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so the rush of people coming down that hill to this book will feel as if you had a cup as we came in landed there isn't that much damage in the expel age what they need of things that normally come in by road villages needed rice medicines baby milk and fuel and one biscuits i mean i know minimum of a hundred we need a doctor to know there is a little clinic here but a nurse who runs dots was in power last week we need to get her back. headache up to this with just twenty five minutes on the ground before heading back to pollute on route experts from indonesia's disaster management authority looked down to see what other areas most obviously need help we saw landslides which had reshaped mountains and obliterated roads but no destruction of homes on the scale of that impala. on the outskirts of that city the full scale of the liquefaction which it swallowed suburbs was clear. is now poor into the way
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the activity apollo weapon is for netzach. helicopters here a lot of. it still very much needed andrew thomas al jazeera. the part of the. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was on his way to pyongyang for more talks on how to achieve a nuclear free north korea it will be missed upon bears' fourth trip to the north capitol this share of his second round of talks with leader kim the u.s. wants progress in the effort to rip the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons after kim said he would work towards a new could arise ation during the singapore summit with donald trump in june. lots more to come here at al-jazeera including villages in cameroon under siege africa's oldest leader has been in the job for more than thirty years today. by mr potter in
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the french port of mass a webby aquarius a migrant rescue ship is waiting for a country to step forward and register it so it can continue its mission at sea. from cool brisk noise and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. however the last day and a half assertions in tremendously big thunderstorms develop and move through the southern caspian catching well iran just north of toronto this is where the mountains go down to the sea so a significant risk of flash floods here ninety seven millimeters that's the rainfall collects in twenty four hours that seems reasonable nearly three hundred that seems rather unreasonable if it's true that really is dangerous stuff now the whole lot has been moving eastwards and having lost a lot of wards the caspian sea does little to develop now until something else happens like it comes up against high ground and that's going to be the case come
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monday where in northern afghanistan tajikistan and beyond rain or snow more likely will become a bit more obvious to the west part of occasional showers western side of iran and maybe on the rocky plain we just see a legacy of cloud and not much more that seems to slowly coming down but not that quickly the wind isn't really present from any direction so humid it's not learn it's not hard it's more or less where it should be in dire hard for example a thirty seven degrees and an upper darby but look at this cloud creepy crusts arabian sea it's an incoming probably developing star clone so we've got to watch this because we're turning it to tuesday but could develop into quite heavy rain for the i'm on the coast. the weather sponsored by cats on race. whether online or humanity has been taken out of its goals of this one told you about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on sat i guarantee no one else has
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a back story like yours this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice resurfacing that's their comments here questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on how to zero. tolerance to take over the top stories here at al-jazeera this morning turkish authorities are now treating the disappearance of saudi arabian journalist jamal khashoggi and his country as consulate in istanbul as a case of murder he was last seen entering the saudi consulate on cheese day the reuters news agency is reporting
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a source at the consulate has denied reports that he was killed in the compound. brett kavanaugh president trumps supreme court choices being sworn in after a contentious senate vote follows thirty hours of intense debate for and against the candidate who was subject to an f.b.i. investigation into sexual assault allegations areas flattened by last week's earthquake and tsunami in indonesia as to the lazy island may soon be declared mass graves more than six hundred people are confirmed dead and there are growing concerns about the possible spread of disease. syria's rebels are withdrawing heavy weaponry from an area. in northwestern it live province the buffer zone is part of a joint plan by russia and turkey that averted a massive assault by government forces on this the last major rebel stronghold in syria the deal requires that armed fighters within the demilitarized zone withdraw
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their heavy weapons by october tenth israel has imposed new restrictions on girls are in reaction to protests along the border the defense minister ordered the operating zone for girls a fisherman to be scaled down from nine to six nautical miles every door liberman's for her the measures is what he called violent incidents continue israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighty three palestinians since the weekly protests began in march. cameroonians will cast their votes in the coming hours to choose a new leader as president will be a seeks a seventh term after being in power for thirty six years the opposition seems to divide it in their bid to unseat. local reports from the capital your own day they've been pushing to get their supporters out to vote. one of the final rallies before polls open for some this presidential election opposition candidate
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joshua oshie is trying to gain more support to help replace president who has been in power since one nine hundred eighty two zero she is promising to tackle the major challenge of corruption. security six years of suffering it's thirty six years too long six years is an entire life don't let them fail you and they say there is no money up there is a lot of money that is either poorly managed or stolen and we will stop this sunday's presidential election will be the seventh since cameroon gained independence from france in one thousand nine hundred eighteen and paul b. a has run in all of them the eighty five year old is the oldest president in africa critics call him the absentee president because he's often out of the country has been accused of manipulating results in previous elections to retain power and he's accused of keeping a centralized system of governance that's resulted in a campaign by india speaking cameroonians for secession from the french speaking dominated government and his only campaign rally the president promised to crush
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the secessionist campaign if he wins again. you still have to restore peace in the northwest and southwest regions which have been bruised by the abuses of the secessionists and give both regions all the satisfaction they're entitled to expect particular them against the excesses of their so-called liberations one of the nine presidential candidates with a crew from the race two days before voting anticorruption lawyer a carer wants his supporters to vote for this man maurice compton leader of the. opposition can room renaissance movement or m.r.c. president paul b. it will extend his thirty six yr rule over cameron well over seventy years if he wins opposition parties say they will consider the elections rigs if that happens and there's concerns of violence following election results despite several attempts to form a solid coalition against president beyond the opposition is divided some analysts see the division will make it difficult to see the president it's very difficult
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for them to be able to win in front of president b. because he has been there for six years and many cameroonians. we've seen. if tired of the fact that he has been president for start. some opposition supporters appear confident of victory the election may be the start of a new era for cameroon for seven more years of what voters already know he will morgan al-jazeera. and romanians have begun two days of voting on whether to change the constitution to ban same sex marriage the voters raise concerns that nontraditional families will be discriminated against a conservative group in this is a to the referendum and the influential remaining in orthodox churches backing it saying it protects the status of the quote traditional family. and then brazil
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people are going to the polls as well in the elections that are being described as the most fractious in the country's history today's oppose our correspondent and she reports from sao paolo or. not him sang his women and men on the streets of sao paulo. they're asking the undecided voters to vote for anyone except one out o. the former army captain who is leading the presidential race in brazil. it . looks like in the twenty first century thirteen candidates are running for brazil's presidency but poll say it's become a two man race between wall tonight and fattah mandela that the who replaced former president. as the workers' party candidate. says that if selected people like her will be at risk her whole family took to the streets to support how that's campaign but things were different when lula was in power we had
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schools my son is a professor now because he went to school. opportunities to the people and her dad who continued this policy. serving a twelve year sentence for corruption was banned from running the workers' party strategy to help the town by the women selection has been to say that voting for him is like in the waiting for results home or president eleven feet off the problem is that that strategy didn't work in many parts of the country was even a few years with the corruption that happened while the workers' party was in power . in spite of the criticism from some adults numbers have continued to rise since he was stabbed early in september even among those who once voted for. has expressed his admiration for brazil's former dictatorship once or beleaguered tory birth control for poor people and once brazil out of the un because he says it's
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run by communists and really says he will vote for him but this is a game of those who i'm certain that the change in brazil was charged with a new attitude and a new political structure we have to banish the corrupt politicians analysts say there's a reason why we are not as popularity has radically increased in the past month as this attack on both an outdoor which. was a shock for the country but the most important thing was that both now had free time not. as an advertiser but in the in the headlines he was always in the new. even me when this election round poll suggests he will have to go to a second round in the ballots it is then when these people center left parties will unite against the one man they see as a threat. pakistan's opposition leader
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has been jailed for ten days for alleged links to a housing scam in twenty fourteen sharif was arrested on friday in the hall his detention means he'll not be able to campaign ahead of by elections next week he's the brother of the former prime minister nawaz sharif who was released on bail last month as he appeals against his conviction on separate corruption charges. protests in paris the demanding that a rescue ship be granted permission to get back to say in order to rescue more refugees and migrants in distress the aquarius has been stuck in the french port of must say after panama withdrew its registration last week that trash a popular reports. of demonstrators in paris angry that the french charity ship with a mission to save lives in the mediterranean sea is being prevented from doing its job panama revoked the registration of the aquarius last week the ship to sail
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unless another country agrees to break just a rich. states to help us and to help us. finding it. we. still haven't received any response since the state the aquarius has been docked in the southern port of map say but this is where the crew would rather be. going back requires began operations two years ago it's rescued thirty thousand people on the treacherous sea crossing between libya and europe migrants and refugees fleeing violence and poverty the crew says most of the supply was deeply traumatised we sin people were actually caring for it's in their bodies. from their time so it's a conflict. zone environment or we're at since the organizations operate. the
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aquarius doctors without borders an s.o.s. meditate and they say panama withdrew their registration under pressure from italy's government denies the claims but in june it closed italian ports to the vessel growing anti immigrant sentiment in europe is making work with the aquarius his crew harder the crew say that what's particularly difficult for them is that they know that every hour every day that passes out there in the mediterranean sea there are vulnerable people their lives possibly in danger and while the aquarius is stuck here in the port of mass say they can't help. it's disheartening to see that. loss of life that seem and humanitarian crisis are not at the forefront of european politicians priorities and that's something that we call on all european countries to take into account fifteen thousand people have drowned in the mediterranean in the past four years most have been searching desperately for many
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other people take for granted a safe place to call home somewhere to build a life unless the aquarius is given new registration documents to sail soon the crew fear that many more lives will be needlessly lost. al-jazeera say. the renowned opera singer month by jew edward freddie mercury became the anthem for the nine hundred ninety two barcelona olympics has died at the age of eighty five. a soprano was admitted to hospital in barcelona last month she died early on saturday morning by a america. that helped introduce her to a new generation of fans. the british banksy has stunned the art world with the daring of self-destruction that involve of reports you're moving. the crowd at london auctioneers so the police
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can't believe what's just happened a work by banks has just been sold for one point three million dollars but at the same time a device inside the picture frame has partially shredded it leaving some but used others and. i think. it's a shame. it shakes the paper in the body. you know we talking about it and. stealing all the notes you. this is what gill with blue used to look like she first appeared on a wall in east london but this gallery version was a canvas mounted on a board so the bees say the successful phone better was surprised by the story and in discussion about the next steps but experts say thanks to the stunt the pictures market value has already shot up. banksy who hides his identity started out small scale in the city of bristol but has since gone worldwide from this probe refugees
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piece in cali featuring apple co-founder steve jobs to this art hotel in the occupied west bank. and last year two images appeared near london's barbican cultural complex then are protected behind a film of plastic bank fees were inspired by the workers. who had an exhibition here at the barbecue but there's also a bit of politics you can read say no to street art banksy claiming that the institution was generally more keen to get rid of graffiti in the area you can still see small rodents like this done by banksy at various spots around the capital some people might smell a rat with the latest stunt perhaps it's what banks has always been about staying in the spotlight while keeping everyone guessing the al-jazeera london. times has to take a look at the top stories here it out there in breaking news the turkish authorities are now treating the disappearance of saudi arabian journalist. and his
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country's consulate in istanbul as a case of murder he was last seen entering the saudi counselor's on tuesday reuters news agency is reporting a source at the consulate has denied reports that he was killed in the compound. has more from istanbul. turkish security officials are now dealing with the case of . a murder investigation late on saturday they had said that they had information that fifteen saudi nationals among them officials had flown in on tuesday on two separate flights had gone to the consulate the same time that cultural g. was a very are and then the had left so now there has been no disclosure of the whereabouts of his body brett kavanaugh president supreme court choices been sworn in after a contentious senate vote it follows thirty hours of intense debate for and against
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the candidate who was subjected to an f.b.i. investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by three women areas flattened by last week's earthquake and tsunami in indonesia still amazing island may soon be declared mass graves more than sixteen hundred people have been confirmed dead there are growing concerns about the outbreak of disease syria's rebels are withdrawing heavy weaponry from an area in northwestern italy province the buffer zone is part of a joint plan by russia in turkey aimed at preventing a massive assault by the government on this rebel stronghold the deal requires that armed pfizer's within the demilitarized zone withdraw their heavy weapons or the ten. brazil is gearing up for what's being described as the most divisive election in its democratic history election officials have distributed ballot to let tronic voting machines ahead of today's vote around one hundred forty seven million voters
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will choose from thirteen candidates for president right out today those are the latest headlines up front. responding to criticism of the hunger in foreign minister defends his government's tough policy on refugees you have three thousand five hundred fifty five refugees living in you're not taking your how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries peter seattle to al-jazeera from its support for bashar al assad to a nuclear deal that's on the brink of failure iran is at the center of a whole host of middle east and global controversies in this outfront special at the united nations i'll challenge iran's foreign minister jobs or reef on his country's policy in syria and its approach to donald trump.
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foreign minister thanks for joining me on up front good to be with you last week u.s. president donald trump tweeted that he had no plans to meet iranian president hassan rouhani at the u.n. but he would quote someday in the future i'm sure he's an absolutely lovely man but you actually don't want your president to meet with trump do you why not well we're not actually that eager to meet with him because the united states is not a reliable negotiating partner. they were always saying that we want a treaty with iran now they just withdrew from the only treaty that we have with the united states because in the international court of justice ruled against them that tells you that whatever you negotiate with this president and. this is ministration they're not going to be. bound by it and that is why we're not that eager to set aside a fully negotiated document which took us almost twelve years to years of
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intensive negotiations between iran and the united states and be negotiated every word of one hundred fifty page document not between two countries but between just seven countries plus the european union and then it became a resolution of the security council and president trump just decided to get rid of it and then he said we need to because if it didn't have the approval of the u.s. senate i can get rid of it he was wrong because it's a security council resolution but he just got rid of a treaty that had the approval of the u.s. senate just because the i.c.j. ruled against the sanctions so on that basis then are you saying the president rouhani will never meet with donald trump are you ruling it out for the next two years in politics never say never but i believe that there is a need for a serious change in the administration that is. in my view dialogue does not require mutual trust that's
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a hope to hire your. treasure hold for for dialogue to take place usually dialogue is not based on mutual trust but dialogue requires mutual respect and mutual respect starts with each side respecting themselves and their own signature and as long as we do not see that in the united states in the current administration of the united states then it makes dialogue not necessary and not conducive to any positive outcome and i understand that point and it's fair to say that trump is not someone who can be necessarily trusted he's not a consistent politician clear he's not reliable and maybe he just wants a photo op i get why your hesitant but the reality is that the tension on the korean peninsula for example has gone down since kim jong. had that meeting with donald trump earlier this year trump now says they've even fallen in love why wouldn't president rouhani want trump to fall in love with him if only to reduce tensions between us you creatures basically international relations is not about
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love of international relations it's about reliability is about. maintaining your promises everything in international relations is based on one principle and that is in latin patterson served under you observe what you promise so it's it's stat which is required unlike the situation in korea we have a document we have a document one hundred fifty spelled out but he can't but imagine if president hollywood to meet with him and win him over in the way that kim won him over you can get him back into that valuable but he can he can and he can leave that document again as he did with the g. seven. communique he agreed to it and once he was born he has some places you never do any deal with trump well it's very difficult you can always do deeds if the other side shows that it is reliable president trump it's not it's not that difficult the nuclear deal let me tell you and let me tell president trump the nuclear deal is the best the united states can get and it's the best iran can get.
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and it's the best the international community can get it doesn't mean that it has everything that no either one of us wants that's what it means where i'm going as it is to president trump i wonder if it's also for your colleagues and friends and voters back home because you spent years negotiating with john kerry and your european counterparts and yet the supreme leader of your country and i was never a fan of nuclear diplomacy he said earlier this year quote with the issue of the nuclear negotiations i made a mistake in permitting al foreign minister to speak with them it was a loss for us do you agree with your supreme leader that it was a mistake for you to talk to what he said was it was it was a mistake to talk to the americans not to mistake and then his office clarified that the nuclear deal was not a mistake talking to the americans was a mistake so do you believe that it was a mistake for you to believe the americans showed particularly dismissed ration
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that they are not reliable that you cannot trust. their ward you cannot rely upon their signature you cannot even rely upon their treaty obligations so it's makes it a very difficult proposition to engage me but was it a mistake to come and i said it was a mistake but he believes it was a mistake you well i believe that the americans have not fulfilled their promises with respect and when i asked was it a mistake for you to sat down with the american people i said the americans did not fulfill the promise you say that trump is the problem and trump clearly is a problem he's the one who has violated the deal he's undermined it but what if what he's done of course has been welcomed by a lot of influential iranians including some of your top generals listen to general mohammad just three head of the revolutionary guards the i.r.g.c. we welcome trump's decision on pulling out of the deal he called a good omen general abdulrahim musawi head of the iranian army said thank god that america left the deal because that deal legitimize sitting at the table with
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america and these top generals of yours wrong. i believe there are stating the frustration of the beach is a general prostration of the iranian people than. the united states is not a reliable partner. believe that belief and you has been now. accepted. but they were never found better to go where they let's just be honest there were people in iran who didn't like the fact that you were negotiating you know that of course there were people in iran and now they feel vindicated they could be indicated and they say it's a good omen do you think it's a good omen well i don't agree with them and it's because they did with me but i was negotiating you think it's a bad omen that the u.s. i think it's not good for the international community that one country as powerful as the united states would decide to leave international agreements and it's not just a you know that they left unesco day left the climate change agreement they left
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nothing day late date left turn traffic part are you going to follow them is the question we know the u.s. are now leaving all these treaties with nobody's defending the u.s. here is iran now going to stay in the nuclear certainly not follow the united states because they're a bad example or are you planning to stay in the deal indefinitely but. iran has given the europeans some time because they asked us for some time to try to compensate for us departure from the new korean ago from the nuclear deal that means that iran needs to receive the economic dividends of that now they have made very strong political statements as you've seen then they have. elaborated on practical solutions now we need to see those practical solutions implemented and the next phase would be to see whether the private sector would welcome those practical solutions and would engage in those practical solutions these we will
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examine these. very carefully and we'll decide based on the outcome big staying in the deal for now we'll meet we believe it's a good deal ok we believe it's a deal that is in the interest of the national community in our interest we are in no hurry but we will not accept to be the only party that is complying with the let's turn to syria foreign minister iran despite its economic problems at home has spent billions of dollars every year since twenty eleven propping up bashar al assad in syria arming him sending in special forces militias hizbullah to fight for him do you believe that he has with your help now won the war in syria and can go back to being president of syria for life first of all we were in syria for a very specific purpose and that was to fight extremism we were for the same purpose in iraq it kurdistan we bend when isis was about to take over erbil we went and helped mr barak sunday we went to baghdad and help the iraqi government win
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over die a shrine they were. coming in and taking over the iraqi territory we have had a consistent policy of standing against extremism and extremist terror which is an existential threat for everybody in the region we have said you quoted the leader on another occasion you need to quote him on this that had we not faced . isis in syria and iraq we would have had to face it in iran or they all supported assad way before i suppose we can pretend iranian support for us and began with isis no no we we have good relations with that but the. reason i mean countries have good relations and saudi arabia had even better relations with the last from two thousand and three to two thousand and eleven so it's not the question of who supported who it's a question of who came to fight extremists ok now that the now that the fight
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against extremism is in its final stages it doesn't mean that extremism is gone now we need to do a number of things first we need to do it with the issue at hand and that is it we have done our best i went to ankara i went to damascus i we had a summit in tehran all within the space of less than a week and then the summit in sochi between turkey and russia to avoid bloodshed in it now we have achieved that we have a plan to have. a political not a political but a nonmilitary solution in that we are faced with a major problem and that is foreign fighters what to do with a large number of foreign fighters who are in it these are fighters that were brought into syria by out so no one is denying the presence of foreign fighters or the crimes that they have committed we've covered on the show but the problem is they're not the ones that are the only ones dying in syria when you look at the
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sheer suffering in syria hundreds of thousands dead millions displaced from their arms widespread torture in government prisons have been photographed airstrikes barrel bombs attacks on bakeries schools hospitals bread lines is an iran complicit in all the suffering doesn't matter what you say your goal no motive was no bouncers happening on the behest five years ago when i assumed office as foreign minister i presented a four point plan immediate cease fire inclusive government political negotiations for constitutional reform and elections based on a new constitution those who insisted. that they wanted a military solution we said from the very beginning i said in the i assess you meetings that there won't be a military solution to syria that we need to put it because solution and we've been saying that for the past five years those who have insisted on the evolution that they could win back syria that they could push bashar assad from office and they have sacrificed all these people of syria an insult or force just they have
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preferred they have they have cause they say when the syrian air force drops a bomb on a bakery that's the fault of the people in the bakery no no that's a false of the people who prevented the political settlement is not the fault of bashar al assad for sending in plays to bombay this is just false of the people who prevented political solution because of an illusion that they saw the syrian government has a responsibility that they could remove bashar assad from i get the argument i understand that ok i'm asking about the responsibility from work rhymes i'm talking about iranian responsibility are you something our government i'm not even money i'm not here to defend anybody i'm here to defend it i guess you're asking about it when i wanted a political settlement date if used they wanted their mess in aries these foreign fighters that today we don't know what we will do our own fighters into syria also from afghanistan you see from a pocketful don't you know that hold on there is a government in syria and last time i checked our government has a seat in the united nations those who try to overthrow that government through the
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use of diversion through the use of isis through the use of nostra are the ones who have created this not just crime and by the syrian government the united nations and other meeting war crimes nothing justifies war crimes and iran has had its own history of fighting a war against iraq where war crimes were committed against us there were chemical weapons were used against us and all of these champions of international agreement italian law state side and accept amounts you are completely agree ok we insisted from the very. beginning that people need to investigate who used chemical weapons we said from the very beginning that they did rebels had chemical weapons and they were in an investigation and there was no investigate on the united nations and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons a joint investigative mechanism unanimously supported by the security council they concluded the syrian arab republic is responsible for the release of sarin at a concert who went on for the seventeenth and the russians then shut them down the
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same as it is on the wall and on here hold on we ask this investigative team to go to handshake one and two go to show you got to check whether these chemical weapons how does chemical weapons were used we used to this in the iran iraq war iraq used chemical weapons we asked the united nations iraq objected they went to the war front they check they verified these teams never been there they accepted the arguments of the white helmets we said from the very beginning that teams need to go under site to investigate the best prevented that from taking place because the best did not want to show because they would say the assad government is preventing not only i say investigate she asked her government invited them to go to show it out but as but as an iranian as you say who clearly are very passionate about some your country was subjected to sarin and chemical weapons and you're now allied with the government of the o.p.c. w human rights watch amnesty even hans blix not exactly a u.s.
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lackey has said it was probably the syrian government air force that carried this out when all of these organizations are saying assad is using chemical weapons he have said from the very beginning that we object and reject the use of chemical weapons no matter who uses them and no matter who is to be counted that is a categorical statement we don't differentiate whether it's iranians who are victims of chemical weapons or syrians who are victims of chemical weapons we condemn it categorically we've made that point very clear to president ford not let me finish we've said that chemical weapons are an x. . to us and that remains our position our problem is chemical the use of chemical weapons alleged acted on that was construed conducive for americans to use it as a pretext for an attack this is a problem we need a full investigation the o.p.c. w. under pressure from the united states and from the west refused to conduct
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a full investigation of reality to any investigation to find outside guilt and have been several you will always dispute notice he is your life and he's using a local weapons no no that is you iran of all countries shouldn't be supporting someone you think of course we wouldn't have had had there been an investigation. proving because we were insured but we know that showed up was not used that you know the base that was hit by the americans and the claim that this was the base that chemical weapons were launched from we know that it wasn't done from sugar ok and that is why we know that this allegation by the united states was false and we know that chemical weapons are being used we know who is using them and we believe that this is a dirty game that is being played in order to allow a credit aggression by the united states so it's easy to go to the judge alone and come back a minute but it's good to go to the judge together and see which arguments we have and the united states each time it goes to a judge it comes back a loser and then it be dropped from the court you're not going to agree on chemical
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weapons what about the bombs of bakeries schools hospitals documented by reporters on the ground eyewitnesses human rights groups amnesty human rights of the u.n. commission of inquiry says the syrian government is responsible for war crimes in our getting civilian area don has not participated in any activity in any populated area and we would never do so in the future we condemn any attack against idiots do you condemn the syrian government weaken tightening bakeries school we'll send them any attack against civilians no by the syrian government no matter who does but i'm asking no matter mostly about zero matter who does it ok but i'm asking about the syrian government no matter who does so you won't condemn the syrian government i condemn anybody using chemical weapons i do not like unsettles and else but i condemn any ok any government but at the same time condemn groups who use a billion says yes and the u.s. and the u.s. can deny rebels as well they condemn the syrian government and rebels asked she ok
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let me ask you this question you said very clearly earlier that last time you checked at the u.n. the syrian government the government of syria they invited you in your there with the syrian approval as is there as are the russians so does that mean you support the saudi attacks in yemen because they've been invited in by the government of yemen and the president of yemen on that logic on that basis hold on. the government we're not bombing anybody in yemen we're not killing innocent human beings so you're saying lying militias have killed elizabeth you mean the saudi arabia is bombing yemen on a daily basis killing people in yemen and refusing any opportunity to engage in peace talks we have offered a peace plan for syria we offered a peace plan in the yemen but but the saudis rejected the peace of thirty in syria forty years ago they rejected the peace out there in yemen three years ago hoping to be able to have a military victory in three weeks and they continue to bomb innocent people in the
1:41 pm
and no one's defending that and what's interesting is you're reminding me that i came to new york a couple years ago interviewed the saudi ambassador to the united nations and i said why are you in yemen why are you there bombing all these people and he said we're invited by the government we're fighting terrorism and all of the reports of civilian casualties are disputed and when i hear you talking about syria i feel it's the same argument though it's iranians using the same logic to syria the saudis are using in yemen that's what it sounds like is it the same argument. i mean people many people say the same things but is it the same argument sounds very similar and it does it yes does it that it's is is saudi arabia fighting i think and are they killing seven million young no no yes are they fighting the syrian government buying for your feelings even are they fighting terrorists in yemen they say they are there they are but those are sort of no no no people are useless and most are and there are internationally recognized risk groups who reach
1:42 pm
internationally recognized terrorist group the saudis are fighting in yemen but this is again a dangerous i know this is a dangerous and you know if you because you support hamas hezbollah which they are not which allows which the e.u. in the e.u. in the us calls terrorists everyone calls an enemy terrorism normals that is the problem there are organizations that are recognized as terrorist by the united nations security council and the last i checked therefore organisations that are supported by saudi arabia are taliban. and die so let's talk about that and other groups there is no consensus saudi arabia is supporting them we are fighting them ok so let's settle on that and let's not just try to confuse they say you're supporting who these were fired rockets into saudi arabia and the and un groups of pointed out human rights massive human rights abuses by with these and the un you see first of all who thieves have enough rockets of their own to fire into saudi arabia they don't need us anybody who's bombed out of existence
1:43 pm
would find a way to defend themselves who he's defended themselves yemenis defended themselves long before anybody was in iran to help them. they have been there for a thousand years they have forty aggressions they have defeated the russians they will defeat this aggression this war should not have started we told the saudis that they did not want need to start this war there was a political settlement that could have been reached they wanted a military victory they needed a military victory for domestic reasons for very childish domestic reasons and they continued that they could have stopped this war three and a half years ago so they faded to do something that was that in their own interest because they were hoping you remember in syria seven years ago they said we will have. we will pray in damascus by the end of ramadan it's been
1:44 pm
seven ramadan since then they said we will have a big tree in yemen inquiry weeks we've been if you are into the fourth year we're almost out of time i do have to ask you about the domestic front you have you're seen as part of the kind of reformist pragmatic moderate part of iranian politics you've called iran a democracy you've called it a democratic system in the past and of course your president rouhani has been elected twice overwhelmingly by the iranian people but his boss the supreme leader of iran ayatollah common i wasn't elected by the people has been in office for nearly thirty years and if you insult him you risk going to prison in iran how is that democratic by any definition i question your premise because the leader in iran is also elected. please check our constitution twenty nine years ago no no and he can be removed any day by a body by a party that elected him and that party was elected by the people every country has
1:45 pm
their own the assembly of experts you simply have x. but the guardian council which he appoints has a veto over that you know has a veto over the assembly of expert in picking the members of the other live expert on but he's not popularly elected by any definition of the word and if you look out you when he was actually popular he totally elected for a twenty nine year total no popularly elected twice was present yes and then i'm going to speak to the iranian president elect ok saying that it really isn't and then we we have a constitution that was approved twice by a referendum in that constitution that is a constitutional process and in that constitutional process it is an office of the supreme leader and that this is elected and then. observed boy. this is the constitutional mechanism twenty nine years i mean some some people countries democratic countries for longer than that but it doesn't mean that there are they're not a democracy the last question for
1:46 pm
a minister for nearly forty years now the u.s. and iran once great allies have been the best of enemies both sides have their grievances of course is there not to talk about trump here but looking into the future beyond trump is there any common ground beyond nuclear issues beyond from the you can see the united states an islamic republic coming together as well once the united states abandons its obsession that it wants to defeat iran in the region which won't happen because we are in the region we are not in some seven thousand miles away from from our home we are at home and that is why our influence in the region is to stay and the united states needs to recognize the reality is the united states failure has been its lack of recognition of the realities in our region and probably to rugby world so once the you create that. i mean once they make that necessary jump to reality then everything can change foreign minister thank you for joining me from good to be with you thank you.
1:47 pm
they were. they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. they were also decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. gang with him on al-jazeera. i mean his story is a for the people every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and
1:48 pm
focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most he buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera i mean this was different. whether someone is telling. the truth i think it's how you approach an official and that's what it is a certain way of doing. a story and i out. the case of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi who went missing in turkey turns into a possible murder investigation. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin dennis also coming up president
1:49 pm
trump's controversial choice for the supreme court is sworn in after a deeply divided senate confirms his appointment. protests in brazil against far right frontrunner john abell sonata ahead of sunday's presidential election plus. one hundred thomas in the village a bit because the polish city in indonesia will just blow the mean on the first public to reach this remote village bringing in eight people his site is desperately needed. the authorities in turkey and now treating the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi as his country's consulate in istanbul as a case of murder prosecutors a widening their investigation into his disappearance after a group of saudi officials apparently flew into stamboul on the same day that he
1:50 pm
went missing and that was last tuesday and now the reuters news agency is reporting that a source at the saudi comes to this in assemble has denied reports that the shelby was killed at the consulate jamal has more from istanbul. talker's occurs officials are now dealing with the case of them on such a regime as a murder investigation late on saturday they had said that they had information that fifteen saudi nationals amongst them officials had flown in on tuesday on two separate flights had gone to the consulate the same time that such ill she was there and then they had left still now there has been no disclosure of the whereabouts of his body however we do understand that a funeral will take place in the coming two or three days whether that's going to be a funeral with the man's body president or whether it will be a symbolic one we'll wait and see on sunday president rajab tehran is expected to
1:51 pm
address this topic for the first time and we are expecting as one source told me a very strong quote unquote response from turkey with regards to this front on their sovereignty essentially a crime taking place inside turkey by foreign nationals with what would seem to be impunity and i think our would not want that to go away unchallenged obviously it is very challenging for the turks because they do enjoy strong diplomatic relationships with saudi arabia that is one of the reasons why turkish officials did not comment right away off to the disappearance of kushal ji what i understand from speaking to several of them that they were exhausting all diplomatic methods to try and find some sort of way out of this crisis but in light of or rather in the absence of any reciprocity or goodwill from riyadh it seems that they are going to disclose everything that also falls in line with information that al jazeera has that there will be within the next day or so or video material and other evidence
1:52 pm
being disclosed by turkish security officials which will show how for the show the details of the assassination of the crime that has been committed so as far as obviously the case of this saudi journalists concern it is extremely sad news that he has been killed and aside from that there is obviously also a lot of concern with regards to the diplomatic fallout that's will undoubtedly ensue. well we've been speaking to how little josh on his executive director of the arab center and a friend of jamal. i knew a time out very well actually for more than three decades i knew him as a young journalist and as a counselor to the saudi government on many occasions visiting the kingdom which i used to do quite frequently two or three times a year or at least. met with him and his colleagues particularly in the media to
1:53 pm
learn about the latest developments in the region particularly our focus at that time was on us saudi relationship he was very keen and intelligent smart analysts of that relationship and it was always a pleasure. to see him and to compare notes with him this recent event it was an arab center briefing that he did for us last year in twenty seventeen upon moving to the united states to virginia. for protection if you will because he felt threatened back home in saudi arabia and we gave him the opportunity to come and discuss though he sent changes in the kingdom he was not necessarily a dissident i disagree with that description he was a loyal saudi citizen he had his own vision of what the country should be doing that type of freedoms needs that type of reform it needs and maybe in the final
1:54 pm
analysis that's what got him in trouble brett kavanaugh president supreme court choices being sworn in after a contentious senate the senate has spent thirty hours giving their final testament is for and against the nominee he was a king's deception the so as mike hanna reports from washington governor's appointment now cements a conservative five four majority on the court. britta kavanagh has been sworn in as a supreme court justice after successfully going through the nomination process the clerk will call the roll xander but earlier the focus was interrupted repeatedly by shouts from the public gallery sergeant in arms will restore order in the gallery an indication of the deep division within and without the senate chamber. kavanagh's and tire performance of the debate that lasted through the night only one democrat voted in favor one republican opposed nomination
1:55 pm
a vote to confirm judge kavanaugh today is about to worry dark chapter and the threat of history and turn the page toward a brighter tomorrow the confirmation passed by a narrow to vote manchin the nomination of brit m. cavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed i i i i i i throughout the day protesters gathered outside the supreme court the vast majority deeply opposed to the appointment of brett kavanaugh and feel the impact he will have on the court the supreme court is critical to our democracy they make choices that impact our lives our futures and our children's eyes we are not going to say here and just lie down and let this country me and get us down we are going to get right back up keep fighting and get that change that we want even if it's not president trump though saw a different picture of the gathering the tweet before the vote was taken womenfolk
1:56 pm
kavanagh and many others who support the very good man are gathering all over capitol hill it's a beautiful thing to see he continues and they are not paid professional protesters who are handed expensive signs big day for america this bitter nomination process could have a major impact on the midterm elections that take place next month an opportunity. for democrats to back a majority in both the house and the senate it was it was but even this would not change a simple stark fact with this second successful confirmation president trump has pushed the center of the court firmly to the right by kana al-jazeera washington. where president trump has spoken at a rally in kansas about the new confirmation it was just
1:57 pm
a few hours ago the u.s. senate confirmed george brett kavanaugh it was it when i proudly sang the judge's commission aboard air force one just before landing in the the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was on his way to pyongyang for more talks on how to achieve a nuclear free north korea it'll be mr pompei is fourth trip to the north capitol this year and his second round of talks with leader kim jong il the u.s. wants progress in the effort to rid the can korean peninsula of nuclear weapons after kim said he would work towards a new car is ation during the singapore summit with donald trump in jail. a
1:58 pm
flattened neighborhoods in indonesia as a louisiana may soon be declared mass graves the search for those missing after last week's earthquake and tsunami though continues president djoko widowed and says all victims must be found but so far the rescue operations been slow and difficult heavy machinery can't move in areas where the strength of the quake transformed hard ground into mud more than sixteen hundred people are now confirmed dead and there are growing concerns about the outbreak of disease well in and around palo that's the main city of sulu a.z. the aid operation is now in full swing al-jazeera as andrew thomas joined a convoy of helicopters from the disaster management authority which was the first to reach a remote mountain village called picado that's inaccessible by road. for more than a week they have been isolated cut off by cracked and blocked mountain roads so for
1:59 pm
the people of p.b. kora the sight of two helicopters bringing relief aid and meet us was thrilling. we saw the helicopters coming doubt and we knew it would be bringing help for us there's never a mobile phone coverage so into the easiest disaster response team had no idea what they find the information and was told that if the earthquake was strong here that there were no deaths and no serious injuries it's all the rush of people coming down that hill to this book will feel as if you had a cup as we came in landed there isn't that much damage in the expel age what they need the things that normally come in by road villages needed rice medicines baby milk and fuel and one biscuits i mean i know my mom of a hundred we need a doctor to know there is a little clinic here but a nurse who runs dots was in power last week we need to get her back home having
2:00 pm
helped and this was just twenty five minutes on the ground before heading back to pollute on route experts from indonesia's disaster management authority looked down to see what other areas most obviously need help we saw landslides which had reshaped mountains and obliterated roads but no destruction of homes on the scale of the atom polluted. on the outskirts of that city the full scale of the liquefaction which it swallowed suburbs was clear. aid is now pouring into the ways and the activity apollo weapon is for next week as you see in laos so many helicopters here a lot of a logistics support our economy it's still very much needed after thomas al-jazeera to be choros out the pollen in the nice. a five point nine nine magnitude earthquake has killed at least ten people in haiti.


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