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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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bring all the parties to set aside their differences i don't think this is going to happen any time soon let's listen to what they started for him as i village where how to say we've taken the steps that we took no dealing with carter you can't over fly airspace you can't import things from our market you know we will not you know the military arc of cooperation still ongoing because that's what you see issue and with the us so we do that but the other stuff is all frozen until the change and i hope they change and if they don't turn we're patient people will wait for ten fifteen twenty years fifty years or longer to take you with castro in cuba still to come on al-jazeera the search for iraq's missing men and boys feared her being abducted by pro-government forces and the trade war deepens why china is appealing over president runs head to the farmers of iowa.
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hello there been some significant thunderstorms just recently not far away from sydney they're off shore now but we saw hail from service active weather around and the given the size of the constant these little things he could be just as active in south australia however forecast wise we're now looking at a rather warm day in sydney in the sunshine this is come friday but notice any fourteen in melbourne is cooler will try and push eastward what it succeed yes eighteen degrees as a frontal system this it'll take a few showers or you can generate a thunderstorm or so in new south wales leaving the sunshine behind it all trails back towards purse circulation offshore here and it looks like could be a wet day for you come saturday now some of that rain is heading down towards south
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florida not in the immediate future it's a fine ish looking picture by satellite but bring your eyes out to the solomon islands this rain here has a circulation here not quite name pretty close to tropical depression at least as for new zealand as a couple of days is one day sunshine in the rain creeps up from the south and giving us a northerly breeze that's the blue warming direction for christchurch eighteen degrees for you and in fact you're probably have a fine day it opened his thirty car beautifully. they live in a country plagued by poverty. billionaires is all about glamour luxury and pristine. one of the new maharajah on al-jazeera.
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zero. and for you. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera christine blassie ford has told the senate judiciary committee she is one hundred percent certain that she was sexually assaulted by supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh in the one nine hundred eighty s. an angry and emotional to many shortly after cappa now was the fire and he said he was completely innocent and refused to withdraw his nomination in other news the palestinian president has attacked the u.s.
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and israel during his address to the united nations general assembly back when the bass said the u.s. was no longer an independent mediator in the middle east is risk prime minister barely mentioned the issue instead making new claims about iran's nuclear program. china has accused u.s. president donald trump of slander after he said beijing was trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections trying told the u.n. security council this week the beijing was interfering because it opposes this tough stance on trade as equal when reports we found that china it was a new and surprising allegation from the u.s. president it didn't go over well in beijing would usually if you don't we advise the united states to stop this and ceasing criticism and slander of china to stop these wrong words and deeds that damage by the way it will relations and the interests of both countries peoples he is responding to a moment from the u.n. security council they were supposed to be talking about nonproliferation when
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president donald trump took the occasion to attack china accusing them of trying to interfere in the upcoming congressional elections they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election he didn't give any examples and his aides couldn't give any real evidence talking to reporters afterwards many in the u.s. brushed off the new unfounded allegations but analysts warn china probably won't china has a culture that goes back they can name their own of their emperors going back for five thousand years so they do not think that a president of the united states would say things that are careless worth less so they're going to find a deeper meaning in this than you and i are used to with just kind of donald
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trump's rant of the moment. the president is clearly upset with these ads that china placed in an important newspaper in iowa saying trump was the reason farmers were losing money he recently tweeted china is actually placing propaganda ads in the des moines register and other papers made to look like news that's because we are beating them on trade open markets and the farmers will make a fortune when this is over. the right now u.s. farmers are losing big and growing impatient this trade war is hitting the heart of his base and the president is clearly aware and frustrated that could have a big impact on the upcoming election. zero washington yemen's government has announced they will end its cooperation with a un human rights mission accusing investigators of bias after a report on alleged war crimes a u.n. report last month found that individuals in the government that the saudi led
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coalition fighting alongside it may have committed war crimes the government has accused the u.n. group of turning a blind eye to the violations committed by who the rebel forces go to iraq now where pro-government forces are being accused of involvement in the disappearance of thousands of men and boys over the last four years the families of those missing say that not enough is being done to help them find out what happened matheson reports now from baghdad. cradled in the arms of distraught mothers photographs of missing iraqi men and boys their families say they vanished from nineveh province as pro-government forces hunted down nice old fighters and their supporters that might have almost the security forces have taken two of my sons went to a geisha after liberating us from eisel we keep calling on the government for help but it seems there is no hope. in twenty four telling us all swept across the western provinces of nineveh and anbar some sonny's opposed to the country's shia
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dominated government a set of been fighting alongside eisel or simply giving its support for the iraqi troops fought back aided by armed groups many of them a shia who backed the government i saw fighters were either killed or detained some accused of supporting eisel have vanished. their families are demanding answers and even don't know what it did either but we keep asking if my sons were forced to sign and confess to something they did not do if they are that we want to bury them if they're alive we need to see them human rights watch says it knows of at least seventy eight cases where men and boys have been what it calls forcibly disappeared international law defines in force detention as they arrest of a person by the state or with the knowledge of the state followed by a refusal to acknowledge the arrest or a refusal to say with a person is but it also says the state has a responsibility to investigate allegations of enforced attention and to prosecute
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those responsible. some of those detained have been released. all those like here are now bob province of come home in coffins. oh my god i can't speak any more the security forces told us my sons would be released in days now it has been three years i call on the speaker the prime minister the government to find where my sons are. the government in anbar says it set up a committee to investigate but that it's proving hard to find all the missing men that are guarding them. so far we have not been able to locate them and the central government is still investigating these cases we have a local government want this solved these women say it's bad enough to have lost someone it's even worse not knowing if they were alive or dead rob matheson al-jazeera back that. adultery is no longer
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a crime in india after the country's top court ruled that the law was unconstitutional and discriminatory the law was brought in under british colonial rule in the nineteenth century and it punished adultery with jail time of up to five years and meant that any man who had sex with a married woman without the permission of her husband had committed a crime a petition or had challenge the law saying it discriminated against men by holding only them liable while treating women like objects. germany has beaten turkey to be named as the host of football's twenty twenty four european championship germany won twelve of the seventeen votes among the members of you a physics committee this is the first time that you a fan has put the human rights record of the bidding countries among the criteria for consideration a factor that many that may have counted against turkey well the winner was announced not long after turkey's president himself touched down in the german
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capital for a bridge building visit to ease tensions between the two countries so no reports. it may have only been a year ago that president red chip type of arda one criticize germany's governing coalition as the enemies of turkey so an opportunity to reset the rocky relations between belin and ankara may be a timely one and i'm bishes task given the disparity on issues such as democratic values but one not both countries can ill afford to ignore as turkey tumbled into a financial crisis it needed a pragmatic solution especially from its largest european export partner turkey needs germany and everyone has understood this so he understands that he cannot afford to offend the germans because that will block his relationship with europe oh ok a trip to germany may have been a logical choice for president a country that's home to the largest turkish diaspora but relations have been tense
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since turkey's crackdown following the july twenty sixth failed coup that's all tens of thousands of people imprisoned including some german citizens all supporters of the turkish president have welcomed a visit it is by no means one that the entire community has rallied behind with protest against erdogan and sheffield for friday. i believe we need to take to the streets on the day not just to demonstrate against something but to demonstrate for something for freedom of the press for democracy and for human rights it is also about showing our government wishes to receive the president that they are following the wrong policies but it's not all one sided germany and the why do european union also mean a stable turkey on its doorstep a turkish banking crisis could significantly impact european banks and the syrian refugee crisis continues europe's rising antipathy towards asylum seekers has left
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it dependent on turkey to control the flow of people fleeing from syria. civil war . the german side is certain to toss to fulfill as does the turkish side germany most vehemently fight islamophobia hostility towards turks and take up measures the turkish side or rather err on should not use the turks living in germany own policies and with all this in mind the relationship between the two countries may continue being increasingly transactional much will depend on how they negotiate their respective issues could both economic and geopolitical stability. the c.e.o. of tesla is being sued for fraud by the u.s. securities and exchange commission the case relates to tweets that must shared with his twenty two million followers in august about potentially taking his electric car company private the commission says the tweets were false and misleading given
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that he never discussed such a transaction with any funding source moscow also faces being banned from holding a directorship at a public company. now google is celebrating its twentieth birthday this week marking two decades of innovation which have touched billions of lives around the globe it was actually born in menlo park in california in september one thousand nine hundred ninety eight working out of a gallery stanford graduates larry page and sergey brin devised a search engine to list results based on how many pages other pages that link to it rather than just keywords since then google products have expanded into every corner of our lives the company gave us g. mail in two thousand and four google maps the year after and then you tube the year after that the company now offers a smart storage with google drive home organization with google home and it has its own smart phone and it's also developing self driving cars nowadays
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a google search will scan one point nine billion websites in two thousand and twelve those searches peaked at one point two trillion and all of this power is google's main revenue stream which is of course advertising in two thousand and seventeen that propelled the company to a one hundred ten billion dollars profit well as the company's power involvement in our lives has grown concerns have been raised over issues such as privacy some say it's a far cry from the company's original motto which was don't be evil reynolds reports from california. this is what google's search page looked like the day it was launched and this is the company's first headquarters with founders larry page and sergey brin twenty years later google's enormous success has given it this huge ever expanding silicon valley headquarters known as the googleplex page and brin are multi-billionaires and google knows
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a lot about us they know who you are they know a lot about your habits they know what kind of videos he watch they know how many emails he gets they are very large an important part of most people staring lives its search engine process is three and a half billion requests per day or one point two trillion a year that information is power google uses the information to lucratively target advertising to customers the more they know about you the more the can market you to advertisers a collection of activities in what we do every day. you know one of the rules or the role of government when when a company collects in a mass that much information in the u.s. google like other big tech companies is largely unregulated regarding what they do with the information they collect the idea that these companies will suffer regularly is as laughable and i think it's been shown that as insufficient that may
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be changing in congressional hearings this week lawmakers discussed a federal internet privacy law to regulate big tech companies behavior the european union has taken a stricter line passing sweeping new online privacy rules and recently levying heavy multibillion dollar fines on google for anti-competitive practices google's corporate culture appears to be changing earlier this year google quietly dropped its famous motto don't be evil from its corporate code of conduct. in april three thousand google employees signed a petition demanding the company end its partnership with the pentagon called project maven that uses images and artificial intelligence to improve drone strike accuracy on the battlefield google now says it will not reach pentagon contract when it expires in two thousand and nineteen in just two decades google has made itself practically indispensable in the lives of billions of people what it will do
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with its information power and wealth over the next twenty years is something that should concern each one of them rob reynolds al-jazeera mountain view california it's going to new zealand now where video has captured the remarkable moment that a seal slapped a kayaker in the face with an octopus yet take a look here and you'll see the first seal jumping out of the war few see that octopus in mouth and then launching its attack it's thought the cat heard became accidentally entangled in a battle between the seal and the octopus i think at the scene. now a reminder of our top stories on the president from supreme court nominee has given angry and emotional testimony to a u.s. u.s. senate committee describing allegations of sexual assault against them as
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a calculated and orchestrated political hit his accuser christine ford to testify before the committee earlier she said that she believed she was going to be raped and even accidentally killed during the alleged attack in one thousand nine hundred two she said she was certain brett kavanaugh was the man who attacked her. and here today not because i want to be and terrified i am here because i believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. well kevin himself a strongly denied her claims are not questioning that dr ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was i am innocent of this charge.
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at the u.n. general assembly the palestinian president has said the u.s. is no longer an independent mediator in the middle east peace process back with the bass called on the u.s. president donald trump or to rescind his decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem meanwhile israel's prime minister barely mentioned the issue instead making new claims about iran's nuclear program yemen's government says it will end its cooperation with the u.n. human rights mission accusing investigators of bias after a report on alleged war crimes the u.n. report found individuals in the government and the saudi led coalition fighting alongside it may have committed war crimes adultery is no longer a crime in india after the country's top court ruled that the law was unconstitutional and discriminatory the law was brought in under the british colonial rule and that punished adultery with jail time of up to five years those are the headlines one in one east is next thanks for watching about. from cutting
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edge medical technology toxic bending. the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. and yet. innovative solutions to global health problems to make a difference and maybe his word get a cure for the cure. al-jazeera. already made. a little. bit for money. from glitzy weddings to luxury yachts and be seen. india's billionaires live in a world of extreme glamour and lavish spending. while many indians still live below the poverty line the country now has more billionaires than almost anywhere
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else in the world. and steve cho on this episode when he goes inside the privileged world of the super rich to meet india's new maharajah. a short distance from new delhi india's capital. residents is preparing to host one of the most anticipated weddings of the year a glamorous saint celebration the alliance of two wealthy families of the textile industry before one thousand guests. did that on their own don't look at that like you did not think i did. my dream where is the licensed fashion accessory among the indian nouveau riche necklace of banknotes to assert power and prosperity. the bride's cousin and guess de bono. nutra is
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a young millionaire who defines himself as an internet on to. he's given a large donation to the company. i just really need a lot of drugs and obviously i needed a lot of things and love him and i. i i definitely am still proud of him. at twenty two years old i even says he earns nearly a million dollars a month and spends two thirds of the year traveling after the country but he wouldn't have missed this wedding but anything i don't lose touch with life when i was born up in what i grew up and your that's what they say doesn't matter how successful you get don't forget where you came from indian writing is mostly gone for a long time usually at least a week with five or six functions and it means a lot it's a very excessive over the top affair so yeah telephone to have an indian big fight indian wedding that jefferson thing enjoy official.
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india is home to more than one hundred billion it's thanks to the country's tremendous economic growth. even lives with his parents in this luxury q cliques in new delhi. when he was only twelve he created his first smartphone app he started his business in high school. there's a goal set aside for myself by twenty one i want to be here million a month which i'm pretty close my twenty i want to be at a million a week and my twenty five a million and a. i even love showing off his success. i i got him it's i i love gold and black these are two of my colors which i really like so i even i got this solid gold i phone seven made because i'm always on the phone i paid ten thousand pounds for this but want to sell it was probably going to sell for
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a lot more than ten thousand in a couple years because it's just an awesome. reptile skins is another of his weaknesses that's all by far it's got a legal opinion to work by the time we go to jail for this the how but i mean pretty show nobody really cares and there's a lot of people floating it's all in the open so. even as office is at the headquarters of the family business his road to success developing services for smart phones using india's pool of cheap talented labor. in the basement of the building his team of computer specialists create mobile apps . all of these latest development targets the world's young rich as well office tables and make let's listen if somebody wants to go out with your friends they want to have a table read it with themselves going to sort of
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a single winning they intend to spend money this simple as you book a table with a clip of what. evan also buys other people's ideas he invests in start ups and watches his money grow on my ninety thousand dollars and i invested is what now with two million in that company he gets his business skills from his father an entrepreneur he made his school in the passion and textile industry. he provided it and with an initial investment to kick start his business. at first skeptical evans father is now amazed by his son's achievements. going that far better than you can imagine. that facility at the minute kids you know even don't know what to do but he on his own kid knows that you hear it like what. i've been success delight says father but he's son spending is hard to accept religion and tradition hold an important
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place in the family. dollar not. brought in by a pretty boy the other day you know it you know it just all of us to this place. but traditions will have to white even is organizing his next trips to europe and the united states where he will be able to satisfy his thirst for glitz and glamour . but he's not the only one breaking from tradition. village ten hour drive from mumbai is far from the world of the super rich. here most people live in demick poverty. kalponik was born into a family of untouchables today she heads a real estate empire worth more than three hundred fifty million dollars. this is
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the house. made of some money and he gave me a nice gentle. usually a good of a come way yeah they use me he said you wouldn't hear. let me and you took a. phone. these days only her five year old lives here. she refuses to leave me to let. me mommy when i see her. not going to quit but i'm going to be funny like be here will be clear needed. to see both of you are going to be taken for granted. and see what he has made. many in. his return to the village brings a crowd. yet you will go into all of their
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defeat that escape us five years ago when he was just when we put out. this war nobody yet. we have a good look at. india the untouchables are the lowest in the hindu social hierarchy. i shun community considered impure. people. that have a. door many bad and yes he can sit back and get it. going on but to have them tell him that it in the invoice environment we had at the will to live that made us that it was gay you know you betting that he did. none of that we're sick of moving look over me give you a little glance on a funny thing if it's going to finish copartner regularly returns to her beliefs to organize charity dies this morning she's ignored racing
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a temporary medical camp which offers free i care and glasses. are coming the other hand i'm going to finish just the know. there's nothing. but. the best friend of the day and you know they have to get to. the nearest hospital least two hours walk from here. and if you're going to be taking the body will pick up problems so they had was all you got me tell you what we were going to make the hate the woman some i'd give you. got him out had now become a stable part of the bank if it can be orchestrated. married at the age of twelve kalponik went to live in a slum and was abused by her in-laws. who family managed to get her
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a divorce but her return to the village was difficult we gonna get but maybe. you are not a little bit about. the low good to her. that i thought i could but they. don't get enough just good isn't it wasn't enough. i'm good. enough myself a little bit of a sister then his sister. at the age of sixteen campania decided to leave from mumbai. she worked as a seamstress in a garment factory and saved a small sum. she used to invest in real estate. the first move was to buy a piece of land in the north of the city. she resold at a premium price. and new interim order we're going we're hungry.
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to go get the. well managed. company. well behold what i. got by. saying got to make hasty. today kalponik powerful real estate in construction materials group the basic don't have to be and here are my dear one could be the news for you to me then pressure they really don't know you're going to see me. the third will be up and they didn't hear. you looking. despite the multi-million dollar projects that she manages calpine and her family don't lock themselves away in a bubble of luxury. on sundays kalponik entertains modestly at
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home. all day for family and neighbors but also for those who come to us for her how it. also mother but. the one leg of. this couple comes from her village they have just traveled fifteen hours by bus to tell her that they two daughters are getting married that. will be telling me that if i'm not there. and by a proud dad. but i was meant to say let me share something. fifty thousand rupees gold and seven thousand dollars for this family of farmers it's the equivalent of a his income less than the life. we were or i. could see gasol yet.


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