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tv   White Buses  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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and the liaison office to keep officials from the north and south connected has a. but the last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempted reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different. for the first time peabo months from this summit of being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s. wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the smiling president mood to deliver. sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me is the amount of sings they will have to surrender to placate prob
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this has been an impressive display of friendship after so much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just a show and how much is of consequence of macbride al-jazeera so sell ahead in this half hour we'll tell you why the president's state of the nation address was read with a walkout by opposition politicians and videos of president maduro feasting on state prepared by a celebrity chef calls outrage in venezuela where many are going hungry. hello get or welcome back to international weather forecast all across central europe we're looking at a really nice conditions across much of the area high pressure is dominating and that is keeping most of the clouds away but the temperatures are going to be going
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up over the next few days i'll show you that in just one moment here in the northwest though across parts of the u.k. it is back to back storms that spring quite a bit of rain as well as some windy conditions across the region so that is going to continue as we go from wednesday and into thursday and actually we're going to be seeing some heavy rain starting to push down towards the south so wondered you to be on the edge of that but just to the north it will be quite heavy out here towards the central regions vienna twenty seven degrees there rome a cloudy day maybe some showers a few with about twenty nine degrees well here across the northern part of africa we did have a lot of clouds across parts of algeria as well as tunisia things are getting a little bit better you notice those clouds drifting up there towards the north but tunis thirty one degrees there tripoli some clouds a few big ozzy maybe a shower with some onshore flow cairo about thirty five degrees here on wednesday not looking to see too much for a change but we are going to expect to see more rain in the forecast here for tunis with a high of twenty nine and then very quickly over here to cross parts of nigeria we saw some very heavy rain causing flooding but across the central regions it will be
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dry but lagos cloudy at twenty nine. twenty five years after. the two part story. in the oslo accords the government. remarkable to. you the secret negotiations. and why its promise of peace. unfulfilled. or go home the price of. zero.
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reminder of the top stories now on al-jazeera president putin says a tragic chain of circumstances led to the balancing of a russian military plane by syrian air defenses earlier russia's defense ministry had accused israel of course in the incident while attacking syrian government installations. north korea's leader kim jong un has welcomed this south korean counterpart. to pyongyang for three days of talks to revive talks with washington on north korea's nuclear program and china has announced it will hike tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in response to the u.s. imposing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports it's the largest penalty imposed by the u.s. in an ongoing trade war with beijing. well the u.s. president has just finished a giving a news conference at the white house with the polish president who's there to visit
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it goes straight live now to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett what did the president say then about this increasing trade war with russia forgive me with china. well it's interesting. that's right we'll get to russia in a little bit because there were some news there as well in the story press conference with the polish president but first on trade barbara you're right the president discussing and being asked about whether or not there is a concern about the sort of deepening trade deficit with china as a result of this escalating trade war that has harmed essentially countries on both sides of the pacific as both sides once again have ratcheted up the terror of on chinese and u.s. goods respectively donald trump saying that it is his intention to rebuild the chinese or rather the united states market and as a result of doing that the u.s. economy is booming well he said that in the case of china there is going down he said some thirty two percent he said trade deficits in his you are not
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a bad thing he had some very strong language not just for china but also for the european union accusing the both of sensually looking at the united states as its pigmy piggy bank saying that china has been ripping off the united states and also the european union donald trump reiterating what we've heard from him so many times before his goal to protect the american worker the american farmer and he says we're seeing evidence of that as he negotiates new trade deals including a recent deal struck with mexico that is a reorganization of the north american free trade agreement which right now with this new agreement does not include canada so still very controversial but donald trump saying that simply this is a process that takes some time and you believe the president had been the polish president that's when we had the news conference with poland of course a member of nato and also effectively on russia's doorstep what came out of the
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meeting and in the news conference when it comes to that issue. well the polish president was pressed by one of his reporters with regard to whether or not he was able to see the security commitment from the united states for a permanent increase presence of u.s. military there to protect for russian aggression he was a bit dodgy on that answer it seems that that has something that has not yet been finalized still needs to be worked out saying that he will see the results of that meeting and that purchases will realize that sort of discussing some of the coordination that will take place between the two countries when donald trump was asked about that and whether or not this was a legitimate concern take a listen to how he had to answer but i think it's a very aggressive situation i think russia has acted aggressively. they respect force they respect strength as anyone does and we have the greatest strength in the
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world especially now so donald trump there using some of the stronger language with respect to russia than we have seen in recent months this is something that many believe in the united states he has been reluctant to do that he has been and he has even admittedly said he wants a better relationship with russia this time coming out strongly saying he believes russia acts aggressively even acknowledging that he believes that this is potentially not a good situation one that the united states will work with poland in order to enhance the security again through further military purchases between the two nations can believe how can with the latest from the white house after that news conference can we thank you. argentina's former president cristina kia scherr has appeared in court to answer more questions related to money laundering the sixty five year old denied all knowledge of the scheme which saw sixty million dollars
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allegedly moved offshore and then back into the country she's recently appeared in court in a separate case in which she's accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes well our last an america editor of the new and joins us live now from when those irish so just remind us again give us more detail about what happened today when kitchener went to court hello barbara well this is the sixth or seventh time i've actually lost count of that the former president has had to go to court to hear the charges against her of various types of corruption but this is certainly the strongest case that has been built so far and from the very first time the judge has actually asked that the president be imprisoned while a preventative detention is called while she stands trial she is being accused according to the prosecution of having been the leader of the so-called elicit to organize a sin a criminal organization they call it
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a high level government really matters ministers and she was heading it supposedly that siphoned off more than a hundred and sixty million dollars of taxpayers' money by giving basically taking bribes from different businessmen in exchange for public works contracts she denied it as you said and she does however have immunity from prosecution because she is a senator right now so at least for the moment she cannot go to jail she can go to jail for now but is there any chance that she might lose her immunity from prosecution and then actually face prison. exactly and it's a fascinating case because it really all depends on her own political party the peronist party which holds the majority of the deciding vote in the senate for now the leader of the peronist party in the senate is saying that it is not under consideration that they will not even think about lifting her immunity unless there is a strong conviction of
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a solid final conviction that could take years but he's hinting that if that happens she could lose it the see a new man or a latin america editor will of course be following all developments for the moment to see i think you know the saudi i mean russia coalition says it has launched a large scale operation targeting areas under who they control in the yemeni city of data the alliance says it's captured two areas on the outskirts of the port city since the advance began on tuesday it was also who the supply route connecting the day that the rebel held capital. and the simmons is more now from djibouti just across the red sea. martin griffis may have flown out of san are having reach some agreements with the who three leadership but there appears now to be another hitch there was agreement with him and with other u.n. officials for what the u.n. describes as a humanitarian bridge that transport for chronically sick people to get medical
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treatment overseas forty five patients showed up with their documentation but they were apparently barred from flying because they had no clearance from the yemeni government they're suffering from a number of conditions including leukemia early stage tumors cervical cancer fibroid cancer and those needing bone marrow transplants and kidney transplants. and i was younger i fell and that caused internal bleeding and today it turned into a tumor i need to travel to egypt or to any other country for treatment i'm told by my doctors they need a surgery i'm quite tired of all this i need to travel and be treated so i can survive in the world i'm some of them. have considered that child around so many countries you can treat your ranking back last time i was into trouble again in three months but without regard to where i was forced to go back to yemen now we cannot travel at all because all the airports are being blocked now officials from
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the saudi a morality led coalition have been stressing that the who thing leadership has no legal right to sign a document with the un because it is not a legal entity as such and the who thing leadership is saying that this is another major setback. and as an incumbent. a lot lately this is all because of the saudi led coalition i hope the silent world stands with the oppressed people of yemen and overseas treatment is a right for all patients this is their human right could this incident possibly scupper the attempts by griffis to get some dialogue going it isn't clear but as the fighting carries on in her data it is a situation that gets more tense by the day he's under pressure more now than ever he intends to speak to the saudi leadership next but we're not clear exactly what his actions will be opposition politicians in zimbabwe have walked out of president
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emerson and doubtless state of the nation address the parliament they say his government is illegitimate and accuse it of wasting public money how do with us every ports now from harare. oh yeah our just minutes into president innocent and other state of the nation address opposition m.p.'s walked out in protest they say man and dog or stole july's election and blame his administration for many of the country's problems including a cholera outbreak is due to the dreaded sinking our country is really a rainy day for. basic service and would be ended two days sitting in that front i mean i'm more worried about bringing wealthy in i mean everybody when people are dying off it so we are seeing his government is illegitimate the opposition accuses the government of spending taxpayers' money on luxuries and government perks and the m.p.'s call the president a thief as he drives past the government says it needs more than fifteen million
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dollars to repair water and sanitation infrastructure in harare money it says it doesn't have the sums him up in still the money is there is just not being where attach example is a set of buying new cars or parliamentarians the money should be used to fight cholera. the government has declared the cholera outbreak in the capital harare an emergency it's banned all public gatherings and ordered food vendors off the streets to try and stop the disease from spreading. it's not the only challenge the new president is facing he has to try to end foreign currency shortages create jobs and introduce investor friendly policies may give him a little accelerate ongoing efforts towards a stipulation democracy commitment environment creation of fiscal space currency reforms and in the ensuing four hundred gallons of ability improving liquidity increasing the country's investment attractiveness reducing the budget deficit and
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ensuring gradual growth. for economy but many zimbabweans are growing impatient they say the new president has made many promises but they say they won. agent action. residents of a mining town in the philippines reportedly ignored police warnings to evacuate of day before it was hit by a landslide rescuers are still digging for survivors in the town of e. two gone at least fourteen bodies have been recovered while dozens more people are missing many locals had been sheltering from the typhoon monkhood twin the landslide hit ripped through the philippines on saturday killing dozens of people. floodwaters are expected to keep rising in parts of the eastern u.s. in the wake of hurricane florence it's been downgraded to a tropical depression but heavy rain continues to fall more than thirty people have been killed the north and south carolina and hundreds of thousands are without
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power more than a thousand roads remain closed and whole communities have been cut off doctors in germany say it's highly plausible that a member of the russian anti kremlin protest group pussy riot was poisoned picked out of vessel over was flown from moscow to berlin for emergency treatment after he fell ill following a court hearing he's now out of danger but remains in intensive care and so far doctors have been unable to identify the substance used. president nicolas maduro has angered many venezuelans after being pictured enjoying a lavish meal of steak on a recent trip to turkey but do it was filmed dining at a salt beef restaurant in istanbul where he was served by a celebrity chef the opposition says it shows how out of touch he is with people red meat is considered a luxury in venezuela where many people regularly go hungry because of food
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shortages and the economic crisis. in istanbul we dined in a famous restaurant from here in venezuela ice in the shift my greetings he attended to us personally we chatted and had a good time with him a very pleasant man very cheerful he told me several times he loves venezuela and admires venezuela i said oh greetings to turkey. more on that and all the other stories we are covering on our website there it is al-jazeera dot com. hello there barbara sara these are the headlines on al-jazeera russia's president has moved to ease the tensions after a russian military plane was brought down in syria letting their putin blamed a tragic chain of circumstances for the incident which saw the russian military plane shot down by syrian air defenses earlier russia's the fence ministry accused
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israel of course in the incident while attacking syrian government installations israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu blamed it on syrian fire well the plane was shut down shortly after russia struck a deal with turkey to set up a buffer zone in rebel held province versing a government offensive here's our diplomatic editor james bays from the united nations. that's a deal that's been welcomed by the un by the staff by the special envoy stefan de mistura and by the humanitarian coordinator marc local but of course there are details in that deal we don't know the answers to one of those concerns the fighting groups are used to know as because under the deal they all supposed to leave china has announced it will hike tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods that's in response to the u.s. imposing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports it's the largest
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penalty imposed by the u.s. in an ongoing trade war with beijing north korea's leader kim jong il and says he is looking for a big outcome during his three days of talks with south korean president. one wants to resurrect washington's a stalled denuclearization talks as well as improving economic corporation in yemen the saudi emirati coalition says it's captured more ground on the outskirts of the city of a data as part of a large scale operation targeting areas under who they control the coalition is also kind of who the supply route connecting what they that to the capital sana residents of a mining town in the philippines reportedly ignored police warnings to evacuate a day before it was hit by a landslide rescuers are still digging for survivors in the town of gone many locals were sheltering from typhoon one hundred twenty the landslide hit at least fourteen bodies have been recovered dozens more are still missing
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a stream is like. ok enduring the strain the killing of a young woman has fueled a debate over the so-called sugar all sponsor relationships both at home and across the african continent imo it could be logical look at the dynamics around these partnerships and consider why they're so popular send us your thoughts via twitter and our you tube channel. justice for shall and that's the demand that thousands of people across kenya
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making online after the brutal murder of a twenty six year old woman in the south west of the country sharon scieno was a second year student in a so-called sponsored relationship with. a county governor he allegedly supported her financially and exchanged for a partnership but when sharon then a journalist sought an explanation as to why obama would not support her unborn child they were abducted by unknown attackers the journalist escaped but sharon was driven away her body was found with multiple stab wounds on september fifth governor abbado denies involvement in the murder an investigation is ongoing news of all to death was met with widespread revulsion across kenya gladys' one member of parliament tweeted that those responsible should be held accountable however almighty well i'm going to stick to see kenya said no person deserves the death that sharon suffered but not all opinions were respectful of sharon's memory some
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tweeted that what happened to sharon should serve as a lesson to other women in sponsor relationships others asked why they should pity sharon for not focusing on education the case has highlighted the complexities and just outright race we've seen consensual partnerships where one party gets money or property to the other person in exchange for sex or companionship so today we're talk to three guests about why people maintain these relationships when the kenyan capital nairobi we have. and she is a journalist and filmmaker who has recently examined sponsor relationships in kenya for the b.b.c. in johannesburg south africa we have jackie promotes a she's a social activist and the author of bare the blusters game right here in our studio we have karen kasler lucas she's the host of the sprite that's a polka success. i'm relationships so before we go very much ladies i need to point out to everybody who's watching and following that this is
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a mature conversation for a mature audience welcome everybody to a mature conversation with our community it's ready to have this conversation we've been having it already online so with that i want to share a video comment we got from a freelance journalist in nairobi this is beatrice and here's what she had to say jane to the planning for the street. in respect to justice for sharon because. they believe that mudda should not be a result. of a five mothers in the last three years of young girls between the ages of nineteen and dying next to prominent politicians to get to the course of justice and introduce introduce the morality uncle with justice to the normalization of his mother's what was taking a bold and what it believed condition than embrace the sponsorship debate so. sharon o.t.m. knows murder and her killing was really the spark about starting
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a lot of these conversations that we are seeing online today here is beatrice's take away from it that we are focusing on the wrong thing and people online are poker thing on the wrong thing what's your takeaway. i disagree it what happened to sharon is terrible and he enters and. court and carried out and. all should you know report but at the same time i don't think that she had a great under station about something that is a thank you know a lot of people across the continent one sugar daddy relationships all people know that they're you know it makes people uncomfortable but that's not a reason to to talk about it so i i disagree in the sense that you know i think people should be embracing the conversation i think a lot of people how concerned about it what happens to the gold in these relationships but if you don't embrace the conversation how do you actually then you stories how do you then reach girls like sharon cass first of all i'd like to
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pass my condolences to the family of channel ten are deeply saddened by this news but i think it's a very important conversation but i also feel like in nairobi these conversations are being had so it's almost like good morning would you like a cup of coffee what did your sponsor do for you yesterday it's a very common i at the hairdressers or at the nail salon a lot of these women are talking about getting sponsors a lot of these women talk about the things that they have received from their sponsors so it's just almost from a more positive like i have a sponsor angle as opposed to what are you doing to be safe in these instances and how can we have conversations about safety regarding you know these kind of relationships jackie to bring you into the conversation where you surprised that there was a morality conversation going all around what was basically the murder of a young woman who was expecting a child. not at all and you would see that in most of these cases when
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women go into relationships people tend to judge despite of the nature it does not matter if he dates old or young or in media but it's seen as amid an investigation is brought upon the table they would not one to say look at the perpetrator as they would change the table and say well what was she doing while i see dating the older man forgetting that they once complained. and then there was a social responsibility as well and you look at how history has portrayed itself and has paid itself out there was a good as any polygamous marriages are known to african it's not a new thing the question is how it was not all this relationship leading up to that it wasn't even a possibility if you look at what i know from the governor's interview the press conference he had my one was that the man showed no remorse. he
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could not even allow humans to question him about the context of the relationship or that the public understands his involvement with the girls so that it takes over the situation and what i looked at as well is that she was with child she was pregnant so the woman also side you would like to judge people on the choices they make in terms of the relationship will get to that this was not just a give and take they were about to has a family do or creating something and it was not a situation where she was not getting educated she was in university so when people say things like she should have focused on education who does not fall in love in high school or even university you know who does not have a relationship in university so we take this to go the moral high pulled wind. go wrong. you've been being interrogated
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but not. what. they might be. jackie you mentioned so many things that i want to touch on but i will just honed in on two one you mention the governor's press conference and i want to share their audience just in case they're not aware governor about oh held a press conference. from kenyans dot seo dot on the murder he said he would do what he could to assist in the probe and he said he was distressed at this so that is what you were referencing there but you mentioned this being two adults and also in turning into victim blaming this is wicked that's their handle they say the mix reactions to sharon's death seem more about what our society think of women than it does of sponsor culture some even went so far as to blaming the murder victim for her death what this says about the larger sentiment toward sponsor culture is that the only that only the women are castigated but these relationships have two
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consenting parties that benefit because i want to give this to you two parties involved in this so this always happens and especially now with a lot of access to social media in any kind of relationship that involves a man and a woman if something goes wrong if for example somebody leaks something or if it's a relationship like a sponsor in a sponsor the situation and something goes wrong the woman always gets blamed so that's the sad part about it is that it's women who are shaming other women and i mean first of all i feel like as a culture we need to get away from like she had said earlier our moral high ground we need to get away from shaming other women and just allowing people to do what they want if they're adopting if they're consenting adults allowing them to do what they want with their bodies and to make their own choices in the relationships that they have as it's so interesting that you said that because our nairobi bureau team went out. stay to ask young people what do you feel about sponsor
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sponsor relationships and this is what some of them told us have a look. i think it's such so it's everyone's choice like it's not done in and if not an embarrassment it's just depends on your reasons for doing it i would never do that because this is the more i live to fight and have been up brought up that it just it's not right it's not worth it i think we should not judge anyone push to do it we want to do if you want to get sponsored different sports. it's very shameful indecent. here because you are degrading yourself as a leader yes like you you don't giving yourself a value like you're exchanging money all for you all the god has put in you full form it doesn't really make sense my goodness and you know i was shaman god all in
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the same sentence let me show you some of the work that nash has been doing. with the b.b.c. sex and the sugar daddy looks three women's stories and carra fight very clearly what this idea of a sponsor is what are they supposed to do a rich out a man who have a ship's guests on a young woman in return for sexual favors or so known as a blessing or a sugar daddy matter how common did you find this to be. i saw most people i know i met with kenya from the post all the way to winston can you know where one of the characters came from was that everyone could tell me that they knew of someone with the story when it was uncle who was involved in this one's relationship or their name but or a student that they went to school with or a coworker the story of a common it's just that people don't really want to talk about it and when you look at the research that was conducted by the stars and the university students you
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know they found that twenty percent of the girls that at one point in time or currently they had had a relationship so i think that those numbers and just my friends of talking to people not just in nairobi also in rural communities did reflect that it is more common than people like to be i want to share a tweet from someone else to another organization that has talked to people this is price of silence a tweet and we have worked with women in these relations most specifically stateless women in nairobi who use these relationships as a means of survival and legitimacy so how can a relationship be equitable when it's constructed upon an imbalanced power dynamic so there is one thought there on the other hand though we got a comment this is just minutes ago live on you tube their actual handle is for real and they write a woman can either be a poor man's slave or an old man's doll and i choose to be a doll jockey. what can you tell us about that type of thinking.
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and other people have different opinions when it comes to the. young women are really struggling and they are trying to find solutions to the problem whether it's getting to wishing across providing for the family. they fight and i'm forced to be the sugar daddy phenomena happens to be the easiest way to to get because men are on the team for goals that can entertain them that can other offer them services sexual services and they have some kind of social power or money or influence in their communities and sometimes the woman you would see that it is a quick get up from whatever situation they can gauge and they will see in those relationships then you have the power struggle. the woman becomes the victim
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of the relationship itself whether it's through a killing abuse physical abuse financial abuse emotional abuse or even sometimes conforms to have consented to sex with the person so if we get comments like the opinions like the. you will see that it's a struggle you know people don't even know where would they get a loaf of bread tomorrow where will they get they need jobs back out into the action there because i want to make sure that our audience is on the same page that i am on that you know you're speaking to this almost as though you're coming from an anthropological. stance but you have firsthand experience you wrote a book about it about being a sponsor. yes i did it. for me it was not honestly a case of poverty it was a case of being part of a social circle in an industry i was that i was involved in the fashion industry
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and that was extremely demanding on lifestyle and travel and at that particular time this is not true twenty twelve two thousand and twelve and you would find that it's really difficult to be in such an industry that had so much influential people got together and fashion houses and they they control the whole system and you find yourself being involved with a man who says ok for you to get a cover shoot or to get you have to do this for me and then you end up being in that type of relationship and throughout the years i have found that i have found checking my jacket you mind if i also did you did you know your sponsor with affection. to look i. know because it was not conventional funding up to begin with because there's a peer relationship we dated for three and
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a half years and then towards the second two years it was cuter transactional because he became abusive so you sort of become detached to the person because abuse comes in it becomes a love hate relationship at the end of the day so sometimes for me let me speak for myself i was in love with him for a year and then when the abuse came in i just saw that at some point it's going to kill me that's why i was so drawn to share the story because i could see that well this probably could have been me at some point. let me just take a pause for a moment i want to play a little clip from the ashes work about sugar daddies and sugar babies and this is grace and she's going prospecting looking for a sponsor to actually fund her lifestyle have a look. i'll be glad.
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i was three months. or. whatever you. want to make me i. don't mean white man. even black men are thinking of go there and get a broad. there shows i was going fru your your your piece in the stories in the background stories to the women it felt to me like this was almost like having an extra fund it was like a trust fund so if you're running out of cash and you needed to you know make a video or get some shoes for your little girl or you wanted just so nice clothes to wear corps your sponsor and your sponsor will show up with some money that's what it felt like to me it was like an edison or fund or finance fund so it
4:39 am
was a business deal that was going on here that is going on here. a lot of relationships are like that a lot of people say i just need some extra groceries or i can't make rent can you help me can you give me a little bit of something on the side this was a very common phenomenon i found that you know people use those to supplement their lives with a university student in their school fees but at the same time they're looking to have you know a new phone or they're looking to have an extra something to go buy some clothes and so they are or maybe the equivalent of the few dollars at the end of the month or the equipment one hundred dollars so a lot of people do use this type of my need to supplement their lives some people to the extent that they didn't save the money and going into business those were informed by him a woman who would take the money and went and what land and started. doing something else that the money that would bring for the return and still maintain
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a relationship but just wanted just in case they needed something in case of an emergency. i completely agree with that as well but just going back a little bit further i wanted to talk about the fact that so many people feel like of these interactions only happen because people are in impoverished areas and so that interaction happens between a girl that's trying to make ends meet with a man that's older because he's going to provide food for the family and it's not that's not how it happens it's happening across the board there is women who are come from very wealthy families and have everything that they need but they still want more and this is a flight that something that i've seen in the ashes that you may want to bring middle class where you want to be upper class exactly and fly first class and even then there's women who are first class flying first class and business but they still want more where else are to go after first class just there's always more while. for a little while and you know what we haven't talked about i know you go inside and
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friends who are sponsored to sponsor perspective where are you thinking. about so i feel like a lot of these men want to be seeing. in their social circles. having these trophy go friends because when they got married they had these beautiful wives and now they're older and i guess they're going through their mid-life crisis and want to be seen with these younger women and i feel a lot of the time that this goes back to. i think it's a conversation we need to discuss the paying of bride price and it's men feeling that they have ownership over women and i think it stems from that culturally culturally knowing that men can own women financially if i pay for her she's mine and it's just owning this trophy and for men i feel that's all it is these men are so happy to be in their social circles with the most beautiful girl in town or the most famous girl in town and that's how it works i think it's really nicely with this tweet from there who seems to be on the same wave wavelength he says most of these young girls view those in this less lifestyle as role models because money is
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the motive having a sugar daddy is an easy way to riches but ultimately it's got its own consequences that when we move to consequences what i play a video comment from someone who speaks about sub role this is sound omo she's the founder of an organization called safe love international. these sponsor will ition ships out of color ties by a controlled situation violence unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases because of the less ability will insist on this this practice is when involved in such in sub-saharan africa for example hiv rates are up to five times higher amongst young females compared to me as of the same age and intergenerational sex this same sponsor of culture is one of the drivers of the pandemic amongst younger sound women in this part of the wired this is a huge to say it's a problem which we are trying to address by scaling
4:43 am
a huge risk into vision program to young girls and women across nigeria we believe that this knowledge is the powerful way to change behavior so dr we talk about the dangers of what you are way sheer younger self but have known. don't know if. you know what when you look at the dangers of this kind of live i mean these six called money laundering these things human trafficking these mental health they commit suicide of course i wish i had know these dangers before i went you know one of the impacts how is it going to. make me main to be house going to affect me emotionally you know and most the most important is the opportunity cost of your entire like the time wasted three and a half years wasted being with someone when you could have completed a degree you could found
4:44 am
a better job you could have gotten good opportunities you could have been better informed and educated about life issues. and sometimes that's life such a controversial decision that you cannot to that and so unfortunate that sharon made her decision and it led her to this and not speaking on her of the hall show because we're fighting to make sure that this does not happen to another person so that's why i think that was also one of the reasons why i decided to write the pope because people don't see when you tell them to get out of situations they learn the hard way when it's really too late jacki that i know i might not just hold my permits i've got one minute left in the show and i don't want to let cats off the hook when you were a young girl you were should have a thing for you right well actually i've never had the experience of being a sugar baby i will face of the thought that crossed my mind often i did get into
4:45 am
sexual relations at a very young age somebody who was with. her with men who are older unfortunately but i'm just going quickly going off what jackie said i just want to say that if there was more education for these young girls to be able to get into the. sex work from a legal way and a nicer way than i think times things would be different. to collins kid that says this is not empowerment this is prostitution as a way of income on the other side on you tube c.-k. says i learned a lot of hard lessons being involved in these types of relationships that made me grow as a person i had to learn where my boundaries are and i grew into an empowered woman oh my goodness we could start a whole new conversation but we don't have time we do have time they look at my computer here i want to look at the work of our guests sex and the sugar daddy that is in the ashes work if you have a look at the podcast the spread you'll be impressed by kaz and her partners work here and not forgetting jackie at jackie from atos a and you can find her on
4:46 am
twitter as well as conversation continues always online act a.j. straight when you can i will see you soon thanks so much. discover the stories you didn't know about. be a witness to life changing scenes. noticed the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and be
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a part of it. refocus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival saturday from twenty first to twenty fifth september. what really makes a good doctor. to have empathy at canada's pioneering medical school we follow the young trainees walk into great interation and explore how the experience prepares them for life and death decisions but the a tele mother in one there's a very strong possibility that she could be burying her child canada's new doctors on the people's health on al-jazeera. what makes this. so. we haven't seen the president this
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unpredictable. leader. is. likely that is a formula for authoritarianism in tyranny the lights are on and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight up here is the two state solution no upfront return on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera russia's president vladimir putin says a tragic chain of circumstances led to the downing of a russian military plane by syrian air defenses it was in an effort to calm tensions after russia's the fence ministry accused israel of course in the incident the israeli prime minister has blamed it on syrian fire and offered to help investigate rory chalons reports now from moscow. amidst the confusion of
4:49 am
monday night's israeli airstrikes inside syria there was an unforeseen consequence . syria's air defense units trying to hit israeli f. sixteen fighter jets instead hits a russian electronic surveillance plane the il twenty like the one shown here fell into the mediterranean killing all fifteen russian servicemen on board. russia's defense ministry is furious blaming israel for water it is calling hostile actions because there's just been so many of them the israeli pilots were using the russian aircraft as a shield and pushed it into the line of fire of the syrian defenses as a result the aircraft which has a much more effective reflecting surface then the israeli jets was brought down by the missile defense system israeli aviation management on the pilots of the f. sixteen jets most have seen the russian aircraft as it was landing from the height of five kilometers however they have done
4:50 am
a provocation deliberately. in moscow israeli diplomats were summoned to the foreign ministry and difference minister assure you protested to his is ready counterpart having door lieberman on the phone. asked about the incident at a news conference with the hungary and prime minister vladimir putin took a softer line and. in this case of course i would like to offer my deep condolences to the relatives of those who died speaking of your comparison to the case when a turkish fighter jet downed plane this was a different situation then the turkish jet deliberately downed our plane in this case on the other hand it looks like a chain of tragic. because an israeli jet did not down on. the difference in tone between the russian ministry of defense and vladimir putin suggests that the russian president is satisfied that the point has been made and that this chain of tragic circumstances as he put it shouldn't risk what has hitherto been
4:51 am
a pretty good working relationship. we russia and israel the israeli prime minister's office said in a statement that prime minister netanyahu expressed his sorrow over the death of russian soldiers and said that syria was responsible for the downfall of the plane he also noted the significance of the continuation of security coordination between israel and russia that has prevented many losses of lives on both sides over the last three years at the moment neither leader seems willing to allow this incident to upset the status quo will reach alan's how does iran. china has announced it will raise tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods that's in response to the u.s. imposing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports it's the largest penalty imposed by the u.s. in an ongoing trade war with beijing north korea's leader kim jong un says he wants to produce a big outcome during three days of talks with south korean president in going to
4:52 am
seeking to resurrect washington's stalled denuclearization talks and wants to improve economic cooperation. the sodium iraqi coalition in yemen says it's captured two areas on the outskirts of the day that is part of a fresh offensive the coalition has also cut a who the supply route connecting the port city to that rebel held capital sanaa but it is the main gateway for imports of relief supplies and commercial goods into the country. opposition politicians in zimbabwe have walked out during president and listen in when god was a state of the nation address when god well was outlining his government's policy for the first time after winning a disputed election in july it includes modernizing health facilities and reforming the economy but opposition figures say the government has its funding priorities wrong i'll have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's al jazeera world thank you for watching i.
4:53 am
yes. twenty five years ago the prospects for peace in the middle east. after decades of conflict between palestinians and israelis. this film tells the
4:54 am
story of secret negotiations in the political shadows. a story of the search for common ground in the midst of a region in constant turmoil. and at the center of. an unlikely media to ladies and gentlemen this excellent. minister of foreign affairs of the scandinavian country of norway minister of foreign affairs of egypt. lake assistant to the president for national security a bad as. i thank i . also today the government of norway for its remarkable role in nurturing this i. i. said temba nineteen ninety three. israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and palestinian leader yasser
4:55 am
arafat shake hands. hopes were high that peace between israelis and palestinians would finally come to them. but two decades on such a peace remains as elusive as ever. in . what it could mean if this thing the most paris wanted to see it but a senior state in the gaza and then israeli palestinian jordanian condominium in the west bank. like in a way to play a symmetric. it has to be a role according to its rules rules of the game. president of the signing ceremony was former us secretary of state henry kissinger chief architect of the
4:56 am
peace between egypt and israel. kissinger's approach was to make only small demands and to build from there. arafat's picked up on a step by step strategy and as early as nine hundred seventy four his palestinian liberation organization approved a plan to aim for a foothold in the region administered by a palestinian authority rather than historic palestine. in the same year the arab league summit has officially designated the p.l.o. as the sole representative of the palestinian people. that he or she and all they want to share with the sling and the uk menagerie workers who have that i mean. now jess are. getting somewhat. more words
4:57 am
a moon has more as a bird met the. military. in one nine hundred seventy four arafat known to his colleagues as addressed the united nations for the palestinians and for the p.l.o. the event represented recognition for the palestinian struggle not her alone or said but when. any i would. soak up the it was the. that in all my mean that he did the p.l.o. game stature of the un but it continued to reject security council resolutions two for two and three three eight. the resolutions demanded that israel withdraw within what was called secure and recognized borders. but they did not precisely require israel to withdraw to all land into occupied before the six day war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. about said. if
4:58 am
they go shared by the. security council resolution to put to it. we would strongly oppose any of these two resolutions one the framework for the one nine hundred seventy eight camp david accords of. the accords called not for a palestinian state but for what was termed palestinian autonomy. that big and i'm of some use have also looked for the hokum that e.l.o. for listening while some of them hope that that the bit latham walk or trot by attempt to eat at the in the un and when do the early killer walked and the hole in your alleged forward feel in the un american philistine against the equipment her confessor. from its stronghold in south lebanon in one nine hundred seventy seven the p.l.o. decided to explore the possibility of torques with israel could now. be in.
4:59 am
much. the same or do you think war can feed in feel good mobile me be a do with it. there were two. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says in his book the secret channels that this dialogue was with the israeli forces that supported peace and with this afforded jews. in march one nine hundred seventy eight israel invaded south lebanon.
5:00 am
the united nations responded by deploying a peacekeeping force into south lebanon. known as unifil part of this force was made up of norwegian troops i had this and that for the first time. as part as as a norwegian sewn into. visiting the uni field forces in lebanon. i came with friends through israel then i ask about that was the event to go in dhaka said it would rest now still in east. it is not involved at all not all the hard to get a foot if i'm sitting in that office just didn't get it but all politicians can get a lesson darted off or shifting in long enough to get and feeling in a heated it can certainly help nor they call to be a good approximately one thousand soldiers on the course and security of those this was a very important cause for to us in a very vulnerable first. step mr.


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