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as to the appointment of brett kavanaugh and fearful of the impact he will have on the court the supreme court is critical to our democracy they make choices that impact our lives our futures and our children's eyes we're not going to sit here and just lie down and let this confirmation get us down we're going to get right back up keep fighting and get that change that we want even if it's not president trump though saw a different picture of the gathering the street before the vote was taken women for cover nor and many others who support the very good man are gathering all over capitol hill it's a beautiful thing to see he continues and they are not paid professional protesters who are handed expensive signs big day for america this bitter nomination process could have a major impact on the midterm elections to take place next month an opportunity for democrats to claw back a majority in both the house and the senate. but
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even this would not change a simple stark fact with this second successful confirmation president trump has pushed the center of the court firmly to the right by kana al-jazeera washington well earlier we spoke to political analyst bill schneider on why this division within the u.s. senate was different than previous ones. i compare it to another extreme division which was one hundred some years ago the division over the dreyfus case in france which is a division over eighty semitism in this case it had to do with feminism with women's rights with sexual assault but this was a division that struck right to the heart of american society it was partly over men about men versus women but the bigger division wasn't men versus women the big division was republicans versus democrats this really started a year ago when the meet to movement started that acutely in which women accused
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men of sexual assault and sexual harassment many of the men were guilty and didn't fight the charges it hasn't been political until now suddenly the entire meet to movement has become an issue of partisan discord and a lot of men like president sean have been outspoken in saying finally men are willing to defend themselves and speak up and they did so in direct admiration of brett kavanaugh his testimony. said i had hair on al-jazeera excessively and he is facing gets on the lamppost is general election. i'm natasha potter in the french quarter if not say what the aquarius a migrant rescue ship is waiting for a country to step forward and register it so they can continue its mission obscene .
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alor kong raise effectively gone remains a tropical storm just disappearing from hockaday and behind nothing at least as viewed from space which means sunny skies it was pretty healthy in tokyo for the grand prix we're down probably ten degrees to twenty three rather more sensible temperature for october for monday and it's still largely sunny skies legacy rain might still be there on the western side of her car i don't but the worst is now over in the breeze is going to so we're looking for a nice couple of days to be honest the rain is not returning that quickly but there's a ton coming across the sea from china there are developments taking place in china it's been quiet for the last week in sichuan but that is now about to move as the forecast a monday might bring the rain as far east almost as well hung and beyond that it stretches into the heart of southern china is still fine for shanghai down to hong kong hong kong with temps she's very very little but internally as
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a bit more rain and that's about it the showers to the south of that nice the sky out of this time of year just a few of them in the southern philippines over borneo sulawesi included and further west where singapore and kuala lumpur could button see some pretty poky showers. part.
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again you're watching on sirius reminder of our top stories talkers police say a saudi arabian journalist who's been missing for five days was murdered in the saudi concerts in istanbul saudi government denies any link to the disappearance of jamal khashoggi he was living in exile up to criticize in the kingdom and. it's fair the number of indonesians buried in the rubble of last week's earthquake and tsunami is five thousand pounds five times higher than experts first thought as it was for the day on so the way see is to end on thursday. brett kavanaugh president tom supreme court pick has been sworn in off to a contentious senate vote it was thirty hours of debate for and against the
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candidates in the same subject to an f.b.i. investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by three women. urging is underway in bosnia and herzegovina elections that are being seen as a test of national unity the country is ruled through a complex power sharing system involving three rotating presidents and two regional parliament splits on one ethnic lines it's the legacy of a peace deal following a war in the one nine hundred ninety s. in which more than one hundred thousand people died tensions remain between the bosnia and croatian ethnic groups and the country is struggling with high unemployment and joins us live from sarajevo david tensions may remain between these different communities but do they have similar concerns when it comes to picking their leaders. it is an extraordinary situation here let me just tell you that some of the groups monitoring the campaign have actually said they describe the situation as chaotic
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and that irregularities as they put it are at a record high and it doesn't seem that this campaign is arranged to actually try and heal those rule or ethnic divides is actually doing the opposite as you said youth unemployment here is at forty percent now these young people need a future they were hoping to have a state but the dayton accords which created the most complex political process that you can imagine in the world were not meant to actually build a state they were actually meant to make sure that the violence ended and what has happened since is that one analyst told me that essentially the political parties here have hijacked the state and the state is hovering above the whole area and it will not actually form a viable working national state so what they believe is that the politicians are
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deliberately hijacking the process they are making sure they stay in power they're not looking to reach across the ethnic divides they are looking to actually hold their positions hold that power power which they use to control the people and many of them have actually been bribed they've been blackmailed they're being forced into voting the right way as far as the political parties are concerned that it's not an election as we know it in western democracies and also of course i must tell you the. so-called others in this election it's the jews and the roma who can't even stand in the election because they will not register as bosniaks or as crass or as serbs so they can even put people forward for this election it is an extraordinary situation it is david and turnout i believe is expected to be low all people enthused about this vote. well i mean i was at the polling stations this morning and most of them were saying look
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we're turning up because we have a vote we don't expect that vote to do anything it will not move on the situation at all they're looking for their young families to have a future they realize their vote they were saying to me will not have any impact on that future but the extraordinary thing is with something like twenty thousand people leaving emigrating that's actually a clear indication of what the young people think in the families here think they are getting out of this country they're trying to find jobs in germany and the rest of the e.u. they know that after about after the previous elections where the turnout was eighty percent they know their vote is actually useless as far as they're concerned and turnout here after twelve hours the polls being open is expected to have a down to fifty percent maybe even less that's a huge drop a huge disaffection amongst the people here for their political process for their
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political parties and no wonder ok david many thanks for joining us that from. brazilians have begun voting in the country's most divisive presidential elections in the is at live pictures from a polling station in a rare disease narrow and for another nine hours frontrunner has surged in the polls in the past few weeks but his critics are calling for voters to unite against him traceable reports from sao paulo. not him sang his women and men on the streets of hope. they're asking the undecided voters to vote for anyone except. a former army captain who is leading the presidential race in brazil. but. it. ended. thirteen candidates are running for brazil's presidency but
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poll say it's become a two man race between walter and fat a man who replaced former president. as the workers' party candidate. says that if we selected people like her will be at risk her whole family took to the streets to support how that's campaign but things were different when lula was in power we had schools my son is a professor now because he went to school gave opportunities to the people and her dad who continue this policy. serving a twelve year sentence for corruption was banned from running the workers' party strategy to help the town by the when this election has been to say that voting for him is like in the waiting for results home or referendum eleven feet off the problem is that that strategy didn't work in many parts of the country what if you can help us with the corruption that happened while the workers' party was in power
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. in spite of the criticism from some adelson numbers have continued to rise since he was stabbed early in september even among those who once voted for. has expressed his admiration for brazil's former dictatorship once or beleaguered tory birth control for poor people and once brazil out of the u.n. because he says it's run by communists and really says he will vote for him but this is a game of those who i'm certain that the change in brazil with a new attitude and a new political structure we have to punish the corrupt politicians analysts say there's a reason why was an artist popularity has radically increased in the past month as this attack on both or which. was a shock for the country but the most important thing was that both now i had free time not. as an advertiser but in the in the headlines he was always
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in the new. even tonight only when this election round poll suggest he will have to go to a second round in the ballots it is then when people whole center left parties will unite against the one man they see as a threat. cameron's president has voted in the country's presidential election and called there is seeking a seventh term in office after thirty six years in power elections be overshadowed by a separatist uprising in english speaking parts of cameroon earlier three armed men were killed by security forces in the north west and the phone region yemen's government says who the rebels have detained ten ships in one day into the main port for humanitarian aid has these haven't responded to the report so far an offensive on the rebel held city is expected to resume hundreds have been killed in the past few months by saudi and russia coalition airstrikes. demonstrates the
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demanding a french ship has given permission to get back to sea to rescue more migrants and refugees in distress. stuck in the french port and must say after panama withdrew the ship's registration last week about the reports. demonstrators in paris angry that the french charity ship with a mission to save lives in the mediterranean sea is being prevented from doing its job panama revoke the registration of the aquarius last week the ship to sail unless another country agrees to break the storage we. launched. it states to help us and to help us. finding a new rather than flag. at the moment we still haven't received any response since the state the aquarius has been docked in the southern port of maps say but this is where the crew would rather be you were very likely requires began
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operations two years ago it's rescue thirty thousand people on the treacherous sea crossing between libya and europe migrants and refugees fleeing violence and poverty the crew says most of the survivors are deeply traumatized people who are actually caring for it's in their bodies. from their time so it's a conflict. zone environment where we're at since the organizations operating the aquarius doctors without borders and meditate and they say panama withdrew their registration under pressure from italy's government denies the claims but in june it closed italian ports to the vessel growing anti immigrant sentiment in europe is making work with the aquarius his crew harder the crew say that what's particularly difficult for them is that they know that every hour every day that passes out there in the mediterranean sea there are vulnerable people their lives possibly in
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danger and while the aquarius is stuck here in the port of mass say they can't help . it's disheartening to see that. loss of life that seem and humanitarian crisis are not at the forefront of european politicians priorities and that's something that we call on our european countries to take into account fifteen thousand people have drowned in the mediterranean in the past four years most have been searching desperately for many other people take for granted a safe place to call home somewhere to build a life unless the aquarius is given new registration documents to sail soon the crew fear that many more lives will be needlessly lost. al-jazeera say. street artist banksy has stunned the art world with a daring act of self-destruction not him but one of his best known pieces which was sold at auction and then well adam barber report.
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was. the crowd at london auctioneers southern can't believe what's just happened to work by banksy is just being sold for one point three million dollars but at the same time a device inside the picture frame has partially shredded it. used others in it i think. we need this book shake. it shake the paper in the book and. you know we're talking about it and you still root for the mets you. this is what gill with blue used to look like she first appeared on a wall in east london but this gallery version was a canvas mounted on a board so the bees say the successful phone better was surprised by the story and they're in discussion about the next steps but experts say thanks to the stunt the pictures market value has already shot up. banksy who hides his identity started out small scale in the city of bristol but has since gone worldwide from this probe
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refugees piece in cali featuring apple co-founder steve jobs to this art hotel in the occupied west bank. and last year two images appeared near london's barbican cultural complex then are protected behind a film of plastic bank fees were inspired by the workers. who had an exhibition here at the barbecue but there's also a bit of politics you can read so you notice streetcars banksy claiming that the institution was generally more keen to get rid of graffiti in the area you can still see small rodents like this done by banksy at various spots around the capital some people might smell a rat with the latest stunt perhaps it's what banks he's always been about staying in the spotlight while keeping everyone guessing the al-jazeera london. with us there these are the top stories turkish police say
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a saudi journalist who's been missing for five days was murdered in the saudi arabian consulate and istanbul the saudi government denies any link to the disappearance of jamal casualty he was living in exile and become a regular of the kingdom's leadership it's fair the number of end nations buried in the rubble of last week's earthquake and tsunami is five thousand five times higher than experts first thought the search for the dead zones is to end on thursday. there's actually a state has returned from a meeting with north korea's kim jong un aimed at making progress on nuclear disarmament might pompei was also working to set up another summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump at the last summit kim said he would work towards denuclearization of these with their agreement on how to put that into action brett kavanaugh president tom supreme court pick has been sworn in after a contentious senate vote follows thirty hours of debate for and against the candidates have announced confirmation with delays after three different women
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accused him of sexual assault his appointment will move the court significantly to the rights voting is underway in bosnia and herzegovina elections that are being seen as a test of national unity the country is ruled for a complex power sharing system moving three rotating presidents and two regional parliament ethnic lines is the legacy of a peace deal following a war in one nine hundred ninety s. which will one hundred thousand people died members that is have begun voting in their country's most divisive presidential election and he is seeing live pictures from a polling station and read his narrow front. as in the polls in the past few weeks but his critics are calling for his undecided voters to unite against him. cameron's president has voted in the country's presidential election as a full beer is seeking a seventh term in office after thirty six years in power election is being overshadowed by a separatist uprising in the english speaking parts of cameroon there's i had lines
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more news here on al-jazeera of the inside story. sexual violence as a weapon of war this year's nobel peace prize winners are campaigners determined to prevent attacks will the prestigious award provide a much larger platform for survivors of sexual violence this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm a mage i'm joined from the me too movement to the distinguished nobel peace prize more light is being shed on the prevalence of sexual violence in war and peace the un has called gender based violence a global pandemic laura burden manly reports the fight against sexual violence is the weapon of war is being on it by the nobel committee joint peace prize winners were announced on friday in the region nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty eighteen to dennis mcveigh yeah and. for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and conflict. dr mccuaig had treated thousands of victims of
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rape in the democratic republic of congo and has repeatedly condemned governments for not doing enough to stop sexual abuse. now the mirage is an iraqi has eady who was attacked by isis fighters and have village north in iraq four years ago she's campaigned for justice ever some. rape in modern day conflict is being seen in many parts of the world. was added to the un's list in april i am a security forces accused of targeting the hindu women and girls. it's not a new phenomenon during the bosnian war more than twenty years ago some estimates put the number of women raped during the conflict as up to fifty thousand and during the nine hundred ninety four genocide in rwanda human rights watch said it may never know how many women were raped it's not just sexual violence in war that's making the headlines football superstar cristiana rinaldo is fighting
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allegations that he assaulted a woman in two thousand and nine. bennett. christiane i rebelled i was doing well in regards to the things that are happening this is a guy i've known for three months what i can say is there in his fifteen year career he has demonstrated great professionalism on and off the football pitch sexual assault allegations are also dogging the nominees for the highest court in the u.s. and has divided america hollywood so-called me to movement is said to be a catalyst for empowering many women to tell of their abuses. some offenders that being punished and the people who made them celebrate it for inside story. all right let's go ahead introduce our panel in washington d.c. anthony gambino he is the executive director at dr dennis mccuaig is pansy
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foundation in reykjavik by skype suzanna second she is the director of international policy at physicians for human rights which investigates and documents human rights violations as well as gives voice to survivors and witnesses welcome to you both susanna let me start with you from your perspective what does it mean that dr denis mukwege and not the inward have been awarded the nobel peace prize this year. well it's a phenomenal and wonderful validation of the extraordinary effort that these two very outspoken very courageous witnesses to what really has become or is thought to be an epidemic of sexual violence not only in their respective countries of iraq and the democratic republic of the congo but these two leaders our voices for the tens of thousands really millions of women and girls but also men and boys who are attacked in every continent.
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by predators by the powerful by people who are essentially using bodies human bodies as vehicles to exploit territory communities destroy whole peoples or simply exert their authority and their voice from the prize is going to give them a new and expanded platform so that we can really address the problem more tony is this nobel peace prize going to give survivors of sexual violence a much larger platform now worldwide. that is certainly the hope of all of us and dr mccuaig. dr macwhich has been working tirelessly to make sure that the voices of survivors are heard and as susanna said it's not just
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the congo it's not just iraq as your story said it's myanmar it's colombia it is women going back to world war two who are still are alive the comfort women so-called from south korea there are women survivors who so much want to tell their story want to be heard and demand justice for the horrible things that have occurred to them in too many countries in too many places for much too long this is in a could you explain to our audience a bit more about the kind of trauma both psychological and physical that survivors of sexual violence go through. yes well certainly rape is a violent physical act and it causes acute and extensive potentially harm to the human body obviously there is physical trauma what dr mcwade he has treated and tens of thousands literally in his clinic and tens of thousands of women in the
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congo are some of the extreme physical consequences of sexual violence when weapons are actually inserted into reproductive organs and women are mutilated and they have to have literally surgery for what's known as traumatic fistula there are victims who are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases of course pregnancy can result forced pregnancy as a result of these crimes and then there is and there are beatings that it's a violent act so women also have scars less rishon they can be tied up they can. be injured with knives and machetes and guns and then on top of that there is the extreme psychological trauma. that results in fear humiliation depression. victims can have nightmares and on top of that
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there's a social stigma so many survivors that i've interacted with in the democratic republic of the congo and iraq and my colleagues in bangladesh with the rohingya survivors they are literally ostracized from their homes sometimes so the recovery involves. physical care mental health support social support it's really what the doctor mccuaig has developed as a holistic model and they need justice access to the courts being able to tell their story and see the perpetrators prosecuted. when proven convicted so that the impunity that surrounds these crimes does not continue many survivors in the d.r. see and i'll swear returned to their homes and villages where they were attacked only to have it happen again that is absolutely unacceptable all right let's take
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a step back for a second the un special representative on sexual violence and conflict recently told the security council that sexual violence continues to be employed as a tactic of war a tactic of terrorism and a tool of political repression trafficking of women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation continued to be an integral part of the political economy of war and terrorism generating profits for armed groups and thousands of women and children remain imprisoned by armed groups such as eisel and boko haram so tony when it comes to boko haram specifically has the situation improved at all i mean there are so many girls who who are being held that were kidnapped there are many that have been free but there are still many that have not been seen since they were kidnapped how is all that going. the issue in the book of herat crisis as well as elsewhere. is that when it has become contained in certain places it is then spread and so of course boko haram started in nigeria has spread to news
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of neighboring countries creating crises for other countries to try to respond and the sexual violence has been part of the as governments which sometimes have difficulty is responding to these issues in more remote areas try to do so they often. respond in a heavy handed manner that can create its own depredations so you have violence upon violence and this is something that. people working on the boat her own crisis have been trying to get a handle on but unfortunately it is still not been brought completely under control this is and i want to go back to something you touched upon a few moments ago in your answer because you you mentioned specifically. i've been reporting pretty extensively this past year from bangladesh on the plight of the revenge and i have on many occasions interviewed refugee women who have told me
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these absolutely terrifying these horrific stories of how they and other members of their community were raped and brutalized of course in the last month you had this u.n. investigative panel that came out with their recommendations saying that they believe that members of unions millet i mean mars military should be charged with crimes of genocide do you think we're any closer to that actually happening to the international criminal court somehow stepping in and prosecuting members of me in mars military for this i wish i could say that we were this a curate a council has been completely paralyzed in terms of referring the situation of me and mar to the international criminal court as you know china not would not support that kind of referral as a essentially. protector of the me and my government and the united states itself under the top administration has. vehemently criticised in a sea of its this court and so in many directions there is not that likelihood
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what we have instead is a possible referral through crimes in bangladesh to the criminal court because the genocide committed by the government of me and maher has extended into and across the border yes tony from from your perch there in d.c. how much do you think the need to movement has as played an inspiration in the nobel committee awarding the peace prize this year to these recipients or certainly can't comment on all the things. influenced the nobel committee to make this great choice to the most deserving winners but it's clear that. the set of issues around continuing sexual violence ranging from sexual violence and conflicts which is what dr macwhich in puns.


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