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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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videoclip is saying what happens at georgetown prep the high school he attended stays at georgetown prep why does this matter well the accuser says that cavanagh was drunk when the sexual assault occurred so that's certainly going to be weighing into the minds of those who have to vote this not only out of committee where right now it is in jeopardy but it then needs to go to a full senate and that was already going to be a potentially difficult vote getting more difficult by the day with these accusations committee how could thank you very much indeed. still to come on al-jazeera as to reason may be best to address an e.u. summit at the general comic a b.m.w. announces plans to shut down its u.k. plant for anger exit. and malaysian authorities investigating suspected alcohol poisoning has killed more than twenty people.
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well i'm pleased to say we have got drier weather now across southern parts of china wettest weather now in the process of pulling away from northern parts of the knob being a window with a fine weather now coming back in behind heavier showers there further north into central and eastern parts of the country thursday into friday those showers long spells of rain they do remain in place hong kong jen we stand fine and dry with plenty of sunshine light winds as well so really no to back the more cloud down towards the southwest of china but again just a few spots of ray's squeezing out of that there's a little more lively that across the northeast of india and see how the cloud is just drifting through the by a single up towards addition northern parts of on top of that we have got the possibility of flooding rains streaming in here over the next day or so so that's the picture clearly maat circulation on that system going into friday and that
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wetter weather will push up towards the northern plains eventually getting up to northern areas of the country western side also seeing some lively showers long spells of frankfurt pakistan straw and find in try and find two across a good part of iran several weather there across iraq and potentially pleasant here in doha with the top temperature of thirty nine degrees.
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among the top stories here now to syria the leaders of north and south korea have pledged never to return to war saying they'll push for a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and wrapped up their second day of talks where north korean leader kim jong un said he would permanently dismantled his nuclear complex if the u.s. took a corresponding measures. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has been freed from prison on bail until an appeal against his corruption conviction can be heard. and u.s. president donald trump is defending his controversial supreme court nominee who's been accused of sexual assault trump says brett kavanaugh is an outstanding man and
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that it would be unfortunate if his accuser christine daisy ford didn't testify before a senate committee. president of the european council has told britain's prime minister that parts of have breaks it down or not good enough need to be reworked. warning comes as to resume a professor dress a summit of e.u. leaders in austria well that's where you cross live to lawrence lee who's watching the meeting first at large how much progress can we realistically expect from this . but it does look like the mother of all finalists tasks to be honest for the british prime minister she's trying to come here to sell a plan to the european union which the european union has already rejected that is you just said yourself donald tusk the head of the european council said it needs to be changed it's impossible to see what is going to get anywhere and it all hinges on this intractable problem of what they're going to do about the irish border the border of the northern ireland which should be in the u.k.
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outside the european union and the republic of ireland which would stay inside the european union if you keep that border open which both sides say they want to do then you have a movement not just of people but of goods and services through its. and the bricks it says don't like that it's also create enormous problems particularly for people like car manufacturers and that's where germany comes in i've just been to munich in southern germany to find out what's german manufacturing in the massive car industry thinks about the mess the britons him. if there is a city in europe which signifies muscular success and power in munich is surely it's the economy of the region of bavaria is bigger than all but five countries in the whole european union german exports to britain were worth tens of billions of dollars last year a messy bricks it with no plan could cost the germans a lot so people are worried they also think that britain should be is in danger so
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relation of it to say a polite and as he also was a big big burden of brokers see it simply supplementation to make resurge between our members and this is the estimate of the cost of this broker suber b. fifty two hundred million every year plus. and if they move production to a different european country they wouldn't have this problem maybe. when to resume a pitches had deals with the european union on thursday the central aim is to persuade them that goods like cars could still move through open borders every other freedom like the movements of people would end and that's the sticking point in britain there's a growing assumption that the european union's about sich a vain on all its demands for freedom of movement of everything in order to strike a bargain over breakfast we buy all the german cars say the brits it has of course
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the germans want to make this work well maybe that's true but maybe it isn't. the view from the german bricks it department is that in the end it would be preferable to let britain fall off a cliff and force. germany to find new export markets and to break europe's cherished rules and freedom of movement they think the u.k. is quite important but no more than that there are much more important markets is especially for german casts its first and foremost china where we sell i think one third of all german cars it's the united states and other countries as well and so the pritish market is one of the german export markets as if to prove the point to b.m.w. announced the day before this summit that it would cease production of the mini in the u.k. for at least a month immediately after brics it is all adds to the sense in germany that the
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u.k. is asleep at the wheel ignoring the attempts of europe to get the car back on the road. well i mentioned humiliations reason being given just ten minutes over dinner tonight to try to make a case to the e.u. twenty seven they then meet separately tomorrow and she has another ten minutes with donald tusk after that and he tells her what they think of it and she has a chance again to to put the case and then she has to go back to london if you were to bet on it you would surely bet this is going to go back to london with absolutely nothing more than she has at the moment no plan still for what to do with the irish border and obviously thousands and thousands of jobs in places like the foreign car industry in the u.k. hanging in the balance. thank you very much. aid organization save the children says yemen's civil war has put woman five million children at risk of starvation around eighty percent of yemen's population get their supplies and aged
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through the port of her data fighting has resumed there following the failure of un backed talks between the government and who she rebels the charity says disruption to the port operations is likely to push up food and fuel prices the cost of food has already spiked by sixty eight percent since twenty fifteen when two thirds of yemenis don't know where their next meal is coming from and the charity is warning that problems with the supply chain would quote core starvation on an unprecedented scale amanda bryden is the yemen advocacy adviser save the children she says the situation is particularly bad in the port city for data. what we've seen. recent days reports from our staff on the ground in her data is that there's been an escalation and fighting around the port city specially around key strategic junctions like sixteen kilo ten what we're hearing from the country office is that some of our programs have had to be suspended with the risks and concerns for staff
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safety we're also seeing. and hugely concerned about the risk to children. if the port city is temporarily closed or we see that lifeline i'm out of the city with the food and fuel supplies going to the rest of the country is cut off or if the porters temple are temporarily damaged we're seeing with our. health clinics where families are presenting with their children is some really difficult choices that families are having to make so with are they can even afford the cost to bring their children for the fuel or the bus fare to get them to the treatment center for some of their worse children or whether they actually have to use that money to feed their kids and other children in the family . of dengue fever has killed at least ten people in the yemeni city of thais and
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more than one thousand five hundred people are now believed to be infected streets full of garbage and sewage are believed to be contributing to the spread of a deadly disease relative calm has returned to libya's capital tripoli after a rocket and gun fire on tuesday raised fears a un brokered cease fire had collapsed nations mission in libya has been calling on rival factions to abide by the terms agreed two weeks ago tuesday's unrest plunged much of tripoli into darkness as it disrupted the tricity supply late last month an upsurge in fighting sixty people dead many of them civilians. the family of a palestinian man killed on tuesday is accusing israel of being responsible for his death mohamed said you will remember we died in custody after being arrested by israeli soldiers they raided his house in the occupied west bank and assaulted him during his arrest his family were told later that he died of them. as of the day
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they killed him in ten minutes who came up and killed him in just ten minutes when they saw the daylight they carried him and went out when they into the house they attacked him directly and two israeli soldiers started beating him ugandan opposition leader bobby wine will return home from the united states on thursday the pop star turned politician has been receiving treatment after allegedly being tortured in the ugandan police custody wine was charged with treason over his supposed role in the stoning of the president's motorcade last month police will escort him from the airport to his home and have one they'll not tolerate what they refer to as unlawful gatherings. at least twenty one people are dead and fourteen others are in critical condition after suspected alcohol poisoning in malaysia police say the victims drank two brands of whiskey and beer purchased in and around the capital kuala lumpur many of the dead of migrant workers it will again be has more. douma maya to mang suddenly finds herself
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a widow in a foreign land the next please woman's husband is among a group of people who have died after drinking what police suspect with contaminated alcohol. yet difficulty breathing you city couldn't see that everything was just black police arrested several people and raided more than a dozen store was seething about a thousand bottles of spirits and beer samples of the drink with sent to a lab for analysis and found methanol which is poisonous in one bottle the health ministry says people with little means are risking their lives by buying either illegal alcohol or liquor that's been tampered with people know where to find a cheap drink in this kuala lumpur neighborhood they say the primary customers like the majority of victims are migrant workers and they're likely to continue to fuel an underground market for alcohol gates and be there are police in indian
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administered kashmir have used battles to break up religious possessions blocking the muslim month of. authorities and impose restrictions in the city of srinagar for gatherings mockingly fearing they'd morph into anti india protests as the month of the reeve meant and remembrance of prophet muhammad's grandson eman hussein. a new supreme court says people who've been left off a controversial state citizenship register will be able to appeal the government of state failed to include four million names on the register published in july into accusations of discrimination as many of them a muslim some is a son has faced ethnic tensions over undocumented migration from neighboring met bangladesh and to thomas has more from lunch. now india's supreme court has full ised how people can go about appealing not being on the list the idea is that people across the state were going to regional offices to prove
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their citizenship but that is easier said than done in some remote villages like this one nine out of ten people are not on the list a mix simply don't have the financial means to go about proving this this i'm sure in fact is even bigger than that they might not have the paperwork that proves that not all these people have birth certificates and lawyers if they need them are expensive so people here are concerned that even with the formal appeals process now in place at the end of this process they may remain off the list and that may render them stateless algeria's ancient cows bar has survived empires colonize ation and centuries of changing civilization it's been a unesco world heritage site for more than twenty five years and many residents of the citadel in algiers risk losing their traditional way of life due to overpopulation and neglect professions like would crash and ships are becoming a dying art here morgan has more. algeria skies are citadel founded on
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a hill in the country's capital on the ruins of past civilisations including the berber the roman and later autumn man was made cultural world harry takes light in one thousand nine hundred two but to reject kyra a local craftsmen says the citadel and some of its features that make it such a treasured site are under threat. i do a little there's a may have to save craftsmen working inside a car because it's flowing into rains we need to restore this area we urgently need help without help handicraft is going to disappear several types of crops have already it is a period like the copper where all the ornamental make is before coroutines don't act to save it nothing will remain for the casbah show. but like many of the people who live here britain has worked in many of the structures in because many of them especially those which date from the ottoman era are in an advanced space of disrepair mohamed is one of the few young men to take up traditional craft and
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has workshops here contributing to some restoration projects. this kind of job is more threatened than ever there are fewer and fewer crossman here there are no schools to learn how to do it i would love any young person who has a father or a relative who is across mint to try to learn what they do so it can last there is a famous saying which goes like when parents die only the school they teach to us remains. some structures were built in the sixteenth and eighteenth century and follow the same paths and three stories around a central courtyard and a terrace on the roof algerian authorities have listed age neglect and overpopulation as main contributors to the deterioration they say any work done to preserve the cause will depend on the state of the structure in antiquity no louis and we decided that the priority was to restore ancient castles we also decided to restore engine sites like come on this operation cost a lot of money because those places were dilapidated buildings they were built to
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fall down so we decided to restore them it's a lot of money and the expertise to do it was also very expensive the cost was population has doubled in the last fifty years to eighty thousand more than what it was originally designed to accommodate is of his own economy so it is many people who are working here were old men most of them did not pass on any of their knowledge they are retired or worse many have died so if you will have to pass on the tradition tradition that is a major part in making this fortified place a unesco site but now people fear it could lose its title and they could lose their history he will morgan algis there are plenty more here on our website dot com. a lot of the top stories are just here the leaders of north and south korea have
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pledged never to return to war saying they'll push for a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula south korean president when jane and north korean leader kim jong un were greeted by more than one hundred thousand spectators at a mass games event in kenya and they're now wrapped up their second day of talks i can drop kim said he would permanently dismantle his nuclear complex if the u.s. took corresponding measures and storage speech president moon vowed to bring both countries together. are members of the euro one. pyongyang citizens my fellow koreans during this visit i've been able to see the development of north korea the achievements of north korea and i've been able to see for myself and feel deeply about the kind of future that north korean people want to have and i had the opportunity to see the desperation and feel the urge of the north korean people to build their future i've seen the courage i've seen their determination my fellow koreans korean people are great we are strong people we love peace and we have to
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live together. pakistan's a former prime minister nawaz sharif has been freed from prison on bail is now about high court order sherry for his daughter and son in law to be released until their appeal against a corruption conviction can be heard it ruled there were deficiencies in the case presented to the court which sentence them to jail in july. malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been detained again over corruption scandal and already facing a string of charges linked to billions of dollars that went missing from estate investment fund known as one and d b really ins were transferred to najib personal bank accounts. u.s. president donald trump is defending his controversial supremum court nominee who's been accused of sexual assault trump says brett kavanaugh is an outstanding man and that it would be unfortunate if his accuser christine blasi forward didn't testify
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before senate committee ford's lawyers say she won't appear before senators unless the f.b.i. investigates the alleged incident which apparently took place in one thousand nine hundred two. those headlines do stay with us next it's witness.
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