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tv   In The Shadow Of The Hill  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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that why should we trust these institutions if they don't change for us when we get out and we peacefully protest and we vote so there at some point will be a shakeup all right we have run out of time so thanks to all our guests geoff hauser rina shah and john. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mama gentlemen the whole team here bye for now.
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this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. inside facebook on al-jazeera. the nobel committee has announced the joint witness of this year's peace prize denis mccuaig and nadia morrow al-jazeera has been granted the exclusive international rights to interview the winners after the awards ceremony here in oslo in december the nobel interview on al-jazeera. capturing
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a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but it's been horrific jomo soldier's life it's not a normal life show and the story needs to be told we do stories that have also said i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind that al-jazeera . teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and on. responding to criticism the hunger in foreign minister defends his government's
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tough policy on refugees you have three thousand five hundred fifty five refugees living illegally you're not taking your fair share how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries peter seattle talks to al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every. hello i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera brett kavanaugh the man nominated by president trump to maintain a five four conservative majority in the u.s. supreme court is one step closer to his goal republicans say an f.b.i.
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investigation didn't find any evidence supporting sexual misconduct allegations against him but democrats say the probe was a sham the senate now agreed to advance cabin his nomination and a final vote is due on saturday as a result in jordan as more from washington d.c. the motion is agreed to. the u.s. senate is now taking what should be the final step needed to approve brett kavanaugh for the u.s. supreme court thirty hours of debate and a vote the process has been delayed for nearly three weeks due to allegations of sexual assault a special senate hearing to review the allegations and a one week delay so the f.b.i. could investigate thank you. senator jeff flake a swing vote was pressured by sexual assault victims into calling for the delay and yet despite protests out of his office and a review of the f.b.i.
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support flake says he will vote yes on capital and you kind of oh yes tomorrow. something big change so i don't see. what would but to. but anyway i'm glad we had a better process cavanaugh was already a contentious choice because of his conservative views on abortion gun laws and presidential powers but in mid september it was revealed christian blogs and ford had accused him of trying to rape her when they were teenagers i've never sexually assaulted dr ford or anyone or as capitol tried to clear his name his testimony before the senate judiciary committee raised new concerns was he too hot headed to be one of the united states top judges possibly for decades even the former u.s. supreme court justice john paul stevens called kavanaugh unfit for the post to the supporters called this criticism slander and insist kavanaugh should be approved judge kavanaugh was publicly accused of
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a crime and his reputation and livelihood weren't state so it was only fair that his accuser have the burden to prove the consensus is that the burden was not met republican lisa murkowski said on friday she would not vote and kavanagh's favor but two other so-called swing senators signed off in support of the nominee moving capitals confirmation that much closer to the finish line i did deal with the facts i had and from the way i will vote to can firm chad's cabinet. the us president donald trump has chaired the u.s. senate's decision to hold its final debate and vote but the outcome won't be known until all of the senators have actually cast their ballots and not a second before rosalind jordan al-jazeera capitol hill. for the first time in decades a jury in chicago has convicted a white police officer of murder in the killing of
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a black teenager officer jason van dyke has been found guilty of the second degree murder of luck one mcdonald in twenty fourteen the policeman shot mcdonald sixteen times as a teenager held a knife by his side for twenty eighteen nobel peace prize been awarded two years e.d. women's rights activist nadia congolese dr dennis mccuaig will run campaigns for the victims of sexual violence after spending three months as an eyesore sex slave quickly runs a hospital in the d.r. see dedicated to helping the victims of gang rape. the president of interpol has been reported missing all the travelling to his home country china no one's been able to get in touch with hong ways since late last month the french police are now investigating the disappearance of french officials says he arrived in china but went missing soon after it's been a week since the indonesian island of slow ways he was struck by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a tsunami the official death toll now stands at almost sixteen hundred and bodies are still being pulled from the daybreak military planes are about twenty countries
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are flying in a much needed aid the u.n. has pledged fifty million dollars to the relief effort. all right well those are the headlines and news continues here on the al jazeera off the shelter statement of so much i thought. razor right and repeat after me i say your name. this only swear. for to. cause a church in the united states. against all enemies. foreign and domestic. according to regulations. and the uniform code of military justice the salmi job.
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so i got the ventures into roger shoals he served in the ring corps from ninety to ninety ninety five so he's going to my programs is a bed and mutely for him to get his life back to living out of his truck for the last couple of years he's homeless and i'm sure to get about obstruction to a bed. so on. he told me again we did the marine corps yes i was nice to. ken i knew. i was a sergeant for quite a long time but if you look at his bad growing oh no i love my serve and i came from a very broken broken home i'm much found the support. that's the joy nicest
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record there's no good from there to learn how to be of marine nothing. in it me yesterday every day here as there is somebody on your side always. does not private. so many scholars call the speaker. oh my god the marines from my from the my when i thought the year after up and i didn't know what it was we're going to get my life back on track after pretty much what i did from tunics stream flashback. and into streams last i want to write back overseas are in the field and cannot get out of me in the shares had a few run ins a few times the shoals see on your second mile program so it's basically
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their organs and come as health and his housing situation it was it was hard also for me your bags of a life i mean i tended suicide three times and i was homeless at one point one first came back for a second roger situation being homeless sucks the country that is the country gave up on me this job saved me because i mean i know forty percent of the ploys here are better and sell em better stands the veteran here and. it was just the perfect working place so many people arrived to success because he wants it now i mean yeah he's had his hick ups his bumps in the road but he's at that point his life where he's fifty you know he's ready to he wants to relax i hope and just work him enjoy the rest of his life so so. we got hope for today put it that way
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i met. this organization started in the seventy's we were trying to create a place for returning vietnam veterans and it soon became apparent like everybody else they were in a home they did the job they knew that healthy relationships. so there so there was a need for to establish an agency an organization that was know i could bring together these resources but also create a place a safe secure place that they could come to talk about their experience to share their with the people have a similar experience. there seems to be a large percentage of veterans who do come out you know
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a little broken you know and for everybody really i mean it's a life changing experience that's what boot camp is all about they take away your individual ism and they train all that stuff out of you see don't question orders they're leaving you know such a structured environment and then thrown into you know life that's been going on for four years without them or longer you know and that's scary and intimidating and they don't know how to cope and that's why a lot of them turn to drugs or turn to whatever it is they don't know how to fit in anymore i feel like the real problem is no out training that makes sense you know particularly with our military people now you know they're being trained to such a high degree to go over and fight they go over there they do their job and then they're out one day and why have you know how somebody supposed to flip that switch
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if it doesn't happen to have the bob dylan where the nails leave that. we could use and about the odd thing. that will be your room. yes you could program next week of graduate but i got it i put it in pretty extension staying longer than that he lot more work on myself and i'm getting the help that i need here are some well i'm going to that i can learn here because i did with every issue the interest the beauty of it i'm going to present a.t.'s need to support you on you and what you're sure you in sixty seven sixty eight zero said . when i was drafted they very wisely made a medic for me because i don't think there was anything else in the army that i
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would have done i never saw another job that that i could have done that i would have done. and when we get a ambushed and they'd be shoot medicine and stuff i would use my rifle to big noise just. as scare off but i didn't want her to. mostly since they are not men do defects p.t.s.d. and depression and a lot of you have your own about aswell and it's common to all of us. this my son jack. to seek to be.
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seen. never play came form for a. field name oh. i'm comes on dunn. is right. and his. life. was oh my lean i mean both. i took care of a man when a truck rolled over the mountain and crushed him. williams airworthy it was full of blood and i clawed it out with my hands and it just filled back. and then bubbles broke
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and there was nothing i could do he was dead go on through that. tore me to pieces. you. worried. that some. are. are the ones. you know. the very.
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end in order to function in combat and you know this a rational response would be to get the hell there but we cannot be rational so we have to set aside our rational human response and then having cut all those feelings all you know your sense to it because if you don't you just start screaming that one day and the middle of it and you won't stop i went out to a track in two thousand and nine and we got bombed every thursday they went la beouf and broccoli rock rock around is more around whatever happened one night one of those rounds hit three four guys and. i think one of them survived i really remember because kind of burnt my memory with math and everything turned forget about it but. we lost three three guys three m.p.'s.
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he talked about numbness. and i got back i had no fear period i know i was not afraid of anything i want to do that in the middle of the night and i care trying to get some weed to you know to calm me down and held it none of this. with with the use using and with. not having a whole that done it big boy. i could've made it well if i use the unemployment because i got employment for two years i would use it right instead of using it to suicide my my fears my you might my feelings very much. i could have went somewhere but i didn't i just explained it that. i've been here almost ninety days now the twenty third of this month the nineteenth what i'll be asking
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for an extension because i can i can't trust myself to go out there i go for the holidays i need to go through that go through the holiday here in the r.c. and. i just thank god for each one of my bets with regards to whether you're an army navy coast guard they're not marines that ask you up all right here. when i actually came here and i mean yeah that person scary situation and the diversity here is you know we have straight and we have gay and we have transgender and i'm actually gay veteran and also came out with. my h.i.b. status i'm a chubby positive and. you know that day acceptance from the group was very much overwhelming and.
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they opened up arms and you know they offered words of encouragement that was actually remarkable. we become so rich that we could get any. career peer or love in their day that. it is true. you know every veteran out there is one of my brothers and sisters. i want to be there for him you know it's all my my my vet's all the time i said look you know i'm i'm not a social worker by nature. a fool. was . it sounds harsh but by and large i don't really care about the average person out there. but i do this because
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i love it. oh where do. all
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the program is designed it's a thirty bed transitional program for homeless vets and so yes they all had to been homeless and all that friends like you are going to their goal self-sufficient income so we help them apply for benefits we help them go back to school or get employment. morning or you. interventions difference to their needs are different and so we're able to treat them to the root issues whether it's addiction whether it's mental health. or you're either. going to everywhere. no duty to meet my roommates man so let me say maybe on over. to them early. he's just five three and were and five miles in raised to get sleep in.
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my readjustment derby's unreal. the way of life for the marines. just as it makes the society. so we're learning how to just. like and maybe i'm relationship with my. children that's why it's. not simpler it doesn't turn destructive. like good morning to you yeah every morning. that's i see what i do guy right now when he first came in here he was with me i thought he needed medication back because he was gay how he would if he was having a real bad time and a counselor was in session with somebody so i can get the cows are out of the office i thought roger was going to get his truck and leave. that you know yeah yeah well you had to leave now to get it only took two weeks of two and two weeks
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he was calm down it was amazing it was. not going to swab the floor the navy guys would be good to get. their call swaby he's. the one thing i'd like to highlight optically with the new veterans coming into these programs is that it is a program so you don't run shelters you know this isn't a mission. it's a man supportive housing program. everybody takes turns doing chores and somebody has been living on the street for fifteen years clean the kitchen. a lead experience but it's something that they all have to do like it or to teach that.
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i don't know i don't know how to say it but there's just i love this place you know i wish everybody could experience this. this is my car in the end my wife lived in this car. it's not a good place to live but i guess it beats the street. you know let me show you where i was living. it was basically. sit like this and put the seat. where is it right here all the way back and this is this is the position we slept in and i would have sleeping bag pulled up over me and my pillow
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behind my head bit as you could see i'm not burkle or horizontal. so i wasn't i mean you try to turn over and you just get more uncomfortable and that's why they all called him and you know you drink enough are you just pass them out a way to do that and you wake up in the morning so or you know new do you start today all over again doing the same thing trinket so you wouldn't have to feel anything when you when you try had to crawl back in this thing and sleep in it the end i think happened in the mcdonald's parking lot and i stopped getting i try to use more drugs and they just wouldn't work. and it's like lex that something outside of myself said that's enough now it's a veterans' resource center and things have just been going good sense and you know i completed i did everything i needed to do. to do the right thing you know to
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get help. and now this car is just a reminder of what i'm done with. today like this so good. we're going to hang on to what i get. a leg and go. sit in a fried chicken. let me go is. he going. to be a feast or what. but when it's so. easy to get big fish. it's just sure if you see circumstances where you can say. i've seen circumstances in which the client didn't want to be
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saved somebody will decide. her winner or alcohol was much more important at that moment and then we just hope that we left enough of an impression that at some point they'll be ready for hoping to come back again. never turn her back on a veteran and we're not going to do it today hopefully some day they'll all come back. i have just how i am. a veteran of two branches i did six years active duty in the navy is a summer technician from there i went into the naval reserves that i completed i went into the army national guard which i am still hurt currently serving and. at a total of fourteen years now for the car they work as a player in just six ive periods i swear i have a substance abuse problem that i have about all that and get over here which was
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hard but i've done it now and again and this last time was a lot harder but at least i was able to. bounce back from it all. and since then have been trying to find income to help kind of move forward. remember we have to cross over into it a creek area. and give you a heads up. your whole day isn't compassed with doing nothing but surviving that foothold to go around to look for housing or to look for jobs it becomes much harder because you're more focused on where am i going to get my next meal. or how am i going to get to these free services or how my going to these third beings. and then to think about where is our next hour. hi jean you look homeless and your clothes are all dirty in stuff
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like that you can't better even if you walk to change. from some other stories that make a difference regan. is here with the platform where i stayed. with my boyfriend back couple of their neighborhood so to say. this is our tank can prove there's a profit that i think is also very very emotional to hear good ventilation and then there's them our friend vicki is were there frank kenyon they stay on here with us but that's generally where i say ran off of a freeway in the woods so welcome to woods.
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he was the world's most wanted underworld banker. until a year long undercover operation finally took him down. when one uses goes inside the billion dollar bust and how does it. do there is growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he would want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we know looking at the news some nations prison. probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. al-jazeera world travels to the lebanese city of tripoli. to meet the widows living in one of the world's most ancient refuges. more than seven hundred years
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old it's still the charitable tradition of sheltering those with no means of supporting themselves the way do sanctuary on al-jazeera. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to the health care system to greece's and women's rights join us throughout of told her for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. midterms on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump's pick for the u.s. supreme court but cabinet has now really cleared a procedural vote in the senate a final vote on cavanagh's confirmation is expected on saturday republicans say an
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f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence supporting sexual misconduct claims against him for the first time in decades a jury in chicago has convicted a white police officer of murder in the killing of a black teenager of suggestion vandyke has been found guilty of the second degree murder of luck one mcdonald in twenty fourteen the policeman shot mcdonald sixteen times as a teenager held a knife by his side john hendren has this update from chicago where many had gathered ahead of the verdict. this city was ready for a major uprising in case the verdict did not come down the way the people wanted here in the streets it should all go twelve thousand police officers run alert six thousand of them were already deployed around this city but instead this crowd has come out it has shut the streets down but it is done so not out of anger but it of celebration. the twenty eighty nobel peace prize has been awarded to years e.d. women's rights not to this nadia moore and the congolese dr dennis mccuaig morag
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campaigns for the victims of sexual violence maclagan runs a hospital in democratic republic of congo dedicated to helping the victims of gang rape the president of interpol has been reported missing all the traveling to his home country china no one's been able to get in touch with monk home way since late last month the french police on the investigating the disappearance of the french official says he write them china but went missing.


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