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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 278  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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central point within the brain and the energy from all these thousand beams combines together and is powerful enough to cause a small and criticize vision of the brain it's a bit like when you use a magnifying glass to concentrate light rays to burn something will stop fire yeah absolutely so what are the advantages of this procedure over the current procedures for such a main advantage all focused on just how it is it being in on a razor to show an opening in the skull patients are overweight and you can look at their specific tremor while they are drawing objects or writing an immediate feedback that you get is a key part of this procedure that allows us to be accurate while the patient is still on the table so excited that i do indeed is for sure. sonny is just the seventh person to undergo this new procedure at the what the
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medical center as part of a clinical trial. ok so sun is pretty much all set to sort of go into the machine because go into film and back but we can settle in and this is kind of the control sense that this is the point with its question it will be manipulating the controls to to get the facts he wants. to see the deconstruction of the sun is. known as long. as you go to school you can see this in the form of the school a lot of the ocean views you drew and much room for this go in you he brings home sure you believe. this is the part of the dream you but in life to be born and you can see the ultrasound rays are coming in from different elements to emerge interest warning of the brain. it's all it's nature and now the next step is to
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stop say the treatment step by step to see how much energy needs to to try to trap . ok let's focus. a little. sorry i'm sorry. dr krishna treats sonny with fourteen sessions of ultrasonic and itching known as sonic ations which will burn the fact cells in her brain each sunday cation loss around ten to fifteen seconds you know anything at all. hard to pick. up the aca will test the movement and right to monitor any improvement and determine how well the treatment is. so these are scarlet drawings on the line for us her rights to see about her and i will give her some short sighted patients in a safe us change a choice that takes. thirty. two minutes for ten seconds.
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this is number six that's highest chair she said she was very interested in actually not rushing through this exciting stuff right this is the big one of the she said this is this is the big one even to get the full amount of calls invasion thing we want. to do you know. that's. interesting how can i just think pointed straight last sunday keisha might not. and it's not standing in some spots and. that's a big grand very big that i'll. buy these experts tell you this is to prevent its recall zero so this treatment has been an extraordinary thing today . on. to fix
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all. that stuff free. health and money well more the more you write. here. and i. told you. the following day i visit sunny to find out how she's getting on. getting on a my name is pretty. amazing feeling pretty good pretty good. checks solid as a rock yes my goodness me you said this in the book twenty thirty years to retrain your hands actually do stuff you want to use for school i do it kind of have to talk to it semi yesterday how we feel about the whole procedure are you aware of the evening as i was when i was and it was really hard not to
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start jumping from right in that thing i was like oh. yeah i was by his like i cut it's working it's going to affect practically every movement they make it everything absolutely everything. the team hope to get us government approval for this procedure by the end of the year which means that it will become available to other patients outside of the trial it's extraordinary to witness the immediate impact this has had on sonny trying to make it through can i show you what you did that's a good. wriggle in that. that's more think whom. are actually stuck ration in pretty good docs a team. mate will team just me. and circle did you expect to be able to do that today as. i've been hoping for you there's
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been a. i guess sometimes hope come true. most of us view venomous animals such as makes scorpions and spiders as creatures to avoid it scientists believe that their toxic venom could be a vast untapped resource for the development of lifesaving drugs i'm going to just play c. and i'm here in the south of france on the hunt for some extraordinary animals with the potential to save lives. next project is a collaboration of venom experts from across europe aiming to find new drugs capable of treating conditions such as cancer diabetes and cardiovascular disease. this is my way to meet here is one of the lead scientists involved with the phenomena project and him and his team hunting for schoolkids today. here nice to
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me it's good to meet you thank you for having me here it's crazy well yeah isn't it so we should go search your little girl field because. that's a big so if illiterate k. could just picking up rocks and absolutely in the area. ok there's a problem well. all right we call them. well. and this assume that's the thing. this is a member of the. media of scorpions are lethal to human killed you know thousands of people every year. into the. in mexico. may be nervous it's not going to jump all the links angry. playing to me what exactly is involved with the project. the enemy is
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a large scale project aiming at discovery of new drugs instead of using for example medicine and then. to look at new york's we're using because they hold such a high potential and the such a large number of molecules this seems slightly in congress that venom is designed to. kill you could potentially be the source of life saving drugs but then again a poisonous plant also has the same properties and if you extract these compounds one of those compounds given the wide those age can actually cure you. of the search we should we should start anything wrong if you know. the toxic proteins are peptides within venom target and interact with specific cell receptors within the body affecting the vital functions of the heart nervous system blood or other tissues. it's the targeted nature of these toxins that gives institute
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potential for the development of drugs which have highly specific and effective therapeutic actions. toss to find a school tomorrow in an hour off again it's experts who have already found several themselves. for my pride i have to find one. for one. that's. exactly. that's it we're really. going to do a show and. the estimates we have currently are about forty million money curious altogether. so
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we know about three to four thousand only basically we are key hunters we're looking we're going to look at the long. interest you can find the keys to. a cancer cell for example potentially could be provided there is a suitable or receptor these creature hold an immense potential for drug discovery the venom makes project has laboratories in france denmark spain belgium and portugal and the aim is to source the venom of over five hundred species of animals including snakes jellyfish. one of peers partners in france is an expert in the breeding of large spiders. do you think. wow. it's hard. to me. i'm surrounded by spiders you're surrounded yeah i'm feeling very comfortable. mainly.
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just was your day. is devoted to spiders sometimes called. spoilers and here breeding. spiders as well as not just find those. to provide for the rituals for and you know them here. plus why school is the society with the project because he's got a unique facility you probably have no more than four or five people in the world who can actually breed spider is a military studying the diversity of the known world will allow us to uncover. the diversity of more each will suite different properties there i ask can we can we see some of them. this one is a huge one you see huge trees you have to really come steel on greece and lots.
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of these this isn't on the quay because. it's a very large spider yeah the very is also quite put to the jury goes to the she has nothing to do. and can we see you know king some of the spiders as good as. it will. be to sleep. so your applying come dockside straight to the lungs absolutely. you can see not only inches. in the ozone those lands called from the sun on when they put some interesting causes the muscle to do trench acts on the next course the minute. oh
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yeah. yeah. purists by using your spine and sapir this sample of venom can now be sent to your laboratory finance's is never really got to be in dr fantastic. just up to it's let's step into that thank you so here's a facility on here's all the are some of the sculptures we collected previously we're going to extract some venom from this. options because we need for the project both venom and venom glands if you want to try you can have a go at milking ok yes so i will install the scorpion in a holder and then world stimulate it with a bit of a trickle current. i will first ground the scorpion gently we going
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to. put him here and you got to hold this yeah i mean that's that's fine. but you giving it giving out shocks my the electrical current can you see the venom drop yeah ok that's enough to run through and this is absolutely absolutely. perfect. once melt the team separate the venom into its constituent peptides which will then be added to a bank of molecules ready for an ounce of. this project has the same excitement in the fact that it is as you say this kind of leap into the unknown with such a strong chance you'll find something of interest you're exploring something that's never been explored like going to other planets you know as a scientists intellectually extremely exciting and the signal reason for excitement is that you hope that you can make a difference one day and maybe all of all this work get a cure for something that's two reasons for being so it just.
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from cutting edge medical technology toxic venom could be a vast resource the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world raising the lives of any of the worst gig you've heard that side ever. innovative solutions to global health care problems that didn't make a difference maybe all of those were good it sure was still the cure on al-jazeera . since its inception in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over one hundred countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education all these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and
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promote sustainable development. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles the health care system to greece's and women's rights join us throughout have told her for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. midterms on al-jazeera. hello again everyone from going to here in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump's pick for the u.s. supreme court brett capita has narrowly cleared a procedural vote in the senate a final vote on kalidas confirmation is expected on saturday republicans say an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence supporting sexual misconduct allegations against him well in jordan reports from washington the motion is agreed to.
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the u.s. senate is now taking what should be the final step needed to approve brett kavanaugh for the u.s. supreme court thirty hours of debate and a vote the process has been delayed for nearly three weeks due to allegations of sexual assault a special senate hearing to review the allegations and a one week delay for the so the f.b.i. could investigate. senator jeff flake a swing vote was pressured by sexual assault victims into calling for the delay and yet despite protests out of his office and a review of the f.b.i. support flake says he will vote yes on cap and on a new kind of oh yes motto. something big change see. what would but. but anyway i'm glad we had a better process kavanaugh was already a contentious choice because of his conservative views on abortion gun laws and
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presidential powers but in mid september it was revealed christine blazin ford had accused him of trying to rape her when they were teenagers i've never sexually assaulted dr ford or anyone or as capitol tried to clear his name his testimony before the senate judiciary committee raised new concerns was he too hot headed to be one of the united states' top judges possibly for decades even the former u.s. supreme court justice john paul stevens called kavanaugh unfit for the post to the supporters called this criticism slander and insist kavanaugh should be approved judge kavanaugh was publicly accused of a crime and his reputation and livelihood weren't stake so it was only fair that his accuser have the burden to prove the consensus is that the burden was not met republican lisa murkowski said on friday she would not vote and kavanagh's
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favor but two other so-called swing senators signed off in support of the nominee moving capitals confirmation that much closer to the finish line i didn't know if i had him for the day and i will go to canned firm chad's cabin. the u.s. president donald trump has chaired the u.s. senate's decision to hold its final debate and vote but the outcome won't be known until all of the senators have actually cast their ballot and not a second before the in jordan al-jazeera capitol hill jurors in the u.s. city of chicago have convicted a white police officer over the shooting of a black teenager officer jason van dyke has been found guilty of the second degree murder of a koran mcdonald in twenty fourteen the policeman shot mcdonald sixteen times as the teenager held a knife to decide the president of interpol has been reported missing after traveling to china from france in september the south china morning post newspaper
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is reporting a long way was taken away after his act crafted landed he's not been heard from since leaving the city of leone it's been a week now since the indonesian island of super ways he was struck by a magnitude seven point five earthquake the triggered a tsunami the official death toll stands at almost one thousand six hundred but bodies are still being pulled from the day bri military aircraft from around twenty countries of flying in with much needed aid and supplies pakistani opposition leader shahbaz sharif has been arrested by anti corruption investigators over alleged links to a multi-million dollar housing scam he's the brother of the former premier known as sharif who was ousted last year over corruption charges the twenty eighteen nobel peace prize has been awarded to the women's rights activist nadia moved out and congolese dr dennis mccuaig would add campaigns for the victims of sexual violence quake he runs a hospital in the democratic republic of congo that's dedicated to helping the
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victims of gang rape there is the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera to witness next. which defused a move to. a move to do. a deal with his in the mood for example now though is that he died.
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known as won't think of you and your proof so when i do for god to meet good students whom are. those dms humans are a muggle idiot or killed by your government to go defeat here normally editing to do under for the house god the. god of wood used to. stone was in his argument for physio much some other. blood to some symbol are the good going to sue it is you. are but for the rest of. us.
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right and take. off. russia god well look at all of the office that's no no i still say his messiah will show the real world through our little problem with. my. little two so i think we have to have a level of go got to go because that would shock other more some that would use me some more descriptions you see most of them was a prisoner who grew faster whether he knew them about the evils on the legs going to the movie will get in the you. know that you know once this. new member jewel ma'am truthfully seen all those
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typically not going to the full scope. kind of walk one pull up to be the be the optimist on the yellow. all the largest for the vision would be to put the sash back in the movies. yeah you or the plus team up for those foods you would follow him to have gotten out. so i don't want to. be fighting this but he has to be here and i'm not going to see you. with me if only. if i were the villain of the nations. i mean we should follow see i'm a share you wonder some tacky disks or two for bob dylan police are in the local. dumpster them guys oh not one.


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