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tv   Sunday in Brazzaville  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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day a certain nationalists who wants to break up bosnia and herzegovina has won a seat in the presidency after sunday's elections the office of the presidency must contain one serbian bosniak and one crow at. brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as a new justice of the us supreme court that paulo's a bitter nomination process and accusations of sexual assault that prompted the f.b.i. investigation and women's rights protests against the appointment. the nobel prize for economics has been awarded to two americans for their work on economic forecasts william nordhaus study the impact of climate change and economic modeling and paul romer looked at how governments can spur growth by investing in research development and people skills as are the headlines keeper on al-jazeera witness is next. the nobel committee has announced the joint with so this year's peace prize dentist mccuaig and nadia move. now to syria has been granted
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exclusive international rights to interview the winners after the awards ceremony here in oslo in december the nobel interview on al-jazeera. the meanest kind to me for such a visit to the fake. political to the god if you need a positive leader. said he doesn't want to live on that do is what he tell the king just as was obvious back to that luck most of the caprese elements out there. would. be. civil with the neighbors if you did you'd have to not only
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do we can at that event he come to be judah sheedy but he's talked about as a bit of luck with the one sitting on a test result you know to be judge of us it was psycho told our child could have at least cycled on down there on the. one of your piece of video good as you get monies and you got the money so he gets you keep it on model but look i'm getting his usual so too i don't have a commercial come to should we have a cook book we just did not let me out of the news just talk about a june day menu first this will go well as i live through home lets up. i don't condone heartless stuff which will be that the mubarak song. eligible to sad that you would like us all to but i mean. suicide vets. must get the whoosh. good. men turned out she was the sun not constantly. being the. last up me that is serious you see
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that in so many also depends on they go on a mission to the jungles don't want to do v.n. physics cut their days of work with their own these two i had. on the podium there you can. also sort of meet the party of you come you don't think it will be the focal most and he did it did you feel because i'm sure we can go back when it is up to goodness was said and space because you don't want to tell miss your eve son to a long. lead but almost you put your dipankar and then she don't go. in there on up almost. this is up his own she got him on the.
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phone said you. don't see the police don't. you. get paid on the. telephones. but as i didn't believe. that these. are the same two if they live longer so the phone say. to stop it by the fifth i don't quit. i don't. see. i don't look up i'll do the book. don't. sit on his mom's well you know they got. all the. old
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shoes loves you if you look for sale you look for somebody. it isn't. well. we do think. it's. good.
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for the music. but. for. the sort of. music african.
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so far as the sun swan. song. this is. don't come which. is still a petition to. the petition. to put you out to offer consequences i cut a lot of. us out. doesn't it.
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yes. only to have to live through the phillies if we did the old jim well you said the lindsay looked on the tele and i. plotted it does on the back i'm going to sort of in my kill a kill big salutes are. legal we serve it all is an account there would be probably other be a deal like capital the law for sleep shows the goal is a city park has
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a villa vest. which would be sick imo basel up to belle isle bush the site shared what you little keep me looking good at sycamore. to sub asap and probably jus' a bit of busy till i miss want to sound all because i do completely secrete down cos up and. select. from. the combine. she complained to first. she did see a. bunny quality up and if you see all of this ivy fall by the shore.
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to share the force you can get this really mom with a laugh also leave the. view the. body is. telling me. to watch this. if it cost him. to discuss a one million people to disarm me most essential flow we said to suppose. that most. of us on really do see and feel. issue. is full and you just. did
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to him it was obvious he told you just what was the stuff no vision. on. the situation will say look. very very. sad is that. you feel. the same. people on your wall for shoppers to a known good. mr silverman fred i feel you could get us up you should be open. the way women. approve this isn't playboy because. i'm faster prophecies and we were the county and proud of your me an illegal. premier shows a history in the world look we'll put a provision in it pass it what would it. look like. if anything
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at roughly had all equal of szell to a local level group long usual. a feel good office must be some place particularly hopeless about it up also. so to. sneer longer to. block inequality large or black beauty when a song. moved to sell out your longs. songs lot of good is symbolism miscellany first see. blue as me but she did it in newport you read lapid the symbolism is still. there sean has been clashes.
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you see. as you can do. a lot more to do good. and launch a vanity. celeste their own. back and yet they lash. up to miss my mood was mrs. shelfer to sit she struggled to take also tragedy are still sold you need. i don't want to do such you'll probably do yeah. but i'm sure this here just. because you sure. you talk you don't fuck. it up we'll look at your fico. i think they don't. want to get
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back. to work. with you take their call. or they suffer. you see a freak get some fish to god she. don't for fear that she should pull over. i miss all. joys seizure and don't buy the. president should put. down your double bill when twice you pull pat he. says his cell phone. welcome to goofy. shows would be. good to you we
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should. make a speech. it. could double. or. more. and. men will see. enjoy your violin. give a minute to make history. made. by the. troops.
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if you've got your continuous ok need to let you know that you do. what you mean hopefully be good. to music. it judge issues a deal this will sell used issues beyond on a peak. was it does he need. to keep on going to get this was funny or this was going to talk. to. me and that. i was just let go for. something that's also a film i think i shall saucerful. the lesson so.
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leftist. point. to. a couple of. the move moving. shoes going down the. one she was going to nailing.
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a last. resource with. sunday shows can always put traditional. music. was older piece going to play for. you know money. for. if you can. be treated fairly. to produce. this belong to she. just. made.
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sure to do it with the piece of music with here that you would leave there. was it was a way to. come already. just because she would. see sides in the us to listen to me feed the idea of folks here. on princes all session this appeal to. the circular i mean could you could it be silly news don't move on don't put us up zion gundagai you knew that could have bella. eat your son or your tongue and the sea may of course to be discussed melissa fairly recently. who don't know who quit prosecutor such an exam to see to whom we first saw this are being put that go for way us about who
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would it. be for to share calmly blow it was have you come up through to the polls to sort out don't consult up if it mochi. his example police should tell a g.o.p. party to stop some people only they must must we took i'm sure to have. a separate tell you less what. less of santa suit you groups you need net good up over it they don't know if this was subtle. usually because it is local if sound on sitta a pretty evil javits i feel that makes ga to be a dick much of why be good asylum. that it's about g.d. legal issues to amuse if you are said to have been here you only. think. the make up.
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shows that it or on it it is to move it. up the long melody the bell the show killed the cut you do cause of it this is that if you never. saw. the judy betty isn't on sunset today it's. just. those who want to loan. love you since you wouldn't affect the music and the city last year this is really sad to see and to taste blood you did you did you should you know to come out but not that i do to fight. the destruction you can set me up you don't damage but give
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up to focus on true democracy if you seek a civil suit. that . says the things the ninety. minute amount of the album and time i'm going to mental one of them one of wilma would have been gone for neverland until i knew korda mentha put them in some of your own food when you typed up. again i'm in no moment to peer into the norm the bill to go to the naming of you to get a minnow member filling up my status you have been no doubt in doubt.
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just exactly but the nouvelle a delight. and. if you miss a piss on sick a kid super tough such systems should not be approved by the same. playbook closely after the fuck. is here. put to deploy. just on to me but hey stop what you don't.
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want. to cut all this stuff has been taught to film don't simply. pick on your beliefs but to apply this to their childhood a bunch of people came in while i met. ships or due to the we cannot give us a full on history of who was at that museum exist while there was a city shouldn't it by no confucianism cannot see kids sebree a sexual person subject he says he dislikes you see a positive you like it don't because he can he says you don't a bus went on to this interest cost me some pop with the stuff i don't impose you just to get them a look at the future. is
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a given joint you can see us good to see. a deposit box you don't can last up and i got it's a free pass in the size. of the appalling it is a good issues i've also. judas of a cousin god to judge that you've got a duty guilty sets up and shook it is a terrible cover idea calculus of young chicks buckle up when you miss. the ball it didn't do it. big up. you know you look a little to. me such as i was thinking to. say you know your father did almost a kid going. to. al-jazeera
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world travels to the lebanese city of tripoli. to meet the widows living in one of the world's most ancient refuges. more than seven hundred years old it's still up homes the charitable tradition of sheltering those with no means of supporting themselves the would do sanctuary on al-jazeera. from cutting edge medical technology. could be a foster resource the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. into thinking of the worst gig you've. ever seen an innovative solution to global health care problems that didn't make
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a difference and maybe all the world is worth it it sure was sold the cure. al-jazeera. the u.s. calls for a transparent investigation into the disappearance. i'm richelle carey this is. also coming up the wrong comes to the corner with unclean hands or. the consequences of a bombing early forty years ago. as a far right candidate almost brazil's presidential vote in the first round a look at what's next before the final one off with its time plus. a reporting.


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