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tv   Monk By Blood  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2018 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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doing investigative black listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter and see the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories. on al-jazeera you find fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmaker.
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is a slice of anchor. i mean it's very nice to. see family. you know. he. he. this temple of history of almost eight hundred years you know you know homeowners home saying you know my dad at the temple. me being the first son in a traditional japanese family. i will have to take over and become the twenty
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fourth generation of the temple. oh now. i just became like eleven or twelve years old my parents asked me to help out the temple with fake monkey services where was i i was i was from other services go there was a house on the day this one had passed away. oh you don't know shit you must be good. you know. i did this ceremony known as we took it all would follow the footsteps of our founder go to his temple go to location the work he prayed you receive a certificate for being accepted as a monk come on come on. come on.
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keep i'm not sure i need you more something's going to. say. this oh he. might just get pretty had that. sort of you know you know so that's all and he would you tell me. do you and i should do less you know i do. more shocking if i. did but i'm always usually not i don't know my mother you know. yeah she does you know you must know that. you know. that. my passion was cooking from the start like i hope i being a chef become more than happy. i tell people and i my dream is to become a chef find an add on of your buddhist monk because. i'm
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never tied down there is no doubt about that but i can't i can't leave something i've i mean is too much for myself and family kenya. sacrifice like my future for my family god's that's what it is. for have to. sort of going to show you she knew more about the we don't want to go the more. we can. do it all. seems on the mind come. on you know your thought. you could have been. going. to go look at it but i think they're going to look at them but. we.
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are going. to go because all those who go to you will. go you must. i was born in california my family moved because my dad wanted to study a different perspective from a japanese would i say i've moved back to japan and when i was nine years old my mother's father passed away so my dad had to take over the temple and now i'm in thank you for college. ok much that there are enemies you could need to know why does maz height that's not. funny. in my day are not there i know i'm not. going to get out but it's in my head we do see do you good to talk just a sample orangey is my mom's she was the first daughter out of three sisters and so
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she had to find a husband to take over this temple go up the other. cool i'm good i'm sure of it because i know on a moonless i'm annoyed by the guy oh you know what i did like it and will stay with you get them but i am not going to get that when i get up so stick and give you my side if i'm sitting on my foot in the state today i mean i can. clearly he's wrestling with the i think that what you know about. my position on the temple is i'm a priestess but also i am responsible for community outreach. japan is going through a lot of like cultural changes right now me not be you know. like childbirth rate is decreasing. our temple queen is also decreasing.
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the birth and i think that that. was. so we have today is a traditional thing i heard you were having no she day we have temple members together it's a way to have communication socialize with people before the end of the or even if it was a little girl. there is temple families wanting me to take over the temple. which people who are waiting for me at the grounds in grandpa's need truly believe i will take over the temple and i don't want to disappoint them but i know that i didn't. go. from the sixth grade i went to this national school in kobe japan and being there all my friends were from all different parts of the world it allowed me to accept how people are and even if they have different backgrounds i appreciate that
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. this is a if you know poor. joe's sexist. style that during my gap year after high school i asked my friend bar owner to let me spin for him and from there it just caught on fire you. would. hear that it is a frontier it's definitely a double life as long as i don't break the rules then i feel like i'm doing just fine. in the walnut i need he's been going to die if you know boys didn't look this does have a would have to do if he didn't. do any of these you're going to know normal users they're good those are real community you know buster they are about rudolph and
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when you got to deal with this. this news that i was on at the old city with. this that you need use sounds and i. almost said that you had a dog this is a zoo that in my day to get this i. want dogs and i got to come on get it to go play nice. like. i'm not going to rest. jani that one hour and then another day
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could i can i say see identical dogs in any amount then i get a break in a visit i started on this name. in my name in a dynamo keep going to stay you know got the money and in the air some by many. tens or so who are going to hold in there goes the name of you know that i see tons of that that is there some are not going there but you don't and on your local mickey. the more you know of what. the sooner you know heard about as you and the more your so me me i do your more door thirty one tony.
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so they were good they got it again oh god the good the love the hand of god and i'm going to go don't not enough of them still go. on with. what i was on the seventh of that are all did oh and then you look into the hit people. june in there could you get their money. up. because she. still. got you don't know do you know i put your dental at it so that you know you mind this throughout the. community what are you doing there so it's a crowd like you know that i don't want to. see them or they're.
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going to go. on all that is with us you see that's a good business with you and they do stuff around shows and took them all in all and then they stole the more you put to look at it because do so will need to do though they could. commiserate. with it's gotten so that you know i thought oh no you're the one of them not do that no more you must you know looking a little more got the idea of beauty your used. to you know why don't we do see figure out so law or you feel that you know about a community all. that you. can more ask him that do you give me some money like you . do so i just are going out tonight and i do you know more. because it does stay personal that have the money. you know someone dies and he.
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doesn't and i didn't i do you got your boss i know what some call that you need me not me not you to go get them or not because there are some of the new monitor seeking out of them. because i do in the show much better than i am in that i want you to they see. shawn is in a position to become the next head of priests i know that he really wants to be a shot but i think it's going to be really difficult. if he chose not to then i would want to be the next priest. they must thank god. i don't get along problems i know. and i am going to. you know are overcome can stop you know they have i don't want to before.
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but. if it's your. own will they go ahead and use out of not only don't know this was the. point almost all to come to. look at it. through them. because i'm one of those. that you only go through and. my dad was born in no way in japan where he was a second son his brother wanted to become a doctor but then my dad dad told him no son you have to take over the temple and when my dad found out that he was he was extremely dos because.
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of the work. and that is why he can't be killed though i met my mom and now he's headed here. and so when i heard that and if i had it i would advise all take it and not regret later for not taking it so yeah. yeah. this whole process of becoming at peace cannot be done overnight. he. wanted you. to what they must think of you in my skin a little and in you and you want to know should go to a yoke you need and what they did who goes and you show it.
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from within the hole was kind of you know i mean even down at the pain and on the so they go psyche i mean you know when the news of the issue was the guy's muslim. on. new year's eve it's been a whole year that he's in japan a nervous family doing yeah a construct. i
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. bought her home with. jade right before new year's a second chance and then i parted friends and now. it's two twenty five and headed back to kyoto going to change take a shower about five thirty. pray if i stay i can't i can't miss this i can't mrs shaw i cannot miss. it's been
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a tradition for about six seven years i have to be there i have to go along the hall right now. and.
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i live. here. the the the a. a a. a b. a. a. a. b. a. b. . the the the the the.
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parting for near different year and three as later in the most traditional main temple of my sect all dressed up at five am like i was crazy. it was exhausting but i still do it because i want to enjoy and still not break the rules. and the more you have yeah then five hundred. you're on the air and. me going on with. you must say i eat on
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the uk your show you don't. have is a. good. little boy in there but it was in there you got to go to war boy there. oh god you know that i mean this is. not to control him. or the parents it just says the show didn't go just overnight them all hoarded just to get back to you. and divert to understand that so you want to be the most in the ocean we want you to know that like you have our for support you know. like i feel like i know that you're feeling the pressure even though mommy and daddy and i were not verbal in telling you these things but all the pressures that you're feeling you're in such a privilege place as well like i think like when i would just like take your place
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in a heartbeat if you decided not to be the head priest you know. color because it's not skin color the whole. you know. it's like a record of the past had priests of this temple or indeed and so far there's twenty two names on it and depending on whether i took over when that twenty fourth generation it become my turn just like my dad just for you know to write my dad's
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name. after i pass on my head priest to depending on whether my son or someone else then here we are in shock to show and then the next next number nothing i think a couple of them. under me don't. go. you go to the. who are going. to they're going to. move your legs you can. leave us and there are much of the jews in the news got the committee on a computer so you can wish you good could at the. time we hired a small d. are there in that yearning that this. credit card so they get pissy and then they're at the mercy she will do evil well as a con. a movie or kinds don't we see.
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and. the other says. every supporter and he puts off pressure but the same time also it makes me rethink that i must feel myself that i want to do it or else i should do. five that i've known that i'm in this situation for so long time. i can't panic like i have to sit on myself and prepare myself for the day to hope and i. am doing just that. i know. it will be the right decision.
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when the going gets tough many bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. granny loan shock of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the poll with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you
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have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. to some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers and three jobs i know i only have one but i'm soo providing for my family. the first time i was admitted to hospital i didn't show any signs of i miss. my opinion and i have become very positive and stop thinking about the negative sides i'm. on al-jazeera. living with and us in egypt.
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this is al-jazeera. everyone come out santa maria and this is the news hour on al-jazeera the u.s. president is pushing saudi arabia for. a disappearance and as the political stakes for the kingdom rise more attendee's pull out of a key investment conference in the saudi stock market drop sharply and also in the news an american pastor free by turkey arrives home is that a signal of warming relations between washington and. i'm joining with the sports and its first blogs today houston astros against the boston red sox.


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