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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 37  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2018 8:32am-9:02am +03

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limits that clearly we can come and attack you in new york in your place so i think it does of course that that's i think personally i think he is the one who created this for himself because he thought that he has to become a real big player in the world stage and of course he doesn't have he doesn't have that power or the or or what will allow him to do such a thing there and i would like to add to this why did libya came up and the agenda of the americans one nine hundred seventy nine one thousand eight. i was part of the libyan opposition and i had a meeting with. foreign asians the american for ages and see you know it was imposed on me and they said we would like to help you at the time when reagan won the election i can tell you at the time the war between iraq and iran hiten and iran threatened to stop all the oil supplies from the gulf libya for the united
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states and for europe is an oil political entity it's a supplier when the supply from the gulf is under heat libya becomes important for the united states they want to topple him go to another regime that would bring libya back to good relation and higher order production and better relations is the same thing now it was convenient for the american foreign policy to find a maverick like gadhafi and pick him as an enemy and put all display most international terrorism and all the mischief is around the world on him and i recall after the lockerbie nine hundred eighty eight and we all know now with outside that lockerbie wasn't just libya component there was iran involved there was a group based in syria involved and if you have to be a bad boys you become fight with the weakest one and this in this case it was good
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a few because at that time it was not convenient to pick a fight with iran and it was not convenient to become fight with syria so that says gaddafi played that role for conveniently played that role for the west especially america. def eventually handed over the two libyan officials suspected of carrying out the look of the bombing but the sanctions remained and fuel increasing dissent against the regime. one denies ation the libyan islamic fighting group formed by major he didn't returning. from afghanistan in the early one nine hundred ninety s. plotted to kill libya's leader and replace the gym area with an islamic state. it failed. crushed by a deficit curity forces many of his members mostly hailing from b.p.'s eastern region where locked up without trial in a squalid conditions in a brazilian prison in tripoli. in june one nine hundred ninety six after
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being denied access to their families and to lawyers and mistreated by guards the inmates protested some revolted some escaped. in the chaos an estimated one thousand two hundred seventy prisoners were allegedly shot dead by prison guards and the orders from gadhafi is intelligence chief. though the facts of the incident remain contested it became one of the most notorious episodes of the get there free era. that was one of the ugliest massacres most brutal massacres under the regime. and i think in the long term the time to do regime twenty hundred and seventy but isn't that skilled they have twelve hundred or seventy families many of them were from benghazi. the families of those killed in abu salim prison in one thousand into six started to voice their the months. those demands
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fell on deaf ears. the fallout from the alleged massacre that was in prison was part of a growing discontent simmering in libya. but could def in huge was his troubles with the west not least the u.n. sanctions which threaten his authority at home. but then in two thousand and three the us invaded iraq and changed the course of libya's future. real change in course have been just after the death of saddam hussein's son and mosul or they. were killed by the american special forces. that f. is wife at the time she told them you know if it's you you are free to do whatever you want i don't want this to happen to my kids. the logic of this so-called
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war on terror led by the united states meant that a man labeled a terrorist could now be a friend of the west libya has begun the process of rejoining the community of nations. and colonel gadhafi knows the way forward. gadhafi had been warning western powers for years about these dangerous islamist terrorists and the problems of islamist terrorists and complain that nobody ever listened to him and suddenly the world work up to the danger and the enormity of the problem and suddenly would be useful to have an ally in tripoli. get deaf you would renos his support for illicit groups worldwide give up his nascent nuclear weapons program and pay compensation to the families of those killed in attacks for which libya would take responsibility. he would also introduce a limited program of reforms led by his son safely islam including the eventual release of some of the political prisoners held that it was still in prison. with
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that all sanctions were to be lifted the israeli. libya was now back in the international fold. all of a sudden what reagan called the mad dog this this but this sponsor of terrorism all over the world this supposedly developer of little weapons became a good guy that governments like the british government and the american government could do business with. leading the way to do business in tripoli was british prime minister tony blair bless visit in two thousand and four accompanied by representatives of u.k. industry culminated in the so-called deal in the desert that included an exploration agreement for anglo dutch it royal dutch shell worth more than six hundred million dollars libya's rehabilitation was revealing this truth the west's
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top brass looking after its own bottom line reaching out the hand opposite today. we do not forget the past. but we do try in the light. of the genuine changes happening to move beyond. one after another western leaders went to libya offering the hand of friendship multimillion dollar business deals and the kind of legitimacy mommer get their free had long forgotten from u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice to newly elected french president nicolas sarkozy tripoli welcomed the west and the west jump didn't. get that he went almost hundred eighty degrees in his relations with america bill really out of the fear of what the united states could do to him it was very dispersed for long time to have a good relation with united states and i think that what happened after that is so saddam coming out from that hole in the ground i think
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a message very clear came to him from the red states this is what's going to happen to you a list you do this and this because they want a political victory for them and the condition the you give up your nuclear program we started listening from cheney people and we used one of them that. let's start something called the constructive engagement with libya and they said one condition that he gets rid of the worse a weapon of mass destruction not because he's going to use it but because they might go to a terrorist group and then we saw can deliver rice visit in tripoli we saw a lot of world leaders like berlusconi like so cozy. it's started looking grateful and i think tony blair and george w. bush and i remember this very well it was very convenient for them because of their failure in iraq because of the big lie that saddam had w m d's what did tony blair
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come out to say say look although we did not find them in iraq but actually we found them in libya and we managed to get rid of them in libya without a war so yeah so totally lurkers wanted to promote that as a success story and it was very convenient for. both for gadhafi to remain in power and to to be you had billy tatum and for tony blair and and and w. bush george w. bush to actually show some sort of a success against the background of that failure in iraq. we saw a stream of western companies coming back to their view including british as well as american oil companies martin came back on of course phillips came back this territory and came back shelf came back. and then they take him to going to external of allowing him to visit you and he was there in france and paris would circassian signing the agreement with. the military company using the oil companies
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and all of that so no clearly if that's willing to buy himself with the will to fully deal with the truth to be accepted in the west. but this gadhafi was getting closer to the west he was alienating himself from the arab world the rest of the. subject doing well. and then. he has a clash with king abdullah of saudi what he's trying to imply that he's just the public of the americans there was also a bad chemistry between him and prince how much of. that was real bad. they never felt comfortable with them. why did
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duffy burned bridges already charred across the region he continued to build bridges reaching out to sub-saharan africa. in two thousand and nine mama to get their feet was elected chairman of the a frickin union he mediately vowed to pursue his vision of pan african unity including a unified african army and the single african currency all part for united states of africa later that same year get their female his first ever visit to the united states of america and took the stage at his maiden united nations general assembly and the landmark is eleven about me yes. yes yes i did date me i don't. know some as. well as.
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far from having been rehabilitated the man called the mad dog of the middle east by a us president was showing his true colors and baring his teeth at those who believed they'd brought him to heel. they were trying to rehabilitate him in the international community but if you see his speech in front of the arabic summit and also in the. end it seemed like he didn't change when he called the security council the council of terror when he came to the united nations i think that's what he. destroy all of the hope that those countries they had in this show the so the real gadhafi that he is a person he thinks that he is above the united nations is above the world and he is a person who can't really dictate how this world would work and i think that was the point where say clearly this guy is no hope in him but of course there is no hope at least for the libyan people we knew that for forty years this is what this
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person has done he has no interest in it but to be the dictator to be the or thirty of regime that he has created a lie i remember when he came to new york before coming they declined the visas for some of his delegation and when he came there they treated him bad the white house treated them bad even for the dinners that president obama called for he was not invited and he tried to challenge obama by doing a dinner for african leaders and of course nobody showed up to his dinner you know so the i ask one of his assists in a live i won't say his name and he told me well it was fear told me gadhafi took a talk talk out of fear it was almost impossible for gadhafi to change he's still branding america as imperialist and the biggest enemy of the world and at the same time is where it can with the cia helping them in their anti terrorist war so i think that he was never going to change because if each if he changed that means he
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would finish. he set up the financial. is with us which is to the west as like well but even his heart. trusted the money never believed in anything. by two thousand and eleven the people that he did ruled with an iron fist for forty two years were showing dead distrust of their brother leader standing guard for what they did believe in and the gains the injustices of the gadhafi regime. we started to see small scale protests eruptions of public discontent so there was a slight sort of shift and i rang up. but really by twenty and after expectations for real change had been dashed and people and realize that there was no real change coming. change was to come. dictators were
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to fall in tunisia and egypt. leaving get their feet s'posed to the resistible winds sweeping through north africa and. libya was in because of a seismic up evil. one that would bring calm ahmed and gadhafi is ruled and lived to a grisly end. seven years after moammar gadhafi is controversial rain came to a violent end libya is frozen in time. competing forces each running for power and influence continue to disrupt a broken state but time forgot. in the second of a two part series the big picture asks who is to blame. the lust for libya on al-jazeera.
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and there is rather cool for many of us in north america at the moment this is the leading edge of that cool air so every where to the north of that the temperatures have dropped off recently looks like a maxwell move around nine in chicago much in that interim take for wednesday and if we fast forward to thursday we see the temperatures just recovering a little bit in chicago there as they will be in denver to the south though that area of cloud will still stay with us we could see some fairly heavy outbreaks of rain particularly over parts of texas there during the day of a feather towards the south and this to maine systems across the central americas
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at the moment with what one does all storm tara now working its way away from the coast of mexico but it still enhanced all the rains here so there's still the risk of seeing a bit will flooding and we're also seeing plenty of cloud in this region too and that's a developing system that's likely to give us more in the way of very heavy rain could see a fair amount will flooding out of this one as well away from those two regions there's some sunshine coming through but also some showers and some of the showers a lot need to be rolled a heavy at times if we did head down towards south america.


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