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tv   The Billion Dollar Criminal  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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thirty years but liberal democratic congressman beto over ork is now running fewer than four percentage points behind incumbent republican senator ted cruz we need to bring people out of the shadows allow them to get right by law and yes there should be an earned path to citizenship my views on immigration are simple and i have some of them up many times in just four words legal good illegal bad o'rourke is gaining because people of color who often don't turn out in midterm elections are getting politically involved you see more enthusiasm of people who vote houston is the most diverse city in the us and nearly a quarter of all people here are foreign born you can see that on the streets and in the kitchens the city is a polyglot polychrome picture postcard of a future us when people of color become the majority a few decades from now but this is not
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a good time to be an immigrant in usent says immigrants rights legal advocate tatyana obama though pamela residents were calm and say why do i doing wrong will i be deported. that fear could lead to change if volunteers like these can convince let tino's and other people of color to head to the polls as fast as this machine can crank out tortillas texas may elect a democratic senator in november and possibly change the balance of power in washington to rob reynolds al-jazeera houston. gay rights campaigners in romania celebrating the results of a referendum that was to clad void because too few verses turned up the votes and proposed to change the definition of marriage into a union between a man and a woman and sort of between spouses. just ahead on but he was in sport benfica step out of the shadow of last season's champions paul so at the stadium of light paul
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be here with more in just a few moments. from the sun roof sixty follow me. on this roof is the name under which i record a. record music is really kind of trip for a very young age it may come from jamaica but i feel that. it talks about just its quality. is a break in music i think. that's deeply relevant. especially for this is kind of all the right wing assault on our freedom to last questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being students teachers activists filmmakers rights it's. been it's limited it's on the. people
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on the streets the protest has reached our doorstep so in whichever way i'd like to attempt to contradict something and it's. time to support his point. thank you very much barcelona lost their place at the top of spain's la league despite little messy six goal of the season against valencia on sunday valencia went in front after two minutes thanks to messi is fellow arjun sign as he killed got i messi equalised twenty one minutes later but that was the end of the scoring for the night the champions haven't won in the
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league since mid september severe and now first after beating celta vigo there was a battle to go top of the portuguese primera league table between two of the country's biggest rivals not too many empty seats at the stadium of light in lisbon as benfica hosted porto benfica runners up to the visitors last season but they got the bragging rights here set out of it scoring just past the hour mark one nil is how it stayed and fi could go top ahead of sporting progress on goal difference porto meanwhile stay third. there's a three way tie at the top of the english premier league after manchester city missed a penalty and a goal is draw at liverpool city on liverpool have been joined at the top by chelsea who are a big win at southampton also a big victory for arsenal they beat fullam five one. last year was moved up to third in the italian saria the romans were hosting fiorentina who are pushing to go second behind leaned leaders event says but see no mobile
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a put paid to that one though a final score lots are still nine points behind you've either. khana mcgregor says he wants a rematch after losing to come. in a dramatic night in the u.f.c. could be stripped of the light white title after causing a mass brawl immediately afterwards david stocks has the story i was supposed to be the greatest night in u.f.c. history but turned into one of the ugliest seconds after beating khana mcgregor had be. let out of the cage and then into the last vegas crowd. the russian fighter was trying to get to one of the greatest sparring partners and in doing so started a riot while that brawl unfolded outside the octagon another one began inside it as two men from habib's camp attacked the defeated mcgregor was both parties were eventually a school to back to their dressing rooms happy was not awarded his belt in the ring
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and could still be stripped of his title altogether pending an investigation by the state of nevada they are withholding habib's purse they are not withholding car mcgregor's they looked at the footage and felt that there was no need to hold his withhold his personal the game has and they're there keeping the beeb's cheering the fight had big performance had been almost perfect mcgregor the biggest star the u.f.c. has ever produced made to look ordinary by a man who's now unbeaten in all twenty seven of his fights had babe who is a devout muslim apologized for his behavior but argued that mcgregor had a lot to answer for too he dogged by my religion to talk about my contact to talk about my father he come to broken and he broke boss he almost killed couple people . one of these the incident had bieber is referring to happened back in april macgregor through a metal trolley at a bus carrying his b. two people were injured but he managed to avoid jail time by taking
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a plea deal i just want to say i'm tangled to the da and the judge for allow me to move forward after that it wasn't long before the fight was made and since then the build up has been bad tempered and often unpleasant it's taken so many bad things manhattan i can't believe i one of the journalists who was ringside in vegas told al jazeera that the u.f.c. may have to change the way it promotes fights in the future i think there's a lesson for everybody to be learned. that some of these things you say it's not just about by most you know runs deeper than that when you start start getting into religion in beliefs and cultures and races and things long island you have to be very very careful when you trade there because it's more than a fight at that point mcgregor says he doesn't want to press charges against the man who attacked him in fact he tweeted that he's looking forward to a rematch but given how this one's turned out there's certainly no guarantee that
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will ever happen david stokes al-jazeera. well people are definitely looking at the positive side of the night in cubs home region of dagestan in russia fans in the capital markets took to the streets after the victory they blocked traffic as they celebrated in their cars or showed off their victory dances rode. lewis hamilton has edged closer to a fifth formula one world championship with a victory at the japanese grown pray the driver started from pole and was untroubled at the front of the pack. title rivals of austin vettel struggled to climb up from ninth to sixth tangling with max for a stop and but it was hamilton who took the honors at suzuka from teammate while terry but as he now leads by sixty seven points from vettel with four races and one hundred points remaining i. yes. so. if you don't think so i stress.
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that you very very happy i think the whole weekends been incredibly strong from the theme the great ones who from estate isn't a true showing of you know real strength in depth that we have is that even and this track is the best track you know well you know they don't make i don't know why they don't make tracks like this anymore every second of the run. though it was great fun thailand's love affair with moto g.p. has begun well the first race to be held in bangkok went down to the wire mark mark and nearest title challenger under a a da vinci also jewel for the lead through most of the twenty six laps of the burri ram circuits the video said was outs muscled by the spaniard on the final lap and couldn't overhaul him on the last corner defending champ marquez leads the standings by seventy seven points with one hundred left to race for. australia's cricketers are playing the first test series since the ball tampering scandal in south africa a few months ago with former captain steve smith and opening batsman david warner
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and cameron bancroft serving bronze the ozzies are trying to move on they had a tough time of it in dubai on the first day against pakistan he won the toss mohammed have fees and all hack put on two hundred five for the opening partnership as the hosts closed on two hundred fifty five for three scoring seventy six half a striking one hundred twenty six. caroline wozniacki has added to her highlights really what's been a dream season for the dane she started the year by winning her first grand slam at the australian open on sunday she got her thirtieth korea singles title with victory over ana stars yes of us the six three six three in the china open final it gives wozniacki a slim hope of ending the year as world number one. world number thirty two dunhill medvedev shocked the home crowd in tokyo to defeat canucks to corey and win the japan open on sunday if the fans had their way the russian were supposed to simply turn up and lose to the hometown hero but medvedev had other ideas in a dominant display here down the chute forty six two six four this is the russian's
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third a.t.p. tour title all of them coming against players on their home courts. only to say that. women are in australia steve johnson in usa. or here in japan to win my three titles so this is this is destiny or yes i mean i was playing amazing and i'm just happy to grab on top win seven matches losing only one set in the qualifier and then just extremely happy that is all your support and i will have more later on. many thanks to every two years a contest of nerve balance and coordination takes place in space and this year so is he one teams took part in the human tar competition in tyler going up in the catalan region it's dishing that dates back to the eighteenth century zeros followed a member of one of the caseloads all human builders and his team battle to win the
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contest for the first time in eighteen years only in the one i really want to know my name is or not i'm up to now i live in volleyball kathleen i'm twenty one years old and i'm studying physiotherapy route. and i pretty cuban told builder for the past eight years. eleven the longest this was the motto of the human towers these forces balance courage and wisdom but it's also wrote many other things and many hours of rehearsals. i could form as balance which is a position in charge of keeping the balance of the cost. when you are at the bottom of the tower and feel overwhelmed and you feel the euphoria all the disappoint is something that goes beyond your imagination so much that you can't describe it. everyone is welcome in a group it doesn't matter if you're told short subtle things that if you're rich or
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poor that if you are ten or forty years old or innocent you'll always have a place and something to do with the group petition. many people think castles are really dangerous and that the collapse a lot that's really the case only a few of them collapse so the percentage of falls is really small and not many people get badly injured thank you senator. kerry's the call of ala was founded in seventeen ninety one so we have more than two hundred years of history. with horses. it's been eighteen years since we won so winning. competition would be amazing. and. i.
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think you. excellent for the day's top stories straight ahead see you just a moment. right
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. fresh perspectives meet possibilities. debates and discussions it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves says so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number at all that we can put up. on to see areas award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe and. on our edges there. in nigeria life you see beats hot to each an email from boyd is one of them is that guy writes i do not need to be joined that is followed. by nigeria
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is suck up by nigeria is your development manager is there cities this is my nigerian. my nigerian on al-jazeera. all right contender. has a big lead in the first round of brazil's presidential race but may still have to fight a runoff in three weeks. to get out my dream for the get this is live from doha also coming up turkey's
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president says he's personally following the case of the saudi journalist. who disappeared in this country's consciousness tumble on tuesday the image that appears to have been a warning from interpol's former chief just before he disappeared in china beijing says that mung way is under investigation. five thousand people feared missing with another two thousand dead the scale of the indonesia earthquake and tsunami disaster is revealed. partial results in brazil show the far right candidate jaya with a strong lead in the presidential election his populist appeal has stunned mainstream parties discredited by corruption crime and economic recession but also not appears to be short of an outright majority a former army captain has polarized the nation especially after he was stabbed last month he's alienated large sections of society with the soldiers to comply with
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comments were both some of his main rival is the left wing candidate for the dad he's a former mayor of some recently replaced former president louis ignacio lul of the silva as the workers' party presidential candidate if no candidate gets more than fifty percent of the valid ballots they'll be a second round in three weeks time lived out while latin america and it's to see a new man who's in rio de janeiro so is also the argo be able to win this right or is it going to go to a second round. hello. very very difficult to imagine that he won't win in the knock off which is then going to be in three weeks time the latest figures and now practically all of the votes counted is forty six point seven percent of the votes for. versus twenty eight point four for. he has
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a huge amount of. space that he's going to have to make up for and it doesn't really seem really he's going to be able to find those votes from anywhere even if you add up all of the other votes for the candidates that went for this voted for the center or other center left wing presidential candidates it doesn't seem like the numbers are there joining me to talk a bit more about that now is political analyst daniel. daniel you know this is a surprise because because. less than a month ago was polling much. much lower and suddenly brazilians are showing who they really will appear to want is there any possibility at all that fernando had dad could make up for this now though they're not very big possibilities i think it's very very difficult to choose. for another two one in this election i think that brazilians showing that they want someone very very
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strong very a little bit aggressive for the situation that we are leaving now in for another that is a professor or is someone a little soft so i think it's going to have a very he's going to have a very hard time to change their votes and when this election will you mentioned that they want somebody who is stronger and certainly balsam nat'l has talked about for example fighting crime with more violence saying that it's the police should go in and kill all the criminals and ask questions later he has very often rather simplistic solutions for very complex problems is that really what you think do you think is that going to do the trick yes because it seems that brazilian this on the one discuss ideas the what action. has convinces people that he's a man of action and that he's going to fight the crime that his going to fight the corruption in it seems that it's soon there for people right now what does this
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mean for minorities what does it mean for the for gays for blacks for women's rights for example probably they are going to have a hard time with both son are in power they are going to have to fight for their rights in its not going to be easy because it seems when we see the the the defaults for the congress that he is going to have a huge support with people that have ideas close to him you know this election has been followed very closely by the rest of latin america. there is this feeling that what happens in brazil spreads to the rest of the region is there a reason for concern i think it varies because brazil is it's a leader country in the region it's the biggest country in the region and what happens here. and power in the neighbor can trees so what's happening in brazil it can begin a movement
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a right movement in america. well we'll have to see what happens but certainly some would say that the dye has been cast of course i have had not had that there is going to do his best to as will opponents of ball so narrow but his his supporters right now are celebrating and celebrating big back to the seventy thanks to save human there in rio de janiero let's hear now from our zero three is a bull who's in. we're here in ne that. is no where people have gathered to celebrate where they see the victory. even though there's going to be a second round they have also here the battle inflation will do all this is a. running mate the former general the man who is in the past has said that corruption scandals continue to happen in brazil the military will have to be involved in talking to some of the people there saying that something new needs to happen in brazil a new party and that's why many of them voted for it. and not far away from here we
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were at the headquarters of the workers' party of disappointment that night and night here they're saying that they need a new strategy to fight this movement created by balsa and i don't in brazil very many of them have told us that they're worried about what will happen to this country's democracy if a person like jade also not overcomes brazil next president and many of them are afraid that they will lose some of the benefits that minorities are under for a game while the workers' party was in power turkey's president says that he's personally following the case of missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi which says that he's hoping for a positive outcome turkish officials believe that jamal khashoggi was killed while visiting the saudi consulate in istanbul he left saudi arabia last year saying he feared retribution for his critical reporting of the kingdom's leadership. reports now from istanbul. jamal hershel g.
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has been missing for five days the well known saudi journalist was last seen entering his country's consulate in istanbul on true's day and hasn't emerged since friends and colleagues from around the world now fear the worst they said he entered the consulate and he left and we don't know what happened but his wife was out there so he didn't leave so that's a that's a fact and i think you're probably true that he didn't leave because the video which you'll see there in a few days i mean it's just not credible and i think anybody who has a sense of decency should understand that this is something not acceptable it's not acceptable citizen because it's new due to a different country and just abducted or whatever i mean was the operation since his disappearance senior turkish officials have held back from speaking on record in an attempt to avoid the diplomatic fallout with the saudis however on sunday president right up taber iran had this to say version of the only role that i think
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the prosecutor general and a standalone extensively investigating this incident from a security and intelligence perspective checking of the records of departure an interest them by the airport in particular is ongoing we are awaiting the results of these investigations that said for us to see such an incident taking place in my country mr jamal is an old friend of mine that's why my expectation is still in good faith i wish we don't come up against a situation that we don't desire i do believe that the defenders of freedom and freedom of opinion in our country will follow this matter as president of turkey i will follow this closely and i will announce the results no matter what to the world. was the former editor in chief of saudi media outlets are not up and on what on and was closed to members of the saudi royal family last year however and after the rise of crown prince mohammed bin said a man was banned from writing allegedly because of his comments on the kingdom's relationship with u.s. president donald trump shortly after her show. she fled his homeland to live in
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self-imposed exile in washington he was not necessarily a dissident i disagree with that description he was a loyal saudi citizen he had his own vision of what the country should be doing that type of freedom needs the type of reform it needs and maybe in the final analysis that's what got him in trouble he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul it's around one pm on tuesday several hours later a saudi official told his fiance who was waiting outside that he wasn't in the building turkish security sources say a group of saudi officials flew into stumble on the day of his disappearance and were at the consulates when herschel she was there three days later turkey's foreign ministry summoned saudi arabia's ambassador to ankara and crown prince mohammed bin some months said turkish police could search the saudi consulates they then invited journalists in to show cultural jew was not there after turkish police
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announced they were conducting a murder investigation saudi arabia state news agency denied accusations that he was murdered in their consulates the washington post which questions she wrote opinion pieces for said if the reports of jamal's murder a true it's a monstrous and unfathomable act tomorrow was or as we hope is a committed courageous journalist the disappearance of casualty is i think further strain to talk of saudi relations with officials here are saying they will be releasing security camera video as well as other evidence if an acceptable and convincing explanation from the saudis is not forthcoming. they stumble. a weather update next year and i was there that results in boston is elections where a man who wants to break up the country could take the reins of power. the countdown continues for the u.s. midterm elections in november will have more from the republican heartland texas.
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from the waves in the south. to the contours of the east. welcome back to international weather forecast across parts of china things looking quite nice mostly for the east and the south but to the north in the west we do have some clouds and the amount of rain coming out of those clouds is really going to begin to develop as we go towards tuesday still quite nice down towards the south but some of the showers could be quite heavy into chengdu it is going to be a rainy day for you with the time to there of twenty three degrees well the philippines are not looking too bad up here towards the north not a lot of clouds here on our satellite image so the next you days when to be seeing those afternoon showers develop but down towards pollute we are lucky at the afternoon shower developing as well and of course for recovery relief efforts we would like to keep it as dry as we can over the next few days but unfortunately.


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