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human point in the twenty first century they are look we are war climate change and technological destruction facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. a show of unity south korean president when john returns to solo after a historic meeting with north korea's kim jong. il or them or a client us is al jazeera live from doha also coming up european union leaders discuss new partners in north africa to tackle the issue of migrants arriving on the soil. for malaysia need energy result faces new charges of money laundering and
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corruption. plus a display of affection or aggression al-jazeera uncovers the dark truth about the treatment of animals in china's marine parks. after historic three days with north korea's kim jong un the president of south korea is back on home soil. address the nation about the trip to the north he said north korea had asked the south to mediate talks with washington and that camp wants a second summit with the u.s. president donald trump as soon as possible. i shall get your nose since the into korean relationship is in line with the development of the relationship between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang asked us to be the mediator they propose to work closely with south korea as well i think the u.s. should understand the position of north korea and resume the talks as soon as
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possible i believe the accomplishments made at the summit this time will lead to the progress option of the talks. now to robert wright is live for us in seoul resisting that move went straight to the media center to make this speech from the airport after his three day trip. that's right laura it was his first stop was basically to try to sell this now to the south korean nation he has come back in confident mood as indeed he should i think people here are generally agreed that this is something of a high point in into korean relations it's difficult to remember a time when relations were as good as this but after the last several days of smiles and handshakes and hugs he's been facing some tough questions just about the details of the kind of deal that he has come back with and also what now lies ahead in this role as the mediator in chief if you like he has repeated in his address
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to south korea a lot of what we already know know that we've heard in some of the joint press statements coming out of pyongyang that about north korea's sincerity to the denuclearization process and indeed that kim jong un is very keen for that second summit and also to welcome secretary of state mike pompei o to pyongyang so all of that sounds very good but we're also getting some kind of an indication from from moon just about the kind of gulf that still exists between north korea and the u.s. position when it comes to denuclearization what both sides are expecting we heard for example that was playing up the fact that north korea has offered to do to close down the young beyond nuclear facility which is key to their weapons testing or weapons development but it is still asking for concessions and none was really pushed by journalists at this briefing to say what concessions does north korea
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want so you do get an impression that money is privy after this session with kim jong un to north korea's bottom line what they want to see is their position their demands being met but he's not revealing that it seems as though he is taking. that position now to the united states for a meeting next week on the sidelines of the united nations where he will meet with u.s. president donald trump to start the nitty gritty the negotiating between the two to see if he can close the gap so he is very much a man under pressure laura and diden and how much is he's taking his legacy on the success of these talks. interestingly he won the election here not based on his diplomatic skills but as far as people in south korea are concerned on domestic matters the state of the economy and so on but his tenure in office has coincided with this incredible crisis that we've seen over the
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past year with north korea's nuclear testing with threats from donald trump and he has stepped into the breach if you like so this is very much his legacy but interestingly his popularity has been slipping recently people here in south korea they live with the north korea question sometimes it's a north korea crisis it goes back from one to the other on a daily basis and actually they are more interested at times in more bread and butter issues the state of the economy jobs house prices and so on so moon does have a hard sell here in trying to keep people on board but i think south koreans generally are still giving him their support but he has the other issue coming up which again he addressed when he was talking to the nation and that's the possibility of kim jong un of north korea visiting seoul that will be extremely interesting again in a year of diplomatic firsts this will be another first but also it presents
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a whole set of protocol problems about the kinds of street demonstrations and protests we are going to have that will certainly coincide with that so moon is a busy man and he's set to get a lot busier and interesting times ahead there rob thanks very much for the update from cell. migration and breck's at a high on the agenda of your opinion leaders meeting in austria presidents prime ministers in salzburg trying to convince senior leaders to be flexible about bret's that and the leaders will be meeting with out to me to discuss the blocks next steps also be negotiating measures to prevent migrants and refugees from entering the. your comment yet so far on the phone our bit with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed boats that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived it took them back it's hardly has the latest for us from the summit insults back austria
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for some time now the european union's had a problem it hasn't been able to persuade its own member states to take in a share of asylum seekers each because many simply don't want to there hasn't been able to find a country outside the borders of the european union like libya for example to stop people coming in but now at these summits the austrians who are the preparing presidents of the european union reckon they found a solution the austrian chancellor and donald tusk the head of the european council went to cairo last weekend to meet president sisi of egypt donald tusk is announcing a summit in egypt's fabry next year and both men and their people are briefing they now believe that egypt is the european union's new strategic partner they say because it has proved its capability of keeping refugees out of the european union and they see no moral hazard whatsoever in doing this sort of deal with
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a country with such a poor human rights record. lessing sits on the german side of the austrian border population seventeen thousand nothing much ever happens or at least it didn't until the great exodus of twenty fifteen when two thousand people a day were crossing the bridge which is the border now that bridge is quiet an average of two migrants a day make the crossing but the austrians would like to make it zero the whole austrian plan calls for the schengen free movement zone inside europe to be maintained by forcing people who want to claim asylum to do it before they enter the european union the logic of that says that people might have to ask a country they're trying to escape from to help them become a refugee the austrians release the briefing documents in which they said that some single male migrants were characterized by and see freedom or backward looking
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religious attitudes the whole thing is straight out of the playbook of the populous far right. that also plays very well in small towns like fry lessing to a coyote in libya and that it would be wise if countries like libya and turkey where they are received first had reception centers it's smarter to help those countries register them none of which is to say that this place is unfriendly bashir who fled somalia three years ago is being looked after by locals his journey took him through libya could he really have asked for asylum in germany while he was a sixteen year old in north africa is fairly sure feel fairly sure it would be really dangerous once you're out of your country nobody does anything for you and you can't go back it's just a whole lot of problems and trouble as it stands the migrant reception center and for the last thing has nothing to do because there are no migrants well over the border austria has gravitated entirely to the points of view of governments like
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those in hungary and italy which despise any migration with populous parties on the march before european elections next year the austrian presidency seems to be validating the most hardline views or ensley al-jazeera fried us in. malaysia's former prime minister has appeared in court again to face twenty five additional corruption charges including abuse of power and money laundering prosecutors accused of illegally transferring six hundred eighty one million dollars from the one and the state investment fund into his personal bank account. until the end of the month to pay eight hundred fifty thousand dollars if he wants to be released on bail and deny corruption when charged with seven similar offenses last month. larry has the latest from kuala lumpur. these charges are significant because they deal with such a vast sum of money and they also prosecutors allege that these sums of money came
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directly from. the state investment fund that had set up when he was prime minister in two thousand and nine and the earlier charges that have been leveled against over the last two months relate to ten million dollars that he's alleged to have received from another state owned s.r.c. international a former unit of one and to be and this is significant also because you know one end to be the corruption scandal surrounding one and the anger that the voters felt . over that corruption scandal was part of the reason that. coalition government was defeated after ruling this country for some sixty over years and that led to a new administration led by mahathir mohamad coming into power and since coming into power this new administration has made it one of its top priorities to investigate the corruption scandal surrounding one and been. given to crowds of supporters of greeted pakistan's former prime minister is now wash
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a reef was freed from his ten year prison sentence as a high court ordered his release on bail along with his son in law until their appeals. judges found deficiencies in the prosecution's corruption case involving the buying of luxury homes in london. at least ten people have been killed in the philippines after a landslide buried dozens of homes in two villages secy of these fifty all those affected trapped under the rubble the landslide was triggered by heavy monsoon rain that comes just days after a northern philippines is by the most powerful typhoon this year the storm left more than eighty people dead dozens remain missing. still ahead here on al-jazeera how u.s. sanctions have reduced the number of iranians visiting a rug on one of the holiest days for shia muslims.
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hello there is pretty cool for some of us in the northern parts of asia at the moment this is an area of cloud is part of a circulation that striking in some far cooler air over mongolia and the top temperature in there as we head through friday will only be three degrees for some of us in mongolia we're also likely to see a fair amount of snow as you head further south the temperatures rise pretty regularly so by the time we get to beijing we're off at twenty five and for us in north korea pyongyang will be at around twenty two here for north and south korea the more in the way of cloud a few outbreaks of rain as well and then those showers will be pushing their way eastwards as we head into saturday so more rain for most of us really across parts of honshu does look like it should be quite a wet day for many of us here as we head down towards the southern parts of china here there's quite a mess of weather really plenty of cloud plenty of showers around but across the
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south coast is where we've got will dry weather so for homecoming it should be drawn out temperatures topping it around about thirty two degrees at the moment for the southeastern parts of asia all usual rash of sunshine and showers the philippines is seeing quite a few heavy showers at the moment more to come as we head through friday and saturday but some breaks as well so it won't be completely wet throughout the day for the south should be fine for some of us particularly in the eastern parts of java and bali. sure.
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and again you're watching alexander has a reminder of all top stories this hour after a historic three days with north korea is that kim jong un the president of south korea is back on home soil and says north korea has off the south to mediate talks with washington and the kim wants a second summit with the u.s. president donald trump as soon as possible. european union leaders are meeting in austria with migration of brecht's as high on the agenda of the meeting without british prime minster treason maces gus the next steps on the u.k.'s exit from the bloc but also beats negotiating measures to prevent migrants and refugees from
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entering the in you. and malaysia's former prime minister has appeared in court again to face twenty five additional corruption charges including the use of power and money laundering and denying these elite elite transferring six hundred eighty one million dollars from the state's investment fund into his bank accounts. the head of israel's air forces due in moscow following the downing of a russian warplanes syrian air space russia's defense ministry blames israel for the deaths of fifteen and then on monday israeli government has expressed regret its accusing syria of firing in accurately during an air raid targeting hezbollah weapons talent's has more from moscow. this israeli military delegation headed by the commander of the air force major general and mccann nor can has come to moscow essentially to argue israel's case following the downing of this russian
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plane and in addition to say to the russians that iran is continuing to attempts to transfer strategic weaponry to hezbollah and establish a military presence in syria now regarding the downing of the plane what israel says is that it wasn't their fault their points are that it was extensive and inaccurate air defense fire from the syrian anti-aircraft batteries that down the plane that when these missiles were launched at the russian plane actually the israeli jets were already back in israeli air space during the strike that the is ready jets were engaged in the russian plane wasn't actually in the area of operations and that the syrians didn't even try to determine that there were no russian planes in the air so essentially what they're doing is saying to the russians we aren't to blame and also and this is important they're also trying
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to persuade russians that the current arrangement between russia and israel to allow israel to operate against iranian and hezbollah targets inside syria is mutually beneficial for both countries and should be jettisoned then outside despite the anger of the russian defense ministry over all of this there's no sign yet from vladimir putin that he is willing to tear up that deal over this incident . sham muslims around the world are commemorating assura the annual mourning for the prophet mohammed's grandson and mum hussein was killed in the battle of karbala and what's now iraq thirteen hundred years ago hussein's death was a major factor in the split into two main sects of islam city and shia the anniversary is commemorated worldwide on the tenth day of the first month in the islamic calendar some shia every year beat themselves to express their grief for
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the pain hussein suffered the u.s. sanctions have made it harder for ronny and shia muslims to travel to iraq to mark a sure reports from baghdad. intense and vibrant in the iraqi city of kabul. the crowds which used to pack the shrine of imam hussein are smaller because thousands of iranians can't afford to be here. we came to iraq because we love to visit the holy shrines but the economic crunch means many iranians call to forward to visit cup on ashura day. iranian shia worshippers usually travel to kabul at this time of year but iran's been hit by u.s. sanctions since august the value of its currency the reaal has plunged but the rain ians getting to college is expensive now and for some even the price of a hotel room is simply too much have in their cars off the hotel business in
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karbala and previous years was booming now we can only make ends meet last year we had more than two hundred seventy big iranian religious groups staying at my hotel alone now there are just seven small groups. from the economic point of view the u.s. economic sanctions on iran have really affected iraq's religious tourism when iranians come to my shop to buy souvenirs most of them can't pay sure it is marked by prayers for sessions and food handed out at stores like this one all over iraq is held on the tenth day of the holy was of mahogany and it marks the death of the same one of the grandsons of prophet muhammad who many see almost as the third. he died thirteen hundred years ago in a battle where the city of karbala now stands for mind here put him on a year ago iran's currency was in good shape and now we have financial problems but iranians will strive to come here during holy month i'm hot around. for shia
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muslims are sure is a time of reflection and remember so. many iranian worshippers may also remember this uses it as a time of financial hardship matheson algis is back to. being warned to expect low economic growth in the next two years to his finance ministers try. concerns about the currency which was forty percent of its value against the dollar this year president has accused the united states of waging economic war the central bank defied by raising interest rates last week to try to reduce high inflation. this period is a period when economic sanctions are being used like weapons it's a global each challenge in period on the tenth of august turkey became part of this process because its economy and currency were targeted with a tax we want to make the best out of the five year term bestowed on us by our people and we will realize all these economic measures to make our country stronger and has more from istanbul. what the finance minister revealed today as an economic
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program of the new presidential system in turkey is not what the markets expected some of the economic analysts say and some of them say that this is almost the same the ripper titian of what the previous economy managements of the government have been have revealed in the in the last fifteen sixteen years the minister said that turkey is going to continue its fight against a high inflation rate which is up to double digits right now and he said that took him to bring it down to six percent by two thousand and twenty one and they will be creating at these two million new jobs for its citizens and turkey will be able to take under control of the current account deficit it turkey's it current account deficits has been a challenge for for the economy for the last sixteen years because it's the pendant on energy imports mainly from rush azerbaijan and iran which is based on
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a us dollars and it creates almost half of the current account deficit but of course all eyes are on the decline in turkish fear on whether to whether the national currency is going to gain back its confidence its value against the american dollar or not a turkish lira has lost a lot of fairly following the following diplomatic dispute between washington and ankara ford the last couple of months and now everybody is. whether turkish the right is going to gain valley or not but of course the minister try to give the message to the international markets that turkey is a safe haven't they can come and invest in turkey and the curry's see crisis is totally over but of course time will show whether the turkish lira is going to gain back the confidence. canadian government leaders more flexibility from the united states as time runs out to agree to a new trade deal to replace enough to canadian negotiators a being pressured by the trumpet ministration to make concessions if the new
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agreements to be signed by the end of this month the u.s. presence already agreed with mexico to revise parts of the north american free trade agreement which he says has been a disaster for american jobs nafta is a theory complex agreement which governs the largest trading relationship in the world it governs billion dollars worth of trade every day. remits. this. thirteen months for a very deep water in isolation of the kind where working on is absent. trade agreements do take some time to negotiate an update because the economy is complicated and trade agreements are complicated and we are absolutely committed to getting this right and to getting a good deal for canada opposition leader bobby wine has landed back in uganda and there are reports that he's been taken by police the pop star turned off position
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politician was receiving medical treatment in the us his lawyer said he needed to travel abroad after he was tortured in police custody one is charged with treason. the president's motorcade the government has banned from welcoming him home. reports from kampala. the plane that bobbie one was on her down at the airport and some of his associates we did been. waiting for confirmation meanwhile outside the home just outside the chemical compound there is a crowd of supporters they gathered here they've been chanting people power people power many of them wearing red berets and red as bobby wine has been wearing recently people here waiting to find out if he'll be allowed to come home will be arrested and detained and not very likely to result in an angry reaction from these people if you happen. and exclusive al-jazeera investigation has uncovered widespread abuse of animals and marine theme parks in china
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a two year investigation by our current affairs program one a one east reveals the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals at the center of a booming multi-billion dollar industry stiff challenge for us. i see i see the public opinion performances in china or entertaining me defying tricks i called animals i did some displays of affection. i. put exclusive behind the scenes video obtained by one of one east reviews a much darker picture. and then torture your union. workers who asked not to be identified see animals such as seals sick with skin diseases and cataracts or a band in places called dining rooms. left to swim in their own urine and feces from the horse and so who knows whom you will woman goes i didn't.
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want to be. the bench or you just drove the car no you see the washing be in iowa. and then come and be my old the whole deal over two years one on one is documented many more sick and dying in america. this beluga whale looks like it's playing with some young visitors now see that's aggression but iommi rose one of the world's best known marine scientists says far from being happy this behavior indicates it's overstressed by captivity if you see the same animals consistently responding in an aggressive open mount threat way to the people at the underwater viewing window then that starts telling you a bigger story that maybe this whale and particulars under stress she says conditions in china are the worst she's ever seen anywhere with dolphins and
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belugas swallowing debris and display areas far too cramped the tank for these three balloon guys is so small it's hard for them even just to turn around. roll says not only is there widespread abuse but animals are dying prematurely this is just a one way conveyor belt and it ends in death at the other end premature death and this is supposed to be entertaining managers of the marine park didn't respond to our requests to discuss mistreatment the parks are now so popular there are more than sixty in china with a dozen more being built. there appears no way in to china's aquarium park group and for their captives no wind to their misery steve check out al-jazeera china. straight ahead of animal welfare and captivity and the born free foundation is
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calling for a global investigation to look into animal abuse and marine theme parks around the world. these are scenes of horror dressed up as time and inflation of entertainment and it's it's really a worrying trend that we're seeing so many such facilities being constructed in enjoying around in other countries around the world when certainly there is an appetite to move away from such or such cities in western europe and north america and i think you have to look at the the very nature of these captive facilities for whales and dolphins for example and just by their very nature they are. they are completely misrepresentative of what these animals need their basic needs what they have evolved to utilize in the wild these are items that live in complex and dynamic social sciences that the tribe or vast distances and dive to grow depths you cannot replicate even with the best will in the world in a captive facility we know that this activity the particular activity which
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scribing here of marine parks and dolphin area inherently involve suffering and cruelty and that is something that is worthy of much further investigation and we would encourage governments to look carefully at their policies on these facilities . well you can watch steve chiles program china caging the oceans wild this thursday at twenty two thirty g.m.t. on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera these are our top stories after a historic three days with north korea's kim jong un the president of south korea is back on home soil and says kim wants a second summit with u.s. president donald trump as soon as possible. the two leaders visited the top of the region's most sacred mountain in north korea. since
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the into korean relationship is in line with the development of the relationship between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang asked us to be the mediator they propose to work closely with south korea as well i think the u.s. should understand the position of north korea and resume the talks as soon as possible i believe the accomplishments made at the summit this time will lead to the progress of the talks european union leaders are meeting in austria with migration and breck's it high on the agenda that we're meeting without purses prime minister trees are made to discuss the next steps on the exit from the block and also be negotiating measures to prevent migrants and refugees from entering. malaysia's former prime minister has appeared in court again to face twenty five additional corruption charges including abuse of power and money laundering that denies illegally transparent six hundred eighty one million dollars from the state investment fund into his bank account. jubilant crowds of supporters have greeted
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pakistan's former prime minister. was freed from his ten year prison sentence islamabad high court ordered his release on bail along with his daughter and son in law until their appeals are heard. opposition leader bobby wine is landed back in uganda and there are reports that he's been taken by police the pop star turned opposition politician was receiving medical treatment in the us his lawyer said he needed to travel abroad after he was tortured in police custody the government has banned rallies welcoming him home. at least ten people have been killed in the philippines after a landslide buried dozens of homes in two villages. at least fifteen others a feared trapped under the rubble it comes just days after eighty people were killed in the most powerful typhoon to hit the philippines this yeah as all the headlines do stay with us inside story that's next.
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is the most from turning national security into a business the us president says he's considered a permanent military presence in poland as long as more so plays so is trump willing to sell his country's military services and what are the stretch e.g. crist's this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm one of the hunted for trump this was the name poland suggested for a.


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