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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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both are very popular figures so people think they're going to make a good president doesn't matter their ideas there's a matter what they represent the state for but they think that they are going to be the best futures they're going to be the best candidates and the best presidents are not a has said and i'm just going to repeat some of his policies that the best thing is for the police to go in shoot first and ask questions later as a way of fighting crime he is homophobic he believes women should earn mess less than men should stay home and take care of the children and he is a great admirer of chile's former dictator. being that his being things as they are what do you think this means for the future of democracy in brazil many people are concerned yes many people are concerned because of his ideas because of what he has said but i think that brazil is a very big country we have lots of businessman so we have
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a democracy that is growing that gary high in this this week we had a pool that the market is very popular in brazil so it seems that he's going to go to the center and he needs to be a little softer in his declarations and he in his policies well let me be the devil's advocate a lot of people are comparing. to donald trump in the u.s. in which case that would seem to indicate that he would not change very much after the election yes that's true but donald trump is a businessman he is know how to negotiate and is a man that is in the congress for the last twenty seven years so he's well known in the congress in the political system so i think he's going to have to work with the congress he's going to have to go to the center to have supports you have a viable government we'll have to leave it there then you're so so thank you for sharing your views with us there you. a very exciting race it's not over yet but of
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course we will be with you larry i'm a soon as we have it the final results back lovely thank you very much lucy and he was saying across the election results as we wait to get them confirmed thank you very much to raise a bug jones is live now from sao paolo a supporters a gathering and as lucy a was saying he only needs a fraction more to win this first round outright without having to go to a second round of voting what's the mood like that. well people you are have started to celebrate worse the people wearing military fatigues carrying the israeli flag let's not forget the j volts and i don't know year to day was when we went to vote he said that this was going to be finished this sunday that this is not going to be a second. and it will be and i and his with the united states and with israel would be talking to some of the people there are telling us that many of them got very
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tired of traditional political parties they say that they do not want to vote for anyone that had any type of relationship with the workers' party that it's time for something new in. the race course not all made of the messiah did he may go ahead and see them here and they're getting ready to celebrate we're still waiting for a type of confirmation whether there is going to be a second round in brazil or whether you eatable sonata got enough votes this sunday to win outright this man who initially in the beginning of this campaign had only fourteen percent of the votes then he would have killed or started to go. places from lebanon and it's both a number. so this is the big question in brazil whether this election will be enough for you was not able to win in this first round over those elections certainly seems to be what people there are expecting. thank you very much indeed.
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where the celebrations have begun early results with fifty three percent of the votes counted just polls tomorrow is leading with forty nine percent of votes though we don't know if he's going to win this first round outright yes still to come for you on al-jazeera cameroon's longtime leader seats in all the time in office but can he cling to power when parts of the country are undergoing a separatist rebellion and u.s. secretary of state might. agree to arrange a second nuclear summit soon as possible. hello again it's good to have you back we're going to start this hour here in australia and across the bay we are seeing two weather systems pushing through one down here across parts of victoria and then another one making its way from perth
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across towards adelaide now what this is going to do is really change the temperatures so as we start here on monday adelaide twenty seven melbourne twenty four degrees but once that system pushes through then we're going to be seeing a big drop in temperatures winds going to be coming out of the south so for adelaide you can be going down about ten to eleven degrees there over here towards melbourne some showers in your forecast at sixteen but really not looking too bad for brisbane about twenty seven and partly cloudy there well knowledge about across much of new zealand are going to see one system pushing out so the forecast is getting better there where we are going to be seeing some clouds down here towards the south island with christchurch at fifteen degrees but then as we go towards tuesday we do expect to see some clearing in your forecast and then very quickly up towards parts of northern asia we're going to be seeing some better weather course we were dealing with congress over the last few days across parts of a kind o. that has moved out and dissipated so no problems there winds have died down but down towards tokyo temperature and partly cloudy conditions few of twenty three degrees there then over toward seoul partly cloudy
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a twenty in pyongyang about twenty degrees for you. demond has outstrips supply and inference of a commodity. adoption is a compassionate act for children in need but not against the will of their mothers . from uganda to the united states fault lines investigates innocent lives have been caught in a new gold tug of war between biological and adoptive parents. fault lines on al-jazeera.
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quick look at the top stories this hour turkey's president says he'll await the results of an investigation into the disappearance of a saudi journalist in istanbul government sources claim jamal khashoggi was murdered after visiting the saudi called on tuesday. and exit polls in brazil's election say far right candidate. has won forty nine percent of the votes in the first round his left wing rival fernanda dad has won twenty six percent according to exit polls from brazil's globo t.v. . action results that show the nationalist leader has won a seat in the country's presidency is governed through a complex power sharing system involving three presidents and two regional parliament split along ethnic lines it's a legacy of the dayton peace agreement that brought an end to three years of war in
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the one nine hundred ninety s. . as previously suggested holding a referendum. be an enclave from the rest of the country david. people anticipate that dodik will carry out what he promised on the campaign trail . that's right it was a campaign which was noted by the ethnic divisiveness coming from republika srpska which is the main serbian entity inside bosnia herzegovina and he or she said that he wanted to during the course of the campaign he wanted to say that the heritage of relevant carriage who was sentenced to forty years for genocide is a war criminal but of and carried it shows heritage should be honored that see extraordinary language that was used and it shows you very clearly that one of the three rotating presidents of this country who has every intention of of
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breaking away from the whole of bosnia herzegovina and his main ally of course that he's moved towards has been the russian president vladimir putin and he's always said he's always maintained that the country was a mixed bag stitched together and arranged marriage and arranged marriage that hasn't worked now what do we know about this man he's fifty eight he was born in a small town outside the main capital of republika srpska banya luka he was known as a basketball player and when he first appeared on the scene he was actually noted by the former americans actually of state madeline albright as a breath of fresh air in boston that has dramatically changed. everybody must fear the policies that would now start a jury his term as president or an eight month term of as president so as
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a great fear here about the fact that the whole of the constitution the carefully arranged dayton accord to support an end to the war and will now be disturbed and degraded by this this president during his term and as you were speaking to voters there what. what are their fears for the country's future davis. well just remember that when he carried out this referendum calling for a national day of celebration on gender the ninth when relevant carroty declared republican serbska he went on to the american black list and was sanctioned personally now that was continued of course during jury in the term of president trump trump has extended those are those sanctions and kept them on the black place and that means that essentially he's being driven towards russia that means that
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bosnia-herzegovina does not have any chance of joining the e.u. does not have any chance of joining a nato therefore essentially he is going to push the country into the arms of the russians and this means that essentially the break up of the a very carefully arranged constitution now looks more or less certain as you said in your beginning of your lead in he is going to call another controversial referendum we don't know when we don't know how and he will actually he will actually call for a referendum to split this country which is how so many deep ethnic divides is going to call that referendum we just don't know when kay thank you very much david . well polls of closing cameron seventh presidential election since independence in one nine hundred sixty three armed men were killed by security forces in the english speaking northwest region where the election has
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been overshadowed by a separatist uprising morgan has more from the capital yeah one day. voters in yemen they were eager for the opportunity when the presidential election polls opened it was quite small form just came from minutes ago or check my name on the board i read it and then i came one thousand fighting. different names of course and put my lot in ballots to appease unless. you have the first doubt to get those saw everything business that we are difficult to do in. africa's oldest president eighty five year old fall is seeking a seventh term in office determined to stop that are seven opposition candidates some alleged voting irregularities even before polls closed because he's come to the easy of him scandalized that in this polling station the number of dollars does not much to look to a list this is nonsense people are having fun with this country peace and security
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people are dying in the north west in the southwest it's not a small motto some weren't able to vote at all because of fighting in western cameroon english speakers there who make up twenty percent of the population accuse the french dominated government of marginalization and some have taken up arms their fight for independence has displaced more than two hundred thousand people through separatist fighters were killed in gun battles on voting day observers say the independence crisis may affect the election results the result. will come in this in q two because we were awarded first we thought with everything we've been hearing from the anger from regions people would not go out to vote but according to all observers there people have gotten out to vote but let's not be mistaken for the people competent to siesta because of the security. here's the electoral commission l.a. county said less than half of the thirteen million eligible voters have registered to vote voters who have cars their ballots they will have to wait for
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a week maybe more to know if their candidate is their new president some opposition candidates have declared victory even before paul had opened something with the electoral commission said was illegal the results will either see the reelection of president paul be a for another seven years or cameron's third president since independence from france fifty eight years ago people morgan al-jazeera young day. well into full says it's received the resignation of its chief men hallway effective immediately men had been reported missing by his family after he flew to china last month china says mang is under investigation for unspecified violations of the law interpol says kim jong young of south korea will be acting president until a new head is elected in november. the u.s. and north korea have agreed to hold a second summit between president trump and kim jong un this after the u.s. secretary of state might pompei a return from discussions with kim in pyongyang at the last meeting with trump kim said he would work towards denuclearization the g eight countries are yet to agree
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on how to put that into action. good to see you for six six six. six. four so this is. on alabama's fight in the history of the ultimate fighting championship has been the shadowed by a massive brawl in las vegas it was a dark night for the sport which has struggled to win mainstream acceptance for twenty five years david stokes explains. it was supposed to be the greatest night in u.f.c. history but turned into one of the ugliest seconds after beating khana mcgregor had be. let out of the cage and then into the last vegas crowd i the russian fighter was trying to get to one of the greatest sparring partners and in doing so started a riot while that brawl unfolded outside the octagon another one began inside it as
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two men from habib's camp attacked the defeated mcgregor. i both fighters were eventually a school to back to their dressing rooms happy was not awarded his belt in the ring and could still be stripped of his title altogether pending an investigation by the state of nevada they are withholding purse they are not withholding car mcgregor's they looked at the footage and felt there was no need to hold his withhold his personal the game has and they're there keeping the beeb's cheering the fight had big performance had been almost perfect mcgregor the biggest star the u.f.c. has ever produced made to look ordinary by a man who's now unbeaten in all twenty seven of his fights had babe who is a devout muslim apologized for his behavior but argued that mcgregor had a lot to answer for to be dogged by my religion to talk about my content to talk about my father he come to broken and he broke boss he almost killed couple people
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there's. the incident happy was referring to happened back in april macgregor through a metal trolley a bus carrying heavy two people were injured but he managed to avoid jail time by taking a plea deal i just want to say untangle to the d.a. and the judge for allow me to move forward after that it wasn't long before the fight was made and since then the build up has been bad tempered and often unpleasant let's take. one of the journalists who was ringside in vegas told al jazeera that the u.f.c. may have to change the way it promotes fights in the future i think there's a lesson for everybody to be learned. that some of these things you say it's not just about by most you know it runs deeper than that when you start start getting into religion in beliefs and cultures and races and things long island you have to be very very careful when you trade there because it's it's more than
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a fight at that point mcgregor says he doesn't want to press charges against the man who attacked him in fact he tweeted that he's looking forward to a rematch but given how this one's turned out there's certainly no guarantee that will ever happen david stokes al-jazeera. just a quick look at the top stories this hour now turkey's president says he'll await the results of an investigation into the disappearance of a saudi journalist and all government sources claim jamal khashoggi was murdered after visiting the saudi consulate in the city written numerous articles criticizing the saudi crown prince had been sound man. that said for us to see such an incident taking place in my country mr jamal is an old friend of mine that's why my expectation is still in good faith i wish we don't come up against a situation that we don't desire or do believe that the defenders of freedom and
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freedom of opinion in our country will follow this matter as president of turkey i will follow this closely and i will announce the results no matter was to the world . well in our other top stories this hour exit polls in brazil's elections say that the far right candidate airballs so narrow as one forty nine percent of the vote in the first round is left wing rival fernando dad has won twenty six percent according to the polls from brazil's globo t.v. a former army captain has proved extremely popular on the campaign trail particularly since he was stabbed as a rally last month but he has alienated large sections of society by making a soldier mystic and homophobic comments. in bosnia and herzegovina early results show the nationalist leader has won a seat in the country's presidency near is governed through a complex power sharing system involving three presidents and two regional
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parliament split along ethnic lines it's a legacy of the dayton peace agreement the brought an end to the three years of war in the one nine hundred ninety s. dodik has previously suggested holding a referendum on splitting off bosnia serbia an enclave from the rest of the country . well interpol says that it has received the resignation of its chief men the whole why effect of immediately manning had been reported missing by his family after he flew to china last month beijing says mang is under investigation for unspecified violations of the law interpol says a new president will be elected in november. and the u.s. and north korea have agreed to hold a second summit between president trump and kim jong un the u.s. secretary of state might return from discussions with kim in pyongyang at the last meeting with kim said he would work towards denuclearization the two countries are yet to agree on how to put that into action you're up to date with the top stories
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that's it for myself in the team here in london palming up next witness sunday in brazzaville. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. the monette's part of me for such a visit to the fifth. political to god if you need a possible she. said he doesn't want to live on that too is what he tell the king
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