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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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down towards baghdad temperatures are arranging for about the high twenty's here over towards syria as well as the high thirty's here across parts of central iraq over towards tehran though not really looking too bad you're expecting to see attempt a few of about twenty seven degrees here across the gulf what we are seeing doha twenty thirty six degrees that's not too bad for this time of year riyad a little bit warmer as we make their way across the central areas coming down in terms of temperature by the time we get to friday but as you can see here across parts of the south cross parts of oman we are picking up quite a bit of clouds and we are going to start to see the rain falling across southern parts of amman and into yemen that means the likelihood of flooding is going to increase as a cyclon makes its way on shore over the next few days and then very quickly here across southern parts of africa we are seeing basically nice conditions maybe a few clouds making their way towards johannesburg but in terms of temperatures a little bit cooler down here towards cape town with the time to few of eighteen degrees but very warm up here towards durban with a temperature of thirty. were
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on the news here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump says he has spoken to the highest levels following the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi donald trump says he wants to get to the bottom of what happened to the saudi government critic turkish media has also named fifteen men allegedly involved in the disappearance of shoji one is said to be a top forensic expert with the saudi government and protesters gathered outside the saudi embassy in washington d.c. demanding. the whereabouts of the missing journalist they were also protests
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outside the saudi consulate in london before we heard from donald trump his vice president mike pence spoke on a radio show saying washington was ready to help in finding out what happened to jamal khashoggi last question a follow up if the saudis were to request our f.b.i. dispatched technicians to the consulate what they do so i think the united states of america stands ready to assist in any way but as i said yesterday that the free world deserves answers the report that a saudi arabian journalist may have been tragically murdered. in turkey. should be deeply concerning to everyone a church is a freedom of the person human rights. very pleased to have a have with us on skype from fairfax virginia executive director of the arabs and to washington d.c. . what we've heard from the white house today mike pence and donald trump and
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secretary pompei as well you. enthused or cheered by what you hear that the steps are being made in the right direction by the united states. it's kind of a bit late in the process but yes i would say that these statements are welcome because they're made in the name of the united states it's time for the united states as a superpower to speak out on what has you know become not just a normal act of state terrorism but become and it has become an international crisis and for the u.s. to remain silent as it did all we can simply to express concern while other countries issue a moral and political statements was kind of we're doing it in a way for a country that claims to be the leader of the free world so it's sort of pressuring the president and the vice president's and other are making their phone calls i would like to welcome him to to earth. let's look at events that actually are going
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on in istanbul what do you make of that the the pictures being released of the the fifteen saudi nationals. pictures of him arriving it to stand put i mean it's all this information that we have been sort of drip fed none of it official in my head . i think it's ominous and it's kind of i mean you can vest a geisha and it is progressing it's seems to be pointing in the direction. of the state sponsored act of terror that that team has been dispatched from riyadh saudi arabia to turkey in violation of course of international law and turkish sovereignty to perform this criminal mission it would be very hard to deny yes it is legally at least from a legal dispute legal perspective it's circumstantial evidence but it's it's a very ominous and serious evidence which forced you know the the international
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community to react and forced even the u.s. which has been like i said silent and somehow you. b.s. like it did you in the past who didn't as infallible and not worthy of criticism for any crime and now they seem to be expressing some serious concern and showing some at least. personal concern at the level of the fiance of amount because the frankly the crisis is that started like i said you know the guy you called it yesterday the question was your affair today it became basically a political hurricane and it's ironic that the president addressed it while he was pressing hurricane. michael in the southern part of the united states because it has really outgrown the nature of such i mean you know if your man is not the first journalist to be assassinated around the world but his cause has become much larger
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than life he is the word assassinated they do you have any doubts about. what's happened to him that he has definitely been assassinated. i think all indications point in that direction it's frankly it's not just speculation on my part as an analyst but when governments when the heads of state who have access to intelligence that they do not do not share with you and me or with your viewers begin to deal with it as such when the president of the united states begins to talk about the it's bad you it's very worrisome use it it seems to me that all indications point to the fact that my friend. is no longer with us. we're now eight days into this story now eight days since general went into the embassy do you feel too much time has been lost now. i think soft course you know i can't put myself in the shoes of the investigators and why
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these delays but i think the nature of the operation was shocking to everybody concerned and the turks want to take their time and make sure they do not to unnecessarily create an international crisis because you know frankly this could lead to a very serious regional and international crisis of magnitude none of us anticipate at this point so there was a you know they weren't overly kind of cautious and careful in a way i can understand that although you know it's not a difficult on the personal level having known. her show she for more than thirty years and i considered him a good friend and we met many many times during those years so i you know like also members of the family the same way that they felt compelled they want to and
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they wanted results and immediate results and that they're wasting a whole week was somewhat kind of difficult emotionally and strange i appreciate how difficult this past week week must have been for you so i do appreciate your time and josh on in washington thank you the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says the deal with turkey to establish a demilitarized zone in a province is being fulfilled and that over a thousand fighters have already withdrawn from the area and have a deadline on october fifteenth they did of course the last rebel held province in syria they know how to has our report from favorites. militarized zone in. the syrian opposition and what it called. armed groups complied with. it was the first major test of a deal with russia to avoid a syrian government offensive a twenty kilometer zone will surround the rebel controlled province that borders
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turkey which is overseeing its creation so far there is no opposition. which controls most of the province the armed group is considered a terrorist organization by the international community. it hasn't commented on the reported and it has yet to announce its position concerning the agreement but it has been complying it is also required to withdraw its fighters many of them by october fifteenth. experts who have been watching. or. over the years say it is part of its policy of pragmatism which began when it. by publicly. so no way out there. and keep much of its.
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war. or be pragmatic keep its positions trying to negotiate a deal with the turkish authorities the turkish government has been trying to convince h.t.s. to disband to enjoy the mainstream syrian opposition the most powerful alliance is divided. still brings a conservative one that called starkey an enemy that serving their regime and the other is led by giuliani he wants a diplomatic solution. turkey use diplomacy force and it was ready to mobilize its syrian allies against those who opposed the deal. the deal is being implemented but statements by syrian government officials including president bashar assad are raising concern said the deal is temporary and. return to state control but many believe it will be outside players particularly russia
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and turkey who will decide the future of syria's north a new front line has now been created between opposition fighters and syrian government troops it's expected to remain quiet but the deal doesn't decide the fate of the province as a whole and it doesn't end the war. beirut. little bit earlier a specialist in syria at the washington institute for near east policy he explained what the advantages are of this demilitarized zone in the province. deescalation zone in southwest syria and it up just being a delaying tactic which is now apparent. in the province whether it was because of the involvement of turkey or perhaps because there were just far more fighters there of different varieties also more extremists cause the russians and the regime to think twice in any case the deal for now is holding the demilitarized area
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is taking shape and when the movement of heavy weapons out of that zone in the last day or so is good news that we're heading towards some kind of evil in taishan of the early part of the record i think now it's you know one of the advantages of this situation is that the syrian civil war did not or rather bashar al assad did not win the syrian civil war in his own effort he did through through the military intervention of a number of countries and isis was defeated also and so the involvement of turkey and russia both of whom militarily intervened in syria has helped create an accord that hopefully will help mitigate the downsides of an assault on in the province where it goes from here what kind of status it has going forward it remains unclear there is a most everything these days but world mental health day feels particularly would have attention now by twenty thirty depression is expected to be the world's
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leading cause of ill health than coding to the world health organisation one in four people with experience one form of mental ill health and yes the condition current receives less than one percent of global health that the mental health summit in london. if the countries of northern europe sweden norway denmark and finland regularly feature among the world's happiest then why do so many people report being unhappy in sweden alone one in five young women point to rising stress levels affecting their mental health i think that we have a lot of pressure being perfect. and achieving things and not listening and slowing down. it's expected that by twenty thirty depression will be the world's leading cause of ill health at the fountain house group of international
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clubhouses they're focusing on something conventional treatments sometimes overlook the person behind the illness hospitals doctors medications all important but they don't have the resources or perhaps the goals to build relationships and once you get to know somebody you can see beyond a diagnosis. i'm a healthy person here i'm tracy i'm not my diagnosis people always. ask me to do stuff and i think why they ask me i mean i don't know but i do know and i can help. found enough to save me save me i don't think i'll be around is it fun to be in here for. you began in new york in the one nine hundred forty s. patients and social workers got together to create a shared community that would ensure those who got out of the often brutal mental
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detention facilities of the time it would never have to go back there were three hundred thirty houses that currently are around the world really the united states europe very dominant but a lot of work required in latin america africa and asia yes there's still work to do it needs to be a clubhouse in every country. the central thing about the clubs model we talk about the need to be needed you need a place where you want to do when you where you are. accepted for who you are. i was headed home for many years and isolating myself it was suggested to me to come here and i thought what do i have to loose. voluntary to come here and that's very important that you come here because you want to come here not because someone else saying you have to be here. human model it's not
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a swedish model or american model and it's why does it work everywhere because people are the same everywhere we need to be seen we need to be loved to be part of something. i don't know how strong. afghanistan's government is trying new ways to help young men and boys who fought with the taliban some of them are as young as twelve and have been sentenced for offenses offenses such as attempted suicide or possessing explosive devices prison authorities are using education games to reverse what they call taliban brainwashing this from china betty. this is a form a women's prison at bottom bagging kabul has been turned into a juvenile rehabilitation center housing children the government says fought with the taliban we can't identify the children all start because they fear reprisals but the boys have either been charged or convicted of a range of activities including planting roadside explosive devices and attempted
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suicide bombing offenses they all deny mohammed is sixteen and he's serving a five year sentence for possessing a roadside bomb he says he was framed by family and his and claims he has no connection with the taliban. i have nothing to do with the taliban bad people pay the police to frame me but i did nothing. this type of facility is the first of its kind in the country it houses thirty four detainees age from twelve to seventeen and they are part of a new strategy by the afghan government to move from previous harsh detention conditions to a new more compassionate approach aimed at winning hearts and minds. we try and reverse the taliban brainwashing we are also using some of the same techniques but they only explain to the kids one side and we explain through education both sides and try to tell them that everything that they've been told is not true. once these were cells and now their classrooms boys are taught to read
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and write here and given an education they otherwise wouldn't get is designed to show what life is like away from taliban control in many ways they are more fortunate than children detained in other parts of the country. i am studying and i'm going to know all about good things now when i am released i will continue with my life. to marchmont aware that some of the juvenile centers have reasonable living conditions but we get reports of abuse in some of them because of a lack of education there is not violent and sexual abuse from them all and officials say these methods are proving successful in eighty percent of cases but some would argue that the inmates have no choice but to comply but there are no go .


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