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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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but ever since the rather clumsy interview that bashir of unpatrolled gave to artie a few weeks ago in which they claimed that they were basically nothing more than a couple of tourists just wanting to visit souls response i don't think even many russians believe the russian government's on this anymore there have been a series of mistakes starting with the assassination attempt itself and it strikes to me it struck me that even vladimir putin who could and should have kept his distance from all of this plot to him self right in the middle of the whole mess by calling for these two men very publicly to come forward and explain themselves so i think there's very little plausible deniability left now this is you know if chippy good is bushehr of flattery putin at one point in his career gave this man a hero of russia award so you know the lines are wearing quite thin as to the
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bigger question does any of this matter well. no i don't have an answer for that a perhaps it doesn't matter internationally so much because the damage has already been done for russia perhaps where it matters more is domestically you know if russians start to think of their own special services of their own spies as being you know a bunch of bunglers and the government essentially is conducting laughable cover ups then that might have more of an impact if there is fascinating stuff roy thanks very much for joining us there from moscow. still ahead here on al-jazeera and nation in morning vietnam says goodbye to its president who died last week. and reports on how u.s. funding cuts are affecting the lives of palestinian refugees. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hello there the temperatures are a major talking point across europe at the moment in the east we've suddenly arrived in autumn and the temperature is a struggling fifteen at the maximum in kiev and only eighteen in bucharest towards the west well it's fine settled and really quite warm with london up at twenty three degrees in paris up at twenty five in the west then we've got an area of high pressure that's why it's following unsettled there in the east that's winds firing down from the north and another weather system is pushing through at the moment that's giving some of us in russia there's some rather heavy downpours as we head through the day on thursday we're also seeing some heavy rains across parts of scandinavia particularly norway where it's be raining a lot over the last few days really has been very very soggy here for friday still roll there on settle for some of us in the north particularly around moscow but further south largely fine and dry for his head just staying quite cool with be caressed topping just twenty degrees you can just about make out this it'll
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swirling math in the mediterranean though and that's an intense area of low pressure that's going to cause quite a bit of headaches as we head through the next few days it's already given us a lot of cloud along the north coast of libya a lot of heavy rain here but the main area of low pressure the center of it is staying offshore and it's going to continue to cause problems. there with sponsored by qatar airways. when they're on line for humanity has been taken out of this there's going to this we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you joined us on the sat and i guarantee you no one else has a back story like yours but this is a dialogue around this tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans and everyone has a voice in this sort of thing that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the south join the global conversation on how to zero.
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again you're watching al-jazeera his reminder of our top stories this hour china has rejected an accusation made by u.s. president donald trump that it's tempting to interfere in november's mid-term election the chinese representative has called the claims on war and. one of the two suspects in the nerve agent attack in the u.k. has been identified as a russian military officer who received an honor from president vladimir putin investigative group belling katz says these photos prove the name. is anatoly and katz says he worked for the russian military intelligence agency the g.r.u. moscow denies any involvement in the attack. and in the coming hours donald trump
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his first accuser christine blasi forward will appear in front of the senate judiciary committee a number of women have now accused kavanaugh of sexual assault says he could change his mind if the evidence is compelling enough. ok more now on our top story trumps election meddling accusations against china muck i'm cook is a senior fellow at the institute of southeast asian yusof ishak institute he joins us on skype from sample good to have you with us what do you think of these accusations from might they be true. or they might be true but they would be more credible from pretty much any other u.s. president. given that he was before us election. is there any evidence that could support his claims. when it comes to china certainly not in the public domain that i see you know course there is quite a bit of strong feeling from the u.s.
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intelligence community about russian agents intervened in the twenty sixteen election that's our this is a new accusation when it comes to china we know that donald trump is a very unpredictable leader but why am i seeing make these accusations now and in this particular forum and yet at the un at the united nations that kind of world's diplomatic state could be a mess i mention because there are eight term elections coming up soon and the republicans do badly donald trump may want to have external explanations in the run up to the twenty sixteen election where he claimed there was lots of voting which turned out not to be supported so there could be a domestic damage limitation that mention that as part of this kind of expanding set of conflicts pressure points between the u.s.
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and china that have come up come about since donald trump became president and he is usually the instigator of these new sources and this these these tensions have non-si been contained within the trade war that we've been seeing this takes it to a whole new level doesn't it. yes it certainly is you know trade he has been criticizing china as kind of trying to push north korea away from what the u.s. and more korea agreed on whether the election when it was the mess tic and then come to the same time there was say person born in china now living in the u.s. that was arrested for intelligence so there's two domestic dimensions of this six pending u.s. china series of tensions in the meantime we've got such chinese president xi jinping promoting chinese self-reliance i mean how viable is that.
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in the short run probably not very viable because as we saw especially for the way when they were sent to the when they were squeezed off. we're in a lot of trouble in the longer run with this made in china twenty twenty five plan and you could see more state money being poured into areas that chinese firms degree in telecommunications are now relying on imports so in the short run not much chance in the longer run and are those bigger battle for telecommunications dominance it could china ok malcolm cut very and seemed to get to that from singapore thanks very much for joining us thank you. on thursday. and israeli leaders will be taking the center stage at the u.n. general assembly washington's role as a mediator in the peace process as end doubt after several recent decisions by the trumpet ministration withdrawal of funding to a key u.n. agency for palestinian refugees as one of them high force that reports from gaza.
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is an agency besieged by a funding crisis on the international stage and here in gaza by protesting members of its own staff they're the ones feeling the immediate pain of the budget cuts to the u.n. agency that helps palestinians nearly six hundred annual contract workers who have lost their jobs by years and over one hundred longer term staffers. have been dismissed or forced to take early retirement. invites us to his home where his twelve hundred dollars monthly wage supports an extended family of twenty eight people. he'd worked for enron for sixteen years it's here that you see in an economy like garza's how much can rest on just one job. now i want to be able to help my brothers which is going to affect them mentally their families depend on me because of the difficulties of life if i knew that this would happen i never would have joined in the first place and ross says it's hard
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to prioritize borrowing money from elsewhere in the organization to ensure that garza gets essential services after the u.s. decision to end its three hundred sixty million dollar annual contribution. more than half of gaza's two million population are refugees it's here that the need is particularly acute it's in places like this causes such the refugee camp we find the most extreme levels of poverty and for many here aid provided by an ra is a matter of survival. she and her family survive on just three to four hours every tricity every day a barely adequate water supply and food aid is said there's no. maybe some people have money in their pockets and can survive if they stop the aid but us we have nothing there aid is all we have if they stop it will die of hunger. and schools last month after urging donor countries to step into the void left by the
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trumpet ministration and its efforts to pressure the palestinian leadership through funding cuts the agency's gaza director says it's been a year of short term fixes the challenge for us is it's not enough in view of growing numbers of refugees growing needs as is evident here in gaza we hope that other member states including from the gulf countries will step in not only this year but will make these longer term commitments thousands of the agency's garza staff protests. did last week it's now looking for long term ways to prevent more people from losing their jobs and to ensure that it services survive the u.s. funding very close it. says it's killed a senior commander in an airstrike near the port of her data on tuesday fourteen others were also killed these have been fighting yemeni forces backed by a saudi amrozi coalition since two thousand and fifteen dozens of iraqi men and
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young boys are said to have disappeared in the last four years many blame pro-government forces the families of those missing say not enough is being done to help them find out what happened from math and reports from baghdad. cradled in the arms of distraught mothers photographs of missing iraqi men and boys their families say they vanished from nineveh province as pro-government forces hunted down eisel fighters under supporters and that the one who most of the security forces have taken two of my sons going to a geisha after liberating us from eisel we keep calling on the government for help but it seems there is no hope. in twenty fourteen i saw swept across the western provinces of nineveh and anbar some sonny's opposed to the country's shia dominated government a settler been fighting alongside eisel or simply giving its support to the iraqi troops fought back aided by armed groups many of them a shia who backed the government fighters were either killed or detained some
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accused of supporting eisel have vanished. their families are demanding answers and even though no one would say that we keep asking if my sons were forced to sign and confess to something they did not do if they are that we want to bury them if they're alive we need to see them human rights watch says it knows of at least seventy eight cases where men and boys have been what it calls forcibly disappeared international law defines in force detention as they arrest of a person by the state or with the knowledge of the state followed by a refusal to acknowledge the arrest or a refusal to save the person is but it also says the state has a responsibility to investigate allegations of unforced attention and to prosecute those responsible. some of those detained have been released. others like here in anbar province of come home in coffins. oh
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my god a concert became all the security forces told us my sons would be released in days now it has been three years i call on the speaker the prime minister the government to find where my sons are. the government in anbar says it set up a committee to investigate but that it's proving hard to find all the missing men. highground on top of so far we have not been able to locate the work of the central government is still investigating these cases we have a local government want this solved these women say it's bad enough to have lost someone it's even worse not knowing if they're alive or dead rob matheson al-jazeera back to. mexico's incoming president says they'll be an investigation into the disappearance of forty three students in the southern city of a goal or the abduction and suspected murders in two thousand and fourteen is one of the last crises during the tenure of president a make a pen and yet it's believed the students were turned over to members of an organized crime group four years ago. a member of the russian protest group pussy
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riot has been released from a german hospital where he was being treated for suspected poisoning he says he was targeted by the russian secret service the group released a statement saying he's now under the protection of the german police and other members of pussy riot served fifteen day jail sentences but disrupting the world cup final and moscow argentina has received the biggest loan package ever from the and such to monetary fund a south american nation has been struggling to be paid as debt on the steep interest rates argentina's economy. both are incompetent and. a book or of the new plan is. strengthening. and having a sustainable appropriate budget. a strong monetary policy
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focus on reducing inflation and floating exchange rate policy we don't intervention. the body of vietnam's former president to his home province for burial on for a state funeral in the capsule hanoi. died on friday from a rare virus there were two days of national mourning for kwang who was widely criticized for his crackdown on political dissent when a reports from hanoi. during a brief service in vietnam capital hanoi those closest to the late president in his private and professional lives said goodbye. family members of trent dyke communist party leaders government officials filled the national. it was also a special moment for those on the outside who still played a big part in the service. to serve the state funeral of the president is
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a big honor for me and the staff and all vietnamese feel humbled to witness the funeral. was just sixty one when he died the government said he was the victim of a rare virus you rose to the top of vietnamese politics through a career in the ministry of public security he appeared to bring that background to the presidency as you have a saw a crackdown on dissent this is quite understandable because not only was he in that position. of public security but he had grown up in this. he also supported closer ties with the united states to u.s. presidents during his brief tenure moving closer to washington was perhaps a deliberate move in response to vietnam's tension with china over territorial disputes in the south china sea the. means that vietnam now has its first female
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head of state with vice-president dung t. not in moving up to be acting president the national assembly is due to begin its new. on the twenty second of october and that's when a new president maybe elected. the late president kwan's last journey was in a long motorcade out of hanoi and to the south he was born and raised in a small rural community in indian province which is also his final resting place wayne hay al jazeera hanoi. and you can find much more on our website the address that al jazeera dot com. go with al-jazeera these are top stories china has rejected an accusation made by u.s. president donald trump that is attempting to enter fair november's mid-term election a chinese representative has called the claims unwarranted. six countries including
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canada and argentina asking the international criminal court to investigate venezuela for crimes against humanity when a defined venezuelan president told the un general assembly he will never give it live up the frequency. let me say from this very rostrum despite the enormous historic ideological and social differences i am a worker a driver a man of the people i am not a magnate i am not a multimillionaire despite all these differences the president of venezuela nicolas maduro would be willing i am willing to reach out my hand to the president of the united states donald trump and discuss these matters bilaterally these matters involving our region. donald trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his first accuser christine ford are expected to appear in front of the senate judiciary committee a number of women have now accused of sexual assault donald trump says he could change his mind if the evidence is compelling enough. one of the two suspects in
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the nerve agent attack in the u.k. has been identified as a russian military officer who received an honor from president vladimir putin moscow continues to deny any involvement the u.a.e. says it's killed a senior who see command strike near the port of data on tuesday fourteen others were also killed these have been fighting yemeni forces backed by the saudi coalition says two thousand and fifteen a member of the russian protest group pussy riot has been released from a german hospital after recovering from a suspected poisoning vessel of says he was targeted by the russian secret service and vietnam's former president is being buried in his home province after a state funeral in the capital hanoi. on friday from of reveille arrests over two days of national mourning for one who was widely criticized for his crackdown on political dissent. those are your headlines we're back with more news after the
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street do stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human point in the twenty first century nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is there is no doubt in me and he's in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera. the war ok and you know in the stream today all about self-defeating messaging apps i'm quick to messaging service is the downside perhaps of encryption. i'm really could be looking out for your live comments in our you tube chat and on twitter as always at a day stream do you use apps like snap chat or perhaps signal or a telegram to share with us how you use them and why they're so important to you and i'll do my best to bring in as many of those conversations into today's
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conversation so many of us won't previously and security in our communication and well several ways to achieve that he is one of those ways text messaging is often the fastest most efficient way for employees to exchange important information unfortunately traditional text messaging is unsecured at any given time there are multiple copies of every message floating around vulnerable to prying eyes the mobile phone companies keep record the sender has won the receiver has won you get the idea this kind of a kill the seal and security cost companies millions each year in losses regulatory fines and public embarrassment luckily tiger text has the solution tiger text is a fully encrypted easy to use solution for safe and secure messages sent confidential company data sensitive personal information documents and more worry free with tiger text into ending corruption tiger text accelerates your company's communications by allowing critical information to travel faster and more securely
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than ever tiger text can also help you complied with. regulations with one of the strictest security. your text messages last forever text messages were. accidentally sent an erroneous message. can be recalled with. i'm sure your. confirmations tell you when your message and best of all it's a snap. so what could possibly go wrong with that well that. text was adopted by one police department. question. criminalising information would not want to court. the long beach police department announced
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a suspension of tiger text after an al-jazeera investigation revealed allegations from former offices that they had been instructed by their superiors to use the app that would automatically delete potentially discoverable evidence i was told that tiger text was to be used to have conversations with other officers that wouldn't be discoverable we wanted to keep our communications private certain issues especially. or murder cases the police department the noise those allegations the american civil liberties union believes that by deleting the text messages the long beach police department may have breached the california record for tension and evidence disclosure legislations potentially putting thousands of cases at risk . in response to the investigation the long beach police department issued a statement saying that the use of the app would be suspended effective immediately pending further review of whether the use is consistent with the city's record
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retention policy and as part of the review of internal communication practices the city will be reviewing best practices and current case law. simon bozeman joins us now on sat he's an investigative reporter for al-jazeera we're also joined in san francisco by eva galperin the director of cyber security at the electronic frontier foundation and in los angeles by mohammed taps are national security staff attorney at the american civil liberties union that's the a.c.l.u. of southern california welcome to the stream everyone now simon as we saw in your piece there are your basic ation has had immediate fallout and has led to more investigations which we will get into today questioning who should use these self deleting messaging apps before we get into it though i want to go to eva for a breakdown some of the terminology we're going to get into today clarification on self two leading tax apps and into and encryption break it down for us eva all
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right so frequently when people talk about secure messaging apps they sort of lump everything together they say the this messaging app is great because it's encrypted . and sometimes they mix it up with this whole notion of self deleting messages now and encrypted message as we saw in the in the animation earlier is a message that cannot be read by the company whose app you're using or the i.s.p. it can only be read by the sender or the receiver of the message. now self deleting messages are different and they're not necessarily encrypted though apparently with tiger text they were both the leading and encrypted messages and is self deleting message just disappears from your phone this doesn't necessarily mean that it has disappeared from the servers being run by the company whose. app you're
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using or the i a speed it doesn't even necessarily mean that it's being deleted. from the phone of the person that you are so. ending your message too and it certainly doesn't mean that it can't be screenshot or saved in some other way but it does protect against. record retention policies which is what the police are but it would concerned about ok i'll be asking questions later audience universe description thank you evo really appreciate that so back to this police department simon how did you find how do you stumble upon the story that they were using an app that meant that at some point the messages on it would totally disappear we were looking at a completely different story we were looking at a high number of officer involved shootings in america by police forces on young black men are looking at that and they were the report back in two thousand and fifteen called mapping gun violence that had long beach very close to the top of
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that list of police bombers had per capita the largest number of officer involved shootings and the beach is interesting because it's not a particularly violent place it's not particularly our area of high poverty so we started talking to officers there and in other police forces around the world around us and very quickly when we speaking to serving officers and former serving officers in long beach they pointed out there was this being used between the departments that are involved an officer involved shooting primarily the homicide department and the internal affairs department and they pointed out this is that was being used where the any information between those two departments would just vanish and that could be pivotal to any family who wants to find out whether their loved one was killed by the police illegally or correctly and so we started to look into that and that's where the story kind of grew from and some of the quotes in the report that you update from. extremely incriminating we deliberately use it so that other people can track they were using and feel comfortable about
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saying that two officers we spoke to former and serving said that when they were given the app their superiors told them to use this for him from. that they wouldn't want to be discoverable wow so that was why frost that wish that was a stunning piece of information and from there we are robbing the rest of the use and how many people were involved and how how widespread it become within one week police department seven so i want to share a comment we got from a resident of long beach who is not surprised at what your investigation revealed this is don mudd going to she's the co-founder of black lives matter a long beach chapter and this is what she told the story we're not surprised along with his department is highlighting and deleting but in long beach p.d. has a notorious history of abuse brutality military station profiling a black and brown communities predictive policing and murder of one thousand one
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hundred fifty two people killed by police in the us in two thousand and fifteen long beach police where the fifth most murderous billions of residents tax dollars have been spent covering up their systemic abuse of those cases need to be reopened investigation of their tiger text used to discard evidence is merely an affirmation for why we want our tax dollars better spent in long. so metta wow don may not have been surprised some of our community members are it this is one person who tweeted in wait why are police departments using self deleting apps isn't that a violation of the freedom of information act and as habit servants are they required to preserve any and all communications from it. that's exactly right i think. our principal problem at the a.c.l.u. with what the city of long beach was doing was that the use of these applications violates basic records preservation rules that ensure that the public has access to
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important records and information about how the governments function and these rules exist across the united states and are designed to provide a basic accountability mechanism for what the government is doing now in this case of the government uses these record these applications to immediately destroy these very same records of prevents the public from having abscess to what could potentially be incredibly important information it in this case information that touches on the lives of so many people and has and concerns the real foundational issue that's been the subject of a lot of debate and controversy in united states and that is the issue of rampant police killings and so we at the so we are incredibly concerned about the use of this technology both by the city of long beach but also by. governments across the country. couple of bits of evidence here that anybody's doubting that this actually took place in your report you have an update email and it says title tech secure
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messaging app and it says please feel free to resume communicating via the tiger text i have so let's go into the secret channel no one can follow and then another one which is basically it's really simple it's a purchase order purchase order it's for a certain price it's for up to twenty five thousand. and then it just tells here tied to tax subscription license period from twenty six to twenty seven thousand a step anything wrong with the police department having this kind of app. yes i mean i think if you if you if we split the thing into if they had into a concrete. message in apps and then they retained all records for the period of time under california law and then handed them over during court cases as requested at the discovery phase and. you could argue that using a system like this would be absolutely fine a but they chose a system which deletes the messages for ever it can now no longer go back and get
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those messages and produce them in core produce them in any kind of document or face to say we have them i think wrong you know the beach police department said to us when we first told them we comply with all on this we don't break any laws two days later they suspended all use and now they're doing a review of whether they're complying with all the laws they told us they were complying with it's the two days later after your reporting that is the red flag that they knew that they were doing the right thing it had target texas at least since two thousand and fourteen up until two thousand and eighteen that's hundreds and hundreds of cases that. this art was being used to communicate evidence around these one hundred fifty all offices within long beach police department had it out of the two hundred ninety phones issued to starve in long beach over half of them have the app to communicate with each other you would never know what they were talking about to each other the. the city's attorney the purse.


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