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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 295  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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victory to meet such an increase in demand with a better view more than six decades after the korean war ended in an armistice and not a peace treaty roughly six hundred thousand visitors come here every year to see the communist country up close and there will be no shorter's a visitor is as long as the momentum for peace continues taiwan's president is calling for a swift investigation into how an express train derailed eighteen people died in the incident on sunday rescue teams work through the night searching through the wreckage for survivors that train came off the tracks as it went around the bend more than three hundred sixty passengers were on board at the time when hundreds of chinese emergency responders are racing to save eighteen miners trapped underground in eastern province rescuers managed to pull two miners out of the twenty four hours after rockfall lost their tunnel only one of them survived after reaching hospital two others died after being hit by falling debris on saturday we failed to
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listen and we failed to provide justice those were some of the words delivered by australia's prime minister as he gave a national apology to survivors of child sexual abuse scott morrison emotional speech follows a five year inquiry which lifted the lid on decades of horrific crimes in churches schools and other institutions under thomas reports in the capital camera. for most the apology is decades old with a five year inquiry which ended last year heard from thousands of victims who as children suffered sexual abuse by people they were supposed to trust priests in churches teaches in schools carries coaches in sports clubs the stories of what they inflicted on appalling to die a strong. confronts a trauma an abomination. hiding in plain sight
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for far too long there are so many survivors as most prefer to be called that a ballot was held to get into parliament to hear the apology others watched outside while they mean demarco fought off a catholic teacher who tried to abuse him and he saw the teacher abuse others demarco was selected to hear the apology in parliament but last week he was wary of what we said yeah i would like to hear what i have to say. and what they plan to do ensure that it doesn't repeat itself after hearing the apology demarco approved of the tone and nature just fantastic. this isn't the end this is the beginning this is the beginning of a new era hopefully where people in positions of authority. price the interest of the children for their own personal interest during his two speeches and meeting
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people on the lawns outside parliament scott morrison was at times heckled some feel he's a hypocrite but what his government is currently doing to refugee children held in the prison island of nuru is a new form of child abuse others feel this apology is too little too late hundreds of people were here in person to hear the apology but thousands were not many died before they got the chance to hear an apology to them by an australian prime minister a chair was left empty at the front of the hall to symbolize them and many others boycotted the apology altogether some feel angry that institutions such as the catholic church continue to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to run schools and that compensation schemes don't go far enough so many people lost their large in committed suicide what are we doing for their families. sorry only goes so far andrew thomas al-jazeera camera.
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well again time for the sports news here is peter thank you very much we start with christiane or another who was lofty off the rape allegations being made against him by women in the united states he held
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a news conference ahead of events as game against manchester united and despite it being in the u.k. no english reporters were chosen to ask a question but a couple of the italian journalists stayed questioned him about the allegations which he fully denies. he didn't listen what i say. i'm up here man this is not this state relieved this statement. two weeks ago if i'm not wrong so i'm glad i'm not gonna lie on this situation i'm very happy my lawyers they they are confidence and of course i am too so the most important i enjoy the football i enjoy my life the rest i have people who take care of my life and of course i do true always coming in first position so. i'm good so now there is confidence you need lawyers and is
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fully focused on tuesday's champions league game against the former club he spent six seasons at manchester united whose manager is a marine you used to coach him good as christian always in a level. he doesn't need these questions and these answers. is one of the best players of all times. and the weather can tell different than. then that is one of the worst fears of all times is as simple as that. dismissed reports he's been lined up for a return to coach real madrid where tensions are running high after four defeats in five matches as if things weren't bad enough their captain surgery now being involved in a training ground bust up with a teammate who reacted angrily to a challenge by youth players go on he kicked the ball at him not once but twice clearly not very happy afterwards ramos tweeted that he should not have reacted in
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that way but defended himself saying these things happen a lot on training pitches rail or preparing to play victoria pulls in in the champions league and current coach will in law take he remains defiant despite speculation he's going to be sacked. much she looked good if you're expecting to see a downcast crestfallen coach you shouldn't look this way on the contrary i'm all excited ambitious and i can't wait to win by playing a great match it's turning out to be a good few weeks for spanish go for sergio garcia of the helping europe win the ryder cup years now when he's third straight title at the andalusia valderrama masters the twenty seventh the masters champion failed to replicate that kind of form for much of twenty eighteen but he was a key player in helping the europeans take back the ryder cup from the americans in paris becoming europe's all time leading point school in the process and on monday he completed his final round in spain of the rain delayed things over the weekend
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the thirty eight year old winning by five shots. it's amazing to see we have all two to win here but there are three times it's you know it's a drink come true it's so difficult this golf course is so challenging and you know for me to be able to go out there under the conditions we've played all week with with iran we had and everything and all the stuff going and going in to be able to shoot three rounds on the pirates you know means a lot so very proud of that you know really really excited about another week at the finals in singapore this year's u.s. open champion was up against the immediate predecessor on monday soccer was up against sloane stephens in the round robin feigns both are playing their first match of the tournament and it was the american who started out with the slight edge taking the first state seven five but number four from japan
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hit back osaka winning the second set six four to set up the third over she was blown away by stevens in the decider that was one way traffic stephen steamrolled her way to a six one victory. that mystery was great obviously playing someone that's from an asian countries a little bit tough this is why her whole crowd but just i thought the crowd was great they cheer and they were it was awesome so it's perfect and it's environment the defending n.b.a. champions of fall into their first defeat of the new season the golden state warriors made a thirteen point deficit to tie things up late in the fourth quarter against the denver nuggets and when denver when two points ahead with seconds to go the warriors made a final break steph curry is layered today in journey's look to save the game on the but the but he was blocked by one hundred and go home is in the winning one hundred ninety eight. i. i.
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desperate times call for desperate measures for the los angeles clippers as. well lou williams blocking a certain basket by james harden used the rocket back in the fourth quarter lead to montrose apparel extolling the couple's legal status they held on to win one hundred fifteen one hundred twelve. i was a former n.f.l. player a career fairs been released after nineteen years in prison for murdering his pregnant girlfriend now forty four years old karoo for words of first round draft pick in one thousand nine hundred seven and played wide receiver for the carolina panthers in one thousand nine hundred nine he hired a hit man to shoot sheriff adams who was nearly eight months pregnant with his child and used his car to block her escape she died and the child chancellor lee adams was born prematurely and suffers from syria brought paul c.
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is cared for by his grandmother kharif will serve nine months on probation the most successful left on burglary in test cricket history is set to retire sri lankan spinner i'm going to head off will play his last match for his country against england in goal next month needs one more we're here at the venue to take one hundred wickets of the ground he would join countryman with. if he can do that the forty year old also made his debut at the stadium way back in one thousand nine hundred nine that makes him the only active international cricketer who made his debut in the previous century with four hundred thirty test wickets he's also the tenth most successful bowler in five day cricket remarkably all but thirty six of those wickets have come after he turned thirty one. i mean he's a legend running here and i'm quite happy and proud to play with him and he can print just as well so i need a new master so it's a great achievement here so we're going to work one hundred test wickets and number one. in the world at the moment in test and it's not surprising he's
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a gent he has done a lot of things to get into the world and very many third rate game he has to go and he has i think he has made the radiation and ethiopian runner has been living in exile since making a political gesture at the olympic games in rio has returned home. copy the handcuffs sign used by protestors in ethiopia as he crossed the line to win silver in the rio twenty six the marathon hundreds of demonstrators from his or her home or tribe were killed as the authorities cracked down but a new prime minister has pursued a reconciliation strategy leading to be welcomed home in addison on sunday we. knew the steel was coming because i knew the blood of all these people wasn't going to be spilt and being a new dictator government would eventually fall i was expecting this day but i didn't know if it was going to be today or tomorrow but i had clearly in my mind that i would go back to my father's land to live. and that's all the sport more
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coming up again later during all right peter thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera there is more news coming up with our teams from london they'll be with you in just a moment stay tuned. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal to hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit.
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survival for haiti's poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences . witnessed discovers the hidden world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a thousand cuts on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the well and . sentiments when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. they're the children of jailed
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chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars on al-jazeera. turkey's president vows to reveal more about the killing of jamal khashoggi as his ruling party branded a complicated murder monstrously planned and turkish police asking for permission to search a saudi consulate vehicle found abandoned in an underground car park in istanbul. on our intake of zero zero live from london also coming up.
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attacked in the night with no one to protect them congolese villagers accuse the army of abandoning them to rebels. as a nation we found. and that will always be now shari. australia's prime minister apologizes to survive as of institutional sexual abuse on national television. i know president trump has said he is not satisfied with what he's heard from saudi arabia but does not want to lose investment with these comments in the last few minutes come as turkey's ruling party described the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi as a monstrously planned murder president richard tayyip erdogan has promised to reveal what he calls the naked truth on tuesday may come as investigators found
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a car belonging to a saudi consulate in istanbul carpark but they have not been given permission to search it yet and footage has emerged of an alleged body double among the fifteen men hit squad sent to kill khashoggi the man who's been identified as mustafa madani dressed up in khashoggi his clothes before leaving the consulate and walking around istanbul in asia as president because we don't go as called for a transparent and thorough investigation or britain and france have asked for urgent care for cation white house adviser jared krishna says the u.s. is still awaiting the facts before it decides on how to proceed he's a cauldron crown prince mohammed bin sound on to take the situation seriously in a moment we'll have reaction from washington d.c. atika hane standing by but first let's get to the latest from istanbul with jamal and shall. tell us more about to the very latest that's coming in assemble.
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where we've seen a sudden increase in the number of statements being made by officials here in turkey ahead of this much anticipated brief that the president said he will be making on tuesday not only has there been an increase in the number of stephen but also in the tone lauren used by specific officials not least by the spokes person of the party all of them saying that they will not allow for a cover up that turkey will be. revealing all the information not only of what's happened to dramatically but also who was behind it and who is responsible and here is one of the sound bites that came out earlier today. we're facing a situation that has been monstrously planned later there were bus attempts to cooperate up when we look at it from this point of view you could have very complicated murder. what are your check they so much were asked they said that of or not to reveal the truth the truth will come out our president said his
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personally following the incident nobody in the world blames turkey on the contrary everybody appreciates turkey on this matter. and tomorrow what more do we know about the investigation or a discovery we mentioned about this car. well a lot of information is being released on monday lauren there was this footage of a diplomatic car one registered to the saudi mission here in istanbul which was parked in a car park in one of the areas of istanbul was flimsily hidden behind some sort of barrier or at least the number plates of excuse me of that car was hidden according to some sources close to the investigation they say traffic cameras pictured or recorded this car and some of the parking lots then and it was followed by a second car there was some sort of objects of documents or we're not quite sure exactly what's was loaded on to that second car that followed in from the diplomatic car now the police here one to search that vehicle however because it is
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a diplomatic vehicle therefore it's enjoys immunity the same way as the consulate itself the consul general solomon anything registered to a diplomatic mission they still haven't been able to because the saudis have not given that approval yet but that's just the last bit of information mean there's other things that came about on monday as well there was footage that one of the turkish media networks sold which shows saudi officials in the garden of the consulates burning documents just twenty four hours after she was killed suspicious to say the least there was also footage as you mention of this body double one of the fifteen men that are accused of being part of this hit squad sent by saudi arabia to murder assassinate jamal specialty shows him the footage they released this to an american that's wrecked of this man who looks a bit similar at least in terms of age and build walking out he's fifty seven years old jamal khashoggi was fifty nine at the time walking out of the building from the exit behind there's another exit behind this building where in the exact same clothes that she was dressed in as he entered the last time he was seen on camera
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in an attempt maybe to confuse police to make them believe that. existed not only was really the same closed door and he had a fake beard on obviously this was seen as something you know brazen considering he's wearing the same clothes that the deceased was wearing just a couple of hours before the fact he didn't have any blood on its or what. really ripped or anything would point to that he was taken off before obviously he was dismembered and also maybe would cause further doubt on the idea that there was some sort of fights in the way that the saudis have narrated it's he's been seen going to a popular area in istanbul trying to maybe mix within the crowd he goes into a bathroom comes out wearing different clothes takes off the beard throws it in the guy in the dumpster together with the clothes and then he's seen essentially senselessly laughing with his friend of the they've completed their parts of what the sorts of concerns described as a monstrous mission by them all of this calls for the doubtful and very quickly on this in the ration that this was a rogue operation that this somehow went wrong you know the turks say this was
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meticulously prepared meticulously executed and it could have only been done by directives or at least the knowledge of the most senior leadership in the saudi kingdom. thank you very much indeed and has talked to patty callahan news in washington d.c. and patty the president has just been speaking about the shell jagan i want she said. he has he's on his way to air force one to head down to texas for a rally he once again repeated pretty much what we've been hearing from him i think one of the notable things is he's still talking about it because he's still being asked about this and that is very unusual for this presidency but what the president saying pretty much what he said before he's not satisfied with the saudi explanation once you get to the bottom of it he says investigators will be coming back tonight or tomorrow i do not quite sure which investigators he's talking to we believe the cia has been helping or at least over a turkey we don't think any of the normal like the f.b.i.
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has been over there but he says they'll be coming back expects more information on tuesday he says he doesn't want to give saudi arabia a month to finish up the investigation and then he repeated what he's been saying which is that he doesn't want to lose any investment in the country i think it's important to point out every time the president talks about these inflated numbers he often says four hundred fifty billion dollars worth of investment hundred ten billion dollars worth of weapons deals six hundred thousand jobs sometimes it's a million jobs those facts are not been proven nobody can point to exactly what he's talking about most experts say the saudi investment is a fraction of that still the president hammers that home every time he talks about this issue saying for him it's about the money and he says he does want to get to the bottom and only we mentioned the interview that. advisor to the white house that had given how significant is that he that he's talking about this now. well you can was talking because you want to talk about prison reform which is another
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one of his issues but of course he was going to be asked about this and i think one of the most interesting lines that came out of that interview he said we also have to deal with what seems to be a terrible situation and that is sort of the line we're getting from even john bolton the national security adviser he's in russia he's saying that we need to get all of the facts and he said we need to know why he died who killed him we want to get the full lowdown on this process and what's somewhat striking about that is if we know what happened he went into the consulate the saudi consulate in. istanbul he was killed he was murdered his body is missing but yet the trumpet ministration is saying they don't really know what happened so be interesting to see exactly what the facts are they're waiting for but it's very clear that the trump administration is sending the message they're reluctant to do anything on the other side of pennsylvania avenue across the board we are seeing democrats republican senators congressmen pundits journalists saying that this saudi story is not
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credible and that saudi arabia needs to face serious repercussions to make sure this doesn't happen again. on that front the treasury secretary that was that he was going to saudi arabia that he wasn't took us through what's happening there. i understood patty just before you automatically might just listen to the president on those remarks and. you have a far to say and they did nothing for us nothing they did nothing for us so we give them tremendous amounts of money you know what it is you covered all the time hundreds of millions of dollars they like a lot of others that do nothing for our country. to the crown prince we have people over saudi arabia now we have top intelligence people in turkey are we going to see what we have no a lot tomorrow they'll be coming back either tonight or tomorrow morning but we have people in saudi arabia as people it's dark. i think it's
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a long time he said he said they want to month that's a long time to stories about my dad. well look at it we have a lot of different. concepts right now they have a lot of different things happening with respect to transgender right now you know that as well as i do i do a look at it very seriously. i'm protected everybody you know what i'm doing i'm protected everybody i want to protect our country i'm trying to right. now i think he has i think it's going to be i think they wanted to see that i'm on his side i am one hundred percent. we have i mean you people have been reporting over one hundred thousand people they lined up two days ago and it's very exciting . oh i think ted will be a big factor today he's going to get up he's going to make
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a great speech i'm going to get up i'm going to make a great speech and i hope president tom but you know the other issue he did mention that could be an issue again he said he's spoken to the crown prince was on hand to head top intelligence people in turkey and also people in saudi arabia he said that he was not satisfied with what he's heard from saudi arabia and that he doesn't want to lose investment. well despite the differing narratives about what happened on october second some facts are indisputable pieced together using security footage and turkish intelligence turkish sources say the leader of what they call the saudi hit team was the crown prince's bodyguard. trim and just simmons looks back at jamal khashoggi his last day.


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