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tv   La Nouelywood  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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a danish officer returns to the void in croatia to confront a decision he made to no longer sustain minette massacre. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. i got the guy gal half.
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the stuff i think i have to have a half. ass if i focus it. was my happiest bust. this just bought. another one i was sick the system under which was. that these are skillful sister for just got it then they do. if i always date of course there i go on the shelf. and there are some of the. sounds sick i mean fist about because. it well.
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not much money to live for his young. son vision is for me just for the. but is the middle scottish going to supersede. chevy volt on the dish was negative . a collision some sympathy just. first of all simple the simple diesel said which of us are we almost to a bunch of crazy. or if you want has your shot and was on to me old recalls that take every of all all of the gelug. screws wish it is available collision p.-six plenty of high dollar video you'll see it's a buck
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a different more prove to yourself. cubicle to call to six pm see caucus on the what you're all going all the people surely merely. talk about if you do all this is going to do difficile birth capeci don't talk. about crazy to lose all your vocal posters for the. levy deal as you. well fed needed for her from city of wyoming to skis buses. also more of a love affair might call their love field. now
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with. the image of the of the indian holding. drugs is an age when the muscle comes. from the nation. because you've often developed ways in seeing this with it miss about a meal through simple no solution food food and joy along nancy jordan you just you don't think any bouzouki michel snoeck i think when did ski moved on up was that ski she was wrong to eason it up was you know you're
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so sick of your freakin lead missions you were on phone feeling but they were looking to you bill. see this filibuster for the ones of all. the doesn't seem to want to. quote cut but all. the sort of the most played on the new day. good isn't on it but up. but up was inattentive wasn't squeamish noted. for the positive because as you know the one position must amount to less gentleness on subsequent joins in of all sort of it is a battle it is i mean don't follow do you also going to make.
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almost a bus in about. guns you isn't a budget. sale full moon song succumb failed going to a new. home something of a push they used to seem that i couldn't. i mean a device. that can cause something that is not as if you just like i think you should ask going to go to them. but. not now not. once you know what the time to put expects something i'm not so much the public to try to talk. to.
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some of the absent of us to measure get picked up on was done got just a day or. done so on mosbacher did you read or five felicity knew that you could use of all thoughts of i'm only loony tune it's a too much what was the ones you call feeding the simple machine we said oh what kind of first sense to go out on one of those so you might. just get your welcome that they're not going to him and don't want you some success at best but i've done such a jump it goes from post to the middle of your choice of bus to mode yes yes even though i don't watch it on the nineteen foreign films from the next pose you want to read a monster was one of the few that most of the you know going to the nude you would just not step outside the law well enough so don't think i don't see much destroyed i don't want to because if you did i find again until he. moved markets that i would be shown there to see a mouse it's a plane or
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a new idea the switch is still just a month. i'm up to fed. just on the. dow. and the money an impact a measure. of what you. see but some sense welcome to fair for. him to do anyway but as he in this one he's also a bit like i mean i don't miss anything about it i think if you do want to feel don't be able to feel so you saw me double there is on top of all that if you call if you meant to say sure you get two years you're like you most use you know debt but the whole moment don't let you talk to push if you do because if a collision is on the top of the dog body to go to park city are. just. so a lot of ugly finish will be avoided city are going to go and develop. and we've
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got all of the to be sixteen a mere. act of political beliefs which will do you see now you walk week. here i feel sure it's a god if this one was you who do you see now you. must watch your d c i want to go live. in the. when i was more. like two hundred twelve years to multiply i'm distressed that he said because he walked out of it on came. to scrooge in the same traditional school because you've come up until she called for an airport screening muslims and you were in. the city. so i mean no one who does it who might go boom. there's
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a larger scale on which will be seen to log on to see. the new good deed good because jeanne good to move and good to go no policing will be good to. leisure. for you too greenlaw just. as our mail broke so. boom nucor you know. if you can click on the superior you for proving or being. michael salsa. music scene as does he do it. plus you. know. it's
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a pretty good she. has to go. mr us is just a few she all want to work. julie carried you believe you know what i mean licensable is a more. simple home and you're going to try to do the general focus to try to fix what is the one i came out. of the last few kitchen up you're fighting them through the real. day for the only suspicion of one thing you know if you don't support uncle katie you know that there's only one who did was else you can also use fair
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which is. just you know who. john paul what this ritual just was i'm always small. he's supposed oh yeah. i can tell me your list of rules would you care for. all of the sickly wound too long she woke with. oppressive situation. bob austen coming. and most unusual diggin. in the book with the upcoming stitches i was
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thinking they were going to meis prudently leaking world war. here to get a million fish and end the enemies yet. that they don't help with that i want you to get it. don't you know i'll. keep you said was official with. facts. and whiskers with this it is a verbal collision. a video. it was in feet long before feeding me on into one key committee. but that. doesn't. mean it's
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impossible to do couldn't accept what she did it did you she said that's what he she just told him that political. in the political shops women will soon want to. come. home. i didn't intend to like just cheap simple thing could you just read a piece diphthongs on the news and i said create him in the sun and you. may want to come up about it before copy spoke up a jail cell death to come. and see if you missed it del and then call for the da the results and still come up with.
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the click. the truth if just took for the give us a look at the soon to be in the book book. club where the snow was just like the tree of my son. but for the others you know the doctor said that you would you vote. on the most up of the critical. last week for the semester stick with what you can do and what you'll have a chemical it took. over when it's on which week to bring what you produce diaf it will for. this interim develop. rely so much on the good of the already. very well. over the load superstorm a little bit spoiled will do those of us in the ga can you say the joy of the thing . was he good was it
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a sleeve or goddesses i said love once in the nowhere does the races become system to keep books at the computer but to deny the good luck all those who talk with the posters are going. to share the ritual of the show. almost pieces. because because it has cost us who follow through all the good we just did what's it all up in the vocal i do know about but that's what i thought of a comma moves up when he did this to so called him for sinister gunship if we say no no no no you can't. pick up my ass from the. you know well you know it's all the thing that was helping the cause just because it includes the central . office of the ok place. of a criticism complex and i think that investing over self is one of those i forgot what. i want to see the. most and this is something
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of a motel. as if you do not do didn't you yes and it's a fight you will not want to know that from there because you tried the d.p.p. mission still to do for you know would you feel the coven is a beautiful thing would do well bunch me from the reserves. and the good stored up on the ones that. were going through was only what he's so he's not simply if i could you get cured i mean i feel sick after his behavior but . it's good to more so when children are so much on them enough to do you respond to. them i suppose i mean yeah still going up like that it was like oh shit something was when it comes i'll do something if you're black or something if you're not a. good look of. the cuckoos i think that's the reality of it we're going to go oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh couple that the control was going to do before people will settle or if it was miserable to
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somebody who doesn't even know it come over look i don't think i'm very. close on this you know mommy who goes up with this you know we'll have that little girl i will ask them up if you want me to tell us they don't want you would ask who did you watch him i'll walk you know i'm alone with him on he was here how much i think most things as you know you don't know simple. as opposed to going to bush i just want to put it was not think that was kind of talk gets him going to my house because we don't free people make fun of us look if we don't listen to the book up or shut up because we know nothing about mike who just got all of us to believe a penalty double profitable business is a lot of money. let's talk about those really have nothing on the number who not even a couple is not new to this country to come. michel couple this a couple some of the. comments on mr dobbs i mean third member of congress is a resume comparable to continue to do it.
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for joe the future down there for the. government office the following on a post some combination of awfully i thought oh. well i'll work off the best of a. certain screw what if it lousy it was about the public so many things i must look about for something i said was a simple question to. the far left it was. one of the lesser was half a dozen people who would lose you part nothing but bush and. oh. what a bugger to mumble to let me. think. that some of the civil rights movement for. one of the us at the next stop the. government going to. hear from.
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them is not going to do if you were going to look. at it almost feel like this. woman can't. run. you know you. see.
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sanaa you play own. my son go all the employment. faces. in the hall there. for you but some of this is some of. you know from stuff to. me on where miley's live just as. well for not those who. want to employ.
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him. no she was no windows excelsis if that's what some of us were talking to others of us all. it's really really mysterious and it was instant for we think you. know now that you're really. who can i put exhausted up another notch on
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a fare home. no no let's just another user someone comes in because now you exist when you interested in would be quick to help the club a fair bit of the political. skookum say buckwild is uk and i felt i was sexist choctaw county put on creamy and i can say you see sicko who does the old when you want to see now you got that bush up the bum i didn't always just hormone the poor new male don't come south says play man who says i'm a sucker punch put is now down to six while he do the one of the towson i don't work showing yourself to his age you can promise no more as a tweak would you continue to have you. spent. on a fishing vessel this is how could it.
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by getting up early by get a couple going to a city of hollywood. again i just don't make any. new faces your body as you might i figure by default which was a focus i will judge demean the need to make and with all its intelligence if the. other was a public domain g.d.p. buzzed about the. only just just good i mean others will. do looks most of us i know it's a lot of this and. foremost and buddhism. she was gone on of us nowhere was the first scott. she thought to not trust was offered to stop going to her place product. of the future the sick of course are false addictions for god is
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a school. zone dismissed them. they're takers working here is just seven days a week job that's grown with a community my father purchased a black and blue sweater and started to do the funeral in london and family we saw stop being part of indonesia and became business partners the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the go through social level. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. i mean it was different whether someone was going for someone of a red. tree i think it's how you approach an individual and as it is a certain way of doing it to congress in
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a good story and fly out. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count for cabana dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but he's been there a few jomo stole his life it's not the no more live show and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been passed off as fact i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys are both behind that al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online.
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sam is a down in dar with a look at the headlines here now to syria now tanzania's president has ordered the arrest of a ferry operator involved in the disaster on lake victoria john mogul fully declared four days of mourning for the passengers who drowned at least one hundred thirty one died and hundreds more are still missing after the crowded boat capsized on thursday welcome web reports from the ugandan side of the lake. lake victoria became a grave site on thursday afternoon after a ferry capsized and sank when the ferry was coming to a stop people moved from one side to the other and the way to tip the ferry over nearby vessels were diverted to assist.


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