people know that all people have a lot of. the now richard appears calm and cooperative listen i want to thank you guys for being so what is really the light on respecting my nose is that richard recchi opie and his two housemates a formally arrested accused of cyber crime. you guys who i know would just like to think oh my. the alleged chief fraudster is now in custody if you can gamble much work lies ahead. every pressure point that we can hit we will apply pressure there in order to get out clause money back that my involved falling criminal cases of my involved falling civil cases whatever type.
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marine theme parks are making a big splash in china. but are they a death sentence for the ocean's most majestic animals. when an east investigates. on al-jazeera. and this is different not just whether someone is going for someone's favorite. tree i think it's how you approach an official and if it is a certain way of doing it it's a conscious. story and fly out. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes into its nanny do you mean it's reclaiming its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. this truth be don't often hear told by the people who live down. there.
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this is you out on al-jazeera. and i'm down jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera frantic rescue efforts are now underway in the northern philippines where more than fifty people have been killed by typhoon mankad thirty four of them have died in two landslides triggered by heavy rains in the area if you go on dozens are still missing villages and search teams there looking for survivors many families took refuge in a chapel which collapsed during a landslide the typhoon weakened after made landfall on news an island on saturday to madeline duggan has more. more than two days after the typhoon struck basically the extent of the damage and damage just slowly. that is because so many of these areas were cut off and also because of the extensive and the enormity of the
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impact of this across northern luzon president is in the region he was also told just last night what happened in that area what you're seeing now and even information coming in trickling in we're also confusing we're also getting reports that there may be others more landslides that actually have occurred that have yet to be accessed by rescue officials the chances of actually finding survivors a slim business even with local officials are saying now one of the major issues really is also fertility infrastructure getting to these areas bringing all the machinery needed to dig as you can see in the pictures manual digging has to be done simply because all of the machines the structures cannot get through these. so yes there is that challenge there's also the immediate challenge also of people who are going hungry been evacuated those homes and their livelihood.


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