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but she's still on good terms with the president because don't forget those men but . they do know one thing that could be damaging to to the republican policy well so i think maybe maybe tell me peter although obviously critical career in some ways we put on hold by being the ambassador to the united nations she certainly never dropped links to her home state of south carolina and i can tell you recently she actually suggested when she was president of the u.n. security council last month she was going to take all of the security council to south carolina to visit her home state that i mean didn't happen because of storms that weekend they were going to visit james for the moment thanks very much stay close we'll come back to in a couple of minutes i suspect will stay with these pictures just to remind us of the the relationship that close symbiotic relationship between nikki haley imminently now officially just about to become former u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations and we'll bring in our washington correspondent kimberly how could so kimberly just just wrap this all up for us what we know so far she has tens of her resignation but there is a quotes big announcement still to come. yeah i mean we've certainly seen the media reports the widespread media reports in the united states that she let her staff know she intended to resign she walked past reporters on her way to that fourteen thirty g.m.t. meeting with donald trump and then of course we have the tweet from the president a very warm tweet we should point out and this is a president that has been known for some very strongly worded characters and when he's talking about people he doesn't like including members of his own cabinet like attorney general jeff sessions in this case he says that there is an imminent announcement with respect to his good friend nikki haley that will be taking place at any moment so presumably that meeting to take place that she has tendered her
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resignation that has not been made official yet from the white house press secretary sander sara sanders but i can tell you that certainly it is a relationship between the president and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been a very warm relationship he certainly has respected her and i can tell you in a very divided united states one person within the truck administration who seems to get support on both sides of the aisle both republicans and democrats is nikki haley in fact she's even been rumored potentially given her youth that her popularity that she could have a run for president at some point it's certainly not clear why she is resigning at this point but anyone who follows her twitter feed knows that she has often talked about wanting to spend more time with her family it could be something along those lines or it could be political motivations but certainly with respect to some of the policies that she has carried out for the president at the united nations she's
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been the face of some very tough policy implementation certainly my colleague james bays who covers the united nations has has discussed this extensively whether it be russia whether it be iran. often she was the loyal foot soldier carrying out the tough policies of donald trump with respect to russia we certainly saw her being very tough in many respects tougher than trump when it comes to ukraine when it comes to syria when it comes to yemen and we also saw that being the case with iran although donald trump has been very vocal in that respect nikki haley has certainly not minced words at her role at the united nations so again we are waiting this announcement to be made official the president saying that it is imminent to at fourteen thirty g.m.t. which we're now five minutes past but this is one that he calls an announcement from his quote good friend nikki haley and also when she wrote that piece for the
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washington post what a week ten days ago that was interesting wasn't because she used the word most she said i support or i go with something like that but she said most of the administration's approach is stances towards these big huge international issues that she has to deal with every working day of her life so for a high profile woman in the trumpet ministration to build in that kevvy at her relationship working for a u.s. president who as we know over the past two years he loves people or he goes off them very quickly but she's managed to maneuver a course for herself to political international and diplomatic political success. there's no question about it that she has commanded respect and has certainly deepened her street credit if you will by taking the role on as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations prior to that as we've been discussing she was a well respected governor of south carolina until she took that role in january of
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two thousand and seventeen but when it comes to being independent minded there's no question that we've seen that not just recently in an editorial that she's penned but also notably a few months back maybe a little bit longer with respect to those russia sections earlier in the year she said in fact on her twitter account that they were imminent only to have her statements undermined by the economic adviser to the president larry kudlow who claimed that she was quote confused when she got back on to defend herself in a very terse and strongly worded statement saying that she was not confused at all this is a woman who commands respect demands respect as certainly will not accept anything less than respect and so we've seen that more than on one occasion whether or not this is the crux of this resignation now is unclear but i can tell you that those at the white house who are digging into the story a little bit further have found very few answers with respect to the press office
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that many in the white house itself are unclear about this resignation so it is happening abruptly and imminently and we await the details within the the geography of american politics can believe when people talk about the left they talk about the right they talk about the republican party being split when it comes to loyalty to the trumpet ministration she kind of there is a perception isn't there that she rode the teapots you wave a roundabout twenty ten she paid lip service to that kind of almost right wing agenda but she didn't in that space because some of those speeches going back then they were very very clever speeches so she kind of went towards them and then veered away again and then she ultimately politically got herself very close to donald trump. i think you have to take into account nikki haley's background and also the state that she grew up in south carolina part of the deep south so there
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you have essentially as she talks about it many times her background as a new immigrant as the child of immigrants to the united states and the fact that you know they have a kind of pull up your bootstraps mentality that plays really well to the sort of small government conservative movement inside the united states add to that she's she's her political career has has she's risen up in a relatively conservative evangelical if you will type of atmosphere so she knows how to play both sides if you will given the fact that she has as a woman of color she is very proud of her heritage but that she has accomplished an awful lot within a very many would argue stifling environment so she's able to say things that others might not be able to say because it's she's a difficult woman to challenge no one to take away from her her story and the
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success that she's had the challenges that she's overcome a very modest background and accounting background she has really shown that she is a phoenix that has risen from the ashes in many respects so given that fact she's almost untouchable and that's what makes her the conservative party of the republicans essentially a dream given the fact that she can put forward some of these challenging policies as she's very hard to attack i can believe the moment thank you very much will come back jim sure in the coming few minutes or so donald trump on twitter i see saying that she will be leaving her post at the end of the year if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera we've. for you to bring you this breaking story nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations attended her resignation we understand initially came to us via our website the. xers website she was a senior member of the trump administration she was put in position within a few days of donald trump winning the us election she is at the white house we are
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expecting imminently mrs haley and donald trump to appear in the oval office for what donald trump has said on twitter as well a big announcement with my friend embassador nikki haley in the oval office at ten thirty am local time that's eight minutes ago so soon as that happens we'll carry that for you live of course here on al-jazeera will stay with these pictures and we'll talk to our u.n. correspondent mike hanna mike what are they saying about this where you are. well peter the news has just been greeted here the united nations no firm responses yet but certainly there is a great deal of surprise and indeed shock in the hallways of the united nations there had been speculation a few months ago that nikki haley was at odds with the president however that was done a very vehemently by hailee herself and indeed by those close to president trump the indications we're getting at the moment is that this is going to be
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a soft landing we're hearing from president trump that she will leave at the end of the year he will no doubt tend to portray it as a mythical decision reached between the two but an important point here peter is that this is taking place just a month before the midterm elections now we know that president trump kept on his white house counsel despite the fact that that counsels leaving until after the elections he's held on to his attorney general despite massive speculation that that attorney general is going to be leaving until after the elections so certainly the fact that haley is living leaving now is a shock it would appear to the trump administration with them that elections so close and certainly a shock within the united nations where nikki haley has led the trump administration's international policies since the administration took power would it be too much of a leap to say here mike that because the midterms of what thirty two thirty three days away perhaps it's certainly just over a month four and
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a bit weeks let's settle on that that the trumpet ministration this is not therefore a case of she was pushed it probably is a case of she's jumped to go to a bigger better job because this is ministration clearly in the run up to the midterms they want the economy doing well on the front pages they want we cut your taxes on the front pages they do not want controversy they do not want written in the new york times in the washington post about a controversial ambassador who is heading off into political obscurity they want a success story. that is correct there's a possibility here peter though it is pure speculation that the white house was well aware that this news may break sooner or later as it did indeed done x. ers immediately you've had that news conference called by president immediately reassurances that she will be stay in her post until the end of the year it is said at this particular point that we'll have to confirm that in the minutes to come but
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clearly the trump administration wants us out of the way as you say correctly the last thing they want to speculation about yet another cabinet member moving away from the administration they want no speculation about the problems within the administration they want that positive type of conversation that you are talking about issues such as this and cut that confirmation so certainly this could be a preemptive action by the trump administration confirming the resignation to get ahead of the news cycle as we know the trumpet ministration is absolutely adamant that it wants to set the tone of the discussion it will go at great lengths to do so the resignation of a senior cabinet official is something that disrupts the flow of conversation that the trumpet ministration wants to see hence we are seeing this news conference that's coming up in the next few minutes mike thanks very much stay close as is the way with a breaking developing the u.s. political story we are getting a drip drip drip of information so if you're just joining us shooting into us here
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on al-jazeera i'm going to run you through what's happening literally minute to minute so mrs haley apparently is being quoted as saying she will not be running in twenty twentieth's but she will campaign for donald trump that's point number one point number two. donald trump confirming that she will leave this is via now the a.p. wire service and on twitter she will be leaving the administration at the end of the year she has been there since he initially became a u.s. president mr trump confirming that she's going haley says other countries may not like what the u.s. does but they respect that aspect of her as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. really chimes with what can really help it was saying because she had the job of delivering some very robust policies and setting up the choreography for some very tough words from donald trump either directly to the united nations or via as his
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ambassador when it came to the big big issues that we report on a lot syria peace in the middle east moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem in israel let's talk now to fabrice potsie a response he formally with the united nations on the line now from brussels for baseball to you can you just share us share with us your thoughts on this developing story. just first i'm formerly with nato not the united nations but obviously up worked a lot on the united nations related issues and i think the first takeaway and i'm like you're scrambling quite different pieces here is that it's another that is that in the room. mickey hadley despite some pretty strong positions on the iran on the on that is stein and sometimes some clashes with the european allies like you have the had managed to be respected by everybody even an actual real professional grasp on the on the u.n. related issues so she was consider as one of the grown up and dumped in the trunk
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of the net and clearly this is becoming a rare or by the day. when you say she's another adult in the room does that mean that she's a very difficult it's a very difficult position for who have a follows in the job of the side of the u.s. midterm elections i think there are two questions one is indeed on who is going to be the person going to trump is going to put in that position whether he's going to go for a more radical choice like he did with his national security adviser ambassador bolton so whether he doubled down you know having hoax and very strong you know nationalities foreign policy experts or whether he's going to go for another month mainstream republican figure like mickey alley and just second question which is important is what is she going to do because she said sure we're not running twenty twenty but i think you need to really closely watch her next steps because she
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carries i think real respect inside the g.o.p. she's been a governor so she's been also on the ground and i think what she's going to do and say in the coming months and years is going to be very important for always going to be the future of the g.o.p. in america what was a u.s. p. that got to the job because i'm interested when you talk about radicals when you talk about hawks people like john bolton you mentioned him by name the you know that's appointment raised eyebrows and then there was a slow reaction to how will mr bolton do his job moving forward whereas with nikki haley was there a sense when she got that position got the job initially with her was there a sense for you of oh this might work this might be a good relationship. yeah i think she was she's you know got a good some good credentials and your appointment was seen as i would say
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a slightly reassuring thing even though some experts and. washington watchers were saying that she didn't have any foreign policy experience but i think she showed that you could quickly get on with that. again i think the real issue is how he's trying going to handle that but quite frankly between you and me i don't think it's going to play a big road in the midterms i mean she's a foreign policy figure dealing with an institution that most americans don't really care about so i don't think it's going to play in in their kind of you know it's come thing though or are or are you that much so it's more for the washington beltway and it's more money than national community to watch these crowds were. she did indulge will put a self into the arena of domestic politics as well there was you know she was involved in that story a few years back about taking down the confederate flag and again would it be fair to say that she displayed fully displayed an ability to master her brief and also
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to handle it delicately and stay true to her own agenda i mean you know by definition she had this relationship with donald trump but she was never a yes woman wholly one hundred percent clearly if she didn't like some policies she told them i don't like this and i won't deliver it as you've laid it out on the table in front of me. no exactly i think she managed at least to to give the impression that she's old woman even though she's part of her and then restriction that she's highly criticised controversial so she's ladies very well and i think the question mark is what is it that happened that came as a new factor for her to decide to decide to resign because she was in a way in a safe. nobody was challenging her position and she let you say manage to stay in her own brand even though she's part of the don't outrun that ministration so there must have been an important decision an important factor i don't know if it's
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domestic politics or something else for her to decide that it's better to jump ship than to stay on the ship. donald trump saying i noticed that we have quotes a number of people who would like to do the un job that's your classic donald trump quote what kind of people will he be looking to put into that position. again as i mentioned i think the choice comes down to whether he goes or what you call mainstream republican figures may be some senators who might be losing their at their seats in the midterms or you know such sums some people in congress who have lended their support to some of his more controversial side of policies or whether he's going to double down on you know surrounding him with people who are more you know speaking to to ease agenda and to come up much more that t.v. step approach to foreign policy and i think this is going to be important because basically now it's down to the defense secretary secretary matisse we still
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regarded as one of the last i don't spend in the room and all the other members of the national security team are consider as you know are too close to triumph for being seen as mainstream and probably can do have the more typical type of foreign policy the u.s. president also commenting that the next meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un is being set up right now i mean that's not particularly pertinent to what we're discussing here we're talking about nikki haley leaving her job at the united nations about some of her strongest comments in the aftermath of the singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong il and were reserved for north korea at the tipping point about three or four weeks after that summit when people were saying actually what is north korea giving us yes there are genuine moves afoot in real time today and there have been for several weeks now everyone saying the same thing but she did not pull back from pushing forward with signaling very clearly to
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pyongyang actually you've got to step up you've got to bring something real and tangible to the table. yes but you can argue this is a double act and these are these not this any contradiction it's down there trump wants to to leave these foreign currency you know good cop bad cop kind of thing i think quite frankly she's a politician i would be extremely surprised that she's resigned on the foreign policy question obviously there may have been something quite extreme happening all being discussed in the administration for her to do that but being a politician i will i would think that if she's resigned it's because of an important mystic political factor that maybe she decided she had more to gain by being outside than. what what's next for her do you think it is not politics if she's going to support donald trump would be some sort of administration job but not standing for political office because the people that do those jobs you know
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the people that did those jobs in the run up to the u.s. election donald trump threw one or two of them under a bus within the first nine or twelve months. absolutely i think this is because a shiny top to say what has been agreed to and where she might be lending she said that she will lend her support to deny trends reelection in twenty twenty but you know there are many things that can happen between now and twenty twenty starting with jimmy terms i think everybody's watching to me comes to seek ways than me are going to go in terms of. how strong is the rhetoric and party are not under trying and depending on that i think it's going to be about her strategy so you know she's saying no different that any politician would be saying about the future and so on but i think it's going to be about something called on the events between now and twenty twenty that would determine whether she might become more from that point on or more kind of you know let's regain the mainstream center
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ground that is the republican party saying it really depends on how do not try to is going to do in the midterms and beyond ok will draw a conversation to a close there but thank you so much for your insight and your analysis we do appreciate your time and thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera well nikki haley is a republican and she's been in politics for most of her life in two thousand and four she began her political korea and south carolina's state legislature where she served three terms she is the first indian american to hold office in the state then in two thousand and eight she became the governor of south carolina in almost two complete terms but in january twenty seventh teen she resigned as u.s. ambassador to the united nations complete it is monitoring this developing story for us out of our bureau in washington kimberly we need to hear from donald trump and we need to hear from nikki haley. right we have seen pictures of them that is now surfacing as well as some of the statements made by the pool that has been
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releasing that to the the press corps for the white house i can tell you that u.s. president says that his u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley in his words has done a quote incredible job and also the president acknowledging that he knew this was imminent that they had discussed as recently as six months ago that the end of the year that nikki haley had expressed that she wanted to take some time off and that she now as we have confirmed here now jazeera will be leaving at the end of this year of twenty eighteen but the ambassador is welcomed back into the trumpet ministration i think this speaks to the relationship between donald trump and nikki haley in fact on top saying he hopes that that she may come back to the administration in a different role the quote from the president is that you can have your pick basically telling nikki haley that anything she wants she can have so certainly
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this is interesting because you have to look at the timing in all of this is we've been discussing here critical pivotal elections potentially elections scheduled for early november and this could change the control of the u.s. congress currently controlled by republicans donald trump is actively campaigning in fact as he's at the white house now but later he will be leaving to go to iowa to compare once again in support of republicans running for reelection and there is a tough fight ahead so it's interesting that given there is so much at stake the potential to lose the house and potentially the senate is very very fragile in terms of the results of that election that nikki haley would be doing this now and so there are going to be a lot of questions in the coming days about why this has been so dramatic why it has been so abrupt because i can tell you it's leaving shock waves not just domestically and domestic politics here in the united states but internationally. diplomatically people wandering the halls of the united nations scratching their heads wondering why this has taken place what we've heard from the president is
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that in fact the relationship is still very positive so we know this isn't a result of a difference of opinion and for the most part nikki haley has been very much a loyal foot soldier carrying out the policies of the president for example she's been very tough on the structure of the u.n. highlighting in some of her earliest speeches what the trumpet ministration sees as the united nations and that body is sort of corruption that needs to be reined in the moral failures perhaps of the body and also she has been very tough when it comes to iran certainly she laid the groundwork for the president's ultimate withdrawal from the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement that limited iran's nuclear program in fact we remember famously that press conference where she fronted it in washington d.c. with what she said was evidence of iran's ties to missiles that had been
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recovered according to the u.s. ambassador so certainly this is something that she has done throughout her tenure she has been very vocal echoing the president's policy sometimes being even tougher when it comes to russia for example pointing out that she has been the face of the attacks when it comes to this administration with regard to ukraine syria yemen so it doesn't seem to be that difference of opinion it seems to be for other reasons we still have yet to learn. and thanks very much we'll just pause that conversation just a little bit because we are getting more bullet points coming from donald trump inside the white house specifically on our top story jamal khashoggi his disappearance inside. the consulate in the turkish city of istanbul donald trump saying he knows nothing at this point about the show g.'s disappearance he's also saying he's not spoken to the officials about the missing so the journalist but he will at some point so there's
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a two headline top lines on what's going on in turkey the other big story of course nikki haley donald trump's u.s. ambassador to the united nations has tended her resignation it has been accepted. my colleague kemal with the news great. thank you for that peter we live here in studio fourteen zero down to zero income of santa maria welcome to news grid that breaking news the diplomatic shock at the united nations nikki haley u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has resigned she will leave her job at the end of the year president trump says she's done an incredible job why the departure though would not speak to our correspondent in the u.s. shortly also on the grid the disappearance of jamal khashoggi turkey gets the go ahead to search the saudi consulate in istanbul which we now know definitively presho de ended thanks to the c.c.t.v. pictures.


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