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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 282  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2018 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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self-imposed exile in two thousand and eight. one of the sons of egypt's former president mohammed morsy has been arrested at his home in cairo a family of mostly said they don't know where he's been taken he's one of five children and was sentenced to a year in jail and twenty fifteen for alleged drug possession or president mohamed morsi has been in jail since he was asked in a military coup in two thousand and thirteen and harken michael is continuing to build strength and is near in florida as a category four storm with winds over two hundred kilometers an hour micah's that's been the west storm to hit florida's panhandle in over a decade and the strongest in terms of wind speed to make landfall in the u.s. this year hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to leave your state with all our headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story stay with us.
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american pressure growing on saudi arabia over missing journalists. president donald trump says he's worried and the u.s. secretary of state is urging the kingdom to support a thorough investigation. geishas of murder be a turning point in relations between yeah lies this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm had up that hamid a week after his mysterious disappearance of saudi arabia's consulate in turkey u.s. leaders are boys seeing their fears for. donald trump says he's concerned the vice
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president says he's troubled by the disappearance and america's top diplomat mike is are ging saudi allies to be open about what happened stephanie decker has more from istanbul. it's an ominous image. on security camera video entering the saudi considered last tuesday his fiance who accompanied him to the consulate is verified it is the last time he has been seen in public just a few days ago the saudi journalist spoke to b.b.c. radio when i hear of an of a list of a friend who did. nothing that was to be addressed it makes me feel if you don't i'm talking that friend of mine who were who was arrested well of even talking maybe he was talking. critically over something and that in the in a dinner party right that's what we're what we what what we are becoming in saudi arabia right we're not used to that recently
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a saudi columnist an economist who was close to the royal court got that listed and that's a good many people because here we are talking about somebody was close to the government right right i don't even want to use the term this is a descent this isn't president then this isn't i mean the people who are this is not even being dissidents right they just have an independent mind right until you know i don't call myself an opposition i always say i am just right that i want a free environment to write and speak my mind turkish sources say they believe he was killed inside the consulate saudi arabia categorically denies that saudi authorities have now said they will allow turkish investigators inside the consulate to continue their investigation but this opposition member and human rights activist says he is skeptical anything will be found. it seems like a professional job it's already been seven days the saudis weren't sure about
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themselves they would not let the turkish authorities in. after almost a week of silence the u.s. president and a close saudi ally had this to say right now nobody knows anything about it but there's a pretty bad stories going around i do not like that the u.s. secretary of state is asking saudi arabia to support a thorough investigation into the disappearance the saudis did give a tour of the building to a group of journalists on saturday the consul opening a small cabinet and what appears to be a fuse box in an effort to show. was not there there are a lot of allegations and much speculation about what happened to jamal khashoggi here inside the saudi consulate but turkey hasn't yet provided any evidence to back up their belief that he may have been murdered here and saudi hasn't provided any proof that he ever left the only thing we know for sure is that jamal khashoggi entered the saudi concert a week ago and no one has seen or heard from him since stephanie decker al jazeera
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stumble. ok so let's bring in our guests joining us from new york as ambassador richard murphy he is the former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia in fairfax virginia we have a little joshua he is the executive director of the arab center washington and finally with finally joining us here in doha in qatar land he is the director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies welcome to all of you embassador murphy let me start with you. it took a week but finally. president trump and other members of the administration have weighed in on the disappearance of the why do you think it took so long. well a. shortage of fact it's the all the time to do all control the end of the cultural. scene since this week it's
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all segments close relationship between saudi arabia and the united states and i think the no political ship will is handling this very carefully it wants to know. if they have the full revelation what's normal. without precipitously attacking criticizing the saudi authorities ok well. but nevertheless what washington has joined this chorus of condemnation. do you think it's something that at this stage would wherry the royal family in saudi arabia and specifically crown prince mohammed bin son a man. i don't know if it don't already began to worry him but it should frankly what they're murphy just said the special relationship between the two
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countries the love affair so-called between the two sides that both president trump and the crown prince referred to. you know just a few days ago with the crown prince saying i love to work with this man and the president saying he loves the king and he loves the kingdom and before he criticised it again last week. putting all that aside the fact of the matter this is going to impact that issue relationship yes it is a strategic relationship that has lasted for decades but right now it's at the mercy of this political hurricane you know and i can jam out that could prove to be a category four or five depends on the results. after of the investigation but the fact that. the u.s. waited so long i mean the absence of facts i agree with the ambassador first everybody but how come you know germany and france and england all
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the allies spoke much faster than the united states maybe the fact that we don't have an ambassador there. has impacted the situation as a matter of fact we don't have a u.s. ambassador in riyadh and we don't have one and i'm going to either so the this administration i don't think has handled this crisis in a responsible manner and quickly enough well no one at this stage we don't have the full picture many are fearing that the worst could have happened to gemma. now how do you think this is going bad you think this is actually a blunt case of the saudis carrying out a exit exit on a diplomatic premises or do you think it looks more like something that just went out of control well i think it's very difficult to understand saudi foreign policy
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in recent years i don't know also who is running this policy anyway because it's for me it's a question and it's not smart to toward the saudis they have been moving from one crisis to deal with the crisis to another with their neighbors with with foreign governments last year it was with qatar recently with the with canada with jeddah many and today we had having another one with turkey actually by. actually whether abducting or i mean the disappearance of all of the disappearance of jemaah hotshots he was still you still need to know what. the fear i mean you actually have all sides of this of course but what i meant actually is this is not a smartphone policy and the guys who are running this policy actually are putting the it's very difficult to. and whose interests this is actually serving because having this these problems with so many counties. it's not it's not
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good for saudi arabia and i think now right now the iranians whose number one enemy of the saudis and in the region they must be laughing at the saudis are the blunders the saudis are making the problems they are making and the creating for them for themselves so we still actually need to do nor so many. others to the questions that have been asked about that about. to understand the full scale of this case and how the turks will be responding how the americans will be spawning how the whole international community actually responding because violating the sovereignty of a contrary in this flag and we actually is going to have some sort of a response by i think so many countries because nobody would like to see somebody killed on their territories that we or disappearing actually and the activities that we actually just a hotshot she did in istanbul well embezzler murphy we heard now from president trump we also heard. calling for transparency you have you were posted in
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riyadh you know how it works you know how relation between a communication between washington and riyadh work so apart from the public statements do you think they are now talking and what kind of answers would washington be looking at at this stage. since. well the way things work usually well do. all the washington and the leadership issue. the american society is handling it very carefully very cautiously and it was a great note stating terms of maintaining confidence in the saudi leadership. he would be partner in the peace process.
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actually ordinary in the ongoing conflict in yemen these are major issues which are coming under a an unexpected pressure with the disappearance. and he is a respected member of the press and certainly let's see washington he also had very good relations with the previous royal court so and he only said that he was not he didn't like calling himself a dissident or an opposite a member of the opposition now does moving this a bit forward senator lindsey graham said that if these allegations of the murder of demo come true then there will be serious consequences and he actually said devastating consequences and that saudia we're paying
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a heavy price you really think that would happen. i doubt it to the extent or the him or tional extent that senator described but i think there could be i could see a scenario particularly you know depending on the results of the investigation if indeed we're talking about disappearance a potential release soon or a murder with a sense of permanence here so if indeed the second scenario materializes i would say there is a credible body of criticism or opposition to saudi arabia and congress that might be revitalized the saudis have been working very hard on capitol hill to kind of if you will respond suppress mitigate that criticism over all kinds of issues that separate u.s. interests from saudi interests but this crisis if it mushrooms into
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a full scale crisis i anticipate i think is apt to revitalize and strengthen that criticism in congress when you see both republicans and. unlike in the past mostly democrats now you see somebody publicans jumping on the bandwagon on warning of a potential deterioration so and light of the differences over the issue of oil and opec and cooperation between washington and riyadh now you have a very serious crisis that cuts across the divide in washington and my article and it depends on if indeed the president is concerned as he expressed last night about this crisis you know even though he said no one knows anything i'm sure he does know something after all this has been one week of a crisis a serious crisis and i'm sure he has been briefed if he attended those briefings.
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the past seven days i'm sure he has a lot of information. about this crisis because the u.s. intelligence does have a lot of information particularly in light of cooperation with our other allies around and turkey i'm sure he has seen a lot of information and that explains his second sentence when he says i do not like it so what is it that he doesn't like and if indeed he doesn't like what you heard then that is going to translate into some criticism an opposition congress ok so let me ask my one when president trump says i don't like it how do you think it's going to translate in fact i don't know i know i know that this guy actually i mean his foreign policy approach i mean he's he's having this last chance action and foreign policy approach. and i don't know i feel like he might be using it against us i would these but not because he's concerned about. human rights to say for example because he has not been really concerned about human rights when we talk about for example yemen or when you talk about the saudis poor record in terms
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of human rights but i don't know i mean i felt like there was some sort of this sort of tension between his administration and the saudi administration indecent in this in two weeks actually when he talked about that the saudis should be more perhaps well actually talking over them just going to interrupt you because i just wanted to say that president trump has been stepping up the rhetoric against saudi arabia recently a couple of weeks ago he hit out at the saudi led opec oil cartel for pushing up prices he treated we protect the countries of the middle east they would not be safe for very long without us and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices we will remember the opec will not believe must get prices down now and that of a campaign rally last week this is what the us president said about the saudi rulers we protect saudi arabia would you say they're rich. and i love the king king solomon but i said king. we're protecting you you might not be there for
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two weeks without us you have to pay for your village and. well no one i think this goes straight to you when i exactly what i wanted to ask you to say i what i was playing i should say that you might be using this. as a leverage in order to get something from the saudis be that on the oil prices or be that on. being perhaps more in order to protect them what i know is that the saudis are don't like this way of addressing them course and this has actually generated the sort of response by the saudi crown prince a few few days ago when he said that we are being actually the united states for whatever we pine from the united see in terms of weapons and and weapons so i think this is exactly what i feel that this administration will be trying to do when the when they took to the saudis about about the bottom are hushing maybe well
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embezzler if you do you agree with there that there is a certain level of frustration. in washington about riyadh and that this story in itself my might just be used as an excuse to pressure saudi arabia and get out of it what it what the trump administration wants. you know we're all for. things for which to the saudis who are french for instance but be careful about who are interpreting some of the comments that the person makes. he says one thing in the military he's more of an advisor said will not is what he meant so i repeat that relationship meaning and court one administrative one not without tensions but no need to see this developing into
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a major crisis between saudi arabia and the united states ok do you know that the crown prince mohammed bin for man has has had this image over the past few years of being this young reformer he's allowing women to drive his open movie theaters and he went on i've quite susceptible successful tour in the u.s. even praise cynical valley but there is a sort of more. oppressive cites to him that some saudis would tell you about you know female activists being detained and a whole long list of quite prominent people in saudi arabia do you think at least that that image that he was been he's been trying to impose quite successfully in the west will be a little bit shaken by this. disappearance. well we've.
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all. seen it all during the course or. will you see the whole or little people will open up. quick or sports in the united states ok well international pressure has been growing on saudia saudi indic a surrogate case the u.s. has voiced concern and this is what the un had to say we're very concerned about a number of recent cases of reports cases and reports of violence against journalists. including the murder of victoria marie nova in bulgaria the disrepute of disappearance of jamal. both publicly and privately the secretary general has often raised this issue with member states the secretary general's position is clear a free press is essential for peace justice and human rights for all he reiterated
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his call on all governments to strengthen press freedom including ensuring that there is just a semi countability for crimes committed against journalists well i mean i mean now let's look at the bit it is the place where freedom of speech and a human kind of champion its human rights and freedom of speech and all the rest of it. how do you think apart from the you know the official statements we've heard do you think there will be any kind of impact there within the relationship between the two sides. i think there will be this crisis mushroom ing into a measure of fear is unprecedented in a way it's going to surprise i but all the parties involved i mean when you look at the statement by or own behalf of the secretary general of the u.n. at least it had some kind of moral and political detail in it that is needed to
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make a difference that's what the u.s. statement was lacking even though european with all due respect statements statements by multiple countries are also aware lacking so they will not have the initial impact but should the crisis escalate as most of us kind of expect it and elliptically to do it to do and then we know the actual results of the investigation i would say that the statements would escalate they would change they will have a little bit more detail we might get to know exactly what the president of the united states means when he says i don't like it. whether he is just talking superficially or whether he has some specific information at his disposal that is causing you know his discomfort but to to to continue to expect after seven days of a crisis of this magnitude that is escalating because it is basically dealing with
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a figure that has become like it or not larger than life yes there are many people around the world that get kidnapped and that get killed daily and nobody pays attention to it but the fact that it was. it was at this but the killer time in this particular method the fact that the media immediately focused on something that happened to one of their colleagues so you know allegedly by a country that presents itself. run by every foreigner. all of that i think is contributing to the escalation and might have a larger than life impact in terms of dealing with these issues including the freedoms that in the past with all due respect to all these people that are making these statements whether it's the u.s. or europeans or the u.n. they seem to somehow you know treat the arab world and the muslim world with
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a sense of exception as if it's not entitled fully to the same freedoms and to the same rights well on the last word for you. saudi arabia is going through a transformation something that even general has repeated more than once even though he didn't he doesn't agree with the way it's been done do you think that considering how this crisis just became search of such magnitude. the royal court at this stage thinking. what kind of damage control try to do what i don't really know because because we don't know how this court is run in the first place we don't know who is in charge in saudi arabia is it going on or is it mohammed missile man or is it the advisers who are giving. i mean this bad advice because certainly what happened in istanbul was a very big miscalculation in my in my opinion and if the saudis thought that actually
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by having these extreme measures against canada a few weeks ago when the actually when the canadian foreign minister tweeted a concern in the detention of us activists in saudi arabia would scare of all governments in the world if they do something like this again. i think that is that must be a very big miscalculation i think that we saudi arabia is run to the specially in terms of its foreign policy is is a mixture of our ignorance and ignorance to the extent that they are as i said before they are moving from one a crisis into another and the way if they want to point toward the damage right now is going to be in my opinion very difficult to do that at this particular stage i think that i agree with. murphy i'm not expecting a major crisis between saudi arabia and the united states but i expect that the whole world would be looking in a very different way to saudi arabia and to crown prince mohammed bin sandman if
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it's proved that jamal khashoggi is murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul well has been living in self-imposed exile and he. said many times a at this moment there was no space for debate in the kingdom when it comes to journalists and intellectuals what happened to him still remains a mystery but certainly it could very well prove that all what he has been saying all along is true but we have now reached the end of this conversations of thanks to all our guests ambassador richard murphy. and marwan and thank you too for watching you can see this program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is an inside story from me what. i find out.
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. the last known video of the missing journalist jamal khashoggi shows him. in istanbul. the turkish newspaper has published the names and details of fifteen minute says are involved in the disappearance of. headquarters here also ahead a possible breakthrough in the murder investigation of a bulgarian journalist. and afghanistan changing the way it deals with children.
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with the taliban. just a little over a week after jamal khashoggi disappeared we now have more information about what may have happened to the saudi journalist and critic in the past few hours turkish media released a video that says it's that video showing jamal khashoggi walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul they've also published images showing the arrival of what they say is a saudi kill team on the same day. international airport and the washington post. worked for he wrote for them says u.s. intelligence intercepted communications of saudi officials discussing a plan to detain khashoggi and then lure him back to saudi arabia a turkish newspaper today publishing the names and details of fifteen minutes says .


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