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extreme contradistinction. to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. the a's are fifty one the nos are forty nine the motion is agreed to. brett kavanaugh is the first of two senate votes to confirm his controversial nomination to the u.s. supreme court. i know i'm maryam namazie and on the new with al jazeera also coming up this year's nobel peace prize is awarded to yazidi campaign and a rod and congolese doctor dentist for that what to end sexual violence in war.
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more than a thousand people are still buried under a hotel and housing complex flattened by the quake and tsunami in indonesia. and interpol president mang hong why is reported missing off to travel to his native china in late september. told from supreme court nominee is cleared one of the final hurdles towards clinching the job on america's top judicial body on this vote the yeas are fifty one the nos are forty nine the motion is agreed to. the republican controlled senate vote voted fifty one to forty nine to set up a likely final vote on brett kavanaugh his confirmation on saturday but the senate remains bitterly divided and all eyes will be on a key republican senators who remain undecided over cavanagh's nomination democrats have been opposing him because of sexual misconduct allegations made by three women
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. following the vote dozens of protesters gathered outside republican senator jeff lakes office flake is considered one of the swing votes who could make or break cavanagh's nomination roselyn jordan joins us live now from capitol hill roslyn what's been the response to the vote so far. well it's been quite for so for us as you were just showing that video outside senator jeff lights office it was very rowdy it was very wild there were hundreds of people in the hallway just upstairs where we're standing and when i went up there the police were basically pushing the crowd in half and pushing one half back towards this side of the russell senate office building and pushing the other half towards the other side of the building trying to clear the way so that people who actually work in this building can try to get to their offices and more important to make certain that the demonstrators did get inside office so clearly there's
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a lot of concern but still a lot of interest the patient that they might be able to prevent brett kavanaugh from getting on the nation's highest court on the flip side the u.s. president donald trump quickly tweeted out congratulations to the senate for essentially ending debate on brett kavanaugh this nomination we're now in the thirty hour period where senators can get up and give their last round of consideration to the nomination as well as a nelson think choose how they're going to vote when that final vote is taken perhaps as early as on saturday. as you say there's been a great deal of reaction coming in at no says that cavanaugh has moved one step closer to securing his position on the scene from court rules then but how sure can we be about how certain key senate says are likely to to to go in that final.
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well mari i'm here exactly right we can't be absolutely certain lisa murkowski one of the swing votes a republican from alaska has was one of the people who voted against the debate on cabinets nomination and she told reporters that she made a pro mind as she was walking to the senate floor. on friday morning. and she described her capital is a good man but he is not fit to sit on the supreme court does that mean that she's actually going to vote no during that all important final vote we don't know that for certain but it certainly looks as if she will on the flip side there is one democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia who voted to end the debate but he is also someone who went back to that secret room where the f.b.i. background check was being held under lock and key this morning just so we could take another look at the information that the f.b.i.
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collected about brett kavanaugh he voted to go to in this debate period but that doesn't mean that he's going to vote for broke out at all when it's actually time to vote again as early as on saturday there really is no they didn't know until the votes are actually been cast thank you very much for now roslyn jordan of all the latest from capitol hill. now the two thousand eight hundred peace prize has been awarded to yazidi women's rights activist ninety i'm a rod and congolese doctor dentist mccuaig. was captured by i still when they took a village in iraq four years ago and sold repeatedly as a sex slave since escaping from mosul three months later she's become a passionate campaigner against the use of sex in warfare and an advocate for yazidi people a highly persecuted minority in northern iraq that is mccuaig a is
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a gynecologist in the democratic republic of congo known as dr miracle he established his own hospital in one thousand nine hundred ninety pacifically to treat female victims of sexual violence during the civil war and has helped thousands of women since then. dennis macwhich it is the hill who has devoted his life to defending these victims. rod is the witness who tells of the abuses perpetrated against herself and others each of them in their own way. has him to give greater visibility to wartime sexual violence so that the perpetrators can be held accountable for their actions well tash are going to name has more now on. who spent the last four years campaigning for justice. nudge him
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a rod refused to be shamed and refused to be silenced four years ago i saw fighters attacked her village in northern iraq she was taken captive and sold repeatedly for sex for her lebanese. he humiliated me every day he forced me to wear coats that didn't cover my body i was tortured i tried to flame but one of the gods stopped me and that night he beat me he asked me to take my clothes off and put me in a room with the gods then they proceeded to commit their crime and i thank you since she escaped from i still controlled mosul she has fought to put the suffering of the persecuted minority in iraq in the global spotlight not in the news so far i have enough there were thousands of his eighty families and children who were exchanged as gifts one of these people came up to me he wanted to take me i was absolutely petrified he looked like a monster i cried and said i am too young and you huge he bade.
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the nobel peace prize for twenty eighteen to dennis mcrib and. on friday the twenty five year old became the first iraq to be awarded the nobel peace prize unimaginable four years ago murat was living in the mountains of sin jar in the community of about half a million is edis practice an agent religion eisel deems them heretics when i saw fighters swept into mirage village she was kidnapped she and thousands of other girls and women were forced into sexual slavery after three months she escaped and made her way to germany where she now lives a family was not so lucky her mother and six of her brothers were killed. in the house that as higher than about the. i implore you get rid of eisel completely
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i went through this terrible suffering because of them i've seen what they've done to boys and girls all those who commit crimes of human trafficking and genocide need to be brought to justice so that women and children can live in peace. morag has spent the last four years forcing the world to reckon with rape as a weapon of war she has also spread awareness about the use e.t.s. and ensured no one forgets about the thousands who remain missing natasha going to eight zero zero. well that is mcgregor was in surgery in his hospital on the democratic republic of congo when he got a nice child strafford has more now on the incredible what he's done the c.d.c. says he's known among his colleagues and those whose lives he saved or helps to rebuild as dr miracle. this is congolese gynecologist denise mccuaig looking at
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the puns the hospital which she established in the democratic republic of congo for two decades he has tirelessly works to treat and protect women who have suffered sexual violence and he has risked his life doing so in two thousand and twelve men stormed his home in south keep new province killing a member of his staff. who quickly fled the country but returned in two thousand and thirteen to my decision my decision to come back to because it was motivated by the fact that i was determined to pursue the fight against sexual violence which is taking place in eastern congo the second reason was the determination of the congolese women whether it's women in the d.s. bar or women of the country the band and their cause were too strong for me to resist. the war the d.l.c. officially ended in two thousand and three but violence between government troops and rebels with foreign backing continues particularly in the mineral rich east of
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the country. mccuaig a history chief tens of thousands of rape victims women children and even babies. i haven't but i'm from what he said the rebels proceeded to rape me in front of my children after they shot my husband there were four of them and after that. they asserted a gun inside my vagina and that's how i got this condition. has described rape as a weapon of mass destruction the norwegian nobel committee praised macwhich for repeatedly condemning impunity for mass rape and criticizing the congolese government and other countries for not doing enough to stop sexual violence against women as a strategy and weapon of war. well to indonesia now west search and rescue team say more than a felon and people could be buried in a housing complex flattened by last week's earthquake and with hope of finding survivors fading there's growing anger that rescue operations didn't start sooner
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andrew thomas reports from the scene of a collapsed hotel where bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. that's what was the row row hotel there still digging and still finding bodies after the horn sounds the machinery briefly stops and the body is carried out but it's not debbie one side as husband his body is still somewhere inside last friday he was staying at the hotel on business the couple spoke to in the afternoon three hours later their worlds collapsed. and his son drove eighteen hours straight here. when we arrived there was nothing going on even though we could hear people crying for help and some local people tried to help using their hands but they couldn't do much without machinery like a new son have now spent six days sitting by the hotel waiting while we were
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talking the horn sounded again another body had been found but it was another lady's mother and very disappointing from the government of little us or so very late about how more lives could have been saved if they got here yes i'm sure in today's ears government says it brought in twenty one heavy machines to the loo on friday forty six in total since last friday when it's running this operation seems and professional but the search started late and even now it starts each night at nine but you thought i was but the next day we hope that we have more. us. in the professionals here not just the first to be saying lessons must be learnt after thomas al-jazeera paul to indonesia. and al jazeera live from london still ahead a man back becomes the fourth on
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a south korean president to be jailed after being convicted on corruption charges in the far right front runner in brazil's presidential race gets the last t.v. debate before sunday's election. hello again it's good to have you back well here across china we are looking at some fairly nice conditions for most of eastern china that for shanghai you have been picking up some clouds in the a quotation a rain shower in wins because of kong rain now congress will be making its way towards the north so conditions will be getting better for you and you will be breaking out so here on saturday no he too bad maybe some windy gust or two with the temperature there of twenty five degrees then as we go towards sunday better conditions a little calmer winds and about twenty six degrees few than down here towards hong kong we do expect to see maybe about thirty degrees as your high well across india
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we're on the lookout down here for the potential of some flooding but what's happening is here across the arabian sea the development of a next system and you can see that circulation right there we'll talk about that in just a moment but we do expect to see a lot of heavy rain here down along the southwestern coast and that could produce some localized flooding over the next few days so you can see the rain continues across much of that area and that system we're talking about well that system is expected to develop here across the web in sea and make its way towards the north so parts of oman either parts of yemen as well could be on the lookout for this or looks weak up here towards doha attempt a few of thirty eight degrees in riyadh partly cloudy at thirty nine. from cutting huge medical technology talks it could be over forced. the development of march so you can go to advances in the most difficult regions of the world.
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against something good and not the worst because the uber upside to every. innovative solution to global health care problems is you who tried to make a difference maybe all the ladies were good sure we sold the cure. our come back quick look at the top stories now the u.s. senate has cleared the way for a final vote on saturday confirming the controversial nomination of. to a lifetime seat on the supremes court the two thousand eight hundred peace prize
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has been awarded to yazidi eisel captive turned campaign and. and dr dennis gay for that work against sexual violence as a weapon of war in search and rescue teams in indonesia say more than a thousand people could still be buried in a hotel and housing complex flattened by last week's earthquake. one of the stories we're following two people have been killed in the latest protest along gaza's border with israel it's believed one of those killed is just fourteen years old protests and rioting of been taking price at the border fence that divides the gaza strip from israel for months gazans are calling for the right to return to their ancestral homes in israel as well as an end to the economic blockade on the territory. well now syrians living in a blip the last major rebel stronghold have been protesting on the streets of the city in previous weeks demonstrators have demanded the release of detainees from government jails but this time they're directing their anger towards the opposition saying holder has more from beirut. the opposition has lost
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a lot of ground to the syrian government but they still have their voices and their refusing to remain silent every friday afternoon prayers they take to the streets and in towns and villages across the province of idlib the province of course under the control of the rebels in the northwest of the country every friday they have a different message and this time around their message is not directed to the syrian government it's not directed to the international community but to their own leadership the higher negotiations committee which has been the go shaving on behalf of the opposition in peace talks in geneva in recent years the people of it live are afraid the h.m.c. is not. standing up for their rights because there they are singling out what happened in the southern province of that era where the rebels and the people at the end were forced to accept so-called reconciliation the us to lay down their arms and to accept the return of state rule to that area and this is what people
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are afraid of yes there is now a turkey russian deal to create the demilitarized zone which really averted the possibility of a military offensive in that area but this is a temporary solution syrian government officials are talking about regaining state control regaining control over at least so people are afraid if the state comes back what guarantees do they have that they won't be arrested or detained because these people engaged in opposition activities and for the government they are they are terrorists so people taking to the streets their anger directed towards their own leadership last week happening inside syrian government they called on the international community not to engage with the damascus government but now directing their anger towards the h.m.c. . u.s. president donald trump and what he calls rich countries around the world to cough up finances for american military support it's a republican rally in minnesota trump pointed his finger at saudi arabia for the third time in a week saying the kingdom security is indebted to washington. we defend countries
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that are very rich they don't pay us or they a small percentage take saudi arabia would you say they have somali so we defend and they pay a small percentage i said excuse me king solomon is my friend. do you mind paying for the military. their parents or thirty percent as i said you my bank. or the washington post has printed a blank column in its latest issue in solidarity with a saudi contributor who went missing in turkey jamal khashoggi a critic of saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man has not been seen since he went into the saudi consulate in istanbul on tuesday saudi officials insist he went missing after he left the building but the turkish government believes he is still inside. the president of interpol has been reported missing after traveling to
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china making our way has not been heard from since he left the french city of galle where interpol has its headquarters at the end of last month a french dish judicial official says he arrived in china but disappeared soon after the man was formally a senior chinese security official a correspondent adrian brown has more now from beijing. well so far this mysterious story is not being reported by state controlled media the reports we're getting about monk homei are coming from france that's where the international police organization has its headquarters in leone and that's where he lived with his wife now she apparently contacted police because she says she hasn't heard from her husband since he returned to china last week we don't know if he was summoned back to china because he's still a vice minister of public security and that was the position he held here in china
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before he was appointed president of interpol in two thousand and sixteen the first chinese person to hold that post he's also been a director of the counter-terrorism office here in china a very senior law enforcement officer now interpol has issued a statement saying that this is a matter for the authorities in china and france and they will be commenting any further some important context a man who was ultimately monks' boss was jailed for corruption in two thousand and fifteen and then a nother man who was a vice minister of public security was also jailed for corruption in two thousand and sixteen and al-jazeera has a stablished that his name was removed from a tea party committee in april two thousand and eighteen just a few months ago now it's not unusual for prominent figures to disappear here in china a tycoon from china do. sapir from
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a hotel in hong kong twenty months ago he'd been wanted for questioning here in the mainland and hasn't been seen since and then in june a well known actress vanished she suddenly popped up just this week following an investigation into her tax affairs and then of course we had the cases of the hong kong booksellers who also vanished only to reappear again of the several months of being held on the mainland now there could be an innocent explanation for mom's disappearance but if he hasn't appeared by monday then i think the chinese authorities will be facing demands for some sort of explanation. a leading critic of rwanda's president paul kagame has been released from prison than spend more than a year behind bars after she was arrested along with her mother in september two thousand and seventeen she was barred from running against gunmen last year's election and face charges of incitement to fraud
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a high court judge met with our and her mother out on bail on friday said they won't be allowed to leave the capital kigali. on our course in south korea has jailed former president lee myung bak for corruption making him the country's fourth former leader to be sent to prison he was found guilty of embezzling around twenty one million dollars and accepting bribes from samsung as well as south korea's intelligence services bribe reports from seoul. the charges date back to lean young backs time in office ten years ago and highlight once again the graft prone links between big business and south korean politics it was alleged in court he accepted millions of dollars in illegal payments from institutions including samsung and embezzled millions more from a private company that he had control over actions the court condemned as a betrayal of public trust this. mistrust and disappointment in our society as well
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as in the people who have supported him believed in him leave boycotted the proceedings apparently in protest of them being broadcast live to south korea the conservative claims the case is politically motivated by the current liberal administration. the prosecutors investigation against the administration is clearly a personal attack targeting me. the fourth former president to be imprisoned since leaving office the most recent before him parking on hay is serving a more than thirty year sentence for a crime she committed before being impeached and removed from office last year since moving towards democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. all south korean leaders have been tarnished to some degree by alleged wrongdoing either by themselves or their immediate families while in office for many political commentators cases like police have become familiar and many koreans are frustrated
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on the other hand they want to move forward and dream for better more democratic society part of the problem say critics is the power enjoyed by south korean presidents it's led to a debate about whether presidential powers should be curbed but for now jailing former leaders who abuse that all politics seems to be accepted as a fact of political life from the bride al jazeera so. a campaigning is now over in brazil's presidential election with two days of rest before sunday's vote hairball scenario is still the front runner despite not campaigning since his near fatal stabbing four weeks ago far right candidate needs the latest polling on thirty five percent that's three points up from the previous poll on tuesday its closest rival from london had died from the left wing workers'
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party is on twenty two percent after a place in jail for president lula da silva the other candidates are way behind including a recap marilyn's from the willing resilient democratic movement whose own just two percent with no one likely to get fifty percent of the vote it's almost certain to go to a runoff between both sonera and her dad in three weeks the latest poll says that would be almost neck and neck with both sonar on forty four percent and her dad on forty three all those presidential candidates have taken part in their final debate before the election with just paulson or a missing brazilians are frustrated as an increase in violent crime several high profile corruption scandals and a stuttering economy reports from south park. the last debate before the elections on sunday something a little bit of the lisi did not want to miss. i am worried about what is already happening in brazil we need to tackle fascist ideas there is
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a complex polarization of our society but we can't forget what's been happening in brazil over the last few years it's important we vote on sunday so we can keep its democracy. seven of the presidential candidates attended the debate and religion nailed the frontrunner former army captain john edwards on nat'l the t.v. global citing doctor's orders after being stabbed during a campaign event one month ago instead he gave a recorded interview to t.v. record own by anyone jellicoe church at the same time that the debate was happening . boy did. you not call me corrupt i have always fought for the union of all brazilians however the leftists divided us the workers' party did not work and they betrayed workers in the country. second place candidate for the man who had that who was handpicked by jailed former president. has been trying to prove
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that his party is the solution for brazil. the workers party has been trying to turn things around by posting a video comparing bolton nat'l with adolf hitler but the strategy so far has failed to turn polls around even though there are thirteen candidates this election has become a command race between j.d. was so not unfair among the i that support for most and i've increased in recent days but some analysts say that he could win in the first round ballots and the reasons why are many analysts say brazilians are voting against corruption and against the workers' party whose image has been tarnished by the largest corruption scandal in brazil's history. stuff it can only be explained by the abandonment of the state these are the people who suffered most in brazil's crisis in the last three years with violence unemployment and corruption so maybe they prefer to have
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a little bit of hope of getting jobs even if that means reducing democracy. so the america's largest democracy is heading to the polls on sunday the results will indicate which path brazil chooses to take it is how will. this quick look at the top stories for you now the u.s. senate has cleared the way for a final vote on saturday confirming the controversial nomination of brett kavanaugh to a lifetime seat on the supreme court republican controlled senate voted fifty one to forty nine to set up a likely final vote on brett kavanaugh his confirmation on saturday but the senate remains basically divided and all eyes will be on key republican senators who remain undecided over cavanagh's nomination roselyn jordan has more. the u.s. president all probably quickly tweeted out congratulations to the senate for
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essentially ending debate on brett kavanaugh small nation we're now in the thirty hour period where senators can get up and give their last weld of consideration to the nomination. the two thousand and eighteen peace prize has been awarded to the women's rights activist nadia ride and the congolese dr dennis mccuaig arad is campaign for the victims of sexual violence after spending three months as an isolated sex slave runs a hospital in the democratic republic of congo dedicated to helping the victims of rape. and rescue teams in indonesia say more than a thousand people could be buried in a housing complex flattened by last week's earthquake with hope of finding survivors fading there's growing anger that rescue operations didn't start soon or two people have been killed in ongoing protests along the gaza border with israel it's believed one of those killed is fourteen years old protests in writing of been
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taking place at the border fence that divides the gaza strip from israel for months syrians living in the last major rebel stronghold of a blip have been protesting on the streets of the city in previous weeks demonstrators have demanded the release of detainees from government jails but this time they are directing their anger towards the opposition and the president of interpol has been reported missing after traveling to his native china making way has not been heard from since he left the french city of where interpol has its headquarters at the end of last month. more news in about half an hour's time but coming up next the cure revisited showcasing some of the most exciting innovations in health care i'll see you a bit later on do you stay with al-jazeera now. i
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. i. i. hope you know there's something of them can now be sent to all of our fee for this is no food to be brought. to us or. sometimes it's very painful.


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