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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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port to know in that if there is different information in still we are awaiting intelligence potentially to be made public in some form or fashion we've heard this from the secretary of state spokeswoman we've also heard from the president that there is a report that could be out soon that is part of something that they are compelled to do here at the white house now that the magnitsky act has been triggered by senators on capitol hill who are demanding more information want to see sanctions at the highest level of the saudi government put in place the white house is under some pressure it's under the microscope to come up with some answers and of course we will also be pressing the president to try and get some of those answers he set to be leaving the white house in the next hour where he does have an open press availability and we are hopeful he may continue to talk about this case because so far he has not provided many details and the last time he did speak about this company he said that he doesn't believe in you know punitive action like sanctions because that will result in the loss of business with saudi arabia that failed then
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take to russia and china but the calls all the magnitsky act that you mention and the action taken by those twenty two u.s. senators the president might not have a choice here. he absolutely doesn't have a choice and we've already seen congress feeling uncomfortable in recent months about the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia with respect to its involvement the saudi led coalition in yemen one that the united nations has called a humanitarian disaster and the u.s. feeling uncomfortable about the military support that is offered in terms of the aerial support limited but still involvement so already we've seen efforts by led by a democratic senator bob menendez to ease back some of the precision guided munitions that had been slated to go to saudi arabia tens of thousands of those now on hold and that halt remains in place we could see more of that happening because the bottom line you need to understand in all of this is that congress is the one that controls the purse strings so donald trump can make these deals but they have to be
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approved by congress expect congress potentially to exert more influence in the coming weeks and months if they don't like the actions of the white house right now presumably that it it as we mentioned that magnitsky act there one hundred twenty days for the white house to come out with a report and whether or not it decides to impose sanctions and if the congress does not like how the white house perceives they could take matters into their own hounds committee thank you very much for that committee held at live and washington d.c. now from has called for a transparent and thorough investigation canada says it has serious issues with the disappearance of. the honestly web stuff all the reactions from london if you speak to people rights activists or opponents of the arms trade to saudi arabia they will say well the french won't say anything else because they sell half a billion dollars worth of arms to the saudis every year have resisted legal expense in fromelles to block those things i suppose just like justin trudeau the canadian premier said. from the french would argue that even though the selling
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weapons to the saudis they want to ensure they used to so transparent and accountable way even though that seems impossible to police in a situation like yemen but these countries on. all a bit of a cleft stick really because the these these arm sales do limits it's appears the the the severity of their response there's been no talk at all from the british about things like imposing sanctions on the saudis in the way that they've been pressing on the russians and in the end it does look a bit hypocritical in very many people having draw a straight line back from that apparently hypocritical position to the enormous amounts of money these countries make out of selling arms to saudi arabia another hashmi is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver and he says saudi arabia's crown prince will be feeling the heat for the mounting international and domestic pressure. i think he's probably facing a nightmare that he never could dream of before this is the complete i think
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undermining of everything that he has stood for and pursued as the effective ruler of saudi arabia he's now become you know a pariah figure in the international community saudi arabia has spent billions of dollars trying to build up his reputation as a new visionary leader and now all of that has effectively been flushed down the toilet by this apparent assassination attempt that he has overseen so he's under tremendous pressure pressure not just globally but i expect within the house of saud right now there must be deep divisions and debates over exactly whether he can be the future leader of saudi arabia given given given the role that he has played in generating this crisis that has put saudi arabia under a spotlight that we haven't seen since nine eleven we have to remember that the u.s. government is not simply donald trump and jared cushion or the congress has a lot of say in terms of u.s. foreign policy in terms of arms expenditures there is an important role that you
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know civil society plays in shaping american foreign policy and i think that's what's what's really driving the global outrage toward this event so donald trump is under a lot of pressure himself and i don't think he's going to be able to bail. the crown prince of saudi arabia out of this one i think this is simply viewed by many people around the world as a bridge too far saudi arabia is now viewed as a rogue nation that is generating global instability and so i don't think you know trump despite his preference to try and save the crown prince will be able to rescue him. staying in turkey where a court has ordered the release of an american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey from house arrest the court to convicted andrew bronson on terror charges on friday bob said he'd already served part of the sentence and detention a simple soon to reports from is the u.s. president celebrated the release tookie rejects donald trump's claim that u.s. pressure helped. america evangelical pastor andrew bronson who has been under house
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arrest in turkey for two years is finally free this is attention to pressure from the united states government and a doubling of tariffs on turkish goods for photos on phone. my client is free no electronic tag will be removed and his has arrest lifted he will be able to travel abroad i don't know how i will go to the united states i think you will go by plane i don't know but he will probably leave branson was among thousands of people arrested in two thousand and sixteen after defendants who attempted to overthrow turkey's president rejected a pair john accuses businessman fettle luck of orchestrating the attempted overthrow and is demanding his extradition from the united states donald trump has said no and when our don refused to release the pastor trump in retaliation doubled
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turkish import tariffs fifty year old bronson led a small congregation in the city of izmir and has called cherokee home for more than twenty years prosecutors that bronson uses religious work as cover for being a guest spot i have as accused of trying to convert kurds to christianity to divide the country all the charges included guilt of association with the alp old kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. and the girl and movement the indictment which came eighteen months after his the tension was based on secret witness claims the court's ruling is seen by some as justice that has finally been done but two years too late and the pastor bronson should have never been in jail but his release is welcomed by both turkey and the u.s. and that could go some way towards mending the toys between the two. al-jazeera is made. let's go to washington d.c. in our correspondent shihab tante is live for us and president not surprisingly
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delighted about this she have. roger hitler we got a tweet saying working hard for the release of bronson and then once bronson was released there was an all caps tweet past brunson just released will be home will be home soon it's interesting that the turks deny that any deal was done president always said look he has no control of the judiciary or the in the past he said well maybe we'll will release him if you extradite her to the google the the cleric that is enemy number one for you and but nonetheless of the same time i do and says yes no they pulled over the judiciary the u.s. has never actually confirmed any deal has been done but what we began hearing at the end of last month was that was a deal done and helped along by my compare the secretary of state and john bolton the national security advisor and all of this well before by the way the disappearance of the shoji that has in return for the u.s.
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backing away from strident remarks about bronson's detention then then brunson would be released at this hearing on friday the turks didn't want it to seem like they were simply doing the u.s. bidding and b.c. is reported in addition that the u.s. has pledged to ease some of the economic pressure that's been imposed on turkey that we just heard about and in that report what we're trying to figure out now there is whether this is also part of some geo strategic shift in policy for the trumpet administration was a simply about one man the u.s. really wanted brunson back because of his importance for the november congressional elections this has become a huge course for christian evangelical voters who the republicans are relying upon to still be enthused about donald trump and the republicans and go to the polls on mass and try and prevent the republican route in congress so this is another way for the republicans say look you may have reservations about donald trump but he's always that he's always got your back we're not sure whether this is about anything
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else though whether it's about more than just one man there are so. the outstanding issues that still remain from the all the other turkish americans are being held by turkish authorities on similar charges there are members of the u.s. consulate in turkey who have been holed into terms there's also the issue of turkish the turkish purchase of a russian missile defense system which is hold up the export of f. thirty five fighter jets that is accusations of turkey a state owned turkish bank of aiding iranian sanctions or. huge billion dollar fine may be levied soon the syrian the kurds there are all these other issues that are still outstanding so we're not sure that this means anything more than what we're seeing which is the release of brunson she had thank you very much for that shihab rattansi live and washington d.c. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including separated from parents and now at the risk of being a opted by foster families we examine the loopholes and u.s.
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state laws on migrant children. floodwaters sweeping across nigeria and they also triggered a food shortage crops have been ruined and lives uprooted and in sports roger federer is on track to defend his title at the shanghai masters he said will be here but the details. israeli forces have killed at least six palestinian protesters near the gaza israel border fence israel is also ordering at immediate halt to all field deliveries to the besieged strip nearly two hundred protesters have been killed and thousands and by israeli forces since the protests began and march. to uganda now at least thirty four people have been killed in a landslide in the east near the border with kenya a river burst its banks on thursday sending mond and debris down the health side of the district. many of those killed were at
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a market which was buried lower burden manley has more. but you know. this is one of three villages destroyed by flooding it's residents lament and lost way of life and the death of loved ones the intensity of mudslides has left them with no time to bury the dead their only concern now is to find any survivors but so far only bodies are being pulled from the mud we have it is to be done by. those who are missing because of it a million i was just arrested today so we asked to get still assessing to know exactly how they knew we had the i was with us up to that and then from with that business will also be able to maybe estimate i mean it could be between egypt over how many of those killed were to market the river buses banks at the foothills of mt elgon on thursday and the water swept depor downstream all the bridges on the
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board roads are going to cut off but there's a short years ago just been taken or did not get the ships to take what you can to stop or shut the moment how they don't so take an ongoing rain is hampering rescue efforts president yoweri museveni is dispatching more rescue teams to the area due to district is vulnerable to landslides and flooding more than one hundred people died in two thousand and ten and in two thousand and twelve three villages were destroyed the government has tried to move people to safer areas but many residents don't want to leave your about in miami al-jazeera and to nigeria now with the agriculture minister is warning that there could be a shortage of rice the country's staple food that's a devastating floods hit large parts of the country destroying crops just as far as well getting ready for harvest address visited some of the affected areas. for
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three long weeks floodwaters have covered large parts of gigo estate in the north of nigeria farmlands and damaged roads have become temporary fishing grounds. with their crops rotting under water some farmers salvage what they can more than one hundred thousand of them have seen this year's harvest wiped out from the best in. two or processing is the whole chain has broken down and as it is it is it is mostly lost of money to the economy and they do have a multiplier effect on the on the general economy of the state is the only huge huge loss for us only a few of the states rights farms escaped the flood waters more than a thousand hectares of this rice some has been under water for more than three weeks now the owners say the crop is rotten and lost he like many other farmers would have to find
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a way of feeding their families before the next harvest that is if the floodwaters don't return sure i can borrowed money to expand his farm here in the head age of rally in the hopes of more crops and bigger profits. woman with i started last year and made a lot of money this year a trickle in of two thousand five hundred dollars to increase output and lost everything experts are blaming climate change for the floods and i warning of long term consequences it is weren't retired in the first place the right if for food security. and ultimately government may have to take very serious and my this is just to meet the immediate needs of the old the victims that have been affected. this is disaster came when nigeria's borders are still closed to rise the imports
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a staple for most families. in one of the state's most affected of issues i helping to ease the pain of some farmers by giving out seat. we are now in the process of given them hybrid seeds mature in seeds so that they were visit a siege or must at least two were to get something out of that land but that may not be enough to save the farmers from economic ruin across eighteen states in nigeria more than two hundred thousand hectares of crops have been destroyed in addition to lives crops and homes there's been a significant damage to infrastructure. what harm has existed these villagers not only. do build criticize. the flood has receded the threat to live. with nigeria.
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south africa's foreign minister during the apartheid era both has died at the age of eighty six he was a staunch defender of racial segregation but conceded that change was an effort of all in two thousand both or else that he would join the a.n.c. the party of his former enemies he served as minister of minerals and energy affairs under nelson mandela and south africa's first post apartheid government. still ahead on the news hour spain's show of unity on national day is met with rival separatist protests and. find out why many visually impaired people in kenya treatment from traditionally and one of the greatest scares ever announces their retirement but not quite yet. to explain.
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a hint of change of season maybe there have been a few share is every country from saudi arabia up towards turkey and across to iran as well so the levant in effect has seen a few showers with reports on the disappointing side just a few millimeters here or there but it's a hint of a change temperatures down to the low twenty's to jerusalem the high twenty's up in syria and turkey very frankly and that's where we see more showers build will get the same further eastwards probably far north of iraq and then running down through the mountains of western side of iran a good selection of thunderstorms the next two or three maybe four or five days i suspect but if you know there that is probably dry throat rabia place until you get down towards the south pretty obvious he was going on this tropical cyclone bluebonnets very slow moving it's brought rain to the amati coast is still reading as far as i know and in the next twenty four hours the thing moves a couple hundred kilometers so significant heavy rain is going to be the problem in
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oman and probably yemen and eventually even the n.t. quarter and beyond flooding inevitable in southern africa is also developing cloud this thing here is sort of frontal system and as it moves through the eastern cape i think we'll see rain develop useful and probably flooding right. we're. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this.
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nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international base award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories saudi arabia says it has complete confidence in a joint team formed with turkey to investigate the disappearance of journalist
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jamal khashoggi but those comments are at odds with the condemns growing international isolation was last seen entering the consulate in istanbul on october second and there are reports that he was killed inside. a turkish court has ordered the release of an american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey from house arrest the court convicted andrew bronson on terror charges on friday bob said he'd already part of the sentence and detention and at least thirty four people have been killed in a landslide in eastern uganda near the border with kenya of a burst its banks on thursday sending mud and debris down a hillside and the district of many of those killed were at a market which was buried. now to the u.s. where a new investigation has exposed loopholes that could allow couples to win custody of migrant children without informing the parents they were separated from that is illegal under international law
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a state laws work differently which means hundreds of children in camps like this risk of being separated from their parents for ever the associated press report documents several instances of migrant children being legally adopted by american couples the biological parents were rarely able to when their children back and court let's get more on this now we're joined by go an investigative reporter. at the associated press and she is joining us from san francisco very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so as the a.p. reports details this adopting out of migrant children is happening already and sometimes what the coalition well i think. we've highlighted it really still to some of these bulls. in the united states in the central government has custody of migrant children who arrive here alone or
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separated from their parents but what happens in war is an entirely different matter the children are placed in foster care there is a way for parents or even. to. guardianship or custody of the children do we know how many children have been separated from their parents have been adopted out what about their parents knowledge or even approval the reports that the case that the associated press reports details actually began under the obama administration even though this story itself has been big news this year and the trumpet ministration. so i know it's important to right now that family separation has been going on for a while now at the u.s. next to the border and so for people who are really worried about this happening to
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the children who were separated earlier this year it's important to know that these processes can take a long time so we did hear from one foster agency that told us since the ninety days nine of the children who went through their migrant children in foster care program have been adopted by american families they said that in all of those cases they tried to reunite the children with their parents but it was determined that what it would be safe or possible for that to happen one child was a victim of trafficking etc so there you have the cases of waiters and save for children to be returned to their families but we wanted to point out this particular situation in my. fact that the mother from her was not ready to go to fight that these four proceedings were going on and change and she also says that she was actually into signing they authorize ation to have her daughter and next
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adopted out i mean how do you get around what's happening here and again that loophole the difference in the state laws and the federal laws that i'm making this possible well i think that's come up in litigation and then again this year there are at least several hundred of your aunts and family members who say that they were worst in just signing the work that will affect their ability to get their children back arm and so not only was that it or are was particularly mother and also your who we spent time with but according to these once it's happened again. very good. to talk to you about this that is grounds burke joining us live from san francisco thank you thanks so much. now to indonesia where the search for bodies after the earthquake and tsunami has now ended at least two thousand people are
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confirmed dead but it's felt another five thousand a missing the u.n. secretary general has told some of the worst affected areas as scott high the reports from bali. it was one extra day search teams were given another twenty four hours to continue looking for bodies after the earthquake and tsunami on sulawesi island two weeks ago before the search officially ended on friday thousands of people are still missing buried in mounds of mud in rubble or swept out to sea. u.n. secretary general antonio has visited some of the communities flattened by the earthquake or stripped bare by the massive wave that followed it it's important that the leadership must be the leadership it's indonesian government that can lead these efforts the international community should be here to support not to complicate seems sometimes too many people try to get involved in sings and then of course the support of the populations is not as effective as it should be the u.n.
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had said he thought the indonesian government has been doing a good job extending his solidarity and support early in the search and rescue operations the government was criticized for slow aid distribution and the lack of heavy equipment here and all the global financial chiefs have been meeting now the twin disasters in sulawesi have been brought up in the context of the need for disaster preparedness but also as an example of just how critical swift transition from search and rescue operations to rebuilding is for the communities involved. during those meetings the world bank with germany and the u.k. set up a one hundred forty five million dollar fund for vulnerable countries managing the financial fallout from natural disasters and climate change the world bank's chief executive also visited the city of. we came today with our rapid damage assessment it says that the physical damage you see your year of five hundred fifty million dollars this is how secure the structure of residential
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buildings it does the loss of life goods as the community has moved from a rescue operation to rebuilding the key many feel is to restart the local economies so people can get back to work putting their villages and their lives back together it's got how to al-jazeera bali. a un human rights body has called on saudi arabia to stop carrying out air strikes in yemen the un committee for children's rights is calling for those responsible for attacks on children to be prosecuted it says a mechanism set up by saudi arabia to investigate the death of yemeni children and strikes isn't credible also jabari has more at first glance this is just another day at school for these children in yemen subtle province but these are survivors of a horrific attack which took place last august as they were making their way to school in
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a bus forty of their friends died. it's their first day back since the attack happened fourteen year old. try to hold back tears recalling the friends he lost in the attack by is saudi led military alliance air strike on a market on august fourteenth we tell the enemy is the talk last night's blood won't be in volume and that will avenge them by getting an education we will avenge them by learning. thank god who saved me from the strike from the hands of this man described. as these survivors resumed their morning routines joining warning exercise drills in the sand yard or attending classes in wheelchairs other students share their fears. with said after we lost our dearest schoolmates and we're worried that the enemies will strike out skoal saudi arabia accepted the attack had killed civilians and that it was unjustified but the united nations committee for child rights says that is not enough now the problem and this
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is what we pointed out to them with this team is firstly it's set up by the coalition nereids essentially investigating themselves secondly it's a compromised of members of from coalition countries. so it doesn't involve any any known coalition countries the u.n. estimates at least one thousand two hundred children have been killed and nearly the same number injured in airstrikes since march of two thousand and fifteen twenty percent of all civilian deaths are children that's one in five civilians killed as a child nearly half a million children in yemen have dropped out of school since the start of the war bringing the total number of out of school children to two million according to unicef. all of those wounded continue to attend school without exception as long as it's ok for them to attend they come on crutches or wheelchairs but we've showed is
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that education for our children is paramount they attend in spite of their wounds and their fears. while the international community continues to increase pressure on saudi arabia the war in yemen goes on and the number of innocent victims continues to rise. al-jazeera. now spain marked a certain national day with a royal military parade and madrid and barcelona thousands of pro and anti independence demonstrators marched to the streets with riot police alongside them call pen hall reports. spanish national pride barcelona streets. for some a simple celebration of being spanish for others another chance to voice opposition to efforts by the catalonia region to create a breakaway republic. i'm here for the unity of spain we all have to be together down with the independence movement. hundreds of police are on duty because that
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demonstration is on a collision course with opposing crowds now these are made up of mostly from independence activists and self described anti fascist i mean the two things are the same being anti fascist as being against authority and somebody who wants to vote for their independence is thora tarion to. the political crisis triggered by the catalan independence issues gripped spain for more than a year despite a successful referendum pro independence politicians the fail to agree on how to split from spain and create their own republic it's difficult to explain to the people who support it because. to work in the political field but with insist on that. but the spanish government insists there's nothing to negotiate and pro independence grass roots groups like these are growing impatient it delays and with
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their own leaders we've always said that some of the parties that are growing dependence at the end they are stablish men and they defend interests that are not our interests at the same time they are just like moment allies sometimes but that's it and when we have to go against them we will be against them in event the . interposing marches took a different route avoiding the chance of confrontation. beyond the issue of independence for catalonia or not detractors say october the twelfth is not a date would be of celebrating. in marks the arrival of christopher columbus to the americas more than five hundred years ago and the rise of the spanish empire. these bolivian dances turned out in barcelona but then not forgetting the brutality of the spanish invasion. i think you might think it was never thought it was that we still have our own culture in spite of the fact that the spanish invaded us and robbed us of.


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