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not but he said i am a stop an optimist. israeli forces have ordered palestinians in her lamarck to destroy their own village and leave by midnight on monday they say if the deadline is not met go in and do it themselves last month the israeli supreme court to prove the demolition to make way for more israeli settlements emraan han has more from canada. this is the village of carney which has been given until the end of the first of october to demolish all of these houses it was a notice given by the israeli army and they say if the residents don't demolish these houses that they will come in and demolish them after this high court order was given in the beginning of september but let me just show you this over here this is what residents are telling me is a cesspool of waste coming from the nearby settlement the israeli israeli settlement into the valley next to where the people are the residents here say it's
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actually part of a campaign of harassment by the israeli settlers against the village themselves that's quite impossible to tell where that waste water is coming from but the residents tell us every night this fills up with waste that they say is coming from israeli settlements meanwhile palestinian activists are expressing solidarity with part of a general strike strike was organized to protest against israel's nation state law school stores and other facilities have been shot across the occupied west bank and east jerusalem the nation state law was passed by the knesset in july it gives the right of self-determination to jewish people only. a bid by the former yugoslav republic of macedonia is to change to change its name rather has failed sunday's referendum had strong support but the turnout didn't reach the fifty percent threshold just over a third of cast ballots ninety percent of them supported the new name the new
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republic of north macedonia the government wanted the name changed to help end the decades old dispute with greeks. still ahead on al-jazeera. brazil's unemployment rate is falling but it hides and i'm comfortable truth about the state of the economy. once again a place to say that a fog a warning has now been issued for a typhoon travel you can see the clouds clearing away behind that system really moved through very quickly see where it is located now just to the east of the process guys coming back in behind still a fair. well brisk weather coming through here breezy shall we say twenty five celsius there for twenty four the soka fun to drive across the korean peninsula
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should really stay that way as we go on through the next couple of days but by the middle of the way perhaps an increase in cloud coming back into that eastern side of the japan and then as we go on through the next couple of days away to the next system to push its way through a snow is a china down towards the southeast fine and dry quite a keen northeasterly wind there the showers should stay out into the open waters should be fine once again across eastern parts of china as we go on through wednesday but the latter part of the week will see typhoon kong ray come very close to seventy one to keep an eye on you can just about make out the position of our next typhoon to the east of the philippines a few showers coming in across the manila down towards central and southern parts of the philippines over the next couple of days and a scattering of showers right across malaysia.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines this hour the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has risen to eight
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hundred forty four but that figure is expected to go into the thousands mass graves are being dug in indonesia's president says he's ready to welcome international help. iran's military says its positions in syria linked to a group it says was behind last week's attack on a military parade several missiles struck the i will come our region of eastern syria last week twenty five people were killed when gunmen opened fire in a parade in the past city. israeli forces have ordered palestinians in to destroy their own village and leave by midnight on monday save the deadline is not met they'll go in and do it themselves last month the israeli supreme court approve the demolition to make way for more jewish settlements. the u.s. and mexico have reached a new trade deal to replace the north american free trade agreement or nafta u.s. president dismissed the old agreement as
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a disaster don't blame the twenty four year old nafta pact for the loss of american manufacturing jobs hi there joe castro has more from washington d.c. . this deal that would replace now is called the u.s. embassy a short for us mexico canada agreement and it is being trumpeted by senior u.s. administration officials as a win for all three countries major provisions here include benefiting u.s. dairy farmers by opening up the dairy market in canada as well as protections offered to the canadian auto industry to a degree from possible future u.s. tariffs on auto this deal would also require more auto production to take place within the u.s. and within the north american region as well as shore of intellectual property protections and strengthen labor visions to in the words of senior administration officials even the playing field between the u.s. and mexico now this u.s. m.c.a.
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deal is the result of an eleventh hour push that ends more than a year of talks that had its fair share of stalls and starts now the top of ministration will of course say this is a big win on a campaign promise for his american first policy however there are still hurdles ahead this trigger is now sixty days for trump and his mexican and canadian counterparts to sign off on the deal but that does not make it final then the u.s. congress must approve this trade treaty they're expected to do so in the coming year which is going to be after the u.s. midterm elections if democrats win control of the house of representatives in november ratification for this trade agreement may be a bigger hurdle ahead. votes still being counted after parliamentary elections in the kurdish region of northern iraq it's the first time kurds have gone through
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since last year's failed to say that referendum was rejected by the central government in baghdad plunging the region into economic turmoil and leaving its leaders deeply divided earlier a member of one of the main groups the p u k said his party will reject the results of the vote. china is marking sixty nine years since the founding of the communist people's republic a flag raising ceremony was held in gentleman square in beijing national day on october the first kicks off a week of celebrations with fireworks and public performances adrian brown has more from beijing. clear blue skies crisp autumn sunshine perfect conditions for china's national day we've come to the forbidden city one of the symbols of china's antiquity and as good a place as any to reflect on the past week which in many ways has been one of the worst periods in sino u.s. relations in many years chinese people know the next few months could be rocky
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their stock market is falling the economy is continuing to slow but they buy the government's narrative the president donald trump's real goal is to try to contain china's rise in tiananmen square there have been ceremonies commemorating those who fought and died during the revolution the bought the communists to power in one thousand nine hundred forty nine this is a time when china's propaganda machine is in overdrive and of course this time next year the party will be commemorating celebrating seventy years of communist rule people we've been speaking to say they hope the trade war can be resolved they hope it's not protected but they also say there's not a great deal they can do about it but when he ends up with the national media no matter what america did we just focus on our own things even the tariff will be increased i'm sure that our country can solve this problem banking can issue for
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you i do worry about the treat wall but as the only people there is nothing i can do about it. well the verb in city is of course one of the most popular tourist destinations in china it draws visitors not just from around the world but also from across china traditionally at this time of year tourists who can afford to go overseas do and the united states has always been a popular destination but according to the chinese media there has been a forty two percent drop in flight bookings to the u.s. compared to this time last year those are thinkers that will worry the u.s. tourism industry. brazil which holds presidential elections on october the seventh is a giant in size and economy has been struck by widespread corruption yet a large percentage of candidates tied to some of brazil's worst corruption scandals are expected to be reelected soon human reports from a sale. from one in the morning till long after dawn men dive into this lagoon in
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northeastern brazil to scoop out mussels from the mud with their bare hands. on the shore their wives like twenty five year old. sorting clean the shells. on a good day the family can make five dollars barely enough to feed her sons just so lanny is eligible for a social program called. that could significantly improve their lives a little. but i've never been approved i don't know why they spend so much time evaluating my request and i've never managed to get it. one explanation can be found at the state legislature twelve deputies are being investigated for pocketing funds allocated to the program we were told they were out campaigning for reelection corruption in brazil spreads from the local level to the very top in southeastern former president lula da silva is serving
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a twelve year sentence as part of a multi-billion dollar corruption probe that snared dozens of businessmen and high ranking politicians but there are hundreds of more politicians accused of corruption who haven't been touched and who in fact are running in this month's elections as candidates for the senate the lower house and even the presidency and if some aura lect in which of course they will be they will enjoy immunity from prosecution which in many cases is the point. back in northeastern brazil we found senator allen one k. yodels who has eight. outstanding criminal investigations campaigning with his son the governor but here you know when you shocked it's a historical problem but just like everywhere sometimes you see in effect of life he says people often vote for corrupt officials they think may give them the most benefits. but those benefits rarely trickle down to the bottom of the
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social ladder it's a little bit in love with bill that we need to have faith in god says just experience has taught her that having faith in politicians is pointless. you see in human al-jazeera brazil thousands of people in spain's catalonia region are protesting as they mark a years since a failed bid for the session we're looking at live pictures there a lot of a rally brothers in front of a prison where some of the leaders of last october's referendum are being held in central government called the vote illegal prime minister sanchez has proposed a referendum for more autonomy but ruled out another poll on full independence. hundreds of swimmers have been taking part in a race in the senate capital that's more about what's more it's about more rather than just competition for devolve swimming to
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a former slave port where africans were once sold and shipped to the americas never has the story. minutes away from the start one final stretch. allows a bit of advice. and a few words of wisdom. you need training devotion and peace of mind is not easy but it's possible if you give your heart to it first the professionals who are as with . then three hundred amateurs young and old jump into the atlantic ocean for the annual five kilometer open water race to the historic island of gori. as the hours go by the gaps between swimmers widens faced with strong currents pain sets in. the swimmers battle cramps and exhaustion. he says my lungs are hurting for many it's just about trying to complete it and get to goree island so i'm on a. run and. it's like
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a marathon on water the goal is to get to go really which for us is a symbol of our history it's an important event. this stretch of atlantic ocean that separates deckard to grey is over historical importance the island was a major hub for the slave trade where african men women and children were captured boarded on ships to america some in chains tried to escape they were trying to swim to the mainland in what was then shark infested waters. this isn't just a swim race it's a tribute to those who remain defiant refusing their fate as slaves instead of swimming for freedom and so this is also a celebration of freedom resistance and the human spirit ability to overcome adversity. here comes the winner. enjoy are a soldier for senegal the navy. funny funny funny funny it's
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a victory not just for me but for all people here in senegal and throughout the world. then slowly one by one there was come out of the water each pushing beyond their limits to make it to the other side breathless but happy and proud nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. the nobel prize for medicine has been awarded to immunologists for their work on cancer therapies james p. allison and joe separately discovered and developed cancer treatments which improve the human immune system the body can better attack cancer cells allison is based in the u.s. . is japanese the nobel prize in physiology or medicine is awarded every year for outstanding discoveries in health for life sciences let's take a look back at the history of the prize then with charlotte ballasts. the first
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when i was a male adult then bearing in one thousand or one he found the antibodies could be transferred between people and animals and talked up theory antibodies from horses to create a human vexing early laureate's one for breakthroughs in and fictious diseases and bacteria like robert cog who identify that a per kilo suspect ariel i'm ronald ross who uncovered that malaria sprayed by mosquitoes in the twenty's and thirty's prizes were awarded for discovering insulin the electrocardiogram or e.c.g. even the concept of blood groups after a brief hiatus for world war two the nobel prize in physiology or medicine returned awarding one of the biggest breakthroughs of the century alexander fleming one for discovering penicillin the foundation for a modern antibiotics chain and how would florrie were also awarded the helping to turn it into the drug we know today is a cool considerations roves as time and science progressed robert edwards one and twenty ten for developing in vitro fertilization what it did was to develop in
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several steps a method whereby you can take it exe from the woman and let those eggs meet the spirit. of the potter in a test tube or in vitro which means in the last forty years later i.v. if has resulted in more than eight million babies recently focus has shifted toward gender imbalance among award winners and physiology in medicine they have been two hundred fourteen when is they have been overwhelmingly white male and whiston the orange dots twelve of them represent women. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has risen to eight hundred and forty four mass graves are being dug d.c.s. president says he's ready to welcome international help most of the confirmed dead
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are in the city of polo only eleven are from the region of dong gala which is still largely can't off under thomas is impossible. this city two hundred kilometers to the southeast of palo was as close as we could fly there are aid flights going into palo but so far no commercial passenger planes being allowed in threes and they're not the priority aid that we flew the nearest place that you could fly and then we thought we'd be able to drive for six hours to palo but here the real fuel shortage means that there are queues and use of cars trying to get petrol from petrol station iran's military says its positions in syria are linked to a group it suspects was behind last week's attack on a military parade in the city of a vase several missiles struck the able come our region of eastern syria last week twenty five people were killed when a gunman opened fire on a military parade many of the victims were members of the elite to rein in
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revolutionary guard israeli forces have ordered palestinians in a car last month to destroy their own village and leave by midnight on monday say if the deadline isn't met they'll go in and do it themselves last month the israeli supreme court approved the demolition to make way for more jewish settlements a bid by former yugoslav republic of macedonia change its name has failed sunday's referendum had strong support but the turnout didn't reach the fifty percent required stover a third of his cast ballots the majority supporting the new name the republic of northwest of. the u.k. minister responsible for making sure briggs it happened says his government is preparing for a no deal divorce from europe dominic robb was addressing the annual conservative party conference in birmingham rather less than six months ago for britons due to
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leave the e.u. as the headlines the news continues after inside story. stepping up peace efforts in yemen the un's attempts to revive talks to end the civil war find support from key players but what will it take to stop the vicious cycle of violence death disease and hunger in one of the world's poorest countries this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnigan the un's last attempt a few weeks ago to bring the warring sides in yemen to the table failed but who didn't make it to geneva blaming travel problems but the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths refuses to give up and he's hopeful that. take place of zeros but at smith reports. so yemen's foreign minister khalid money says his government is prepared to recognize the who is this as a political movement through a democratic process he says but what his government is not prepared to accept is the who thinks becoming the yemeni equivalent of the lebanese group hezbollah hezbollah is a heavily armed reining backed group in lebanon and it holds considerable influence over political life in lebanon and you know and i'm going to frequent with a show of the yemeni government made many concessions during the consultations in kuwait but there are red lines that cannot be crossed like not allowing in yemen
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what is happening in lebanon where a party like hezbollah creates hurdles in the political process. and the government could accept the hooty this is a political movement within the political community in the country through a democratic process that reflects their true size. and the foreign minister he's tweeted has tweeted that he fully supports un proposals for a new talks soon the u.s. troops are fighting alongside yemeni government forces and the u.n. special envoy for yemen he says that he's convinced the booth is are also prepared to talk so the priority now for martin griffiths is to get all sides around the table as soon as possible it's going to be within weeks i don't think we can allow it to be delayed until kind of over the horizon because the problem with that is and i've been reassured this week between people here in new york that people lose the narrative of peace and once you lose the opportunity to talk about
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a settlement the narrative of war becomes dominant and that's what we was trying to get away from for now though the fighting on the airstrikes continue since june much of those airstrikes have been centered around the strategically important port of the data yemen remains blockaded at sea by the u.n. is warning that the country is on the verge of an already there are reports of children dying from malnutrition and this is a conflict where at least twenty thousand people have been killed since the fighting began. well it reminds you of previous un attempts to get the warring parties in yemen together the first round of talks was held in geneva in june twenty eighth fifteen three months after the saudi led coalition entered the conflict but that meeting collapsed after yemen's government in exile accused toothy representatives of refusing to meet them later that same year the u.n.
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managed to organize to go see a sions that lasted for six days they agreed a mass prisoner swap but nothing else of significance fast forward to kuwait in april twenty sixth and that's the last time the sides actually met but after one hundred eight days the talks ended with no agreement. let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from london we're joined by andreas creek an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london from sanaa is hussein. affairs analyst and journalist and from bristol. a political commentator and lecturer at the city of bristol college gentlemen welcome to you all address let's start with you as we heard bernard smith say that yemen's foreign minister has said that his government could accept a hoot these as a political movement through a democratic process that highlights their true size but that the who these wouldn't be allowed to become like lebanon's hezbollah their red lines that can't be crossed he said does that get us anywhere if and when the peace talks resume.
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right i mean for the time being i think these are not peace talks per se i think the first talks will be about a ceasefire because the war still ongoing i think peace talks will come after there is an established ceasefire and some sort of agreement of where this peace talks could actually lead the various parties the issue generally is with the yemeni foreign minister or the yemeni government the officially recognized government is that it doesn't have that much leverage and it's actually not one of the most important players and yemen in many ways it's a puppet or a surrogate of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia so they don't really make decisions on their own it is a good sign to that they are eggs or at least a willingness to accept there with these or answer a law as a political movement and political party that is part of the process because that was one of the things one of the contentious issues that for a very long time they moralities in the saudis have rejected to accept that actually they were these are part of yemen and they should be part of any political process that comes after the war the issue however is and that that will be long
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term the people the peace process will be to determine what is actually the actual weight of the who these in yemen and what is the kind of size that is proportionate to the kind of the kind of political and also public. weight that they have within the country and that's very difficult to determine because obviously now the who these control large parts and some of the most important parts of yemen and you know we'll have to see whether this can be represented if you then say that i'm sort of allies actually something that comes just from the northern province or that the who these are not from the northern province and therefore only represented there and get only a fraction of the kind of political say that they want to have then this obviously is not going to be something that would these will be pleased about but i think this is for a later peace agreement to be determined i think first of all showing good faith goodwill in now from both parties to say we're willing to accept the other party and accept that the other party has an input in the hoodies particularly i think is
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a good sign and that there's a big. ginning to suggest also to the un that there is a willingness to talk right hussein album k.t. an incident after the collapse of the geneva talks the crisis group accused who these of last minute gamesmanship that sent a clear message that they are not serious which confirm the suspicions of the coalition are the hooty is serious about peace in yemen. of course there are really a serious and we remember that they have accepted to go to the south of saudi arabia for talks as well to kuwait even though kuwait is a part of this coalition a war they did refuse to go to a country that has launched a war against them and about we know that the why it collapsed because. the delegates from sanaa what would not given any gun tease from the united the nation for their safety and for their safe return and if you just let me mention that.
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previous caller told saudi arabia if used to lead the yemeni. delegates to come back to sanaa and they were stuck in must cut. about seventy days so they really wanted to go to the stall today they accepted from the beginning but the what seems to be the problem that the saudi led coalition actually is you is in this kind of tolex to to to start a new operation or to start a new a new attack we know there was be a stall to before invasion or the attack of aden before the control of four morcha by the coalition forces before we have seen that the attack was conducted on a day that one of the last humanitarian line for the millions of yemeni so i don't and i think just to about what the government foreign minister have said about to
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accept the hoti if they will and he told about the democratic. election i mean you can talk about these things at this moment you have first if you want you have to look to yemeni civilians was damaged in yemeni civilians their military and cries in yemen you have to agree about a cease fire first and then you can. go to told anyone. if martin griffiths the u.n. envoy manages to get these these peace talks together in as little as a few weeks he says kemba who these be trusted to honor any agreement that might be reached in such such peace talks. you know this is the questions in fact you know the hooty have and fact agreed in so many occasions to for their signatures but they fail to do so they are not to be trusted at all there are several you know agreements and you know initiatives been signed between the
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warring you know. teams or sides but the whole theme is have never ever implemented any one of them and the reason behind that is very clear because they are backed by the iranian regime the enemy of the arabs and especially that of in the gulf countries and he cannot hoti they cannot take their own decisions that are on initiatives because they are in a doing that you know they are the proxies of the iranian regime and the other the and the other evidence is the the last you know geneva. talks were supposed to be carried out at that time and people all over the world were hoping that anything you know good will come out in a from that in a form that negotiation but unfortunately they abandoned they didn't turn up they didn't come and we were under the mr griffiths and the legitimate. government
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representative who are there for three days and the who see didn't turn out why because they are they haven't got the you know they could in light from the from the from the to herat regime. you talked about iran there are saudi arabia and the u.a.e. is sincere in their design it for a negotiated peace in yemen can they be trusted. if what they actually want is peace on their terms and to rid yemen of any iranian influence. no no this is not true i mean the peace the terms of the united nations resolution twenty two sixteen end of story and this is very clear why not the united nation or mr griffiths you know what cards to implement this your united nations resolution twenty two sixteen and the stand of the legitimate so you know governments and the
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allied forces i mean the. coalition that a coalition is ok the who thing you are not allowed to be in a to to control the whole yemen you are. a minority or you are in a part of the me yemenis people so if you want to get involved in the in the political process you're most welcome but as a military as a militia ok as a militia armed by iran. the sole enemy of the arabs know this is not accepted. the arabs allied forces they will not accept at all that the who thier will become like cause by law in lebanon or the militias in iraq no way no way they want not accept that at all so it's very clear if you want to do if you want to make peace if you are you know your excuse is human to cherry and you know issues ok accept the.


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