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tv   Living With MS In Egypt  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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francis has conferred st heard on that salvadoran archbishop emeritus ceremony in the vatican an advocate for peace during el salvador's civil war america was shot dead while celebrating mass in one thousand nine hundred eighty until recently a roman catholic. blocking his canonization because of his perceived left wing views daniel sheiner reports. thousands gathered in some pizza square to see pope francis make seven saints among them pope six who was a sore one of the most turbulent periods of modern catholic church history in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's. cananites is archbishop romero killed by a right wing death squads while preaching in el salvador thirty eight years ago. that together with him and the other new saints today there was archbishop romero left the security of the world even his own safety in order to live his life according to the gospel close to the poor into his people with
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a hard road to jesus and his brothers and sisters a stone simply his canonization was for a medical miracle curing cecilia flores of a life threatening illness but for many other salvadorans he is much more. his a person who fought for all salvador and continues and continues to intercede for the country a brave man who defended life defended the family defended the most needy that's what he means to me they revere him to speaking out the social justice and defending them against repression in the military led right wing governments in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's conservatives who ever saw him as a spokesman for the left wing he knew that that puts him in danger. i will not abandon my people but along with them i will run all the risks that my ministry demands. remained a divisive figure even off the. the intervention of pope francis to ensure his sainthood to the light of these supporters in el salvador but i mean to me it's
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a joy because every time i visit the crypt i feel he is still alive because really he didn't die ality everybody it's a big joy i have tears i'm not too bright grew up following the steps of monsignor marrow it's a big joy. for many a hoping the new saint who died. just this continue to blight the country. israeli supreme court has suspended the deportation of detained us student. until her appeal is considered the twenty two year old was detained on october second when she arrived in israel to study for lost his degree at the hebrew university government says she's an activist in a movement encouraging companies and governments to end their support for israel over its treatment of palestinians. says she is no longer active in the movement
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i know the developments palestinians in the israeli port city of a car are demanding the return of a culturally significant site east for decades by a trust backed by the israeli government they say khan owned and well it has been neglected to the point of near collapse and as harry forced to explain it's all part of a wider debate on the changing future of the area which is being gentrified to capitalize on a tourist. there are a few things about eco which aren't in dispute the beauty of its old city the overlapping layers of history on full display a rich mix of cultures and religions stretching back four thousand years all of which make it a prime site for tourism. recently bought the family home where he was born and the apartment beneath it turning it into a guest house for paying visitors but as a palestinian resident of arca as they call it it's been a long hard bureaucratic battle to get to this point back to his certainly. we were protected tenants we worked so hard to get ownership because as long as we didn't
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have it we didn't have the freedom to do anything other than just live here ok. that's the case for the majority of palestinians who live in the old city most of the original arab homeowners fled or forced out during the creation of the state of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight those who later came to live here can only lease homes from a trust backed by the israeli government they don't have any right to do anything in this house or they can fix these houses they can't hurt you know they can't give these houses to their children the local government's tourism development plan involves renovating rundown areas attracting richer homeowners the old development company part of israel's tourism ministry says local palestinian small businesses benefit but the new businesses are market hotels and restaurants overwhelmingly israeli for many of the palestinians who live within the walls of the old city the money that's being lavished here feels like it's largely bypassing them worse than
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that they fear it is going to alter the fabric of this place irrevocably and that they might not have a place here in the future one place they have long treasured is this the carnal and done once an ottoman staging point for sailors and their goods now it's a crumbling show ruled too dangerous to enter the development company blames the failure of its previous plans to turn it into a hotel plans that would have involved neighboring buildings being emptied on palestinian opposition who sometimes fish is from a local walk the islamic trust that manages the city's mosques which decades ago signed the site over to an israeli government organization on a ninety nine year lease i am telling you that more than fifty years ago didn't do anything anything and my ill and my heart is sore sore so hard because the place is saw so dangerous it's not that i construct not even a minimal little construct it have been laws for all of this years for nothing the palestinians an acre the question is whether they'll have a proper stake in
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a changing city the chance to hold on to a place they call home ari force it down to zero acre. so i had for you on the news hour i mentor thomas near parks in eastern australia where drought is keeping fields like this one food for cows having to be trucked in from a thousand kilometers away a huge expense australia's government is helping pay for the cost but should it. i will tell you about the football and ping pong crossover sport that has a limp baked ambition all have all the sport and all. the cricket world isn't in our bag match fixing i mean you have to think why would he give me a good guess then he didn't burn to me and it's a big big fan of al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new
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evidence documentary confirms the moment now is a very hard profile figure in match fixing an international cricket you know this al-jazeera investigations cricket's match fixes the manalo files coming soon more than seven decades ago a country was split into three big but did anything and now the time comes to being myopic all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood.
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a comeback else training government has announced a billion dollars aid package for the drought stricken farm as economists a questioning whether it's worth the money trying to grow crops and raise animals is getting more and more difficult in an increasingly harsh climate and tellus reports from near parks in new south wales which hasn't had decent rainfall in two he is. in a good year farmers like wayne dunn food wouldn't need to buy a tool they'd grow crops. and the sheep and cows would eat them stripes out of the ground but drought has hit australia's east and states they say has been trucked in from a thousand kilometers away with transport that costs about two hundred fifty dollars a barrel. one hay bale will feed sixty cows for a day dunford has three hundred eighty so feeding them is costing him more than ten
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thousand dollars a week the grind of a drought gets to you know like you get a fifty k. or wayne blaring if i sold i was really just makes you still afraid to stock. what windows but it gets everyone to be cranky for some reason and it ain't a good administers the factors are at every die and. things go backwards not forwards. dunford is mixing some hay with wheat grain and compact it with grass side to keep costs down but making that mix is harder work even if it is slightly cheaper across the eastern australia the drought me the farmers the putting in a lot more effort and paying out a lot more money now the government part help with the what but it can and helping with the money australia's national and state governments are subsidizing transport costs offering low interest loans and giving cash payments to farmers worth nine
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thousand dollars only have assets of more than three point seven five million dollars disqualifies farming families from the handouts it's the sort of help people in no other industry get this is a way of life that is important to australia's future and as a result of that i think that means there's a special responsibility here but some economists think farms need to deal with drought as any business deals with risk in good he is economically viable farmers make lots of money which should carry them through the tough ones few australians though see it that way most live in cities but they have a deep cultural affinity with rural communities it dates back to stories of colonial settlers timing a rugged land today the media adds to the emotional mix drought mike's great television and in australia the only add drought so really the. confronting so people in the city who don't necessarily understand the economics of agriculture
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who have its deep cultural sympathy for farmers want their governments to act so it's good politics but not necessarily good economics added thomas al-jazeera napalm cities demonstrating. pulls in now with a list full mario funds for a much novak djokovic to continue says surge towards the world number one spot his incredible comeback season highlighted again with a dominant display in the shanghai masters final world number nineteen border chart towards his opponent the croatian having beaten roger federer in the semi's but jockey which came into this tie on a run of seventeen wins in a row and with two grand slam titles in twenty eighteen the serve took the first set six three. match points in the second would end on a review but it didn't matter it's a joke which i can miss at six four this is his fourth shanghai title and comes
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a year after his twenty seventeen season was affected by poor form and injury will replace federer as world number two on monday and if he does better than rafael nadal at the paris masters will return to the top of the rankings. couldn't ask for for a better scenario. so you know i'm very close to know my doll in the rankings and put myself in a very good position for you know the last. last period of the year the game is a game is working really well. you know ending in years number one will definitely be. the biggest achievement of all of this year. well that final was korea much number one thousand and one for jack rich at the other end of the scale eighteen year old diana yes one have first singles title on sunday the ukrainian up against one chung in the hong kong open final she made very light work of what was
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her first final appearance the well number one hundred two taking the first set six two. and she blitzed past china's top ranked woman in the second six one this means she'll go up to world in the sixty six on monday that's by far her best ever ranking it's been a good year for youngsters yet is the sixth teenager to reach a final in twenty eighteen. now to the race to get to baseball's world series and its first blood for the defending champions the houston astros against the boston red sox game one of the american league championship series was in front of a sellout crowd at a chilly fenway park in massachusetts but it was the astros that took the victory pitcher justin verlander produced a strong performance to the frustration of the red sox batters. it was a close game until late on when josh reddick hit a solo home run to put the astros four to two up.
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and then the killer blow came from cuban newly gourrier he hits a three run shot into the crowd to wrap things up the astros winning it seven to two for their fifth straight postseason when they go one up in the seven game series. and the other series the l.a. dodgers produced a fight back victory to square things up at one one against the milwaukee brewers the brewers were on course to win their second game in a row after two her runs helped put them free nothing up this one from orlando our savior. but the dodgers pulled back to within one and then step forward justin turner a man with a big red beard it's a two run homer in the eighth inning to put them ahead for the first time in the game. and then in the field it was turner's throw to first that closed out a victory for the three to the dodgers that ends the brewers twelve game winning
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streak and it's one one with five games remaining. forty. time world champions it's only are up and running in the u.a.e. for nations league they overcame poland one nil on sunday it's their first win since before the world cup which they failed to qualify for earlier there were quite a few draws but the likes of russia israel and montenegro were able to secure wins montenegro dishing out a four one scoreline away from home against lithium. wow guinea-bissau our top of africa cup of nations qualifying group k. after seeing off twenty to twenty twelve champions mbia two one elsewhere kenya got a three no win in nairobi tottenham's victor wanyama on the scoresheet there as they moved three points clear at the top of qualifying group at michael schumacher sun mick won his first major motor sports title this weekend prompting predictions
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that he could follow his father to formula one greatness former f one executive mark gallagher has been following the teenager's progress and told al jazeera that sons of famous drivers didn't always have it easy. i think the reality is that they are growing up in an environment of racing and i think that that really helps them although if you talk to damon hill who won the formula one world championship and he was a son of a former world champion graham hill damon would actually say that being the son of a super successful formula one driver can also be a hindrance because you get so much expectation loaded on your shoulders and there have been a lot of drivers down the years who have not lived up to the expectations perhaps piled upon them just because they happen to be the son or daughter of a highly successful racing driver so i think in mixed case he's delivering and this year started quite slowly he didn't have a very strong start to the season but my word he made up for it and i think now
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that he's clinch this title it really gives a seal of approval on his talent and capabilities and i think we'll all be watching now to see where he goes next because certainly he's on the right trajectory to get to formula one. now what you get if you cross a football with table tennis well it's cold tech ball and as even a world cup for the sport this is competition so double the number of entrants of last year's with participants from asia africa europe and the pacific all converging in france for the event the rules are fairly simple you can touch the ball a maximum of three times with different parts of your body before sending it back to your opponent over the table the sport first started in hungary just a few years ago but it's grown in popularity and was officially recognised last month by the olympic council of asia at this year's world cup remaining it clinched a victory in the singles while a pair from montenegro took the doubles title tech balls founders even have hopes of the sport making it to the olympics and it's got the backing of some pretty big
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names in football. one of my friend invited me to play. and you know because i used to be a former player i said it would be easy to do to win against teams so i went to to make team you know with that confidence you know i would beat you you know what i announced and i'm telling you know i was very very upset so i asked after that defeat a stop to practice on the table and yeah it is amazing you can lower your you know your vision because it is very small is a difficult of course it is a small table so that's why you need to be you need to be full goose in the need to be a good vision so that's why i think the big bully can help a lot of. in the one nine hundred fifty s.
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hungry was one of the greatest aims of the verd playing in a vertical final and pushed us was the one touching the ball one thousand eight hundred times a day and that inspiration was into an investigation we checked what is happening today and most players touch is three hundred times and we're losing the sense of skill in football modern football is about speed decision making but skill is not much more in the training so i think boy is definitely an answer to that my boyhood dreams of being technical world champion may still be alive. thank you very much paul and that wraps up the knees out there remember there's much more in everything we're covering on our website al-jazeera dot com there you will get all the latest breaking news as it happens but also analysis that takes you behind the headlines but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with a full bulletin emmy's for you to stay with us i'll see you very shortly.
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when their on line for humanity has been taken out of its goals as it would hold you about. the british or if you join us on the sand i guarantee no one apple has a back story like this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mistress and that's good comments or questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell to join the global conversation. as was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the
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quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp so. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. their leader or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of one of the few and the events that helped fuel the violence of his final. the last for libya
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on a. saudis king solomon telephones the turkish president. to discuss the investigation into missing saudi journalist. no i'm maryam namazie in london you with al-jazeera also coming up chancellor angela merkel's bavarian ally suffer the worst election result since nine hundred fifty and a setback that risks widening divisions within germany's national government. pope francis turns a latin american hero into a roman catholic saint archbishop oscar ramiro is on the dock to being killed in el salvador for standing up for the poor. we visit the ancient mediterranean city
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where palestinian residents fear they are being pushed out to make room for terrorists the. al jazeera the head of saudi intelligence has arrived in turkey and is meeting with turkish officials on monday it comes off to king solomon telephoned the turkish president to thank him for forming a joint team to investigate the disappearance of veteran journalist jamal khashoggi he also told. on that no one can undermine his country's strong relationship with turkey so let's. see is an anchor with more on the story first of all what do we know about the tenor of telephone call between the turkish and saudi. miriam actually this is not the first diplomatic contact because a delegation a saudi delegation was here yesterday along with king solomon special advisers so
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today what we know that they have discussed about how they had discussed about enlightening of. the case and both leaders stated that the or said that they are happy that a joint team has been is set up how aware we know that. the spite these theoretical corporation commitments yesterday turkey's foreign minister may ritual the stated that they're expecting saudi arabia to be more color bret's are especially for allowing turkish prosecutors to get inside istanbul general consulate building to a proper search about. case and as you know turkey made a request for this the saudis accept that a search will search request but however the saudis are maybe trying to gain time on t. no no prosecutor was able to enter inside the consulate building which it which
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drops a shadow on this corporation that two leaders have highlighted there has also been a public show of support for the saudis today has and i tell us about bank. well actually after turkey's strong resistance against saudi. about this. across the saudis stance and international conscious has been established this was what turkish officials were trying to do because this is not something that only turkey can deal with saudi arabia alone that's why we have heard european countries and the us criticizing the saudi government for this for this incident and they are they reckless stance towards this but we have been seeing since the morning that the organization of islamic council member states is
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short solidarity and they said they stand by saudi arabia and they said saudi arabia's reforms were being targeted mainly a pointing out mohamed bin so man the crown prince also we heard today mahmoud abbas jordan and united arab emirates which have been against turkey for a long time showing solidarity with saudi arabia. for now it seems like turkey has a diplomatic a lever it's over saudi arabia regarding damascus shuji case turkey was able to bring international public pressure and diplomatic pressure overseas over saudi arabia but it seems like saudi arabia is also trying to establish its own pact among the oh i see organization of islamic countries miriam thank you very much with all the latest from ankara sinan cassio. as we were hearing agent has been showing support for saudi arabia's efforts to deal with disappearance this amid growing calls for says u.s. president donald trump has won the kingdom faces severe punishment if it's found to
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have murdered the journalist and the u.k. france and germany of jointly called for a credible investigation to establish the fate mike hanna reports. the saudi stock market suffered its biggest fall in years following president trump's warning it recovered slightly during the day but it was the purse tangible sign of the impact of this crisis on the saudi economy. and impact too on the once cozy relationship between the trumpet ministration and saudi leaders a statement released by the saudi news agency threatening global retaliation against any sanction came just hours after president trump spoke of severe punishment that saudi arabia approved complicit in his disappearance. no dodge among members of congress that this should involve economic sanction despite president trump stated reluctance to pull such measures so i would just say this to you or for confidence if this is proven to be true there is going to be
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a response from congress it's going to be nearly unanimous it's going to be swift and it's going to go pretty far and that could include arms sales but it could include a bunch of other things as well european leaders to making clear they will not stand by they must have seen the huge international concern from the united states now from britain france and germany what they need to do is to cooperate fully with the investigation that the turks are asking us to do and to get over all of this and if as they say this this terrible murder didn't happen then where is jamal khashoggi and that's what the world wants to know earlier a former cia director costing down to the vehemence of saudi denials of him told them and their denials ring hollow very much for a hollow to go after a permanent resident states who writes for the washington post and doing it on foreign soil at a diplomatic mission to me would be inconceivable that such an operation would be
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run by the saudis without the knowledge of the day to day decision maker of saudi arabia that's crown prince mom been said. in an apparent bid to diffuse the tension the saudi foreign ministry has released. a tweet thanking the u.s. and others for refraining from jumping to conclusions despite this though a relationship that was once so warm is along with the saudi stock market reaching a new low mike hanna is here or washington was fighting off by crown prince mohammed bin soundman the saudis still have not allowed taxation vasta gate has into that compound the consulate is still conducting official business as reports from istanbul opposite the saudi consulates the company that deals with issuing visas that's the larger and smaller pilgrimage that muslims make to mecca in saudi arabia now this company as well as a few others that are scattered around the building say that they are still able to
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process those paperworks by going to the consulates building albeit they have to enter from in the back there is a road parallel to this building behind now this consulate has essentially been a crime scene now for several days since the disappearance of jamal khashoggi however there hasn't been any turkish police and the only people who've been going in this door here have been those who come on diplomatic vehicles registered to the saudi mission here there are journalists who have been camped out here for several days now waiting for some sort of developments as far as the investigation is concerned other turks are still waiting to be allowed in to search this properly they want their forensic experts to go in there police to go in they need saudi permission to do that until now though they haven't been granted it's.
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chancellor angela merkel's by varying allies have suffered at their worst election results since one thousand nine hundred fifty one that risks widening divisions within germany's national government the question social union of one thirty five and a half percent of the vertical adding to the latest exit polls meaning that the policy has lost its absolute majority will have to form a coalition to rule dominate cain has the latest now from munich. for decades the christie and social union is dominated by varying politics but no longer now the vote has slumped dozens of six of the last and the overall majority has gone to the c.s.e. was current leader and sitting prime minister it was time to put a brave face on remember. we accept the results with humility and we will have to learn from it we must analyze it clearly but one thing is clear despite the prognosis discussions and comments the c.s.u. is not only the strongest party but it's also received
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a clear mandate to govern. whereas for the greens this was a moment for celebration their vote more than doubled and did eight of the various biggest cities they came first cementing their position here as the leading party of the center left displacing the social democrats something the national polls had suggested for some time and by and yet sometimes the parliamentary election results of already change but the area tonight because it clearly shows that people want politics that encourages instead of spreading fear that solves current problems instead a constant. it shows clearly that you can't win elections if you put on the courage confidence and passion and don't suffer in a right wing way and yet one party that did precisely that was the alternative for germany in the twenty thirty election they didn't exist this time around their stance on tougher migration and border controls. one little more than ten percent of the vote for you that is outside is result is
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a message to map the name of medical must finally guardian i let. you leave the natural succession for this p.s. years the san fran shortish and our families and for our busy area full of area is a blessed land to friends and it is in the immediate aftermath of this election attention will focus on who will form the next government here the early indications of the c.s.u. will try to patch together a small majority with one of the mind the policies but some more profound problems on not so easily solved sunday's result seems to many people here like a mini earthquake shaking the c.s.u. to its final day sions in its own is the question now is what will be off the shelves be as a national level the make a al-jazeera in news. but he have broken up anti-government protests in the nicaraguan capital managua a protest as
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a part of an alliance of faulty opposition groups calling for an end to president on your take his rule since the demonstrations started in april three hundred fifty people have been killed and thousands more injured my knee it up and sent us this update from the naga. we're in the uk because i went capitol on a day that there was supposed to be a peaceful protest and anti-government protests. police in riot gear started to have started arrests the one by one every one of the peaceful protesters i was really we are seeing tear gas being deployed against protestors and against the press the press has been victims of harassment as well as attacks by the police today i was shot earlier. with a tear gas canister than here but right next to where we live it appears that other person be taken away. these are the anti-riot police being deployed on the streets of because i was right now there was a peaceful protest about two dozen people protesting for the supermarket here in my now love one by one these are anti-riot police have started arresting them and
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taking them away. but we're just going to keep recording keep filming. bearing witness to what i what there are no other words to describe it other than than than repression by the police against peaceful protesters on the streets of mine i will . still have for you on the program. jail why there's confusion as to whether the european union and person a finally cleaned out the terms of their divorce. hopes in afghanistan that revive talks with the taliban will lead to.


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