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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2018 10:00pm-10:35pm +03

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at the center of a debate over how to police the police. they gang within on al jazeera. the death toll from indonesia's earthquake and tsunami has risen to more than eight hundred people and officials warn that figure could jump sharply as several large coastal towns remain cut off. in our entire lives live from london also coming up counting is on the way to elections in iraq kurdish region one year after a failed bid for independence. macedonians celebrate as a low turnout invalidates a referendum to change the name of their country. and
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we've got some of south africa's long marginalized rastafarians who are welcoming the government's decision to legalize cannabis. and we begin in central indonesia where the death toll from friday's earthquake and tsunami has soared to more than eight hundred people rescuers are still struggling to reach coastal communities cut off from help close to the epicenter of the quake consular ways yolland communication lines are down and many major road to damaged dozens of people also reported to be trapped in the rubble of hotels and shopping centers in the city of pal who and there's major concern for the city of dongarra thirty kilometers to the north which has a population of more than a quarter of a million people to research it has the latest from the capital jakarta. the difficult task of looking for survivors this is what is left in the city of after
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friday's method to seven point five earthquake and tsunami rescue workers frantically trying to find those who may still be a life search efforts are being hampered by block roads and the collapse periods rescue teams stuck by hand to free twenty four people trapped in the rubble of this hotel the owner told local media people could still be heard crying for help but no heavy lifting equipment was available dozens remain missing in the city of over three hundred thousand those who did survive the quake and tsunami that follow now have to try to lift off anything they can find things like this of people looting local shops and siphoning petrol from cars are becoming the norm. is very slowly coming in many injured are being evacuated but the red cross estimates that more than one point six million people have been affected but the killer concerns about the nearby town where the impact is clear. is home to over two hundred seventy
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thousand people the indonesian president is visiting to assess the damage and rita so the people more help is on the way. i have seen directly the situation in the field the real conditions everything is still that an emergency status but the most important thing i would like to emphasize to all ministries military police and regional administrations is first to focus on all things related to evacuation but for now these continue to feel the streets of. being one not to return to their homes after stocks continue. to carter. is head of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies in indonesia he says the situation is worse than what was initially thought. we have now been able to get over some groups into. which there is an eleven people that are confirmed dead this number should arise within those eight hundred thirty two
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there was unfortunately the mayor and the ex mayor were both killed there is a lot more destruction than we believed we're still trying to get into the areas that are more remote you know remote rural communities and small towns that's going to take time because communication is still a limit and bridges are out roads are in bad shape the one way or in the has got a big crack in the middle of it so that no limits the amount of weights it takes some ways it can come in and if either the people are right now without many things or they're traumatized as there as the aftershocks are coming so it's a it's as one expects as you get more in the horrors days past especially the first days were certain point to the extent and this is a major disaster we've just sent in fifteen water trucks we have health teams we have a field clinic we have
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a surgical tonight we're sending water and sanitation people in we've been a team the job is to build the trains because the system the water systems are all been damaged we sent in tons of aid that range and we were probably tensed field kitchens two. tickets for hygiene kits. figures for you know plastic sheeting mosquito netting and unfortunately we've also sent in. kids floor or the dignified disposal of bodies because there's a lot of people that have died as affected by earthquake and tsunami have been talking about an audience. when it struck i just finished my shopping i was at the cashier suddenly everything went dark and the wall started falling around us it was horrible i rushed to the broken escalator with my daughter and we made it outside to safety. we were having some smart join the big. quake i
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immediately ran as you know i told my son in law to grab his children and someone told me he would be arriving just after we successfully evacuated so. i got my son and my mother she got washed away and stuck in a mango tree joining the tsunami with my other kids she was bleeding from. nearly half a million homes are without power in western japan after typhoon trami made landfall south of a sucka fierce winds and torrential rains have brought transport to hold as mourn a thousand flights have been grounded and train service is suspended at least eighty four people have been injured many hurt by windows shattered in the driving wind whether officials are warning of potential flooding and landslides would have to have made has more from tokyo doesn't travel is expected to transit over tokyo and the great myth of volatile areas throughout the night authorities have been warning people to stay indoors shops and businesses have closed earlier than usual
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and also the railways system has shut down since eight pm local time now authorities have warned that in some area they could be rainfall that haven't been seen in about fifty years certainly people have taken that advice seriously usually just streets here would be bustling at this style well most of the people and the business is all around doubt people bracing themselves for certainly very strong words and storm throughout the night. thank you both are closed in a parliamentary election in iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region it's been a year since it failed to become independent from iraq despite ninety two percent of kurds voting for it all the three point one million people are eligible to vote
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in the kurdish region hundreds of candidates are vying for a hundred mileva seats in the regional parliament that includes five seats allocated for turkmen five seats for christians and one seat for armenians with the opposition weak the kurdistan democratic party and patriotic union of kurdistan are likely to extend their almost three decades of sharing power but there are cracks within the p u k party since last year's failed independence and they've already said they won't recognize the results because fraud has been committed in the voting process charles stratford has more from erbil. but we understand that this statement was made by a p u k spokes person i was the saudi pira who said that the p u k was going to reject these election results subsequent to that statement being made the leader of the p u k list talabani has rejected this claim and said that it is far too early to come out with statements like that. rejecting results as they are still
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being counted meanwhile the k d p the k.t. p.t. the ship in the towns of salinity and how large or which a p u k strongholds of come out and make claims about election violations there also i mean i think these incidents obviously just show just how for these palmetto elections are indeed how the for the build up to them has been we have seen these increasing divisions between the two main political players in this region the k d p and the p u k there's always been a if you like an on the easy. leadership agreement if you like in this region and that is form the part of subsequent to that referendum the failed referendum that we saw last year and also the fact that the k.t. they blamed the p u k as being complicit with the baghdad government the baghdad army when the peshmerga the kurdish forces were forced to withdraw from kirkuk
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last year saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man has arrived in kuwait for talks with the kuwaiti amir. the two leaders are expected to discuss the ongoing gulf crisis kuwait has played a mediation role since saudi arabia u.a.e. all rain and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar in twenty seventeen accusing it of supporting terrorism denies the accusations jim out of jail has more from kuwait city. initially the crown prince's visit to kuwait was meant to start on saturday evening it was then perspire own source sunday morning and then postponed again until the afternoon and finally he arrived late on sunday kuwaiti time now this is the first time the man visits equates since his country together the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain imposed a land air and sea blockade on his have been leading the efforts to mediate this
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crisis try and find a solution to what many view as an existential crisis for the g.c.c. the gulf corporation council the saudis have been reciprocated positively as far as many observers will point out the fact that this is b.s. as he's widely known his first visit to kuwait since this crisis is an indication of that however some will be hopeful that maybe through these brief discussions that take place between the carbons and man and the emir of kuwait ships obama's obama maybe something positive will come out aside from this crisis has also tried to play a mediating role when it comes to the war in yemen they did try and host talks with the northeast a couple of years of all those failed but the emir of kuwait is widely respected as a mediator in the region he's known as the wise man of the gulf maybe he will try and use his influence and his respect to try and hold some sort of a resolution when it comes to
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a breakthrough rather when it comes to the war in yemen and obviously there is aside from the diplomatic crisis that. both these countries share an interest in there is economic ties between the two it is important to note however that saudi does or does view itself as the stronger bigger partner in this relationship they don't lose an opportunity to remind of kuwaitis that it was them who intervened during the night in ninety gulf war when saddam had invaded kuwait that the saudis had helped the qualities of that time and therefore may. some observers would say you are some saudi critics would say that riyadh doesn't maybe respect kuwait attempts or overtures to try and find a resolution in these different prices as much as they should nonetheless this is being hailed here domestically in kuwait as an important visit we'll wait and see if anything significant or tangible comes out of it. still to come on the program as brazil tries to tackle a deep recession we meet the poor brazilians who are feeling the brunt of it cotton
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social programs. technology and transparency dominate afghanistan's upcoming parliamentary elections and find out why money is still not inspired take pot. hello again welcome back to your national weather forecasts we're here across europe watching that same system we've been watching here across the mediterranean now in the aegean sea bring some very heavy rains across parts of greece as well as into turkey now the low is actually weakening over the next few days which is a good thing but we're still going to be dealing with quite a bit of rain across that region and that means flooding could continue and we will be watching that as we go towards tuesday of watching system makes its way up here towards the northern part of turkey so on he'll also be seeing some rain as well
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then here across the central part of the med we're watching an area of new circulation right here and that is expected to linger for the east from the mid week to the end of the weekend bring some very heavy rain showers here across parts of northern africa well as we make our way towards northern africa take a look at the forecast map here we do have some clouds here across parts of algeria that will continue over the next few days and there is that rain that is beginning here across the coastal areas so we do expect to see flooding for coastal algeria maybe over here towards tunisia which we have seen just over the last ten days across that area then we are going to be seeing clouds anywhere from gazi all the way down across other portions of algeria but over towards parts of iraq things are looking quite clear with a temperature there of twenty nine. this is our release as a nation where we can find full blown levy's cases every ten days or maybe beijing
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i get you might do with this that i would be zero for five maybe even laboratory appreciates that what he does contribute to the prevention of such. big together many sectors to achieve one goal eliminate the freebies island by lifeline the quest for global health on al-jazeera. the one of the top stories here. at least eight hundred people have died off to earthquakes and a tsunami in indonesia rescue workers for the number will rise as they work to access districts closest to the epicenter. more than two hundred forty thousand
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people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in western japan as a powerful typhoon best down. and polls are closed in the parliamentary election in iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region it's been a year since it failed to become independent from iraq. the white house has denied reports that it's trying to limit the f.b.i.'s investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh to allegations are being examined as part of the probe but a third one is being left out of committee how could now explains. on sunday one day before the opening term of the u.s. supreme court justices and government officials like attorney general jeff sessions were spotted heading into a mass designed to invoke god's blessing on those responsible for the administration of justice in the united states. but outside the cathedral protesters gathered showing the divisions that exist around the white house
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nomination to fill the vacancy on the bench of america's highest court u.s. president donald trump has ordered the f.b.i. investigate the charges against his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh following a ruckus hearing this past week the failed to advance his nomination of the probe will look at just current credible allegations brett's assault on meter actress sickly altered my life that means the f.b.i. will investigate dr christine blazin ford's claim kavanaugh sexually assaulted her well the two were teenagers and investigators will speak to witnesses at a yale university party in the one nine hundred eighty s. where cavanagh allegedly exposed himself in front of deborah ramirez but the f.b.i. probe won't include the allegations of a third woman julie sweat nick who says she was gang raped at a party cavanagh attended the allegation that she makes is outrageous not one democrat mentioned it but martin. is being part of
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a gang rape drug. or did. last week cavanagh denied the allegations at a senate judiciary committee hearing but i have never done this but given the serious allegations and cavanagh's combative defense that he's the victim of a political smear campaign democrats are questioning kavanagh's temperament for the role of supreme court justice it was clearly a college aren't aggressive angry and he revealed himself as a partisan i went through. that if i were a democrat going before him i'd ask him to recuse himself president donald trump says he has no backup plan when it comes to the confirmation of judge cavanagh the f.b.i. is currently investigating its report is expected sometime after friday it will be delivered to the white house and then will go on to the senate or senators will then vote whether to confirm the controversy will judge kimberly health at
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al-jazeera the white house brazil's economy is dominating campaigning ahead of presidential election while unemployment rates of foreign significantly under current president michaud tema many of brazil's poorest say they're reeling from cuts to vital social programs are an essential as has more from the city of gori anya in central brazil. they're back in business but buried one of the largest construction steel providers in the city of he's beginning to supply the national market again just over a year ago. he had to file for bankruptcy most g.m. bankruptcy was the only option to survive it was really sad i thought to feed it we have managed to recover part of our loss but we still have to work hard to pay two million dollars in debts and perhaps he says hire back the seventy workers he had to lay off. in this highly industrialized region in the heart of brazil nearly
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three hundred fifty thousand people have lost their jobs as a result of the economic crisis thirty million more brazilians are unemployed. although the country statistic agency says the unemployment rate has been consistently falling now it's more than twelve percent it warns it's because millions of brazilians gave up looking for jobs and joined the informal market to survive professor dyson is one of them her father i've worked as a teacher for more than twenty years but lost my job four years ago i managed to get temporary positions but that is unsustainable when you need to pay your bills i have children and grandchildren so i decided to work selling food on the streets. one of the greatest challenges for the next president will be for helping the feel young who tried to make ends meet with the job that forty percent of us work but they don't contribute social security and who work without benefit. of the national
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institute of statistics says the pressure on the government is growing. forty million or underemployed for example street vendors in formality has helped people survive the crisis that began in two thousand and thirteen but in formality is dangerous when people need to use the public services who pays for it the this economic crisis is in its fifth. the year the vice president of the state's industrial federation says recovery will depend on the measures the next president takes is investing made up of investors will only come back if they trust in the new president we expect a president with strength to negotiate with the congress to put in practice all the promises made during the campaign that is the way investors will return. back at the steel factory the employees say they are counting their blessings for being in work of the political and economic instability continues and that means at any time they could lose their jobs and innocent just. but as you. nationalists
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celebrating in macedonia after a referendum to change the country's name received a low turnout a stone years pro western government had asked the public to back the name change to republic of north macedonia as a way of resolving a decades old dispute with greece but it's widely expected the vote won't reach the fifty percent threshold needed to become binding than ninety percent of those who did take part in the poll have voted in favor of macedonia's name change my address have sky joins me live from scope is so what's the significance of the low turnout what does it say for the divisions within the country. yeah the outcome is showing that it must have gone this very deeply divided society and that the disc question about the name is should about about the name of the republic of macedonia is very emotional. question especially about the ethnic must have gone young in the country even the prime minister resort owns i've said that these day
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was successful and that he's satisfied i would come and they did boycott was organized by the main political party from the opposition in the country though position actually said that the people defeated the agreement reached the greece so s. in the campaign now the situation is very similar the people are here strongly divided in the. position for and against agreement with greece so what happens next in parliament and you mentioned the agreement with greece what does it mean for the implementation of that. the end of this year mr donia shrewd to feel its own obligation on its own part of the agreement be degrees but what this happening now can postponed plans for implementation of these agreements a prime minister as i have said that he expect. to the opposition we do
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support the constitutional change in the country if not there will be early erect election in the country that means that you various the election terms for implementation of this agreement will be postponed that macedonia will not finish is part of the job till till the end of this year so reece cannot ratify these documents next in the beginning of next year i have just i thank you very much indeed. and campaigning is under way in afghanistan for next month's parliamentary elections the vote is more than three years overdue and is seen as a test for presidential elections next april twenty but he reports from kabul. they can never be described as boring conflicts corruption intimidation and fraud afghan elections have it all but the parliamentary election is due to take place on
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october twentieth or at least promising something different new government measures hope to put an end to the problems of previous elections election fraud is now a criminal offense voting systems will be cited in public buildings monitored by professional people and a new advance voting system will be used even so doubts still linger the afghan government has bought more than twenty thousand biometric devices for facial recognition and fingerprinting to prevent voter fraud but only four thousand have so far arrived in the country and operators have not yet been trained many believe there is insufficient time to get the system up and running meaning a return to manual counting and the possibility of irregularities. the post-election crisis and candidates will not accept that and the political parties will use as a force to risk and also to one and target the government voters disheartened by past elections see the biometric system as
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a big step towards a transparent election process just very thick some did have a biometric system is good because many national i.d.'s are fake and there is fraud votes can be bought the elections are three and a half years overdue but because of the uncertainty over the new technology there are concerns that it could be postponed yet again this election is being thin of the test for next april presidential elections then as now the main issue will not just be transparency but it will also be think curity and that is a very delicate situation of the moment with the taliban controlling much of rural afghanistan. the taliban doesn't take part in elections and in the past has had fingers cut off people who have voted the group is making almost daily attacks against the security forces this trend of the taliban is. in the weakness within the afghan government in this is certainly something that has emboldened at all about the in the past couple of years. most of afghanistan's population is
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a literate these men waiting for poorly paid daily work in kabul don't care who is elected they care about survival i get in right now if i still came here with a truck of work all of us i would go with them all of those because we don't have money and we need food. politics can often be seen as about power and money but for the poor life can be defined by the food on their plate and in afghanistan today many people are hungry tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. south africa's rest affair in community has welcomed a court ruling on cannabis as a victory for their cultural rights nation's top court says i don't so now allowed to grow and smoke the drug in private i mean the miller reports from cape town. well. gareth prince is a qualified lawyer he's also rust a foreign he says that he's been prevented from joining the law society because of
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his culture and daily use of cannabis for twenty years he's fought south african courts to get cannabis decriminalised saying that equality laws should also protect his way of life the greater victory is for the people of south africa in the sense that because russell far as always advocated that cannabis is for the yelling of not just the south african people but for all people in the world and our philosophy is that we must make use of what we have in order to get what we want and we have an abundance of cannabis. the rest of period community in cape town says cannabis is a religious and cultural sacrament the people here say they were often victims of police raids in the past now they can smoke and grow what they call a religious. while it will take up to two years for laws to be officially changed it's now legal to grow cannabis and consume it privately but still illegal to sell
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or buy it this is a long street in cape town it's known for its vibrant nightlife and as a place to buy cannabis and other drugs if you're found with cannabis on you police contraceptive because possessing small amounts of cannabis is legal but because this is a public area you can smoke it here nor can you buy it south africa's police minister says the new cannabis laws will make policing more difficult. police minister because they're less says that if it were up to him cannabis or da as it's known in south africa would still be illegal what i'm loyal to that you're supposed to keep focus on shit and you wear a blue pick into a restaurant because you have an extra amount in your in your house so those are the things that will have to wear but it's going to lead to the work of the sort of that can produce absolutely difficult. but many in the rest of foreign community say the new law is just the beginning and that small backyard plantations should be expanded to allow for the proper farming and sale of cannabis they say it will help
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the economy cannabis is a source of life for thousands of people in the ghetto and we don't apologize for that we as a matter of fact are not the coal face of the drug industry no it's not it's tobacco and alcohol princes now but using cannabis is legal there's nothing stopping him from practicing law. al-jazeera cape town. and one of the headlines about his era rescue workers in indonesia are frantically trying to reach coastal communities after the earthquakes and tsunami which of killed more than eight hundred people search efforts are being hampered by blocked roads and a collapsed bridge in the city of palo authorities are expecting the death toll to rise further as information filters in from districts close to the epicenter can go fund as the head of the indonesia office for the international federation of red
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cross and red crescent societies he says some areas are proving very hard to reach there is a lot more destruction there were believed we're still trying to get into the areas that are more remote you know remote rural communities and small towns that's going to take time because communication is still limited so we're just zero the roads are in bad shape. when we. got a big crack in the middle of it sort of now and missing out of weights and so it's always a community. nearly half a million homes are without power in western japan after typhoon trami made landfall south of a sucka fierce winds and torrential rain has brought transport to a halt as more thousand flights have been grounded and train service is suspended at least eighty four people have been injured many hurt by windows shattered in the driving rain wind. polls have closed in the parliamentary election in iraq's semi
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autonomous kurdish region it's been a year since it failed to become independent from iraq despite ninety two percent of kurds voting for it p u k party says they won't recognize the results saying fraud has been committed in the voting process saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin simon is in kuwait for two days of talks with the emir of the two leaders are expect to discuss the ongoing gulf crisis kuwait is played a mediation row since the blockade against qatar began nationalists are celebrating in macedonia after a referendum to change the country's name received a low turnout isolani as pro western government had urged the public to back the name change to republic of north macedonia. those who had once talked around his ear is up next thanks watching season.
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al jazeera. and. the. new war. movies. two of the world's most opaque and secretive organizations have just initialed an historic agreement china's ruling communist party and the vatican have decided to set aside decades of hostility it's significant because china maintains strict control over all religions and they believe it was china's roughly twelve million catholics are divided between
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a state run association whose clergy are chosen by the government and an unofficial church which swears allegiance to the pope the provisional deals is aimed at resolving the vexed issue over who gets to appoint bishops with the pope insisting he'll have the final say on names this breakthrough could be the beginnings of our approach mall for the first time since diplomatic relations with severed sixty seven years ago while many catholics have welcomed the pact it's been condemned by others including cardinal joseph send the form a bishop of hong kong what's been less discuss though all the secret talks that have been going on three years between chinese and vatican officials. one of those with inside knowledge is francisco c.c. and italian academic and journalist based in beijing he.


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