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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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well every. president trumps leadership is working and china wants a different american president. china slams the trumpet ministrations allegations of meddling and american elections. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me for autumn also ahead a nation divided republican and democrat store different conclusions from an f.b.i. report on president trump supreme court nominee.
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survivors in indonesia due to a life changing injuries after last week's earthquake and tsunami as mass burials become a daily event. and senegal gets the green light as the first african country to host an olympic event. the top of the administration is accusing china of trying to undermine america through political military and economic actions u.s. vice president mike pence said china wants to sway the upcoming midterm elections against president trump and responds to tough american trade policies china's foreign ministry has rejected the allegations it says pence has committed slander a white house correspondent committee held get reports from washington. in the very early days of the transit ministration the us president rolled out the red carpet to host chinese president xi at his mar-a lago resort. more than eighteen months
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later that warmth has been replaced by a trade war between beijing and washington and a strong warning by the u.s. vice president mike pence a message to china's rulers is this. this president will not back down. in a fiery speech peds escalating u.s. rhetoric. broadly blaming china for everything from military aggression in the south china sea to intellectual property theft to advance its global interests chinese security agencies have masterminded the wholesale theft of american technology including cutting edge military blueprints and using that stolen technology the chinese communist party is turning plow shares into swords on a massive scale u.s. media is reporting that includes inserting microchips into servers used by apple
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and amazon to spy on u.s. companies pensa also accuse china of religious persecution and human rights abuses cracking down on chinese christians buddhists and imprisoning more than a million muslim weekers in government camps and domestically while the u.s. special counsel robert muller continues his probe into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. pence reiterated president trogs claim made last week at the united nations about china and the upcoming elections to put it bluntly president trumps leadership is working. and china wants a different american president didn't accuse china of election meddling in the twenty eight thousand u.s. mid-term elections and the twenty twenty presidential vote with an elaborate december mation campaign to influence u.s. voters hence says the trumpet ministration remains hopeful china will come around
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until then he says it will continue to address what it calls chinese aggression already there are terror of some place and more than two hundred fifty billion in chinese goods and more are at the ready and could be implemented as early as next year can really help at al-jazeera the white house the harry hosting is an ethical hacker and computer programmer who is best known for successfully hacking into voting machines in the u.s. and he says election and for structure in the united states is old and fragile making it vulnerable to even amateur cyber attacks with the system currently in use a bulk of the machines were acquired two thousand and two two thousand and three that was a very different time first of all these machines were not new to science at the time these designs are from eighty's and ninety's from the time when a cyber warfare was a probably more science fiction a reality to people so these machines are not designed for today's standards and
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these machines don't require nice estate capabilities to be hacked actually day are sometimes in such a real unreliable state that there is no need for a malicious actor to do anything for having enough correct or hard to understand results. to other news now and the f.b.i. report into sexual assault allegations against the u.s. president's supreme court nominee has been released the senate says and it's causing division democrats according to investigation into brett kavanaugh a sham wow republicans say it exonerates the judge and has the latest from washington d.c. . anger outrage disgust on display in the nation's capital a sizable protest now to tell us senators don't vote to put brett kavanaugh on the supreme court. and only came from new jersey to help spread the word and
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a few signs she believes christine blasi forward who testified before the senate that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school i just fired up about the idea that we would have a credibly accused sexual assailant confirmed on the supreme court is unfair unjust to women and honestly men across the country but it's not just the liberal side that is angry about this poll show that the republicans are really fired up in fact before the cabin on nomination a lot of republicans told pollsters they weren't all that excited to vote in the upcoming congressional elections that has changed many polls show democrats and republicans equally excited to vote for their side the vote was delayed by a week so the f.b.i. could investigate but they're classified report has just further deepen the divide is a complete report this is a background check i'm confident the f.b.i. did a good job they were not hindered in any way so it's very frustrating and even the
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things i read. and i heard the term of the committee say that there is no hint of misconduct in plain english what i just read there are hints of misconduct the f.b.i. didn't interview ford or the witnesses she suggested and many other people who know . they tried to talk to the f.b.i. but were turned away further fueling suspicion and division in a fierce fight that is playing out in the capital and on the streets. for the future of the highest court and likely control of the congress come january. al-jazeera washington. turkey's foreign minister has summoned saudi arabia's ambassador over the disappearance of a does that and sell the journalist saudi officials said jamal khashoggi disappeared after he left the consulate building and istanbul but the turkish government believes he is still inside because she had been living in self-imposed exile while watching cartoons critical of the kingdom and crown prince muhammad bin
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salim on well earlier we spoke to his fiance had teeth on the phone and she said she was one of the jamal at the consulate when he disappeared. because it happened on the second of toben mean jamal went to the consulate in istanbul to get some paperwork for marriage jamal went into the consulate and i was waiting near the door the appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me they were supposed to come and get the phone from me but no one came i went to the door and asked security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lift i called the consulate the saudi men sit and he told me they closed and that no one is inside and you shouldn't wait here. hundreds of thousands of people are still waiting for food and medicine nearly a week after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the indonesian island of so the way to see entire towns and villages have been destroyed and nearly sixteen hundred
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people have died as go to our correspondent john miller limbo than now she is joining us live from and jamila we can see just some of that devastation behind you tell us where you are. well elizabeth i am right by that he thought i had. we're basically in blue where the brunt of the tsunami has been i'm just going to step aside i'm going to show you what's left of rick your hotel and the many areas surrounding it there are at least five back coal machines. operating here trying to clear the day three there have been international rescue workers workers here hoping to find survivors hoping to retrieve bodies and on the other side are more and more devastation basically there's a mosque has been destroyed there are several there was destroyed and further our
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communities homes that have been completely devastated not much is left here elizabeth not much to salvage for communities it has been very difficult for the thousands all of indonesians who have been living here for many years have never seen such devastation even during the time of the two thousand and four tsunami and they are still struggling to cope with spoke to several survivors those of been injured in one of the biggest battles and these are their story. eight year old wind close to god and. he was in the position of prayer for head of the mant when the earthquake struck and the mosque collapsed he's older brother was able to pull him out but didn't last and. that's good you. know it was hard for us to look for a medical clinic we have to look for two decent tonight.
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this is one that the hospital it hosts the biggest number of injured survivors and some of them come from neighboring districts. spoken to patients here who say it took days before they got medical help but they are grateful they're still alive. and elias says she was near the sea when the earthquake struck she waited for a moment and thought everything was fine until the tsunami swept her away it took three days before her family found her. i thought i was going to die i swallowed a lot of water and then a man pulled me up by my arm the tsunami hit the town of pollute late on friday three strong waves swept away hundreds of homes schools government facilities all wiped out in an instant and days since the disaster struck many believe the true
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extent of the damage has yet to be seen the number of people killed is expected to rise. a twenty minute drive from the main town is where hundreds are buried mass burials have become a daily reality some of the bodies buried here are unidentified the indonesian government says a quick burial is necessary to prevent the spread of communicable diseases entire families who once lived full lives cut short by a tragedy they have been reduced to this and no one has come to say good bye. and as you know elizabeth these valium mass burials ending not just in for lou but all across around in districts and this is something that needs to be dealt with by
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the indonesian government is admits that it is not a popular decision basically burying all these. these people have died in haste but this they simply do not have any choice and now there are questions as to whether d.n.a. tests have been done and some of the bodies were dental records have been taken i mean these things need to be looked at in the next few months as families return to their homes as families fled but you will come back to try to find closure as you know here at this point we're seeing things are improving in several areas of blue it is a bit there is electricity there is running water but not in this area at this point things are still operating here from a very basic perspective they need to clear the debris there's still the whiff of dead bodies of decaying bodies somewhere they are viet to be retrieved and this is something that is expected to last many months the recovery will take many years elizabeth thank you very much for that that is jumping in the gun live and part of
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the thank you. still ahead on the bulls are not russia's cyber plants western governments united in condemning the kremlin and we'll look at the greek government's efforts to help refugees as winter approaches. the at. the end. hello there we've got severe weather across parts of north america at the moment the satellite picture is picking up lots of cloud in the northern part of our map but then we see the cloud begin to develop further south and it is this which is likely to give us some very large hail some very heavy downpours and maybe your tornado as well it's still going to be with us as we head through the day on friday gradually as you know its way eastwards behind it we've got another weather system that's going to sweep down and join forces there as we head through the day on saturday said very heavy downpours here
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a lot of snow in the north as well the southeast there is staying warm look at thirty one degrees and further west is cooler heads seattle barrett sixty but do watch out for a few thunderstorms over the rockies at times i mean further towards the south of some of us here we've got some very heavy downpours again we have a few areas of low pressure here and you can see this whole mess of cloud that is generated so plenty of wet weather ahead that's going to stick around as we head through the next few days as well for the east also plenty of outbreaks of rain but in between i think we'll also see a good deal of sunshine at times i have to say that for jamaica it doesn't look quite wet for friday and saturday i mean further towards the south and for many of us in south america this fine dry weather nineteen degrees at the moment in bourne as always but it is far warmer in santiago up twenty six. in in the. they were wrong. they were brazen. and for nearly
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a decade they committed crimes with. decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. the gang within on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are all top stories president mike pence is accused china of into figuring out what american politics and technology he says beijing is using economic and military tools as well as
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propaganda to advance its interests in the u.s. china's foreign ministry has rejected the charges saying pence was committed sland hundreds of thousands of people still in need of aid on the indonesian island of the way see a week after an earthquake and tsunami devastated much of the island more than fifteen hundred people have been killed looting has become such a problem that soldiers have been ordered to shoot nooses and top republicans so there's this conduct of the f.b.i. reporting to supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh senate democrat said the report into sexual assault allegations as incomplete the senate is expected to vote on cavanagh's confirmation later this week the boy's father is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general and he doesn't think the f.b.i. inquiry was comprehensive enough. the f.b.i. didn't decide the scope of the investigation in the speed that was a directive from the white house which obviously has a conflict of interest since they're the ones who have nominated judge kavanaugh and hardly want to see his nomination shipwreck and so is only
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a few days they didn't even go back to the the prime individuals involved that we saw on t.v. judge kavanagh himself and dr christine ford and asked them and question them about inconsistency is conflicts in their statements and during the question and answer period with the senate judiciary committee so i do think it was accelerated and the problem with this situation is that if the democrats get control of one or both houses of congress in november they will be able to reopen the investigation and will be investigating a sitting justice which will be sarm far more wrenching than one who has not got to the high court yet it has happened once previously with justice a fortis who got to the high court as an associate justice when he was nominated for chief justice there were uncovered some financial irregularities it was forced to resign but it was very messy and i think that's what's down the road here because of the very very cursory investigation by the f.b.i. candidates in brazil's presidential race facing each other and
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a televised debate well it has had to the polls on sunday the fall at nationals examples from sleeping in the polls not taking pot he's recovering from a stabbing attack last month. for is former president alberto fujimori has warned that if he is forced to go back to prison he will die for him or a record of his dramatic or for his life on a mobile phone whilst in hospital in lima peru supreme court overturned a medical pardon on wednesday the decision could force him to return to jail to serve a long sentence for human rights abuses here. today i would like to tell the our thora teas and politicians please do not use me as a political weapon because i no longer have the strength to resist it i would like to ask the president of the republican and the members of the judiciary one thing only please don't kill me if i go back to prison my heart will not be able to endure it it is far too weak in order to go through it again do not sentence me to
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death. western countries have denounced russia for cyber havoc hacking attacks which they say are designed to undermine democracy is in some of the strongest language used since the cold war russian war russia has become a pariah state while the united states war must pay the price for its actions russia has rejected the allegations calling them propaganda for brennan reports. the tools of the trade this spy equipment was found in the possession of four russian agents in a car parked outside the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. back in april at the time the o.p.c. w. was independently analyzing the novacek used to attack script alan solsbury as well as identifying the substance used in an attack against civilians in the syrian town of duma on the bush the g.r.u. operation was aimed at hacking in infecting the wife and network of the o.p.c. w.
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from close quarters we call that a so-called close access hack operation when they were discovered the russian spies trying to destroy some of their equipment but one of the laptops showed they had also been in malaysia trying to access the investigation into the shooting down of the passenger jet m.h. seventeen over ukraine allegedly by a russian book missile the timing of the dutch announcement came just hours after a report on russian hacking by the british national cybersecurity center part of the government's g c h q spy agency the n c s c assessment concluded that hacker groups calling themselves fancy bear sound wurman voodoo bear actually just the russian military intelligence agency the g r u the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman reacted scornfully to the british statements is going to i was born indiscriminately in one file or maybe in in a richie fragrance file everything was mixed up g.r.u.
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cyber spies kremlin's hackers what a hellish perfume mix the vivid imagination of our colleagues from the u.k. has no boundaries indeed who comes up with all this but the pressure on russia was further intensified at the meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels what we're doing by acting with our allies by actually isolating russia exposing the fact that these are actions of a state this is acting in a row. listen indiscriminate manner this is not the actions of a great power this is of actions of a pariah state and then the u.s. justice department weighed in indicting seven russian g.r.u. agents in connection to a series of hacking attacks as well as charges of money laundering wire fraud and identity theft it is evident from the allegations in today's indictment that the defendants believe that they could use their anonymity to act with impunity in their own countries and on the territories of other sovereign nations to undermine
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international institutions and to distract from their government's own wrongdoing they were wrong most of the world's advanced spy agencies conduct cyber espionage but this wave of intense coordinated diplomatic pressure on russia highlights the sense that even by the shadowy standards of international spying russia has overstepped the boundaries of what is acceptable paul brennan al-jazeera. japanese carmaker has warned the british government that its manufacturing operations there will be seriously disrupted if there's no brakes that deal with the e.u. the carmaker employs almost forty thousand people in the u.k. less than says its business for lies on importing millions of components from the every day there's a no deal that nearly six hundred fifty million dollars to its costs tesla c.e.o. has criticised a government agency on twitter just days after negotiating a settlement to keep his job moscow suggested that the securities and exchange
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commission was helping investors betting on tesla stock to for its third mask last week for alleged fraud after the c.e.o. wrote on social media that he was considering taking the firm private mask agreed to pay a twenty billion dollars fine and step aside as tesla's chairman for three years. not agrees where as one to approaches the government is moving files of refugees from the islands to better housing on the mainland it's been prompted by international criticism of the conditions of its migrant camps reports from northern greece. each man at this card game shows his place at the table to some sort of hardship take mohammed his wife is pregnant and that puts her in the vulnerable category grounds for removing the couple from morea camp on the island of lesbos. no good my poor brother in law does. and here yes yes
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it's good. good. good good very good here good here. good moria is meant to hold three thousand asylum seekers even after hundreds of evacuations it now holds eight thousand international aid groups say it is unsanitary and inhuman this community on the shores of lake northern greece is the first of its kind in the country it is not a makeshift camp but bricks and mortar and here people's humanity seems restored living in hotel apartments means they can fend for themselves this syrian couple left the camp because the bomb that killed their two children back in syria had lodged shrapnel in their mother's abdomen they never went to hospital during their seven month stay in morea now they have a hospital appointment after just a week involving the government has had to keep up with new arrivals from turkey so
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it has moved more than eight hundred thousand asylum seekers this year from the islands to the mainland and it plans to move six thousand more by november the aim is twofold to relieve the islands and offer refugees more humane conditions. here the government has achieved at least the second go people of visibly relaxed the european union provides them with a small stipend for groceries that and an e.u. rent subsidy for their hotel apartments have helped the local economy which used to rely on a different kind of subsidy to many but. the elderly who came here had social security subsidies that's all been done away with and tourism here is down to a quarter of what it was before the crisis refute g.'s have brought the work back up to a decent level. many of these asylum seekers will end up receiving international protection and staying in greece they will then face the hardships greeks face of making a living in
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a depressed economy but that will be the normality they miss jumpstart hopeless al-jazeera valby olympic officials are and brought us all out is ahead of the start of the youth olympics on saturday falls on athletes between the ages of fifteen and eighteen or take part impact chiefs are trying to attract a younger audience and this is event will feature breakdancing as part of that senegal has been chosen as the host for the next youth games in twenty twenty two it will be the first african country to host any olympics and has its own ideas on how to attract young fans like alice hoglan ports from dhaka. for the first time in one hundred twenty two years of the modern olympic games an african city will host a version of the event. the cars twenty twenty two utility picks is expected to welcome the best fourteen to eighteen year old world out fleet. a sixteen year old
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swimmer roman to like camera is representing senegal in this year's have with us i was schemes but she says her project is to win olympic gold indycar at home. here and not just part of representing my nation i'm proud to represent all the girls who don't get a chance to play any sports this is now time to show that because i do it and when she is not alone in wanting to achieve success meet team exams i'm lions otherwise known as the smart lions the only one the international olympic committee is considering adding eastport to the game much and so the smart lions are preparing for the car twenty twenty two hoping that by then this will be an olympic sport. the universal principles and values of the olympics of the same isn't competitive today we fill stadiums for each game and torments just like any other a limp exporter we are athletes. video gaming is a one hundred eight billion dollar industry and it's blooming with backing from major brands and sponsors but it may be the lympics e-sports and the revenues that
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comes with it more than e-sports needs the olympics here's the challenge so the games are violent and a hard to follow it's not all suitable to broad public so. it's true that some of the games are not suitable for young children and committee needs to decide what's right from our perspective you sports like taekwondo or karate why couldn't you have e-commerce sports to. bring out the fight is to get the city ready for the games and you wrestling in basketball stadium was just inaugurated and the government is building a new city for the event the organizers here say they want to make africa proud with two hundred million people aged between eighteen and twenty four africa has the youngest properly in the world but despite the lack of sports facilities it continues to produce some of the top athletes on the globe including in sports.
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teams i'm lions and other young athletes here bringing the olympic flame home is a victory in itself worth celebrating. it was hawk al-jazeera the car. with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. vice president mike pence has accused china of and fearing with american politics and technology he says beijing is using economic and military tools as well as propaganda to advance its interests in the u.s. china's foreign ministry has rejected the allegations saying pen's has committed slander top republicans in the u.s. so there's no hint of misconduct in the f.b.i. report to supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh but senate democrats argue that the reporting to sexual assault allegations is and complete the senator is expected to vote on cavanagh's confirmation later this week hundreds of thousands of people are
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still in need of aid on the indonesian island of the way sea after an earthquake and tsunami has a week ago more than fifteen hundred people have been killed looting has become a problem word soldiers ordered to shoot looters on the side. candidates on brazil's presidential race are facing each other in a televised debate voters head to the polls on sunday the far right national also the hour who's leading in the polls is not taking part he is recovering from a stabbing attack early last month. former president alberto fujimori has warned that if he is forced to go back to prison he will die for more of a quarter of her dramatic course for his life on a mobile phone whilst in hospital and they are per person frame court overturned a medical pardon on wednesday the decision could force them to return to jail to serve a long sentence for human rights abuses here. today i would like to tell the of torah jews and politicians please do not use me as
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a political weapon because i no longer have the strength to resist it i would like to ask the president of the republican and the members of the judiciary one thing only please don't kill me if i go back to prison my heart will not be able to endure it it is far too weak in order to go through it again do not sentence me to death tesla seo iran mascaras criticize a government agency on twitter just days after negotiating a settlement to keep his job mask suggested the securities and exchange commission was helping investors betting on tesla stock to fall so unmasked last week for alleged four after the c.e.o. wrote on social media he was considering taking the firm private mask agreed to pay a twenty million dollar fine and step aside as tesla's chairman for three years faultlines as coming up next thank you for watching. al-jazeera world travels to the lebanese city of tripoli. to meet the widows living in one of the
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world's most ancient refuges. more than seven hundred years old it's still up homes the charitable tradition of sheltering those with no means of supporting themselves the widows sanctuary on al jazeera. three years ago faultlines went to baltimore during the historic uprising following the death of twenty five year old freddie gray in police custody the city's pain in anger over decades of police abuse had reached a boiling point and the nation took notice i can't tell people not to be angry you know to have a rights of being this is the time to accept they could do with it. we were just baltimore flooded the streets to demand accountability and when the federal government launched a civil rights investigation.


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