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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2018 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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the iraqi city of samarra are some of the country's most significant archaeological discoveries unesco says it should be protected as a world heritage site but those living there say some landmarks are being left to crumble matheson i reports. for twelve centuries the spiral minaret of the great mosque has survived storms and wars but perhaps its greatest danger is from neglect and. this is the first time we've seen the spiral minaret since two thousand and three i'm shocked there's been no attempt to restore there are no rubbish baskets no proper benches for visitors if this landmark was in any other country it would be a piece of art. in two thousand and seven they already badly damaged city of samarra was protected as a world heritage site by the us it was hoped that it would encourage more visitors
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and business but more than a decade later little has been done and it. certainly different permits and any other piece in the. history and archaeological site but it doesn't get the proper attention. some are lies on both sides of the river tigris north of baghdad it marks the site of a powerful islamic capital the ruled over the power which stretched from tunis here to central asia for a century it's estimated eighty percent of it still lies undiscovered but the spiral minaret has gone through dark times even the nearby park that was built not long ago is also neglected the authorities should be investing in such a historical landmark so that archaeological tourism that can florida in summer a city. iraq's in the process of rebuilding its present day cities after decades of violence but for a country which is said to have
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a wealth of archaeological treasures the people of somalia say that iraq should be protecting its history too rob matheson al jazeera baghdad. time for sports news is far peter thank you so much tiger woods is in the share of the lead at the halfway point in the season ending tour championship woods is tied with world number one justin rose a win for rose in atlanta would also guarantee him the fed ex cup title which comes with a ten million dollars bonus attached woods is aiming for a first for a title in five years at one point a run of three birdies in four holes put him in the outright lead and double bogey on the sixteenth upset that momentum but the fourteen time major winner was still able to carve a round of sixty eight heroes seven under for the tournaments. at. the rose and i have known each other for a very long time and been good friends and loved the time tomorrow. we're going to . be competing but you know also i think we're both going enjoy competing against
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one another and we still got a lot more to go scepter six months ago it's long gone but still. people are excited about watching so i could play again he's obviously right on form and feeling very comfortable out there looks like he's driving it well ions of great all year looks comfortable the blade so you know it's exciting for people to come to get a look at him back at his best and be fun to play them up play them early this year in bay hill and enjoy playing with. yeah there's more more in my mind than just playing so i get some more official rose and words will also be involved in goals biggest team event which takes place next week when the u.s. take on europe in the ryder cup tennis is version of that event is only in its second year team world are taking on team europe and chicago for the labor cup about jock which partnered with roger federer in this doubles match against heaven anderson and jax thought anderson and song got the better of this one to win the world team's first point team in europe won the inaugural laver cup and despite
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this loss there are three one up going into saturday's just the first thirteen points when the title u.s. open champion namely us soccer has continued her run of winning form she's reached the final of the pan pacific open in japan the twenty year old beat serena williams to become the first japanese player to win a grand slam title the straight sets one over camilla grigori of italy has put her into the final of this event on home soil she'll be taking on four seed tearing up . champions manchester city kick off their english premier league game against cardiff on saturday hoping to shake off their european defeat to leo in midweek the players have been tweeting apologies to fans manager pep guardiola says they have nothing to be sorry for well the president. should apologize for what. they took to make a comeback the. mistakes we need to. make
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a lot of mistakes and mistake in the same action and that's happened. to the paula jones with the runs. it was one. of. them hopefully next next image can be. there is already one results in the this saturday london rivals follow played out a draw manchester united host wolves hoping to climb from eighth in the table liverpool are aiming for a sixty eight league win they're fresh from a three two win over p.s.g. and the champions league. w.b.c. heavyweight champion dante wilder is doing his best to steal the headlines from rival title holder and josh while on the day joshua fights alexander privette can wilder confirmed his next opponent the american will fight britain's tyson fury on december the first the venue is likely to be in the united states and will be announced next week both fighters have unbeaten records wilder has held the title
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since january twenty fifth the team joshua weighed in twelve kilos heavier than his challenger prevented kim the pair will fight at london's wembley stadium later this saturday all four of joshua's belts are on the line against the vatican who has failed to drug tests in the past josh was unbeaten in twenty one fights for reckons only laws came against vladimir klitschko. joshua's promoter has hinted that his next fight could be against his compound dillon white to be josh why as an amateur but lost to him as a professional in two thousand and fifteen white who's won eight fight since then told al jazeera that he's confident he would win a rematch. you know what this is what's in i don't get so excited you know since they want to return because you could fight. in april so let's see what happens it's just that we think you mean to say we know so we'll see we're going to be if i
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can be made or not this time ok but question back and a rough him up i'll probably. you know i don't look big a strong but i mean that shit meant that if you get there with then and i look experience i used to be coersion also you know i would be a lot you'd be a very very different. and that's all your support for that will be back with more later but for now back to you peter thanks very much we'll see you later i'm sure lots more news on the web site al jazeera dot com we'll have more news for you thirty minutes about zero world news when we come back at the top of the hour we'll see you very soon. in a new sea then i'll just zero correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is on the polls as he says time in jail for
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corruption. from the u.s. and beyond investigate the story beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its own entry election to what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture of the negativity of mama. and the facts of his demise. on al-jazeera. the russian orthodox church is deep pockets in the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role in putin's grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to saying to president putin is our leader that given to people in power investigates how often it's attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the hock to the russian state. the orthodox connection.
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al-jazeera where every. time. gunman opened fire on crowds at a military parade in southern iran twenty nine
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a dead but who was behind the attack. on welcome i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up a person's pulled alive from the ferry disaster on a tanzanian lake as the president talks about overcrowding and negligence. full speed ahead into southern china the new hong kong train staring debate over politics and control. and on the trail of rhino poachers forensic work is helping rangers cut the killing in the parks of south africa. the iranian president has ordered his security forces to use all means necessary to identify who was behind an attack on a military parade at least twenty nine people were killed when a gunman opened fire on crowds there they were remembering the start of the iran
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iraq war in the southern city of ours i saw were quick to claim responsibility however an iranian military spokesman has blamed groups linked to quote two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel the city of ours is about one hundred fifty kilometers from the border with iraq the area has seen arab separatists attacked oil pipelines in the past but ours is one of several cities with a really large antigovernment protests in recent months or so the body has more. chaos and panic in the city of atlanta as in southern iran as an unprecedented scene unfolds during a military parade. unidentified gunmen opened fire year and prayed at the start of sacred defense week it commemorates iranians who died during the eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. . while the wounded were being treated people were warned to get down a revolutionary guard spokesman says four men dressed in khaki uniforms and riding
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motorbikes are connected to the al-a z a group which is supported by saudi arabia. all four suspects have been killed when they come to launch an attack like this the i.r.g.c. in southwest and iran in and out of a populated region in back me that there has been a bill and put out a plan in order to send a very strong message actually so there are delays sions to leave now and there are reasons to believe now that. this is in a sack masterminded by the united states and the saudis especially because the attack hillary a solid terrorists of all that was the is supported by this all these you know have been recognized to been in charge of this attack the rare attack took place includes islam province which borders iraq and has the largest ethnic arab community in iran the province was
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a major battleground during the iran iraq war the obvious attack happened as president hassan rouhani was delivering a speech at the main anniversary parade in tehran he was briefed on the attack and continues his speech which it orating iran's position on its defense capabilities ronnie said they will continue to increase day by day and in africa as the investigation continues into the major breach of security dosage of ari al jazeera . for tolan the job as a political scientist and visiting fellow at the brookings doha center he says it is impossible to know for sure who was behind the attack. it's difficult to say we cannot of course categorically dismiss isis claimed to be in the perpetrator of this attack ices usually claims a lot of attacks also to show its strength on the other hand we have the iranian security forces bringing. another group to be sponsored by the saudis to be behind
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the attacks and so it's difficult if you one has to be cautious and it is difficult to say because also tehran of course blames the usual suspects israel saudi arabia the united states being behind this attack as was the case last year when there was this to an attack in tehran against the most ileum of. khomeini and also the iranian parliament so there is a lot of questions because in both the whens those were highly securitized events and nevertheless those attacks could occur so there are a lot of security related questions a man's been found alive in the ten's and union ferry that capsized two days ago just moments before docking he's one of only forty one people who survived at least one hundred ninety six others drowned in lake victoria on thursday tanzania's president is blaming overloading and negligence for the disaster he's ordered the police to arrest the boat owner malcolm webb has more now from the ugandan side of lake victoria. lake victoria lies across kenya tanzania and uganda three
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countries have a lot of corruption poverty and poor regulation they safety dozen ways come. regulations say that all boat passengers are meant to whales wear life jackets and we were given some divide in this boat over there not in very good condition often is also not enough to go around that it's also a very difficult for sources to enforce these regulations across such a vast expanse of water but the lake is key for trade large boats like this one carry cargo this one runs regularly between kenya and tanzania. in an area where the road networks aren't good carrying things on trucks can be expensive and slow so the waterways are important for boats tend to get used right up to the end of their lives you can see this blue one sitting lopsided in the water must have been built many decades ago and used for
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a long time before resting here in the large ferry behind it this boat went out of service several years ago after another boat accident it collided with another boat here in the lake the other boat sank said.


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