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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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it's the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. president leadership is working. the china wants a different america. china rejects u.s. allegations of meddling going to elections. hello and welcome to al-jazeera life my headquarters in doha a profitable also ahead a nation divided republicans and democrats storm different conclusions from an f.b.i. report on president trump supreme court nominee. in
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indonesia doing with a life changing injuries after last week's earthquake and tsunami as mass burials become a daily event and candidates and brazil's divisive presidential race clashed on live television as the campaign wraps up ahead of sunday's vote. the trumpet ministration is accusing china of trying to undermine america through political military and economic actions u.s. vice president mike pence said the china wants to sway the upcoming midterm elections against president trump and response to tough american trade policies china's foreign ministry has rejected the allegations and says pence has committed slander a white house correspondents committee held at reports from washington. in the very early days of the transit ministration the us president rolled out the red carpet to host chinese president xi at his mar-a lago resort. more than eighteen months
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later that warmth has been replaced by a trade war between beijing and washington and a strong warning by the u.s. vice president mike pence a message to china's rulers is this. this president will not back down. in a fiery speech pedants escalating u.s. rhetoric. broadly blaming china for everything from military aggression in the south china sea to intellectual property theft to advance its global interests chinese security agencies have masterminded the wholesale theft of american technology including cutting edge military blueprints and using that stolen technology the chinese communist party is turning plow shares into swords on a massive scale u.s. media is reporting that includes inserting microchips into servers used by apple
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and amazon to spy on u.s. companies pence also accuse china of religious persecution and human rights abuses cracking down on chinese christians buddhists and imprisoning more than a million muslim weekers in government camps and domestically while the u.s. special counsel robert muller continues his probe into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election. pence reiterated president trogs claim made last week at the united nations about china and the upcoming elections to put it bluntly president trumps leadership is working. china wants a different american version. pence accused china of election meddling the twenty eighty u.s. midterm elections and the twenty twenty presidential vote with an elaborate december mation campaign to influence u.s. voters hence the trumpet ministration remains hopeful china will come around until
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then he says it will continue to address what it calls chinese aggression already there are terror of some place and more than two hundred fifty billion in chinese goods and more at the ready and could be implemented as early as next year kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house well china correspondent adrian brown has the reaction from beijing. well details of the vice president's speech had been leaked many days in advance so china knew what to expect a spokeswoman for the country's foreign ministry said that the vice president's accusations were groundless based on hearsay evidence she stressed that china was pursuing a peaceful path and wanted cooperation with the united states as well as mutual respect but there's no doubt the china now understands that the united states is both widening and intensifying its attacks on china mike pence's speech touched on the principal points of friction between china and the united states right now
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trade taiwan the south china sea religion human rights and cyber security and of course the rest of asia and the rest of the world is now watching on nervously wondering where this war of words is heading and it's not just a war of words because last weekend in the south china sea we almost had a collision between a u.s. warship and a chinese warship they came to within about forty meters of one another and there is a real concern that brinkmanship on the high seas is starting to get out of control now on monday the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei will be here in beijing he's paying visits to south korea north korea as well as japan he's here to brief china on what the united states is saying to north korea as it tries to breathe new life into its north korea policy but of course he'll be looking to try to ease tensions with china but that job has just been made more difficult it seems by what the vice president has
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said about china how history is an ethical hacker and computer programmer who is best known for successfully hacking into voting machines in the united states and he says election infrastructure in the u.s. is old and fragile making it vulnerable to even amateur cyber attacks. with the system currently in use a bulk of the machines were acquired two thousand and two two thousand and three that was a very different time first of all these machines were not new to science at the time these designs are from eighty's and ninety's from the time when a cyber warfare was a probably more science fiction a reality to people so these machines are not designed for today's standards these machines don't require nice estate capabilities to be hacked actually day are sometimes in such a real unreliable state that there is no need for malicious actor to do anything for having enough correct or talk to understand results let's move on to other news
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now and the f.b.i. purporting to section assault allegations against the us president's supreme court pick has been released said it has and it is causing further division democrats a calling the investigation into brett kavanaugh a sham republican say it exonerates the judge has the latest from washington d.c. . anger out root disgust on display in the nation's capital a sizable protest now to tell us senators don't vote to put brett kavanaugh on the supreme court. and only came from new jersey to help spread the word and a few signs she believes christine bleakley forward who testified before the senate that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school i just fired up about the idea that we would have a credibly accused sexual assailant confirmed on to the supreme court is unfair
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unjust to women and honestly men across the country but it's not just the liberal side that is angry about this poll show that the republicans are really fired up in fact before the cabin on nomination a lot of republicans told pollsters they weren't all that excited to vote in the upcoming congrats. elections that has changed many polls show democrats and republicans equally excited to vote for their side the vote was delayed by a week so the f.b.i. could investigate but their classified report has just further deepen the divide is a complete report is a background check i'm confident the f.b.i. did a good job they were not hindered in any way so it's very frustrating and even the things i read. and i heard the chairman of the committee say that there is no hint of misconduct in plain english what i just read there are hints of misconduct the f.b.i.
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didn't interview ford or the witnesses she suggested and many other people who know kavanaugh say they tried to talk to the f.b.i. but were turned away further feeling suspicion and division in a fierce fight that is playing out in the capital and on the streets. for the future of the highest court and likely control of the congress come january. al-jazeera washington and gabrielle is on the has more on the controversy surrounding the f.b.i. investigation he sent us this update from washington d.c. . the capitol police say that over three hundred people were arrested for unlawfully demonstrating at the senate office buildings these are people that were arrested they were protesting against brett kavanaugh most of these protesters were arrested cited and then immediately released but over night other protesters are holding a vigil and many lawmakers primarily democratic lawmakers went out and spoke to
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them they said they'll be holding this vigil for the next coming days outside the capitol to try to pressure lawmakers not to vote for brett kavanaugh to the supreme court we're seeing opposition to him from other areas as well former supreme court justice john paul stevens said he doesn't think cavanaugh has the temperament to be a supreme court justice it's highly unusual to see a respected former justice such as this come out against someone that is currently a nominee to the highest court in the land and then also the washington post newspaper will be publishing an editorial on friday where they are encouraging lawmakers not to vote for brett kavanaugh they say that he has not shown the proper wherewithal to serve on the supreme court this is the first time that the washington post has opposed a supreme court nominee in thirty years nevertheless brett kavanaugh appears to have a lot of support within the republican party perhaps enough to go to the supreme
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court he himself is pushing back he wrote in opinion piece for the wall street journal the appear in that newspaper on friday where he says he's an impartial and independent judge and he says that his emotional testimony a week ago. says was quote reflected my overwhelming frustration at being wrongly accused in quote that's his message he says he is wrongly accused and by all accounts most of the republican. in the senate seem to agree with that and seem that they will be supporting brett kavanaugh but will it be enough for him to go on to the supreme court will briley be the question that probably will be answered here in washington within the next twenty four to forty eight hours. to indonesia now where hundreds of thousands of people still waiting for food and medicine needy a week after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the island of sort of way see the
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top towns and villages have been destroyed in the least sixteen hundred people have died in the god has this update from. the afternoon prayers have never been more urgent in this whole both town of value many of the worshipers that afternoon are still hoping to find their missing loved one these prayers are all about honoring and remembering the dead on friday and continue to pile up even more and in other areas all of course and in the district in this area alone the situation is difficult survivors injured survivors are having a hard time coping physically mentally and emotionally all across the area as you find a lot of back home machines still continuing the clearing of the greek rescuers still finding hoping to find survivors and trying to retrieve bodies to the mark the first week since the disaster struck and an operation that is expected to last many weeks months and years so ahead on the russian side the plots western governments
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unite in condemning the kremlin and we'll look at the greek government's efforts to help refugees as winter approaches. the end. hello there looks like parts of the middle east will see some pretty wet weather over the next couple of days look at the child force on friday we can see a few showers are developing in the northern parts of iran and some of these are likely to be fairly lively then as we head into saturday that area of rain gradually spreads a little bit out towards the west over parts of iraq and a bit further east as well so across this region really doesn't quite disturbed elsewhere though. staying mostly fine and dry the temperatures now beginning to drop off in baghdad those who a maximum of thirty seven degrees here in doha we're also over the worst of the summer as well quite dry air though for friday thirty nine probably maximum but it
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drops off as the humidity rises for saturday so thirty seven will be our maximum towards the west there could be a little bit of cloud developing around the meca area and there's the outside chance that we could see a shower out of that a bit further towards the south and force here that's largely fine dry weather for many of us antananarivo up at a warm thirty degrees for us in capetown where we are around twenty for most of the showers a currently just to the east of mozambique looks like they'll gradually begin to ease off though as they work their way northward so you'll see a couple of showers perhaps around parts of southern madagascar on saturday but away from there it does look largely troy. it's jealousy that she just. very. very. special and. everything you see.
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if there is going to be. good to have you with on al-jazeera these are all top stories president. china of interfering with politics and technology he says beijing is using economic and monetary tools as well as propaganda to advance its interests in the u.s. china's foreign ministry has rejected the allegations saying. top republicans say
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there's no hint of misconduct in the f.b.i. report into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh senate democrats have reported a sexual assault allegations as complete the senate is expected to announce confirmation later this week hundreds of thousands of people are still in need of aid on the indonesian island of ways see a week after an earthquake and tsunami devastated much of the island more than fifteen hundred people have been killed losing has become such a problem that soldiers have been ordered to shoot. brazil's presidential candidates are taking part in their final debate ahead of the first round of voting on sunday five candidates a better than election that's being described as the most unpredictable in decades to isabeau sent this update from. it's two days before the elections and the last
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debate happening in three others and eight zero between those who will participate on sunday's vote here in brazil except for now two who did not attend this last debate and gave an exclusive interview to ten very cold owned by the evan jellicoe church here in brazil and what many say is a big push by b. evan jelly cuts to the personality. many were hoping that in this last debate remember that it would be able in a way to gain more votes and attack the personality. directly during the debate that did not happen however we have seen a change of strategy the workers' party we have seen some tweets saying about support for now to for example never voted for a poverty fund but he never doubted to vote to increase his own salary the workers' party is also comparing to it will turn out ok with adolf hitler from the very
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beginning the big strategy by the workers party was say that little. well many are saying that that was a big mistake it helped in the very beginning but now it's become a more complex situation because in a way the workers' party is not acknowledging its own mistakes and in a way this has prevented them from gaining more votes in this election has become a two man race both are narrow has increased his votes in the last few days and many believe that he could win the first round. for his former president alberto fujimori has warned that if he's forced to go back to prison he would die for more of recorded his play on a mobile phone whilst in the hospital supreme court overturned a medical pardon on wednesday the decision could force him to return to jail to serve a long sentence for human rights abuses here. today i would like to tell your storage fees and politicians please do not use me as a political weapon because. i no longer have the strength to resist it i would like
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to ask the president of the republican and the members of the judiciary one thing only please don't kill me if i go back to prison my heart will not be able to endure it it is far too weak in order to go through it again do not sentence me to death. columbia aspiring to evict hundreds of venezuelan migrants have set up camp in the capital the city is struggling to cope with the sudden and flux and those who fled the economic crisis across the border. reports from. having walked for days across they end up here and in official tent city behind the bus station. hungry with little hope the journeyed from all over. with the same stories of poverty and ruin. but there are three essential things that are completely gone from venezuela health education and food that's why we left john and five children fled venezuela
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a month ago with no job others here put together what money they had to buy rice and sausages. the camp lacks clean running water toilets or any basic services colombia's government presence is limited to policemen and when the support of phish shows running a census. looking up on the personally i have nowhere to go they're telling us we can't stay here but i don't know where else to go. the police have barricaded just days ago they're not letting anyone and they're planning to everybody was coming but this hasn't stopped more migrants from arriving. simply setting up camp along these walled or in abandoned lot close by. colombians are donating food in close to the new arrivals. a truck full of meat the rives people line up the meters promptly cutting to pieces and shared. that i'm going to thank god almighty
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for these colombians who know we are dying of hunger but at least a million the. overwhelming humanitarian organizations local authorities are trying to move families with children to temporary shelters well others will have to fend for themselves but. for the city the most important thing is that the removal must be totally peaceful and offering full guarantees so if we need to consider time versus rights we might delay here fiction for a while but the principle remains. but across the city policemen are already moving on migrants found sleeping on the streets and tensions are rising. where are all the more than one hundred million dollars the united states has promised to date should be all kinds of help for us here i haven't seen the government helping a tunnel only the police abusing us this is promising to set up migrant service centers in coming weeks but we're no end in sight to the crisis it's clear more
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needs to be done to help those on this desperate journey i listen to them. turkey's foreign ministry has summoned saudi arabia's a best that are over the disappearance of a dissident saudi journalist saudi officials say jamal khashoggi must have gone missing after he left the consulate building in istanbul all but the turkish government believes he is still inside because he had been living in self-imposed exile while writing columns critical of the kingdom and crown prince mohammed bin well earlier we spoke to his fiance had to use on the phone and she said she was what jamal at the consulate when he disappeared and. it happened on the second of toben mean jamal went to the consulate in istanbul to get some paperwork for marriage went into the consulate and i was waiting near the door of the appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me they were supposed to come and get the phone from me
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but no one came i went to the door and security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lift i called the consulate the saudi men sit and he told me they closed and that no one is inside and you shouldn't wait here. western countries have denounced russia for cyber hacking attacks which they say are aimed at undermining democracies in some of the strongest language years since the cold war russians said russia has become a pariah state while the u.s. said moscow must pay for its actions russia has rejected the allegations calling them propaganda cold weather and reports. the tools of the trade this spy equipment was found in the possession of four russian agents in a car parked outside the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. back in april at the time the o.p.c. w. was independently analyzing the novacek used to attack script alan solsbury as well
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as identifying the substance used in an attack against civilians in the syrian town of duma on the bush the g.r.u. operation was aimed at hacking in infecting the wife and network of the o p c w from close quarters we call that a so-called close access hack operation when they were discovered the russian spies trying to destroy some of their equipment but one of the laptops showed they had also been in malaysia trying to access the investigation into the shooting down of the passenger jet m.h. seventeen over ukraine allegedly by a russian book missile the timing of the dutch announcement came just hours after a report on russian hacking by the british national cybersecurity center part of the government's g c h q spy agency the n c s c assessment concluded that hacker groups calling themselves fancy bear sound worm and voodoo bear actually just the russian military intelligence agency the g r u the russian foreign ministry
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spokeswoman reacted scornfully to the british statements is going to what i was born indiscriminately in one file or maybe in in a richie fragrance file everything was mixed up g.r.u. cyber spies kremlin's hackers what a hellish perfume mix the vivid imagination of our colleagues from the u.k. has no boundaries indeed who comes up with all this. but the pressure on russia was further intensified at the meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels what we are doing by acting with our allies by actually isolating russia exposing the fact that these are actions of a state this is acting in a reckless an indiscriminate manner this is not the actions of a great power this is of actions of a pariah state and then the u.s. justice department weighed in indicting seven russian g.r.u. agents in connection to a series of hacking attacks as well as charges of money laundering wire fraud and
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identity theft it is evident from the allegations in today's indictment that the defendants believe that they could use their anonymity to act with impunity in their own countries and on the territories of other sovereign nations to undermine international institutions and to distract from their government's own wrongdoing they were wrong most of the world's advanced spy agencies conduct cyber espionage but this wave of intense coordinated diplomatic pressure on russia highlights the sense that even by the shadowy standards of international spying russia has overstepped the boundaries of what is acceptable paul brennan al-jazeera. japanese carmaker in the sand has warned the british government that its manufacturing operations there will be seriously disrupted of there's no brakes it do with the e.u. the car maker employs almost forty thousand people in the u.k. this and says its business for lies on importing millions of components from the
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e.u. every day it says no deal breaks it would add nearly six hundred fifty million dollars to it costs. tesla c.e.o. criticize the government agency on twitter just days after negotiating a settlement to keep his job months ago suggested that the securities and exchange commission was helping investors betting on tesla stock to for its mask last week for alleged fraud after the c.e.o. wrote on twitter that he was considering taking the firm private mask agreed to pay a twenty million dollars fine and step aside as tesla's chairman for three years to greece now where as one to approaches the government is moving felons of refugees from the islands to better housing on the mainland it's the response to international criticism of the conditions of its refugee camps johnson reports from northern greece. each man at this card game shows his place at the table to some sort of hardship take mohammed his wife is pregnant and that puts her in the
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vulnerable category grounds for removing the couple from morea camp on the island of lesbos. no good my food. and here yes yes it's a good. good. good good very good here good here. good moria is meant to hold three thousand asylum seekers even after hundreds of evacuations it now holds eight thousand international aid groups say it is unsanitary and inhuman this community on the shores of lake in northern greece is the first of its kind in the country it is not a makeshift camp but bricks and mortar and here people's humanity seems restored living in hotel apartments means they can fend for themselves this syrian couple
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left the camp because the bomb that killed their two children back in syria had lodged shrapnel in their mother's abdomen they never went to hospital during their seven month stay in morea now they have a hospital appointment after just a week involving. the government has had to keep up with new arrivals from turkey so it has moved more than eight hundred thousand asylum seekers this year from the islands to the mainland and it plans to move six thousand more by november the aim is twofold to relieve the islands and offer refugees more humane conditions here the government has achieved at least the second goal people of visibly relaxed the european union provides them with a small stipend for groceries that and an e.u. rent subsidy for their hotel apartments have helped the local economy which used to rely on a different kind of subsidy. the elderly who came here had social security subsidies that's all been done away with and tourism here is down to
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a quarter of what it was before the crisis refute g.'s have brought the work back up to a decent level. many of these asylum seekers will end up receiving international protection and staying in greece they will then face the hardships greeks face of making a living in a depressed economy but that will be the normality they miss jumps out of the last al-jazeera. now again i'm a little bit proud of and on how with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. vice president mike pence has accused china of interfering with american politics and technology he says beijing is using economic and military tools as well as propaganda to advance its interests in the u.s. china's foreign ministry has rejected the allegations saying pence has committed slander top republicans in the u.s. so there's no hint of misconduct in the f.b.i. report from the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh but senate democrats argue
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that the report into sexual assault allegations and complete the senate is expected to vote on cavanagh's confirmation later this week hundreds of thousands of ended asians are still in need of help on the island of soloway sea after an earthquake and tsunami has a way to go more than fifteen hundred people have been killed looting has become such a big problem that the military has been ordered to shoot looters candidates and brazil's presidential race have gone head to head in the last televised debate before sunday's vote they say far right nationalist job also a threat to democracy but he was absent from the debate citing doctor's orders as he recovers from a stabbing attack last month. former president alberto fujimori has warned that if he is forced to go back to prison die for joy recorded his plea on a mobile phone from the hospital proves supreme court overturned a medical pardon on wednesday the decision could force him to return to jail to solve and serve
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a long sentence for human rights abuses here. today i would like to tell your thora to the. politicians please do not use me as a political weapon because i no longer have the strength to resist it i would like to ask the president of the republic and the members of the judiciary one thing only please don't kill me if i go back to prison my heart will not be able to endure it it is far too weak in order to go through it again do not sentence me to death of the test let's say our. government agency on twitter just days after negotiating a settlement to keep his job suggested the securities and exchange commission was helping investors betting on tesla stock to fall and so last week for alleged fraud . my nigeria is coming up next thank you for watching. al-jazeera world travels to the lebanese city of tripoli. to meet the widows
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living in one of the world's most ancient refuges. more than seven hundred years old it still upholds the charitable tradition of sheltering those with no means of supporting themselves the would do sanctuary on al-jazeera. zero zero. zero zero. zero. zero zero. zero zero. in nigeria is field where beautiful thing. as well as something that may be perceived as. a land with potential.


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