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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 279  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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sound who haven't experienced this i think that self harm is something that's so complex that. it can't be characterized in a guideline. in a room and it can't be understood by somebody who doesn't understand how it feels to do that. now i know. i'm strong enough for it not to affect me but i'm not strong enough to take the risk of it i believe that it wouldn't affect me completely believe that but i'm not prepared to take a chance. there's actually a very strong valid inference from that person if they're expressing distress to be able to express their distress to their family and friends through facebook and
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then get help and we see that happen every day the individuals are provided with help by their family and friends because the content stayed up if we took it down the family and friends would not know that that individual was at risk. honestly the big for music oh boy are the two so i fear for the both of. these good looks pretty good we will do jewing the training session on self home the issue of child uses comes up so we don't actually own a car or has there a meeting you know great facebook's rules state that no one under thirteen can have an account you have over the lot but i think they are going to know this photo yes so is the airline we ignore ok i refuse go see where the cover. gets. so poker so you throw them somewhere in this hole that we both know good. yet
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let people know what. i've been variously aldridge don't we just like with and now we're going we don't know what the underage. facebook told us they only investigates a user's age if someone has reported them as being under age. much of the content reported to facebook's u.k. moderates is relates to hate speech so i'm sure they're playing. out right off the baseline that we all have total respect for the robot what our personal opinions are. for movies when mom appeared before the u.s. senate he was questioned on facebook's hate speech means our goal is to allow people to have as much expression as possible and i don't want anyone at our
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company to make any decisions based on the the political ideology of the content facebook say their rules are intended to protect certain groups from being abused or attacked on the platform or through. or more of them or who or what. but we found moderators were sometimes told to ignore disturbing content before. we voted for of course. it's been around for more water. than ignore. for the last three words your correlation you don't know or cigarettes are good for over. four years or for the use of force mark boal the root of the fuel through thought was your form to be called in service. so for this one should this is a repeat of all those who go through her. facebook told us
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the picture does in fact violate the hate speech rules and they're reviewing what went wrong to prevent it happening again in order to create a service where everyone has a voice we also need to make sure that people aren't bullied or or basically intimidated or in the environment feels unsafe for them but some things not everyone gets the same level of protection i kind of instinctively think that if the program is delayed. all reports are is moderating a comb and says back to your own countries. it's been posted delete the video and with the caption the film to muslims in the winds. that ought to be there. by the journal entry says it was. over immigrants most women were going to say if you do that most of them you take the suction but it doesn't so as a proxy it would. be facebook i'm miles uses to say more abusive things about
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muslim immigrants than it does about muslims. they are still muslim or even i say it is mostly an immigrant system muslims this is was an example of their. you know exactly like don't make someone retarded it's you. who for three. percent of their thinking were. physical inferiority if you like most women were grateful for it so. people are debating very sensitive issues on facebook including issues like immigration very currently and that political debate can be entirely legitimate that's why you allow people to say muslim immigrants get out of britain but not muslim get us britain we're trying to distinguish that between hate speech which is against a class of peace you don't think muslim immigrant get out of britain is hate speech
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you get there this is something that we've looked at in a lot of detail these very hot it this is right on that line is a hate speech right on that line we've not defined it as hate speech if you are again expressing a view about the government's immigration policy. we discovered that some far right pages receive special protection on facebook. veri sign feel think this gusting muslim that they write the british children. the britain first facebook page had more than two million followers when it was deleted in march while we were filming after its leaders were convicted of racially aggravated harassment. earlier taken down the road this morning for your. form the more local we've been tracking that page since it had three hundred thousand followers it ended up with up to two million followers at one point before that page was polled the question can be else
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why did it take so long about the brain trust. it was pretty much work for you just so beautiful to. report for allusions to very little or if. you look forward to her. facebook if a page has five pieces of content that violate facebook's rules our reporter was told it should be taken down to britain first was a highly popular facebook page these pages a shielded and can't be deleted by ordinary content moderators at c.p.l. . but it was never met rochelle before it was taken down. oh i think. it is just up to me from the feel good. to me. what is actually me. but when he said i should have to go to another if you have to use the image of. sometimes. you know just depends on what it is britain for it fits very well. but.
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when shielded pages have contents that breaks the rules they're put into the shielded review queue so they can be assessed by facebook itself what does shooter view actually main jury. will be doing computer from her photo from the front pages or a lot of followers you don't want the reader you just. want people to sure they're together for reserves show her for fear of argument or for them feel called to order for it because her yeah look like other prefer stuff you're talking about if it is a large pay sure do they get so special consideration or does her. facebook special consideration appears to also apply to follow right thing it's only robinson but children are being killed they're being killed if they're not being bright destroyed and bust out well from their being but shouldn't i mayn't see said there's so much that's the future project. in march this year robinson was
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permanently banned from twitter but his facebook page is still active this may he was jailed for contempt of course following a facebook live video he posted outside a course in leeds. you know if you see one of these places becomes a target of some logs is there any point made looking for you to come to. you. to go. to the there's this those bridges image. so if you do. you have to talk radio just goes to this issue. of anything there. with nine hundred thousand followers robinson's facebook page is so popular it's been given the same protected status as governments and news organizations when they say freedom of speech with they're really saying is we really want to permit people to do whatever they want to this platform and we will do the bare minimum to
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make that socially acceptable their business model is really tied to being able to publish whatever they want and it once you understand the nature of large internet networks is that the harshest meanest voices are going to dominate what you realize that the more open you make the platform inherently the more unpleasant inappropriate bad content you're going to get on. what you just told me robinson get a shielded account the same as the governments of the b.b.c. high profile localizations that are respected if the content is indeed violating it will go because they are very valuable to counts these all but you've got hundreds of thousands of followers again i want to be clear this is not a discussion about money this is a discussion about political speech and i think people would expect us to be careful and cautious before we take down their political speech. we didn't come in
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. and day to misuse that's not so i can go. which is why facebook has changed from facebook has launched a high profile campaign to improve its image. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here i understand why it's been hard for people to come to grips with all this but the incentives to do so now are really compelling and i just hope that as a consequence of this film that the tone of the debate becomes sharper more focused more persistent and that we stop accepting their excuses we stop accepting their assurances c.p.l. told is insuring all trainers and employees are always fully trained and up to date
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on facebook policy changes is critically important to us so we are investigating this matter as a priority and taking immediate steps with facebook this is included conducting extensive refresher training within the last week for all all train as we are one of the most heavily scrutinized companies in the world and that's right we have a lot of reach to people in many different countries it's right that we held high standards we also hold ourselves to high standards you've identified some areas where we failed and i'm here today to apologize for those failings of make it clear that we do recognize that they were witnesses that we should not be in this position all i can say is that we are committed wherever failings of brought to our attention to taking them seriously to addressing them and trying to make sure that we do better in future.
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how the temperature contrasts are crossed the u.s. maintains itself you may be can't see it from this except this is the clue when you get a line of something white developing usually storms us a good division attempt is in the moment we have got the warmth to the south and a long way east was in washington thirty degrees even outwards up at thirteen degrees so is the line of the temperatures changes on this side you see snow it's up on the high ground utah wyoming idaho that sort of area but that snow itself shows much colder air which may well come a bit further south than following twenty four hours but time to get to monday for example it's still snowing yet there it is and it's still raining hard not division
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in temperatures a twenty eight in the sunshine in washington marker contrast in two in calgary back on the pacific coast pretty woman san francisco too and still the potential for showers exists as far south and south california arizona. go down towards the gulf of mexico in the caribbean this really reflects a thing called the itc's it was the line of rain around the world it's not a complete conference and has a bit of an adult right across guatemala nicaragua and el salvador and that area the right has been persistent and will continue. on counting the cost this week why people in brazil fear that their next president can't save the economy and what that means for the rest of latin america and drugs and probably why the world's big drug companies charge such high prices for their
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prescription pharmaceuticals counting the cost on al-jazeera. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to health care system to greece's and women's rights join us through i took to her for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. midterms on al-jazeera more than seven decades ago a country was split in two. but did anything and now the time come to demarcate all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being. freedom the
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challenge is going to be. men and women to the resources that are available what makes al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for. we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth . this is al jazeera. welcome to the news. may have been murdered in the kingdom. also in the news cementing a conservative majority in the u.s.
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supreme court sworn in after a close vote by basically divided senators not him protestors in brazil against the far right front runner. ahead of sunday's presidential elections. you could be inside syria and a couple of steps here in iraq. and i'll tell you what the iraqi security forces with the help of the u.s. led coalition are doing just to man the border but also to boost the local economy . so sources have told al jazeera that the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi may have been murdered inside his country's consulate in istanbul turkey prosecutors are now widening their investigation into his disappearance after a group of saudi officials flew into a stone bull and visited the consulate on the day shoji went missing he was last
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seen entering the building on tuesday the reuters news agency however says a source at saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul denies the reports that he was killed at the consulate we'll start with this from jim he is in istanbul. talker's occurs officials are now dealing with the case of them on such a regime as a murder investigation late on saturday they had said that they had information that fifteen saudi nationals amongst them officials had flown in on tuesday on two separate flights had gone to the consulate the same time that such as he was there and then they had left still now there has been no disclosure of the whereabouts of his body however we do understand that a funeral will take place in the coming two or three days or whether that's going to be a funeral with demands by the president or whether it will be a symbolic one we'll wait and see on sunday president rajab tehran is expected to
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address this topic for the first time and we are expecting as one source told me a very strong quote unquote response from turkey with regards to this front on their sovereignty essentially a crime taking place inside turkey by foreign nationals with what would seem to be impunity and an car would not want that to go away unchallenged obviously it is very challenging for the turks because they do enjoy strong diplomatic relationships with saudi arabia that is one of the reasons why turkish officials did not comment right away off to the disappearance of kushal gee what i understand from speaking to several of them that they were exhausting all diplomatic methods to try and find some sort of way out of this crisis but in light of or rather in the absence of any reciprocity or goodwill from riyadh it seems that they are going to disclose everything that also falls in line with information that al jazeera has that there will be within the next day or so or video material and other evidence
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being disclosed by turkish security officials which will show how for the show the details of the assassination of the crime that has been committed so as far as obviously the case of this saudi genesis concern it is extremely sad news that he has been killed and aside from that there is obviously also a lot of concern with regards to the diplomatic fallout that's will undoubtedly ensue. i spoke to one international little bit earlier he is the executive director of the think tank the arabs and he's also a friend of jamal khashoggi says he was not a dissident instead he was just somebody with a different vision for his country. i knew john very well actually for more than three decades i knew him as a young journalist and as a counselor to the saudi government on many occasions visiting the kingdom which i used to do quite frequently two or three times a year or at least. met with him and his colleagues particularly in the media to
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learn about the latest developments in the region particularly our focus at that time was on u.s. saudi relationship he was a very keen and intelligent smart analyst of that relationship and it was always a pleasure. to see him and to compare notes with him this recent event it was an arab center briefing that he did for us last year in twenty seventeen up on movie to the united states to virginia for protection if you will because he felt threatened back home in saudi arabia and we gave him the opportunity to come and discuss the recent changes in the kingdom he was not necessarily a dissident i disagree with that description he was a loyal saudi citizen he had his own vision of what the country should be doing
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that type of freedoms needs that type of reform it needs and maybe in the final analysis that's what got him in trouble and with us now on skype from washington d.c. is turkey analysts must stuff a kill he's a senior fellow at the cato institute and we thank you for your time just your initial reaction to this the fact that we have gone from what looked like a disappearance to possibly murder in the space of a few days it's quite extraordinary. extraordinary appalling and or it was shocking news i should just say that i didn't know mr cressy two very closely but i met him in congress of the international conferences and he was certainly a first class journalist and the very humble and decent man you could see that i hope he's still alive and who knows but this is really really bad and it just shows that what authoritarian governments can do to their citizens in this day and age and the trouble with other to his i'm still very much alive in our world this certainly will also create
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a problem between turkey and saudi arabia the two countries have already tense actually relationship now since the military coup in egypt in two thousand and thirteen that the saudis supported turkey opposed and then the dispute over qatar also added to that so that turkey and saudi dealings are not very warm and i think this incident will add to debts but the bottom line should be that you know journalists are under attack in different parts of the world in different countries and it is should not be told rated and no government should be allowed to kill its own citizens for just having a different view from the government service we assume a line being drawn between turkey and saudi arabia who do you think which of the countries do you think would join in support of turkey or indeed in support of saudi arabia. well i don't know who would support saudi arabia i mean the saudi claims are not just credible i think anybody can see that because they said he
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entered the consulate and he left and we don't know what happened but his wife was out there is so he didn't leave so that's it that's a fact and i think turkish government probably true that he didn't leave because that video which you will see there in a few days i mean it's just not credible and i think anybody who has a sense of decency should understand that this is something not acceptable it's not acceptable kill a citizen because of its views do it in a different country and just if doctors or whatever mean well the operation then i think anybody who believes in democracy human rights freedom should really not just criticize but really go go very strict on syria beyond this and this should not be tolerated there has been some nice reforms in sorry of in the past two years that those were valued by a lot of people including myself but this kind of tyranny which is also the whole thing in saudi arabia is not something that the international community should accept and tolerate but as i put out a guest earlier on al-jazeera criticism out and out criticism of saudi arabia from
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major western nations if not necessarily forthcoming is that they might say a few things but generally the the the the old alliances hold well it is not change much and also when western governments criticize saudi arabia like in the case of china there recently kind of their voice a very reasonable concern with the rest of human rights standards activists in saudi arabia saudis responded very harshly i think this saudi new. crown prince should understand that he cannot you cannot act like this in the western governments especially u.s. government others should show that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in this day and age most of our kill joining us from washington i thank you very much for your time thank you for having me. other big development today brett kavanaugh the president trumps supreme court pick as been sworn in after a contentious senate vote senators spent more than thirty hours giving their final
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testimonies for and against the nominee who had been accused of sexual assault as mike hanna reports from washington d.c. kavanagh's appointment also now cements a five four conservative majority in the court for years perhaps decades. britta kavanagh has been sworn in as a supreme court justice off to successfully going through the nomination process the clerk will call the roll xander but earlier the focus was interrupted repeatedly by shouts from the public gallery sergeant in arms will restore order in the gallery an indication of the deep division within and without the senate chamber. kavanagh's and tire performance of the debate that lasted through the night only one democrat voted in favor one republican opposed nomination a vote to confirm judge kavanagh today is about worry dark chapter and the threat of history and turn the page toward a brighter tomorrow the confirmation passed by
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a narrow to vote much in the nomination of brit m. cavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed i i i i i throughout the day protesters gathered outside the supreme court the vast majority deeply opposed to the appointment of brett kavanaugh and feel the impact he will have on the court the supreme court is critical to our democracy they make choices that impact our lives our futures and our children's lives we are not going to say here and just lie down and let this country me and get us down we are going to get right back up keep fighting and get that change that we want even if it's not president trump those saw a different picture of the gathering the tweet before the vote was taken womenfolk of an oil and many others who support the very good man are gathering all over capitol hill it's a beautiful thing to see he continues and they are not paid professional protesters
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who are handed expensive signs big day for america this bitter nomination process could have a major impact on the midterm elections that take place next month an opportunity. for democrats to call back a majority in both the house and the senate. but even this would not change a simple stark fact with this second successful confirmation president trump has pushed the center of the court firmly to the right by kana al-jazeera washington and here's president obama trump speaking at a rally in kansas about kavanaugh confirmation was just a few hours ago the u.s. senate confirmed judge brett kavanaugh rome.


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