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sure you do this life like the end game on al-jazeera. turkey says it's identified three places of interest related to the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the u.s. calls for an investigation. into this is al jazeera live from london also coming up nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. announces her shock resignation of the rising republican star also immediately denies any presidential aspirations to twenty twenty. eight groups warn that two million afghan children could suffer from severe
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malnutrition by the end of the year. and in zimbabwe a return to the bad old days of fuel pews and food shortages this time it's down to a new banking tax. security sources have told us they've identified three places of interest in istanbul related to the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he was last seen a week ago entering the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish officials believe he was murdered that which saudi arabia denies stephanie deca has the latest from istanbul. it's an ominous image. on security camera video entering the saudi considered last tuesday his fiance who accompanied him to the consulate is verified it is the last time he has been seen in public just a few days ago the saudi journalist spoke to b.b.c.
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radio recently a saudi columnist an economist who was close to the royal court got the listed and that's a good many people because here we are talking about somebody who is closer the government right right i don't even want to use the term this is a descent a descent president then this isn't i mean the people who have this even been dissidents right they just have an independent mind and to know i don't call myself an opposition i always say i am just right that i want a free environment to write and speak my mind turkish sources say they believe he was killed inside the consulate saudi arabia categorically denies that saudi authorities have now said they will allow turkish investigators inside the consulate to continue their investigation but this opposition member and human rights activist says he is skeptical anything will be found. it seems like a professional job it's already been seven days the saudis weren't sure about
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themselves they would not let the turkish authorities and. the saudis did give a tour of the building to a group of journalists on saturday the consul opening a small cabinet and what appears to be a fuse box in an effort to show. was not there there are a lot of allegations and much speculation about what happened to jamal khashoggi here inside the saudi consulate but turkey hasn't yet provided any evidence to back up their belief that he may have been martyred here and saudi hasn't provided any proof that he ever left the only thing we know for sure is that jamal khashoggi entered the saudi concert a week ago and no one has seen or heard from him since stephanie decker al jazeera . the u.s. is demanding a full investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi and there are also growing calls in washington for firm action to be taken against their ally saudi arabia alan fisher has more. one week on since the disappearance of american
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resident jamal khashoggi in istanbul and the u.s. is still chasing answers i know nothing right and i know what everybody else knows nothing the u.s. state department insists it is pressuring the saudis were not going to make any judgments about what had happened to him the united states is certainly concerned about his whereabouts a senior officials at the state department have spoken with saudi officials through diplomatic channels about the matter we call on the government of saudi arabia to conduct a thorough trant and transparent investigation at a washington conference discussing come to events in saudi arabia concerned for the journalist disappearance bubbled under the surface one human rights activist says the u.s. must take much stronger action than just expressing concern i'd like to see the u.s. demand that the saudis produce him and if they can't produce him produce the detailed explanation including documentation c.c.t.v. footage whatever is necessary to demonstrate what did happen to him. full compass forged close links with saudi arabia his first foreign trip was to the kingdom when
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he entertained crown prince mohammed bin salman at the white house he boasted of significant arm sales he wants the saudis to help bring in iran's regional ambitions and to sell any white house middle east peace plan to the palestinians but politicians on both sides are more shinton see if what the turks are seeing is true and should she was murdered in the consulate in istanbul then the has to be a significant change to us so your relations as elected leader we stand with you in the media in solidarity to making sure that this does not go unnoticed if this is true if the saudi regime murdered murdered a journalist critic in their own consulate there must be a culpability and there must be an unequivocal condemnation by the united states one middle east expert says any change has to be well thought out but i do think it needs a retail operation or. you think a very strong unequivocal message needs to be sent to riyadh that there are
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consequences for these kind of actions and that american support is not unconditional there's growing pressure on the saudis to come up with answers about what actually happened in istanbul and if they do and there's a growing number of politicians in the united states they see that must significantly change the relationship between the two countries alan fischer al-jazeera washington. outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has ruled out running against donald trump in the twenty twenty presidential election after announcing his shock resignation on tuesday trump as already mentioned former adviser donna powell as a possible replacement for haley but appeared to rule out his daughter ivanka from the role mike hanna reports from united nations. many in the security council disagreed with the policies that the us representative championed again but during
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eighteen months at the un nikki haley engendered a great deal of respect forming warm personal relationships with those she supported as well as those she so forcibly opposed the secretary general had a truly very good working relationship with her he worked. to get through some of the toughest moments i think between the u.s. and the u.n. some diplomat said privately spoken about haleigh's loss of influence within the trumpet ministration in particular following the appointment of mike pump aoa secretary of state and former u.n. ambassador john bolton as national security adviser but president trump says discussion with haley about her possible resignation had started as long as six months ago and unlike other members who left his administration he keeps open the possibility of her rejoining it we're all happy for you in one way but we hate to lose you hopefully you'll be coming back at some point but if you want to just be
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a different capacity you can a big if are all in here that are going to ask about twenty twenty no i'm not running for two hundred twenty and i can promise you when i'll be doing is campaigning for this one so i look forward to supporting the president in the next elections the question now who's going to be the next ambassador to head up the u.s. mission just over the road president trump says he'll announce a successor in the next two to three weeks possibly even sooner signaling that he wants to make the announcement before those crucial midterm elections in just under a month well did is certainly a person i would consider as he is under consideration and the president's daughter ivanka i think given you would be incredible that visit reunite you you know what i think or because you'd be used to that business. even though i'm not sure there's anybody more confident in the world but that's ok but but we are looking at numerous people the discussion put on hold as the president has yet another
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campaign rally to attend my kind of al-jazeera united nations. south african president serum opposer has accepted the resignation of his embattled finance minister and then they had been facing calls to step down after admitting to visiting the gupta brothers longtime friends of former president jacob zuma who's been accused of corruption from a to miller has more from johannesburg. the resignation of the finance minister and continental has come as little surprise for many south africans that's after he testified at a commission of inquiry into state capture and corruption here in south africa where he admitted to meeting with members of the gupta family meeting them privately during his tenure as the finance minister now this family of course has been accused of using their political ties to gain financially specifically their relationship with former president jacob zuma now previously nearly had said that
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he hadn't met with the family and had perhaps met them in passing at public events now the issue for many south africans is that the minister had lied especially considering that he is in an important or was in an important portfolio while trusted and out till that point was credible now these revelations of course have brought into question his credibility integrity as well as his character and gotten in a did apologize soon after his testimony to south africa and saying that he shouldn't have met with that family it shouldn't have met with the good times and if he had done that it should have been within the finance ministry and that this was an error of judgment and sometime in it despite being of well liked and respected specifically because he had according to many south african save the country from what would have been a disastrous nuclear deal that south africa couldn't afford it some are very sad to
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see the finance minister go but in his place president saw him up or so has brought in tito and bo any he is the former reserve bank governor he was the first black governor of the reserve bank and is a well respected within business and labor these are african chamber of commerce say that says that this is one of the finest appointments yet in the finance ministry. zimbabwe's president says a new tax on bank transactions is a painful but necessary measure to revive the economy eleven has led to a public outcry and the reemergence of food and fuel queues with fears of shortages are much faster has more from harare. it's perhaps another signs the economy may take a long time to recover some people have been lining up since saturday to fill up they cause the central bank governor says fuel shortages are because of the introduction of a two percent tax on bad transactions that means products now cost more and
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suppliers are buying less it's little shortages and many disappointed customers it's up to the very real disappointing because everything is at a standstill gondolin a business you can do anything in the world we can grow fruit the worsening economic crisis is compounded by a critical shortage of cash the last time lines were long was back in two thousand and eight some people would sleep in their cars for days hoping to get fuel government officials are telling zimbabweans not to panic but some people say they are worried. in some places feel has started arriving but it's still not enough. others are stocking up on groceries these days bread is in short supply and usually doesn't last long on the shelves in some stores customers are limited to two items per person to prevent hoarding and panic buying. stock or.
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even. behavior persons a change of people uncertain of the future. certainties of. a very big. price is a tripled in just a few days it's a question of increasing capacities it's a question of my future as my fear. because it's just it is sage and demand it's speculation that's causing some panic buying but again these things they will be. but increasing production needs foreign currency. they don't have enough of some importance by dollars on the black market at a premium some that could be more frustration and hardship before things get better . still to come on the program two countries one alphabet
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we take a look at south korean efforts to really unify its language with the north of us. are about to become the largest voting bloc i'll tell you what that means coming up . all of the been some sparky on the eastern side of australia sydney in particular we've seen hail forty have the sky and you see the bright white tops beyond brisbane so that's being quite active frontal system down here next one is on its way in the previous ones already drop the temperature to eighteen in sydney or in the teens from melbourne adelaide bracci skies not particularly sunny skies and the potential of wrong sure rain on shore right well coastal rain seems likely at least in new south wales it's nice and quiet and warming up in perth the potential for
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showers or even rain here is still exist in western australia over the city itself i suspect but it's drifting further into was the wheat belt and we've got showers showing up in northern territory as well interesting so because he's a decent rain in the next couple of days some of it is going to just going to go across the tasman sea and catch south all and it's already showing up as clouds you can see probably banneker blowing off the alps and the rain itself comes in during wednesday a nice warm nineteen degrees in christchurch preferred effect warming this but the rain is going to move slightly north has the wind direction will change you lose the furnace victim as the rain treats up western side of north island and probably reaches christ church the temperature drops here to eleven. from cutting edge medical technology talks it could be. the development of march so
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you can go to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. and you know the worst. and innovative solutions. to make a difference with this word get it sure was sold the cure. and one of the top stories here. turkish security sources have told us they've identified three places of interest related to the disappearance of a saudi journalist. says he plans to speak to saudi arabian officials about the
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case. outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has ruled out running against donald trump in the twenty twenty presidential election after announcing her resignation on tuesday. and south africa's finance minister has resigned after admitting to meeting members of the family who've been accused of corruption. a suicide bomber has killed an opposition politician in afghanistan's helmand province saturday mohammed and seven all those were killed in the explosion during a meeting at his home in lashkar gah on monday the taliban issued a statement condemning the upcoming parliamentary elections. the number of severely malnourished children in afghanistan is on the rise with aid organizations warning it could reach two million by the end of the year countries are sending in food but that's only half the battle as tony betty reports in herat armed groups like the taliban are preventing food from being delivered to those in need. is seven
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months old she weighed less than seven kilograms when she entered this camp almost half the weight or what a child her age should be. she's one of a growing number of severely malnourished children who are suffering from lack of food and hunt hygienic living conditions they have fled to camps like these in herat their families are too poor and helpless to survive without outside help a family traveled three hundred fifty kilometers to herat to escape hunger and conflict it's an all too familiar story in afghanistan more than forty percent of children under the age of five have stunted growth through lack of food and poor nutrition and ten percent are wasting away to skin and bones it leaves them prone to illness and disease and sometimes an early death by the end of this year it is estimated that around two million children could suffer from severe malnutrition.
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the u.s. is the largest food donor here this year it has donated nearly seventy million dollars to support food and nutrition programs but the food lifeline can easily be cut afghanistan always needs more food but the question is how to get it through to the people who really need it the volatile security situation means that one armed group or another has to give agreement with the prize they get through is not always easy. the terrain is difficult often crisscrossing territory controlled by armed factions food and medical convoys are dependent on the permission from these groups no security means no food deliveries more as are sorry we had to leave our area because there was no food coming the taliban stopped it i don't know why instances of convoys being stopped have reduced in the last few years but they still happen that access is essential for mobile medical teams to help needy civilians aid workers have been attacked and killed in the past and they too need protection from police and i select our next guest to get an economic plan and we
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can go everywhere because areas are to priska and then we can help children. it's uncertain if stopping aid is a deliberate policy of armed groups or it's an inevitable consequence of this long running conflict my call to all the parties to the conflict is give people a break they've really had enough this has been going on for nearly forty years for different reasons but you know there are a lot of people here who know nothing but war and they're yearning for peace and they deserve that unless they sell induction in that conflict and improvement in terms of library wants to support communities this intuition i think to do it in and we mainly become much was. happily not for up santa who wages increased by seven hundred grams in just a week soon she'll no longer be an acutely malnourished baby she doesn't know it
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yet but hers is a story of hope tony berkeley al-jazeera herat. twelve thousand people had to be evacuated from their homes in northern ukraine after a series of blasts at a defense ministry ammunition depot the re near a port of casualties and it's not clear what caused the blasts sabotage is suspected of been a series of explosions at weapons deftones in ukraine in recent years the country's been battling pro russian separatists in the east since twenty fourteen. gaza's only power station has been given enough fuel for the next six months in defiance of the palestinian president diesel tankers carrying sixty million dollars worth of fuel from qatar of crossed into the strip the extra fuel will add several hours worth of power a day for palestinians living there but palestinian president mahmoud abbas has rejected the foreign aide saying it creates a rift between the occupied west bank and gaza for a decade of blockade war and economic collapse of taking a huge toll on the mental health of palestinians in gaza recent protests at the
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border adding to the stress nearly two hundred protesters have been killed and thousands injured by live israeli fire are a force that has the second report in a freethought series on global mental health. a recent friday protest in gaza near the border fence with israel. israeli snipers shot more than fifty protesters killing one as usual many suffered leg wounds. and at the chaos a small group broke through the fence into israeli territory. a telephone you me says he was one of those who got through he had his leg amputated after being shot during a protest in april but he keeps going back his family says he wants to die he's even written notes to be published after his death and i was a last part of my body why should i live either let me out of gaza to get an artificial limb or i'll keep going to the border al-jazeera film with
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a teller just after he was injured following him through surgery he was defiant then but his family soon noticed changes in his behavior his mother says he became demanding and prone to outbursts of temper at home but it's worse she says when he goes out i have a valid because the men have a very eyes and i used to be a normal mother now i live in fear a soon as he leaves the house i start getting anxious i keep trying to convince him not to go to the border but he doesn't listen. gaza's health ministry says at least five thousand palestinians have been injured by israeli gunfire since the start of the protests in march sixty eight have had leg amputated psychologist some e a waiter is helping to research the effects on their mental health c.v. a trauma from a to experience sometimes liberation and sometimes unfortunately if the will of it on the war on the earth they wouldn't give it a kind of affair that ideation of the so that. they were cute this is but one factor among many in gaza is
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a broader mental health crisis the world health organization talks of the huge effect on mental health of the israeli blockade the last twelve years have seen three was mounting joblessness rising despair w.h.o. is estimated that up to twenty percent of the population likely to have serious mental health issues and last year the number of psychiatric patients visiting government linked mental health clinics was up nearly seventy percent on the year before. four years ago an israeli airstrike killed used. oldest son mohammed and destroyed her home now home as a pair of caravans not far from the border fence she's disarmingly frank about the depths of the depression she experienced while live at the end of that i thought about committing suicide several times i wanted to die rather than live such a difficult life because of my religious beliefs i didn't go through with it or tell us how you meet she's a counselor three times a week he says the sessions make him feel better but still he keeps going back to
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the border harry force it out zero gaza when yours in the us are growing in voter power despite a booming american economy no wages high debt and political disillusionment have pushed many young witches to the left and they said have a big impact in next month's midterm elections if they turn up to vote john hendren reports from chicago. it's a generational shift of power and to see such vast change so so early in our lives it shows that pretty much anything is possible. millennial the bearded coffee shop dwelling hipsters and those less easily given to stereotype or on the verge of becoming america's largest voting bloc voters ages twenty to thirty five are expected to overtake boomers in population in twenty nineteen is their numbers swelled to seventy three million in a nation of three hundred twenty five million the youth demographic the young voter
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the new voter demographic of eighteen to about twenty nine only shows up to the polls about eighteen percent of the time that's about one in five if we can get it to three out of five we would control and shift every major election become midterm local presidential all of it rising property prices mounting student debt and lack of action on gun control and climate change recently have millennia of leaning away from capitalism into more european style socialism your parents so dream go to college she can get out get good work provide for your family white picket fence with a nice lawn but that's not happening nowadays the apparent political leanings of this generation have led to his surge in support for left wing parties such as the democratic socialists of america the party has grown eight hundred percent in three years democratic socialism is just about returning the democratic party to what its roots are and seeing who. who it's bases and.
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promoting policies that the base their base wants and sort of an unabashed of where the party now counts nearly fifty thousand members in all fifty states most of them millennial the big question for the november midterm elections will be vote arisa net offers this cross generational torrent dear young people don't vote but we follow three things fine the way it is turn younger voters have always leaned leftward but they've always been outvoted by older americans turnout is always the most important thing especially in midterm election that is low so the question of who is actually going to vote the november elections will determine whether an insurgency of youthful enthusiasm. amounts to real change john hendren al-jazeera chicago. brazil's left
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wing presidential candidate has been working to shore up support and of a second round vote later this month and under our dad will face controversial right wing front runner narrow in the oktober the twenty eight runoff while campaigning in sao paolo said he has secured endorsements from several eliminated candidates and will form a center left coalition if elected in the last few minutes a u.s. president donald trump has announced he will hold a second summit with north korea's leader kim jong il in after the november the sixth mid-term elections well this comes as south korea marks its national language day with a push to reunify its dictionary with north korea the north and south share a common alphabet but the languages have grown apart during their sixty five years of separation bride reports from seoul. there can be many countries that have a national holiday to celebrate their alphabet but then as koreans will tell you
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their unique alphabet invented nearly six hundred years ago by king say john the great is worth celebrating it was created with the aim of allowing everybody to communicate with everybody else in korea through the written word and the spoken word but the seven decades of separation after the korean war has not helped that process. the division has been causing the divergence of the meaning and even the usage of the language between the south and the north. our different events visitors have been learning that while north korea has been holding on to more traditional words the south has been adopting more loanwords from other languages for example this in the south it's called bona. but in the north it's. quite literally finger ring bread and when you take a shower in the morning you use what translates as pear water served or in the south or simply sand well with people from the north on the south already not
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understanding up to a third of every day words the others are using academics have been working on a common dictionary as a possible solution to language difficulties were clear to see at the recently unions of families separated by the war and trying to communicate again after decades apart consider the prospect of reunification and you can take that problem and multiply it by a nation's. top stories on our jazeera turkish security sources have told our jazeera they've identified three places of interest in istanbul related to the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he was last seen a week ago entering the saudi consulate there u.s. president says he plans to speak to saudi arabia about his disappearance which he
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has called concerning a white house correspondent kimberly halkett has more. the u.s. president saying as he spoke in the oval office in the last couple of hours that he is concerned and he is raising this issue with the saudis this echoes some of the statements coming from his state department u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe releasing a statement saying that they are concerned about the disappear as they have spoken with the kingdom of saudi arabia through diplomatic channels and the united states is calling for a thorough and transparent investigation the vice president mike pence saying that the free world deserves answers. outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has ruled out running against donald trump in the twenty twenty presidential election after announcing her short resignation on tuesday she says she wants time out of public office i don't have anything set on where i'm going to go i think that the main thing was i was governor for six years and we dealt with a hurricane a thousand year flood a church shooting a school shooting there was
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a lot and then to come in and do two years of russia and iran and north korea it's been eight years of intense time and i'm a believer in term limits i think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and allow someone else to do the job so thank you mr president it's been an honor of a lifetime and i will tell you this for all of you that are going to ask about twenty twenty no i'm not running for twenty twenty i can promise you what i'll be doing is campaigning for this one south africa's finance minister and time to nanae has resigned after admitting to meeting members of the gupta family the group has a pretty cues to working with former president jacob zuma to secure government contracts those are the headlines the cure revisited is up next thanks for watching more news about. if inscribed at the wild west previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been sponsored tight or in some why does this update you now have to
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have the kind of support that he needs we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost zero. as you can see it in you that have this and you see it in there so why don't we meet. with the microchip. blind people thanks to do so. soon but life.


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