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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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and now that iran has really taken control of its own resources it is once again the victim of a us silly bolivia categorically condemns the unilateral actions imposed by the government of the united states of america against iran likewise we condemn the fact that the united states has withdrawn from the g c p hiding behind the creed text to continue its policy of interference and meddling in the internal affairs of this brother country iran. some of the important developments have been going on while the security council has been meeting as you know the general assembly is also meeting but i'm not talking about in the general assembly i'm talking with regard to the subject matter of the security council the idea of nuclear weapons well north korea things have been happening while they've been meeting at the security council well president trump has sat in that chair. the u.s. secretary of state has bee been with rio ho they've been having
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a meeting he's the north korean foreign minister now things seem to be moving very very fast indeed in the last few hours because president trump before he got in the security council said that things were going very very well with north korea and he is pledging that when he speaks later on in a couple of hours time at a news conference here in new york at five o'clock eastern time in the u.s. that's twenty one hours g.m.t. at that news conference he's going to announce a new second summit between him and kim jong un and he says he's going to announce the time and the place we don't think it's singapore this time he's going to sit in that news conference so things moving very very fast indeed ok and james may is reporting from the united nations thank you and let third get some perspective from his al-jazeera senior political analyst a lot to break down with the amount of wind but if we just start off with the fast moving developments on north korea as james are saying so reports now that the u.s.
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secretary of state has accepted the north korean leader as invitation to pyongyang next month what do you expect trump to say about this issue in a couple of hours time. i think the entire enterprise of negotiations between north korea and the united states is of course a plus for both leaders the north korean and the american. in that sense i think it would continue and if you heard the various speakers today and yesterday they got much praise for the direct talks for a change if you will between the not system north korea and i think it is in the best interests of the american president to maintain that throughout his tenure as president. for the next two years not whether that means that north korea will give up its nuclear weapons of course as a whole other questions whether this would actually mean
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a final agreement between the united states and north korea again that's a whole other question but for the time being diplomacy as we see it is a plus for both sides and i think they will continue to feed into it and when it came to a what trump said about china interfering in the u.s. mid-term elections and now we have a response from the chinese foreign minister who is speaking at the security council saying flat out rejecting trumps accusation and saying that we do not and will not interfere in another country how do you expect this whole thing to play out look on the one hand he ignored the whole inquiry into the russian interference in the american presidential elections on the side of the instead he brought up those substantiated accuse ations of china meddling in the next elections on the side of the democrats on such a sense she did so of course for the chinese this is. i mean it sounds sort of
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because that they won't even respond to it but certainly i think as we've been talking throughout the day president trump is a on the one hundred talking to the international community but on the other hand he is talking to his home base to the core of the republican party because we are on the eve of the midterm elections and his popularity is down so whatever you hear from him at the united nations this bravado this accusations against of our leaders is meant to address to be addressed to people back home now for people like china and increasing number of our allies right his approach or his conversation his figures on trades on palestine on iran on the environment and so on so forth i think president trumps the truck there's reckon that he is a weapon of mass deception that like the washington post and the new york times and others they claim that prism through and continue to deceive that he continuously
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mentions in accuracies in his conversation in his speeches and certainly in his approach to those very hard issues like iran china it trades on so and so forth so a weapon of mass deception is that how the chinese now view a person from when he talks about them meddling in their actions or when he talks about trade and what do you expect to hear from the iranian president hassan rouhani when he speaks and we expect an hour's time i mean do you expect him to comment quite strongly on what trump had to say about iran at that security council meeting. you know iran when it comes to the united nations have never had it so good sense the nuclear deal between the united states the other five members including of course germany and iran was in shrine and in the united nations security council two two three one so in
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a sense the iranians have never been stronger at the united nations defending their position because it is in shrine in an agreement at the united nations security council and his it is the american president today he who is in a minority in the united nations security council visit all the other members in the general assembly only i think israel and saudi arabia they support the president from all others against his position on the iran you could deal and so in a sense that the iranian president feels stronger talking about not just what he does at home or over the nuclear program per se but talking about an american president violating a united nations security council resolution and pressuring others including permanent members to violate that simmers solution i think in that sense we will hear the iranian president hammering home that very particular point ok and i want to thank you for that update from london.
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now just to move away from the united nations for a moment and tell you about a third woman who has now come forward accusing president trumps supreme court nominee of sexual misconduct during the one nine hundred eighty s. julie sweetening released a statement through her lawyer michael knoxy she alleges that cavanaugh was present during a gang rape in which she was a victim the statement also says what make witnessed kavanaugh sexually abuse women at parties kavanagh has denied accusations by two other women the first accuser christine blazin ford is due to testify before the senate on thursday wasn't jordan joins us from washington d.c. we'll talk about what to expect on thursday in a moment but first talk us through these latest allegations from this third woman. daryn these allegations are quite graphic but we have to report them because this
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is in fact going to have a real impact on whether kavanagh's nomination goes forward the woman as you said is named julie sweat nic she is someone who has worked in various capacities in the u.s. government here in washington and has a number of active security clearances and it's worth pointing out that anyone who would make false allegations would be doing so at great risk of losing those security clearances to get the ability to work on very sensitive projects for the u.s. government so that is one factor that people are pointing out as to her credibility what she is saying is that during the same period that christine laws the ford alleges that brett kavanaugh try to allegedly sexually assault her in the early one nine hundred eighty s. what nick says that she attended many parties organized by cavanaugh and his friends that the boys would plot to either drug or to get drunk the girls attending
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the parties in fact targeting young girls who seemed to be alone or seemed to be vulnerable that there were a number of gang rapes that took place and that she was one of the victims she also says in this sworn affidavit presented by her lawyer michael of a noddy that she can produce witnesses who will testify to what she says happened to her and a number of other young women in the early one nine hundred eighty s. and as far kavanaugh himself what's he been saying about this latest allegation if anything the previous two and what should we expect on thursday. well first this has only become public in the last hour or so and i'm not aware as of this moment whether or not there's been a reaction either from judge kavanagh directly or from the white house which has been issuing many statements on his behalf since the first reports from professor
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bossie ford became public about a week and a half ago that said assuming that this hearing goes on on thursday the senate judiciary committee which is considering whether to recommend him to join the u.s. supreme court and by their recommendation encouraging the full senate to vote for his nomination is supposed to meet in about twenty one hours time to hear first from professor blazin ford to hear her story to question her story and then to basically hear a rebuttal from judge kavanaugh the hearing theoretically is supposed to last one day but given that there are more than twenty members of the panel that we can expect there's going to be a lot of people who want to question her so assuming that this latest revelation does not further push back the hearing we're supposed to be seeing both the accuser and the accused put their stories forward on thursday morning all right and we'll
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be waiting to see what happens ross and jordan for the time being thank you. britain's opposition leader says his party will vote against the prime minister's proposed. addressing members on the final day of the labor party conference jeremy corben set out details of what he called his radical plan to rebuild britain has more from the conference in liverpool. the wealth and then these are the major parties and the next prime minister sharon thanks to his supporters he offers hope in a world of neo liberal rich capitalism and they were expecting jeremy corbin to come out fighting against the government and the system but true to form he delivered a speech which set out to destroy what he called greed is good he tried to speak directly to those british cities he said have been left behind to perish i can announce this today that our programme of investment and transformation to achieve
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a sixty percent reduction in emissions by twenty will create over four hundred thousand skilled jobs to ensure that comes about good job. could also have to address brics it since almost the entire labor membership now is far more committed to remaining in the european union that he seems to be he was more interested in seizing power than addressing the euro question and it is inconceivable that we should crash out of europe with no deal it would be a national disaster that is why if parliament votes down a tory deal or the government fails to reach any deal at all we would press for a general election. jeremy corbyn maintains that his policies are the new mainstream though in truth they do appear fairly radical set against what passes for most european politics
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nowadays but his point is that he's not really trying to appeal through the party for. he's trying to speak through traditional working class voters across the u.k. stop supporting labor. just a couple of kilometers down the road from where he was speaking is the post-industrial world colvin says he wants to mend abandoned docks and warehouses from a time more than a century ago when liverpool was a global trade center. on the local beach where famous sculptures speak of desolation and isolation caused by industrial decline corbin would imagine a sea full of wind turbines and the old warehouses turned into factories in new industries people seem to buy the theory but there is an unmistakable air of suspicion i don't think eleven be prime minister if he was not very hopeful even if he was primacy certainly better than the one we've got now that's for sure is for the working class we will look after we must be i am very strongly pro here and i'm
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still stunned by it's just been silent really the months since the easy stuff been saying then and about friendship. as it stands jeremy corbyn wants to portray himself as prime minister in waiting the man who will rescue britain from the helm of the conservative party and the nightmare bricks that this hall has bought the promise the outside world is still thinking about it's barnsley al-jazeera liverpool protests have been taking place in the occupied west bank against a u.s. decision to end its funding for. the un agency which helps palestinians is seen as a vital lifeline for many in the region protesters also put on a show of solidarity for palestinian president mahmoud abbas ahead of his speech at the un general assembly on thursday iran trial is that the judges on refugee camp in the occupied west bank. all of these people like the white school with noise
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they make it is very loud and the message is played dignity is priceless what i say is that the u.s. d.c. refund those on the up programs that allow schools like this one in jos and refugee camp to function these people are very angry at that school doesn't have another one of them to take them to even the most livable at the end of the end of it so they're worried that the school will have to shut down and it's the case that the schools like to suppose of the people of the west bank where they see the great deal of the going to come from now on will be with relief that agency is what's posted refugees is trying to love the dog in his will to try and make up the shortfall in more lending and he hasn't been able to do that so far and he's very much concerned that they will have to sell shutting down programs they do say have some money to people and some programs like mobile phones and all of these children as i say really absolutely want to get his message across that they're worried that
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schools. with a lawsuit because of the way the funds and the. people in vietnam are lining up to pay their last respects to their late president as the country begins two days of mourning trying to died on friday after suffering from around virus a state funeral will be held on thursday kong was widely criticized internationally for his crackdown on political dissent the vice president has been named acting president becoming vietnam's first female leader wayne hayes has more from hanoi. this is the national funeral hall in hanoi where the body of the late president tran die is lying there is a steady stream of people coming and going paying their respects representatives from the communist party from government from the military and also diplomats based here in the vietnamese capital members of the public can also go inside to say goodbye i just have. a high respect to be there he's the lead
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up to town she i believe that he is he did good job and she's so very sad because. my job. to the vietnamese people the president was a great man and a powerful leader he did lots of good things so we feel very sad because he passed away very suddenly this is a two day sirrah many a two day period of national mourning that has been declared by the government the actual funeral service will take place at the same venue on thursday and after that the body of trend will be taken just over one hundred kilometers south of the capital hanoi to nin province to the same rural community where he was born where he was brought up and that is where the late president will be laid to rest the crisis in yemen has been under discussion at the u.n. as you've been hearing which is proposing new peace talks for the country talks were called off two weeks ago when the whole theory rebel representatives did not
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travel to geneva millions remain on the brink of famine any m.n. as families struggle to get the help they need just a warning you may find some images in anderson's report disturbing another arrival is a clinic in northern yemen. where the house is two years old but mon nutrition means he's in a critical condition. starvation is threatening families who are among the poorest in the middle east those least capable of surviving. grandmother is understandably distraught not. we don't have money to transport him to the treatment he can only get in sanaa we're in such a dilemma those who gave us money before can't do so anymore no one can keep giving in the situation we don't have any help from any side in this war and we don't have an afghan. bassam maybe two but he weighs less than five kilos that's ten pounds the capital sana'a where specialist care or medicine may give him
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a better chance might as well be a world away even though the distance from this clinic that as provence is around a hundred kilometers. fighting on the supply line to sana'a from the red sea port of the data which like the capital is in control of the who the rebels is relentless but a trained government forces as still pushing to take away the control of the data now with the level of fighting as it stands there are worries about how long it will take to open up a humanitarian corridor but tween santa and her data the assurance came out of the un general assembly on monday heard a clamor of warnings that time is running out if a full scale famine is to be avoided for the first time the parents of a money attrition victim three year old zafer sack of have spoken of their
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daughter's death it was last week after she went to the same clinic as bassem i have a house and in have your province. her father like the parents of bassem says he had no money to take his daughter to get better treatment elsewhere and safe as mother is worried about her other children's chances of survival she's inconsolable pika and my daughter had malnutrition and her condition was so bad that you could count the ribs in her chest a feature swollen but on the rest of her body you could see all of her bones so in areas grew bigger but alister full had death the swelling disappeared and she would tend to skin and. food aid is now arriving in this remote area and staff in the clinic who tried against the odds to save zafer are now doing what they can to save little bassam hundreds simmons al-jazeera. will continue our coverage on the united nations general assembly right here on al-jazeera that won't
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come up after witness to stay with us.
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