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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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sent us a chain of questions i'm going to pose to you both but i'll pick the one i find the most interesting number two sometimes the people you fight for are the ones fighting you what's kept them moving in the direction of their goal. i know you want all the rest yes you know when you are not service there's one very interesting thing the people you are fighting for will fight you the people who are fighting we for five we'll fight you a little you're fighting against we're also fights you sometimes people do not understand the reason behind someone taking so much risk to demand change and sometimes you have not they said change before they don't know what is different than what as a result they are even afraid of it because their whole life they have been sold the propaganda and they said it's a believing it but sometimes people actually scared because they feel like you who are asking for change is posing all of them in your race that is going to make them . pay for things they did not ask for as
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a result the us canada and all fight you naturally but through it only something that i believe every good man being deep down once and when you keep trichet and you keep pushing at the end of the day all such as marrying and respecting your courage in a dedication and finally they will buy into it and will be called this enough to understand why you are standing for your cause in the hole in your. i have to keep on. focusing on what we are fighting for and not who we have by what we are fighting for is our belief a pretty divided believe of the fundamental rights fend of went on freedoms and also to protect the people who do not have a voice so to stay focused all the time we are attacked and especially as women and i have an american passport i was educated in the west i was married to an american man who passed away so all of that is against us again so this
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to this revolutionary so we have learned i have learned to delete and i say to people all the time did it delete what they want to use to make you lose focus you say my focus is here with me in my head in my heart in the struggle of my people you can call be anything you want but one thing one thing you cannot do you rail might mine and i think it is this trend that you get from day to day the commons especially with social media you are so tempted to read comments fine read the comments read the. positive as well but in a constructive a negative constructive and negative comments but at the end of the day it is about
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you do you stop and fear think about your fear and risk not you move on but move on strategically and one thing or so don't move along. with the rest and at the library i just said more and i think that when you are fight. the cause that you're fighting for is the one thing that you have to keep your focus on at the end of the day once you believe in that cause it is beyond everything else i remember saying once that of the seven million of people as we are in total if this million one hundred thousand and ninety nine meaning if all of them is that me as you know period leading under the leadership i will fight them all and that is your ship because i believe that a more powerful for my country meant what i believe that's my belief in freedom is not something that i can trade and i will not give up no matter how many people i gave that freedom or aspirate of that freedom ladies you both have reputations and
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. i'm going to touch on one for each of you say you have a reputation for being a politician that uses music and sound and singing in your voice on the campaign trail try and i said is it appropriate to ask you to do that in a show he said what you know when i cannot express myself anymore it comes out. and me in danger. and joam we have people cambodia we used to have land and we used to have rivers and mountains now we have nothing left it's just come out on the campaign trail when you see the plans being taken away when you see indigenous people crying because the and sister land is now the project of the chinese company how can you
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not cry out how good you can do not. for one. million millions median. it's beautiful i feel it right now i can't believe that people complain that you sing on the campaign trail it's very effective and a real contrast people call you the angry go. why do they do that in your country in your home country so there is act as we go again it is required to carry the angry or the ngo story of its people i usually say that you all of us were just a little girl who will be different and i have to mine is to be angry for who and scream loud enough for our voice to be heard a set of to go. angry for eight million not easy but you do it well i want to bring in this comment we got instagram we asked our community there what challenges do human and civil rights activists face where they live and we got
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a response from south africa shrinking space for civil society engagement and many if not most political spaces in east and southern africa we also got that same idea on twitter this is winnie who says and recent times we witness the shrinking space of human rights defenders so it's not just and one part of the world it's in many. what would you say to people who say that they feel like they are almost claustrophobic in the amount of space they have to do human rights work this is why we have to be said. is so important hearing what is hearing what michael is. we give. we heard. this we can make it and this is the stays in our head in our minds and people will say space is shrinking yes this is shrinking. however we
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have to change move our strategy so that these days can be why didn't why didn't buy poorly in more people and that's why we have to put democracy acid on the global map is not just about cambodia or told of vietnam almost any more is the global democracy freedom in a sentence what keeps you going. i really believe that way too much separate so many sacrifices were made for us. you know my biggest inspiration is my grandfather used to well over five hundred. around three sides and brought independence. so he went on without her that's your inspiration i'm going to leave it there. thank you so much for being part of this program but i
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want to leave us all into the comments specific to africa but also could be extrapolated elsewhere matar says we appreciate your efforts not only as a togolese activist but also as an african and as you rightly said no one is born ready for revolution we have to prepare for it it's time for all to say no to injustice and violent atrocities from dictators across the continent thank you so much everybody for following us you can do so on twitter as well way at streams and i will see you next time take. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological destruction facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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to. discover the stories you didn't know about. you we miss two lines changing scenes. know just the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and to be a part of it. refocus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival saturday will from twenty first to twenty fifth september. what makes this moment if you will live in for something unique. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid watley constant that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or any of the lights alone and
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there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out the us is the two state solution no upfront retellings on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever your. the leaders of turkey and russia agree to set up a demilitarized zone in a province to separate syrian troops from rebel fighters.
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hello i'm in london you with al jazeera also coming up. as the new york stock market closes the u.s. is about to announce further trade towers against china. sexual assault allegations threaten to derail the confirmation of president supremes court nominee brett kavanaugh. and rescuers keep searching for dozens of people feared buried by a huge landslide off ties the none could hit the philippines. syria's state media says it's add defense forces of intercepted a number of missiles fired at the coastal city of latakia reported attack came after the leaders of russia and turkey agreed to set up a demilitarized zone in neighboring province to keep government forces and rebel fighters apart russia's defense minister says that means that will be no military assault russian president vladimir putin struck
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a deal with his turkish counterpart regift type at talks in sochi zone is expected to be established in just under a month's time on have one of a blog if syrian government forces backed by russia and iran attempt to recapture the last rebel held territory the un warned that a full scale offensive on would lead to the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the twenty first century. so we decided to create a demilitarized zone between the rebels and the government by the fifteenth of october this year it will be fifteen to twenty kilometers wide rebels must withdraw from there including al nusra front according to our proposal by the tenth of october heavy artillery must be removed from the tanks all the machinery guns all removed from the by opposition forces. in i believe we will prevent a humanitarian crisis which is important and we will continue to do our duty as far
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as russia and other countries are concerned it is a very important achievement furthermore there are terrorists active in syria outside of it it is important to underline the national security of turkey but you have the y.p. and this organization is doing ethnic cleansing for the future of syria and turkey beyond its lip there are terrorists in the eastern part of syria and we have to target these areas where we challenge has the latest now from last. well for some two weeks now we have been talking about certain imminence offensive against the last remaining rebel strongholds the deescalation zone. in syria i think we can show that so now because the announcements made earlier in sochi by russia type and. construct a very different scenario for that area what they have talked about is setting up a fifteen to twenty kilometer demilitarized buffer zone essentially separate thing
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the syrian forces of the government from the rebel groups that have been kind of carolled into the. town and and countryside. what this will mean is that they essentially have to pull back the heavy weaponry except for and opposition groups will have to pull back from this buffer zone the buffer zone will be leased by russian and turkish troops it amounts i think to a fairly significance diplomatic victory for russia and one for some time now he's been stridently voicing his opposition to the looming offensive and russia although it was never particularly enthusiastic about the humanitarian disaster. you know a full bore offensive on it live would have entailed would have gone through it had
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it normally not be for turkey's opposition. let's get more on everything now from stephanie decker he's in antakya near turkey's border with syria and stephanie we were reporting a statement from state media there in syria reporting explosions in the coastal province of latakia what more have you been hearing about this. well it's been quite a confusing picture in the last hour or so reports and video coming out of what is perceived to be latakia now we have the only thing we can confirm which is the official syrian state news agency sana'a saying that the air defense system has intercepted various what they say missiles coming from the sea they are quoting a military source and saying that one of the hits was on what they're calling a technical industries from what we understand that some corner of an industrial
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zone inside latakia that is all we know at the moment certainly the video that i have seen shows a huge explosion the timing of this is of course interesting because it comes just two hours after we had the announcement as you heard were you talk about there of that to militarize own but if you read what state news agency is confirming according to their military source that these missiles came from this sea while reading between the lines there we have to probably rule out the rebels now you know of course we've seen israel getting more and more involved in the last couple of weeks targeting although they never confirm it but they do confirm that they will target what they perceive to be weapons shipments from iran to hezbollah whether that's to their proxies inside syria or going through to lebanon on saturday night there was an attack on damascus international airport report saying that that hit a plane that had just unloaded a weapons shipment again none of this able to confirm we did have an unusual and
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rare admittance by the israelis couple of months ago saying that they had hit around two hundred targets over the last year and a half inside syria iranian weapons shipments targets also you know things that would go to the group hezbollah so again it is unclear picture we have the information from the official news agency we have seen picture of large explosions that seem to be over at the moment and just briefly latakia is bashar al assad's hard. and it is a low white area this is you know a technical industries area some kind of park would have to verify exactly what seems to have been hit but that's all being confirmed by the official syrian state news agency indeed as you say stephanie it's a confusing picture and very difficult it is point to trace the source of such explosions we know that the syrians tend to be very quick to blame the israelis i think it was just a day ago they blame the israel for launching missiles around damascus
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international airport but of course the israeli military doesn't always comment on these reports. no they don't what they will tell you if you call them is that they don't comment on foreign reports but as i was mentioning we have had this rare admit and recently that they have targeted over two hundred targets over the last year and a half we've had these really defense minister avigdor lieberman in the policy very clearly that yes it targets what they perceive to be weapons shipments anything that threatens the state of israel's security all countries are involved in syria these days maryam and israel's interests concerned really a security concern is the presence of iranian forces this is why it's also had intensive negotiations with russia and also why we've had reports confirmed coming out recently that israel was supporting rebels in the southern area in that our province which recently of course the government took back for the sole purpose of making sure that iranian forces would not get close to its borders there's debate
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going on between the israelis as well they want to iranian forces fully out of syria and of course iran is saying that's not going to happen because they're there at the invitation of damascus so it is a very complicated picture when it comes to syria mariam and we keep talking about this looming offensive in live but you know when you look at the bigger picture and all the international actors involved here israel russia turkey the united states qatar saudi arabia the list goes on so it is a very complicated picture and certainly the conflict is not over yet.


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