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at the end of world war two but they're actually in terms of counted refugees that they've actually managed to count the numbers we have more than it ever been counted before in human history has mr trump said anything perhaps on twitter or even when he's been talking to fox news about his what is mindset is like going into this because it's not his natural environment he had one of his campaign style rallies a few days back clearly feeling very comfortable in that environment sitting opposite the worlds the other presidents and prime ministers from around the world maybe slightly out of his comfort zone. he doesn't like it you can tell he's nervous at summits like this i think having said that he's been a little bolder this year than he was last year and you saw him take on nato at that nato summit a few months ago in brussels changed all agenda kicked out some of the people that were supposed to be in the room and just sat the nato ministers around the table
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and one point seemed to threaten the u.s. might pull out of nato that is what to put matzoh really on that goes this week because you not only got a speech by president trouble like last year when he said he totally destroyed north korea if necessary this time you've got him chairing the un security council the most important organ of the united nations there are rules and procedures for that he'll have a gavel in his hand no one knows what's going to happen donald trump with the gavel in his hand james you'll keep us posted i'm sure but in the meantime good to talk to him thanks very much bittorrent b. has been looking in detail at the topics up for discussion over the coming two days . the united nations general assembly is where problems that affect people around the world take center stage leaders and policy makers a meeting on monday to discuss some of the world's most important pressing issues the first is the worldwide addiction to illegal drugs the united states is hosting
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this event and president donald trump is the main speaker the world health organization says two hundred seventy five million people worldwide that's around one in twenty five have used an illicit drug at least once in the last two years is with global trade worth an estimated three hundred twenty two billion dollars annually drug related violence and corruption have risen next is the ranger crisis this is the first time world leaders have gathered since the un called the violence against the muslim minority genocide the united nations human rights council recently detailed systematic forms of violence used by myanmar security forces against the range of including torture imprisonment mass rape arson and indiscriminate killing the third is the war in yemen fighting has devastated what was already the poorest country in the arab world at least ten thousand people have been killed since the saudi amarok alliance intervened to support yemen's
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government three years ago the un says eight and a half million yemenis face starvation. child soldiers are number four on the list rights groups say children were recruited by more than one hundred on forces in groups last year and used in conflict by at least fifty six of them former british prime minister gordon brown is hosting an event on global education unicef says two hundred sixty four million children aren't in school finally representatives from un member states the holding a meeting on global peace it's an honor of the centenary of the birth of nelson mandela the form of south african leader and champion against apartheid and staying with donald trump at the un in new york is james bays our diplomatic editor was saying mr trump has now left the venue for the discussions u.n. headquarters buildings however we're now hearing from one news source that mr trump
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is saying a second summit with the north korean leader kim jong il is likely quotes quite soon you remember it was front page news back was june the eleventh june the twelfth of this year when donald trump met the north korean leader kim jong il in the key issue between washington and pyongyang of course the denuclearization of the korean peninsula super important as well of course for the chinese and also of the south koreans and indeed for everyone else kim jong un has spent the best part of a year now saying he's in effect perfecting his intercontinental ballistic missiles could they hit the u.s. mainland some people say absolutely not they're not good enough to do that other people are saying they are on the right vector to be able to do that but donald trump saying another summit with kim jong un is likely quite soon. an election that many were calling a test of the maldives young democracy has resulted in the president conceding defeat mean appeared on national t.v. to acknowledge he had lost the race to his only rival the opposition leader ibrahim
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mohammed sala provisional results show he won fifty eight percent of the votes have a morgan reports. many had expected monday's president abdullah yemen to win the election then it was feared that he would not accept the results but hours after early poll results showed that his rival one yemen conceded defeat we're going to be hard of deviant people have decided what they want i've accepted the results from yesterday that. these has been in political turmoil under yamin during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim mohammed so hills campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary results on monday showed that so he won fifty eight point three percent of the votes the electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s.
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had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability in the next five years we will consolidate democracy by guaranteeing human rights and ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful and just society for all the electoral commission will announce the official results in seven days but with president conceding what is left now is to see if the hill will keep its election promises and try to reform the country morgan al-jazeera. jeff recently more heat is the deputy permanent representative in geneva for the multi-use he says many challenges do lie ahead for the president elect to keep his coalition together. he lost because it's a free and fair election because the people have spoken and they chose the opposition candidate when the president elect won he's won with this fairly large
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coalition of many parties in the maldives the last time m.v.p. came into power in two thousand and eight within three months that coalition fall apart one of the biggest challenges that the president elect will have is making sure that the coalition stays together but is able to keep his partners happy this very diverse group of people that he's able to create a power sharing arrangement in a presidential system which is not an easy goal he'll have a lot of difficulties coming up especially given that there's a parliamentary election less than six months down the line the political campaigning you know the vicious sort of infighting that tends to come before an election will be present and that's a very big challenge not just for the president elect but for the modern community as well. still to cover for you here on the news hour including new allegations of sexual misconduct against the u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. and the u.k.'s main opposition leader flirts with the idea of supporting another referendum on.
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a small pro independence political party has been officially banned in hong kong in a move phrasing new questions about the territory status and freedom of speech the government accuses the group of threatening national security it's invoked a colonial era law that was previously used to target organized crime sarah clarke is there. he's the leader of hong kong's national party it's a small group promoting independence from china but the government has deemed it a threat to national security the party is now banned in hong kong. what the agenda of the hump on the action the party. aims to is. in strict contravention to the basic law the fungal national party also. spreads hatred and discrimination against maine and on
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call the police made the initial recommendation the government agreed but the party later says he doesn't advocate violence and made this statement at the city's foreign correspondents club in august due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to this single word independence in reality what the national party is choosing now is no different from what many homeowners wish for the team of democracy the decision to ban this group is unprecedented in hong kong but is considered a strategic move by the government to muzzle the problem independent sentiment as beijing acts on any challenge to its sovereignty the vast majority of hong kong people do not believe that independence is a realistic option but there has been increasing the sentiment against the tiny so
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far these against intervention in hong kong and naturally hong kong people feel that their core values their lifestyles up in fact a phone call is a semi autonomous territory under the so-called one country two systems deal which is part of the official handover from great britain to china more than two decades ago that means hong kong enjoys freedoms unsane on the mainland including freedom of speech but that space for political dissent is shrinking. pro independence activist and a chair was prohibited from standing for election six democratically elected pro-democracy politicians were disqualified from the city's parliament the national party plans to hold a public protest on tuesday but the government says any member of the group will be fined up to twelve thousand dollars or face up to three years in jail if they speak out sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong second woman has come forward with
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allegations of sexual misconduct against the us supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh the allegations go back to cavanaugh's time with the senate judiciary committee is preparing to hold a hearing on thursday for kavanagh and christine blousy for the first woman who said he sexually assaulted her as a teenager can really help that is our correspondent following that story for us out of washington kimberly what's what more do we know about the latest accusations . yeah these latest accusations seem to stem back to the academic year of one thousand nine hundred three nine hundred eighty four when judge kavanagh was a yale student and well he was there a classmate is alleged to have participated along with him in some sort of a drinking game where there were people sort of sitting about and it was during this game that involves heavy drinking that judge cavanagh is alleged to have exposed himself humiliating the woman who is now talking about this her name is
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deborah ramirez now for his part judge kavanagh says that he says this is part of a coordinated smear campaign he looks forward to testifying on thursday in the public hearing that has been scheduled on capitol hill that he says this will be the opportunity for him to tell the truth and defend his integrity that he says is being eroded by these last minute allegations now we know that the u.s. president donald trump in new york as we've been talking about for the u.n. general assembly is reacting to all of this standing by his supreme court nominee saying in fact that he believes is a fine and outstanding individual he's with him all the way and he considers that these allegations that have been made not just by one woman that we have been talking about for more than a week now christine blazin forward but now the second allegation from deborah ramirez the u.s. president saying that he believes these claims are unsubstantiated and also political in an effort to potentially derail this nomination where does this leave the nomination process i mean they had already agreed to slow it down by
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a couple of days anyway. right it's been a back and forth sort of sport in washington that has consumed much of sort of the power players on capitol hill at the white house negotiating the terms with christine blazin for its attorneys for this hearing to take place initially it was supposed to take place today they finally agreed on some terms for it to happen on thursday but immediately after that was determined that this would be the time and place for the hearing this second allegations surfaced and now we have a very top ranking senior democrat dianne feinstein from california saying that this hearing should be suspended in light of these new allegations the investigation is turned over to the f.b.i. democrats are saying this nation this needs to be stalled republicans saying this is pure politics this coordinated smear campaign to do rail a conservative nomination that could shape the direction of the supreme court for a generation if confirmed kimberly thank you very much. stuff from the u.n.
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agency for palestinian refugees a striking in gaza over the u.s. decision to pull its funding annorah run schools hospitals accounts and social services for millions of palestinians across the middle east area forces now from gaza. we're here at the gaza h.q. of the honor agency you can see some of the thirteen thousand local employees who are on strike this monday the consequence of this strike it being felt all across the gaza strip two hundred seventy four an ross school serving two hundred eighty thousand children are closed along with sixteen food distribution centers twenty two medical clinics the reason for this strike can be traced back to a decision by the us administration to cut more than three hundred million dollars in funding for iraq and more recently decided to end its funding of the agency in its entirety the workers here say that the effects are being unfairly felt by them
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more than a hundred of them already either sacked or put on early retirement with six hundred being strikers with their jobs being lost by the end of this year they say that under a could have done more to try to lessen the impact of all that and give people volunteer redundancy voluntary retirement those sorts of options here's how the head of the agency here in gaza responds to that charge the rest of the organization has borrowed us forty five million dollars that we don't have for gaza to allow us to continue food to allow us to continue almost three hundred jobs full time and yes sadly move some two part time we've had to make some adjustment but i believe on the basis of fact i can demonstrate we've done a lot to make things as smooth as possible under very very challenging circumstances would be talking to one of the striking employees here and his story does give you a sense of just how deeply these cuts will be felt he says that his twelve. hundred
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us dollars a month salary supports twenty eight family members and that if he does lose his job as you struggle with by the end of this year that's going to have a devastating impact on a huge family and that is a story that is being repeated here many times over so that's why these potential job losses could be felt so why the time whether here is ever so much talk about flooding yeah i'm afraid so pretty i've got some more showers heavy downpours across the eastern side of the u.s. and then maybe a few showers for the carolinas over the next few days push a little further west here is bone dry here the problem is more about the wildfires as you can see no cloud at all saying up on that western side of the u.s. central areas seeing the heavy rain because some flooding up here towards the northern plains up around the prayer is the city pushing up into central parts of canada and further east she can see this stationary front and it is hugging the eastern seaboard never really too far away from the carolinas and in the course
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north carolina still very much in the i'm opening up process of where we go still a few showers in place here up towards the genius around the appalachians we're going to see the heaviest showers could be some heavy downpours into tennessee into kentucky showers they do stretch their way down towards louisiana that's the remainder of monday we go on into tuesday it pushes a little further eastward still some showers around the carolinas just around the little antic states around the eastern seaboard heavier showers at this stage up to wards new england up towards any society kind of only run right down the appalachians that this stays into the deep south a few showers still coming in behind me again they will just not a little further eastward as we go on through or into wednesday the middle part of the week hopefully it will dry around the east coast but still a chance of some showers here once again peter. thanks very much still to come here on the news for us tariffs on chinese goods come into force as the trade war between the world's two biggest economies escalates. and the small. scenes
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christiane or an elder was on target as events as continued their perfect start to the italian the scenes. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to that would venture and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own for action hero shine the light on what they do and to
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have not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international base award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to the war dot com. ok let's revisit our top stories for you so far today here on the news hour from al jazeera russia announcing it's going to supply a specialist missile defense system to syria and that comes just a week after one of its aircraft was shot down by inaccurate syrian anti-aircraft fire on sunday the russian defense ministry blamed israel for the incident in which served fifteen servicemen died says israeli jets hid behind its aircraft which the
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israeli air force denies the president of the mall deeds has conceded defeat in sunday's presidential election. t.v. to acknowledge he lost the race to his only rival the opposition leader mohammed sala provisional results show he won fifty eight percent of the vote hong kong has banned the pro independence political party accusing it of being a threat to national security the unprecedented move means anyone who runs or supports the hong kong national party can be fined or jailed the government invoked a colonial era law that was previously used to target organized crime. britain's prime minister to resign is today holding her first cabinet meeting since e.u. leaders rejected her plan at the summit in salzburg mrs may is expected to come under intense pressure from pro brics attempt to use to ditch her plan and accept
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a free trade deal the stalemate is prompting the opposition labor party to push for a second referendum party members meeting in liverpool in the north west of the u.k. there to decide their stance going forward our correspondent not even barber is there for us here on the news so they want probably or possibly another vote is it another a rerunning of the in out of votes or is it the people having a say on a final deal settlement. well let's try and keep this is simple as we can it won't be the same question it won't be remain all leave what we know is that this text was the result of five hours of talks under kira's starmer the shadow. negotiator on sunday a two page document coming out and it says if we quote if we do not get a general election that's an early election then all options have to remain on the
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table including labor calling for a people's vote now the debate ongoing at the moment is what does that mean because just in the last few hours john mcdonald the shadow chancellor shadow finance minister has suggested that that people's vote would not be including would not include the option of remaining in the u it would simply be yes or no do you accept a deal negotiated with brussels some major figures including kids starmer himself of have contradicted that mr starmer says that the option of voting for the deal versus remaining in the you has clearly not been ruled out and that's what many party activists say opinion polls suggest a vast majority of labor member labor members want that so-called people's vote in a majority would also vote if possible to remain in the e.u. but major figures like len mccluskey head of the unite union say that if there were to be another referendum including the option to stay in the u.
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then that would be seen as undemocratic and that would be very dangerous for labor in his opinion and also unleash dangerous forces on the rights of politics but the opposition labor party led by jeremy corbyn i mean be put on a line in the sand they've got these six tests that they're now talking about and it misses me comes back from her next to the rest of europe and she doesn't pass the six test they'll push for a general election does the country feel the need for a general election point number one and also i guess point number two there's not enough time for this surely breaks it's the clock is ticking it's less than six months away in theory. absolutely i mean the lady leadership leadership will tell you there is time for for a snap election they're ready they have been mobilizing over the last two years with notably the momentum organization of grassroots activists who are very present here in liverpool they are the government in waiting is what they want you to to
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believe and if you look at opinion polls some of their policies are extremely popular and john mcdonnell in the last couple of hours has been talking about for example giving a company employees in large firms ten percent of the firms or shares he's been talking again about labor's commitment to renationalise or nationalizing certain industries such as the postal service such as water and the railways which is even a vote winner if you look at the polls among conservative voters so certainly many of their policies do chime with what voters want but let's go back to the break sit thing some opinion polls suggest that the way labor would guarantee that they would get that parliamentary majority if there were to be an election would be by coming out strongly against strongly against a hard break and offering the possibility of remaining it's unlikely to happen on tuesday's vote here many analysts are calling it a fire but activists here who are who are for remain who are and say that now
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they have got what they wanted they've got the possibility if there is no deal of taking push taking it back to the population and they say of keeping the option open remaining in the european union the clock is ticking of course but they say that the collapse as they see it of the conservative cabinet could actually allow that. thanks very much it is a complex story thanks a lot. people affected by heavy rain in the philippines of called on the government to end quarrying after two major landslides in the last week the latest one killed at least forty five people. now reports local say their warnings about the nearby stone quarry were ignored. this is a call a seam that has been turned into an evacuation center one of the many here in the town of nagar in cebu province just here alone there are close to two thousand people who are staying here temporarily they come from identify danger zones in the
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area where the quarrying operation and the landslide actually happened we've spoken to social workers here who say there is so far no shortage of food medicine and basically basic emergency needs but they are encouraging those others who have relatives who should go back basically to their communities to the homes of their relatives because we are clearly despite this having the very basics like a bed this is not ideal for women for children especially the older. volunteers have been working nonstop trying to ensure that what they need here is available outside aid continues to pour in there are sacks of clothing of medicine that are ready for those who need it president of the good of their day was here a few days ago and he spoke to evacuees all the press their desire for the government to close warring operations in magen now the president ordered
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a temporary halt of operations but that is only for fifteen days and residents say that is simply not enough because many of them no longer have homes to return to they say and for those who are returning the fear for the instability of their livelihood they would like you quote closure of quarrying operations because they fear that this won't be the last tragedy to happen to their community as well be talking about tariffs at the u.n. general assembly in new york the u.s. tire of some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports of just come into effect within the last twelve hours is the latest and the biggest round of levies and a growing trade war between the world's two biggest economies the u. . this is not impose three rounds of tariffs on a total of two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that means about half of all chinese imports to the u.s. these levees only china has already hit the u.s. with tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of imports and it's pledging to slap
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another sixty billion dollars on american made goods rob reynolds has more on how the u.s. tariffs on chinese products could hurt small businesses back home in the u.s. how do you is trying to keep his family thirty year old toy business afloat. president donald trump's tariffs on chinese exports aren't helping so we're humorous and it's come from tommy jordi of it actually comes from china comes from depending on the brand and where they anticipate to make their production run and there's a link to china i'm directly into china. these pop culture vinyl figures are wildly popular with kids and millennialist alike but the new list of tariffs includes toys so costs will go up big corporations are able to adjust which manufactures you know a small shops like us we have to roll with the punches and try to figure out our
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actual business strategy in order to adapt and evolve president drop might be pleased to note that you can buy this figurine of him here at tom's models for about eighty dollars and of course it's made in china what he might not be so happy about is the chorus of criticism from businesses large and small over his china trade policy. wal-mart the country's biggest retailer told the trumpet ministration quote the immediate impact will be to raise prices on consumers and tax american business the head of the u.s. chamber of commerce which lobbies for big business in washington says a trade war is the single biggest threat to the economy right now very few people in the business community have embraced these tariffs because they see them and as not helping them competitively for the most part consumers are bearing the
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brunt of this one mega company that escaped negative fallout from the china tariffs is apple c.e.o. tim cook huddled with trump at a white house state dinner in april urging him to exempt components for the apple watch and other company products how long will this trade battle last no one knows the one thing that business truly hates is uncertainty back at tom's models tommy is trying to keep calm amid the trade turmoil going to take time for the end result to happen to see if these terrorists are beneficial towards the us or detrimental. now. trumps tariffs taking their toll from tech to choice rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. campaigning on the way for cameron's presidential election in two weeks' time
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president colby who's been in power since one thousand nine hundred two was seeking reelection despite protests has that story. supporters of the main opposition party the coming to an ethos movement in the capital something that they've launched a two we campaign before voting on october seventh. the presidential election comes at a critical time for coming on after years of bloody conflict between the english speaking south and the central government that's dominated by french speakers and i think what you see. will be enough where. i don't think that you me that you will i mean there was that oh that was yes yes oh that was what it was come to is promising political and comfortable reconsideration but change has often eluded kind of the. president has been ruling since one nine
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hundred eighty two and nearly every election he's won since then was highly controversial with constant accusations of vote rigging to guarantee he stay in power during his thirty six years critics accuse him of ruling with an iron fist while failing to preserve the national unity videos shown on social media last year was said to show extra judicial killings of civilians in the south by special army brigades come to his supporters say he's a serious challenger to president and the only real beacon of hope for canada at the moment are the presidential candidates are also trying to galvanize supporters by promising change along with. the enthusiasm is there cameroonians what change and we are not mistaken we think that on october seventh cameroonians will live up to the expectations of the whole world to say that we must turn the page and we must finally move forward what president beyond still has
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a support base. little is going to come flying i would like to call president obama's campaign slogan which is the strength of experience this is logan sums up by itself. chief means the opportunities that are offered to us all this could be achieved thanks to poor beer. others argue a free and fair election isn't guaranteed because of what happened before and they don't rule out a continuation of the status quo mohammed by. francis is now in the latvian capital rigor for the second leg of a tour of the baltic states he's visiting in through a near stony and latvian to mark one hundred years since independence from russia in one nine hundred eighteen and to bolster catholics across that region three countries saw fifty years of religious repression under the occupation of the soviet union china used to be the world's biggest importer of plastic waste but in january the government and.


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