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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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i was on the iraq syria border and i'll tell you why thousands of women and children previously associated with are stranded with no future prospects. cameron proposed to go to the polls in an election that could topple one of africa's longest serving natives and as an announced a crash in practice for the most of the race in thailand it will be here with an update on the former while champion's recovery. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast what we do have some changes that are going to be happening here across parts of europe we're starting with some very nice conditions across central europe all due to some high pressure but that is going to start to break down in those very warm temperatures that we see here across paris twenty three degrees there as we go toward saturday down here
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towards or at twenty one well things are going to change that high pressure is going to start to break down meaning more rain is going to be filtering into those temperatures are going to go down so paris down to fourteen degrees or down to thirteen degrees rain in the forecast there but good news for london you saw some clouds and rain on saturday that is going to get a little bit better as we go towards sunday well for parts of the northern part of africa we are seeing some clouds here across much of libya right there and some imbedded showers as well so we could see a rain shower or two as we go through saturday as we go through sunday though things get much better across much of the area a lot of clouds that we saw over morocco are going to start to dissipate as well but for algiers we could be seeing some more clouds maybe some rain showers for you but we don't expect those to be too heavy at times and then very quickly down here across parts of central africa well heavy rain showers across much of the coastal regions here for it's going to be a rainy day for you at twenty nine degrees and lego's it's going to be mostly cloudy and twenty seven is your expected high.
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a quick look at headline stories now the u.s. senate clears the way for a final vote confirming the controversial nomination of brett kavanaugh to a lifetime seat on the supremes courts jurors have convicted a chicago police officer of the shooting of black teenager kuan mcdonald in two thousand and fourteen jason van dyke shot the seventeen year old sixteen times in the two thousand and eighteen nobel peace prize has been awarded to the i still captive turned campaign and the rod and the congolese dr denis will that work
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against sexual violence as a weapon of war. thousands of women and children captured after the defeat of i still of being held in detention facilities in iraq and syria human rights watch is urging nations to repatriate their citizens and hold fair trials for those accused of being associated with i still from among the iraq syria border a solid binge of aid reports. from the children and i need to accompany tease each other and play like most others their age but because their family members lived in the rifle they're not treated like ordinary children their movements are restricted just like their mothers were mounted too i see far more supporters. of the do is among them she was brought to syria by her husband would be doing her children come home to news you know he can my husband used to fire do not let go and he was killed there brought us to a hostel which was run by cool woman one woman even gave birth in a toilet but she wasn't allowed medical help no one could go outside they were not
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married i married this injured man needed someone to take care of him. we decided to flee but the trafficker took us to a kurdish area we were arrested the women in camps come from around forty countries almost all share similar stories thousands came to live in what i said called its caliph and after the group took control of large parts of syria and iraq but everyone who lived with the group is now seen as an accomplice. this eerie in teacher says her first husband was killed by the syrian government and she remarried a moroccan man so her three children would be taken care of we have nothing to do and i know i says we don't care about them they are very bad people you know and they put my imprisonment husband and one last imprisoned and i don't know which prison he is all the time i was looking for him and they told me just go back to home you are a woman it's forbidden to go i don't you know the reason why they imprisoned him is just for smoking you are thinking that you are feeling from hell to heaven and you know actually we are in another hell it's miserable situation here. some iraqi and
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syrian women have been sentenced to death for their alleged crimes but rights workers say finding women guilty by association is not a fair process first and foremost trials should be fair there's no there's no way around that i mean we can start from the assumption that trials will be fair and examine turned in about international right you have a right to a fair trial anywhere you walk us forces have trained fighters from the syrian democratic force on how to treat prisoners and some efforts are underway to repair treat at least some of the women and children it's a difficult situation and very tragic expression for the children i know a lot of countries have expressed interest of bringing the children back to their country depending on where the fighters are from but right now that problem still need to be solved rather than just putting them in a camp but many countries do not want anything to do with the people who lived under rice all rights activists see injustice breeds contempt and instability and
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the danger from a lack of free trial and indifference from home countries is. a continuing cycle of vengeance and not something that groups such as i still have taken advantage of some of the. on the iraq syria border. and join us on saturday for part three of us element of aids reports while i'm where we look at rebuilding efforts in towns destroyed by ice still. now human rights groups are calling for saudi arabia to verify the location of missing journalist jamal khashoggi he disappeared on tuesday after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul there are conflicting reports about his whereabouts a shell game is a strong critic of the saudi government has more from istanbul the sites outside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul resembles a crime scene more than it does a diplomatic mission police have cordoned off the entire area around the building monitoring anyone who enters or exits three days have passed since renowned
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journalists went missing go off to enter the consulate to process paper work on friday photo journalists and human rights activists gathered to demand his release they believe that the south your flora has kidnapped him and are either holding him hostage inside the building or have secretly somes him abroad the man we don't know what it's like suddenly genocide is what he wants is the freedom of jamal khashoggi if he entered the building of the consulate he has to get out of the safe and sound the turkish government has to take action and take care of democracy because tucker sovereignty has been violated he. has written a great deal about human rights abuses carried out by his country's government since the rise of crown prince mohammed bin said a man he's a regular columnist for the washington post it published friday's edition with a blank section where her she's writing would have appeared. his fiance too afraid to identify herself on camera spoke to al-jazeera over the phone about what happened last tuesday. jamal went into the consolation i was wasting the two the
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appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me they were supposed to come and get the phone from me but no one came i went to the door and asked security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lifts i called the consulate a saudi man answered and he told me the closest and that no one is inside. as fear has continued to grow over a safety the result for concern about the diplomatic fallout could occur as a result of his disappearance if indeed it is proven that the saudis have kidnapped him and or taken him out of the country which would mean that your progress side through missions as the tension centers ripple or no respect for the sovereignty of other countries would have to respond.
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india has signed a controversial new deal to buy russia's s. four hundred missile system india forged ahead with the five billion dollars deal despite the threat of u.s. sanctions on countries that trade with some russian defense firms the penalties are intended to punish russia for its an exception of crimea and alleged interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election. the u.s. hit china with sanctions last month over its arms agreements with russia pakistani opposition leadership sharif has been arrested by anti corruption investigators over alleged links to a multi-million dollar housing scam is the brother of the former premier no it was sharif who was ousted last year over corruption charges is the first high profile arrests pakistan's new prime minister imran khan swept to power in july vowed to clean up politics. according to out korea has jailed former president lee myung bak for corruption making him the country's fourth former leader to be sent to prison he was found guilty of embezzling around twenty one million dollars and accepting
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bribes from some some as well as south korea's intelligence services he's been sentenced to fifteen years behind bars and fined eleven million dollars the seventy six year old has denied any wrongdoing saying the investigation was politically motivated the philippine president has revealed he might have cancer or go to terra taste says he's waiting for a repeat of test results for abnormalities in his digestive tract and code on there were concerns for the territory's health off to he missed two official events on wednesday is promised to inform the public if he has a serious illness greek police could have prevented the killing of a rapper at the hands of a hitman from the far right party golden dawn but they failed to do so at the conclusion of the new forensic reports the murder of. us in september two thousand and thirteen ignited weeks of anti fascist protests and led to the arrest and indictment of all golden dawns members of parliament plus reports. this
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is the security camera that recorded the arrival of eight police officers on motorcycles on the night of seventeenth september twenty third teen its time code was off so the precise time of the police arrival was unknown police have said they arrived after the killing of rapper. and too late to prevent it i witnesses for the prosecution said the police were present forensic architecture a research unit at goldsmiths university in london has now said that question by matching material from eleven security cameras to precisely time coded police dispatch recordings they corroborated what prosecution witnesses said they were saying from the very beginning that the police was present on the scene and. indeed we found that we found out that they arrived at the about five minutes before the murder took place the defense tried to have the analysis thrown out but the courts
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deemed it admissible we can see. groups of people attacking somebody who is obviously was at the time of the of the stabbing. at least two policemen being at the scene in five to ten meters away meaning the killer passes right through them right in front of the two police officers who stood here evidently hadn't realized what happened because of the stabbing they tried to arrest the victim rather than the killer it's only because told them he'd been stabbed showed them his wounds and pointed to his killer but the killer was the rest of the tall golden dorms leader and members of parliament were indicted on charges of running a criminal organization under the guise of a political party and fisa is family lawyers say the precise time coding now proves the organized nature of the crime up with what the video confirms is a civil tiniest arrival of the golden dawn members because we see eight motorcycles
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with two riders on each and three cars with passages arriving as a convoy all of them turn down the street where faces his friends are except for the killers car which circles the block and then returns to kill face us the video proves the arrival of dawn was coordinated they had a plan which suggests a party conspiracy you can set this up in twenty minutes police won't comment on the new analysis because the trial is ongoing but there is now powerful evidence that this killing was carefully orchestrated and politically motivated and that police were unprepared for violence of this kind jumps out oprah last al-jazeera athens a leading critic of rwanda's president paul kagame has been released from prison than regardless spent more than a year behind bars after she was arrested along with her mother in september two thousand and seventeen she was barred from running against gammy in last year's election and faced charges of incitement and fraud a high court judge met with are and how mother out on bail on friday is that they won't be allowed to leave the capital kigali. in just two days it's just two days
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until voters in cameroon elect a new president two opposition parties have just announced a coalition of being to end president pull b.s. rule he's been in power for more than thirty five years making one of africa's longest serving leaders but his habit morgan reports from the capital less than half of cameroonians have registered as many feel level won't make a difference. seventy one year old kenny more research members the day cameroon gained independence he also remembers the day the current president first came to power thirty six years ago and with the presidential elections just days away he says he knows who he will vote for sure of what. i want to vote for president because he's a man of peace and also because i want my children to have a stable future i want them to win because i want my children to have jobs. but more research is one of less than seven million out of thirteen million voters who have registered to vote in the october seventh elections cameroon gained independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty and in late one nine
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hundred sixty one it's united anguish can room to become one country with a population of roughly twenty four million the country relies on agriculture and service provision for its g.d.p. the upcoming elections are disturbing and to president paul who has been ruling since my nine hundred eighty two and amended the constitution in two thousand and eight to remove limitations on the number of times a president can run for office it's kind of it's a running against him some say they're not sure who to vote for or if to vote at all when the people that will see this guy noticed. i don't know what to do what to get. from one r.v. things are rotten in cameroon we want change we are fed up with all that is happening i'm from the far north and our present never goes to see what is happening. cameroon is ranked as one of the most corrupt on the african continent according to transparency international but it isn't the only issue the country is dealing with security has become
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a crucial issue for cameroon government the country is facing threats on multiple fronts and the north it's participating in the fight against boko haram along with eastern border this conflict in neighboring central african republic and its west an english speaking region fighters have been battling the government for independence. fighting in the western region. which started in twenty seventeen has killed hundreds and displaced a quarter of a million people the english speaking fighters who have called themselves and brazilians say the elections want to be held in their regions but the government disagree. with the blues or over the. security is. to all citizens of news. this is it measures military speaking. to prevent this is your news from just go big does more organization there's more to go to or
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does than the presidential election most are just hopeful the elections are. regardless of who wins people are going to al-jazeera. and why american bakery is scoring major brownie points with criminals. and it's not a movie superhero. it's the equipment needed for a new sports. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.


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