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tv   Inside Facebook Secrets Of The Social Network  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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soon. i mean for a while could say about more by oh well for the words to get above the bar impossible to believe you're by evolve. a chip boy would you believe they should try any polish court only children but it wouldn't shock the adhesive this is about the last battle you know i need my child want me i need a lot more meat on the list of youthful best wish for that was the salvo my little thinking case did it. on the remote did my mother yourself oh my shit model able to no matter at all guilt be conscious of a bottom being made for you but the moment i saw me. up as a california girl she will i don't let it know i want my album when i get shot myself i will give it all in dishing out you dumb ass you must finish the. book. i wanted and they do me change is it going to live a blues impact crash or what i called a memory. it is
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a baca show that we do men who call them in mind i'm up with a checklist and. i'm going to give them a party. it's not going to go by my. community i get nothing but at the result. i'm going to drop them go through. but they didn't achieve you boy knowledgeable being. that at the cover. thirty second see me an english course to. suppress this in my children is questionable. and you know you seen in my file i mean no money down service i should like to have one of the that you've seen up you saw how you had just two more.
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in the pulpit that it will. fight you have talent in form and does up in by beautiful but in a voice i thought where you are i feel it on the plank i got my theory out. that we can keep day fifteen which would be the sob the gift to the deepest god. is you've got and you know my life was in which was no one to me chill with your listeners or was it the audience we have just as you would have to bust his engine was it is yes. and you as each. song change to marriage meant the mama that got us the guys got us . yea he said my dear mrs you mustn't on the good stuff like this jim. i don't build condos to move to colorado nor could any of.
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you could i get this news from the ministry and the. if you follow mr fraser. and. size. of the party to bargain him which. meant to be of use to just. a few. beers here. is not the major bad idea both things are going up when he says i feel almost as a kid not mopping as if the attitude that propped up by media sucking not the football but out of the saying that one should know what i was on does imagine is the separate thing that that made us a kid i was saying i feel cool to look out the most to see what just happened at
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one minute before you used to dampen the dream of the output of sam the divide up the assets you don't get me out but if they find out i imagine that is spying in the us has to be something different because the ireland being so built sylvia which we see as the best watch i'm told she. spoke at a local marriott obote people more i doubt they would she did. not want to god they were not there are you. going to be the go to for media if you move from. it often you can win stuff would be up to my scoot it was so new gere to see a familiar go my mood swings out to me today she has a voice thought. in see the put the meter for him
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out on vesak wasn't looking at me he. isn't fast playing. by any my good he's brought up since she gets what i'm towards my cousin mr wilson i did do them he said. this. will be enough for you than you can fool here might you flip flop because. there were sealed with him that made a meal when you put a live audio feed now when you flew to supply them with. you will create enough of this in my school have it out your good in father and has only moved his inches. out of me i. use it best footage to god. i kissed on the scummers it was food and she got this
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cipro pause. as if you stole based on myself to drop style but in the recent new jobs office moved on by you. you should have a focus so you can use to already have a soda was what my so i always know i do wops edith think chip good looks quite that's what. to eat. during everything that's not everything. is. all. if you want to. try and squeeze you your. was. ok. thank you i want you out you
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thank. you. oh my hearing you know. that it's a good. song for you but. second of all these companies are going to. want to see more follow up money than kill a deal done in the photo above the man. footage. was somewhat obvious it was the making of all of us when you go. it's a simple. yeah for much of the. bag. which. they don't lose. vision she's
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just on who. it is. if you know. the song was you know girls do we think this is the scenario. that you know he would be able to keep its own. and if i needed to you know i evaluate now i think both of you have to do it on one bottom and i'm with him because you know you don't need to feel like if you listen to what these. people do it's a coward what's the big guy how did you find out what i mean that. i studied it when you get out. but you have to not be what it was you know
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if i get out. of the suicide out of the script and say time to stop looking at the bills that we have. yeah i think that was the book will. help me because i'm going to let this go because i don't think it was i thought of a surprise for the coming up we'll continue to do it if i try not to i'm not sure they still didn't stop it being so good but it's not just because of how i was going to put it on my own i didn't want. the. money special or conduct. but as you say what this young motive yet how do you want to open the wouldn't expect us to be the ones who can join. scottish years if you don't you join up with your c.v. should not say i was mad because you can pick out
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a cage you come up. to the police so moved you cannot look into talking to you cannot the. sun i'll put up with some financial bones each will be done to me said. each ended up with a feeling that i just had a somewhat much guess i don't care for so much on that basis so professor one yes no i mean of course you're not trying to get. by they just think it was a false some will say oh once you put
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a kid in your studio. produced. money you can for back. up your status to hire the henchmen young i will also find me to get i mean which for me to g.'s. most of. your movie is it must do with god the book and be insubordinate you got to believe what you see if you can so as music using to buy the equipment is. the knob on the ah so it is double bass that you received from them since. i so see all the little. just quite well. it took because each kid had
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a full so they're going to take him sat. and put image in. some things he does in which are much. disputed i believe it is you could produce siskel was. in calif which the solid kissing semantic he is cut down by so that into via sound my eyes see that device with the focus on the stupid bastard a saying. give him to me junkie making him to follow him will see a. number if i don't produce but i can look all of us into was most of them was
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watching almost in my eyes was to produce. their simple you couldn't see them from me and it's a person conversing with. drug laws have convinced you others but i used to be different i mean i because i give us the will of our my. view my joy. of. years and i was a god was wish. to sis's it was still to come would don't be you lot of go to college soccer america b.s. .
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watch book you know we have done we started could you walk to the police a minute. is a minute is seem to small uses. a full sob and. if one does something if i mean it's out in the or very still. on the physical. they were on and. they were brazen. and for nearly
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a decade they committed crimes with impunity. they were. decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. they gang within on al-jazeera. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum mallika ahluwalia is the driving force behind sars partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening on nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museum this is not beautiful apartheid museum so countries
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around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them my decision is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. adrian from going to here in doha the top stories and i'll just say to us president donald trump's pick for the u.s. supreme court. has now really cleared a procedural votes in the senate a final vote on his confirmation as expected on saturday republicans say that an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence supporting sexual misconduct allegations
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against him jurors have convicted a white chicago police officer of the shooting of a black teenager officer jason van dyke has been found guilty of the second degree murder of the kuan mcdonald in twenty four team the policeman shot mcdonald sixteen times as the teenager held a knife by his side john hendren has more now from chicago where many had gathered ahead of the verdict. this city was ready for a major uprising in case the verdict did not come down the way the people wanted here in the streets it should not go twelve thousand police officers run alert six thousand of them were already deployed around the city but instead this crowd has come out it has shut the streets down but it is done so not out of anger but it of celebration it's been a week now since the end of it into these united of sort of ways it was struck by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a tsunami the official death toll stands at almost sixteen hundreds of bodies are still being pulled from the day bri military aircraft from around twenty countries
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of flying in with much needed aid and supplies the united nations has pledged some fifty million dollars to the relief effort the president of interpol has been reported missing after traveling to china from france in september the south china morning post newspaper is reporting monkey way was taken away once is aircraft learned it has not been heard from since leaving the city of leone his family is reportedly under police protection in france by just an opposition leader shahbaz sharif has been arrested by anti corruption investigators over alleged links to a multi-million dollar housing scam he's the brother of the former premier now a sheriff who was ousted last year over corruption charges the twenty eighteen nobel peace prize has been awarded two years e.d. women's rights activist not in a mood rod and congolese dr dennis mccuaig without campaigns for the victims of sexual violence up to spending three months as nice will sex slave a quickie runs a hospital in the democratic republic of congo dedicated to helping the victims of
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gang rape those headlines now let's get you back to witness. you know them because the miller car rides his face. school the one way they can feed is do. my mind with the sound of me go gee it upand of a push all i'm. still grew up he is genius. with the friends you know you normally do to him i knew the thing get out. but i am this is the fear but yeah burning. trash just like.
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in this movie. house oh yeah the minimum the sun was up to her friend was that. even if it was. you that was how was i did not know i could help and i just found anything that i didn't know what had i wasn't what i thought i might buy i don't just feel nothing but look at you much better now that i am not i'm sad how funny like that look just like you. i feel good that i've. got i knew it was. you that was. saying no ship to
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the stage right. now for some it's just a song but as even. cause i might. that many got jammed up there before my god my left with no plan on which many fish out that almost. i. was going i was going to want to go i still didn't go you could be putting you up on this if you thought oh thank you thank you dave but if you go please if he was
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a big. kid that good guys want though. this gives you good so please that he did give up. yesterday. was if you. didn't feel. the. kewl feel more for the bills and feeling you. know quite a someone else the son. if you. took it for said sue would. look as if you give us some new mission in the most of.
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the founts for the book of books he. plays a position. smee fines are going to turn on when you don't. use me and the priest. so you go but how he. can see g.s.t. is a disease year. cause the mighty who told them that they followed a key. to the moon does not my view well clearly if it is down to. the coys and as it is on this the stammer give me an a if was my best. to push
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through jogging feel or surprise you that they had to maul what they had been sell carol use google venom i stay missing. i'm asa non-tonal someone to put their their. the infamous noida. key to the social good. in the who keep us who you view against him in the pigeon those would they do. blush. in terms of put them in years on file or. was it really your day didn't go moment goes and see if you miss me because your gun can do not under my zip image can proceed come
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a fine go from local communities could be that the other either from the. condition or surfie isn't severe. the most can put it in. a primitive fear for you still a suzhou newcomer out there for fear that you put is so funny that. it is your result on the other guy from either of innovation. surprising walk to new movie mantra. for media that would put what we're about to accomplish. simply didn't care in the bus lane they would see the last of us see as the adults come out of the entire scene of the film canvassing even in our senior white house and martin showers you after minimal seeing him as she is into this thing and what
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. it was other particularly the kid look out element norman near the bridge point you know ali i would have us and we watched over my. when the guys are allowed to this is two guys miss kissing me up close and us against his will get to assume this up and move it it keeps rising guys in my movies your people in the west or the injustice. and. the final home you see the stuff in him if i meet all that stuff enough i mean i thought he. definitely doesn't love those feasts most meet up with a sweet uncle by the fire me although i don't mind being mom but i guess my philosophy. in world
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could must said you were induced by singing voice and the pies in me a. bit but it was. the question. was which about one of. those looking for something if i give up but. if i. wish to. ask. you to. look.
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i'm trying to come up something i don't like yes never mind the judge but what if you don't think this is what i know that book that i'm going to look up that. that would. happen when i think it is on the dollar brazilian to everybody else in the book i
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don't. believe they will be able to me a lot it's going to be even more remarkable most people are doing good and i want to think that i would be nice if he did that a purely cheryl supported woman for somebody she was a good guy so you in the job. second post about him is not in the same way as to why he seems like a villain to me out of you and this is one of the. up one of them out aren't that we know we have to know well you know who are. you know that they're going to you know you're going to going to go. to the naacp was willing to. be on track to help bill and i in philly did you want to carry on who did. that for financial i feel but i think it will go over that the big question that the movie
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a good deal of it would kill this they see that come they don't exist i think anybody is going to see it was ok i'll targeting. him and you shouldn't teach you guys or guys. they're going to cause a. lot back to see but i mean she does sequences at their mosques the money. is previous to law don't. do my source edgy know so joe my age moon going to do this or. to the city and do this. and a woman you meet people who doesn't meet of course of the movie do you do is give
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us the badge give us the that's what we have a booking up we have a complaint like i said it's a built in safety is it that when you died the forces. there was showing or saying yes i suppose an image will sell not you know some limited was a woman who did this i was not i mean to be a lot of that ad that. you what the actual kids knew chioma. it's a kid you can point to see who is best to kind of ease with the age futile one plus one more than is more stupid the but is the hook up just with the new take the. second minute you sabia job mark with a have a so not a tough new thing do they accept the wisdom to neemo dude if more i do more dinner for vale you know who has already got the time and decide be equal defy lava
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when fit is you know. you want to stammered you as they want to suffice the way elsa been want to think a lot more senior. players don't know pain do the results thing martin else face sanch cup want to laugh. if you don't know there's a dutch draft you might want to. go in the other injured to not lose you brothers in this at least not produce your brothers could mean one has got to leave rather kill the kid for. gimmicks to think but i would think but to press one they would think by its gun would be first going their kids would think that's going to commit suicide walk out there then pull the cell can image of a shot of a duck. but the if you got away sadness that oddly. most . of felicity g.
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of the protests own way my guys in the not since going past sensational. a media l.r.c. to do the former stories of premier are cute af but your mother employs a guy from the early goddaughter scene doing this it will destroy book it can and what i do is does not see in one of the does not seem to difficult concepts on the . elk is in sherman was just going to see a lot of that criminal is a soul that will be and. is accel him and that's also my audience. if i got a question of what the same. quite stable zone to panel and. that which is.
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the c.g.m. wish this enough for me to put a home with. my stance against the company that has a. solution . is to me. one fish dish but stefan thinks that as a way to. ask it what i want to have fun
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there wolf i spent some time there isn't that something about how much more obvious my. shares the same kind of thing for. one thing but also because i mean if you like and. what people don't like him to keep up with this then this is a serious help. to you i think when you celebrate the things out there is bizarre still come aboard as my thumb for the swimming pool. play animal what's it all come to last doesn't let me just say that. no freedom in my family and friends have asked for the most and up above the same.
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going to. the gym but the fellow. looks. like. a mail. box. except sitting next to the people the guy at the food going.
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to look at is going to think snow because of the.
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i was was was was was. as if. he was felt. i.
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was that. you stomach. it you. they don't show up to me she spoke. a minute. if you get no business she would just do the movie. that you just. brought i do know what we're doing which is that you will
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get you to add to this case. that is. you were going to be this is all the time that he is all here this will be a who's who i am i wouldn't say oh if it was a single this hour it would be a bit more if. he was not. feeling like you're my old man. was the only thing. i feel people. feel. was real as he'll. be anything.
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if this is just as. it is. and they had one of them and i think that should be made in this. book i think shows up times which is how much for sandy a moment dongs. now for. nearly five eleven more here. you didn't think it would be made significant. in the commercial most kids pursues . and you can you die you can do it you go kill.
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the master and the. minimum ain't you. must watch. it was seen in me but i'll kiss ajuga for. services. on whatever my file. name sic i don't want to feel the cut i want to see them all. sausage up in just a. saucy as each of us will be the. same religion killed. it.
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they took an oath to preserve human life but when their own souls needed saving. down. no one came to their rescue until it was too late. three doctors described the devastating journey that saw their families perish and exposed the brutal failures of european maritime laws oh could you do that italy's city of shame on al jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. i'm historic say for the bevy of people every weekly news cycle brings
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a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these three reuters journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative work and joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter them and see buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. hello again well we are seeing some rain showers here across the southern parts of the caspian clouds moving through back who and over here towards tehran of the next day rain is going to be on the increase we do have a front that settling down so twenty four degrees for tehran as we go towards sunday we do think that temp is going to be coming down to probably about twenty degrees for you and out here towards quite city well finally down below the forty degree mark we expect to see your high temperature on sunday maybe coming up to
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about thirty nine degrees there well not looking too bad across much of the gulf region as well as the arabian peninsula but we are watching this area of low pressure in the arabian sea very carefully this is making its way towards the northwest and it is increasing in intensity by the time we get towards next week this could be our next cycle oh now very rare cross this region to see one so we could be watching this very carefully for the potential of a landfall anywhere in oman yemen maybe up here towards parts of pakistan as well and then very quickly want to take you down here towards other parts of africa not looking too bad for much of the area temperatures are into the mid to high twenty's for many locations but over the next few days into sunday we do expect to see maybe a little cloudy activity coming into parts of your history as well as durban but for cape town it is going to be a nice spring day for you with a temperature of about twenty five degrees. the consequence of more. for example russia will be served for ninety nine to
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ninety five that just doesn't go away. a little out of true for the last couple years. it's home was zero dollars a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. on al-jazeera. from search and rescue to the recovery of bodies more than a week after the devastating indonesian earthquake and tsunami hope for survivors has dwindled. hello i'm off in dennis here with al jazeera live from doha also coming up. mystery
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surrounds the disappearance of interpol chief among long way in china. president trump supreme court nominee looks set to be confirmed by the u.s. senate after weeks of controversy. the nobel peace prize has been awarded to use the activists in the congo. for their work to end sexual violence. but first. new warnings about the possible outbreak of disease with rescue workers continuing to find more bodies and body parts in the rubble. from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated. they're also considering winding down search efforts the official death toll stands at nearly sixteen hundred but in areas like balo
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a village which is on the outskirts of pallies city it's believed as many as a thousand could still be buried we can go live now to our correspondent andrew thomas who is there in the city the main city for the ways and first of all andrew tell us about attempts now to distribute this much needed aid because this is being one of the major complaints of survivors. hands around the city now i has got various and most people who need it many thousands of feet for this they're living out in the open air or in tents they're afraid to go back into that damaged times if i still have friends it's all because of the risk of all of the shocks that they all getting out plenty of drinking water plenty of food like rice the noodles here in the city it has various different tanks when you go after some of the provinces not going to big operation at the airport all day saturday as there was all day friday trying to assess from the air which villages need help even if the villages and self haven't been damaged their
3:51 pm
house off from they say disease so they need supplies they come in now it's all about the search operation there's an acceptance here now not yanks but by all the rest of us that we can see that they're no longer looking for survivors there's no chance anybody's alive more than a week that there's a tsunami struck but they all still looking for bodies there at the shopping center in the center of town at the hotel which was completely destroyed by the earthquake thirty three bodies of you so i get out from there it's out of the number that i bring out each day windows only one so far on saturday while we were there enough to out here on friday yesterday they brought out three in that buried alive and that already was lower than the day because you can see how the number of bodies windley as they digging into that rubble and of the mic yeah i would sell a lot of the sea from this another plane with as they were moving bodies my colleague he is in the mine in matter of a more kilometers west of where i am in another and other stuff out of the city and that was one of those areas when when they have quite struck the ground essentially
3:52 pm
into liquid such was the pressure on the ground and it essentially swallowed up that so that now rescue is all pulling plenty of all these out of there on saturday but they're also talking to families to explain that they think hundreds possibly as many as a thousand think will are buried essentially there's nothing to be seen from the surface it almost looks like a giant land and they say there's a strong possibility that when that liquefaction happened the body on the fielding some side. fall down but realistically they will never be able to get them out get those people who remain in their graves there and say we're going to hear from wayne in just a little while but before we let you go we're seeing quite a lot of traffic going back and forth behind you it seems almost as if the degree of new manatee could be returning to the palin city. well it. is and when i got here on tuesday and i don't know if i this is the last down it's all because of the thousands of people have died and the devastation across big
3:53 pm
swathes of it but there are parts of the city driving on even on tuesday where you wouldn't really know that by construction but the fact the basic services work there are more than everything was. now in electricity is now up and running largely across the city six out of seven electricity substations are now working that also means water pumps are working sometimes people in the city at least now have water so shops are still closed the rescue operation the search operation i should say i just to be just like the priority of a normal life but you get the feeling that in big part the city life will start with a little income we had lunch for example in a cafe back with operate the well that's a first but it's wait so certainly things are improving but it will take the government essential years for this city it's really fully reconstructed andrea thank you very much for that sandra thomas our correspondent who is in the main city of. incentives weighs in and as as we just mentioned we mentioned
3:54 pm
our colleague wayne hay who's in another part of similar ways he's in another part its own is a village called balad and it's on the suburbs of. palin city and he sent this report. we're still being told to prepare for a much higher death toll and that is predominately because of communities like this in polish city here in a row and a neighboring village it's thought that there are around a thousand people still missing as you can see the entire community has simply sunk many meat is into the model process called liquefaction when that earthquake struck the ground beneath the surface basically turned to mud and you can see that entire houses cars are still sitting in the mud they were spoken a lot about the search and rescue operation in the affected areas the lack of heavy equipment that has been in place while there is heavy equipment operating in some
3:55 pm
parts of iraq but they have found it extremely difficult because of the mud and the water and very few bodies have been pulled out of this area local government leaders national government officials and religious leaders having discussions now about the possibility that the search for bodies may be called off here and the entire area left to be a permanent mass grave the government also saying that eventually it wants to erect a monument here in to remember the earthquake and tsunami to other news now and the president of interpol that's the international crime and policing agencies being reported missing after traveling to his home country china and nobody's been able to get in touch with way since late last month the french police are now investigating the disappearance of french official says he arrived in china went missing soon after a german brown sent this from beijing. well so far china's government has said
3:56 pm
absolutely nothing about the disappearance of monk home way the first chinese citizen to become head of interpol state controlled media is so far not reporting this story either and any mention of his name on social media is being deleted that is i think a reflection of just how sensitive this cases but in hong kong the south china morning post newspaper which has connections to the chinese government has been offering more information it says sources have told them that mung was taken away after his plane landed in beijing it's believed he left france on september the twenty fifth and that he was taken away to an undisclosed destination and that he was now quote under investigation although it's not specified what he's being investigated for now before monk took up his position with interpol in two thousand and sixteen he had been a vice minister of the public security bureau that made him
3:57 pm
a very powerful man now some important context his boss had been a man who was jailed three years ago for corruption joe young kang had been basically the j. edgar hoover of chinese politics the securities are of china and then in two thousand and sixteen another vice minister of public security was also jailed for corruption so there is a pattern emerging it is quite possible the monk found himself on the wrong side of the political divide in china at a time when president xi jinping is intensifying his anti corruption crackdown. now your secretary of state might come peo is touring east asia seeking support for his policies on north korea iraq in japan in the last couple of hours to coordinate strategy with the prime minister shinzo our bay based upon pale will then go on to north korea for his second meeting with leader kim jong il and kim and u.s.
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president donald trump agreed to denuclearize the korean peninsula at a summit in june but there's still no plan to put that into action the president trumps pick for the supreme court brett kavanaugh has now really cleared a procedural vote in the senate a final vote on his confirmation is expected later today republicans say an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence to support sexual misconduct allegations against him president jordan has more from washington. the motion is agreed to. the u.s. senate is now taking what should be the final step needed to approve brett kavanaugh for the u.s. supreme court thirty hours of debate and a vote the process has been delayed for nearly three weeks due to allegations of sexual assault a special senate hearing to review the allegations and a one week delay for so the f.b.i. could investigate. senator jeff flake
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a swing vote was pressured by sexual assault victims into calling for the delay and yet despite protests out of his office and a review of the f.b.i. support flake says he will vote yes on kavanagh a new kind of oh yes tomorrow. something big change to see. what would happen to. but anyway i'm glad we had a better process kavanaugh was already a contentious choice because of his conservative views on abortion gun laws and presidential powers but in mid september it was revealed christine blazin ford had accused him of trying to rape her when they were teenagers i've never sexually assaulted dr ford or anyone or as capitol tried to clear his name his testimony before the senate judiciary committee raised new concerns was he too hot headed to be one of the united states' top judges possibly for decades even the former u.s.
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supreme court justice john paul stevens called kavanaugh unfit for the post to the supporters called this criticism slander and insist kavanaugh should be approved judge kavanaugh was publicly accused of a crime and his reputation and livelihood weren't state so it was only fair that his accuser have the burden to prove the consensus is that the burden was not met republican lisa murkowski said on friday she would not vote and kavanagh's favor but two other so-called swing senators signed off in support of the nominee moving capitals confirmation that much closer to the finish line i did deal with if i had in front a and i will go to canned firm chad's cabin. the u.s. president donald trump has chaired the u.s. senate's decision to hold its.


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